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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 27, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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up. >> there's toxic algae, and it can make you sick. >> reporter: so you can't go swimming. >> yeah. >> reporter: 100 kids at this summer day camp were disappointed that their summer afternoon swimming plans at the beach are canceled indefinitely. >> everybody was really excited yesterday and they were actually all in the water yesterday when the rangers came over and put up the tape and said that we wouldn't be swimming for probably the rest of the summer. >> whether we found toxins above a certain limit, we decided to close the beach to protect the people. >> reporter: so, like quarry lakes in fremont, lake temescal off limits. toxins can cause gastrointestinal illness in people and if dogs swal throe contaminated water, they can die. >> can't let them drink the water. it's a real dangerous situation. >> reporter: ducks still paddled in the water today and fish splashed around. on the shore, there was this eerie band of yellow warning
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tape circling the abandoned shoreline. >> it's mother nature, i guess. i don't know if there's anything they can do to alleviate it or not. >> reporter: actually, there is something the east bay regional parks district is going to try. >> at the end of this week or early next week, we might be using a product to destroy the blue-green algae cells. it's like hydrogen peroxide. >> reporter: if it works, this beach could reopen in a few weeks despite the rains and runoff, the algae reappeared. if the bloom continues, it could be closed all summer just like it was last year. at lake temescal, leslie brinkley, abc7 news. happening now, firefighters in marin county are attacking a fire that's burned nearly 40 acres near kent lake. no homes are threatened by the pine fire and no injuries have yet been reported. cal fire crews are dropping fire retardant and using water from the lake. the fire is about 75% contained.
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investigators are trying to figure it what sparked it. marin county fire says it expects full containment around 6:00 tonight. it's been quite windy around the bay today, probably doesn't help. >> spencer has a look at the forecast. >> it hasn't been hot today but it has been breezy. here's a look at breezes, we are going to give you a look at the gusts over the next 24 hours in the general area of the fire. we've seen the 10 to 12-mile-per-hour gusts in the last couple hours in that area. we'll see the gusts tapering off to under 10 miles per hour in the north bay hills during the overnight hours and then the gusts will increase again tomorrow afternoon. right now we're looking at live doppler 7. you can see we have a bit of fog near the coast, it's cooler than average and during the nighttime hours, we'll see the gusts that are currently pretty strong generally across the bay area, temperatures at 9:00 tonight will be may belieinly in the mi and then early morning hours, dropping to low 50s so it's going to be chilly with widespread fog so the day gets off to cool, breezy and kind of
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foggy start but it won't remain that way. i'll show you the warm-up coming our way in just a few minutes. there's a new development today in the cases of a missing san francisco uber driver. his family is addressing rumors of a possible motive. on sunday, police say they may have found the body inside a hayward warehouse where the main person of interest worked for 20 years. melanie woodrow is live in san francisco's financial district with more. >> reporter: well, ama, that person of interest is family friend bob tang, san francisco police say they believe he has fled to cambodia and now missing man piseth's cousin is addressing mo addressing rumors. why? his family wants answers. he has been missing since mother's day. his close family friend is a person of interest in his disappearance.
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tang is also missing. san francisco police say they believe he fled to cambodia. then weekend, a gruesome discovery at this hayward warehouse where tang worked to 20 years. bags of human remains. dna testing is underway. >> people are starting to rumor about the relationship of bob's wife with my cousin might have been romantic, which that's not true. that's not confirmed by the police. >> reporter: the two families have been friends for years. >> bob's wife is pretty much literally besties with, you know, my cousin's wife. >> reporter: but chie's wife says she hasn't spoken with tang's wife since the week her husband disappeared. once tang disappeared as well, the lines of communication stopped. do you think she might have some information that would be helpful to your family? >> i don't know. i'm not exactly sure what the relationship is like between her and her husband to determine whether she knows any sort of information that would be
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helpful regarding this case. i mean, i would assume so. >> reporter: chie says she's olding out hope. she also has a message for tang's friends and family. >> if you know where bob is, let us know so that we can talk to him. >> reporter: investigators want to speak with him as well. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. an uber driver in los angeles has been charged with raping a passenger. police say alari spens picked up a woman. the victim says she was drunk and unconscious when spence drove her to a hotel and raped her. a san francisco public defender says he's forming a new unit to help prevent racial disparities in the city's judicial system. >> the conclusion of a report he released today shows that african-americans receive more serious charges when they're arrested than caucasians. vic lee has the story.
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>> i'm still afraid to walk the streets of san francisco to go to my appointments and i'm just nervous the police might take me and hurt me again. >> reporter: leslie elliot was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and other felonies in an incident where elliot says she accidentally spilled coffee on a woman who told police she assaulted her and her dog. a jury eventually acquitted her of all charges except for resisting arrest, a misdemeanor. public defender jeff hidachi says elliot is an example of what the report found, that there are racial disparities in san francisco's judicial system. the report it all starts from the time a person of color is arrested. >> and it results in people of color, particularly african-americans, being charged with more serious charges earlier on and more charges. and essentially, that sets the tone for the entire case throughout the system. >> reporter: in response to the report, hidachi is creating a
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new unit comprised of deputy public defenders who will intervene between the arrest and arraignment of those taken into custody. the d.a.'s office says it looks only at facts and evidence in making charging decisions. >> they're reviewing the evidence that is presented from the police and that does not include evidence of race. >> reporter: the report appears to support that, saying there were no significant statistical differences in the severity of charges prosecutors added for blacks or latinos compared to whites. the sfpd responded with a statement that says, in part, our officers charge individuals based on the elements of the crimes present. the standard for an arrest is based upon probable cause. hidachi's new unit will be launched in october. vic lee, abc7 news. low wage workers in the bay area are about to get a hefty pay raise. abc7 news was on san francisco's market streets as community activists handed out flyers to inform workers about a minimum wage increase. starting this saturday, july 1,
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the minimum wage in san francisco will go up by $1 from $13 to $14 an hour. activists who fought for the raise say it's just a start towards a livable wage. >> $14 is actually still not enough for many working class communities, and that many people still can't afford to live at $14 an hour in san francisco. >> san francisco workers are in for another increase next year when the minimum wage will jump by another $1 to is a dollars an hour. now here's a look at the minimum wage increases around the bay area. in san francisco, the pay will go up to $14 on saturday. emeryville will go up to the same amount. for companies with more than 56 employees in emeryville, minimum wage will go up to $15.20 an hour. in san jose, it will go up to $12 from $10.50. san leandro will also increase minimum wages to $12 an hour and milpitas will go up to $11 an hour. california statewide minimum wage will remain at $10.50 an
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hour. today, governor brown signed a state budget with increased funding for education and social services. it includes $3 billion more for k-12 schools and community colleges. those on medical will get improved coverage. the san francisco board of supervisors has just finalized its ban on flavored tobacco products. the board met today to approve the measure. it prohibits the sale of menthol cigarettes, flaifrd chew or flavored liquid for e-cigarettes. today's vote finalized the ban but it won't take effect until next april. supporters say flavored tobacco hooks users and targets teens and minority communities. opponents argue the ban will cost small businesses millions of dollars. abc7 news was at san francisco city hall as koz dodof people rallied against the use of marijuana. the plan wants to restrict cannabis shops. they're targeting a proposed medicinal pot dispensary.
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they're concerned the business would be too close to a school and a church. >> they actually violate the current law which states that they can't be opened within 1,000 feet of cools and churches and preschools do have students coming in and out. >> the group cites data from colorado that says recreational pot clubs there have increased addiction there. other studies have shown those increases to be marginal. a crackdown on b.a.r.t., what's been done to stop fare evaders and after years, a promise finally kept. the security solution that could help crack down on criminals. plus -- >> i still wonder where all that money goes. >> get ready to pay more to cross the golden gate bridge. tolls are going up again. and later, a controversial proposal to drastically increase the cost of parking in the heart of silicon valley. and taking you outside right now, for a look at traffic on the san mateo bridge, volume picking up but folks seem to be
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b.a.r.t. has reached a security milestone. it was over a year ago that abc7 news reported that many security cameras on b.a.r.t. trains were fake. b.a.r.t. then promised to put real cameras in and now the transit agency says it's fitting the last train with its cameras this week. meanwhile, a b.a.r.t. advisory committee on security met today. some members are concerned about how successful a crackdown on fare evaders might be since state law forbids minors from being arrested for that crime. >> it's unfair, you could say, that some people pay a fare and some people don't.
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>> the committee chair believes at some point b.a.r.t. will have to choose between limiting the far evasion crackdown or pushing back against sacramento lawmakers. a big change for those of you who regularly drive the golden gate bridge. in just a few days, you'll once again pay more to make the trip. abc7 news reporter amy hld has details. >> reporter: it's becoming parts of the july fourth tradition. this is the fourth year in a trou golden gate bridge toll has increased by 25 cents. we have a fifth increase coming next year. the board decided on these toll increases. they have customers wondering what they're paying for. >> the increase on the golden stat state, i wonder where all that money goes. >> i think it's excessive due to the fact that they're not doing anything that's showing me what they're using it for. the bring is still red. i mean, and they've got the movable barrier. >> reporter: the bridge isn't state-owned like other bridges
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are so a district spokesperson points out the golden gate relies on tolls and fares and some grants to pay for maintenance and operations for the bridge, buses, and ferries and also for any projects like the new suicide barrier. some drivers say 25 extra cents seems fair. >> i don't have a problem with that. that bridge is expensive to maintain. >> 25 cents is very easy. i think it's the next raises that people are going to think about carefully. >> reporter: she is right to look ahead. next year's 25-cent increase is the last one scheduled but officials say it's not going to be enough. they're going to need more money so they're going to have to look at future toll increases to keep up with the cost of doing business. in san francisco, amy holly hol field, abc7 news. if you think northern california drivers are the worst, you might actually be right. sacramento drivers ranked the worst in the nation according to a new report. other california cities on the
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list include san diego, los angeles, and the bay area came in 13th. the best drivers in the nation, according to the study, are in detroit. accidents, speeding tickets, duis and citations were all factors in the rankings. google says it may ae peel a record fine by the european union. it's a result of a seven-year investigation by anti-trust regulators into the google online shopping service. the company's being penalized for breaching european competition rules. >> google has abused its market dominance in its search engine by promoting its own shopping comparison service in its search results and demoting its competitors. what google has done is illegal. >> google maintains its sponsored ads make it easier for consumers to find exactly what they want. well, facebook reached a new milestone today, facebook founder mark zuckerberg announce on the this facebook page that
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the social media website now has more than 2 billion users. >> and as the menlo park company marks its growth, it's pledging to do more to crack down on hate speech. kristen sze is here with details. >> facebook revealed for the first two months it's -- i should say for the last two months it's been deleting 66,000 posts a week because of content it considers hate speech. at the facebook community summit last week in chicago, ceo marquimark zuckerberg pledged to bring the world closer together. in a new blog post today, facebook defines hate speech as anything that directly attacks people based on what are known as their protected characteristics, race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity, or serious disability or disease. now there are cries of censorship as well as criticism over what is considered hateful. gizmodo reports on a san francisco woman who claims
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facebook went too far in deleting her cover photo because it said "men are trash." now, facebook says it's an imperfect process but that the social media company is hiring 3,000 more employees in the next year to review posts, adding to the 4500 already doing the job now. facebook also says while artificial intelligence is getting better at filtering out hate, it cannot adequately interpret context and intent, so it's really up to the platform's 2 billion users to report hate when they see it. los angeles officials have cleared the way for an official george lucas museum. the city council voted today to approve construction of the $1.5 billion museum of narrative art. the museum will focus on the art of storytelling from the time of cave paintings to digital film. it will be in exposition park just down the street from usc where lucas earned his degree in film. it's expected to open by 2021.
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the city of san francisco lobbied for a site on treasure island but lucas decided on l.a. instead. time to check on our weather. quite breezy today. >> it was indeed. but very pretty. >> yeah, very pretty. brisk and breezy right now but preferable to the 100 degree temperatures we had last week. here's a look at live doppler 7. you can see we had fog at the coastline and a good cooling breeze blowing across most of the bay area right now, bringing temperatures down below average but under beautiful blue skies as eric pointed out. this is a view from our rooftop camera. it is 61 degrees in san francisco right now, 67 across the bay in oakland, 62 jose and 59 at half moon bay. you see the outline of low fogs and clouds at the coastline. currently 79 degrees in santa rosa and concord, napa and fairfield, 80 degrees, 70 at novato and 74 in livermore. and here's the view of partly
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cloudy skies at the golden gate and those are our forecast features. we see cloudy and breezy conditions overnight. gradual warmal will occur and it will be summer-like by the end of the week. interesting little factoid. tonight will have the latest sunset of the year, not the longest day but the latest sunset at 8:35 p.m. one month from now, the sunsets a little bit earlier and then two months from now, it will set a lot earlier at 7:45 p.m. speaking of overnight, we'll see the low clouds and fog surging out over the bay. early morning low temperatures will be mainly in the low to mid 50s and this will be the pattern as we animate the system here, the clouds, you can see them surging across the bay and early tomorrow morning, visibility may be reduced a bit for early morning commuters but by mid-morning, we'll see the clouds pulling back, giving us a mainly sunny day over the bay. high temperatures tomorrow will range from a breezy 61 at half moon bay to upper 60s and low
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70s around the bay and as we push inland, we'll start to feel that warming trend that kicks in tomorrow, highs there will be mainly in the mid 80s and here account accuweather forecast. low 90s over the weekend on saturday, but a bit of a cool down on sunday, still though in the seasonal range with inland highs in the upper 80s and then we'll see mid 80s going into early next week and by the way, next tuesday is independence day, fourth of july. you guys know what a big baseball fan i am. over the weekend, my son and i went to a giants/mets game at at&t park and were surrounded by a bunch of native new yorkers and remembered my years with abc in new york long ago and they wanted a shout skbrout we can't do that. i can't give -- >> no, you can't do that. >> sorry, new yorkers. >> sorry, mets fans. just a warm-up. that's all i can give you. >> spencer, thank you very much. well, a very special delivery, a baby was born on board a flight and the ultimate
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birthday gift the newborn got from the airline. plus a pursuit of a very different
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well, warriors fans will be able to get their picture made with the dubs' championship trophy this week. the larry o'brien trophy will be on display all over the bay area starting thursday. here's the schedule. first up is at dunk contest in burling game thursday from 11:00 to 3:00, then a stop at another dunk contest store in san mateo from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. thursday. the next three stops are all at team stores, friday at oracle arena from 10:00 to 5:00, saturday in walnut creek in 10:00 to 6:00 and sunday at west field center in san francisco from 11:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening. tennis star serena williams graces the cover of vanity fair as she prepares to become a mom for the first time. the 35-year-old wimbledon champ is showing off her baby bump. williams details how she found
4:25 pm
out she was pregnant, taking six pregnancy tests. she also reveals how she fell love with her fiance. the couple is planning to get married in the fall after the baby is born. a newborn from phoenix is really going places. spirit airlines gave him unlimited travel until he's 2 1 after he was born mid flight. >> little baby arrived four early. the mom was 36 weeks pregnant and headed to dallas/ft. worth with her 11-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son when shel realized he was coming. >> from when the first contractions started, my water broke within 50 minutes and then 10 minutes after the water broke, the baby was pretty much out. >> there happened to be a pediatrician and a nurse on board and they helped out. the plane landed in new orleans so everybody could get to the hospital. they're all fine. spirit airlines policy urges women in their eighth month of
4:26 pm
pregnancy to check with their doctors before flying. she says her two other children were full term so she never worried about delivering at 36 weeks. they didn't even charge her for a blanket or pillow. big blow to the health care bill. >> and we're delaying the process so we can close those remaining issues. >> when the senate will take up the bill again. plus, syria denies it's planning another chemical weapons attack on its own people but the u.s. believes it's coming. the investigation underway. superior accuracy in the palm of your hand. the new app
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. a grass fire has burned nearly 40 acres in marin county. dozens of firefighters are dropping retardant on the flames and using water from nearby kent lake. no homes are currently threatened and the fire's about 75% contained. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman will have a life update at 5:00. abc7 reporter leslie brinkley is at the lake in oakland. the water there is safe for ducks but not for people. she'll have more on the toxic algae that shut down the lake once again coming up at 5:00. world of the most
4:30 pm
vocal republican critics, senator rand paul, and inviting all republican senators to huddle at the white house to discuss their concerns. >> we're going to talk and we're going to see what we can do. we're getting very close, but for the country, we have to have health care. and it can't be obamacare, which is melting down. >> reporter: but with the nonpartisan congressional budget office projecting the senate plan would make 22 million more americans uninsured over the next decade, 15 million more uninsured next year alone, it seems the bill couldn't withstand the growing pressure from republican opponents. democrats meanwhile have been united against the gop health care bill. >> this is not a bill of just paper and pencil. this is not just abstract numbers. these are real people. >> reporter: but this isn't the end of the line for the republican bill. mcconnell says he plans to make edits and bring it back after independence day. and as the republican leadership tries to move forward with the health care bill, they'll fundamentally have this choice in front of them. do they choose to align themselves more closely with moderate members of their party
4:31 pm
like susan collins who suggests that democrats and republicans should work together to fix obamacare or will they choose to align more closely with conservative members like paul ryan -- or like rand paul, rather. reporting live in washington, lana zach abc7 news. >> do we know anything more about what was said in that white house meeting with the president? >> reporter: well, we are starting to learn a little bit more. we hear that the president was, in fact, very upbeat at this meeting and this, remember, is coming on the heels of a major reversal, a defeat in many ways for the administration, but he was upbeat in this meeting we're told from many members who were there and he also suggested that the bill needed to have some more heart in his words, and suggested perhaps that more money needed to be allocated to maki making it a success. >> thank you very much. house minority leader nancy pelosi says delaying the vote says republicans are feeling the heat. she said, the organizing and mobilizing of the american
4:32 pm
people is turning the tide against the heartless monstrosity of trumpcare. senator kamala harris stwetweeta bill that harms millions of americans to give tax breaks to the wealthy is not a health care bill. it's downright immoral. keep righting. iran says the partial reinstatement of president trump's travel ban is more about politics than security. the country's foreign minister is calling the ban misplaced and misguided. he says it will not help fight terrorism, rather, he says, extremist groups will use it as a rallying cry to attract supporters. the supreme court will review the constitutionality of the ban that affects nationals from six muslim majority countries in october. new video out today shows syrian president bashar al assad inspecting a russian air base in syria and climbing into the cockpit of a russian fighter jet. this comes as the white house says it has evidence that syria is planning another chemical weapons attack on its own people. abc news reporter magly rulli has details.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: the white house is accusing the regime of syrian president bashar al assad of planning another chemical weapons attack and warn assad better be prepared to pay a heavy price. >> our goal every day is to do what we can to protect life. >> reporter: according to the pentagon, there appear to be preparations underway for a chemical weapons attack similar to the one the u.s. says syria carried out on april 4. that one killed at least 70 people, including many children. now pentagon says the air force base used in that attack is once again active. >> the activity we have seen in the last couple of days is associated with chemical weapons handling at a known spot on that base, a known aircraft shelter that's used for chemical weapons. >> reporter: russia still has a presence at the base and is a strong ally of assad. hours after the initial warning from the white house, assad visited a russian air base, even sitting in a russian fighter jet. russia says the american threats
4:34 pm
to syria are unacceptable and the syrians, along with their other close ally, iran, say u.s. accusations they're planning a chemical weapons attack are false. >> we are putting you on notice. >> reporter: america's ambassador to the u.n. is not buying it and takes the warning one step further. >> the goal is at this point not just to send assad a message but to send russia and iran a message. >> reporter: the u.s. responded to that chemical weapons attack back in april by launching a missile strike against assad and experts warn that this time, the target could be even bigger. abc news, new york. german authorities are evacuating a high-rise building that has similar exterior siding to london's gren fell tower. at least 70 people died when gren tower burst into flames two weeks ago. the 11-story building is fitted with the same kind of cladding that failed safety tests in the uk. hundreds of buildings in the uk are believed to contain the flammable material.
4:35 pm
a judge has set a trial date for another sex abuse lawsuit against bill cosby in southern california. the case against the comedian is tentativety scheduled to start next year in los angeles. one of his accusers says cosby forced her to perform a sex act on him in a bedroom at the playboy mansion in 1974 when she was 15. meanwhile, prosecutors in pennsylvania say they plan to retry cosby this fall. also today the comedian said he will not be holdsing a series of town halls to talk about the dangerous of sexual assault allegations. the police car dash cam recorded a different kind of police chase in ohio. get a load of this. the dash cam shows an ohio miami county deputy running after his cruiser during a traffic stop. you can see how the police car rolls backwards through a red light. yes, the deputy was able to hop into his car before it hit anyone or anything. but i'm sure he had some explaining to do. >> i get. well, a series of bear
4:36 pm
attacks. >> first time i saw her was when she was attacking james. >> why officials say they believe the attacks are on the rise right now. here comes the fog again, off in the distance it will deliver its cooling throw our inland areas overnight. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. a look at traffic. the walnut creek area, those folks going home, heading toward you where traffic is heavy. the counter-commute, not a
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there are new warnings about bear attacks in alaska. there have now been over a week. >> wildlife official says they depone don't know why. one man is speaking out. >> reporter: james frederick lucky to be alive. the 33-year-old is recovering at a hospital after a close encounter with a mother grizzly bear. >> the first time i saw her was when she was attacking james. >> reporter: over the weekend james and his frequent aliend ae riding bikes when suddenly. >> this grizzly crashed out of the bushes, charged james who was behind me. >> reporter: knocks james off his bike and begins to maul him. luckily, alex carries bear spray. >> i was able to spray her with the bear spray and as soon as she tasted that, she ran back into the woods.
4:40 pm
>> reporter: james is the fifth victim in just over a week. two others killed, including a 16-year-old runner fatally attacked after he got lost and veered off a trail. >> he apparently was able to establish cell phone contact with one of his brothers. he said there's a bear and from the sounds of the phone, it appeared that an attack was taking place right then. >> reporter: before this, a last fatal mauling in alaska was back in 2013. bear encounters are seemingly more common, wildlife officials noting more people are spending time in the back country than they were in the past. in colorado just monday, this bear spotted hanging out in a tree very close to a school. alex stone, abc news, los angeles. okay, let's start with live doppler 7. showing still mainly sunny skies over our inland areas but you can see the fog formin at the coastline. it's going to push inland tonight and it's going to cool things -- it's already pretty cool. tonight at at&t park, game time
4:41 pm
7:15, it's going to be a bit chilly, lots of clouds around and a bit breezy, about 59 degrees and dropping during the game. speaking of dropping, we'll see a fog dropping in overnight, late tonight, fog will start filling in over the bay and during the overnight hours into the morning hours it becomes a bit more widespread and may reduce visibility but by mid-morning to midday, we'll see the fog pull back and give us again a mainly sunny day over our inland areas and over the bay and milder tomorrow than it was today. overnight lows will be generally in the low to mid 50s as that fog pushes into a few local inland areas but tomorrow afternoon, bright and sunny in most places with highs ranging up to the 70s in the bay and mid 80s developing in the warmest inland areas and even warmer than that as we look at the accuweather 7 day forecast. toward the end of the week, look for highs to be up around 90 degrees, and low 60s on the
4:42 pm
coast, little bit of a cool down sunday. it will give everybody a little bit something to cheer about. cool a few days, warm a few days. well, hackers strike again. the major companies hit across the globe and what's being done to protect you right here in the bay area. i'm "7 on your side's" michael finney. it's also caused
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hackers have caused widespread disruption across europe and the u.s. there are reports of major cyber attacks on big business and governments that can't respond quickly to the hackers. merck, the second largest drug maker in the u.s. confirms it has been affected. russia's energy company and shipping company have been hit by the malicious software. silicon valley engineers are scrambling. abc7 news reporter chris nguyen shows us how bay area security firms are trying to protect you. >> reporter: today across the globe, major companies and governments compromised after a major cyberattack. >> it's definitely unsettling especially considered how
4:46 pm
connected to our phones and computers we are today in society. >> reporter: thousands of computers frozen, in each instance, hackers demanding hundreds of dollars in bit coin to regain access. >> the idea of someone coming in and invading all your private information, we already have to put so much out there for the government and even else. >> reporter: engineers at bay area security software giants are now working with customers to assess the ongoing threat and any potential vulnerabilities. in san jose, vectra networks is an artificial intelligence company that enables realtime detection and response during a cyber attack. they've seen more demand for their software in recent years. >> yes, have a strategy to stop as much as you can but you bet complement that strategywith technologies that are going to help you address the breach when they inevitably occur. >> reporter: moving forward, cyber security experts say more must be done by companies to ensure any data they've collected doesn't fall into the hands of the wrong people. >> if it is broken, if it is
4:47 pm
attacked, what is going to happen, who's going to take responsibility for that. >> reporter: for now, local consumers wonder how severe the next cyber attack might be. >> from time to time, you get that pesky reminder in the corner, automated updates. click it, install those. a lot of those are important security updates that are going to protect you. >> reporter: a common worry in this digital age. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc7 news. three years after being launched, it's still the second largest kick starter campaign ever. >> many investors are still waiting for their promised coolers. "7 on your side's" michael finney has word of a major settlement in a story that he first reported on 16 months ago. >> do you remember this thing, totally cool cooler? well, local kick starter investors told us they love the coolers but couldn't understand why they were not being delivered in a timely manner. well, now the oregon department of justice has reached a settlement with the portland-based company to deal with those complaints. thousands of investors could finally get the coolers they've been waiting for. for more than two years.
4:48 pm
the coolers come complete with stereospeakers, usb, battery chargers and even a blender. we talked to several in the bay area who were frustrated about the long wait. 60,000 investing $165 or more to be among the first to get one. 20,000 of those people are still waiting. under the settlement, those who complained to the state of oregon should receive their coolers by october 13. the company has three more years to ship out the remaining backers, the cooler blames the delay on higher than expected production costs. we may not be in a recession, but don't tell that not millions of americans spending more than they make. much of our paychecks are eaten up by the time or i should say by the cost of housing and transportation. a brand-new study out found the paychecks of nearly half of americans don't cover their monthly expenses. the problem is even worse for millennials. the center for financial innovation found 54% of millennials are in that
4:49 pm
predicament, more than half. authors of the study say the stigma of talking about money problems must be lifted before this problem will ever be solved. we do have some good news that could help your bottom line. your credit score could soon go up. changes in how the credit bureaus calculate your credit rating could mean 12 million people could see a score increase. that's because civil judgments and tax liens will no longer count against your score. that's a result of a lawsuit filed by 31 state attorney generals because so many credit scores were based on inaccurate public records. now i want to hear from you. my hotline is open monday through friday, 10:00 to 2:00, 415-954-8151. you can also reach me through my facebook page and on yes, those of us with millennials who come back know about what you're talking about. michael, thank you very much. well, the atm has just hit the half century mark. it debuted in london 50 years
4:50 pm
ago today. it took about two years for the money machines to make it to the u.s. the first was at chemical bank in long island. currently, there are more than 3 million atms across the globe. they're responsible for more than 3 million transactions per year in the u.s. well, warriors star steph curry and his wife are showing off some other talents in a collaboration with "hamilton" creter lin-manuel miranda. it's all to raise money for immigration organizations. >> you want a revolution? i want a revelation. so listen to my deg >> we hold these truths to be self-evident. >> better include women in the sequel. >> work. >> steph curry posted this video on instagram. the curries are encouraging people to donate $10 to the cause. now, every person who entered into a contest to win tickets to join the
4:51 pm
the opening night of "hamilton" in l.a. in august. you can find the details for this on our website at a confident man. >> yes. a parking problem and it's going to cost you. >> people basically have to move their car every two hours. >> the skyrocketing cost to park your car in one bay area city and tonight, it could get even more expensive. and kristen's here with a look at what's coming up on abc7 news at 5:00. thanks so much. coming up next, a swarm of earthquakes at lake tahoe that some say could have been caused by snow melt. the woman with too many birds, the ultimatum handed down today. and sky high costs, "7 on your side's" michael finney look at whether air ambulances take patients for a financial ride. those stories and more coming up next on abc7 news at 5:00. you're one in a million. >> one in a million.
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>> one of our 1 million friends on facebook. >> that's a big deal. >> that's kind of a big deal. >> yep. we just hit a million. >> and it's all because of you. >> you. >> you. >> you. >> so, thank you. >> thank you. >> a million times, thank you. >> thanks, bay area. >> thank you for making abc7 the bay area's most liked local news on facebook. >> you're amazing, bay area. thanks a mariel.
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coming up tonight on abc7, at 8:00 it's two hours of "the bachelorette." that's follow bed by back to ba episodes of "downward dog" and do not miss abc7 news at 11:00. palo alto will vote tonight on a controversial proposal to drastically increase the cost of parking in the heart of silicon valley. if approved, commuters, workers and shoppers will all have to dig much deeper into their wallets. here's matt keller. >> reporter: parking is a problem in palo alto, especially for workers and their employers. >> people basically have to move their car every two hours or we have to pay that $8 daily. >> reporter: chris tobias owns a corporate travel business in the california avenue district. you can park for free in most spots for two hours. if you want to stay longer without getting a ticket, you must buy a daily permit or annual permit but the problem is, if you want one, it's hard to get. >> there's a one-year waiting list and there's like 200 people
4:56 pm
on the waiting list. >> reporter: city council will decide if the price of parking permits will go up. the finance committee is recommending some big increases. if approved by the city council, annual parking permits for the california avenue district would go from $149 to $365, a whopping 145% increase. annual parking permits for downtown would go from $466 to $730. a 57% increase. daily permits would also go up to $25 for california avenue and downtown palo alto. city says the justification for changes include bringing the cost closer to what other cities charge in the region and also reduce cars and increase public transportation use. but businesses like benjamin moore say the cost of a bad parking situation is high and can keep customers away. >> or if they want to have, you know, lunch and then come in here and shop, you know, the meter maid constantly is monitoring their parking space, where i've seen people get
4:57 pm
tickets. >> reporter: city council's expected to make a decision tonight. there's more to this parking issue. we have details on our website, in palo alto, matt keller, abc7 news. imagine seeing this on b.a.r.t. during your morning commute. that's actually a squirrel running loose on a train in london's underground. you can see it running up and down the center of the train. the man who shot this video says some people were a little freaked out at first because they thought it was a rat. look at it widow. the little guy road one stop before reaching his apparent destination and exiting through the train's doors. but did he pay his fare? you can get the latest news any time with the abc7 news app. you can download it for free. be sure to enable push alerts to be the first to know about breaking news where you live. thank you for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. abc7 news at 5:00 starts now. i'm incensed. this is the same exact story that happened eight years ago.
4:58 pm
>> a swim coach arrested for a child molestation in san jose. parents say he could have been stopped a long time ago. algae chokes a popular bay area lake. >> can't let them drink the water. it's a real dangeros situation. and the big picture on a small fire. the damage is contained, but only after a lot of firefighters jumped in. >> the key with a fire like this is to hit it hard and early, fast. good evening, i'm eric thomas in for dan ashley. >> and ooims kristen sze. south bay parents and possibly police were left in the tark for months about a possible child molester. >> timothy nguyen has been fired for sending explicit text messages to teen members. he was arrested last week. >> abc7 news reporter david louis has new details live in
4:59 pm
san jose. >> reporter: kristen and eric, timothy nguyen has been an assistant coach at san jose's pioneer high school for the past three years. but he was released from that job after his arrest last week for alleged misconduct involving three minors at a private swim team. however, there have been no allegations arising from his work at the high school. parents tell abc7 news they had no idea why 25-year-old assistant coach timothy nguyen abruptly left the quick silver swim team earlier this career but we have learned the reason was a closely guarded secret. our source, a veteran swim coach two months before his alleged misconduct was reported to san jo


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