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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 28, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> little sunshine for most of us, especially inland. sea breeze out there, the winds gusting to 33 in fairfield, but they won't be as fast as they were yesterday, nor will they be in as many neighborhoods, so that's why we're going to warm up more and see sunshine quicker. 12-hour day planner, cooler than yesterday morning. staying in the upper 50s at the coast. in the middle there you can see the bay 69 at noon to 74, back to 69 by 7:00. 74, 80, and 72 for our inland neighborhoods from noon to 4:00 to 7:00. it is going to get warmer, some 90s coming up in the seven-day forecast. how about the commute? >> nothing too crazy yet this morning. very light volumes through the south bay so far this morning. no blocking incidents to talk about. just starting to see our typical slow spots filling in. down to about 22 miles an hour and we do have a high wind advisory for altimont pass. i checked with mike, he said the
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gusts probably around 25 miles an hour for you, so if you're going to be driving a truck, a high profile vehicle this morning, just a good day to have both hands on the wheel. a look at drive times coming up next. >> thank you. san francisco landlords may face tougher rules when it comes to evicting tenants because of phony owner move-ins. the new proposal requires landlords to swear under oath they or a relative will live in that unit that is vacated following an eviction. the updated law now heads to mayor ed lee, who has the power to veto it. new details in the shakeup at uber, the former ceo can count on the support of at least one big name in silicon valley following his resignation, former yahoo! ceo coming to his defense suggesting kalanick was unaware of the toxic environment
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because of rapid growth. mayer made the remarks at stanford yesterday saying, "i don't think he knew. when your company scales that quickly, it's hard." she then compared uber's situation to the early days of google when it first brought in eric schmidt as ceo to help cofounders brinn and page to manage the company. construction on building prototypes for president trump's planned border wall expected to begin this summer and four to eight companies will be getting contracts to build the prototypes, but those contractors may not be from california, and that's because a bill has passed the state senate, and it would prevent california from contracting with businesses that bid on the border wall. so democratic lawmakers say the wall demeans and alienates illegal residents, that's why they are doing this. republicans say this bill could cost californians tens of thousands of jobs. this morning the senate republican health care plan is heading for a complete overhaul.
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yesterday president trump huddled with more than 40 senate republicans at the white house. he was unable to sway at least nine who say they oppose the plan in its current form. republicans will now work on a new version and try again after the fourth of july recess. this morning on "good morning america," john carl said this is exposed the limits of the president's influence over the republican senators. >> there are limits to what he can do. the bottom line is, this president does not have deep relationships with republican senators. he doesn't have much influence with them. in fact, the senator that he is perhaps closest to of all of them is rand paul, who you remember he ridiculed during the primaries and who right now looks like the republican most steadfastly opposed to this bill. >> and you can watch the rest of john carl's analysis on "good morning america," which starts at 7:00 here on abc 7. happening today, fireworks stands are opening up in some bay area cities with the fourth of july only a few days away,
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but, of course, there are restrictions and things you need to know to keep your family safe. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson is live in dublin with more. hi, tiffany. >> reporter: good morning there, jessica. yes, this fireworks stand behind me and dozens others like it across dublin open at noon today. however, most bay area cities don't allow fireworks for fire prevention and safety reasons. we have video of people buying fireworks from last year. keep in mind if you legally buy fireworks in dublin but set them off in san francisco or oakland, you are actually breaking the law and could face a steep fine. even in dublin, fireworks are not allowed everywhere. there are several parks designated as fireworks zones for people who live in apartment or condo buildings where fireworks are prohibited. and this year it's riskier than ever to set off illegal fireworks. tnt fireworks launched an app called nail 'em to help people easily and anonymously report illegal fireworks in their
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community. take a photo or audio clip, time and location, and the report will be submitted to the appropriate authorities. safer and sane fireworks go on sale in a handful of cities like petaluma, pacifica, san bruno, and, of course, here in dublin today. live in dublin, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the safest way to watch fireworks is at a sponsored event, so abc 7 has you covered. head to our website, you'll get a full list of festivals, parades, and fireworks. prepare to shell out a lot more money in palo alto. the city approved a big hike in the cost of parking permits. yearly permits will jump from $149 to $365. that is more than double. downtown permits will go from $466 to $730. that's up 60%. palo alto will give the extra money to a nonprofit to help companies buy transit passes for
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employees. the upside, parking is still free for the first two hours. we're learning more about oakland's plan to turn an old hotel into a homeless shelter. it's a story we told you about yesterday here on abc 7 mornings. abc 7 news reporter lonnie rivera has more. >> reporter: drive near a highway underpass in oakland, you're sure to see homeless tents lined up. it's what shaun passes every day. >> sometimes i get here in the morning and i hear from some of the guys, you know, oh, somebody got hit by a car or they overdosed. it's just, you know, you kind of start to become part of their community, and we're all one community. >> reporter: a community with a serious housing crisis. given oakland's growing homeless population, city leaders are committing $14 million to purchase another hotel similar to this one to provide transitional housing for the homeless. >> some of them may be single rooms, some of them may have efficiencies. >> reporter: the city is already receiving calls from hotel
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owners and realtors with potential properties. the transitional center would include job placement and drug rehabilitation. >> i know there's enough room, there's enough shelter for everyone, and everyone deserves it. >> reporter: an infrastructure already approved by oakland taxpayers in november. >> we're going through a housing crisis and individuals are willing to pay more on their taxes to help with that crisis. >> reporter: oakland city council still has one final session to approve selling the bonds, then purchasing an existing hotel could happen in the next several months. in oakland, lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. well, bart says everything is okay after receiving multiple reports that a person had a gun at the west oakland station. you may have noticed this yesterday around 8:00 last night. bart had sent out a tweet and when bart police arrived there, they say that person was gone. as a precaution, though, several trains had to run through that station without stopping.
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it caused some delays, but, again, things are back to normal this morning. take a look at the wildfires currently burning across california. where you see that fire mark in red, that's where an active fire is. you see there are a number of them in southern california, but we want to focus on the one burning in the north bay called the pine fire. this is near wood acre and back woods that are so rough, two fire trucks actually blew their tires on the way there. firefighters launched an all-out assault on the fire that's burned nearly 40 acres so far. it started yesterday. it is 75% contained. a big concern is that much of marin county had not burned in 50 to 60 years, so it is left decades of dry fuel that is now surrounded by homes. so we'll go back to that fire map we were showing you and move to southern california, specifically san luis obispo. this is called the hill fire. it has burned 1,600 acres since
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it started on monday. it also destroyed a ranch owned by actor johnny galecki. you probably know him from "the big bang theory" or "rosanne." in a statement he thanked the fire crews for their hard work in battling the fires. the hill fire is 60% contained. neighbors also dealing with wild fires, this one is in arizona. it has 18,000 acres already scorched since saturday. it's burning near prescott. winds are a concern here, as well. firefighters say it's also similar to the problem in marin that reggie just mentioned a moment ago, because part of this area has not burned in decades either. this one just 1% contained. now your accu weather forecast with mike nicco. >> all right, san francisco, let's start with you. 54 to about 56 degrees. a very comfortable and cool morning out there with a little drizzle near the coast. all of us in the mid to upper 50s. palo alto 54, daly city at 52.
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55 in petaluma, walnut creek and pleasanton at 56 right now. san mateo bridge, looking to the west, use it as a backdrop, talk about a little drizzle on the roads this morning. i didn't have to use my windshield wipers, but then again i didn't get closer to the coast where you may have to. mass transit, cool to warm. breezy north of the bay bridge. livermore, average high 87. starting off at 55 at 6:00. noontime temperature a delightly 74 degrees, 80 at 4:00 and 76 at 6:00. around the state today, 78 in tahoe, 96 in fresno, 110 in palm springs. all right, the next three days you can see a gradual warming trend with morning clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine. san francisco goes from the mid 60s to upper 60s. in the south bay, upper 70s to 80. east bay, mid 80s to near 90.
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a look at your weekend forecast coming up next. i have to bring alexis in and ask her a question, i hardly saw any cars this morning, think people are already taking off? >> they might be. fourth of july holiday next week, i don't think anyone is working on monday and tuesday. maybe stretching that out a bit, making it a full week vacation. not seeing too heavy volumes at the toll plaza. southbound 101 santa rosa to petaluma at 14 minutes, westbound 580 also in the green at 14 and northbound 101 between the 280/680 split and highway 85 wide open at 12 minutes. we have one issue, i'll talk about that coming up at 5:20. >> alexis, thank you. up next, the acquisition apple just made that tim cook says could be as big as the iphone. and we just got one step and we just got one step closer to ending d
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live desk update from abc 7 mornings. >> welcome back, everybody, at our live desk this morning we're just getting word of a deadly incident involving amtrak. two people killed in washington, d.c., early this morning after apparently trespassing on the tracks there. ntsb says they were employees of the railroad company csx. amtrak says trains are not operating between washington, d.c., and philadelphia right now. no one onboard was hurt. of course, an investigation just
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getting started right now. we're going to keep you updated on any new developments as soon as they come in. reggie? new details on a deadly caltrain crash in sunnyvale. the man killed has been identified. the medical examiner ruled his death an accident. a southbound train hit kay near the platform friday morning. there were no other injuries. in today's "gma" first look, an incident in florida is highlighting a pool danger many parents might not know about. five kids were rushed to a hospital after apparently being poisoned by a toxic cloud of chlorine gas. here's gio benitez. >> reporter: in this morning's "g ma first look," five children rushed to the hospital after apparently coming face-to-face with chlorine gas monday night. the children suffering respiratory burns, stomach irritation, and vomiting in what pool operators are calling a freak accident. >> really worry. >> reporter: here's what officials believe happened.
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the water pump stopped circulating water. chlorine built up in the pipe and when it started working again, it released that chemical buildup as a small cloud of chlorine gas right into the water, then evaporating into the air. the cdc says pool chemical injuries make up more than 5,000 hospital e.r. visits each year, nearly half of the patients under 18. coming up at 7:00, we'll tell you how to keep your family safe at the pool. with your first look, i'm gio benitez, abc news, new york. a former uber contractor pleaded no contest to stealing $25,000 worth of uber rides and food deliveries. the district attorney says 25-year-old bernie martinez worked at uber's san francisco office and used his password to give ride credits to himself and friends. he is going to get his sentence in september. apple specializes in itracking technology. itracking plays a role in both
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virtual reality and augmented reality applications. apple's ceo tim cook compared the potential to that of a smartphone. fortune also reports that cupertino-based apple bought a german firm that has worked with facebook's oculus kit and red bull's e-sports lab in recent years. the days could be numbered for daylight saving time in california. the assembly passed a measure that would repeal the 1949 law. of course, we're talking about the law that has states moving the clock forward or back in the spring and fall. now it goes to the state senate, and we should mention senators rejected a similar bill last year. now to a story of a reptile reunion. this gigantic tortoise is back with her family this morning in san mateo county. >> you remember she wandered off on monday and turned up in
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someone's yard. we know her name is torti. she belongs to a family just up the street from where she was found, so she didn't go far. she does kind of walk slow. turns out torti slipped out during a chaos of a sprinkler malfunction. >> usually so much chaos during a sprinkler malfunction. i can get how that happened. >> she ran for it, or slowly walked away from it, and the family thought she was simply hiding. >> her favorite hiding spot over here in the corner. >> she dug that? >> all by herself in a day. once she saw the backyard, she was really happy to be home, you could tell. >> sorry, this is so funny to me. >> another big discovery about torti, her family just learned she's actually a girl. they didn't know that before. up until now they thought torti was a boy, but, you know, she's almost 80 years old. >> i'm sorry. what? >> win-win, torti, you know, had an adventure, and now her owners
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know that she is a female. >> what is a sprinkler malfunction? how is chaos resulting from that? torti moves, like, five feet in an hour. >> don't you remember when you were little and the sprinklers went off and you went running through them? >> missed the tortoise walking out of the yard, mike, that's what happened. >> she got lost during the sprinkler malfunction. >> it was chaos. >> all that water hitting her. that's a great story. questions are going to bother me the rest of the day, reggie. >> great mysteries. >> good morning, everybody. hope you found that fun, that was a cool story. here's a look at the sky. beautiful out there, i should say. more sunshine and warm today, clouds and drizzle possible at night. warmest highs are this weekend. let's talk about downtown san francisco. 64 degrees. some of your other neighborhoods, the mission, about 65, richmond 62. we'll have the sunset in the marina about 61.
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daly city 69 degrees. breezy north of the bay bridge, keeps berkley about 69. richmond around 67, while union city and fremont 73 and 74 with lighter breezes. towards the peninsula, sunny, but cloudy at the coast. that's why pacifica at 58. breezes will keep you in 66. about 75 in redwood city. down to the south bay, 77, more sunshine today in san jose. santa clara about 75. north bay temperatures top out at 83 in santa rosa. san rafael about 76. same thing in vallejo. inland east bay, it's going to get warm. 80 in san ramon, concord about 84 tonight's temperatures, once again, 50 to 56 degrees. better chance of drizzle near the coast. seven-day forecast friday, saturday, sunday, our warmest days with near 90 inland, 80 around the bay. low 60s at the coast. hi, alexis. >> good morning. i have a couple new issues
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to talk about taking you out to the tracy area. we have a disabled vehicle on westbound 580 just past grant line road. a tough spot to have anything blocking. that is reportedly in the left center lane and i think they need a tow truck. sounds like they are stuck there. 15 miles an hour on westbound 205 connecting there with 580. also looking okay right here on the bay bridge commute into san francisco. however, we just saw some flashing lights on the bridge. to me it looked like chp was escorting a vehicle that was sort of limping along. i believe we're clear now, but we do have a bit of a backup if you are coming across from the east bay, starting right around the island. so we'll take a closer look at that coming up in less than ten. >> thanks. it is official, the george lucas museum will be built in los angeles. the city council unanimously approved an environmental impact report and other requirements yesterday. the $1.5 billion museum of narrative art will showcase everything from cave paintings,
5:22 am
to digital film. construction could begin as early as this year. >> we've come here to join the other museums of los angeles, to be a partner, to make los angeles a museum city, so that the arts, history, and all the other things that you can learn in a museum have a real strong presence here. >> and let's not forget, san francisco was at one point on the short list for this museum. lucas and his wife are footing the bill for it. the museum could open to the public as early as 2021. next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. plus, a touching meet and greet with gaynor and one of her biggest fans. and want to take a picture with this? with this? yes, the dubs
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here's seven things you need to know about today. number one, bart is going to finish installing working cameras aboard all of its trains. until now many trains had fake or nonworking cameras. it was an effort to deter criminals, but, obviously, they've made a change. >> number two, a sacramento sheriff's deputy is recovering after being shot in the face. the suspect was arrested last night at a nearby hotel after a standoff with police. >> number three, the house expected to take up kate's law this week, named after kate steinly. the bay area woman shot and killed at pier 14. requires mandatory prison time for undocumented immigrants convicted of a crime.% afternoons are behind us. temperatures jump from around one to six degrees today, and the slight warming trend will last through the weekend with 90s inland, 80s around the bay, and 70s at the coast. >> number five, we did have heavy traffic just a few minutes ago. looks like a disabled vehicle wa cleared with help from chp.
5:26 am
however, not terrible for the drive time. if you're leaving the toll plaza, 16 minutes into san francisco and the metering lights just flipped on. >> number six, today marks the 40th anniversary of the stone wall riots in new york city widely seen as the start of the gay liberation movement. the riots were sparked by a police raid targeting gay gathering places. war of the world's most iconic buildings putting on a spectacular show. you see the projection mapping on top of the sydney opera house. it's launching a year-round art display. we're learning more about the stanford-bound team who overcame being homeless. >> one song played a big role in inspiring her to reach the top of her class and now she was able to meet the woman behind those lyrics. megan wrote the words to gloria gaynor's "i will survive" on her backpack. her mother and sisters all lived inside their family's chevy.
5:27 am
gaynor heard about her beating the odds and the disco queen recently surprised that young scholar. ♪ i will survive >> just so amazed at the strength and character of this young lady, and then she said she used my song to help her, and i thought this is the purpose of my song. >> i wish we could have heard a little more singing. >> i love this. >> a scholarship will cover much of her tuition at stanford, and, of course, we wish her all the best. >> megan, welcome to the bay area. i can't wait for you to contribute to our community. that's awesome. >> and we know she will. back with another full 90 minutes of news, including the reason street trees in san francisco are no longer the property owner's problem. >> plus, the reason behind that warning for visitors to a very popular outdoor spot in the east bay. bay. and where
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good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> that's right. time to get going, everyone. it's wednesday, june 28th. natasha has the week off, but the rest of us are here ready for you. >> yes, the sun is coming up, it's getting brighter outside, makes me feel more positive, energy, pep in your step. >> absolutely. that will hopefully help everyone, because the sun is coming out sooner. hi, everybody, live doppler 7, you can see the gray mass over just about all of our nablds. here's a look at your day planner. mid to upper 50s at 7:00, but notice the sunshine inland, temperatures in the 70s by noon, 50s at the coast and san francisco. we'll have 60s and 70s around the bay, mainly 70s inland. few showers around antioch by 4:00 and by 7:00 this evening, 50s and 60s around the bay and 50s at the coast. warming trend begins today. i'll let you know when the 90s get to your neighborhood.
5:31 am
been quiet so far, alexis? >> it has, but things are changing now. i have two problems if you're trying to get out of the tracy area. westbound 580 near grant line road started off with a disabled vehicle. now we're hearing a crash involving a motorcycle. lanes one and two are blocked around the same area. that is not going to be good if you are leaving on 205. i'm sure the backup will get worse before it gets better. also the bay bridge metering lights on around 5:21 this morning and heavy around san francisco, as well. we had an earlier disabled vehicle, so longer than average drive times for this time a day. happening today, assurance that the surveillance camera in your bart car is actually recording something. >> a year and a half ago a murder on bart forced the agency to admit most of the cameras were fake. all of that ends this morning, though. >> abc 7 reporter matt keller live for us at the warm springs bart station. matt? >> reporter: good morning, reggie and jessica. watch out, criminals, bart is
5:32 am
finally watching you. all the cameras you see on trains are real. abc 7 news first reported that those cameras were fake about a year and a half ago when 19-year-old carlos romero was killed on a train on january 9th. video showed the suspect exiting on the west oakland station, but there was no video of the murder on the train. the suspect is still on the run. that sparked outrage among passengers, so bart promised real cameras and today the last one is being installed. >> i think it's great actually, because the trains are crowded, and a lot more crime, things like that. hopefully, it will help. >> reporter: today bart officials will be at the concord shop showing the installation of that last camera. reporting live, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. new developments in the oakland police sex scandal. a federal judge now ordering the city to appear in court to discuss how it handled this investigation. a judge says a new report finds,
5:33 am
quote, very troubling conclusions about how city leaders and oakland police acted after learning multiple officers had sexually exploited a teen known as celeste gaup. the report found the city mishandled allegations and didn't really investigate what went wrong. that hearing will take place july 10th. a man shot a sheriff's deputy in the face. the suspected shooter waking up in county jail today. s.w.a.t. officers arrested him around 9:00 last night, not far from the shooting on interstate 80 and watt avenue in sacramento. the 27-year-old was seen running into the red roof inn about a block away. s.w.a.t. officers started evacuating guests. it was a pretty chaotic scene. >> i was looking out the window and s.w.a.t. team basically pointed at me, at the window, and said the guy at the window, the guy at the window, then they came down, they had ak-47s and
5:34 am
told me to get out of my room with my hands over my head. >> the injured deputy is a four-year veteran of the sheriff's department. officials say he underwent extensive surgery on his jaw. a big surprise in the health care showdown. senate republicans are now delaying a vote to repeal and replace the affordable care act. gop leaders were not only unable to rally support to pass the new bill, they were unable to get the votes to bring it to the floor for discussion. at least nine republican senators say they oppose the plan in its current form. meanwhile, yesterday president trump tried to rally support, meeting with more than 40 gop senators at the white house. now the plan is heading for a complete overhaul after they were unable to overcome the divisions within their own party. >> not be on the bill this week, but we're still working toward getting at least 50 people in a comfortable place. >> republicans will now work on a new version and try again
5:35 am
after the fourth of july recess. three masked robbers are wanted for holding up a bank in walnut creek. they hit the wells fargo monday morning. police say the three men robbed the bank at gunpoint and sped away in a stolen pickup truck. officers found the truck, but they are asking for information to track down the robbers. the search is on for a pair of robbers who beat a man with a hammer and stole an unusual item, his ukulele. abc 7 news was in san francisco where that crime happened sunday morning. one of the robbers started a conversation with the victim and a second man attacked him with a hammer. that's when they took the ukulele, cell phone, and a backpack. the victim was not seriously hurt. happening today, a terminally ill man who authorities say was on his way to the bay area to kill three doctors is scheduled to be in court to enter a plea. palo alto police say this man is a stage 4 cancer patient who drove from visalia last month with the intention of murdering
5:36 am
the doctors who treated him more than a year ago. san jose chp officers stopped chen on southbound 101 after his wife tripped off visalia police that he had taken off in a rental car. inside the car they found the names and home addresses of the doctors, as well as two handguns, a mask, and a note titled "why do i kill" and listing one of the reasons as, quote, revenge. now checking video talking to witnesses hoping to find the cause of a crash between a muni bus and delivery truck yesterday in san francisco's castro district near castro and beaver streets. no one got seriously hurt. both drivers and seven people on the bus went to the hospital. >> with a bus load of people, the weight of both vehicles, it could have been very bad, but it's very fortunate. everything was pretty much minor injuries. >> police say it appears the truck veered into the path of the 24 bus.
5:37 am
nothing has been official yet. a plan is in the works to try to destroy a toxic algae that has closed down an east bay swimming spot. abc 7 news was at lake temescal in the oakland hills where warning signs like this one went up yesterday. blue-green algae releasing toxins into the water can kill dogs and cause severe gastrointestinal illness in people. that same algae shut down the lake all of last summer. >> it's a problem. we have friend that used to come here and, you know, swim every day after school and now they don't come at all. >> the east bay regional parks district says it plans to use a product similar to hydrogen peroxide to destroy the algae cells. if it works, the lake could reopen in a few weeks. starting this weekend, trees lining san francisco streets are no longer your problem. the responsibility maintaining those trees now goes from owners of a home to the city. in addition, the city will be responsible for any tree-related
5:38 am
sidewalk damage. in november, 80% of voters approved making this change. the city will pay for the tree program by setting aside $19 million per year from its general fund. warriors fans listen up, you can take your picture with the dubs championship trophy this week. the larry o'brien trophy will be on display all over the bay area starting tomorrow, and here it is. here's the schedule. the first stop is at dunk contest in burlingame from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., then a stop at another dunk contest store in san mateo from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. go to our website,, for times and places of other stops that it's making on friday, saturday, and sunday. now your accu weather forecast with mike nicco. >> thought we'd start with something pretty cool this morning. did you see that right there on the left side of your screen? noaa says that's a giant solar eruption. they released this video. it happened june 19th, but they are just posting it now because
5:39 am
it's cool, that's why. it isn't posing a threat, but noaa does say that its ability to track potential dangers in space weather is becoming more and more of their focus as it can disrupt our lives. we're learning more and more. something to keep an eye on. nice video. thankfully, it's not going to harm us. temperatures right now, most of us about a degree or two cooler from yesterday. where's that put us? mid to upper 50s from richmond at 55, oakland, hayward at 59. let's look at the rest of the neghborhoods, 60 san jose, antioch, pleasanton 56. santa rosa at 55. pacifica 52 degrees. santa cruz, cloudy this morning. you'll see the most sunshine at the coast today. the rest of us could be cloudy. exercising, clouds to sun, yard work, nice all day with a playir the extreme sunshine, 15 minutes or less to burn.
5:40 am
winds pushing all that cool air and the potential for drizzle our way the next couple of hours. tree pollen, grass pollen moderate. as far as temperatures go, look at this, napa, 8:00, 58, noon at 73. close to your average high, 81 at 4:00. stop short of 83 delightful evening, 6:00, 79. you can see 80s inland. notice our first 90 shows up in antioch tomorrow. everybody else in the 70s and 80s except the coast and san francisco, 50s and 60s. heat spreads, 90s in the north bay. stick around for your accu weather seven-day forecast and for alexis with the morning commute. what's going on? >> well, we have a couple headaches. westbound 580 past grant line road, i got a few more details from chp. we started off with a disabled vehicle, that's still sitting in lane two. they have no power, so they are not able to have the hazards on.
5:41 am
i'm wondering if that was a contributing factor to our crash behind it involving a motorcycle that hit a smaller sedan. that is down in the far left lane. so two lanes blocked and the backup continues to grow out of tracy. nine miles an hour, 15 miles an hour, that one's pretty tough. quick check of drive times westbound highway 4 to the maze, 18 minutes, about 17 across the bay bridge. that still bouncing back from an earlier disabled vehicle and southbound 101 san francisco to sfo looks great at nine minutes. one issue in dublin, that next. a road rage incident escalates quickly and that retaliation caught on camera. retaliation caught on camera. plus,
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5:44 am
a thwarted terrorist attack. this happened overnight, and you can see the intense police reaction in this new video out of caracas. a militant group fired grenades out of a helicopter at the supreme court building near where the president was. at least two of the grenades didn't detonate. no injuries have been reported. the attackers released this video before the attack saying they want to topple venezuela's tyrannical government. the president responded swiftly. special armed forces are now
5:45 am
trying to capture that militant group. another massive cyberattack is sweeping the globe this morning. it freezes computers and demands a ransom to open them. among the american targets are the giant merck pharmaceutical corporation in new jersey, a major multinational law firm in l.a., and possibly the mandela food company, which you'll know because it produces oreo cookies. the attack also targeted business, port operators, and government systems in europe and asia. researchers say the attack uses a windows flaw to spread through corporate networks, and there is one thing you can do to keep your computer safe. >> from time to time you get that pesky reminder in the corner automated updates, click it, install those. those are important security updatin updates to protect you. >> yesterday's attack similar to the attack in april that crippled tens of thousands of computers around the world. mixed reaction to the minimum wage hike starting saturday, $14 an hour, up from
5:46 am
$13 an hour. for some it is still not enough to keep up with the cost of living in the bay area. wage activists are fighting for more. in 2018 san francisco's minimum wage will jump again to $15 an hour. >> i think if you're a small business owner in san francisco, it can be detrimental to the way that you're going to lose some of your staff. you're going to have to cut your payroll. >> shows up on the paycheck, it does help, but living here in downtown, the prices are -- it's expensive as it is. >> doesn't even really start to describe it. another worker we spoke to says he's going to use the money for rent, to pay his cell phone bill, and save for his family. how tall can water front buildings be in san francisco? the state land commission and the city have often disagreed, but happening today there's a court case that could possibly clarify some things. attorneys for the state land commission and the city of san francisco will go before a judge. the state filed the lawsuit three years ago after voters
5:47 am
approved proposition "b." the proposition required voter approval for any water front projects that exceed the city's height limit. the state, though, says it cannot do that. they are arguing state law trumps local law. and interestingly, this suit something to watch, because lieutenant governor gavin newsome is now the chair of the state lands commission and he, well, used to be the mayor of the city. uber just made it easier for you to request rides for other people. this according to here's how it would work when a user requests a pickup at a spot other than your own location, the app is going to ask if this is for a family member or friend and the user must select a rider's name from your address book, then put in the destination like you always would. the rider is going to get a text notification the driver is on their way. the requesting user's account will be billed for the trip. >> seems like a logical change. i bet the other ride hailing companies will follow suit. >> my parents have no idea how
5:48 am
to call an uber. now i can do it for them. >> my parents, surprisingly, have learned. kudos for them. >> your parents are better than mine. >> i did not say that. let's switch gears and check in with mike. i feel i'm getting stared at by reggie over here. >> no, they liked you before this. >> hi, reggie's parents. >> hi, mike. >> hi, reggie's parents. i'm like you. i don't know how to use uber either. my wife does it for me. >> that's cute. >> so i'm keeping an eye on sfo, focus on my main job, that's to see if there's going to be any delays so far, but they usually report in ten minutes. faster sunshine, slow warming trend starts today. we'll still be gray at nigh with some patchy drizzle and summer spread with 60s at the coast and 90s inland. cloud cover, faster sunshine, here it is. as we head towards noon, a few patches of clouds, one finger of fog rolling across the golden
5:49 am
gate, angel island, towards inland. down south, low 80s. everybody else in the mid to upper 70s with san jose at 77. pretty much 71 to 75 on the peninsula, but that breeze will get you in milbray. 64 in downtown san francisco. north bay coast around 60 degrees. inland about 20 to 25 degrees warmer from 79 in nevada, petaluma, santa rosa at 83, napa 81. upper 60s richmond, berkley. as we head inland, 80 in san ramon to 88 in brentwood. tonight you can see the extensive cloud cover, green patches along the coast, 50 to 56 degrees tomorrow morning. we'll warm up tomorrow, again friday, probably peak saturday and hold the 90s inland sunday. the 80s around the bay and 60s at the coast, cooler towards independence day.
5:50 am
hey, alexis. >> hey, several issues to get you. dublin area first, eastbound 580, a vehicle hit a light pole. that light pole fell in the roadway and sounds like a couple other vehicles have ran into that pole. again, this is eastbound 580 on the santa rita off-ramp, it's not on the main line. that one should be not too big of a deal. southbound 880 before state route 92, backup starting to grow from state route 238 and a new problem, we think anyway, westbound 80 and 9th street, chp reporting a disabled vehicle that is stuck in lane number three. that is just past 9th street. we called to see if this was the same one on camera earlier, they said they weren't sure, but a tow truck is on the way. you are slow now. we'll take a look at drive times and also a trouble spot in tracy. that's all coming up in less than ten. >> alexis, thank you. who hasn't been ticked off in traffic, right? fortunately, you're not like these people who are grown
5:51 am
adults and not acting like it. you can see this road rage incident caught on camera in ma maricopa, arizona. one driver hit the other driver, then the other got out and the second driver retaliated by breaking the back window of the other driver's vehicle. neither of them pressed charges, but you better believe the city is charging them both for disorderly conduct and disrupting a roadway. >> that guy didn't press chrges? i can't believe that. that's incredible, wow. okay, new at 6:00, what is forcing emergency repairs at the wharf? >> first, it's a go. the program bringing thousands of bikes to the bay area. of bikes to the bay area. plus, how would you like to
5:52 am
♪ ♪
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5:54 am
we're back at 5:53. this is great video from south africa showing human surfers aren't the only ones that enjoy catching a wave. this is drone video shot at a beach in durbin. a pod of dolphins were enjoying the same waves as people on the surf boards. the person who shot the footage says he was just in the right place at the right time. are we going to see them surfing? there they are. there's the people. where's the dolphins? trust me, dolphins were there. >> working on finding the people and the dolphins. meanwhile, happening today, ford will begin rolling out the expansion of its bike share program in five different bay area cities. this is video from ford's go bike facebook page, and this morning's launch will kick off a build out of stations in san francisco, oakland, san jose, berkley, and emeryville. ford also expects to have 3,500 go bikes deployed by labor day
5:55 am
and about 7,000 next year, but according to the examiner, the deployment in san francisco could be slightly delayed. yesterday the county transportation authority board halted $255,000 in funding for the expansion because they say i could conflict between ford's go bike and mom and pop shops, so they are trying to work that deal out. okay, let's check weather. hi, mike. >> hey, jessica, everybody, the winds are going to be fastest in areas yellow. that's along the coast and north of the bay bridge and east of the golden gate from 1:00 to 9:00, or 11:00, i should say. 24 to 38 mile per hour winds, lasting until 3:00 in the morning tomorrow at the coast. alameda county fair, clint black playing tonight. 70 at 11:00. that should say 11:00, not now. 81 at 3:00, 72 at all right, hash tag sweep, rockies, sweep rockies,
5:56 am
whatever, we're going for a sweep. 61 at 12:45, strong sunshine and hopefully some strong bats at at&t park. alexis? >> okay, heavy traffic expected later this morning for the ball game. heavy traffic into san francisco right now, too, due to a disabled vehicle sitting in the right center lane just before 9th street. sounds like we're up to 22 miles an hour, maybe even slower than that. i'm seeing a backup from treasure island right now. treasure island right now. central valley, double trouble here. we'll check on drive times coming up at 6:00. >> thanks, alexis. i love this story, don't you? look at this golden retriever. what better way to stay hydrated than to get your water from a well-trained pup. this is jake the diamond dog, and he was providing water for
5:57 am
the umps at a single-a game in fort wayne, indiana. usually a young girl or boy performs this duty, but, dog gone it, it was just too cute to resist. if you have a dog that is so good. look at that. i like how he pats him on the head after he brings him the water. by the way, this video was shot by our abc affiliate in fort wayne. my dog would never do this. i'm jealous. >> mine either. you think he gets treats after? >> i hope so, he deserves it. coming up, new app helping moms find new friends and experiences. plus, where you can get safe and sane fire works today and what you should know before setting them off. setting them off. plus, former
5:58 am
5:59 am
at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. so she can afford to feel at home even when she's miles away. and you can help her feel bright, without breaking your budget. and... who's there? hey. a boy? you never told your dad and i about any... oh, on the bed? absolutely not! okay... studying together is fine... and at ikea, we believe that letting go can be hard, but not pricey. what's going on now? move the flag. good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning to you. we're coming up on 6:00 a.m. thanks for being there on this
6:00 am
wednesday, june 28th. natasha is off, but we are all here fully representing. >> that's right. >> i'd like that. hopefully the weather will keep you in that pumpful suspense. >> i like it. >> no idea. why not? 21 miles per hour, winds, you can see a nice south sea breeze. just dropped down to 18, but allowed the clouds to get into our inland east bay neighborhood. the sunshine trying to squeeze in between the clouds and ground. all right, your 12-hour day planner, mostly cloudy. drizzle closer to the coast. coast will stay in the upper 50s. middle line of temperatures, 68 at noon around the bay, 62 at 4:00, comfortable 68 at 7:00. temperatures warmest inland, 81 at 4:00 and 7:00, 73 degrees. how about the commute? >> starting to get tough. starting off with the bay bridge, met


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