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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 28, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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america this mo good morning, america. health care collapse. the gop forced to pull their bill to repeal and replace obamacare. the vote on hold as more republicans say they can't support it. president trump tries to rally his party at the white house. >> we don't get it done, it's just going to be something that we're not going to like. >> but is one of trump's biggest promises about to be dead? breaking news for our viewers in the west. those devastating wildfires out west torching thousands of acres, burning out cars, forcing an entire town to evacuate. helicopters trying to douse the flames from the air. and overnight, "big bang theory" star johnny galecki revealing his home was destroyed in it. breaking overnight, trouble on the tracks. a train crash shuts down stations across the northeast this morning and new details about what caused this
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terrifying derailment forcing passengers to evacuate, crawling through tunnels to safety. ♪ and good to be alive. a bus plowing right into this man as he walks down the street. knocking him to the ground. debris flying everywhere and the miracle moment he gets up and walks away. and good morning, america. and good morning, america. you know, we say miracle moment a lot but that one has to qualify. simon smith in redding, the united kingdom, look at that. hit by the bus, gets up, dusts himself off, goes straight to the pub. >> of course he does. >> and no one believed he was hit until they saw the footage. more coming up on that. but yesterday big surprise in washington. the republicans' seven-year effort to repeal and replace obamacare hit a major roadblock. >> as we expected, voting on the bill is now delayed after republicans could not get enough senators on
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board. at least nine have said they opposed the plan in its current form. this after president trump met with republican senators at the white house. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is now planning to hold a vote after the july 4th recess on a revised version of the plan. our congressional correspondent mary bruce tracking down senators on capitol hill and starts us off with the latest. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, the senate republican health care plan is now headed for a complete overhaul. for seven years republicans have promised to repeal and replace obamacare but now they don't have the votes to even hold a vote. with health care reform out of reach, the closer-in-chief tried to rally the republican troops. >> this will be great if we get it done and if we don't get it done it's just going to be something that we're not going to like and that's okay. >> reporter: the president huddled with more than 40 senate republicans at the white house. >> we're getting very close. >> reporter: this morning republican leaders are optimistic too. >> i think we got a really good
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chance of getting there. it'll just take a little bit longer. >> reporter: but for now, the votes just aren't there. what are you hoping to hear from the vice president tonight? is there anything you can say to change his mind? >> good morning. >> reporter: i'll take that as a no comment. do you think republican also get it done? >> i don't have any comment. >> reporter: republican opposition grew after the budget office painted a grim picture of the bill, predicting 22 million more americans could be uninsured over the next decade. 15 million more next year alone. and nearly $800 billion slashed from medicaid. the vice president and top white house aides made an all-out push but republicans were unable to overcome the divisions within their own party. moderates who say the bill repeals too much and conservatives who say the bill doesn't repeal enough. >> i think the bill would have to be fundamentally changed and tinkering around the edges is not going to be sufficient to secure my vote. >> reporter: outside the
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capitol, democrats put a face to the bill holding pictures of americans they say will suffer under the gop plan. >> this is not just abstract numbers. these are real people. >> reporter: republicans will now work on a new version and try again after the fourth of july recess but, robin, this still faces a big uphill climb. and if republicans aren't able to get this done, the president said it might be time to let obamacare crash and burn. >> and, mary, what could that mean to someone who is currently covered under the affordable care act? >> reporter: there is a lot of uncertainty out there in the health care market, but both parties up here say they want to do something to address these issues. the big question is now that, in order to do that, the two parties may have to actually work together. >> looks that way. mary, thank you. let's get more on this from jon karl. republican pollster, abc news contributor kristen soltis anderson, thank you both for
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joining us. jon, the president's up and tweeting, resisting this commentary analysis that says he's not the closer-in-chief here. but this whole effort has exposed the limits of his influence over those republican senators. >> reporter: well, he says he is totally engaged and has been making phone calls and saw virtually the entire republican senate conference coming down here to meet with him yesterday but, george, there are limits to what he can do. the bottom line is that this president does not have deep relationships with republican senators. he doesn't have much influence with them. in fact, the senator that he is perhaps closest to of all of them is rand paul who you remember he ridiculed during the primaries and who right now looks like the republican most steadfastly opposed to this bill. >> he along with susan collins, a more moderate from maine, on the other side and i want to bring that to kristen soltis anderson. it really does seem very, very difficult for the president, mitch mcconnell, will anyone define some path that satisfies both the conservatives and the moderates right now? >> the balancing act is very challenging because any changes
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that you make to the bill that can bring along some of those more moderate members, folks like susan collins from maine and dean heller from nevada, these will make them less appealing to someone like rand paul so mitch mcconnell has to find ways to bring folks to the table but with the ability to only lose two members of his caucus in the vote he doesn't have a lot of room to work with. >> when the public support for both the house bill and this senate bill, there is a new poll out showing 17%, tremendously unpopular. >> the politics of this also make it very challenging so it's not just that folks on either side, moderate or conservative, have policy problems with the bill but they're worried about what this might do back home, especially those moderate members curiously until yesterday, a pro-trump super pac said they would run ads going after senator heller from nevada for him not supporting the bill and they have since pulled those ads because it would make it
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harder for them to get re-elected. the politics make it tough. folks are worried about taking this vote and what it might mean for their re-election chances. >> the president got chided for that act because it was run by a super pac allied with him. hard to see how this gets better over the fourth of july recess. >> reporter: opposition could get increased but, george, there's one big factor working to the republican leadership's advantage here. that is that every one of those republican senators in that room have campaigned on repealing obamacare and the alternative at the end of the day if they cannot pass anything is to leave obamacare in place. >> all right, this has been a seven-year promise, okay, jon karl, kristen, thanks very much. now to that breaking news for our viewers in the west. those raging wildfires nearly doubling this morning. and overnight the "big bang theory" star johnny galecki revealing his home is lost among those in the blaze. rob has the details. >> hot, dry, windy conditions persist and this fire near prescott, 18,000 acres. 1% contained. hundreds evacuated here.
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one of several states dealing with large fires burning right now. this morning, wildfires erupting out west. spanning across ten states. an army of firefighters battling a blaze north of los angeles in san luis obispo county. it's now spread to nearly 1,000 acres. >> i saw the plume when i was driving home. i don't care about my house or belongings. i just want my animals to be safe. >> reporter: 250 people ordered to be evacuated. helicopters dropping fire retardant. cars burned out. one of the latest victims to lose his home, tv star johnny galecki from "the big bang theory" who thanked firefighters saying, i know you're fighting the good fight to keep us safe and vowing to help rebuild his community. while in arizona, an entire town evacuated yesterday as firefighters battled volatile and explosive conditions as the
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largest out fire in utah now at 50,000 acres and growing. over 1,000 firefighters on the lines there and this morning, it's only 10% contained. out west, in the height of the fire season. state of emergency for the state of utah with that big fire burning there. california gets a little break today. with the winds die down. >> we move to that massive global cyberattack. it has hit hospitals, banks, government agencies and companies from ukraine to europe, parts of the u.s. as well. the hackers are seeking ransom to release crucial data and our chief investigative correspondent brian ross has a major new development. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, george. right now the attacks continue but this morning, researchers say they may have discovered a kind of kill-switch that could stop or at least slow its spread. hospitals outside pittsburgh in beaver, pennsylvania, were among the targets where doctors could not access patients' medical records. >> she called and said surgery
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was canceled because the computers was down. >> reporter: other targets in the u.s. include merck pharmaceutical in new jersey, even the company that makes oreo cookies may have been hit, as well as the computers and phones at this washington law firm which warned its lawyers as they entered the lobby. >> you can't read any e-mails. you can't read any files. basically your computer becomes a brick. >> reporter: the attack first surfaced in ukraine shutting down everything from grocery stores to atm machines, power grids and airports. the thousands of targets all received this ominous message in english on their screens, your files are no longer accessible. nobody can recover your files without our decryption service, send $300 worth of bitcoin. >> sometimes if you pay you get your data back. sometimes they just take your money and move on. >> reporter: the attack bears great similarities to a kidnap and ransom
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scheme last month that hit british hospitals particularly hard. but that attack later linked to north korea was stopped when cybersecurity experts discovered a kind of kill switch. this morning, computer experts are trying to activate a new kill switch they discovered overnight, calling a vaccine to protect individual computers. >> what can all of us do? >> microsoft has put out a patch or a fix. this attacks vulnerabilities in the windows operating system so download any upgrades from microsoft. obviously, a lot of people have not done that. >> okay, brian ross, thanks very much. all right, george, now to chicago where three police officers are facing conspiracy charges in the fatal shooting of laquan mcdonald, a 17-year-old who was killed by an officer sparking massive protests. dashcam video contradicts what police say happened that night. abc's alex perez is there in chicago and has more. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. this special prosecutor handling this case alleges the officers involved knowingly lied to cover up for and protect the officer who shot laquan mcdonald.
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this morning, more fallout from that dashcam video that shows chicago police officer jason van dyke shooting 17-year-old laquan mcdonald 16 times as the teen walks away while holding a knife. the video too disturbing to show in its entirety. a special prosecutor investigating the case now charging van dyke's police partner former officer joseph walsh, officer thomas gaffney and former detective david march all with conspiracy, obstruction of justice and official misconduct. >> these defendants lied about what occurred during a police involved shooting in order to prevent independent criminal investigators from learning the truth. >> reporter: all three officers were there the night of the shooting in 2014. the indictment alleges they lied. falsely saying that mcdonald was assaulting officers forcing van dyke to shoot him. van dyke who's awaiting trial on murder charges has pleaded not guilty. the video which was not released
7:13 am
until a year after the shooting -- [ chanting ] >> reporter: -- sparked a national outrage and protests. >> no justice. [ chanting "no justice" ] >> no peace. [ chanting "no peace" ] >> reporter: and the three officers have not yet entered pleas. they're due in court july 10th. george. >> thanks very much. we turn now to new trouble on the tracks causing major problems for commuters in the northeast. amtrak service between philadelphia and washington was shut down in both directions early this morning because two workers were struck and killed near washington's union station overnight. we've just learned those workers were from the csx railroad. the crash is under investigation. service is slowly being restored. and we have new information on what caused a subway train derailment here in new york tuesday. set off a chaotic scene as smoke filled the tunnel. dozens injured trying to escape the tracks and transit officials blame it on human error. a preliminary investigation indicates that an extra piece of rail was not properly secured
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during track repairs. now to the trial of a former pharmaceutical ceo who caused a nationwide uproar when he hiked the price of a life-saving drug 5,000% and refused to apologize. now he's on trial for fraud but struggling to find impartial jurors and abc's linsey davis is following the case for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that notoriety from the infamous price hike has left a stain that's now following him even into trial, even though those charges are unrelated. so far this week it's been a laborious lesson in how difficult it is to seat a jury when the subject of the trial has been described as the most hated man in america. this morning, the taxing jury selection is entering its third day for the trial of the so-called bad boy of pharmaceuticals, martin shkreli. >> martin, do you think you'll be able to get a fair trial? >> reporter: nearly 200 potential jurors have already been dismissed in the federal securities fraud trial after some of them told the
7:15 am
judge they could not be impartial, even calling shkreli the face of corporate greed and a snake. shkreli rose to infamy after raising the price of an hiv and cancer drug from $13.50 to $750 per pill, a 5,000% increase. shkreli defended himself when we interviewed him in 2015. >> i'm not a greedy person. this is a very low demand drug. the price of the product was so low no company could continue to afford making it. the fact we need to make a profit with a much better outcome than it being discontinued. >> reporter: when he faced congress in a 2016 hearing over pharmaceutical pricing, he declined to answer questions. >> do you think you've done anything wrong? >> on the advice of counsel, i invoke my fifth amendment privilege. >> reporter: now he's facing unrelated charges for alleged securities fraud. >> i don't really care about people hating me. >> reporter: federal prosecutors
7:16 am
claim he essentially ran his two former companies a hedge fund and biotech firm like a ponzi scheme. >> i'm innocent and intend to prove it. >> reporter: once they're able to get the jury seated opening statements could begin as early as today. the trial is expected to last six weeks. if convicted, shkreli faces up to 20 years in prison. robin. >> all right, linsey, thank you very much. we'll bring in abc news chief legal analyst dan abrams. how difficult is it going to be to seat this jury. >> not as difficult as his attorney would have you believe. most people don't know who he is. the bottom line is, his attorneys make it sound like anyone who walks into the courtroom of course knows who he is. a lot of people don't know who he is. the greater danger, i think, is that the people who do hate him not make comments in front of other prospective jurors because then you have the risk of tainting the entire pool of people who are there so that's the real challenge for the judge which is containing the very passionate comments that certain people may make about him and making sure that it doesn't affect the rest of the jury pool. >> well, you know his lawyers already called for a mistrial citing all the attention and
7:17 am
coverage that he has received. the judge said no. >> it ignores his own comments on social media. his own lawyer has said don't believe everything he said on social media because some of it is so unappealing and so unhelpful to him in the context of this case. the notion that it's the media that has been the problem, the fact that the media is reporting on the things he says and does, that's not the problem. the problem is the things he says and does. >> but that's not what he's on trial for. >> that's exactly right. he is not on trial for raising the prices. he is on trial for securities fraud for wire fraud effectively for defrauding his investors, a completely separate issue from the main reason so many people despise him. >> but sometimes hard for people to separate that. >> exactly. exactly, exactly. >> all right, dan. >> thank you, guys. we move on to rob with a new severe weather outbreak developing from the plains to the midwest. >> this is after what happened yesterday across parts of new england in holden, massachusetts.
7:18 am
a lot of hail there. upstate new york, maine, stormy winds and 100-mile-an-hour wind gust in custer county and energy getting further west from omaha to des moines and madison, wisconsin. chicago getting into it as well, not just today but tomorrow this front kind of drifts down to the south and hangs there so two days of some severe weather. your local forecast is just 30 seconds away. but time now for your stormy cities brought to crow by carmax. good morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco from abc 7 mornings. more sunshine and warmth today. clouds and drizzle, they'll come back the next couple of nights. warmest highs are this weekend.
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along the coast, 61 at half moon bay. mid to upper 60s san francisco, oakland, richmond. mid 70s to some mid 80s in our inland neighborhoods. tonight, temperatures in the 50 to 55-degree range once again. over the we >> finally feeling like summer out there. big holiday weekend coming up. we'll talk more about what's going on at the beaches. how does that sound? >> sounds great, rob. thank you. coming up, the families who say the netflix series "13 reasons why" triggered their teens to take their own lives. what parents should know as the show comes back for a second season. and a new warning about a hidden danger at the swimming pool. children rushed to the hospital because of chlorine. we'll have the warning signs to look out for here on "gmaq.s blow your mind. whoa. awesome. that is really cool. take on summer right with ford,
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good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." and happening today, b.a.r.t. will install the last real security camera aboard a train. abc7 news first reported many cameras were fake about a year and a half ago. 19-year-old carlos romero was killed aboard a train in january of last year, and surveillance video captured the suspect exiting the west oakland station, but the cameras aboard the train were fake. complaints prompted b.a.r.t. to vow it woud install real cameras inside those trains. all right, taking a look at the roads, we did have an earlier problem westbound 80 on powell street in emeryville. that has cleared, but we are still looking at pretty heavy traffic getting to the maze this morning. that bay bridge commute has not been an easy one today. checking other bridges for drive times. westbound 580 richmond/san
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gray and cool to start our hump day. 61 right now in san jose and brentwood, 60 in hayward our warm spots. the rest of us 55 to 59. here's your commute planner. if you're on the roads today, a little drizzle in the next hour, especially the closer to the coast. cool this morning, but warm this afternoon if you're on mass transit, and if you're on the water, breezy north of the bay bridge. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. warming trend begins today and we slowly reach the 90s friday inland, 60s near the coast and we'll hold that through sunday. jessica? mike, thank you. coming up, an important summer safety alert. five kids suffering chemical burns after swimming in a public pool. what you need to know to keep
7:27 am
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♪ i knew they would play this music. didn't you know that, george? you knew it. welcome back. you're looking at a shark spotted recently in the waters off cape cod. experts are warning that this year there could be a great white shark boom in the popular tourist spot. we'll have much more on that coming up. >> okay, that was ominous right there. >> it surely was. also right now, republican senators going back to the drawing board after realizing they don't have enough votes to move forward on their health care bill. majority leader mitch mcconnell says they will try again after the fourth of july recess. and tonight the president will speak at the republican national committee dinner in washington, d.c., after he meets with some members of the chicago cubs, of course, they're the world series champs there in washington to play the nationals. we are going to begin
7:31 am
this half hour with new concerns about the netflix series "13 reasons why." two california families now say watching it triggered their loved ones to take their own lives and abc's linzie janis has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. "13 reasons why" is a huge hit with young people across the country. it holds the title of most tweeted show of 2017 with 17 million mentions but these two families say it romanticizes suicide. >> why didn't you say this to me when i was alive. >> reporter: it's one of the most talked about shows of the year. netflix's "13 reasons why" chronicles the life and suicide of a high school student named hannah baker who leaves behind audio cassette tapes for the 13 people she claims drove her to death. >> settle in, because i'm about to tell you the story of my life. >> reporter: but now two families are speaking out to fox affiliate ktvu saying that the show triggered their daughter and niece to commit suicide. >> there's no word that describes my contempt for the people that did this. you can't convince me that they were trying to attract people's attention to the issue of teen
7:32 am
suicide by showing a little girl killing herself. there's nothing positive about that.eporter: 15-year-old bella herndon's parents say she loved english and writing but on april 18th she attempted suicide eventually succumbing to her injuries. four days later, and just 40 miles away, 15-year-old priscilla chui also taking her own life. the girls did not know each other. but according to their families both had just watched "13 reasons why." >> i feel it's dangerous for that small percentage of young adults who the show could become a trigger for them and i feel as if the show gives only one alternative. >> reporter: at the show's launch earlier this year, the producers including selena gomez said their desire was to help teens. >> and we wanted to make something that can hopefully help people because suicide should never ever be an option.
7:33 am
>> reporter: but once it aired concern intensified. the national association of school psychologists cautioning that vulnerable youth not watch the series because they may romanticize the choices made by the characters. netflix issuing the following statement, our hearts go out to these families. we have heard from many viewers that "13 reasons why" has opened up a dialogue around the difficult topics depicted in the show. we took extra precautions to alert viewers to the nature of the content. netflix says it has created a global website to help people find mental health resources. bella and priscilla attended high schools in the san francisco area which also happens to be the backdrop for the netflix series. both families are angry and concerned the show has been renewed for a second season. george. >> you can see that, linzie. thanks very much. dan abrams has more. our heart goes out to those families. you can see and feel their anger.
7:34 am
one thing they're not talking about is legal action. >> right, because they really wouldn't be able to win any lawsuit against netflix or the makers of the show and the reason is this, because, if you think about it, you could go down this slippery slope where any time someone saw something on television they would say, well, i had this impact and this effect on me, et cetera. so you can't begin to say that they'll be held responsible just because someone watched it and took action. >> has anyone ever tried to take action? >> yes. for video games, people have sued video games saying it led to murders, et cetera. these lawsuits almost always fail unless there is a closer relationship. for example, reality shows, right. if they go and they actually impact someone, they go to someone's home, they say something about someone specific. in those kinds of cases then you
7:35 am
can have a lawsuit against the reality show, et cetera. but when you just say in its broadest sense, i or my child or somebody else watched a show and as a result of watching it did something bad to themselves or to somebody else, very, very hard, almost impossible to hold the show legally responsible. >> the show has triggered concerns all across the country. i mean my girls' school sent a warning about it especially for younger girls. netflix says they took precautions. did they do enough? >> there are some warnings on the show. they probably could have done more. i think that they probably for the next season will likely have a warning at the beginning of every show. they ought to. not because it's their fault, per se, but because it's good practice considering people like, you know, your school and around the country schools have been doing this. principals warning parents, be ready for this conversation if your kids are watching the show, et cetera, it simply doesn't hurt for them to have a warning, a lot of shows have warnings at the beginning of them that say, hey -- >> your show has a warning. >> we give a warning at the end of each segment. at the beginning of every segment just saying, look, this is live. a lot of things can happen, et cetera. there is no reason not to do that in a story like this.
7:36 am
>> take the extra step. dan abrams, thanks very much. >> hopefully they'll do something with the release of the second season, maybe do a little more precaution. >> it is heartbreaking. coming up -- a new warning before you jump in the pool about chlorine dangers after a young girl was burned at a water park. ♪ ♪
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atblue diamond almonds wein our almondmilk.ia-grown and we're proud of that. but the whole "care-and-nurturing" part? that idea... ...we borrowed from the experts. blue diamond almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. we're back with that alert about swimming pools and chlorine dangers after five children were rushed to the hospital in florida on monday. abc's gio benitez is at a pool
7:40 am
here in new york city with an important warning. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, robin, good morning to you. no doubt a scary situation in florida. this after another chlorine emergency in indiana just last week so this morning we ask, what went wrong? it's the troubling new headline out of florida, five children rushed to the hospital after apparently coming face-to-face with chlorine gas monday night during their swim lesson. the children suffering respiratory burns, stomach irritation and vomiting in what pool operators are calling a freak accident. here's what officials believe happened. the water pump stopped circulating water. chlorine built up in the pipe and when it started working again, it released that chemical buildup as a small cloud of chlorine gas right into the water. then evaporating into the air. the kids breathing that in. the tampa pool operators tell abc news, we've trained hundreds of kids for water safety and our concern is about everyone's safety. we believe that it was a malfunction. all this coming days after another incident in indiana.
7:41 am
a dozen other kids were injured at the seven-peaks water parks most with chemical burns. >> i was furious. i was scared. >> reporter: stacy bethel says her daughter was playing in the water park when the pain started. >> i pulled my daughter out of the pool and as soon as i did she started screaming. then i realized something was wrong like she was in pain. >> reporter: her skin visibly burned. these are some of the images shared by her mom. officials believe these burns were caused by a dangerously high level of chlorine in the water. the cdc says pool chemical injuries make up almost 5,000 hospital e.r. visits each year, nearly half of the patients under 18. the seven-peaks water park telling abc news we get the unfortunate incident that occurred. the accident was the result of a non-functioning automatic chlorine feeder and the park will remain closed until a thorough inspection has been completed. all right, so, what should you do if you're at a public pool? well, there's a couple of questions you could ask. one, how often is the equipment inspected?
7:42 am
that should happen every week and also ask how often is the water, ph, the chlorine tested. that should happen every hour if you're at a personal pool once a week is fine. >> but what if the water hasn't been tested, gio? >> reporter: well, actually you could bring your own kit. it costs about 10 bucks, these little strips. so we'll do it right here with this pool and just going to dip it in and immediately we see those colors match up, it shows this pool is safe, robin. >> that's a worthy investment right there. okay, gio, thanks so much. >> okay, robin, thank you. coming up on our big board, as millions head to the beach for the fourth of july, new concerns about sharks there. great whites swimming near a very popular vacation spot and we'll tell you about it coming up. it coming up. to sprint. ask why i switched well, their network reliability is within 1% of the big guys. and they have the best price for unlimited among national carriers and... wait! are you watching this on the awesome iphone 7? you gotta get iphone 7 from sprint!
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7:46 am
we are back now with those growing concerns about sharks as many are going to head to the beach for the fourth of july weekend. >> yeah, experts warning there will be more great whites off the coast of cape cod. this shark was spotted there recently. towns along the water taking precaution and we're joined by senior fishery biologist dr. greg skomal. he joins us from marion, massachusetts. thanks for joining us. sharks going back to 2009. you've been tracking these sharks going back to 2009. what were the numbers then and what are we seeing now? >> hi, george. hi, robin. it's good to be here. we've been studying sharks off the coast of massachusetts for 30 years.
7:47 am
and our work with white sharks off cape cod is relatively recent and the numbers we're seeing on a relative scale are increasing. in 2014, we counted 80 individuals over the course of the summer and just last summer that went up to about 147, so there is a general increasing trend as more and more sharks recruit to the area. >> i know. is there another reason why you're seeing this increase, do you think? >> well, we think it's highly correlated with the presence, the growing presence of gray seals in the area. big white sharks like to feed on gray seals. and over the last -- the course of the last 45 years the gray seal population is a conservation success story and it rebounded after protection was put in place in 1972 and that rebounding population now has reached levels that could be in excess of 20,000, 30,000 animals in the area and white sharks are drawn to those to feed on. >> understandably it makes a lot nervous. as they're going to the beach. how serious is the public safety concern? >> well, the towns are very proactive and i think it's a
7:48 am
good thing. we work very closely with each of the towns, with the mass division of fisheries and the conservancy to coordinate what we can tell them about the biology and behavior of these sharks to educate the public. let's face it, when you've got large numbers of sharks, the prey they feed on, the seals and people in the water, the potential of an interaction is there. and you want the people to be aware of it and that's really what our goal is, collect the kinds of data to inform the towns so they can enhance public safety. >> of course, just not in cape cod but on both coasts. but there is mistaken identity. i think you were alluding to it. we call them shark encounters, not shark attacks and they mean no harm but they just get a little confused. >> yeah, i mean it's really hard for to us get in the brain of these sharks but we know these attacks occur. it's extremely rare, low probability events but in the mind of the shark it is going
7:49 am
after a prey item that's sometimes confused with a human being and, you know, a silhouetted seal at the surface might look like a swimmer or vice versa. when that happens a shark will do a test bite or attack the swimmer, thinking it's a seal and, of course, no one wants to be bitten by a shark because they are large serrated teeth and cause a lot of damage that could lead to fatality. >> why not just stay on the beach where you are. beautiful, it's a lot safer and it's a great view and just wonderful information that you shared with us. stay safe. thank you very much. coming up, the new app being called tinder for moms helping mothers connect with one another to get the support they need. and we know that more than 90 million people snore, but now we have a dangerous diagnosis that could be behind it and some devices that can help. you can now reserve a car online and carmax will hold it for you up to seven days, for free. you come in when it's convenient i know this because i'm from seven days in the future. now don't be frightened,
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get $10 to $40 off now through july 5th. available at lowe's. welcome back to "gma" after welcome back to "gma." after all that rain and snow out west, this past winter, now it's all dried up so we are into the fire season. there's the san bernardino county fire, the highland fire. gusty winds today across california will subside. somewhat cooler air coming in. phoenix, you've had 11-day stretch of 110 or better finally dropping down below that as this cooler air starts to move in. cool and comfy across the northeast. now summer will start to heat things up 90s in d.c. and new york on friday. this weathercast brought to you by hgtv home by sherwin-williams.
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good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." let's check our weather outside with mike. hi, mike. >> hi, jessica. hi, everybody. off to a gray start, a little drizzle out there, but it's pretty light, so we'll put that as the biggest concern for the roads and it's not even that big. i put good on the commute planner. cool and warm mass transit, breezy on the water north of the bay bridge starting at 11:00. 60s at the coast, 80s around the bay, 90s inland this weekend. all right, taking a look at roads, we have a new crash on southbound 680 in the sunol area, just before state route 84. sounds like five vehicles involved, and that is stacking up very quickly, so that backup heading towards 580. also, if you're taking b.a.r.t. this morning, we've got about a ten-minute delay between east bay and san francisco stations due to an earlier equipment problem. hopefully, that delay will thin out soon. jessica? >> alexis, thank you. coming up, tinder for moms?
7:57 am
the hot, new app offering play dates for parents, next on "good morning america." and we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and join our team every day
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. health care collapse. republicans yank the big to replace obamacare. a crucial vote postponed. the president tries to rally gop leaders. can he make a deal? gas price plunge. as a record number of americans get ready to travel this holiday weekend, could we be looking at the lowest gas prices in ten years? swipe left for friends. the new app being called tinder for moms. is it the key to finding friends and play dates and support from other parents? 90 million americans every night are snoring. now could sleepless nights for everyone finally be over? we're heading into the "gma" sleep lab. the results right here. and live in times square, a very modern man and our favorite dallas cowboy. >> and they're here to say. >> both: good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ]
8:01 am
>> and good morning, america. happy wednesday. great to see lara up there with our old friends and we have a lot coming up this half hour. >> we do and when you go on vacation, you come back, none of your pictures came out great. take a look at this. jesse is with one of our audience members who says she struggles to get the perfect photo. i was out there and she was saying i can never take a good photo. i knew we would do this segment so jesse did that. look what happened. he fixed it. we'll show you how to turn your picture around coming up. >> good advice right there. we are going to begin with the latest headlines out of washington. and the health care battle, it is stalled right now. the republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare. mary bruce is back on capitol hill with the latest. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, george. republicans are now heading back to the drawing board. for seven years they promised to repeal and replace obamacare but right now there is too much opposition from within their own party to get this done.
8:02 am
republicans can afford to lose just two votes but right now at least nine republicans say they are not on board. conservatives say the bill doesn't go far enough to repeal obamacare while moderates say it goes too far and rolls back too much. these opponents now say they want to see fundamental changes to the bill, not just tweaks, they are now going to head home, work on a new version and try all over again after the fourth of july recess but they could also face new pushback from constituents while back at home which is something they were hoping to avoid. robin. >> all right, mary, we have good news for people planning to travel this holiday weekend. abc's david kerley joins us with a great headline about, wait for it, gas prices. hey there. >> reporter: it's like a present for us on this fourth of july weekend, robin. we're all going to save some money as we go to hit the roads. 44 million americans expected to drive over the holiday weekend and they will be saving money at the pumps. it's been plummeting the past week, some of the lowest in a decade. right now the average price
8:03 am
nationally is ready for this, a dollar -- make that 2.21 a gallon. that's down 55 cent from the fourth of july last year. if you want the cheapest gas in the country go to south carolina, 1.88 there in south carolina. unfortunately for the west coast the prices are going to be a little bit higher there if you head out. the reason why? well, we're becoming an oil exporter and there is a glut on the world market. opec has been unable to cut back production so there's a lot of oil, prices are down. so american drivers are the winners, robin and george. save some money. you can buy all those picnic supplies you want for the holidays. >> thank you so much, david. you know, amy got an early jump on vacation and already out there. paula faris is in with the other morning headlines. >> maybe she's in south carolina getting 1.88 -- i remember when it was 88 cents a gallon. >> you do? >> driving my honda accord, michigan, everything is a bargain. that's where i grew up. happy hump day.
8:04 am
we begin with a dramatic scene from the political crisis in oil rich venezuela. attackers in a helicopter opened fire and dropped grenades on venezuela's supreme court and other government buildings. the pilot was an official in the local equivalent of the fbi. now, the president there calls it a coup attempt. nobody was injured but months of protests have left 75 civilians dead. cybersecurity experts have found a so-called vaccine to protect computers against a virus that has targeted hospitals, government offices and companies from ukraine to the u.s. the strain of malicious software locks up computer files and then demands a ransom. drug company merck, the maker of oreo cookies among those affected. the usa gymnastics organization has agreed to adopt reforms to protect athletes from sexual abuse after a scandal involving dozens of accusers. an independent review found the organization's protocols to report abuse, they weren't enforced and said, a complete
8:05 am
cultural change is needed. a former team doctor has faced more than 50 complaints. a lucky escape caught on camera in england. i warn you, however, the video is pretty tough to watch. a man was walking across the street when he was hit by a bus but then, watch, he's going to get up, brushes it off and he heads to the pub. maybe looking for a drink to celebrate his luck. he was not seriously injured. amazingly, here's hoping at least he got a pint out of that. what not to do with your lucky coins. a woman was getting on a plane in china, robin is already shaking her head and tossed coins toward the engine for good luck but they actually landed in the engine and then forced mechanics to retrieve them and the plane delayed five hours. >> maybe she could find a fountain? >> maybe a plane engine? finally we want to you meet the best darned dog in baseball.
8:06 am
not a hot dog. jake, the diamond dog. he is so cute. delivers water to umpires at minor league games and also fetches foul balls and bats. jake is traveling stadium as cross the country to pitch in. i just want to know if jake is for hire. >> diamond dog. >> what a sweet dog traveling around stadiums around the midwest. >> thank you, paula. coming up, tinder for moms. the popular new app helping mothers connect with each other with just a single swipe. we are back in the sleep lab. we'll tell you dangerous condition behind snoring and the treatment that can help. lara, what's going on upstairs. >> so we'll flip your furniture. well, not yours but all of yours we have got this bar cart and chairs. wait till you see the transformation. the hand-me-downs that will be worth saving forever coming up on "gma." on "gma." ng when frankie popped the alligator floaty. plus, the snacks and drinks are gone, people. and one of us used up all the sunscreen! i wonder who... . we're gonna need some reinforcements...quick. copy that.
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at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. [ cheers and applause ] wow. i know. we will have what they are having. don't you think? >> no doubt about it. >> great to have this audience with us and jesse here with us this week. >> good morning, everybody. >> i'm a little upset because he informed me that his gators beat lsu. >> the college world series champions. >> i can't look at him right now. >> i feel -- championship belt. i brought it with me to work. >> i was wondering. >> guys ready for "pop news"? >> yes. [ applause ] what's going on today? an update, we reported daniel day-lewis is saying farewell to show business. he's starting a new career as a
8:12 am
fashion designer. the move from acting to clothing designer was not made by the seat of his pant, yes, pun intended. [ laughter ] thank you. turns out he's reportedly been planning it as far back as three years preparing for his upcoming and possibly last role. the oscar winner will star in a still untitled movie set in the fashion world in the 1950s in london due out this coming christmas day. leave it to a method actor like daniel day-lewis to prove that art does, in fact, imitate life. whatever we does, we wish him the best. >> if he is a smidgen as good a designer as an actor he will have an unbelievable career. >> so good. >> spent five years making shoes. >> as a cobbler. it's a passion of his. we'll see this role and who knows what's next for him. i'm a huge fan. so i wanted to share that with you. also in "pop news," speaking of art imitating life hugh jackman entering the world of politics, george. >> wow. >> at least in his next role.
8:13 am
>> ah. >> thank you. i know. i'm full of it today taking on a story that rocked the news back in 1988, it's called the front-runner in it he'll play colorado senator gary hart. a story many of us remember. i know jesse, you weren't born yet. >> i was not. >> she's always -- talking about that. >> was he a singer? >> senator. colorado senator, yes, he was the front-runner in the presidential candidate in the primary. well, the news of an extramarital affair with actress model donna rice rocked his campaign and massachusetts governor michael due cas kiss who had been trailing hart went on to win the democratic nomination then later lost to george h.w. bush. you didn't know you were getting a history lesson today. yeah, you know, i -- i look up to you very much and try to add a little bit of your world into mine sometimes. the movie being written by jason reitman sounds interesting. in the news adam driver more
8:14 am
than just a hollywood star, also a former marine and the actor went back to his roots. by surprising a fellow vet and his daughter with a scholarship and a new partnership he has with budweiser that gives back to vets and their families. take a look. >> you're in school now. >> yes. >> and that's where you reached out to folds of honor and reached out to me and told me to let you know that you got the scholarship. >> oh, my goodness. >> ah. >> adam driver shows up at dawn williams' house to give the folds of honor foundation grant so she can pursue her dreams of becoming a nurse and pay for all of her other school-related expenses. >> that is great. [ applause ] >> paying it forward. had a really cute picture that i'll save for tomorrow and end on that note. a great "pop news" for lara spencer. now a story that has a lot of parents talking. "gma" cover story this morning.
8:15 am
and it's a new app helping mothers to connect with each other. abc's mara schiavocampo has all the details for us. >> hey, guys, good morning. you know, a lot of moms find being a new mom can be lonely especially if none of your friends have kids or if you don't gel with the parents of your kids' friends but can swiping which is so popular this dating apps actually help you find mommy buddies? well, one app says, yes, it can. it's the new app being called tinder for moms except not for dates but friends. >> tinderella's clock trikes. >> my clock strikes loudly at 9:00 until she cries out for me. >> the peanut app mothers find like-minded buddies with just a few swipes. >> you know you're meeting people that have the same interests and similar age kids. >> reporter: sign up with your facebook account and create a short profile with how many kids you have and then you pick a few words to describe yourself. anything from mom boss to wine
8:16 am
time or geek chic, similar to dating apps they can swipe up to wave. if two users wave to each other it's a match putting users in touch with each other so they can set up mommy dates. >> very much similar dialogue. >> you also have like kids running around. >> reporter: these were all strangers until they met on the app just three months ago. they've since become fast friends providing some much needed mommy support. one study finds women who receive support from friends and family are less likely to report having a fussy baby. >> you kind of need friends who understand your new circumstances and your new life. >> reporter: many moms find that making new friends can be just as hard as dating. >> simple song, chat, chat, chat. and dance along. >> reporter: the co-founder and ceo michele kennedy says that challenge is what promised her to create the app. >> it was 2:00 a.m. i was scrolling through instagram looking at my
8:17 am
girlfriends in the club and felt like i needed to speak to another woman who was doing the same thing as me. >> reporter: so far this social site seems to be working. with more than 1 million waves sent so far. now, the app uses an algorithm to match moms with similar interests just like with online dating. not interested in meeting another mom, you can just say maybe later so, robin, there's not quite as much rejection. >> got to keep that in mind. thank you. joining us ericka souter, the editor of what do you make of this peanut. >> i think it's a great idea. it goes to one of the biggest pitfalls of new motherhood. loneliness and isolation, especially if you're raising kids away from your family which is a natural support system so it's great to find other moms you can connect with, be honest with, share your ups and downs with and moms tell us that connection goes a long way to making a baby happy and more complete and makes them a better parent. >> you have been talking to a lot of moms. any concerns or reservation, any safety issues.
8:18 am
>> well, it's mostly new moms who want to use this app but one of the concerns is rejection, what if no one swipes to meet you. there's also, you know, what about the dads. a lot of stay-at-homes are also desperate for connection. >> also have to make sure you are connecting with another mom and somebody's not using that app for the wrong reasons. you got to keep that in mind. >> one of the reasons the app requires you to sign up through facebook and that way you can check someone out to make sure they're a mom and make sure if you do meet someone that you have met online, meet in a public place, a park, a playground, a restaurant until you get to know them. >> you're on it. so what if you're a new mom and maybe this isn't for you, what suggestions do you have? >> right, you can check message boards and bulletin boards at your church or library or pediatrician's office. those are good places to look for a meetup group and you can also put yourself out there. if you see the same mom at the playground every day at 3:00, go up to her and ask her to have coffee and also consider volunteering.
8:19 am
many people are like-minded and interesting in helping out the community and meet a friend and also benefit the world at the same time. >> all great suggestions. thank you so much. an issue so many deal with, sleep and snoring. our "gma" health alert taking on the snore wars. and paula, oh, come on, you got your husband involved in this again. >> you know what, can i just say -- >> leave him alone. >> i can't. he is a great sport. he actually got himself into this. john, you're a great sport and i love you. we'll hear from you in a second. snoring can be disruptive for the snorer and whomever is lying next to them. often it forces couples to sleep in separate rooms. how many of us do that? snoring can be benign but in my home it turned out to be the sign of something much more serious. snoring, oh, if you're on the receiving end of a noisy sleeper being woken up all night
8:20 am
kicking the noise maker losing sleep you're not alone. the national sleep foundation says as many as 90 million americans snore and one of them is my husband john. >> apparently you say i snore. >> i have secondhand snorer's syndrome. i think that's what it's called. you know what it is. >> no, i think you made it up. >> reporter: it took convincing on my part. >> you still don't believe you snore. >> i still haven't heard myself snore. >> but john finally agreed to do a sleep study at the mt. sinai sleep center in new york city and sleep here tonight attached to sensors that will monitor functions including his heart rate, respiration and body position for roughly seven hours. he's wired up and ready to go. >> good luck. ♪ >> to sleep. >> now, most of america's snorers are men. but snoring is by no means limited to them. it turns out that women often take a turn at keeping their partners up at night too. but getting them to admit it is another story.
8:21 am
before lee turns out the lights she puts on a dental device prescribed by dr. cortez, the dentist who treats snoring. >> snoring is the big, big man with the big thick neck so for women to snore is unusual. it's becoming more common. >> reporter: the mouthpiece moves her lower jaw forward and gives her airway room to expand increasing the airflow. >> i would snore and would kind of wake up in the middle of the night and catching my breath sometimes. now i can sleep all through the night. it's helping me so much. >> then you open the eyes whenever you're ready. >> reporter: but back to john, it turns out his snoring is not just a nuisance to me, it's a real danger to him. john's apnea is severe and needs to be treated before it becomes an even bigger problem. >> he's having over 30 episodes per hour. >> about 37 episodes per hour. >> of not breathing in not breathing completely or partially stopping sudden
8:22 am
cardiac death has been linked with it so it is a possibility. it's probably not likely to happen but it's not completely out of the potential consequences that are associated with that. >> obstructive sleep apnea can be life-threatening with the potential to cause not only heart attack but diabetes, stroke, even depression. >> does it feel like something you could do on a nightly basis. >> yes. i'll make sure he wears it. >> reporter: for john the answer may be a cpap. a continued positive airway pressure machine. which he'll use at night. and hopefully it'll restore a little peace and quiet in our home. i love you. >> i love you too. >> okay, so the apnea is when you're not breathing. john was having many episodes every hour, sometimes holding his breath for 30 seconds. the majority of people struggling is undiagnosed. it's indiscriminate, men, women and children and not always linked to weight. also one of the fallacies but for john his symptoms extreme
8:23 am
fatigue. he didn't start drinking coffee until a couple of years ago just to get him through the day. >> is he wearing it? >> it's a mix between darth vader, hannibal lecter and a superhero but it's not working quite yet. he has to find one that fits him. >> they have several different options you can use so i'm trying to figure out which one will be the right one to give me the relief i need at night. >> do you always wear it with a suit. >> always with a suit. that's how i sleep at night just like you. thank you. >> thank you for joining us. >> he's such a good sport. talking to people that have been diagnosed with it and starting to wear the cpap they say they feel so much better. >> we hope the same for you, john? thank you. >> and is that your mini-me? >> that's my little girl. caroline, my oldest. >> your mini-me. paula jr. >> i've been sleeping in her room because of the snoring so -- >> sharing so much. >> i know. >> family show. family show. rob, save us, rob. please. >> it is a family show. that's part of this handsome family. this sign says hi, family members, very efficient.
8:24 am
clair and her brother, everybody and one big sign. beautiful day here. going to the beach, the water temperature is heating up. on long beach, long island 70, hot enough to go in. chilly in the west. quick check at what's happening at the beaches. good morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco from abc 7 mornings. more sunshine and warmth today. clouds and drizzle, they'll come back the next couple of nights. warmest highs are this weekend. along the coast, 61 at half moon bay. mid to upper 60s san francisco, oakland, richmond. mid 70s to some mid 80s in our inland neighborhoods. tonight, temperatures in the 50 to 55-degree range once again. over the wewewewewewewewewewewee switching gears now and go behind the scenes with "the bachelorette" and going right into rachel's closet and for all the show's bombshell moments she seems to have a wardrobe to
8:25 am
match and abc's abbie boudreau takes us inside. >> i'm so excited. it's just not real. i feel like i'm living a dream. >> reporter: you kind of are. look at the shoes. rachel takes us behind the scenes, along with the bachelor franchise's lead stylist to show us their favorite looks of the season. >> i have a little different style just because i am a tomboy and like to change it up like i would love to wear, you know, sweats with a heel. >> reporter: kidding aside, rachel is all about mixing sassy and chic. >> i love leather. >> reporter: but she has mixed opinions when it comes to sequins. >> i said i don't like sequins. he said you wore it all season. i know so i guess i'm a little bit more girlie than i like to admit. >> reporter: inspired by victoria beckham's style she is not afraid to take chances in love or with her fashion. like this red lacy piece. what looks like fantasy suite lingerie, rachel pairs it with
8:26 am
jeans. >> oh, my gosh. a true bachelorette. i love this. >> i feel fun and flirty. >> reporter: sporting more than 100 outfits this season and already we've seen some of rachel's favorites on the show. especially rings, one of her signature accessories. >> as many as my hands could hold. >> i know we're having fun talking about fashion but are you ready to find love. >> i am ready. i mean, how could you not be ready with all this too? >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. [ applause ] >> she's ready. i'm telling you. so you can see "the bachelorette" monday 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. coming up next "modern family's" eric stonestreet and dak prescott. [ cheers and applause ] family's" eric stonestreet and dak prescott.
8:27 am
8:27 on this wednesday. good morning. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." san francisco landlords may soon face tougher rules when it comes to evicting tenants. this follows the board of supervisors unanimously passing a law aimed at limiting the number of people evicted due to phony owner move-ins. the updated law now heads to mayor ed lee, and he has the power to veto it. let's talk about the traffic. are we vetoing it or thumbs up? >> vetoing traffic for today and any day we've got the option, right? here's the bay bridge toll plaza. still heavy coming in from highway 4. it loosens up once you get on to the bridge and make your way into san francisco. also still have this trouble spot, multicar crash blocking one lane southbound 680 just before state route 84 in sunol. traffic jammed solid back up to
8:28 am
8:29 am
we're off morning lows, although it's still pretty gray most neighborhoods. hi, everybody. we're in the mid-50s to low 60s right now. looking at santa cruz, talk about your activity planner. clouds to sunshine if you're exercising. it's going to be nice all day if you are doing yard work. if you're out playing, watch for the xreech sunshine. clouds back tonight, mid-50s for the coast, slightly warmer through saturday. reggie?
8:30 am
>> thanks, mike. another abc7 news update in 30 ♪nother abc7 news update in 30 [ applause ] very happy crowd here with us. on this wednesday morning. and it is great to have everybody here with us. you got something to share with us. >> who here is the sort of photographer in their friend group? i know i am. >> i am. >> jess, you are. >> ali does it for you. there's a story on buzzfeed that made us all laugh. this giantny keeling called out his friends on twitter by writing do you all understand how hard being the friend that takes perfect picture force everyone else but when it's my turn to get some, this is what i get. so they posted these pictures. that's not good. that's not good. apparently a lot of people can relate. 70,000 people have reacted to
8:31 am
that tweet and you know this guy is -- there's i guess some other folks sharing theirs. oh. but this giantny who writes this and started a funny conversation is a model. i don't know if we have a model to show you but he's spectacular -- it would be very difficult to take a bad picture of him. >> is that him. >> yeah. >> you can imagine when he got back his pictures from said event and not one usable photo he was wondering, so he gave tips to his friends about take into consideration lighting, please. please take multiple photos. just hook a friend up. if you're taking the picture with a camera phone and lighting bad, tap on the person's face that the picture will focus in it'll focus on it. >> that's a lot of work. that's a lot of work. >> it is but -- >> it's not hard to do, though. really and, tory, my producer, we went out earlier and tried to practice what anthony wag talking about. take a look. so here's what not to do. if you look like the lighting is bad, i look like i'm doing a
8:32 am
dance recital from a broadway play, tory's thumb -- you can see her finger. this is actually a centered shot and see the background. >> and your socks. >> you can see my socks. >> signature socks. light blue socks and, you know, it's true. it's my biggest pet peeve. i travel by myself all the time and, you know, people are nice enough to take a picture for me but you're standing in front of the eiffel tower in paris, it's like i'm not in the middle of the picture. the eiffel tower is cropped. get back on the plane and you got nothing to remember it by. >> anthony, thanks for sparking that conversation. this is a public service announcement. please take multiple pictures of your friends. >> we're bringing out two guests. people will want to take their picture incredible here in times square with us. you know one from "modern family" and the other in the dallas cowboys. he's the qb, please welcome eric stonestreet and dak prescott. [ cheers and applause ] >> imagine you. are you awake.
8:33 am
>> yeah, i am. >> hey, george, good to see you. >> you're killing it. >> what? >> you're killing it. >> good to see you again. >> how are you doing? [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. hello. have you been here since we had the live out kwaens. >> no. it's so exciting. hi, everyone. can they say hi back. >> they're here for me. not you. >> oh. >> wow, wow. >> you guys are old friends. >> we are. >> we are, yeah, now we are. >> tell us what brought you together. ready, raise, rise. >> yeah, it's a campaign i've been fortunate enough to work with three years and this year we brought in dak and tia because we know a cancer diagnosis takes a community of people to support that person. my mom was a two-time -- is a two-time cancer survivor. and you know i lost my grandpas both to cancer and uncle. dak had his own personal journey so important to lend my name and
8:34 am
face to cancer groups and immunooncology is one of the most exciting things in cancer research. that's my mom and that's what the ready, raise, rise campaign is about, bring ago wareness to immunooncology. >> how did you get involved? [ applause ] >> similar to eric. losing my mom only a sophomore in college only 20. cancer is near and dear to my thoughts. anything going on with immuno-oncology is to honor my mom. this is another situation of using my platform. >> oh, nice picture. >> awareness to all americans affected by this devastating disease. >> the message we want and tia and bms and ready, raise, rise want to say, a cancer diagnosis is a serious thing, obviously it can be very bad but it's not the cancer diagnosis it used to be thanks to things like
8:35 am
immuno-oncology and what we're working for is making cancer for manageable, survivable for the patient and that's why they can go -- people can go there and raise a flag for someone been affected by cancer, a caregiver, whomever and bms will donate $150,000. for advocacy groups. [ applause ] >> reading that your beautiful mom two-time cancer survivor was actually the inspiration for your character on "modern family." >> she was back in the beginning. you know, i needed sort of a portal into the character i never played a character like cam before. i played a lot of murderers. you didn't know that about me, did you? >> i didn't see that coming. >> yeah, you should. anyway so i needed a way in and there was a specific line in the original pilot of the script that didn't actually end up making it into the first episode of "modern family" of cam walking into a room -- oh, no, it did make it in. where i walk into a room and go, oh, my gosh, do you love it and
8:36 am
i was like where have i heard people say that before and it was sort of my mom's version of like, whoa, i made christmas cookies. do you love them? >> that's cam right there. >> that's what i used and that's where it started. >> really quickly, i know you're a football fan. kansas city. any impressions of the nfl offensive rookie of the year, mr. dak prescott? [ applause ] >> he's heard me say it before. i am a massive football fan. i'm a kansas city chiefs fan but i love -- that's another thing he and i have in common our pure athletic ability. [ laughter ] and that's why -- that's why we came together, right? but chiefs play dallas -- >> november 5th. >> and i told him in the interview that i root for him to have a very healthy game and throw -- put up 400 yards and no touchdown, i'm fine with that. >> you're going to meet my friends, eric berry and meet my friends justin houston, tom --
8:37 am
>> i've got friends. >> you've got friends. >> i got friends too, ezekiel elliott. dez. >> i don't want to hear about them. i'm already nervous. >> last time i saw you women's final four. hail state. i didn't bring out the cow bell but you went to mississippi state and here cheering it on in dallas there that was awesome just to be there in mississippi state to make it that far. the big david versus goliath knocking down uconn. i know the women were excite sfwld was that almost a mississippi state -- >> just a little. just a little mix. >> nice too that jess taught you everything you know. as quarterback. >> you know what, you're welcome. >> appreciate it. >> but, guys, thank you. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. thank you guys, thanks. >> for more information about this amazing campaign you can visit ready, raise, >> lara and our team on the case showing you how to revamp your hand-me-downs.
8:38 am
at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. so she can afford to feel at home even when she's miles away. and you can help her feel bright, without breaking your budget. and... who's there? hey. a boy? you never told your dad and i about any... oh, on the bed? absolutely not! okay... studying together is fine... and at ikea, we believe that letting go can be hard, but not pricey. what's going on now? move the flag.
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8:40 am
check it out. ansel elgort rattling the crowd. instagram live on television. love it. >> good to meet you. this new movie "baby driver" because i assume you have this beautiful baby face and this talented driver in i am now. i wasn't -- i mean i was okay before but now i'm a better driver now.
8:41 am
yes. >> incredible star-studded cast, you have jamie foxx, kevin spacey, what's it like playing against them? >> it's a dream come true. i mean every young actor you want to work with now i want to work with oscar winners is in my contract now. now that i've done it that's how i want to keep it. >> well, shaeleen woodley. i go the to mention her. are you going to get back on screen with her. >> i'd work with her too. i would die to work with her again. she was so -- no pun intended she was so amazing to work with in that movie in "the fault in our stars". >> you are a singer/songwriter and sang while we were doing a snapchat. jamie foxx known for taking young musicians under his wing. did he do that with you. >> the first day i met him, i wasn't sure -- i was a big than. he said, hey, man, i want to hear your music. i went over to his house and immediately we played basketball and i played him my music and he was so supportive. unbelievable. >> how was he supportive of your basketball became. >> he beat me -- he's actually very good at basketball but i'm not bad either.
8:42 am
i threw down a dunk. i can dunk. >> come on. >> i can jam, man. i played in high cool and i'm pretty tall. i am pretty tall. >> more athletic by me. put you up against john, paula faris' husband. good to meet you. good good morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco. the drizzle, any chance of that will start drying at 9:00. sunshine in many areas by noon and a little bit warmer this afternoon in your day planner. my accuweather seven-day fo all right. so, everybody knows me knows i kind of love taking diamonds in the rough and refurbishing them whether it's a find from a flea market or family heirloom and current day of "woman's day" magazine played into my passion and asked me to be part of a feature on hand me down makeovers. take a look. ♪ it's like a treasure hunt. >> nothing i love more than
8:43 am
upcycling and updating out of fashion furniture. >> she's a hood ornament from a cadillac but to me she's a towel holder so when the staff of cat woman's day" asked me to reinvent some of their pieces i jumped at the chance. we took end tables, a sentimental yet outdated hand me down from a great grandmother and gave them new life by adding cool clean marble tops, a coat of sleek gray paint and replaced the hum-drum handles with modern poles. so now the end tables are turned. "woman's day" taryn mohrman is going to help me make magic. >> my mother's antique tea cart is in rough shape. >> we want to give the chairs a more sophisticated look. think you can help us. >> we'll do a clean wood finish and then find some new 235b brick. you and the "gma" gang are going to sand this down, prime and paint it. meanwhile, i took the glass to the "flea market flip" workshop to paint on a mirrored effect.
8:44 am
it's literally turning glass into a mirror. simple. easy and quick and now for the big reveal. done, done, done. time to flip your furniture. taryn mohrman, lifestyle director of "woman's day" magazine, thanks for being here. >> hanks for having me and thank you for your work on our project. >> it was really fun. check out the magazine, by the way. they're pretty big transformations and asked you to help with not only a "gma" staff member but some of our viewer stuff. we have the viewers right here. come on up, guys. everybody, i want you to meet greg, paula, zoe and ezra and you guys had these chairs for awhile of we have a picture of them up in the monitor. tell us about the chairs and what were you were hoping to do with them. where did you find them and what was the plan? >> we actually found these on the curb and we thought they had a lot of potential. >> give me a high-five on that. >> they're gorgeous. >> thank you. >> do you know they're actually very nice midcentury really solid beautiful wood chairs. what did you want when you handed them over and said, okay,
8:45 am
i'm trusting you. what was your hope. >> we had them in the kids' room because they were so funky and colorful but we would love for them to look more danish design to bring them into the dining room. >> you knew they were diamonds in the rough. everybody, come on out. let's see them. billy, oh, billy. >> wow! amazing. amazing. >> they've -- they're all grown up. these are really, really high-end chairs that somebody left out for the trash because of the old paint and the old fabric. so, tape, what did you and the gang do. >> we're talking about makeovers but clearly these chairs needed a make under in a big way. to do that we had to cut through all the thick layers of paint with a stripping solution and sanded them down and created this custom color by mixing together a walnut with a black gloss and that really gives it the chic look like something you could buy in the store today then the upholstery we used a faux leather will give the family durability and easy to
8:46 am
wipe clean. >> you mentioned you might use them in the dying room as auxiliary seating so we thought we know you two. these were so -- we screwed them in but popped them out. you put the fabric on almost like a wrapping paper. it's so simple. you need a staple gun and basically a little -- it's very, very simple. we'll get to our next piece. ali ehrlich from "good morning america," we'll talk to ali. so ali is one of our great producers. you have this bar cart. tell us the history and where it was and why you loved it. >> i've been asking around in my family. we think that my great grandmother purchased it in an antique store in the 1940s. early 1940s in coastal connecticut around madison, we think. >> we think it is 1940s as well. one of she's outdoor garden pieces, useful but you wanted to bring it indoors and update it, make it a little more modern. what was the goal. >> so i've been keeping it in my
8:47 am
apartment for years, falling apart and my goal was to turn it into a cool chic elegant bar cart. >> let's see if we did it. let's go. bring it on out. only have 30 seconds. [ applause ] >> wow! >> it's really pretty. isn't it? >> i love it. >> glass is in so so simple. used a simple brass spray paint and one with a primer in it and then this you guys is call mirror effect. it ha that dated glass. now look at this. it actually looks like it's mirrored and took two coats of this spray paint, mirrored top, spray paint. very simple diy. you guys, these are simple tricks. got to thank the "flea market flip" gang for teaching me how to use it. >> i love it. >> check it owl in "woman's day" and see the wonderful before and afters. thank you, taryn. it's on newsstands now. you happy? >> i'm so happy. i'm going to throw a party and
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
we're back to the secrets of perfecting tea time from a man would literally wrote the book on it, jesse, i know you love a crumpet. >> tom parker bowles is exploring the secrets beyond the english tradition of high tea in fortnum & mason, the cookbook. thanks for being with us. in thank you. >> this cookbook is really cool because you wrote this alongside fortnum & mason. they're basically a famous market from england known for high tea. this is their first official cookbook in 300 years. >> over 300. >> that's crazy. aside from the history, what's different about it. >> fortnum & mason is one of the congratulate english stores. it's the best quality food and tea for centuries and so every single thing, all these products, the tea, they wrote the book on. >> right here we have something quintessenti quintessentialally english. crumpets. and right now we've got a lot of different condiments. honey and -- >> cream cheese. we've got marmalade and lemon
8:51 am
curd and a mystery condiment our guests will help us taste. are you ready? take a bite. >> what is this? >> what do you think? >> um -- >> a man of many words. i absolutely love this. ready. you don't find it often in crumpets. mango chutney butter. pretty good, right. >> it's very much a fortnum & mason -- all the honeys, you can buy online. >> let's skip on down here to our next table, something of course we're familiar with. tea sandwiches but there's a way that you need to prepare. >> it's a real key. good bread, butter it and have a look. very quick, this is curried chicken. on like that. and you need a plate. you're pushing it down. >> just like this. >> and that means you get all the flavors in there. you get wonderful texture, again, fortnum & mason, doing tea properly is the look as well as flavor, smoked salmon. exactly. >> such a big part of the tea experience. >> it is. >> fantastic. finally here we have something that's very traditional but
8:52 am
maybe some americans don't really know about this. a battenburg. >> looks cool. marzipan and different colors. people say it was named after queen victoria's granddaughter or a prussian village. the point about this, it contains all these tea recipes, also it's very -- anyone can cook. >> let's have a bite. guys, i'm not even going for it. i might be breaking the rules. >> there are no rules. oh, that is delicious. >> yes? >> thumbs up. >> awesome. >> thumbs up all the way around. tom, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> fortnum & mason, the cookbook, on sale now. >> thank you very much e. jesse. we will be right back.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by state farm. ♪ >> before we go we have a big congratulations to one of our writers, producers, raquel hecker and her husband michael welcomed a beautiful baby anastasia sophie. >> another member of the family. >> home at home with her folks and big brother if thanks for watching, everyone.
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8:59 am
and good morning. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." it is 8:59. let's see what that weather looks like this morning with meteorologist mike nicco. >> hey, reggie. hi, everybody. still pretty great everywhere, but you can see in brentwood already sunshine and 70, rest of us in the mid-50s to mid-60s. as we head throughout the day, a little faster on the sunshine. it will still be in the upper 50s at the coast, mid-70s around the bay, mid-80s inland, but check out friday through sunday. low 60s at the coast, near 80 around the bay and a few 90s inland. so summer's coming back. all right, and the traffic is back, too. it took a while, but we did ramp up this morning. a new multicar crash, southbound 880 in fremont just before stevens son boulevard, one lane blocked but a five-mile backup. and a crash still blocking, commute just under an hour. thank you, now time for "live with kelly oictio&ryan."
9:00 am
we'll be back at 11:00 a.m. our news continues >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the new film "baby driver" ," ansel elgort. and performing her new hit "be the one," dua lipa. also, join the cohosts in a workout. plus, actress busy philipps joins for another day of cohosting. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are ryan seacrest and busy philipps! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> busy: hi!


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