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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 29, 2017 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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♪ when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line at 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. li live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." >> developing at 11:00, the ban
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is back. tonight the state department confirms president trump's controversial travel ban will go into effect in a few hours. good evening. i'm erik thomas in for dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. this all comes after the supreme court announced monday the ban could partially go into effect for six muslim predominant countries. >> katie marzullo live at sfosf with the story. >> reporter: attorneys from cair and the asian law caucus will be here at sfo tomorrow morning between 7:00 and 8:00 in the morning, staying until at least 6:00 at night. they will be monitoring the implementationful the travel ban. visa applicants from syria, sudan, libya, iran and yemen plus all refugees must have a close family or business tie in the united states. qualifying relative also are a parent, spouse, child, adult son or daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law or sibling. not on the list, grandparents,
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grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, sisters in law, brothers-in law. travelers said it didn't make much sense. >> it should be all relatives, especially your grandparents because they're old and you should have the chance to visit them. >> i think it is strict in regards to extended family. laws are not intended to tear families apart. >> on monday the u.s. supreme court partially lifted lower court injunctions against president trump's executive order that temporarily banned visas for citizens from the six countries. the justice's rulings made exception for applicants with a bona fide relationship with a citizen. as for businesses, students, lecturers with a valid employment contract are exempt. they have been issued to consulates. civil rights attorneys will be monitoring bay area airports.
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katie marzullo, "abc 7 news." now to changes in airport security. passengers will face new measures on international flights into the u.s. from 280 foreign airports. today the department of homeland security said those measures will include enhanced screening of passengers as far as electronics and searches around planes. homeland security based changes on intelligence that troerlss are developing new ways to hide bombs. the extra security will affect those leaving the airports but coming back is another story. people at sfo questioned the motivation. >> i don't know. it is hard to know what's motivating it. >> the new measures will be phased in over time. stay on top of the new travel rules and the ongoing security threat with the "abc 7 news" app. enable push alerts to get updates when they happen. happening now, hundreds of firefighters are battling this fire at the camp pendleton marine base in southern california. flames can be seen not too far from homes, but no evacuations have been ordered.
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officials are saying 250 to 300 acres have burned, but most of the forward progress has been stopped. several agencies are involved including the forest service which has mobilized its night-flying helicopter. that's one of several fires burning around california. another came close to homes in burbank. tonight that fire is 80% contained, but 50 homes closest to the flames were evacuated when the fire broke out around 3:00 this afternoon. none of those homes was damaged and residents are slowly being let back in. "abc 7 news" was also in san jose where a smaller fire burned close to buildings. it started around 2:45 this afternoon off lost ranch road in almond valley. at least 15 acres burned. while the flames threatened building at one point, cal fire says firefighters were able to prevent any damage. less than a week until the 4th of july and safe and scene fireworks are now being sold. only a handful of bay area cities actually allow the sale of those fireworks. >> that includes pacifica and that's where we find "abc 7
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news" reporter lilian kim live tonight. lilian. >> reporter: erik and ama, while those marked safe and scene are legal here in pacifica the city wants to make it clear it has zero tolerance for illegal fireworks. video posted on youtube shows the previous ah lens of illegal fireworks in pacifica. this is what it was like on the 4th of july three years ago. >> got the pyro tech nirk which includes a bunch of little fireworks. >> but edwin ariano doesn't plan to set off anything illegal. he bought $100 of safe and scene fireworks at a booth today. >> they're all safe and low on the ground, so perfect for little streets or something. >> reporter: the city of pacifica says anyone planning to set off illegal fireworks, beware. city police have new enforcement tools. a recently-passed code $1,000 fund. there's a free app called nail 'em which requires on the
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community's app. >> they can take photographs, record the sound, send us a location or street address or if they don't know where they're at it will allow them to use a gps from their mobile device. >> reporter: nonprofits who operate the booth try to do their parts. they tell customers what is legal and not and which city properties accommodate safe and sane fireworks. in pacifical, lilian kim, "abc 7 news." tonight, we have learned the gunman at the ups facility in san francisco set off a metal detector but was still allowed in the building. a source says the driver activated a detector but a security guard allowed him inside anyway. his backpack had two guns inside. two weeks ago today he shot and killed three drivers then himself. ups wouldn't comment on the revelation, saying its investigation is ongoing. house lawmakers are expected to pass kate's law.
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it is named at kate steinly, a bay area woman shot and killed at peer 14 two years ago. the againman was deported five times. the law requires prison time for undocumented immigrants who commit certain crimes, get deported and return to the u.s. the senate is expected to pass the bill after a july 4th recess. those who support health care reform, he vows it will pass and soon. those against the bill protested outside the trump hotel in d.c. as the president arrest eminent domain. earlier 40 arrests were made at senate offices. tonight in ohio the vice president pledged a victory. >> before this summer is out president trump is going to work with this congress and we're going to keep the promise to the american people and we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. >> the plan faces scepticism from conservative senators who say it doesn't repeal obamacare enough and moderates who don't like slashing medicaid.
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tonight fremont police are asking for your help to solve a three decade old cold case just reopened. sheri lynne muhleman disappeared in 1989. police say they have reason to believe she was killed. "abc 7 news" reporter katie outes utehs is live at police headquarters. >> reporter: he wants to hear from you. he says no detail is too small to be shared. as this case shows, nearly three decades later any bit of new information can help push a case forward. this 25-year-old fremont mother, sheri lynne muhleman sent her daughter to school on february 27th, 1989 and hasn't been seen since. >> about six months ago we got a couple of contacts from people that wanted to get some things off their chest. that happens a lot, especially with 20, 30-year-old cold cases. people are you know what, i'm getting older, i'm getting sick, or i should have come forward at the time but i was too scared.
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>> reporter: police say she lived with her on again, off again and father of her child michael abraham. he and his sister may have been the last people to see muhleman. his decoto road home has been demolished and is now a church. >> we ended up looking into it and getting some better details that we're able to point us in a direction it wasn't just suspicious but very much a homicide. >> reporter: attempts to reach abraham were unsuccessful. anyone with information is encouraged to call fremont police. in fremont, katie utehs, "abc 7 news." coming up on "abc 7 news," new sex abuse charges inside the catholic church. tonight they go higher than ever before. and the war on the waterfront. fight over who should get the final say over some of the most prized land in the bay area. also -- >> you really don't know where your life is going to go. the warrior's boss goes back to east bay roots and big surprise he dropped on star
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draymond green. >> find out if any surprises are in store for your holiday weekend. i can tell you there are none for tomorrow morning, expecting the typical fog. i will go back with a complete look at the forecast. >> first here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live." >> now more than ever, it is important you see this. i've been asking director comey and others from the beginning of my administration to find the leakers in the intelligence community. this is like o.j. trying to find
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new at 11:00, one of pope francis' top advisers has been charged with sexual assault. officials say multiple people alleged 78-year-old australian cardinal george pell sexually abused him. he has repeatedly denied the accusations. he was appointed by the pope to oversee the vatican's financial system. he's expected to return to australia next month to appear in court. >> all of the surveillance cameras you see on b.a.r.t. are the real thing. they finished replacing decoy security cameras in tranls with a real camera. each car has four working camera after a murder on b.a.r.t. in 2016 the agency admitted most of the cameras were fake.
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we don't know when smart train service is launching but you can test it out starting tomorrow. sonoma marin will be offering free rides as part of a soft watch. for more on the times and stops go to it is likely the people's right to decide the height of building along the walter front will go to trial. three years ago voters approved proposition b allowing them to give developers permission to approve stahler structures. they approved two but the state land filed a lawsuit. it said the port commission should decide, not voters. >> we believe that the port commission and other city agencies can do a good job of managing those resources and protecting them. >> it would demolish the open recreational space that we call the gateway. >> the judge today signalled the matter will tentatively go to trial in september. the finals are over, the parade is done so what is next for golden state warrior
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cincinnati. >> victory tour of course. as "abc 7 news" reporter wayne freedman explains, it is starting close to home for one key member of the dubs organization. >> at the high school in danville is it possible to get used to not one nba championship trophy in your gym but two? >> you gonna touch it? >> might. >> reporter: though we can safely say that monte vista made a strong impact on bob meyers, his teachers remember him. >> he came across as someone who will be successful. >> reporter: well, the warriors book end trophies are not all that arrived at mont ah vista. how about draymond green, and monte vista graduate turned general manager bob myers who used to play on this court and became the newly crowned nba executive of the year. he choice his old high school for today's press conference. >> words i don't think are ever for one person. you know, i think the awards are for a group of people. >> reporter: this was about inspiration from beginning to end. you see the man hugging draymond green? it is his high school coach from
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michigan. his presence here, a complete surprise. >> what did he say when he saw you? >> he said, coach, i love you. >> reporter: draymond's high school basketball team won two back-to-back championships. his fellow classmates elected him homecoming king. today draymond said he learned defense in saginaw. how rewarding that must have been for the man who first taught him and still does. >> i text him during the games and he respond, like we're in high school. >> reporter: as for bob myers, we asked what the kid he was playing on this court in 1993 would say about the man who showed up today. >> you know, i was not overly confident so i probably would look at someone like me that came back, i would say, you know, i don't -- i could never do -- i couldn't be that guy. >> reporter: it is all about possibilities. at monte vista high school in danville, wayne freedman, "abc 7 news." such a good group and organization. think the sun was shining inside for that event. how about outside? >> let's check in with
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meteorologist sandhya patel. >> yeah, erik and ama, it will be shining tomorrow afternoon at least away from the coastline. it is a beautiful time lapse from our east bay hills camera. you can see the fog rolling in. tonight the marine layer compressed and it is an indication of what is to come. it is about 1,500 feet deep, not going very far. matter of fact, tomorrow you will continue to see some warming inland like you did today. so antioch's highs will be in the low 90s the next few days you will notice, and early next week change it up, dropping the temperatures as we head towards the 4th of july. here is a live look right now from our emeryville camera. seeing overcast skies across parts of the bay and along the coastline and that's pretty much the extent of where the fog is going to be heading. so tomorrow morning for the commute, do look out as you look at live doppler 7, it is not going to be pushing into the valleys as that marine layer has become shallower. temperatures right now, anywhere from the 50s coast side all the way to the low 70s in our inland valleys.
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so quite a range there. from our "abc 7 news" explore tore yum camera overcast skies right now over san francisco. foggy areas in the morning with patchy drizzle. warming continues next few days and a typical summer spread for the upcoming weekend. a look at the morning commute planner for tomorrow. if you are driving to work, use caution. watch out for the fog and spotty drizzle. there will be reduced visibility around. a light breeze if you are taking the ferry, looking good. if you're walking, also good, a cool start to tomorrow morning so bundle up. 5:00 a.m. patchy fog around the coast and the bay. it will pull away around 9:00 a.m. but there will be drizzle around along the coastline. for the afternoon the beaches will hang on to a little bit of fog. for the rest of you it is a bright thursday afternoon. here are your temperatures first thing in the morning. in the 50s across the entire bay area, so definitely a cool start. fog will be around. then for the afternoon we'll warm you up into the low 90s inland for the warm ets inland valleys along the coastline low
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to mid 60s. a bit on the breezy side near the coastline for your thursday. you can download the accuweather app and keep track of your hour-by-hour and minute by minute temperatures. here is the accuweather seven day forecast. warming inland, low 60s to low 90s. a wind range of temperatures. summer microclimates heading into saturday and sunday. all eyes are on the 4th of july. early next week we will see a minor dip in the temperatures, low 60s to upper 80s. on the 4th is one thing you will notice is, yes, there will be fog around. the question is will they be colored clouds for the 4th of july fireworks or will you see them. as we get closer we will pin point it for you. >> thank you. >> check it out, pennel o'the porcupine and her wild dance moves when "abc 7 news" returns.
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a couple of weeks ago we told you about penelope the porcupine at lindsay wildlife experience in walnut creek. now a different side. here she is getting down. "abc 7 news" reporter elissa harrington caught the porcupine busting this move this afternoon. what song do you think matches her sweet, sweet moves? tell us in the comments on the "abc 7 news" facebook page where we posted the full video. i don't think "take me out to the ball game" does go with that. >> i'm not sure if that's it. she is cute though. >> that was a wicked segue. >> i know it has to be a fast song because slow dancing with a porcupine can be dangerous. coming up in sports, giants rookie jay long gave up a big contract in south korea to play in the majors. today his dream came troo.
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meanwhile, the a's had a season-high five home runs, but
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"abc 7 news" sports brought
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to you by river rock casino. >> before the giants took on the rockies today they put closer mark malanson on the 10-day disabled list. he has a sore right elbow. out to at&t park. south korea's jae-gyun hwang made his giants 'day butte one to remember. he knocks down the stretch, reaches out and from the seat of his pants time to get ty block. that's why he's a four-time gold golden glove -- but in the sixth huong long fly ball. his first major league hit was the difference as giants win 5-3 with the first sweep of the season. it was game of throws night at minute made park. it proved to be fitting as this game was a battle. george springer got things going in first, hitting ninth lead-off home run of the season.
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it is and as troes record. chris davis brought the a's back with a pair of home runs, his second one a three-run shot in the third made it 5-4 oakland. the a's hit a season-high five homers but struck out 17 times. houston went on to win the slug fest 11-8. josh reddick with three hits and three rbi. oakland may have lost star first basement lonzo who took a foul ball off his right knee. no word on extend of his injury. former athletic steven voight made his first start for the brewers. appears to have a three run brewer. but he was robbed with an incredible catch. that was big as cincinnati winds up winning 4-3. the rockets have acquired nine-time all star chris paul from the clippers for a group of players including patrick beverly and lou williams. despite being one of the best in the league, paul never made it to the conference finals. he will be sharing the ball with james harding.
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steph curry will be putting his golf skills on display this summer when he takes part in the tournament at tpc stonebray. it is set in hayward. it will raise money for the warriors community foundation. >> when i found out i was getting a sponsor exemption, i had a lot of emotion about it because it is a passion of mine. but to be able to play alongside the next and best of the golf professionals will be a huge honor, a huge treat, and hopefully raise a lot of money for the foundation. >> and just for kicks, raiders punter marquette cain was putting his foot into more than football, like a bunch of cash or how about this, a cake, or a dozen raw eggs. yes, he likes them scrambled. a quick bite before launching a chicken. watch this milk shake. yeah, king did it all and more. thank you,, for the video. this "abc 7 news" sports report has been broug


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