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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 30, 2017 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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♪ when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line at 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. ♪ live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." ♪ >> a garden hose versus a grass
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fire. south bay neighbors jump into action to save their homes from fast-moving flames that came dangerously close to destroying everything they oenld. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller in for dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. homes were save willed but properties billy ray damaged. fires came closest to homes off north capitol avenue. >> "abc 7 news" reporter katie marzullo there with the developing story. >> reporter: matt, ama, this is what is left, a blackened field that was about five acres of open space that burned. neighbors that live across the street from this didn't wait for firefighters to arrive. they became firefighters. >> we all got into action. >> reporter: karen abad said her husband was in the garage when he saw the smoke and flames. he called to her and she called 911, but they didn't stop there. >> we all grabbed hoses for our neighbors that weren't home, we called them to tell them to come home and we all just grabbed each others hoses. >> reporter: this fought back the flames until san jose
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firefighters arrived. >> i hoped nobody's home would burn and that the wind kept shifting so you never knew where it was going. >> reporter: the fire department did not evacuate homes but gave the wildlife center of silicon valley a mandatory order. >> we literally took 483 animals out of our hospital and some of our enclosures and loaded them up into their trucks and our vehicles. >> reporter: animals including birds, opossums and duck lings. >> when we see something that close with flames and smoke, you know, we get into action. >> reporter: it took firefighters about three hours to put out this fire, the third incident of the day. >> we had units going up to mount hamilton, another brush fire down at 85 and 87, and then this one came shortly after. >> reporter: the fire also threatened the east side union high school district offices. you can see it burned right up to the fence, but the san jose fire department said the flames did not damage any structures or homes. in san jose, katie marzullo, "abc 7 news." tonight fire officials in san jose are investigating four separate fires that broke out
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this afternoon on mount hamilton. in all, 85 acres of land burned. it took firefighters about two hours to bring the flames under control. this map shows you the location of the fires along mount "hamilton" road near grant lake. the area that burned today had been tarring by fire crews to be used for a controlled burn later ths summer to help reduce fire danger. in southern california, a brush fire scorched about 25 acres of land on a malibu hillside this afternoon. flames broke out late this afternoon northeast of the city, and in the topanga canyon areas. no homes or structures threatened. a reminder to stay on top of the weather and wildfire season with the "abc 7 news" accuweather app. download it for free and tract it on the go. new at 11:00, a bart passenger is recovering after being attacked and robbed on the train. it happened after bart announced it finished replacing decoy cameras with cameras.
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they are reviewing footage to see if it shows the suspects punching the person and taking his cellphone. new developments in president trump's latest travel ban which took effect hours ago. already a challenge from the courts. cornell bernard is live at sfo where protests have been happening. >> reporter: the state of hawaii filed a challenge to the president's travel ban, disputing the guidelines of what kind of relationships are needed to the u.s. to enter the country. now, we have learned that a judge has given the trump administration until monday to respond. today we saw protests and a bit of confusion here at the airport. >> no muslim band, no border wall. >> reporter: a small group of protesters was at sfo moments after the latest travel ban took effect. this had signs over the customs exit at the international terminal. >> it is outrageous that the president of the united states is banning a religion of people, and banning over 100 million
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people because of the country they're from. >> it is 3.0 for us. >> reporter: immigration attorneys were standing by to help people arriving from libya, sudan, syria, iran, yemen and so malya'. under the guidelines if someone wants a visa they must prove a bona fide relationship to someone in the u.s. grandparent and cousins excluded. the state of hawaii filed an emergency court order demanding some clarification. >> they worry like we do that the trump administration is going to attempt to violate the supreme court's order. >> reporter: confusion and worry from many families meeting relatives arriving from muslim countries not on the ban list. >> my aunt and uncle are visiting, so they don't know if they will be able to come back again or not. so it is really -- it is not a good thing. >> reporter: for many travelers there were longer than usual delays in customs. her more just arrived from morocco. >> i wish other countries, they were not on the list too because we are all muslim, we're all human. >> we are people, nobody is
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illegal. >> reporter: protesters vow to return to the airport on friday. at sfo, cornell bernard, "abc 7 news." the u.s. senal will continue two immigration laws including one named after kate steinly, a woman murdered in san francisco nearly two years ago. the house passed kate's law which would enhance penalties for convicted and deported immigrants who enter illegally. the man accused of killing steinly was deported seven times. president trump argues the law makes the country safe again. critics say it will do the opposite. >> a bill focused on ramping up deportations and arrests of people whose only violation is their immigration status is the wrong approach. that's why law enforcement said it hurts public safety. >> the other bill would withhold certain federal funds from sanctuary cities such as san francisco. tonight lawmakers are trying to stay focused on health care,
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the president tweet. >> republicans and democrats were quick to condemn the president's criticism. >> at a time when critically important policies are debated in washington -- >> what do we want? healt health care our focus will remain on obamacare problems that hurt american. >> the president is focusing on his beef on the host of a morning show after he was mocked for having small hands. here are his words. i heard poorly rated @morningjoe speaks badly of me. don't watch anymore. then how come low iq crazy mika along with psycho joe came to mar-a-lago three nights in a row on new year's eve and joined me. >> what we're trying to do around here is improve the tone and civility of the debate and this does not do that. >> tweets like this are inconsistent with the greatness of the country and the office. >> democrats denouncing what
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they say is bullying, derogatory behavior. >> to first allied i would say, please, talk to your husband. >> cyber bullying is supposed to be a major initiative for the first lady. >> our culture has gotten too mean and too rough, especially to children and teenagers. >> her office today saying they would not respond directly to the tweets but offered this statement, quote, when her husband gets attacked he will punch back ten times holder and the white house fully defending the president's words. >> they knew what they were getting when they voted for donald trump and he won overwhelmingly. >> it doesn't mean that americans are supporting it. in fact, according to a new poll out today, 61% of americans don't think that the president should be tweeting from his personal account. lana zac, abc news, washington. mika razinski responded to the president with this tweet, a picture of a cheerio box saying "made for little hands." she and her co-host cancel vacation to return to the show
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tomorrow. a look at the new york daily news front page tomorrow morning, shows an eagle head bound with the word humiliation. if you live in east bay you may have noticed water smelling a bit strange recently, but officials say don't go alarmed. algae blooms have caused odor problems for more than 200,000 in the valley. officials say the water is safe to drink but may taste musty. all of the winter rain created ideal conditions foral ji to multiply. >> a 14-year-old girl was forced to jump out of a moving suv after a car jacking. the criminal had no idea police were tracking his every move. >> trouble for tennis superstar venus williams. tonight police say she's at fault for a deadly crash. takes you on board a train service promising to get commuters off congested north bay rolls. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel, your commute will begin
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with fog. first a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live" after "abc 7 news at 11:00." jimmy. >> here is a look at tonight's show. don't over think it. >> i just saw -- i read in draymond green, come on, man. >> yeah, usually mad when you get to all of this. like, why for me. >> i say what's up, draymond. he said, what's u
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we're learning new details tonight about a frightening carjacking overnight. a 14 year old girl was still in the suv when it happened. >> "abc 7 news" reporter leslie brinkley live in castro valley with the story. leslie. >> reporter: that's right. it was here at about this time last night that a man car jacked an suv with a dad and his 14-year-old daughter in it, not very far from where i'm standing right now, and they both somehow managed to escape. the teenage girl by leaping out of the moving vehicle. it was here along red wood road on a block full of small businesses and old homes that the car jacker surprised a man and his daughter at 11:15 wednesday night. police say the 14-year-old yelled at him to get out but he refused and sped off.
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the 14-year-old girl immediately escaped by jumping out of the moving car. the alameda county sheriff's department tracked the car jacker using on star, installed in the 2016 silver chevy tahoe. at 1:10 a.m. units swooped in for a felony stop at this gas station in fremont onrnton avenue. 23-year-old frank williams was arrested on kidnapping, carjacking and assault with a deadly weapon. he was driven back to castro valley where the father and daughter identified him as the suspect. he's now in the santa rita jail with no bail. i'm leslie brinkley, "abc 7 news." police say tennis star venus williams is at fault for a deadly car crash in florida. the car carrying an elderly covered t boned her car. police report says she violated the right-of-way when she pulled into the intersection. williams claimed she had the
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green light. the passenger in the car was injured and died two weeks later. drone view 7 shows us newest wait to get around north bay. smart train is making free test runs this weekend. when it is in full service it will go to the sonoma county airport from san rafael. "abc 7 news" reporter kate larson took one of the free preview lives during our 4:00 and 5:00 newscast today. can't go fully operational until the federal railroad approves a new safety feature called positive train control. >> it is designed to stop the train in the event it goes over speed and for whatever reason our engineer cannot, it will bring the train safely the a stop. >> once the train is approved, fares will start at $1.75 for a short trip with a clipper card and go up to a maximum of $23. >> reporters and editors at the "new york times" walked out of their jobs today in protest. they made clever signs with misspellings and sentences that didn't make sense in support of the newspaper's copy desk. right now the company plans to
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cut it from 100 to about 55 editors. copy desk proof reads and approves all articles and photographs in the paper. well, it is hard to believe anybody wouldn't approve of the weather we've been having recently. it's been nice. >> sandhya patel is here with the latest. >> absolutely beautiful. take a look at a time lapse from our mount tam cam. sunset tonight and as the sun was setting one thing constant was the marine layer. it is about 1,500 feet deep tonight and we're going to be dealing with it tomorrow morning. tomorrow if you're going to the a's game in the evening, the weather looks terrific. they will be taking on the brafgs. yes, it will start out mild, around 6 degrees tomorrow evening at 7:05 but the temperature will fall to about 59 degrees towards the end of the game. so a good idea to just pack a sweat shirt or a hoody because you will likely need it towards the end of night. a live picture right now from our "abc 7 news" explore tore yum camera. you can see overcast skies at this hour. live doppler 7 is tracking the fog and the low clouds.
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push their way across the coast into the bay and so parts of the east bay pretty socked in right now. that's how it will be tomorrow morning. temperatures right now, you're all in the 50s and in the 60s, so a nice cooling breeze dropped your numbers. as you take a look from our emeryville camera you can see the guy skies in the distance. foggy areas with spotty drizzle in the morning. mild to warm dah through the weekend and looking at slightly cooler through the 4th of july but nothing to complain about. here is the hour-by-hour day planner. fog and drizzle around at 7:00 a.m. away from inland areas. plenty of sun near the coast, though fog will linger at noon time. by 4:00 p.m. low 60s to low 90s. typical summer microclimates will be with us. tomorrow morning when you get going watch out, the fog will be dropping visibility around parents of the bay area. not only that, spotty drizzle so slick pavement and temperatures in the 50s. for the afternoon, 60s near the coast, breezy conditions again. inland areas plenty of sun,
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upper 80s to low 90s. beautiful weather. if you are going to shoreline amphitheater, mountain view, 4th of july, "abc 7 news" is a proud sponsor. the weather looks fantastic for the fireworks. 8:00 you are looking at 67 degrees. the sun still will be out. the sun will set around 8:30. as we head towards the nighttime hours, mainly clear, 63 at 9:00. a few clouds around at 10:00 and at 11:00 becoming cloudy but by then fireworks should be over. the weather looks like it will cooperate. you can download the accuweather app. keep track of the hour-by-hour. showing you a wide range of temps from low 60s to low 90s tomorrow, minor cooling expected saturday with slightly warmer weather for sunday. you see the trend here, minor ups and downs going into early next week. by the 4th of july we will be looking at upper 50s to mid 80s, so near average temperatures. certainly there will be some fog and low clouds around. so if you are wondering about the fireworks it is almost a given that on the 4th of july you can expect some fog.
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that's typical around this time of year in july as you know, ama. >> thank you, sandhya. >> stealing the show, comoming the canine taking the spotlight at this classical music concert. you are one in a million. >> you're one in a million. >> you're one in a million. >> one -- >> in a million. >> one in a million. >> one of our one million friends on facebook. >> that's a big deal! >> that's kind of a big deal. >> yep, we just hit a million. >> and it is all because of you. >> you. >> you. >> you. >> so thank you. >> thank you. >> a million times, thank you. >> thanks, bay area. >> thank you for making "abc 7 news" the bay area's most liked local news on facebook. >> you're amazing, bay area. thanks a million.
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a new milestone for facebook. solar powered drone akila. today the company announced the drone completed its second test flight successfully last month. the ntsb the still investigating the first test flight. structural failure affected the drone's landing next year. they plan to use the drone to connect to rural areas without reliable internet access. one of the biggest classical
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music fans isn't on two legs. ♪ >> look right there, the cute little dog. yeah, check out the dog that just wandered on to the stage during an outdoor performance in turkey. performance, that kind of works for a dog. the lab didn't seem to know what was happening. the audience loved it will responding with laughter and applause. the musicians in the italian symphony kept playing. show goes on, right. the video went viral after tweeted with the words "cutest moment in classical music." >> little known fact, violins are made out of sausage. no, kidding. no sausage there. >> talking about baseball. >> i thought the dog was wandering looking for its way home kind of like the oakland a's after today. the road trip comes to a disappointing end i
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> the a's adding to the worst away record in the american league by hitting a road block had the series finale in houston. the rubber match of this
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three-game series in houston. pick it up in the first inning. that guy came ready to play. former a josh riddick at the dish. drive to deep right, it is going, going. matt joyce says, huh-uh, not gone. robs him of a home run. how about the fans saying, hey, i got a souvenir, got a souvenir. oh, nice catch. riddick says hey, the tip of the cap. he would finish with two hid, an rbi and two runs scored. daniel goss et had a great start but did not finish well. carlos korea with a bomb. goss et allowed five runs in the sixth. correa with the daily double, astros take 2 out of 3. 6-1 is the final. a's are 13 and 27 away from oakland this season. last week raiders rewarded derek carr with the biggest contract in the nfl. now they're taking care of the guys who keep carr on his feet. the raiders are signing right guard gabe jackson to a five
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year, $56 million extension. that's according to the nfl network. it is a whopping raise from the 1.8 million he was earning in the final year of his rookie deal. now, he's a big part of an offensive line that allowed the fewest sacks last season with just 18. jackson was third round pick for the silver and black in 2014 behind khalil mack and, of course, derek carr. the lpga is grabbing the spotlight this week with the second major of the year, the women's pga championship at olympia fields in illinois. former stanford cardinal shot a 3 under 68. had this nice birdie putt on 12. another american, britney al tamare is one shot behind the leaders. par 3 4. he she fin eshed at 4 under. that put her to 3 under. she is now at 5 under par, tied with amy yang, who was on a team when play was suspended. are tied for third just one stroke back. finally, there's nothing a mom
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won't do for her son. check this out. european tour, how tongue lee broke his putter and threw it in the lake in frustration. look at mom. she goes in and picks it up. lee is on the next hole. the other players are just laughing saying, i can't believe she went in there. look, the putter was broken. she gets it and throws it back. oh, that is too funny. this abc 7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. in lee's defense, like i said, he was on the next hole playing so he wasn't aware that mom was going to grab that putter. but like i said, hey, they get those putters for free. mom, no need to go in the dirty water. >> leave it there, leave it there. >> his sponsor will give him another one. >> thank you, anthony. >> "abc 7 news" continues now online, on twitter, facebook and on all of your mobile devices with our "abc 7 news" app. next newscast


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