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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 2, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> i just think it's crazy how they're going to shut down the fire department one week before the busiest time of the year. >> closed for business. an east bay fire station won't be open ahead of the july 4th holiday. how it could triple response times in one community. good evening. i'm eric thomas. for the fourth time in five years, station 94 is closing its doors. station 94 affects people living in five cities, bethel island, nightson, brentwood, oakley, and byron. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley is live in brentwood with more on this story tonight. leslie? >> reporter: hey, good evening, eric. this station along with one in oakle, one in discovery bay will remain open. but closing the station out in knightson, that is going to
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dramaly increase response times for 115,000 people. these engines are parked in station 94 in knightson. there's no one to drive them. the station closed july 1st. it's a funding problem and a personnel problem. the east contra costa fire protection district says they pay firefighters 30% less than other districts. so many leave to go elsewhere. so to balance their budget, they're paring from four stations to just three stations to cover 250 square miles of dry grass, farms, subdivisions, and rural roads. >> your farthest companies are now traveling even farther. so the fire's going to get bigger, or people unfortunately if they're injured are going to have to wait longer. >> between now and october, we are transitioning to a sound three-station organization that is not adequately able to protect all of our citizens. >> reporter: three times voters turned down ballot measures that would have provided additional funding. the district is not part of the county or part of the cities
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they serve. >> i just think it's crazy how they're going to shut down the fire department one week before the busiest time of the year for them. i mean these fire trucks are in and out of this place all day long, all night long. >> if there's a fire that goes on right here, how long is it going to take for present wood or oakley to get here. >> there's are times when we can have 20-plus minute response times. >> reporter: the chief says the average response time will be 13 minutes, double what's recommended, with crews from just three stations now covering 7,000 calls a year because fire station 94 is now a parking garage. in nightsen, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> fire danger will remain high for the foreseeable future. let's check the forecast with meteorologist drew tuma. >> fortunately tonight we're dealing with fog keeping the humidity rather high. coastal clouds right now will be moving inland. one of the reasons they will move inland is an active breeze, especially through the delta
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right now. you look at fairfield, and the winds are gusting to about 33 miles per hour. what that will do, act kind of like a vacuum and suck some of that coastal cloud cover inland. 24 th is going to be a similar setup to what is happening on the fourth. temperatures in the mid-50s to upper 60s with that breeze, and there will be areas of fog around as those fireworks go off to celebrate independence day. we're take a closer look coming up. a coast guard cutter will try to tow an abandoned boat discovered today along the san mateo county coast. the coast guard was called to an area near the mussel rock park. it appears the boat had been abandoned for a while. an aggressive response from firefighters kept a fast-moving grass fire from growing out of control near santa rosa this after. cal fire planes, ground crews,
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and bulldozers swarmed the three acre blaze. it broke out in sonoma county. it was under control in under an hour. no homes were threatened because the fire was surrounded by nothing but vineyards. bay area air quality managers are asking residents not to set off their own fireworks this july 4th to limit air pollution. the smoke, dust, and soot from fireworks can cause asthma attacks, coughing, and eye irritation. meantime, alameda county firefighters are warning of the danger of fireworks-related fires. they say heat, dry grass, and sparks can be a recipe for disaster. a better idea? attend a professional fireworks show. we have a complete list of all the big shows in every bay area city. you'll find it on your smartphone. just open up the abc7 news app. happening now, a man who is refusing to surrender to police is locked in a standoff with fremont police officers. the confrontation is happening on farwell drive and buchanan place.
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officers have their weapons drawn. police say the man is armed with a knife and is accused of hurting someone during a disp s dispute. that victim is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. we have some sad news to share with you tonight. an oakland teenager who battled cancer has passed away. tonight we remember darryl aikens. >> there he is. here he is. the one and only. >> last month, darryl aikens got to experience a day he thought might never come. >> this is like a dream come true. >> mcclymonds high graduation. the former high school football player hadn't been to school in a while. darryl had leukemia, and even after a bone marrow transplant last year, doctors told him he had only months to live. >> what makes you want to keep going? >> i got something to prove. >> last december, with the help of abc7 news, aikens got to fulfill a lifelong dream when he needed it most. >> what's up, man? what's going on, brother? >> despite his condition, darryl was able to make it to a warriors practice and be one of
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them if only for a little while. at the time, he told us the team's superstars inspire him. but in the end, it may be the other way around. >> someone so strong and courageous, you know, we can learn a lot from him. and probably doing more for us than we could do for him. >> his mom said the warriors visit gave her son hope as he fought for his life. >> i was like this is cool. i love to see the big smile on his face. he deserves it. >> the ultimate warrior, darryl ac aikens died today surrounded by family. he was 18 years old. his family has started a gofundme page to pay for funeral expenses. we have a link on our website at the suspect in a friday night concord crash that claimed the lives of two boys was arrested this morning on suspicion of vehicular homicide and other crimes. lemuel wilson jr. was arrested overnight and also faces
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hit-and-run and driving on a suspended license charges. the crash along highway 4 killed a 5 and 10-year-old boy. the wreck also injured a 3-month-old baby and their moth. wilson is accused of running away after the wreck but later turning himself in when he checked into highland hospital for treatment. bail is set at half a million dollars. abc7 news has learned wilson jr. was the stepfather of 16-year-old regina jeffries, who was shot and killed in june of last year during a vigil for another homicide victim in downtown oakland. the family pastor tells the east bay times the loss of jeffrey struck wilson and his wife especially hard. jeffrey's killing remains unsolved. outrage tonight after a video tweeted earlier in the day by president trump. he posted this to both his personal and the potus twitter account. you can see him appearing to pummel a man whose face has been covered with cnn's logo. abc7 news reporter tiffany wilson has reaction tonight. >> reporter: one thing many republicans were hoping to celebrate ahead of this july 4th holiday was a vote on the senate
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health care bill and the end to obamacare. that fell short after senate majority leader mitch mcconnell was forced to delay the vote following a report by the congressional budget -- >> well, obviously that wasn't tiffany wilson. president trump tweets a video in which's pe he appears to pum man. these are other reaction to that in papers today. we'll hear from tiffany wilson on that story in just a couple of minutes. much more ahead on abc7 news at 11:00. when if comes to homeownership and avocado toast, one san francisco company believes millennials can have it all. their offer to prospective homeowners next. i'm cornell barnard in one south bay city where the fourth of july parade is so fantastic, would you believe they set chairs up months ahead of time? that story is coming up. and on the road to recovery after being rescued from a
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as we mentioned a couple of minutes ago, there's outrage tonight after president trump's controversial clip. here's abc7 news reporter tiffany wilson. >> reporter: president trump's supporters say they elected a fighter. so this video showing the president circa 2007, taking down a man on secured by cnn's logo, doesn't bother them. >> he's doing what we sent him to do. on top of that, he can have fun doing it. more power to him. >> this man says the tweet is not a threat to the freedom of the press. >> all of this is taken out of context. it's humor, and it's injected, and that's the way a modern president works. >> reporter: the only context president trump provided to the clip were two hashtags, fraud
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news cnn and fnn. cnn responded with a statement that reads in part, it is a sad day when the president of the united states encourages violence against reporters. today's tweet follows mr. trump's attack of msnbc "morning joe" co-hosts last week. on abc's this week, athnnnnna said america cannot stand for this. >> this is going way too far. the president of the united states is inciting violence against the free press. >> reporter: previously planned impeachment marches took place around the country today. several hundred people gathered in san francisco. >> it's just insane what he's doing to this country. >> reporter: this man calls president trump the master distractor. >> he's really defaming the office. he doesn't care about the office at all. it's all about himself. >> reporter: a few hours ago, president trump tweeted again, calling the media both dishonest and fake. >> the base is fascinated with it. we love it. >> reporter: in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc7 news.
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it could be standing room only for one independence day parade in the south bay this year. that's because spectators started reserving spots on the parade route in morgan hill months ago. we sent abc7 news reporter cornell barnard to find an empty seat. ♪ >> reporter: it's one of the oldest fourth of july traditions in california. morgan hill's independence day parade going strong since 1876. >> it is a good old-fashioned hometiny parade. >> reporter: parade co-chairs maureen and bob hunt say 50,000 people are expected this year, and many really can't wait to save a seat. drive along the mile-plus route, and you'll find chairs everywhere. big chairs, small chairs. some standing up, others lying down. believe it or not, spot-saving started as early as the month of may. so why do people put the chairs out so early? >> they want to make sure they get a prime spot.
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they love it. we love them. >> reporter: some folks even block spots off with caution tape weeked ago. >> we're in the mix. >> reporter: skyler thornton brought four chairs out for his family. >> i marched in the parade as a kid and i want my family to enjoy it as much as we did growing up. >> reporter: some chairs are protected with padlocks, but most are not. call it the independence day honor system here in morgan hill. if you put your chair out two months ago or two days ago, safe to stay it will still be here waiting for you july 4th. >> i'm sure they'll move them in a little bit just in fun. but as far as i know, nothing's ever been stolen. >> we do have a lot of honest people in morgan hill. >> reporter: the police department says it's perfectly legal to save an early spot. and, yes, there's still room for folks who show up late. >> we put on one hell of a good parade. >> reporter: the parade starts at 10:00 a.m. in morgan hill, cornell barnard, abc7 news. ♪
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>> little james brown cover there. a lot of red, white, and blue helping people get into the independence day mood this afternoon. abc7 news was at the meek mansion in hayward for today's july 4th celebration. the event featured something for everybody. >> good music, good food. i like all the vendors talking about the public services for the hayward community and getting knowledge out there about that. >> the only tough part was keeping track of her triplets. each wanted to explore something different at the celebration. aren't they adorable? okay. millennials can finally buy homes and get their avocado toast too. if you'll remember, back in may, an australian millionaire gained note ryety for saying millennials aren't buying homes because they're eating too much avocado toast. tonight, a san francisco based online lender has a new deal. anyone who takes out a mortgage this month will get a month's worth of avocado toast.
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it will send them in three shipments to keep them fresh. and, yes, sofi says gluten free is an option. two fawns rescued from a fast-moving arizona wildfire are recuperating tonight after escaping a traumatic experience. here's are the fawns being hand fed at a wildlife facility. officials say one of the fawns appears to be disoriented still and was not doing all that well. both were rescued by firefighters after they were trabed yesterday by advancing flaems. wildlife rescuers hope to release the fawns back into the wild after the fire is contained and both animals are smonding well to rehab. in acuweather tonight, we're halfway through the holiday weekend. we've experienced comfortably cool temperatures and part of the reason why is a pretty deep marine layer that's with us again tonight. life doppler 7 along with satellite showing you the picture around the region.
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those coastal clouds that will begin their trek inland once again overnight tonight. outside we go. live look from our exploratorium camera atop pier 15 he shoing you the cloud cover that is essentially cutting the san francisco skyline in half right now. as we take a look at the next couple of hours on your july 4th evening, take a look. the evening's going to be pretty comfortable. by 7:00, temperatures in the 60s around the bay. low 80s inland. as we go through 9:00, that fog is going to be expanding to a similar picture you see right now from the exploratorium camera. we do expect by 11:00 as many of the fireworks festivities are wrapping up, fog will be making its way inland with temperatures cooling off into the 60s and 50s around the bay. current numbers out there right now, it's rather comfortable inland. we're still in the 60s. 65 right now in brentwood. 62 that current number in concord. 61 in san jose. 54 in san francisco. 59 right now in napa. here's the call. overnight tonight you do notice a lot of gray shading on your
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screen. this is the fog. it will make its presence known across the majority of the region. some patchy fog in san jose overnight. 58 the low there. 56 in oakland. 53 in san rafael. overnight in san francisco dropping to about 51 degrees. highs on your monday, if you like today's temperatures, you're going to like tomorrow as well. little change in our afternoon highs. comfortably 82 in san jose. 81 in santa clara. along the peninsula, 78 mountain view. 75 redwood city. downtown san francisco, yafrn sunshine, 64. into the north bay, 79, novato. about 73 for vallejo. east bay, 70 the high tomorrow afternoon oakland. 74 in fremont. about 69 in berkeley. inland we're comfortably warm. about 82 in san ramon. 85 in antioch. 83 will be that afternoon high in livermore. if you are headed to the beach tomorrow, we will have that gray start in the morning. the clouds are going to be slow to clear.
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by the afternoon we will get some sunshine. wear that sun screen. your ocean water temperature bumped up a few degrees in the past couple of hours to 58 degrees. we're going to fast forward to future weather into tuesday night. this is 11:00 at night on july 4 4th. here is where the fog is going to set up shop. as you go south, we have clearing skies from palo alto, san jose, and fremont. we do expect more in the way of stars. so here the accuweather seven-day forecast. it stays breezy tomorrow afternoon. very similar to the winds today. fourth of july looking great with some fog to contend with for the fireworks. but wednesday, thursday, and friday, it's a very summer-like pattern before we turn a bit warmer over the weekend. >> but just a bit.
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a drone captured some
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breathtaking video of a fisherman reeling in a massive hammerhead shark he caught along a florida beach. onlookers watched as the fisherman wrestled with the shark in the waters off panama city beach. the fisher man was on a catch and release trip and let the shark back into the water. oven times fishermen have no control on what goes after their bait. according to officials, this fisherman followed proper procedures to release the captured shark. don't know that i want to be that close. >> i'm staying on the beach. >> there you go. >> patrick marleau headed to canada to finish out his illustrious career. the giants are on a tear. six straight
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>> announcer: abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> the giants have their mojo back, winning their season high sixth straight game. buster posey, the only giant to get the call. he is a starter although brandon belt played like it in pittsburgh. jordy mercer sends this offering packing. two run shot. 2-0 pirates. the giants rally in the seventh. williams, two hit shutout. belt with a man on. see ya. two-run shot. giants win their sixth straight. meanwhile across the bay, the a's lone all-star, yonder alonso, his first time he was trying to help his team into a four-game slide today and prevent a sweep with the braves
11:30 pm
in town. everybody is ready for the fourth of july. sean manaea pitched well. khris davis, not an all-star? he hit 40 home rins last year. already has 22 this year. seven inning, you can add 23. that cut the lead to one, but the a's would tie and send it to extra innings. a's down 3-2 in the 11th. bruce maxwell. looks like it might be out of herement o here. off the wall. davis scores. in the 12, suzuki again.again.a. second home run of the game. braves sweep with a 4-3 victory. fifth straight loss but how about a positive. yonder alon skoe and his all-star selection, and he's from this year's site, miami. >> my eyes got watery. just so fortunate and obviously so blessed to have the opportunity to obviously represent the oakland a's and
11:31 pm
all the guys here. obviously going back to my home and, you know, where i grew up, it means a lot to me. final round of the women's pga championship. second major of the year. san francisco native danielle kang shot a three under 68, including four straight birdies on 11 through 14. she's the leader at 12 under. but brooke henderson right behind her. a five under 66. eagle attempt on 18 for the lead. it's going to come up one rotation short, but she's in the clubhouse at 12 under. now, kang had two putts for birdie on the par 5 18th, and wins her first career professional victory, and if is a major. the end of an era. patrick marleau, drafted by the sharks 20 years ago, has agreed to a three-year contract with the toronto maple leafs with an average of $6.25 million for a year. marleau played all 19 seasons of his career in teal. the most senior member of the sharks. numerous franchise records including 1493 games.
11:32 pm
the all time fan favorite will be missed. well, this abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. we'll take a look back at patrick marleau's career as a shark coming up. stick around. he's a hall of famer on and off the ice.
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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. good evening. i'm eric thomas. tonight's headlines, a fire station in eastern contra costa county is shutting down ahead of the busy independence day holiday. the fourth time it's happened in five years. the local fire protection district says they can't keep
11:36 pm
staffing levels up, leaving them to close the knightsen station. response times could triple. a police standoff with a man barricaded inside a fremont home has ended peacefully within the past few minutes. police say the man was armed with a knife and had injured another person during a dispute. that victim is being treated at an area hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. the suspect was taken into custody after a three hour standoff. one of the oldest independence day parades in california is also one of the most popular. spectators began reserving spots along the parade route in morgan hill back in may. chairs are set up, and people are staking claim to prime viewing areas for the parade, which began in 1876. president trump is attracting criticism from all corners tonight after firing off yet another controversial tweet. this time it's not his words that are drawing fire. abc7 news report daria al binger explains. >> reporter: it's a simulated
11:37 pm
spakdown starring the president of the united states. well, that's donald trump in a doctored version of a video he did years back. it shows him punching out a man whose face is the cnn logo. after wrestling him to the ground. another logo appears onscreen saying fraud news network. mr. trump tweeted the video sunday, provoking even some republicans. >> the president of the united states is inciting violence against the free press. >> it's unfortunate, and people are now begging the president not to do this. >> reporter: president trump's homeland security adviser tom bosser defended him on this week. >> there's a lot of cable news shows that reach directly into hundreds of thousands of viewers and they're not always fair to the president. so i'm pretty proud of the president for developing a social media platform where he can talk directly to the people. >> you're in charge of homeland security. that seems like a threat. >> i think that no one would perceive that as a threat. i hope they don't. i do think that he's beaten up in a way on cable platforms that
11:38 pm
he has a right to respond to. >> reporter: cnn issued a statement saying it is a sad day when the president of the united states encourages violence against reporters. clearly sarah huckabee sanders lied when she said the president had never done so. sanders, the white house deputy press secretary, spoke thursday. >> the president in no way, form, or fashion has ever promoted or encouraged violence. if anything, quite the contrary. and he was simply pushing back and defending himself. >> reporter: the question? will this be a push too far? daria albinger, abc news, new york. several people suffered minor injuries when the amtrak train they were on derailed in a town south of tacoma, washington, this afternoon. amtrak says there were 267 passengers on board the cascades train, which was traveling from vancouver, british columbia, to eugene, oregon. the track was reopened shortly thereafter.
11:39 pm
amtrak is investigating the cause of the derailment. there are big holiday sales ahead for online shoppers with deals better than black friday. amazon prime day and other big promotions are just about to start. abc7's marcy gonzalez has more. >> reporter: on this holiday weekend, shoppers are out searching for sales. >> there's always a great sale, and i'm always looking for something to buy. >> reporter: experts say look for deep discounts on shoes, swim wear and outdoor items. but some say the real shopping holiday is still a week away. amazon promising prime day will be bigger than black friday. starting at 9:00 p.m. july 10th and continuing for 30 hours, the online retail giant discounting hundreds of thousands of items and offering lightning deals up to every five minutes. >> if i don't have to get out of the house, why not just amazon prime it? >> reporter: and tonight amazon's already offering some bargains including four months of its music streaming service for just 99 cents. but to cash in on the markdowns, you've got to pay $99 for that
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year-long subscription or sign up for a free 30-day trial. walmart and target feel a lot of pressure to compete on prime days. with that competition, experts say do your homework to make sure you're getting the best deal. check prices at big box retailers that offer free shipping with no membership fee. they also say to make sure what you're about to buy is really on sale. you can check the price history of any item online, and use sites like price grabber to find the lowest prices. marcy gonzalez, abc news, santa monica, california. nasa wants to deliberately crash into an asteroid to save the planet. they need a spacecraft to do it. this one, it's called a dart, which stands for double asteroid redirection test. it's in the preliminary design phase. the dart is estimated to be the size of a refrigerator. nasa wants to use it to knock any dangerous asteroid off course. the agency hopes to have the dart ready by october of 2022. that's when an asteroid system is set to make an approach near
11:41 pm
earth. kfc is launching a new ad campaign with the new sandwich, the zinger. this video was released earlier today. it shows a balloon carrying a chicken sandwich lifting off from arizona on thursday. the balloon is expected to come down today. kfc dropped a single coupon for someone to find on the ground. do two great things get even better when they're together? a danish micro brewery is about to find out. mickler has created an american style ipa that's been serenaded with music during his two-week fermentation process. the brewers placed a waterproof speaker into the tanks. not clear how much iseffect, if any, music has on fermentation. those who came up with the concept say they want to use the transformative power of music. >> the people you're with, what you're drinking, and the sound you hear, you know, it all comes
11:42 pm
together to something that is bigger in a sense. and what we're really trying to give that to people. >> the beer is called the beal brew ipa and will be able soon in bar as round the world and here in the u.s. mike even the pub in san francisco. you can find out if you need music before you get the beer or after you get the -- you know what i'm talking about. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, what if you could go to bed and wake up in a different city? it's not magic. it's a new startup. an inside look at the sleep bus when we return. sfwloo and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we're seeing that fog roll in once again tonight. we'll let you know how it
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what if you could go to bed and wake up in a different city? this is not magic. it's a new startup called cabin. that's what's building -- abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom is just waking up from his private
11:46 pm
tour with the company's founders. >> we went with all-leather seats, some nice high gloss tables. >> reporter: tom courier is showing off the new downstairs lounge in a boutique hotel that sleeps 24 guests. >> we start off with a memory foam bed that's super comfy, pressed sheets. same sheets that the ritz-carlton uses. >> reporter: but this hotel offers something the ritz-carlton can't. >> it's an experience akin to teleportation where you basically fall asleep and wake up somewhere new. >> reporter: call it a hotel on wheels. they call it cabin, a new kind of bus inspired by an old kind of travel, on railroads and ocean liners. >> these things were hotels that moved. it was a multi-day trip. the service was amazing. you would book a cabin. >> reporter: of course these cabins are a bit smaller. >> you can just roll in. >> roll into bed. >> yeah. >> here we go. >> reporter: but getting a good night's sleep on the road requires more than this fancy new buzz. it requires a whole new way of
11:47 pm
thinking about driving. >> it's not like i have to get here because there's going to be traffic on the bridge. it's i do not want to wake these people up, upstairs. >> so cabin trains drivers with an ipad up that gives better grades for a smoother ride. on their inaugural route between san francisco and santa monday karks they intentionally slow the trip down for fewer bumps. >> the pain of getting to the airport, getting through security, boarding the plane -- >> then getting a ride from the airport to finally check into a hot hotel. they think travelers would rather the hotel come to them, complete with a cabin attendant. they can slumber their way to l.a. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> climate controlled, i'm sure. we don't have much control over the climate here, though. >> kind of stuck with what you get, eric. tonight it's going to be cloud cover. temperatures holding in the 50s.
11:48 pm
then we'll talk about the all important fourth of july forecast. some clouds along the coast, and they will expand overnight tonight. 51 overnight in san francisco. about 58 in san jose. 56 that overnight low in oakland. highs on your monday, very similar in terms of temperatures where we were today. kind of repeat performance by mother nature. 82 in san jose. that's spot on for this time of year. 80 in santa rosa. 83 concord. 70 oakland, and 64 in san francisco. as we jump ahead into your july 4th forecast, the 12-hour planner, we'll show you that we do have that coastal cloud cover that will make its presence known around the bay and along the coast and our beaches as well by 10:00. visibility will be an issue the closer you are to the water. accuweather seven-day forecast on cruise control over the next couple of days. summer-like pattern before we turn warmer into next weekend. >> all right, sir. thank you very much. wow, he's been here since the late '90s? not anymore, i guess?
11:49 pm
>> it's amazing. he led the sharks for 19 years as one of the best ever to wear teal. but patrick marleau moving on to toronto, looking for the only piece mis
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>> announcer: abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. well, it's very tough to see him go. patrick marleau was the man in teal. mr. shark. he was drafted 20 years ago with a second overall pick as a 17-year-old and spent his entire 19-year career in teal, holding nearly all the offensive franchise records. today he agreed to a three-year deal with toronto maple leafs for $18.75 million. that was way more than the sharks were willing to pay, and they only offered him a two-year contract. marleau is 38, so this could be his last deal. sharks will get a quick reunion. the maple leafs come to visit the sap center on october 30th. the three time al star has
11:53 pm
skoeled a goal against every team in the league except for the vegas knights and the san jose sharks. he said he wore out a few car t carpets in his house pacing back and forth trying to make his decision. i spoke to him in february in his final sit down interview when he told us what the city of san jose ment to him and his family. >> it's home. we've got a lot of roots here now. you know, it's been nice to see the evolution of becoming part of the community with kids and them playing sports here, playing hockey, baseball. yeah, it's been great. it's a great spot. i've been lucky enough to stay with this one organization for as long as i have, and it hasn't been all myself. it's a lot of support, a lot of hard work from teammates and friends and family. >> he's going to be missed. joe thornton officially signed his contract today, and here's the proof. he did it while mowing his lawn back in canada. thornton's coming off knee surgery after playing with a torn acl and mcl. in the playoffs, he's one tough
11:54 pm
due. he's expected to start skating again in two weeks. authority as we mentioned earlier in this broadcast, yonder alonso will be the lone a's representative as the all-star game in miami. it's his first selection, but it's even more special because it will be in his hometown. he won't start, but he did not receive enough fan votes. here's the starting lineup for the american league. salvador perez, blue jays first baseman, justin smoak. altu version, correa. judge, trout, and springer are in the outfield, and dickerson will be the d.h. now, the giants lone representative is buster posey. he'll start at catcher. in the infield, nationals first baseman ryan zimmerman and second baseman daniel murphy. nats bryce harper, rockies
11:55 pm
charlie blackmon are in the outfield. final round of the women's pga championship. second major of the year. san francisco native danielle kang shot a three under 68, including four straight birdies on 11 through 14, including right there. she's the leader at 12 under. but brooke henderson right on her tail. a five under 65. eagle attempt on 18 for the lead. can't get any closer than that, but she's in the clubhouse at 12 under. kang had two putts for birdie on the par 5 18th. her first career professional win and it's a major. >> i just trusted in my game and didn't worry about anything else. it's all about believing in yourself and just being confident, and that's what i did. senior u.s. open at the salem country club in massachusetts. kirk triplett your third round leader. five bogies today so kenny perry took advantage. a record score of 264. the 56-year-old has now won four majors on the senior tour. this is his second open title. he didn't win a major on the pga
11:56 pm
tour. kenny perry, senior u.s. open champ. quicken loans national charles howell needed to drain this putt on 18 for the win. first playoff hole. howell needed a par putt to stay alive. slides by. stanley now had to make this par putt for the win. his second career pga tour title. stage two of the tour de france. 126 miles from dusseldorf to belgium. wet roads took out some riders for a second straight day. past tour de france winner chris froome in the front of the pell t peloton. marcel kittle would win the sprint to the finish. thomas retains the lead her's yellow jersey. this abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. we kind of joked earlier when i got traded to the st. louis cardinals, people didn't realize it for about two years.
11:57 pm
you and i came here in 1994 together, but we met in st. louis. there was a strike the year i got traded in '82. you were working for kmox radio. you interviewed me. we knew each other, but -- and here we were thinking like ten years later back at the station together. >> i was an adorable young reporter, and he was a grizzled wide receiver, and there we were on the sidewalk in st. louis. >> what are the chances. good luck
11:58 pm
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♪ >> from market street in downtown san francisco, it's the 47th annual san francisco pride parade on kofy tv presented by kaiser permanente. ♪ >> welcome to the 47th annual san francisco lgbtq pride parade. i'm donna ch


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