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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 3, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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215 miles on a single charge and accelerates from 0 to 60 in under 6 seconds. reporting live, matt keller, abc7 news. thanks, matt. new developments out of fremont. a suspect in custody after a three-hour standoff with police. police say it started when a man with a knife went into a neighbor's house. he cut someone on the hand and refused to come out. officers launched a drone to survey the house where the man barricaded himself. he surrendered after 11:00 p.m. napa firefighters responding to a water main break on laurel street this morning. they posted the video on twitter of water flowing down the street around 12:30 a.m. officials say no homes or apartments were damaged by the break. happening now, the commute across the golden gate bridge a little more expensive. this is a live picture from the bridge. drivers paying 20 cents more to cross. with fast track it costs $6.75. the bridge district says it
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needs the money to narrow a $50 million budget gap. another toll hike scheduled next year. a wildfire forced mandatory evacuations in central california. the spring fire started yesterday afternoon along highway 49 near mariposa about 70 miles north of fresno. flames jumped across the highway forcing officials to close part of the highway and issue evacuation orders for homes nearby. the fire has burned 225 acres and is only 20% contained. another fire in arizona. deputies will help with evacuations for those in the path of the borough fire. it's burned 5,000 acres with zero containment. residents of summerhaven north of tucson start evacuations in 90 minutes. we are tracking developing news from the live desk. two people have died and another is missing in
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the flood stranded dozens of residents and tourists near a nature reserve. more than 300 rescuers were sent to the site. they found 81 people and brought them to safety. the search and rescue operation is still under way for the person who is missing. the china meteorological administration forecasts more heavy rain in the coming days. today is the start of a busy week for president trump. he celebrates his first fourth of july in the white house and then is going overseas for the g 20 summit. at the top of his agenda also, his campaign against the media. more from washington. >> reporter: as cnn's smackdown president trump tweeting this video sunday morning showing him puf punching and tackling a man with the cnn logo covering his face. some republicans even speaking out against it. >> the president of the united states is inciting
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>> people are begging him not to do this. >> reporter: tom bossert defending the president. >> you are in charge of homeland security. that seems like a threat. >> certainly not. i don't think anyone would perceive it as a threat. i hope they don't. >> reporter: cnn issued a statement saying it is a sad day when the president of the united states encourages violence against reporters. clearly sarah huckabee sanders lied when they said the white house had never done so. she spoke thursday. >> the president in no way, form or fashion has ever promoted or encouraged violence of anything. quite the contrary. >> reporter: the president's hometown tabloids having a field day this morning. >> the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house. but i am president, and they're not. we won. and they lost. >> reporter: team trump deploying another tactic over the weekend, launching a weekly e-mail newsletter called the
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real news report highlighting items they feel did not get proper coverage. president trump is laying groundwork for this week's g-20 summit in germany. he called leaders last night of china and japan. mr. trump talked to china about the threats posed by ballistic program. an investigation is under way this morning to figure out why a plane engine burst into flames shortly after landing in denver. cellphone video shows the engine on fire, passengers taking their own pictures. united express plane with 59 passengers on board had just finished a flight from as pepent denver. firefighters put out the flames in seconds and no one was hurt. >> you see the people jumping out and taking pictures? i would keep running. alameda county fire team warning about fireworks that can
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suddenly explode after they're lit. california is not listed among states where the fireworks were shipped but fire officials are worried they could have been purchased online and brought into the state. fire departments are repeating the warning that fireworks are illegal almost everywhere in the bay area, and that includes fireworks designated safe and sane, meaning they don't explode or shoot into the air. cities that allow them. dublin, newark, san bruna. cloverdale, petaluma. rohnert park. abc7 news has the area covered. go to our website at for a full list of festivals, parades and fireworks show. a traffic alert from abc7 mornings. a serious crash in the east bay this morning. it's sounding like it will be here for a while. we have a confirmed fatality
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here. westbound 80 at el portal drive. all traffic is being did he diverted. sounds like five vehicles were involved total. we may have other injuries as well. serious collision, obviously. we do have a sig alert and a crew is on the way to the scene. if you want to totally avoid this, obviously at this early hour and with lighter holiday traffic volumes, we are not seeing a major backup. down to 11 miles an hour in the backup around a mile or maybe a little less. you can cut to surface streets. san pablo avenue is an option. those are wide open at this early hour too. keeping a close eye on that this morning. i will have an update in less than ten. everyone else, extremely light today. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. let's check in with mike nicco with a look at the forecast.
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if you're like us and heading to work or had to head to work or going sometime this morning, here is your commute planner. san mateo bridge. breezy if you're north of the bay bridge today. on the roads it will be mainly dry. talking temperatures. in san francisco, about 51 to 53 degrees. just about all neighborhoods, west portal, sunnyside, 51. coming through the ferry building into downtown at 53. mid to upper 50s. 53, richmond, 59 palo alto into the south bay. 56 pleasanton. daly city, one of the cool spots at 51. 56 at half moon bay. 70s around the bay, 80s inland. close to average. nearly steady tomorrow, maybe a little bit cooler in san francisco. and we will have a minor drop as we head towards wednesday. if you are heading to the alameda county fair.
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tons of sun. 83 at 3:00. 7:00, 77. and watching the queen cover band, 64 under stars at 11:00. >> thanks, mike. chairs are lining up in one south bay community this morning. a quirky fourth of july tradition built on pride and trust. uss hornet played a big role in naval history. the aircraft carrier turned the aircraft carrier turned museum takes on
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we are back at 4:41. a coast guard cutter will try to tow an abandoned boat to a location for sal availablinvage. someone reported the boat yesterday. no one was found on board. it appears the boat had been abandoned for a while. you may not want to worry about finding a seat for tomorrow's fourth of july parade in morgan hill because a whole lot of people probably already reserved it. in fact, spectators started saving spots on the route months ago. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard went in search of an empty seat. ♪ >> reporter: it's one of the oldest fourth of july traditions in california, morgan hill's independence day parade going strong since 1876. >> it is a good old-fashioned hometown parade.
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>> reporter: the co-chairs maureen and bob hunt say 50,000 people are expected this year and many can't wait to save a seat. drive along the mile-plus route and you'll find chairs everywhere. big chairs, small chairs. some standing up. others lying down. believe it or not, spot saving started as early as the month of may. why do people put the chairs out so early? >> they want to make sure they get a prime spot. they love it! we love them. >> reporter: some folks blocked spots off with caution tape weeks ago. >> we are in the mix. >> reporter: this man brought four chairs out. >> i marched in the parade as a kid. >> reporter: some chairs are protected with padlocks but most are not. call it the independence day honor system in morgan hill. if you put your chair out two months ago or two days to say it will still be waiting for you july 4th. >> i'm sure they'll move them in
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fun a bit. but i don't think anything has been stolen. >> we have a lot of honest people in morgan hill. >> reporter: the police department says it's legal to save a spot and, yes, there's still room for those who show up late. >> we put on one hell of a paid ra. >> reporter: it starts at 6:00 a.m. "uss hornet" starts the spirit of 1776 a day early. the naturalization ceremony takes place on the flight deck this morning at 10:00. a sea, air and space museum and national historic landmark it played a role in the allied victory in world war ii. people will receive a naturalization certificate and become eligible to vote. amazon promises its annual prime day is bigger than black friday. it is extending the promotion to 30 hours. it offers deals in an effort to
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boost sales during the slower summer months. amazon is offering some bargains already including four months of the music subscription service for 99 cents. the deals are open to members of the prime program. prime day starts next monday at 6:00 p.m. we'll look at a traffic incident that alexis has been following. >> it happened after 4:00 today. four vehicles towed. a full closure on westbound 80 at el portal drive. all traffic forced off to el portal now. no estimate on when lanes will be back open. they're shifting you over to the surface streets. you can use san pablo dam road to avoid the backup on 80. a crew is on the way to the scene. i should have more information by 5:00 this morning. in the meantime. avoid that. everyone else looking light. westbound 580, tracy to dublin.
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24 minutes in the green. southbound 680, dublin to mission 16 minutes. 101 to cupertino in the green at 16 minutes. check in with meteorologist mike nicco with a look at the forecast. >> normally we like a wide range of colors this time of year but green is good. open up the weather window. clouds rolling in. clouds to sunshine today. temperatures close to average. cloudy to foggy tonight. drizzle near the coast like we're dealing with this morning. subtle changes the rest of the week. as far as what's going to happen with our small craft advisory. east of the golden gate, north of the bay bridge, all the yellow areas, if you are thinking about getting on the water from 1:00 to 11:00 this evening we'll have 24 to 38-mile-per-hour winds. ch choppy.
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upper 70s. 82 in san jose. santa cruz, southerly breeze keeps you at 66. 69 at millbrae. 73 to 78 on the peninsula. 56 at half moon mid 60s downtown and san francisco and sausalito. along the east bay shore. 69 at berkeley. 70 in oakland. fremont and hercules at 74. low to mid 80s for most of the even inland neighborhoods. upper 80s in antioch and brentwood. lows tonight, comfortable once again. 52 to 57 degrees. my accuweather 7-day forecast. a little bit cooler for wednesday, thursday and friday, warmer for saturday and sunday. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. lucky fans are probably still buzzing about an opportunity for facetime with the warriors' championship trophy. >> fans took photos with the 2017 larry o'brien trophy heard.
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quite a line for it following the warriors' win over the cavs. >> i have been a warriors fan for over 25 years. to have this opportunity to go next to the trophy, see it in real life and take a picture with my family is awesome. >> san francisco was the last stop on the trophy's tour. it will have a permanent home at oracle arena. the minions latest movie brought minions into movie theaters. despicable me 3 proved the franchise is still a force. it earned $75 million, shy of the previous two movies. the heist flick baby driver came in at number two followed by "transformers," "wonder woman," and "cars 3," the gambling movie "the house" came in sixth. >> the house was a huge flop. only a 16% ratings on rotten tomatoes. celebrating july 4th by
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getting down. >> nasa wants to crash this spacecraft into an asteroid on purpose. how it could end up saving our planet. ♪ what is happening here? music to beer lovers' ears. the ale that's being brewed to the beat. first this morning's tech bites. >> facebook is making it easier for mobile users to stay connected. >> its new find wi-fi feature helps users pinpoint wi-fi hot spots near businesses that have shared their information on facebook pages. >> they can only pinpoint businesses that kr actively opted into the service. samsung will start selling refurbished galaxy note 7 phones in south korea. the batteries have been replaced. this version intended for fans of the galaxy note series. the 8 is expected later this year. apple joining the cause to preserve the nation's parks.
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independence day mood in hayward. abc7 news was at the meek mansion yesterday. the event featured music, face painting and lots and lots of barbecue. you can once again get to a popular state park at big sur off limits since february. a public trail reopened this weekend. the area has really taken a battering. last summer it was the fire followed by our harsh winter storms. in all, the park has been closed for the past 11 months. visitors can use a new shuttle to take them to place s north of the pfeiffer canyon bridge. a list of the most expensive cities in the world released this morning. san francisco not even in the top ten. five of the ten most expensive cities are in asia. singapore is number one. the second, hong kong. new york is the highest ranked american expensive city at number nine. san francisco, 22 on the list.
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yeah! the economist group ranked cities by how expensive it is to buy basic items. i don't know. >> i have lost all faith in these surveys. i don't believe it's true, but okay. crews installed rainbow crosswalks. not in san francisco. this is actually atlanta. the rainbow crosswalk appeared the rainbow crosswalk appeared two years ago but were removed after the pride festivities. in may 20,000 people signed a petition in support of the crosswalks. that's my old hood in the a. a fatal crash on westbound 80. all lanes blocked for the investigation at el portal drive. that's where all traffic is being forced off. that's a sig alert. no estimate on when the lanes will be back open. will be back open. use
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they'll run on sunday schedule and run extra trains. today is a typical commute. a lot of stuff going on, alexis. the marin county fair in san rafael. opens at 11:00. 68 degrees. sunshine. 79 at 3:00. 69 at 7:00. fireworks at 9:30. by the time they're over at 11:00, close up shop at 57 degrees. rough weekend for the a's. swept by the braves, white sox in town. 6:05 first pitch. 66 to 59 degrees. we know for sure it will be clear down in mountainview on independence day tomorrow for the shoreline fireworks there. the 30th anniversary concert series. 73 at 8:00. 69 at 9:00.
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67. grab a coat. you'll need it. if you are on the branche blanket. we'll come back and look at the day planner forecast and what to expect the rest of week. back to natasha for more news. do two great things get even better together? like you and me, rege. mckeller has created an american style ipa serenaded with music during a two-week fermentation process. they placsay it helps the yeast convert sugar to alcohol. they say they want to use the transformative power of music to give the beer a special flavor. >> the space you're in, the people you're with, what you are drinking and the sound you hear all comes together to something that is bigger in a sense. and we're trying to give that to
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people. >> all right. the beer is called the bay brew ipa. it will be available across the world. >> check it out. >> i like it! nasa wants to deliberately crash into an asteroid to save the planet from disaster. it sounds like they're making this up but it's true. they're counting on this spacecraft to do it. it's called a dart which stands for double asteroid redirection test. it's to the preliminary design phase. it's estimated to be the size of a refrigerator. nasa wants to use it to knock a dangerous asteroid off course. the agency hopes to have it ready by october of 2022. that's whent an asteroid system is set to approach near earth. >> they hope to have it ready by then? >> let's speed it up. >> kfc sent a spicy zinger sandwich to the edge of the
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atmosphere last week aboard a high altitude balloon. the balloon has been slowly deflating in case he's waiting to see where the zinger will be crashing to earth. it could happen anytime, anywhere. if you haven't guessed it's a pr stunt for the new chicken sandwich. doesn't it get moldy during that time? does mold happen in space? >> i don't want to find out. we told you about the development of a woolly mammoth embryo. the bay area company investing to help bring back the beast. an east bay fire station closes down right before what should be a busy fourth of july. new video this morning of fawns being rescued from a massive wildfire. it's 4:57 in the morning. a live look outside at a peaceful
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live breaking news. the breaking news in the abe th east bay. a deadly crash closed part of interstate 80. >> straight to alexis smith in the traffic center. >> a serious crash that happened just after 4:00 this morning. we got that confirmed fatality before going on the air at 4:30 today. a sig alert in effect. all westbound lanes of interstate 80 closed at el portal in san pablo. you can cut over, use surface streets. san pablo avenue to get back to east bay 80. no huge delays right now. the holiday tomorrow, so most folks are off. we'll see what it's doing to our drive times and talk with ter nats


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