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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 9, 2017 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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time for some fresh viral videos "right this minute." >> a wildebeest calf thinks that car is her mother. >> are you looking for me? >> a shopper faints after breaking a bracelet. >> worth about $44,000 us. >> you break it you buy it. a story that will leave you floored. >> a paraglider doing acrobaticc flying. why he says hitting the trees finally knocked some sense into him.
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we are breaking down the best on the web, and a girl on a mission. >> you want to go. >> why dad just doesn't understand. >> in no time, she's not going to need him to give her a ride. all she's going to need is his credit card. >> this video is as adorable as it is tragic. you see this tiny wildebeest. as the video goes on you can understand this little one is a wee bit confused. we see a hyundai, this one sees mom. when it finally catches up, it tries to nurse on the car. >> where is its real mother. >> this is happening in botswana. you're told to not get out of the car. there are other vehicles and it gets a little close sometimes.
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>> oh, man. that car did not see that coming. >> you're not supposed to go out, but what are you supposed to do? >> it was survival of the fittest. it all happens to work out in this video. they manage to get to the place where the wildebeest's mom comes running up. he starts going in for a bit of nursing. >> this is actually closed circuit television trying to get out of bed this morning. >> i can do that. >> this tiny wobbly elephant doing everything it can to try to stop the earth from shaking. >> gravity is fighting. halfway through it goes -- give this thing a break, okay? i expect you to be over this. >> working is hard, man.
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>> the little one does eventually figure it out. >> that's cute. >> for some learning to fly, just isn't enough. flying a paraglider in this case, david has gotten into ago row flying. pulling those heavy g's. and now we have a huge problem, he has his lines twisted let's throw that reserve. >> no, no, no, no it's going to get tangled together. >> the trees are getting closer faster. >> let's go for the second reserve and solve this issue. >> no, no. >> landing in trees is kind of the best case scenario, at least you might just dangle instead of crashing. >> landing in a vat of
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marshmallow may be best case scenario. >> i don't see any blood, all the bones and limbs appear to be there. he has a black eye. because one of the lenses of his shades got knocked out. >> glasses right there. >> that means he's going to try it again. >> that's the interesting part about this video about. >> he says i'm alive and well, but tired of risking my life for nothing. nobody will pay my bills if i'm in a hospital bed for the rest of my life. this is not the first time an issue like this has happened for david. >> i need to accept reality. >> he may be ready to hang up his parachute. >> yeah, that last line. does that pay your bills? knock it off. >> he did not go to the hospital, but it took about 5 to
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6 days of shaking the woozy feeling of getting hit in the head by a branch. >> this poor woman is overwhelmed by the pressures of life. >> lights out. >> did she faint? >> pretty much. >> when she came too, she had some bad news. she didn't just faint just because. she's at a jade market in china, she was checking out this pretty little greenish blue. >> i would faint too. >> and you can guess what happened. >> she broke it. >> it's a break it you buy it situation. the sellers were like, that bracelet worth about 44,000 u.s. dollars. >> why did she pick up something so expensive? jade is supposed to bring you
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luck. poor lady. >> her family is now held responsible for it. they suggested to the sellers they give over about 10,000 u.s. dollars and the sellers were like, no. they finally settled on 26,000 u.s. dollars. >> do they get to keep the broken jade for 26,000? you paid for it. >> they could offered to work. >> for 25 years. >> you don't want her cleaning your jewelry. >> the whole time i watched this video my mama's words came back to me, we get in the store, don't you touch nothing. >> now you understand why? >> i sure do. ♪ this is amanda, and a horse named squeaky.
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it was 18 months leading up to this moment. amanda is 10 years old and she has wanted a horse. she started volunteering at a horse rescue. she mucks stables, puts fresh water in their troughs. she took care of this horse and fell in love what's really funny. at ranches you see a horse you like, you give it a kiss. even after she learned squeaky was adopted, she dedicated herself to helping raise the horse, cleaning after it. this day she's about to get a big, big surprise. >> i'm the one that adopted her. >> she was just told, hold this,
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because she's yours. >> her mom scraped and saved her dollars to get amanda that horse. when she heard she had been purchased and adopted. she didn't know it was purchased and adopted for her it's a lesson for her as to how hard work pays off. >> she's all tears. squeaky's all -- >> yeah, pretty much. >> i like when he does a little dance, charity. look at this. >> you want to put this on, make her officially yours? >> yeah, yeah, yeah, that's my girl. >> she's very excited too. >> these dudes are determined to build a better bonfire. >> all right, let 'er rip. >> the moment there's no going back. a drone captures a couple enjoying the scenery. but then -- >> he gets down on one knee.
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>> why this romantic moment couldn't be any more charming. ♪ ♪ the best way to get together is with a treat you make together. ♪ ♪
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and 99% perspiration.n close ed captioning provided by -- anytime. anywhere. stay cool, america. anybody in the mood for a bonfire? >> yes. >> but not on top of it. >> well, we just have to get it ready. >> they're dousing it in accelerant. >> looks like one of the signals from lord of the rings. >> you'll be able to see this from miles away.
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one of the fellows down there is like, all right, let 'er rip. >> he's like just give me five minutes. you light it after i get off of there at the bottom, poof. >> wow! >> didn't see that coming. >> were they signaling the international space station? >> do any of them have eyebrows. >> he's throwing the flame, as the other guys feet are still on the wood. >> did they bring s'mores? >> i hope so. >> and a 60 foot pole. >> maybe they learned their lesson. >> no, no, they didn't learn their lesson. >> i'll tell you who won't be doing this again, is this fellow. he's minding his business,
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collecting wood. that tree came crashing down. looks like it's already been sheered off at the top. >> do you hear that? >> yeah, someone's cutting the tree for sure. the guy collecting the wood looks up in the nick of time, he looks back and then he starts fussing. >> it's called tim better. >> this is beautiful drone footage from england, being filmed by sam. sam is there with his lady amy. quite frankly, it's beautiful. >> you're right in the middle of history. >> sam and amy decided to get some really cool shots using the drone. >>. >> this is where i -- >> it's like a really beautiful typical english summer's day. >> it's great. >> then he hands her the
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controls to the drone. then he wants to capture this performance using the harmonica. >> he's playing that beatles song. she's there trying not to drop the drone. he gets down on one knee, surprise proposal has been revealed. >> he literally handed her over control. and now they're getting right. >> i like to do everything together. i would like to continue to do everything together forever. that rimes. >> he brings out the ring. it's like, okay, i'm going to get up now. >> wet foot. >> it's so adorably cute. >> do you mind if we quickly
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look at this. >> you know what, they fall in. >> i feel like this is their entire relationship. >> i love that they shared it with us. >> you have an answer? >> will you marry me? >> yes, yes, that's whey was saying. >> they've been dating for three years, and i think we can agree with him that he's definitely found his best friend. >> a brave man heads deep down into a hole. but wait until you see what he pulled out. why what's inside will blow your mind. these ladies are losing a little tp to try a new lip trend. >> they got this idea from -- >> someone punking them? >> think of their papered up palace. or suffer excess mucus? left untreated mucus can build up causing further problems.
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eharmful acids, and helps prevent cavities. go beyond brushing with act®. newcleanse, tone, and refresh.h hazel cleansing cloths. dickinson's® the best kept beauty secret since 1866. for special offers visit walgreens today. do you guys remember some time ago, we showed you the video of these girls with the fuzzy lips? that online trend? they thought they were cool? >> the least kissable lips ever. >> uncomfortable and not particularly good looking. we're back with another trial of another lip trend. in this case it's the toilet paper lips, they got this idea from -- >> someone punking them? >> you would think.
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but there is an artist on instagram that uses toilet paper on their lips. you adhere it to their lips using eyelash glue. start applying lip color over it, and they are getting that very textured look. >> people on instagram sitting at home making stuff up. let's see if i can go viral. >> it gives them a 3d look. >> it's the kind of thing that would look good on a picture. >> but not on a face. could you imagine if your wife showed up like this? >> knees girls are going to hit the streets to see what people think. >> it's unique and interesting. >> some girls thought it was interesting.
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some thought it was weird. i don't know if this is a trend that should or hopefully will ever catch on. >> label this under weird. >> he lives in queensland and the outback. >> that hole is deep, dark and ominous, he's about to go inside with a stick and tease what's in there. >> it's either going to be a shark sized spider or a spider sized shark. >> i can't get over the intro, that was great. >> how far shall he go? all the way in, halfway. >> you want me to pull you in or what? >> wait until you see what he pulls out. >> it better be good. because he's going through a lot of trouble for whatever it is.
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>> look at the size of that. >> what is that? >> that's a crab my friend. >> someone else had a video of a crab and he said, that's not a crab, this is a crab. >> everybody wants to know, what is an alligator bite like? >> no. nobody wants to know. >> i'm going to put this camera right here on my head and let the alligator bite the camera. >> he knows what he's doing, but still this is a little sketch. >> it bit the camera, what else did it bite? >> did not see that coming. he wasn't hurt. >> no, i didn't get bit, i was having a pizza celebration, a lot of sauce on it, it squirted in my eye.
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>> he's short of a full pie. >> we're not going shopping today. >> it starts at a young age. >> she just really wants to go shopping. >> see how this father/daughter shopping discussion ends. >> think about
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>> living the life.
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♪ >> it is a total stereotype, that women are born to shop. >> yeah. >> however -- >> shopping. >> shopping? we're not going shopping today. >> but this little 1-year-old she just really wants to go shopping. >> where do you want to go? >> shopping. >> she has nothing to wear. >> she's already kind of ready, she has her hair done at least, and she has boots. >> we can't go shopping today. >> she's like, i'm not listening to you, dad. she's putting her shoes on. i'm going to get my backpack, open the door, let's go shopping now. >> see, the thing is, in no time, she's not going to need him to give her a ride, she's going to need his credit card. >> it's a total stair row type that men are terrible at
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shopping. >> no, no, no, we are efficient shoppers. jamison is running things. he also found the pudding, that is all you need. >> we're going to need a couple of those. >> he does the male move. he starts making a b line for the checkout. i got what i need. big shiny balls. it's even better. looks like he's going for bubbles. >> you got to have bubbles. later on, he's got mom's back. >> this kid would be great at the supermarket sweep. >> yes. >> that's a look at some of the best content online. go to right this minute to catch
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the next brand new episode. time for some fresh viral videos "right this minute." >> don't need goldilocks. >> the moment the cops put the kabosh on his house party of one. as fitness gear goes. they look a little strange but -- >> this is a thing, this is a real product. what the jawzercise may do for you. when guys go fishing, they always come back with an incredible story. >> what has a kayaker asking, what is that? and a kid's youtube tutorial on how to cut your hair. >> he dives right in. >> the moment he knows he divings a little too deep.


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