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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 10, 2017 2:30am-4:00am PDT

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good monday morning, i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. here are some of the top headlines we're following on "world news now." donald trump jr. admitted that he met with a lawyer tied with the kremlin. he said he was offered information about hillary clinton's campaign but quickly realized that wasn't the real reason for the meeting. we have a full report coming up. nearly 40 wildfires are scorching the west. forcing thousands of people from their homes. fire crews will get help today from lower temperatures and decreasing humidity and wind. 18 former penn state fraternity brothers are back in court today as a judge decides whether to charge them in connection with a member's death. and the parents of a terminally ill baby are back in court. they're challenging the decision to take their son charlie gard
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off life support. they're petitioning to take their son off of life court. those are the top stories this monday, july 10th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we're going to start this half hour with the new twist in the persistent allegations linking the trump campaign to russia. donald trump jr. now saying he met with a russian lawyer in the weeks following his father's nomination. >> he says that attorney has connections to the russian government and promised to share information on the clinton campaign but he realized once he sat down with her she actually wanted to discuss a different topic. >> reporter: donald trump jr. says i was asked to have a meeting by an acquaintance who i was told might have information helpful to the campaign. he asked jared kushner and paul manafort to attend. the meeting took place two weeks after donald trump won the nomination.
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he met a russian lawyer who said that she had information that those connected to russia were supporting hillary clinton. he said no details were provided. when he realized her information was a pretext, he ended the meeting. meanwhile, the president is still getting questions about how he dealt with president putin last week. i strongly pressed president putin twice about the russian meddling in our election, he vehemently denied it. >> the president actually did not believe the denial of president putin. >> reporter: and he says the two discussed working together against cyber threats. writing putin and i discussed working together on a cyber security unit. that's drawing criticism from both sides of the aisle. >> he tried to undercut our democracy. >> we may as well mail our ballot boxes to moscow. that is not an answer. >> reporter: trump tweeted, the
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fact that president putin and i discussed a cyber security unit doesn't mean i think it can happen. it can't. >> donald jr. said the meeting quickly shifted to adoption. he thinks that was the real reason why she wanted to meet with him. the attorney says she never acted on behalf of the russian government. >> all this was playing out as the president returned from the g20 summit. and to this lighthearted moment, he bent down to pick up a marine's hat that blew off, even put it back on the marine's head, but the wind prevailed yet again, and the president once again kneeled down and grabbed the hat which was presented to the marine. >> trying to help. >> yeah. congress gets back to work today after a week-long break and the health care debate is looming large. after facing angry constituents and protests, some lawmakers say the legislation to repeal and replace obamacare is essentially dead. the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell plans to
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introduce a fresh bill, while senator ted cruz wants to cut premiums for healthy people. >> i believe we can get this done. i believe we can honor the american people. i think the way to do it is focus on lowering premiums. >> there are moderates criticizing cruz's plan as a way to get around coverage for pre-existing conditions. at least ten senators opposed current gop plan. the white house, as if there is no agreement they should repeal obamacare now and replace it later. the battle for mosul is nearly over. iraq's prime minister traveled to the country's second largest city to congratulate u.s.-backed forces, however, he didn't declare a complete victory. there's still fierce fighting in a few areas of the city. and the militants control other areas of iraq too. ian pannell has more. >> reporter: there's been little
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reason to celebrate in iraq for so many years, but now, a major victory against isis. soldiers and civilians took to the streets with a flag in hand, reclaiming the city from the militants, claiming mosul back in the name of iraq and its people. it's been a long, brutal fight, often to the death, as troops battle on the ground and american and coalition planes bomb from the air. often the fightings being house to house, street to street. and for the civilians of mosul, the people who didn't choose this war, this has been a desperate struggle to stay alive. homes, neighborhoods and lives have been destroyed. they've been held as human shields, trapped in their own homes by isis, living under siege with barely enough food and water to survive. so this was an important moment. the men who bravely led this battle, iraq's special forces, planting the flag on the banks of the river tigris and hanging the isis flag upside down, a symbol of their triumph.
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prime minister abadi declaring victory. the operation to retake mosul began in october. despite so small holdouts, most isis fighters have been killed or pushed out. this is just the latest defeat for the militants. now all guns point westward, crucially to raqqah and there u.s. forces are already making head way against the militants, a long, hot, violent summer lies ahead. ian pannell, abc news, in northern iraq. the most senior roman catholic clergy member ever to face sexual charges is returning to australia this morning from the vatican, where he's the pope's top financial adviser. the 76-year-old is due in court next week. he made no comments this morning
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but last week said he's innocent and looks forward to having his day in court. >> really hard to tell that it's from channel 9, that video. we appreciate it. the fbi searching for two female suspects for allegedly robbing a bank in los angeles. investigators describe them as extremely violent. ordering everyone to the ground during the heist. both suspects were wearing yoga pants and sunglasses. at least one of the suspects had a gun. rail commuters heading to new york city are preparing for what some are calling the summer of hell. amtrak is shutting down about one quarter of the tracks for major renovations and repairs. the pen station work is expected to start today and last until at least september 1st. penn station is the busiest train hub. so many are expecting chaos. >> our station here in new york has this challenge that is taking place today. the race to abc 7. two reporters from new jersey, one driving, one taking the rails. >> good luck to both of you. >> my bet is the one driving. a tennessee woman found a way to tell her husband about a
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gift. steve winfrey is in need of a kidney. he's a baseball fan and avid card collector. >> take a look at the emotional moment where he learns not only is he getting a kidney, but it's coming from his wife. >> his wife thinks he's a great catch. so she decided to go to bat for him. now he'll be a rookie recipient. >> i found out today. >> the transplant is set to take place at the vanderbilt transplant center in in nashville. what a great moment. >> that is a great moment. such a great fan of baseball cards. it served as a form of therapy for him. i know you tweeted that heather and i have been so overwhelmed with the kindness of people. great moment. coming up, christmas in july. >> it's the summertime version of black friday wrapped up into one big shopping bonanza.
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this was the scene near nashville, tennessee where a driver sideswiped a bicyclist and then just drives off. 58 year old marshall neeley iii is charged with felony reckless endangerment. he could face charges since this happened in a national park. and neeley is the dean of a college. the cyclist tyler noh was treated at a hospital and is recovering at home from cuts and bruises. so venus williams takes the court, but that deadly crash last month could play out in the tennis champ's favor. >> the video shows more than was first thought about the crash. abc's brian clark has the latest. >> reporter: venus williams trying to keep up her winning streak on and off the tennis court.
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police released this new video showing that deadly crash last month involving the star's suv. >> she still entered that intersection on a green right. and she had the right to be there. >> reporter: in the video from june 9, williams' car can be seen here, driving through an intersection in palm beach gardens. she has the green light. williams slows down to avoid a car turning left in front of her. then another car comes from williams' right and slams into her. the passenger in that car, 78 year old jerome barson was injured and later died. his wife linda was also hurt. >> the grandfather is now gone forever because of the collision ms. williams caused. >> reporter: the barson family attorney contends the new video backs their version of the story, that their client had the right-of-way. they are suing williams for wrongful death. initially, the police report said williams was at fault. but, in a statement on friday, the department acknowledged the vehicle driven by venus williams lawfully entered the intersection on a circular green
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traffic signal. and that officers are still investigating. lawyers for both sides say they will examine the cars involved in the crash in order to obtain key data from the vehicles' black boxes. 4,000 miles away, venus williams advanced to the fourth round of wimbledon in pursuit of her sixth individual championship. >> so i've had to step it up, and i imagine that's going to continue. >> reporter: williams has not been ticketed or charged in the case. and they say she was not distracted or under the influence. brian clark, abc news, new york. >> and williams was asked about it over the weekend at wimbledon and said it was devastating and she could not go on. she broke down in tears and had to leave the podium. her tennis game is offering a little therapy for her. >> she's still keeping her composure on the court, which is remarkable given everything that's going on. coming up, the biggest retail event of the summer that kicks off today. yes, it is christmas in july. what you need to know about the
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♪ the kids are on summer break, and sure, they deserve a little fun, but you don't want them turning off their brains completely. so here to help us avoid the dreaded brain drain, marissa debartolo is here to show us toys that help us do both. >> they don't have to be mutually exclusive. you can do both. we'll start with our early learners. this is for kids 6 months all the way to preschool.
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this cute little puppy, you can pull him on his leash. his legs really walk, but he can also teach kids numbers, colors. >> oh, that's handy. >> even parts of the body. he'll go through that with kids as well. >> very cool. >> there's a lot for kids to discover. and he's so cute, right? you can't go wrong with that. so imagination is a huge part of learning. >> mm-hm. >> it helps kids with storytelling and creative thinking and things like that. so shlek makes amazing things, this is a pickup truck and horses. this is the ultimate creative for equestrian. >> they are beautifully made. >> they have really high quality. so much attention to detail. >> yeah. >> and kids can really come up with any type of story when they're playing with these types of play sets. >> very nice. ooh, these look high tech. >> tech literacy is a big thing. and some parents don't want
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their kids in front of a screen, but this is called the kurio watch. they can take messages watch to watch, play games, there's language learning. >> do you have to worry about them being on the internet? >> no. no. it's all curated content. it's pre-loaded on the watch. and they can only message watch to watch via bluetooth from mom or dad's phone. >> this looks high tech as well. >> this is an early introduction to stem. you have to build the whole thing, but once you do, you get this cool launcher. so if you want to rip this cord back as hard as you can. >> oh. >> go for it. >> oh, how fun is that! >> you can launch these little propellers. >> so the kids can build these and play with their own toy. >> yeah, build the whole thing, and then you have a launcher that you can play with forever. >> i love that idea. then they must be so proud once they're done building it. >> and it looks really cool. so it's a great display piece for their room. >> a great activity to do with the kids.
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>> this is our robotics pen set. kids are going to learn the basics of 3d printing. if you hit the blue button once, you can draw in the plastic. so you're going to be drawing in 3d, and this set includes a motor kit with a battery pack so you can bring motion to your creations. this entire little guy was made with a three doodler. >> they can build their own toy and play with them. >> it's the coolest thing. >> and you get the robotics part to go with it. >> it comes with a battery pack. so kids are learning about engineering and robotics. >> and this you would expect it to be hot, but it's not. >> you can draw on your skin, make rings and all kinds of things. >> now we're talkin'. a little jewelry. >> how are you at chemistry? >> i'm not sure i want to answer that question. >> this is a great set called
2:51 am
happy atom. kids get all these magnetic atoms that you have to put together. i have two hydrogens and oxygen. >> h2o water, baby. >> they will click tonight when you have -- together when you have a mol molecule. >> let's go throughout ones i know. >> once kids make these they can scan them into the app, and the app gives them all kinds of information about the molecule that they created. >> that's really cool. >> it's an at-home chemistry set. >> they're magnetic. they snap together. >> it's a neat way of making kids interested. check out these and other toys at marissa's website at the marissa, it is great having you. thank you. these are really nifty gadgets. i love them. thank you so much for joining us. you're watching "world news now." >> water and carbon dioxide. two basics.
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>> "spider-man homecoming" raised the ceiling at the box office, taking in $257 million worldwide and here at home, $117 million. >> it's pretty much left the others in the dust. "despicable me" taking in $4 million and "baby driver" $12.8 million. >> and amazon prime day. >> while it has amazon in the name, there are other retailers who are joining it this year. it's promising to be bigger than ever. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: if cyber monday is the super bowl, amazon prime day is the playoffs. >> people want to hold on to their money. when you see a deal, you've got to snatch it up. >> reporter: it starts at 9:00 monday night and runs through 3:00 a.m. wednesday. you have to be an amazon prime customer to get the deals.
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what are the best deals going to be? >> if you're in the market for a big deal, you want to look at electronics. amazon prime is stocking up when it comes to televisions. >> reporter: amazon will roll out thousands of one-day-only limited-time deals, everything from speakers to printers to lacroix sparkling water and gummy bears. you can set alerts for items you want through their app. the good news for shoppers? this big sale is pushing other retailers like walmart, target and kohl's to up the ante. >> expect them to roll out things similar to amazon prime prior to black friday. >> reporter: not everything is going to be a steal, but you can use a cost comparison app to check how good a deal you're really getting. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> i was all excited. >> gummy bears! >> a sale on gummy bears! oh, my god, i know what i'm going to be doing for the next 24 hours. >> not really.
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this morning on "world news now." the president's oldest son revealing he met with a kremlin-linked lawyer shortly after his father clinched the gop nomination. >> donald trump jr. saying he believed the attorney had information harmful to the clinton campaign. the scandal as the president returns from the g20 summit. an american tourist killed in greece, now the coroner's report on what caused the death of the recent college grad. and we hear from the survivor of a vicious gator attack in florida. he tells us about the heart stopping encounter which turned into the battle for his life. and the two-for-one video that's freaking us all out this morning. what looks like an alien spacecraft floating in the sky appears to be eaten up by another ufo. >> what? >> are aliens fighting overhead right now? the truth is out there, and we have it on this monday, july
3:01 am
10th. from abc news, this is "world news now." do we have it? >> do we have the truth? our version of the truth. of course. we do. >> so no. basically, we have no idea what that thing was, but the video is so cool, we're going to watch it over and over again. >> it is freaky. definitive proof that aliens are among us. >> by proof you mean you have no idea. >> no. we're going to start this half hour off with details of a previously undisclosed meeting between the president's oldest son and a russian lawyer linked to the kremlin. >> donald trump jr. now says he was led to believe the attorney had information that would be helpful to his father. and some are now questioning if this shows members of the campaign were willing to accept russian help. >> the revelations are surfacing as the president tweets about his meeting with russian president vladimir putin.
3:02 am
abc's gloria riviera has more. >> reporter: abc news learning why president trump's inner circle says they ended up in a meeting with a russian lawyer with ties to the kremlin at a critical time in the presidential campaign. i was asked to have a meeting by an acquaintance. the president's oldest son donald junior said, who i was told might have information helpful to the campaign. donald trump jr. agreeing to the meeting, asking jared kushner and paul manafort to join him. that meeting takes place in june 2016, two weeks after donald trump clinched his party's nomination. don jr. says he wasn't told the name of the russian lawyer in advance. and when they met, she, quote, stated that she had information that individuals connected to russia were supporting mrs. clinton. but, he maintains no details were provided and the conversation quickly turned to russian adoptions and policy. and when he realized those claims of potentially helpful information were just a pretext. he says he interrupted her and
3:03 am
the meeting ended. president trump's legal team saying president did not attend the meeting and was not aware of it. this all comes as president trump is back at the white house. >> mr. president, are you satisfied with putin's answers on election meddling? >> reporter: facing questions about what happened behind closed doors in that high-stakes face-to-face. i strongly pressed president putin twice about russian meddling in our election. he vehemently denied it. the two talked about working together to fight cyber threats. putin and i discussed forming an impenetrable cyber security unit. backlash even from the president's own party about teaming up with the very man the u.s. intelligence agency says ordered the hacking. marco rubio saying it would be akin to partnering with assad on chemical weapons. >> he has a blind spot when it comes to forgive and forget.
3:04 am
>> reporter: putin giving his own account of what happened, saying president trump accepted his denial of any russian interference. the white house reacting with mixed messages. >> no, it's not true. the president absolutely did not believe the denial of president putin. >> does president trump agree with president putin? does he accept president putin's denials? >> well, george, everybody's focussed on that, why should he answer that question directly? he's made it very clear how he feels. >> reporter: but it is not clear. on thursday in poland, president trump saying well i think it was russia, and i think it could have been other people in other countries. the president, no doubt, will face more questions on this and what we now know to be the earliest-known meeting between trump's inner circle and someone with some type of tie to the kremlin in the midst of the campaign. gloria riviera, abc news, the white house. >> a follow-up to the report from gloria.
3:05 am
this didn't take long. the president tweeted plans to work with russia about cyber security and it drew a lot of criticism and 13 hours later, the president seemed to back off, tweeting the fact that president putin and i discussed a cyber security unit doesn't mean i think it can happen, it can't. and senators return from a week-long recess after getting an earful from constituents angry about the health care bill. john mccain says it is probably dead and it may be time to draft a new proposal with the help of democrats. ted cruz is circulating a new plan aimed at lowering premiums for healthy people. but some have seen it as a way of getting around coverage of preexisting conditions. iraq's prime minister is in mosul to congratulate his forces stopping short of calling it a victory. isis has territory in other parts of iraq. the prime minister smiled and
3:06 am
walked among soldiers and at one point draping an iraqi flag across his shoulders. staying overseas, north korea is criticizing a practice bombing that was conducted by the u.s. in south korea. a state-run newspaper called the mission reckless military provocations that push the risk of a nuclear war to a tipping point in their words. the u.s. calls it a defensive show of force and commitment to its allies. we're learning new details now about the tragic death of an american tourist in greece. police say 22-year-old bakari henderson died from a severe head injury suffered during a bar brawl. his family says he was in greece for a photo shoot for his clothing line. kenneth moton has more. >> reporter: friends of the young american beaten to death in greece saying that these men are the ones who started the fight. 22-year-old bakari henderson on vacation with college friends, including daniel brown on this island. >> completely minding their own business.
3:07 am
they were all facing each other, speaking to no one. >> reporter: it was a night out when two serbian tourists picked a fight. at least eight men jumped henderson, the attack over in seconds. his friends started cpr. he was rushed to the hospital. >> the woman walked out and said bakari, i ran out. and she, with a blank stare just said he's dead. we collapsed to the floor. >> reporter: a bartender and six serbian tourists arrested. a lawyer says he didn't have homicidal intent and is devastated. henderson's childhood friends back home in austin said he just wanted to see the world. >> bakari was not one to act aggressively like that. he was always the one that was the peacemaker. >> reporter: the coroner says he was repeatedly hit in the head and had no defensive wounds. his family is working to bring their son home.
3:08 am
kenneth moton, abc news, houston. >> our thanks to kenneth. and back here at home. tragedy in chattanooga, tennessee. a 11 month old girl dies after being left in a hot car as temperatures soared above 80. her father is now charged with murder. travis mccullough left the baby in the car as he worked for several hours. the mother is also charged with neglect. they have two other children. and in vancouver, a police officer delivering a harsh lecture to a mother. the officer says she left her two young children in the hot car while she shopped for groceries. now police say they received multiple 911 calls about the kids, as a 6-year-old and 3-year-old were left for about 20 minutes. video of the officer lecturing the mom going viral. >> your children could have died. the windows were up. it's hot out. you don't seem to understand what you've done. >> the woman by the way, won't face any charges, but the case is being investigated by children's services there.
3:09 am
on to lighter news. fans at dodger stadium exploded this weekend on social media. but what they're reacting to had nothing to do with the game. >> this is an elderly woman shown dancing on the video board and whoa, between innings, flashing the crowd. the crowd had been cheering her dance moves when she lifted her shirt, revealing her bra. the dodgers ended up winning the game, 5-4. but i think she won the moment. >> that was some seventh inning stretch, huh? the crowd with gasps and raucous cheering and laughter. people loved it. >> it was only awkward when all the fans started throwing dollar bills at her. then it became inappropriate. >> she was overcome by the spirit of the game. she couldn't help it. all right, coming up, did tom brady just jinx the city of pittsburgh? >> it's the picture ruffling the feathers of some penguins fans.
3:10 am
also ahead, we have the story of a man who managed to escape from an alligator after it chomped down on his arm. how did he get away? we have the story coming up. >> and remember to like us on facebook. on facebook and twitter. you're watching abc "world news now."
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clearasil rapid action begins working fast for clearly visible results in as little as 12 hours. but can ot fix this teens skateboarding mishap? nope. so let's be clear: clearasil works fast on teen acne, not so much on other teen things.
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firefighters in wyoming had their work cut out for them as this rare and toxic fire broke out at a recycling plant. a fire like this can create sulfur dioxide and water used to put out that fire can then become a dangerous acid. luckily, the volunteers had experience with sulfur fires and were able to put it out safely. wildlife crews are on the hunt for a black bear that attacked a teenager. a warning, the details are graphic. the bear wandered into this
3:14 am
lakeside campsite and went straight for dylan. he says that he woke up to a crunching sound with his head inside the bear's mouth. >> he grabbed me like this and pulled me. and then it bit the back of my head and drug me. when it was dragging me, that was the slowest part. it felt like it went forever. >> dylan and his friends managed to punch and kick the bear until it ran off. he needed nine staples to close the cuts in his head, otherwise he was okay. >> good thing his friends were there. turning to a brutal alligator attack in florida. >> i'm never leaving the house after that and that. >> not going camping. >> this one happened at a country club who was diving for golf balls. >> this is the worker who retrieves golf balls. so this morning we're hearing his terrifying story. here's erielle reshef. >> reporter: the man speaking
3:15 am
the heart stopping episode with the alligator and turned into a daring escape. >> when he initially attacked me and shook his head, i mean, he moved my whole body with him. >> reporter: scott lahoddic doing his job of 30 years, diving for golf balls when he was attacked. >> a man was in the water diving for golf balls. needless to say he was bit by an alligator. >> reporter: but the 51-year-old thinking fast. >> he rolled and i played dead and rolled with him and the thought came to me to start punching him. >> reporter: he wrestled the massive reptile and wriggled free, but not before it tore into his arm. >> it was almost like a, like a semi would have parked on my forearm. >> reporter: gator attacks a rare but dangerous threat. in may, a 10 year old florida girl attacked while swimming in a lake, managing to free herself by putting her fingers in the gator's nose. in both cases the wildlife officers say the victims did the
3:16 am
right thing, going after a gator's eyes or nose is the best way to get it to let go. he is in the hospital recovering with hundreds of stitches in his arms. erielle reshef, abc news, new york. >> good thinking on his part. the little girl knew to go after its nose, knowing it had to take a breath from his mouth. >> not leaving the house. >> news you can use. coming up in sports, the agony of a no-hitter ruined in the ninth inning. and deion sanders, intercepting his own son. while showing him around his alma mater. you're watching "world news now." r ki.9 bactith 0% bleach. lysol. what it takes to protect.
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...until we found a connection. you have the power to change your child's life. the boys town national hline can help. (tdd# 1-800-448-1433) toxic chemicals and carcinogens are leaching into the environment. it's happening right where we live, work and play. everywhere.
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cigarette butts are toxic waste. let's stop the toxic litter. learn more at ♪ i do too. it's a good beat. >> it's a good beat. i like it. we start our sports roundup with a no-hitter broken in the ninth inning, so close. >> the pitcher came within two outs of the no-hitter. kyle freeland is a denver native and his family was at the game cheering him on. and then -- >> no one out in the ninth. melky cabrera hits a soft single to the left. and that's it for freeland. he waves his cap to the crowd, and they gave him a well-deserved standing ovation. so close. >> his family's reaction was like --
3:19 am
in the world of ufc fighting, amanda nunes dropped out of her title defense blaming chronic sinusitis. but the president of the ufc and her opponent criticized her for dropping out and forcing the scrapping of the main event of its pay-per-view show. now nunes is promising fans that she'll make it up to them. the fight is now being rescheduled. >> tough to fight if you can't breathe. and talk about race. james harden has reached a deal with the houston rockets which gives him an additional $170 million. the deal guarantees harden about $228 million over the next six seasons making it the richest contract in nba history. he is coming off his finest season ever, nba-leading 11 assists and second in the mvp race. the first overall pick in the nba draft will be forced to stay off the court for a while.
3:20 am
76ers point guard, markelle fultz sprained his ankle in a summer league game hours after signing his contract. it will take one or two weeks to heal. the sixers pulled him from the reminder of the summer schedule. >> didn't that happen last year to their other number one pick? ben simmons. not having a lot of luck there. pittsburgh penguins fans have been basking in the glory of their stanley cup win. one image is now causing major concerns of the jinx. but tom brady posing with the cup in an image made public over the weekend. it's not clear when or where the photo was taken. but some pennsylvanians are freaking out. many penguins fans are steelers fans who happened to lose to the patriots earlier this year. so they weren't thrilled to see brady with their hockey trophy. twitter users seemed most concerned about brady's physically touching the cup. >> who allowed this? >> i know.
3:21 am
there should be an investigation. >> that be being said -- >> other people get to touch the stanley cup. doesn't everybody get to touch the stanley cup? >> not tom brady. >> not tom brady, no. >> but he is a winner, maybe he'll give them good luck. there's nothing like reliving the glory days especially if you're hall-of-famer deion sanders. >> so primetime did a little time traveling with his son. taking him to his alma mater florida state university. where sanders was an all american in football and played baseball and ran track. >> underachiever. >> after touring the locker room, his son was very excited to head through the tunnel onto the seminoles' field of glory, but dad had other plans. >> you ain't ready to come out that gate. that's why i told them to lock it. i told them to lock it. you ain't ready to walk out that
3:22 am
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3:25 am
♪ so the truth is out there, and we have it for you. definitive proof that aliens exist and also that there is an alien war taking place at this hour. >> an alien war. >> uh-huh. we don't have will smith to save us. this is in the skies over russia. the largest region in the country. two unidentified flying objects seen -- >> oh! what? >> and then look. it just disappears. look at that. where did it come from? >> where does it go? >> where does the other one go? >> it's a portal, maybe. >> into another world. i could look at that all day. we have no information about that, because our senior alien correspondent is not working this weekend.
3:26 am
>> we'll be sure to get them on it right away. >> weird. >> okay. over to oklahoma where a bride for her anniversary is apologizing for the brides maids dresses she forced her friends to wear on the big day. one of those brides maids has now responded in the most hilarious way. possible. she actually put on the dress and decided to go out and recreate some moments. >> oh, wow. >> she's holding toolboxes. at one point, she's watering the lawn. very cinderellaesque. she's carrying laundry, and the bride came out and said sorry i made you wear that hideous thing, but happy anniversary to the bride and groom. they're still married. >> the dress doesn't look that bad. i'm not sure about the ugly part. so incoming freshman, penn state freshman wide receiver celebrated his birthday, but
3:27 am
he's already on campus, getting ready for his school year, and so his parents didn't get to celebrate with him, so they delivered this video. >> it's going to be amazin' when you come with that number one nittany lion finally roars. >> kitty kitty, i'm a kitty now. meow, meow. >> she's meowing, because it's the nittany lions. >> i would have preferred the roar. >> imagine you just started college, you're trying to make friends and this is what everybody is lookin' at. >> this is what all the defensive college teams. >> this was his idea! during the song, pointing to dad. and finally, to a peppy dog doing what so many have tried and failed. cannot catch his own tail. >> basically looks like us entering mondays.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now." more than 40 wildfires burning, forcing thousands to flee and trapping children and counselor at a campground in california. the president's oldest son has revealed a meeting with a kremlin-linked lawyer shortly after he got the nomination. hear what donald trump jr. is saying as the president returns from the g20 summit. hundreds of divers going underwater to make music. all new in the florida keys. and it's that age-old question, is it chicken? or is it tuna. most of us usually know. see why it stumped jessica simpson and why she's now tweeting about the infamous reality show scene all these years later. that's in "the skinny" on this
3:31 am
monday, july 10th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> hey, we've made it to monday. good morning, everybody. >> congratulations everybody on making it to monday. >> exactly. >> we're going to start this hour with the all-out assault on dozens of wildfires burning out of control in the west. >> one of the most damage being fires broke out on saturday north of santa barbara, california and quickly spread to nearly 8,000 acres, forcing thousands of people to evacuate and even trapping a camp full of children. marci gonzalez has the latest. >> reporter: thousands of people try to outrun raging wildfires across the west. an all-out assault against the california infernos. the blaze surrounding this summer camp. nearly 80 campers evacuated. some in tears. this neighboring camp destroyed. steel beams, leveled homes and shells of vehicles lining the path as michael lopez made his
3:32 am
way back. >> i'm going to go see if my house is still here. >> reporter: his hope crushed. >> i've been here for 12 years, and this is all that's left. >> reporter: finding little more than smoldering rubble at the home he shared with his fiancee, the director of this camp. and more than a dozen other buildings at this camp also destroyed, including the cabins, the charred bunk beds left behind just a day before 100 boy scouts were set to arrive here. just north in santa maria, flames spreading out of control. a wall of flames engulfing this hillside north of sacramento. this time lapse video showing how fast the fire's growing. >> i don't know what's going to be there when i try to go home. >> reporter: firefighters saving this american flag as flames close in on this home. and about 5,000 firefighters are battling here across california, and they may have a long fight ahead of them, with some saying this may be the worst fire season ever here.
3:33 am
marci gonzalez, abc news, california. >> and fire crews should get a bit of a break now that the record-breaking heat is easing up. >> paul williams is here with the forecast. good morning, paul. >> good morning, kendis, diane. still hot in nevada. still hot throughout california, particularly southwest california. we will have storms in spots, courtesy of the moisture that's coming out of the monsoon topical flow here. but it's not enough to really give us the moisture we need to stop the concern for the widespread dry and low humidity that's going to cause more problems with the fires there. other areas of concern? we're expecting rapid developing thunderstorms with torrential downpours, gusty winds and dangerous lightning around the great lakes region, through chicago and indianapolis and minneapolis. expect power outages in the region. and then on tuesday, the possible of tornados in minnesota.
3:34 am
kendis and diane. we turn now to the president's son acknowledging what appears to be the earliest known meeting between the trump campaign and a russian associate. donald trump jr. confirmed he met with a lawyer with ties to the kremlin shortly after his father clinched the republican nomination. the president's oldest son says the attorney told him she had intel regarding the clinton campaign but quickly realized she had no meaningful information. his brother-in-law jared kushner and former campaign manager paul manafort also attended the meeting. president trump appears to be changing course. in a tweet last night, the president said just because he discussed the cyber security unit doesn't mean it can happen. and he added that it can't happen. but earlier in the day, the treasury secretary defended the idea of working with russia to guard against election hacking. >> what we want to make sure is that we coordinate with russia,
3:35 am
that we're focussed on cyber security together, that we make sure that they never interfere in any democratic elections or conduct any cyber security, and this is like any other strategic alliance, whether we're doing military exercises with our allies or anything else. this is about having capabilities to make sure that we both fight cyber together. >> and republican lawmakers slammed the suggestion. senator lindsey graham called it one of the dumbest ideas that he's ever heard. and illinois congressman adam kinsinger tweeted, working with putin to combat cyber hacking is letting the fox guard the hen house. it's one of the many tweets regarding hen house which spiked after the president's post. 18 fraternity brothers are back in court this morning. a judge will decide whether they will face charges in the hazing death. the 19-year-old sophomore died
3:36 am
during a hazing incident at the frat house. the fraternity brothers are accused of waiting nearly 12 hours before calling for help. and one person was killed and it's others injured during a gender reveal party. this happened in near cincinnati. sadly, the pregnant woman also lost her baby after she was shot in the leg. the party-goers had turned out the lights to watch a movie when two men entered the home and started firing. no word on a possible motive and there haven't been any arrests. three of the injured are young children. a massive blaze in london's camden market. and the building is now under control. ten fire trucks were on the scene overnight. ambulance crews also rushed to the scene, but no injuries have been reported. the cause of the fire is under investigation. it is a popular tourist destination. it was 35 years ago yesterday when a pan am flight crashed in louisiana. it went down in a storm shortly
3:37 am
after takeoff from new orleans. destroying several homes. surviving the disaster was melissa ferarra, who was 18 months old at the time. she was covered with debris. a new york couple's wedding ended on an unexpected note when the groom was arrested. he was allegedly setting off professional fireworks during his back yard wedding reception on long island. police were responding to noise complaints when they found those fireworks. police say neighbors also complained that their decks and boats were covered in debris. and about 400 divers and snorkelers attended an underwater music festival this weekend in the florida keys. >> a local radio station helped organize the event and provided the sound track. the play list included, of course, "the little mermaid." little "jaws " action. "flipper" as well. and can't do an underwater party without the beatle's "yellow submarine."
3:38 am
>> that's a given. you probably have to take out your breathing device to breathe. as well as play the instruments. it took place on the world's third largest coral reef. and the goal was to promote reef protection. >> mission accomplished. >> yeah. and some good tunes. ♪ under the sea coming up, an ape on the loose. the orangutan escapes from his enclosure at the zoo. we'll show you where the scene played out and how it all ended. and 13 years after it finally went off the air, someone else on the internet is now refusing to let "friends" rest in peace. we'll have the latest fan theory that is lighting up the internet in "the skinny." first, here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather, brought to you by mypillow. "world news now" weather,
3:39 am
brought to you by my pillow.
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ialmost everything. you know, ke 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. this scene in houston where two bounty hunters violent captured a man they claim was on their "wanted" list.
3:42 am
the bounty hunters are also accused of terrorizing the suspect's family. the suspect was released with no valid warrants or charges for any crime. no charges have been filed against those bounty hunters. a south carolina zoo went on lockdown after a brazen breakout. this orangutan named kumar managed to climb to the top of his enclosure, snap a wire that was holding the top down and squeezes through that gap. here's the thing, though, kumar, apparently, pretty big fan of his enclosure, because rather than running, now that he had this new-found freedom. he just hangs out, looks around, chills out for a little bit. sunbathing. good for zookeepers, they were able to quickly corral into his enclosure. he's like, hey, guys, what's going on in there? how did i get out here? and a hollywood a-lister is speaking out over the gender gap
3:43 am
controversy. >> we're talking about emma stone adding her voice to demands for equal pay. here's abc's erielle reshef. >> reporter: a-lister emma stone sounding off about a double standard in hollywood dollars. in an exclusive cover story for "out" magazine, she says i have needed male co-stars to take a pay cut so i can have parity with them. drawing on her new role as billie jean king, the actress tells the magazine, we're all equal. we all deserve the same respect and the same rights. the oscar winner joining a host of actresses who claim hollywood is no la la land for leading ladies. robin wright playing hard ball with negotiations with netflix. >> am i really the sort of enemy you want to make? >> reporter: demanding to be paid the same as her "house of cards" co-star kevin spacey. >> i want to be paid the same as kevin, and i'm like, you better pay me or i'm going to go public, and they did.
3:44 am
>> reporter: and jennifer lawrence pushing for change for future generations. >> there are times where i feel a real need to speak to those girls. >> reporter: some of hollywood's most sought-after stars from natalie portman to patricia arquette blasting their business, calling to close the gap. the glitz and glamour only going so far. and it's not just the gender pay gap giving way to criticism. two stars of hawaii five-0 quitting over what they say was a discrepancy over race. erielle reshef, abc news, new york. >> it's always a good result to just bring awareness a lot of times for females who don't realize they have the negotiating power they actually do. >> i like how robin wright brought out that she was going to go public. the ten highest-paid actresses got paid $205 million, less than half of their male counterparts.
3:45 am
blac chyna opens up about rob kardashian's social media tirade. and this weekend's weddings which had plenty of dancing at the receptions. good dancing. "the skinny" is next. you're in a group most likely to develop skin cancer, including melanoma. that's why your best shot is to check for a spot. follow through and check your skin. go to to find out how.
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♪ skinny ♪ so skinny all right, so we're starting "the skinny" on this monday morning with a little dance moves and arguably, the least-visible kardashian brother, rob. >> he made headlines last week after going on an hours-long social media tirade against ex-girlfriend blac chyna. but the whole thing got messy with kardashian posting nude photos of chyna and talking about plastic surgery, drug use and threatening to take custody of their 7 month old child.
3:48 am
>> now blac chyna's ready to tell her side. and linsey davis got the exclusive interview. here's a quick preview. >> reporter: what was your reaction when you first saw rob's posts about you? >> i was devastated. how could somebody post these pictures of me, and i'm like, wow, okay. like this is a person that i trusted. i confide in. i felt comfortable, you know, with even sending these pictures and even talking to him about certain things, you know. i just felt -- >> reporter: betrayed? >> yeah. betrayed. >> well, you'll be able to watch the full interview later on good morning america. next, to jessica simpson who's still apparently able to poke fun at herself. >> she was married to nick lachey in the early 2000s. and there were memorable moments
3:49 am
from their short-lived series. >> is this chicken what i have? or is this fish? i know it's tuna, but it says chicken. by the sea. is that stupid? >> nick doesn't even answer. he just looks back at the television like you're not really asking me this question right now. >> it's that moment when he's like, um, can i get a divorce? >> she was confused because the can of tuna said chicken of the sea on it. so she wanted to know is this chicken or tuna? the moment went viral well before youtube even existed. eminem even rapped about it. now chicken and tuna is back in the headlines. jessica is reminding folks that she's not the only one deciphering the difference. >> yesterday simpson saw that whole foods discovered its chicken salad actually had tuna. so she posted the headline with
3:50 am
the caption, reading, it happens to the best of us, whole foods. there you go. >> i'm not the only one who can't tell the difference. >> exactly. next up we want to congratulate other members of the abc family. >> they were not one, but two "dancing with the stars" weddings over the weekend. so we say mazel tov to peta and maxim chmerkovskiy. i can never say val. >> maxim chmerkovskiy. >> it just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? the couple wed -- >> at a castle. ♪ >> long island. oh. >> they're trying to get you to say long island. max's brother val served as best man. other dancers, shawna burgess and rumer willis were in the bridal party. max gave a kendis-worthy vocal
3:51 am
performance, singing for his new bride while the other guys danced. >> not bad. they sounded pretty good. >> yeah. >> and there was a lot of dancing going on, as you can understand. we also need to congratulate our dancing judge, julianne hough, tying the knot with brooks in idaho. the couples' dogs lexie and harley, served as the ring bearers. it was a beautiful wedding for them. >> kind of odd it was the same weekend. hopefully that didn't make too much trouble for the guests. and finally "friends". the comedy that so many are still binge watching. >> and we have conspiracies related to the show, including the dream sequence theory. >> the idea that the whole series is in jennifer aniston's head. she had an anxiety dream the night before she was supposed to be married. >> the pilot episode circles around jennifer running away on her wedding day. the theory is she made up the
3:52 am
other characters as a way to escape. >> all a nod to the cover art and she is the only one with her eyes open. th my sparge. neither did i. until i saw a commercial for the colonial penn program. imagine people our age getting life insurance at such an affordable rate. it's true. if you're 50 to 85, you can get guaranteed acceptance life insurance through the colonial penn program for less than 35 cents a day, just $9.95 a month. there's no medical exam and no health questions. you know, the average cost of a funeral is over $8,300. now that's a big burden to leave your loved ones. as long as you're 50 to 85, you cannot be turned down because of your health. your premium never goes up and your benefit never goes down due to age.
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♪ so when you feel like hope is gone ♪ ♪ look inside you and be strong ♪ ♪ and you'll find you see the truth ♪ ♪ that a hero lies in you >> couldn't get mine to work.
3:56 am
i'm always that guy at the concert that think, oh, i'm totally nailing it, totally nailing it and like, no, nothing. so heroes come in all shapes and sizes from all walks of life. but this morning we have the story of one hero's hero. >> a marine who almost didn't make it home from the battlefield and the woman who challenged him to go the extra mile. here's abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: for mike nicholson, summer is one of the toughest times of the year. >> summertime is generally rougher, because that is the time we were deployed in afghanistan, we lost a guy and a guy got hit. >> reporter: including mike. his new body and the life that came with it brought a lot of anger and depression. mike says he started drinking. >> the days haven't been the easiest ones. >> reporter: but then katie came into his life. a friend set them up. they eventually married and started a family. and she had a challenge for him,
3:57 am
what if he tried exercising again. that was the start of his comeback. and this weekend he gave his all in the military's wounded warrior games, celebrating those hurt defending america. mike has won gold and silver medals for track and competes in wheelchair basketball. and maybe most amazing of all, swimming. >> i love swimming. and i found out once i got in the water, i still could swim pretty well. >> reporter: also at the games, mike celebrated his alive day. the day he was wounded. that was filled with competition and reflection. >> feelings you are having on a tough day, getting out here and sweat going and physical exertion is the best medicine. >> reporter: tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> no excuses at all for the rest of us. for him to come back from that and be able to perform daily. >> and i love making excuses. >> see if i can get this. >> good luck, budd
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, the trump administration seeks to explain a meeting members of the president's inner circle had with a lawyer who has connections to the kremlin. this as the president backs away from working with russia to prevent cyberattacks. we're live in washington. fire crews across the western u.s. struggle to deal with dozens of huge wildfires as thousands have been evacuated. so can the firefighters finally get help from the weather? well, we have the forecast ahead. caught on camera, a cyclist knocked down by a driver he never saw. the man who was behind the wheel now facing serious charges. and the summer shopping season is just hours away from kicking into high gear. we have all you need to know about prime day coming up.


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