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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 10, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning, the trump administration seeks to explain a meeting members of the president's inner circle had with a lawyer who has connections to the kremlin. this as the president backs away from working with russia to prevent cyberattacks. we're live in washington. fire crews across the western u.s. struggle to deal with dozens of huge wildfires as thousands have been evacuated. so can the firefighters finally get help from the weather? well, we have the forecast ahead. caught on camera, a cyclist knocked down by a driver he never saw. the man who was behind the wheel now facing serious charges. and the summer shopping season is just hours away from kicking into high gear. we have all you need to know about prime day coming up.
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we do say good morning, everybody, on this monday and we're going to start with the newly disclosed meeting involving the president's son. apparently the earliest known connection between the trump campaign and a russian associate. >> donald trump jr. acknowledged he met last year with a russian lawyer with ties to the kremlin. meanwhile, the president is backing away from the idea of teaming up with russia on cybersecurity. abc's janai norman has the latest from washington. janai, good morning. >> reporter: diane, kendis, good morning to both of you. don jr., jared kushner and then trump campaign manager paul manafort were all at that meeting, and that's when the president's son believed he'd get information about alleged connections between russia, the dnc and hillary clinton. russian president vladimir putin dominating headlines and the president's twitter time line. overnight president donald trump backtracking on a discussion
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with the kremlin writing, the fact that president putin and i discussed a cybersecurity unit doesn't mean i think it can happen. it can't. >> we might as well just mail our ballot boxes to moscow. i don't think that's an answer at all. >> when it comes to russia he's got a blind spot and to forgive and forget when it comes to putin regarding cyberattacks is to empower putin. >> reporter: the idea outraging the president's own party as another bombshell makes waves. trump's inner circle saying they met with a russian lawyer with ties to the kremlin last summer after trump clinched the republican nomination. don jr. revealing in a statement, i was asked to have a meeting with an acquaintance who i was told might have information helpful to the campaign. and the person, quote, stated that she had information that individuals connected to russia were supporting mrs. clinton. he says when it became clear the attorney had no meaningful information, the meeting ended. though the white house chief of staff on fox news sunday painted a different picture of the same meeting. >> there was a meeting
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apparently about russian adoption, and after about 20 minutes the meeting ended and that was the end of it. >> reporter: president trump's outside legal team said in a statement, the president did not attend the meeting and was not aware of it. and don jr.'s statement appears to be the first public indication that members of the trump team were willing to accept help from the russians and this comes amid mixed messages from the white house over whether the president accepted putin's denial about interfering in the election. diane and kendis. >> all right, that's abc's janai norman in washington for us. janai, thanks. and as for those mixed messages, the president tweeted that vladimir putin vehemently denied meddling in the election but did not say if he accepted that denial. now, white house chief of staff reince priebus said the president absolutely did not believe putin but secretary of state rex tillerson who was in the meeting would not confirm or deny if the president took putin at his word. congress returns to work today from a week-long recess after getting an earful from constituents angry about the health care bill.
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now, senator john mccain says the gop legislation is probably dead and suggested maybe it is time to draft a new proposal with the help of democrats. senator ted cruz is circulating a new plan aimed at lowering premiums for healthy people. but some moderates have dismissed it as a way to get around coverage of pre-existing conditions. dozens of wildfires are racing across parts of the west this morning destroying homes and forcing nearly 8,000 people to evacuate soy far. this broke out on saturday near santa barbara, california, and it spread quickly temporarily trapping children and counselors at a summer camp. now this morning it's still only about 5% contained. fire crews will get some help from the forecast, though. here's a look at today's weather. good morning, now, it may be more tolerable in the northwest with heat suppressed but it's down in the southwest portion of the country where it's going to stay still hot, still breezy, still dry. cooler along the coast with a
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few isolated pockets of thunderstorms but that's mainly in the mountainous region. bottom line, from monday to wednesday low humidity, spotty thunderstorms at best. the gusty winds drying things out, even worse for all the isolated pockets where we're having problems with fire. i'm meteorologist paul williams from accuweather. and this morning iraqi forces are pushing to retake the last areas of mosul under isis control. now, iraq's prime minister traveled to the mosul area to congratulate his country's u.s.-backed military forces. he walked among the soldiers at one point even draping the iraqi flag across his shoulders, but he's holding off on declaring victory over isis in iraq's second largest city until the government controls all of the city. isis does have other territories in iraq still under control. and north korea is sharply criticizing a practice bombing run conducted by the u.s. in south korea. a state-run newspaper called the
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mission reckless military provocations that pushed the risk of a nuclear war to a tipping point. the u.s. calls it a defensive show of force and commitment to its allies. the third highest ranking vatican leader is back home in australia to face sex abuse charges. cardinal george pell returned this morning. he is the pope's top financial adviser. the 76-year-old is due in court in two weeks. he made no comments this morning but last week said that he is innocent and looking forward to having his day in court. the case of a terminally ill british baby is back in court. charlie gard's parents are challenging the decision to take their son off life support. he has a rare inherited disease which affects most of his vital organs and has left him with brain damage. his parents obtained a petition with 350,000 signatures and have raised funds so they can take their son to the u.s. for experimental treatment. >> he's our son.
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he is our flesh and blood and we feel it should be our right as parents to decide to give him a chance at life. >> he deserves his chance and hopefully will get it. we want to thank everyone that's supported us and signed the petition. >> let's get charlie the treatment he needs. >> if he's still fighting, we're still fighting. >> the hospital wanted to take him off life support but now wants the high court to rule on new medical evidence. pope francis and president trump are supporting the parents' efforts. investigators are trying to determine the cause of a huge fire burning at london's camden market. several floors and the roof of the building within that complex caught fire. ambulance crews rushed to the scene but no injuries have been reported, and we're now told it's under control. this comes weeks after 80 people died as a fast-spreading fire destroyed the grenfeld tower in west london. rex tillerson stepped back to his days as an oilman and was in istanbul, turkey, to accept a lifetime achievement world from the world
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pe control yum congress. >> he spent his career in the energy industry and said he missed those in the business as colleagues, partners and competitors. well, still ahead right here, millions of bargain hunters are ready to shop till they drop on prime day. plus, a teenager attacked by a bear. hear how he lived to tell the tale. and the young american who lost his life during a trip to greece. those believed to be responsible for his death are now facing today there is only one park for every 14,000 americans. connection to nature is a right that the trust for public land is fighting to preserve. from boulevards to ball fields and ponds to playgrounds, together we have saved over 3 million acres of land. a park is a gift that is worth protecting. help support the trust for public land and the gift of parks today.
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an army of volunteers hit the trees of hamburg, germany, to help clean up after the violent democrat stations at the g20 summit. they rebuilt cobblestone walkways and scrubbed graffiti left behind by protesters. nearly 500 german officers were injured during the violence. rail commuters along the eastern seaboard have been dreading this day for several months now.
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a partial shutdown of the busiest transit hub in the western hemisphere. major renovations and repairs get under way today at new york's penn station forcing the closure of about a quarter of the tracks. many are calling it the summer of hell. that work is expected to last until at least september 1st. 18 former penn state fraternity brothers are back in court this morning, a judge will decide whether they should face charges in the death of a pledge during an alleged hazing incident. the 19-year-old sophomore died in february after falling down the stairs at the fraternity house. the fraternity brothers are accused of waiting nearly 12 hours before calling for help. amazon's third prime day starts tonight. the giant online retailer is promising discounts on hundreds of thousands of items for its premium or prime members. it starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern time and runs until 3:00 a.m. wednesday. so prime day is actually 30 hours. more than a day. amazon says new deals will be offered as often as every five
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minutes and will be posted 24 hours in advance on the amazon app but there are other retailers getting involved, as well. >> now turning into another black friday cyber monday type of holiday. and the wyoming fire department had to take special care to fight a rare sulfur fire at a recycling plant. >> they used special hazmat equipment because burning sulfur creates a dangerous gas and adding water creates a dangerous acid. and when we come back, a driver takes down a cyclist and keeps going. we're going to hear from the guy on the bike. and the megadeal just signed by basketball star james harden. it might have some others hoping to renegotiate. to renegotiate.
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kansas. the driver of this truck apparently suffered a coughing spell before blacking out and slamming through the front doors of ktv news. no one was injured. the driver is expected to be okay but they didn't have to go far for that live shot. >> no, they did not. here's a look at this morning's road conditions. some flooding is likely in the upper midwest and in the rockies. watch out for rainy, slick roads from the gulf coast to the carolinas. if you're flying, airport delays possible in chicago and detroit. a college dean could find himself facing federal charges over a hit-and-run incident caught on camera. >> it happened over the weekend along a scenic national parkway just south of nashville. abc's adrienne bankert for the story. >> reporter: this is the instant a morning ride turns into a potential life or death moment. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> reporter: tyler noe and a friend were cycling up a steep hill on a busy tennessee parkway saturday. >> yeah. >> reporter: a truck passes them then this. >> oh.
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>> reporter: the vehicle that knocks him from his bike keeps going. >> motor vehicle crash versus a pedestrian. >> reporter: saturday night police arrest 58-year-old marshall grant neely, a part-time dean of students at local private school the university school of nashville. this morning the cyclist is recovering from serious but not life-threatening injuries. >> my life could have been taken yesterday and i'm just grateful that i'm still here. >> reporter: adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. >> neely could face federal charges because it happened in a national park. the school where he's dean says they are aware of the situation. we have much more coming up on "good morning america." now to the tragic death of an american tourist in greece. police say 22-year-old bakari henderson died from severe head injuries suffered during a bar brawl. henderson's family says he was in greece for a photo shoot to launch his new clothing line. at least eight people have been arrested in connection with the murder. henderson recently graduated
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with honors from the university of arizona. and the hunt is on for a colorado bear that attacked a sleeping teenager. now, this is a warning now. some of the details of this story and images are pretty graphic. that black bear apparently showed up in this lakeside campsite at around 4:00 a.m. and went straight for dylan, who asks that we don't reveal his last name. the teen says he woke up to a crunching sound with his head inside the bear's mouth. >> he grabbed me like this and pulled me and then it bit the back of my head and drug me. >> that's really not common black bear behavior. it is a dangerous bear and so we can't tolerate animals like that. >> dylan says he and his friends managed to punch and kick the bear until it ran away. other than needing nine staples to close the cuts in his head, dylan says he's okay. turning now to sports and a major payday. >> james harden has reached a deal with the houston rockets that gives him an additional $170 million. all told that four-year contract extension will pay harden about $228 million over the next six
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seasons. >> that makes the deal the richest contract in nba history. not bad. now to some baseball and a rookie pitcher's near no-hitter. yeah. kyle freeland of the rockies was two outs away when chicago's melky cabrera hit that soft single to left. >> well, that was it for freeland who walked off to a standing ovation. waved his cap. the crowd applauded. let's get some more baseball now from espn. i'm nicole. he's max. it is morning but we're already planning your night. the home run derby, 8:00 p.m. eastern on espn. >> sorry. that's right. giancarlos stanton is the reigning champ. >> just a promo machine. >> you are. monday night in case you missed it, giancarlo stanton, he's starting to pile up numbers. he's been healthy, strong, 443 feet. he's having a good old time up there in san francisco. oh, he's done it again. piling it on. gone. >> it's practice.
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>> stanton did this on friday against the giants' opposite field. he has two on sunday. the most he's had in a season is 37. he's done that twice. he stays healthy. he is going to top that. >> promo machine. tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern, it's the home run derby. same rules as last year. we do provide the viewing options though because there's a simultaneous on espn2. that is in spanish. you want to take it with you on the go, you can stream it live on the espn app. want any more promo details, come up with them. >> you got a winner. >> stanton. >> stanton. two stantons. >> thanks, guys. up next in "the pulse," the husband and wife who sat on a porch swing and had the most important conversation of their lives. and a new theory about "friends." was the legendary sitcom really all in one character's head? and on our facebook page, oscar winner emma stone is speaking out about pay equity
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♪ it is your monday "pulse" and we're going to start with a woman's life-saving gift to her husband. steve winfree is a big baseball fan and an avid card collector in desperate need of a kidney. >> so his wife heather found out that she's a transplant match and shared that news in a very creative way. >> steve has had a lot on his plate. with his health issues he has been striking out a lot. he was not sure how he would wind up. his wife thinks he is a great catch so decided to go to bat. now he will be a rookie recipient at vanderbilt --
4:23 am
>> ah, so heather made a baseball card with steve's face on it with the announcement on the back. winfree has had kidney disease for 14 years. so you can understand those tears. on sunday night he thanked folks for their response to the video which no doubt so emotional. >> oh, his reaction is priceless. well, good luck to both of them. an eye-opening observation sparked a twitter frenzy over "friends.." >> fans of the hit sitcom took notice on the dvd cover of season 4 everyone appears to be sleeping except rachel played by jennifer aniston so they're now offering theories as to why rachel's eyes are wide open and the leading explanation is a dream sequence theory. >> so apparently fans believe rachel had an anxiety dream the night before she was supposed to get married to barry and they say the entire series was all in rachel's head. >> apparently she invented all the other characters as an escape. >> so more than a decade after
4:24 am
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good morning. all you early risers. welcome to monday, june 10th. i'm natasha. we have a paired down team here today. reggie off, jessica off, but alexis here and so is mike with our weather. >> we'll start with that. it's pretty quiet outside. hi, everybody. let's go to live doppler 7 and what you can see there is the visibility wrrblsh we're looking for fog to form, but it's so bone dry outside. we'll see a little fog make that push across san francisco and the golden gate through 7:00. temperatures mainly in the upper 50s to mid 60s. as wehead towards noon, you can see 70s, even 80s. 60s and 70s around the bay. as we head to 4:00, we'll have 80s and 90s inland, 60s and 70s around the bay, into san francisco. then we start cooling into the
4:28 am
70s and 80s, inland. an interesting week of weather coming up. >> we're off to an interesting start, not in a good way, out of the central valley. a crash involving a double trailer semi. that was hauling a lot of concrete, it sounds like, and one of those trailers flipped. this is westbound 205 before you get to holly drive. a little beyond where our traffic sensors go. i have been looking on some other maps, though. we only have the far left lane open and traffic is jammed solid from i-5. you want to led south and take 11 through the tracy area to get to 205 and 580. i'll have more details on the crash and talk more about the rest of the commute in less than ten. >> thank you. new this morning, a high-speed chase covering several east bay cities ended about a block from where it started. the suspect was taken into custody just after 11:00 in oakland. police tell our media partner the east bay times the chase started with a traffic stop on
4:29 am
chestnut street. a chase followed going south to san leandro and then to oakland and then emeryville and berkeley. no word on what prompted the initial stop. >> new danger for the people who live near friday's construction site fire in oakland. an office building damaged nearby is losing windows. amy hollyfield is live for us in oakland. >> reporter: hi, good morning. they did make some good progress over the weekend. some residents were even allowed to return home. then this setback happened last night. some residents are now not able to leave their homes and some aren't able to get in because of this new order that is in place. and it's going to stay in place until an investigation determines when it is safe. this is all because glass started to fall from the building at 180 grand avenue. before this happened, all but two buildings had been cleared for residents to return, and gas and power had been turned back on in the area.


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