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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 31, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." ♪ the scaramucci shocker. hours after the stunning firing of the white house communications director, president trump is making it clear tonight his brand-new chief of staff is the one in charge. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. anthony scaramucci's firing caught nearly everyone off guard as new chief of staff john kelly tries to get the white house on track. >> here is abc reporter megan hughes. >> reporter: white house chief of staff john kelly is charged with restoring order. anthony scaramucci who was in the back of the room as kelly was sworn in was in the cross hairs. >> i predetective general kelly will be down in terms of the position of chief of staff one of the great ever. >> reporter: the controversial communications director known as
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the mucch made waves. >> i love the president. >> astacker several in the new yorker. calling rice preebes a [ bleep ] evening skchizophrenic. his words went viral. his gestures mirroring the president's mocked on "the daily show." the white house says the president, who used some choice words himself in the past, wasn't pleased. >> the president certainly felt that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position. >> reporter: white house press secretary sarp ah sanders took over from sean spicer the same day scaramucci was hired. now announcing a shift in the chain of command. everyone including the president's daughter and son-in-law will now report to the chief of staff. >> general kelly has the full authority to operate within the white house and all staff will report to him. >> reporter: scaramucci made a point of saying he reported only to the president. president trump tweeting late monday, a great day at the white house. megan hughes, abc news,
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washington. and one more note about anthony scaramucci tonight. ar hard law scho harvard law school is apologizing after listing him as deceased in the alumni director. it is not clear if it is a prank or typo. they're promising to fix the mistake. >> the "abc 7 news" app send out a push alert as soon as abc confirmed scaramucci's re resignation. download the app and enable push aall right. new at 11:00, firefighters fighters were called to a school after construction materials were set on fire. there were three more fires around the neighboring middle school. one was along the fence line near the baseball field. the school will review security film to see if it sheds light on
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the fire. >> a fire at a san rafael elementary school three weeks before the start of the school year. tonight parents and staff wonder if repairs will be ready in time. abc 7 reporter lilian kim joins us live with the story. lilian. >> reporter: ama, this fence was put up this summer because of all of the construction work going on here. it was lock when firefighters arrived, causing a bit of a delay. once they got through they were able to put out the flames rather quickly. the thick, black smoke that rose above dixie elementary school even surprised firefighters who thought they were going to have a tough one on their hands. >> i can tell you coming out i was expecting a lot worse. there was a big column of black smoke engulfing the hole valley. >> reporter: crews got a handle on the fire not long after arrival. the san rafael school is getting the roof replaced and that's where the fire started, on the roof of building a which house us four first great classrooms.
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second grader colin was in building a last year. >> i thought it was going to be fine, but i don't think it is going to be fine anymore. >> reporter: the fire department says most of the damage is confined to the roof but there is some water and smoke damage to the inside. the district says it is too soon to tell whether the classrooms will be ready by august 24th, the first day of school. >> i just felt really sad for the school because i grew up here, you know. i love the teachers. >> this is our community school. this is our kind of world this we live in right here. so this is sad. >> reporter: the district hopes to have a better idea about building a after experts get a closer look at the damage. in san rafael, lilian kim, "abc 7 news." a fast response from san jose firefighters kept a wind-driven grass fire from spreading into a residential neighborhood this evening. sky 7 was over the 10 acre fire on communications hill in south san jose earlier tonight. hep helicopters and air planes
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dropped retardant. people that live nearby say it got too close for comfort. >> it is a lot of dry grass and we are across the street from where most of the development is. so a shift in the wind could cause a all right of homeowners a lot of grief. >> firefighters remained on the scene several hours after the fire was brought under control just to make sure nothing else happened, no hot spots flared up. and the fire danger will only be increasing this week. a heat add sliceory in effect for parts of the bay area. >> meteorologist drew tuma is tracking the hot temperatures. >> dan and ama, a new month tomorrow will bring a new round of warm weather. location going to be key as to how warm you get tomorrow afternoon. a heat add sliceory in effect. this lasting until wednesday night for the areas shaded in orange. you see on your screen. that's mainly our inland valleys and our hills. the highest temperatures will be achieved and we're not going to cool off too much at night. to the north we go. excessive heat warning in effect for lake county, mendocino county. dangerous heat up to 210
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degrees. we'll detail the heat more closely, go neighborhood by neighborhood coming up in the full accuweather forecast. dan. drew, thank you very much. see you shortly. a fremont man is charged with secretly recording roommates having sex and trying to blackmail them. police say 33 year old naninder add ama threatened them with release of the tape unless he paid them thousands of dollars. he is due in court tomorrow. he is accused of sending screen shots of the sex tape from an anonymous address. police tracked him down. he moved to the apartment collecti complex across the street. >> he was spliced. we spoke at length. i can tell you that he made statements -- he made guilty statements that he knew what he was doing was wrong. >> detectives are trying to determine if there are anymore possible victims. a standoff between san francisco police and a man accused of fatally shooting his mother ended this afternoon 14 hours after it start.
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"abc 7 news" was at 15th and beaver streets where it happened, near corona heights park. police say the man surrendered after shooting himself in the chest but the wound was not life-threatening. people living nearby were told to shelter in place. starting tomorrow, ferry passengers are facing big changes in alameda. "abc 7 news" was at the harbor bay ferry terminal where new parking restrictions are about to go into operations. commuters won't be allowed to park on residential streelts around the terminal. restrictions range from a maximum of four hours of parking to a total ban. >> i feel it is just not fair to take that option away from the commuters and not give them anywhere to park. >> hanna akter is an enterprising homeowner who came up to a solution to relieve the situation. she is charging commuters $7.99 a way to park in her driveway. it is an offer that's part of a neighborhood network she is hoping to grow with a mobile app. a family business in pleasant hill is quite literally back on track tonight after
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their children's carnival train was stolen over the weekend. >> "abc 7 news" reporter katie utehs explains how sharing the story on social media led to recovery. >> let's go! >> reporter: electric moments on this kids' train charged the sauceman family. they run an amusement rental company. >> we do it because we love it. we love watching kids have fun. >> reporter: so when someone stole a trailer from their pleasant hill shop this past weekend it was devastating. >> i take it personally. you know, the kids not being able to ride the train this weekend is not okay with me. >> he goes, i don't have hope, it is gone amanned you. i go no. >> reporter: she posted about the theft on social media and we told you about the missing train in last night's newscast. >> i was scrolling real quick and i saw it and i thought, share. >> reporter: then this morning ah laura mccollum perkins went to yoga in walnut creek. >> it was sitting in the
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driveway at the yoga studio. i'm like, that can't be it. >> reporter: stealing the trailer damaged the tires so thieves didn't get far. >> i'm a believer in social media. if you last me last saturday i would say, facebook is a waste of time, why do you do it? i get it now. >> reporter: he gets to honor upcoming bookings. from kids to big kids alike, this train is so popular it is book from now every weekend until halloween. >> pleasant hill police are following leads. he installed cameras. pleasant hill, katie utehs, "abc 7 news." drunk tanks as they're called are getting a makeover. people that need a place sober up are getting a new experience. >> tributes pour in for the actor and play write. the los angeles lands the olympics. the early steps the city took to help secure the games. >> all ahead for you. first a look at what is coming
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up on "jimmy kimmel live." jimmy. >> thanks, dan and ama. look what we can do when we apply ourselves. will you sleep over someone's house if it seems like an appealing offer? >> i might do that. >> you might do that. ♪
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well, you've heard of drunk tanks, places where people who are severely intoxicated are taken to observer up. >> santa clara county is joining the ranks of bay area counties offering a solution for the common problem. it is called a sobering station. >> katie marzullo explains what is so different. >> there will be two large rooms with sobering recliners in them, one for male and female.
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>> reporter: this the future home of santa clara county's sobering station, and this is one of the recliners meant to offer them a comfortable, safe place to sober up. >> we're trying to broaden our mends and make sure we're more effective in how to treat people who come into contact with the police. >> reporter: the idea being not all drunk people belong in jail. the sobering station will start small with four to six recliners, showers and laundry fra silt. the facility will cost $12 million over the next 3 1/2 years. the county believes it is more cost effective options. >> besides being humane, it is to have a police officer respond to a 911 call where a person could have committed no other crime but being drunk. >> reporter: the facility will offer people resources to get help with addiction, something the first chance sobering center in burlingame has been doing 25 years. >> everybody admitted here has the opportunity for intervention. we really focus on not having
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them come back. i don't like seeing people a second time. >> reporter: by january, santa clara county plans to add a mobile crisis team to meet police in the field and take individuals to the sobering station. in san jose, katie marzullo, "abc 7 news." oscar-nominated actor and pulitzer priz winning play write sam shep arard has died. he suffered complications from als. he wrote 44 plays including "fool for love" and "buried child" which won pulitzer. many were staged at the magic theater in san francisco. >> he was our hero because this was a guy who wrote for over 50 years. he started in his teens. he was 73 years old. i saw him in april. he was still writing. >> his family says funeral arrangements will remain private. the summer olympic also are
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coming back to the u.s. and california. los angeles will host the 2028 games. the official announcement was made in carson late this afternoon. the u.s. women's soccer team and other olympic also and para limb peens joined them. the last time they hosted was 1984. mayor eric garcetti said in his first year as mayor that his city wanted to host the games again. >> it was a marathon. in fact, a couple of times we were count out of the race all together. we never hit a wall, we never lost our focus. the training paid off and today we're at the finish line. >> with l.a. hosting the 2028 summer olympics, that means paris is set to host the 2024 games. >> and you should have seen drew. he went into full training mode to get ready. >> absolutely. time to check on just how hot we're going to get around here. >> hey, drew. >> dan and ama, if you're going to exercise, do it early tomorrow morning baus by mid
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date in the afternoon warm weather will move into much of the region. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing tonight a typical summer-like pat earp. clouds on the cost. a live look from the east bay hills camera. got the pockets of follow trying to take over parts of san francisco and the bay bridge. the accuweather highlights will show you, we'll have fog tomorrow morning but the bigger story the heept advisory not only for tomorrow but lasting until wednesday evening as well. locations certainly going to be key with our microclimate this time of the year. a wide range in afternoon highs both days, tuesday and wednesday, but by friday area-wide cooler air will move in to wipe out that heat. even right now away from the coast, current numbers, it is still mild. 60s and 70s the name of the game away from the ocean. 70 that current number in livermore, 78 in brentwood. mild in san jose, checking in at 64. 65 right now in napa, but cooler along the water. 55 that number in both half moon bay and san francisco. so here's the call. overnight tonight we have patchy
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cloud cover right now along the coast, moving into the bay. we will see mid 50s there where we have the fog away from the ocean water influence. a little warmer. some of our mild spots will hold in the low 60s overnight tonight. let's talk about highs on tuesday. it will feel warmer across the region, especially in the south bay tomorrow. warm to hot, 101 your high tomorrow morgan hill. 92 in san jose. 90 in cupertino, same in santa clara. along the peninsula, bright and warm. 76 in millbrae. along the coast breezy. 68 the high in half moon bay. warm in san francisco tomorrow afternoon. afternoon sunshine, 72 the afternoon high. 64, we'll peek out some afternoon sunshine in daly city. this is why the excessive heat is in effect. 93 the high in santa rosa. 88 sonoma. 87 san rafael. east bay warm, oakland, and about 86 in free month.
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82 in richmond and inland we will be baking tomorrow afternoon. 100 in bits burg. 104 the afternoon high in brentwood. 100 in walnut creek and pleasanton. as the temperatures rise, unfortunately the air quality will decline. the inland east bay and also the santa clara valley, poor air quality. a spare the air has been ashed for tuesday. if you can, use public transportation and carpool. accuweather seven day forecast. tomorrow it is hot and we're going to do it again on wednesday. heat advisory still in effect through wednesday night. the heat will begin to ease thursday and into friday. a lot of folks like this if you don't like the heat, we're backing off and by early next week temperatures more typical for this time of the year. >> nice. thanks, drew. >> sthur. >> coming up, light up your step. >> yeah, you can't believe what causes these things to light
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well, getting a text could put an extra spring in your step when wearing a special pair of shoes. look at these things. they're flashing led shoes made in japan, the orfy connects to your smart phone and can be programmed to light up when you receive an e-mail, text or call. most people who wear them are dancers or performers, but the trend is catching on with people who wear them as walking shoes. be prepared to pay. a pair of these things call $400. i can see larry walking around the newsroom with texting and blinking. >> lighting up shoes. >> it is a tad overpriced there, just a little. i'll carry a flashlight around, shine it on my feet. >> nice. >> marcus siemian grew up in bay area watching bay bridge series. tonight he was the star of the
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"abc 7 sports" brought to you by river rock casino. >> good evening. sonny gray was scheduled to start tonight's opener in the bay bridge series but dealt to the yankees before the deadline. they need to make changes. they stood pat. klay thompson bringing the heat, throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. 2-all, the fourth kree, carlos moncrief up the middle. nice play, marcus siemian, but the throw not in time. it is moncrief's first major league hilt and rbi, scores 3-2 giants. bottom of the sixth, siemian goes grand slam. a's up 6-3. 6-4 in the seventh. brandon bell makes it a one run
11:29 pm
game with a single. gore keels hernandez make its it 6-5. giants relievers go three innings allow six runs. a's win it 8-5. as for sonny gray, he's a yankee now under contract for two more years. he's gotten hurt in each of the past two seasons so the a's felt his value would never be higher. same old same old for a's fans watch yet another favorite depart the team. the a's get back that guy, outfielder dustin fowler, out for the year with a knee injury suffered in major league debut when he crashed into a wall, but they project he will be okay. also received james kaprellian out of following tommie jonls surgery. here is the injured players. >> what? they're hurt. we get an opportunity -- because i can certainly tell you that it would have been very hard to acquire all three of these guys
11:30 pm
had that not been the case. >> relief for the raiders today. first round draft pick conley will not face rape charges in ohio. grand jury said there wasn't enough evidence to go forward with the case. conley was recorded as a top ten prospect at cornerback at ohio state. gm reggie mackenzie said all along the raiders were confidentiality conley would be cleared. >> it is tough on a young man like that to go through this, and i'm excited that -- for gary and the raiders, you know, for the process to work. >> little league world series. the intermediate world series, aces taking on texas. mathieu ab bass pinch-hitting. drives home a pair of 4-0 aces. with a base hit to knock in abbas. aces win 6-1. next game wednesday at 6:00 p.m. "abc 7 sports" brought to you by river rock casino. you don't mess with danville,
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dan. >> true. >> dan. >> dan, danville. >> was it named after -- >> i wouldn't mess with it, wouldn't dream of it. >> maybe they named it after you. >> thanks very much, larry. i like to think of it. >> "abc 7 news" continues online, on twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with our "abc 7 news" app. >> next newscast at food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. all right. that is our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for drew, larry, all of us. think for joining us. right now on "jimmy kimmel live," channing tatum. >> enjoy. see you tomorrow.
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"jimmy kimmel live" would like to congratulate new white house communications director anthony scaramucci. we wish you good luck and -- wait. what? >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, channing tatum. from "the handmaid's tale," elisabeth moss. and music from the killers in las vegas. and now, we're back, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching it. thanks for coming


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