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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 1, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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shooting on pier 14 killing style stlily two years ago. last week they aniensd federal ranger will be called to testify about the gun used in the shooting. the gun was stole frnt ranger's car. it is back to mike nicco. >> here's a look at our exploratorium camera on pier 15. looking back you see some of that fog we talked about. temperature 54 to 63, so definitely warmer that morning. notice the coast, low to mid-60s from noon to 4:00. 72088 around the bay. 99 at 4:00. 60s at the coast, 75 around the bay and 90 inland still at 7:00. and notice the spare the air moniker is back, i'll tell you more about where i expect the poor air quality up next. here's alex sis. so far we're looking pretty good. if you are commuting and driving
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into her this morning. southbound 880 for removal of that 23rd avenue overcrossing, not a full closure between 23rd and 29th. >> i haven't seen any delays in either direction of 880 so that should be a fine objection and 580 looking great. westbound 580 to dublin 47 minutes. no delays westbound four antioch to concord and you look great out of the north bay into san francisco. few construction projects to talk about and we'll did doh that in less than ten. we're still waiting to find out who will be the next white house communications director. anthony scaramucci resigned yesterday just 11 days after taking the white house pocht. the major staff shake-up comes amidst that meeting donald trump jr. had with that russian lawyer. we have that now. >> reporter: west wing chaos they're now 2k50e8g with the
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ousting of anthony scaramucci. the wealthy finance year known as the mooch known as the last seven days, bad blood between scaramucci and reince priebus then the profan the reporter. >> the president felt that his comments were inappropriate for a person in that position. >> president trump no stranger to colorful language himself hoping to turn the page with this new chief of staff john kelly. >> i predict that general kelly will go down in terms of the position of chief of staff, one of the great ever. >> kelly's next crisis may be a new revelation regarding don junior's meeting with the russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign first reported by the washington post, confirmed by abc news sources say president trump personally dictated a misleading statement his son gave in response to the meeting,
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something the trump team denied last month. >> the president didn't sign off on anything. he was coming back from the. good-20 were the president wasn't involved in that. >> his original statement said the meeting was not a campaign issue at the time. we now know the president's son took the sit down because he thought he would receive damaging information about hillary clinton. >> reporter: don junior's attorney had no comment on this new report but the president's legal team says it's not true and miss informed. kenneth moat ten, abc news, washington. 4:thurt 3 a south bay man accused of trying to have sex with a 13-year-old girl. contra costar police say he asked her to send him nude pictures. they arrested toledo last week. our media partner reports he went to a park along the martinez pleasant hill border to meet that girl. >> the contra costa board of supervisor will review a dozen applications for a new district. the position will become
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available in june after mark peterson resiepd. he they found that he illegally spent campaign donations on other items and then lied about it. the most qualified candidate will serve the remainder of peterson's term which expires in january of 2019. san jose is counting on a new smartphone app, they're calling it my san jose. that free app designed to give residents a new way to report potholes, graffiti and i will los angeles dumping. they say the reports will reach a real person at city hall, the response times will depend on the staffing at the department. >> we know there are constraints and those are budgetary constraints. and as we continue to grapple with having the most thinly staffed city hall in the country, wee going to need to be more innovative and rely on tools along with well-trained people. >> the team handling illegal dumping has hired additional
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staff expecting the app to generate more complaints. marin county officials will consider had agd a flood control parcel tax. they want to reduce flooding and creek and marsh habitat votto. each single family home would have to pay $47 a year if approved. it would raise nearly $20 million over 18 years. new this morning oakland a's are investigating after a fan say a person hired to protect them attacked them. >> we have a video this morning of that fight and fans say it included a female security officer punch a person in the stands. matt keller is live for us in oak lapped. matt. >> reporter: it was an exciting game last area rivals but the real tension was between fans and security
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guards. this video was shot by shane. he says he saw a female security grard and a woman in the crowd argue. another security guard stepped in between the two but the female security guard went in the row behind the fan and started pulling her hair and punching her had the shane also says another security guard grab the friend's fan's hair. eventually they started booing the security guard who gave everyone the finger and threw some kind of liquid into the crowd. another one says the police arrived on the scene to restore order. they both say the security guards were the agressers in this situation. the oakland a's say we contract with a third-party security company and are currently investigating the situation. violence in any form is not acceptable. we take this incident seriously. no word from oakland police on if there were any arifrests night. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> here's a look at what's going
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on down at san hoe a and 101 and 880 you see traffic getting an early start there. let me focus in on the air quality behind me. right now it's good everywhere but later today it could be poor in our east bay valleys and down in the santa clara valley and that's why we have our sichlk summer spare the air alert. we're look west all the way over towards san mateo. on the roads today there's a few foggy spots this morning. watch out for those. good thing is, they're few and far between. mass transit, if you're leaving san francisco it is could be in upper 60s. if you're heading to the east bay it would be 100 by the time you bet there this afternoon and evening. on the bay we've got breezes north of the bay bridge once again, a small craft advisory. here's a look at our temperatures in our inland east bay neighborhoods in the lower el vases low to mid-60s, highway 4 upper 60s. but up in the hills 72 and mount diablo 81 and that's why those are the areas above 1,000 feet
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that continue to be under the heat advisory until 9:00 tomorrow evening. 72 in san francisco, oakland 79. san jose 92. santa rosa 93 and 100s in our inland east bay. micro climates for today, and this isn't a one and done. there's more heat coming up in the seven-day forecast. finish touches on that be too. aexis. we're off to a fairly quiet start. we're talk tracking a lot of overnight closures that are in the final stages for the evening anyway. quick check of the posey. we did have some over night closures for electrical work. if you're leaving alameda they should have that wrapped up by 4:30 this morning. so they get that closure started by 10:00 p.m. and they should be done by 4:30 the next morning. quick check of the bridge looking just fine, look little foog fog and haziness there. that hasn't been causing too much of a delay. >> i will keep my eye on that
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but shouldn't be a major factor. we have some heavy traffic out of the central voel valley and we'll check on that next. how would you like to binge watch netflix guilt free. and a road rage incident that took place here in california. it's 4:39. it's 4:39. we're going to take
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. now a live desk update. >> from abc 7 mornings. >> two people are dead, two others are hurt after a shooting eight townhouse complex in colorado. around 9:30 in colorado springs police found two people deadty complex. officers say the victims are a man and a woman, the two others who are injured are expected to survive. a reverse 911 call went out to residents in that area to shelter in place while police were looking into this. it's unclear what led up to the shooting. police believe the person responsible for the shooting is now dead. happening today, concealed weapons permit holders can start carrying their handguns on community college campuses across texas. this comes one year after texas campus carry law allowed students to be happened. they believe it will protect students in the act of a shooter incident. opponents fear a rise in gun crimes like a 2013 shooting at a junior college in houston. even with the law, many college
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students may be too young to get a concealed weapons permit a concealed weapons permit because the age limit is texas. this is just a crazy road rage incident that happened in so he cal. earlier this month huntington park. onlookers say the suspect for no known reason began ramming the cars in front and behind him before speeding off. officials say he later hit five parked cars before coming to a stop. that's when his car actually caught on fire. one driver suffered minor injuries. the suspect was arrested and is now facing multiple charges. happening now tropical depression emily continues to move out to sea this morning a day after make a rainy and windy landfall in florida. she dropped sheets of rain and stirring up rough seas. winds were so strong they rippeo
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a roof off a resort sort. 7,800 homes still without power. they say she could still turn into a tropical storm once she leaves the east coast. let's go to mike now for our conditions. >> we'll take a look at live dopplar 7 and it be doesn't look nearly as impressive as it does yesterday, down to a depression you just have to wheernt it's going doing over that warmer water and you hope it's going to stay over land but it will still cause really gnarly rip wurnts and waves along the southeast coast. let's look at what's going on from mount tam you can see it's pretty darn foggy out there this morning. here's a look at our accuweather highlights. more sunshine and warm today, partly cloudy and warmer tonight. the heat will decrease by the weekend. as promised here's a look at the small craft advisory from noon to 9:00 so a little bit longer
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than yesterday but it's in the same area and the winds could get up to 21 to 33 knots from the bay brij bridge all the way in the delta communities and that's going to keep those areas a little bit cooler than the rest of us. 88 and that's the cool spot in san hoe a. 92 at san jose, 1 hundreds in morgan hill and gilroy and 77 at santa cruz. the peninsula, we start in the mid to upper 80s from red wood southward. millbrae about 706. notice the upper 60s way lot of cloud cover at the coast today. there's some free air-conditioning in salsa leet o. how about all over the map, 87 to san rafael and 90 in santa kpruz to 1 hundreds in cloverdale and lakeport. east bay shore mid to upper 70s in richmond, berkeley and oakland and low to mid-80s elsewhere. and just about everybody greater than 100 degrees today. a look at the temperatures tonight, a the lov us in the 50s
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right near the coast and the bay but then mid-60s in the south bay, inland east bay to even a 75 in antioch. all right. my accuweather seven-day forecast. today and tomorrow hottest days. the heat will pull back thursday, little bit more friday, saturday, and sunday, and noon monday. those days will be a lot easier to deal with. we'll take a look at what the heat may do to your body, signs you need to look at when we come back in a second. first want to get alexis in here. have you seen any fog and issues with that in the morning commute. yeah are i had a little bit of fog in my commute this morning. coming across the bay bridge couldn't really see the drive there. so far it's not causing any problems on the roads today. the only slow spot we're seeing, surprise surprise i know you're not going to be shocked by this westbound 205 out of trace sand we have a collision on the shoulder on westbound 205 on zbrant road. you can see that backup and some low speeds here too. 11 miles per hour, 19 miles per hour as you get closer to alta
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mont pass. also with that spare the airplane day, great day to take mass transit. golden gate ferry if you ride from lark spur into san francisco, they're out for two weeks. that's being replaced by a smaller capacity cata ma ran, so especially the 7:50 morning lark spur trip and the 5:00 p.m. trip back those are going to be packed. you want to get there early and keep that in mind for the next couple weeks. we'll take a look at drive times in less than ten. starting today ferry passengers are facing big changes in alameda. abc 7 was at the harbor bay terminal where new parking restrictions about to go into operation. commuters won't be allowed to park on residential streets around the terminal. restrictions range from a maximum of four hours parking to a total ban. >> i feel it's just not fair to take that option away from the commuters and not give them
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anywhere to park. >> she is an enterprising homeowner who's come up with a solution to relief the situation. she's now charge commuters $7.99 a day to park in her driveway. it's an offer that's part of a neighborhood network she's hoping to grow with a mobile app. >> parking rates go in effect so daily parking now costs $6 up from $5. the price for monthly permits is $40 and that's double the previous cost. drivers can pay using the park mobile app or at one of the 19 kiosks. parking is enforced 20 fourp/7. we all know it's leaning but is is it earthquake ready? san francisco's millennium tower is safe. they were above the high-end condo building yesterday but seemingly like everything else in this troubled building, some say the report itself is off base. kate larson has the details. >> reporter: out today a new engineering analysis that says the tower is safe in the viechbt major 8.0 magnitude earthquake.
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but not all homeowners agree with this report. >> i think it's superficial. >> jarpry dodd son bought his nuntd 2008 and feels the report which was order by the city of san francisco and based on the findings of another report kmigsd by the developer millennium partners does not go far enough. >> the report is only a snapshot of today and it doesn't predict the future health and save the of the build orgt people in it. >> reporter: they say the building has sunk 17 inches since construction started in 2006 and since 2010 has toind sinch 1 inch per year, more than three times the amount of settlement over the life of the structure. but to some unit owners today's report does bring relief. >> i think it's wonder zblfl howard wayne has also owned his unit since 2008. he hopes the new information will encourage banks to approve mortgages for potential buyers. >> i think it's not worth anything if you can't get a loan against it. >> both wayne and doddson are concerned about how and when a
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potential fix taking the building's foundation down to bedrock will take place. >> it's extremely disturbing to me that the people working on the fix for this are the same people that did the foundation. >> the developer believes kuks at the nearby transbay transit center and sales north tower contributed to the sinking. in san francisco, kate larson, abc 7 news. california school districts under fire. the reason why your kids meals are at the snefr a made in america controversy. plus a move by one bay area county to fix public transportation problems. first this morning's tech bites. >> in today's tech bites hbo is face a mange juror cyberattack. >> hackers drakd dragged about stealing their programming including written material from upcoming he received "game of thrones". >> they said they have other shows and are threatening to release more. we have the zen robot. >> it does everything from helping the kids n and the
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elderly. price tag, $600. >> better do laundry. an irish man has created a stationary biking that feeds your netflix habit. >> site flichl doesn't allow it to play unless your legs are moving. >> fair warning, unless you're a tech geek, don't bother. tech geek, don't bother. >> not the easiest of the
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♪ when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line at 1-800-273-8255 and press 1.
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costa is reporting this year's first deadly virus there. two mosquitoes from the bay have tested positive for the virus. infected mosquitoes spread the virus when they bite humans. dead birds are often the first sign of that disease. california school districts are being slammed in a new report that finds many are buying cafeteria food from foreign suppliers. a state audit say many districts are buying foreign-sourced foods to save money. they found the education department is doing a poor job in forcing a buy-american requirement for school food. california produce farmers say there are other factors to think of too. >> we also have it consider the health and safety aspects and we also have to consider the effect on the local economy. >> the association says they find it ironic many california districts are buying food from around the world when many of the same fruits and vegetables
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are grown right in their own communities. 4:54 now. assistant an clara county is offering a new solution for the public intoxication. it's a sobering station. the station will have two large rooms with sobering recliners in them offering an intoxicated person a comfortable and safe place to sober up. officials say this is a hoo more human nistache proech to the problem rather than tossing people behind bars. not all drunk people belong in jail especially people who are homeless or those with mental health issues. >> we're trying to broaden our minds and make sure that we're being much more effective in how we're treating people who come in contact with the police. >> the sobering station will start small with four to six recliners, showering facilities. it's set to open in late september. happening today, the california state park service will usher in a new reservation system for camping and lodging sites. it will change from a block reservation period to a rolling
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window. that means you can reserve a campsite six months in advance on any given day throughout the month. they will now have a longer window to book the most sought-after campgrounds. and new parks will be added to that service. let's take a look at what's going on. here's a look at my beat the heat forecast. stren uous activities, do those early if you can. frequent breaks, find some shade also. we've got hydrate early and often and if you can, wear that loose, light-colored clothing. walnut creek, our strooem extreme today 41 greep spread. got another game tonight at the coliseum. giants and a's, bay bridge series, 7:05 first pitch, 71 cooling down to 63 by the end of the game and get yourself a rally towel tonight. alexis. sounds good. so far so good on the roads. the bay bridge toll plazaa looks
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like we need a few more cash lanes open. you're flying through the middle if you're fast track or carpool here this morning. southbound 680 highway 4 to walnut creek we just showed that you on the traffic camera wried open in the green at six minutes. road work on westbound 24 schedule until 5:00. not causing delays. also looking good at nine minutes on walnut creek to highway 13. and tracy to dublin you're in the lel yellow at 42. next at phi clock a.m. the study that will have you thinking twice before blowing out your birthday candles. >> the rice against time. the effort under way to get a north bay school damaged by the this fire ready
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good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> 5:00 on the dot. good morning to you. welcome to tuesday, august 1st. >> jessica has the day off, the rest of us are here and it looks like summer is here to stay too. >> extreme in some areas. here's a look at live dopplar 7. cloud cover not quite as extensive as this time yesterday. you can see holes in it as we look from our east bay hills camera. the 12-hour day planner 54 to 63 at 7:00 this morning. already starting off warmer. this will put us to 90 degrees inland at noon. 788 round the bay, 68 at the coast. 100, 63 that's where you want to be, it's still go gog to be warm. 90 degrees at 7:00 in the inland neighbors and spare the air sixth of the summer season. i'll give you more details and how long it's going to la


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