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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 1, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> 5:00 on the dot. good morning to you. welcome to tuesday, august 1st. >> jessica has the day off, the rest of us are here and it looks like summer is here to stay too. >> extreme in some areas. here's a look at live dopplar 7. cloud cover not quite as extensive as this time yesterday. you can see holes in it as we look from our east bay hills camera. the 12-hour day planner 54 to 63 at 7:00 this morning. already starting off warmer. this will put us to 90 degrees inland at noon. 788 round the bay, 68 at the coast. 100, 63 that's where you want to be, it's still go gog to be warm. 90 degrees at 7:00 in the inland neighbors and spare the air sixth of the summer season. i'll give you more details and how long it's going to last coupling up.
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>>. we're looking at overnight road work wrapped early this morning so we didn't have a full overnight closure. we just had some lanes closed on that southbound side between the e between 23rd an 29th. just double checked with caltrans and all those cones are picked up. no delays. east bay commute looking good this morning. golden gate bridge one of those areas we are seeing some of of that fog so you can some visibility issues but so far that's a quiet commute from the north bay as well. this morning parents and teachers at a marin county school are wondering what happens now. >> a fire sparked at dichlsy elementary yesterday just three weeks from the start of their school year. tiffany wilson live for us in san rafael. tiffany. >> reporter: good morning. well there is typically a troush get things ready for the start of any school year and that's without a fire to deal school officials r officiasay i early to tell whether the classrooms 8 be ready august
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24th. they're hoping to get a better look at the fire damage and that could happen as soon as today. heavy black smoke greeted firefighters early yesterday evening. the fire chief says the fire started over building chakt was getting its roof replaced. they were able to get the situation under control quickly but the roof sustained significant damage. the building houses four first grade classrooms. they also have water and smoke damage as well. >> i just felt really sad for the school because i grew up here, you know, and i love the teachers aern teachers and i'm glad it didn't happen during the school year, it happened in the summer and not around any of the kids. >> reporter: again, there's just about three weeks until the start of the new school year so if the building can not be fixed in time, the school district will have to work out a different solution for those four classes of incoming first graders. live in san rafael, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. thank you. developing news in santa clara a
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brup of neighbors hope you can recognize people that they suspect have been breaking into their cars in an condo complex. this is near bow avenue and el camino real. the break-ins happen between 12:30 and 3:30 in the morning. they say they're concerned because three people usually commit those crimes together. police are looking into it. a landlord's son no longer faces criminal charges of ma ration his father's tenants in east palo alto. tenants claim that their cars were vandalized by the owner of the stanford guard. they claim it was an attempt to drive tenants out to rent their units for higher prices. the building's owner plead nod contest. his son faced accusations of trying continue to tim date a victim. those charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. a home on chapel drive in lafayette seems like a steal prooigsed at 130,000 where the price assist 1.4 million. they say the home looks like
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it's about to tumble down the side of a cliff. laura anthony has the latest on the effort to sell this teetering house. >> reporter: as seen from drone view 7, it's a scene right identity horror movie if you're the homeowner. a huge slide that makes the house above it appear as if it's about to fall into the abyss. situations so precarious, one of those only necessary red tags abornz the front door, the kind than reads unsafe to zblernt it's different but i like challenges. >> less than ideal perhaps but still a deal says realtor valerie kroul. for just $830,000, the hilltop lafayette home with a spectacular view of mount diablo can be yours. >> some people are going to look at this and think there's no way have some there's always people that look and say no way. i'm looking for the people that look at it and say there's a way. >> reporter: according to kroul, the house itself is dated but can certainly be saved. >> in the greater scheme of
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things, it's mine more in tor h rest of house needs a regular old update. old update. >> i honestly don't know what to think. > >>aing ina styles lists next door. >> i don't know how it can. >> kroul told us she has bid to nix one for $225,000. >> it's just a matter of fooinl finding them. it's something who understands the value of the land be in lafayette. >> it's the project that elevates the term fixer upper to a whole new level. in lafayette, laura anthony, abc 7 news. hayward city officials say they're troubled and concerned by the detainment of two undocumented men by federal immigration agents last week. the men's families say ant know venezuela and jose salgado, on
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their way to work when ice agents took them into custody. they were searching for another undocumented immigrant when they encountered them. venezuela daughter rent kaunted what happened to her father. >> they told him to give him something and then he give it to them and then he saw -- they saw that he didn't have papers so they took him. >> in a statement to abc 7 news the agency says venezuela had been departed three times. salgado was arrested yeerl this year by local police for a felony charge of lewd acts with a minor. a family business is back on track after police recovered a stolen train at its trailer in the east bay. sky 7 flew above boulevard circle and walnut creek when police checked out the trailer carrying the train yesterday morning. the trailer vanished from pleasant hill over the weekend. the trailer carried a train that was supposed to be one of the main attractions at the bay view
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hunters summer carnival. own's daughter posted a photo on facebook and then the tips came pouring in. >> i'm a social media fan now. if you asked me last friday i would have said it was a waste of time. >> i get it now. >> the train's ready to roll again. it's booked every weekend between now and halloween. novato high school is pulling its high school football team. the the coach tells that concussion concerns played a role here. the league must approve the petition to drop football. novato high will still host a junior football team for underclassmanmen. two employees are for stealing 76 containers of baby formula the.
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workers called 911 after they spotted a man stack being the containers the middle of a store aisle. deputies contacted man and his partner. they say both had outstanding bench warrants and discovered the baby formula in their car. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> as someone who's been is there and done that i've been talking to alexis you can never have too many diapers and never have another baby formula. if you go that way get early and often. here's a look at what's going on, 280 at 17. we're down in the south bay because this is one of the areas along with our east bay valleys that could have poor air quality this afternoon and the inland valleys could have poor air quality again tomorrow. fingers clos cross-ed those will be our only pair spare the air days this week. we're mainly about 53 like in the mission and also cat tro 56 you can he k see there ocean beach with 54 and also west portal. 55 coming through the ferry building. 55 in richmond, san leandro, 55 in richmond, san leandro, belmont,
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it's only going to get thicker in the next couple of hours. the beach hazard's over, out and about today afternoon heat do your errands early if you can and a small craft advisory on the bay. around the state, who's not in the 100s? so we're 99 in yosemite, pretty close. almost a record high 90 in tahoe, 87 in l.a. notice the thunderstorms developing down to our south and notice how they're coming more towards the west. we've got a small chance of that here at homecoming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast p. alexis. we are looking very quiet on the roads so far this morning. here's a live look at the san mateo bring. light volumes on westbound 92 and checking that drive time from you're traveling from hayward to foster city you're in the green at just 12 minutes. so that's not too bad here this morning. also it's a spare the air day so a great day to use mass transit. no issues yet this morning but keep in mind if you take the
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golden gate ferry from larks sper we're going to have issues for the next two weeks. napa is out for unscheduled maintenance if the as of yesterday a smaller capacity cata ma van replacing it for the time being so especially the 7-list a.m. lark spur departure and 5:00 p.m. departure thinking those are going to sell out. get there ahead of time. we'll take a look at drive times coming up at 5:20. thank you. 5:10 now happening today uber will begin adjusting employees salaries to adjust its gender gap. it was rocked by scandals months ago and now times realign it's salaries. the largest inkreetss expect god to engineers. uber will also raise the salaries of nontechnical workers make being below the median industry wage. happening tonight, millions of people will take part in national night occupant. the annual event of building campaign that promotes police community partnerships. some neighborhoods throughout
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the country host block parties, festivals and parades. nearly every bay area city is going to hold an event tonight and we do have a list of national night out events on our website, just go to you know that baseball showdown, here what chris crist city saying about that weekend confront tag well, the heckler. >> just ahead, the rumors swirling around about the new possible bells and whistles. >> here's a feature you'll only >> here's a feature you'll only see on abc
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now a live desk update. >> a political drama is playing out in venezuela this morning. the families of two opposition leaders say authorities have taken both men into custody. and you're look at video showing lopez being put into a car outside of his home. lopez's wife shared this video on twitter overnight. officials also captured former caracas mayor overnight. both men had been under house arrest. this comes as president brushed off. they have proposed to rewrite the constitution and go after his enemies. chris christie was responding to an incident at a baseball game that went viral over the weekend. on sunday christie took in the brewers game cubs game got into a man's face after saying some night nice things to him after
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calling him a hypocrite. christie said he was basically giving what he was getting back. >> most of these folks think they can say whatever they want. public officials are publicer is advance and the they're not mant to be a punching bag. i don't think it's the right of anybody to swear ought and curse you out. >> in the interview the heckler said as an american he has a right to say what he believes. crist thai tee told him you're a big shot and hopefully we're just done with this, right. >> i think it's time to leave it. it's tuesday let's l the weekend, right. an airline croup had a lithium battery that overheat and caught fire onboard. we have the details in gma first look. >> reporter: this many morning's gma first look, investigators sorting through ow a lithium battery pack or mobile phones caught fire inside an overhead bin on a packed international
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flight. the crew noticing smoke shortly after meal service on board a xi lank can jet extinguishing the fire. >> there's no single safety standard, manufacturing standard for lithium-ion batteries. they can be made anywhere by anyone and you never know what you're going gets. cheaper they are the less well built they are and the higher the risk of fire. >> so far this year any have reported at least 18 incidents involving lithium-ion batteries on airplanes or in airports. faa conukt diagnosis new tests on lithium-ion batteries which can smoke and explode like this. and we'll have the latest on this scare in the air coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your we could be in a tricky legal situation over the push to repeal and replace obamacare. president trump has threatened to stop billions of dollars in government payments to insurers.
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now the money reimburses insurers for copays and deductibles. it clearly says i sure iers have to provide financial assistance to the people that qualifier and that the government has to pay those insurers. but not paying them law professors say the president would be handing the insurers a sol laid case for a lawsuit. are you ready for this? it may have you think twice about accept a slice of that birthday cake. a recent study 345i have confirmed what you have thought about. blowing out candles spreads germs. they slajered icing on two birthday cakes, blow out the candles on one of them and blowing on the candles increased the amount of bacteria on the cake by 1400%. the study appears in the journal of food research. here's my question. >> okay. >> i like that corner piece that has double the frosting. does that mean double the bacteria? >> here's what i say, let's cut the cake first, let's put the
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candles on your. >> on your. >> piece. >> treat them like a lep per, that's what they want. >> why do they always give it to the birthday boy or girl. >> make them work on their birthday. >> nobody wants ton cut it to small or too big. not seem generous enough pore -- >> i don't know. too many cand lgz on mine, i'd say that. >> that's a lot of bacteria. >> mine keeps getting bigger, my piece, and i don't like that. hi, everybody. here's a look at san rafael this morning, about 56 degrees under a partly cloudy sky. we're going to have a the lov sunshine and a lot of warmth away from the coast. hottest highs today and tomorrow we'll get a little bit more comfort as we head towards the weekend. let's jump in and show you how the cloud cover is going away and how quickly. there's not a lot out there and it's compressed and low. if you start store drive up just a couple hundred feet in elevation you're going to run into reduction in visibility. it's about 11:00 it's all gone.
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noon for sure it's back to the coast. coast is going to be stub barn just like yesterday but you will see sunshine from time to time. hottest temperatures, let's go from hottest to most comfortable, concord 101 building heat ul all throughout our inland neighborhoods. san ramon as 99. up in the north bay, the hotter or the further north you go the hotter it gets. 93 in santa rosa, napa 90 places like sausalito 73 but then uchi about 106 and vallejo 1 on 5. morgan hill 101, los gatos 98, san jose 92. on the peninsula today, 82 in san mateo on the coastal side half moon bay about 68. east bay shore, mott very comfortable. you're house when you get home today, 79 in oakland fremont 86. last stop, temperatures in the mid to upper 60s through most of the san francisco, downtown in south san francisco low to mid-70s. acc cue east-to-west flow
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seven-day forecast thursday there's a slight chance of a thunderstorm and then we get cooler through the weekend. alexis. good morning. and we're looking at some smooth volumes here so far today, just a little bit of slowing out of the central valley and that's about it. we'll take you into walnut creek southbound 680 no delays there and construction has been picked up on westbound 24 between 680 and pleasant hill road. we were keeping an eye on that to see if he we backups but everything cruising along just fine. we do say lane down on that eastbound side but that of course is counter commute this time of day. westbound 580 tracy to dublin 45 minutes. we did have a crash just past grant line road on 580 that was off on the shoulder that caused early slowing. southbound 680 dublin to mission boulevard 15 and 101 to couper teenio in the green at 16 minutes. he's plan a come back at the company that he founded at the cording to the tech blog calla
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neck has told several people he plans to did the same thing stee jobs did as apple. he was talking about jobs returned to apple after he got fired only to become one of silicon valley's greatest vision naerz. uber is still looking for somebody to replace cal neck. >> business meanwhile is booming for san francisco-based lyft. they reported they carried more passengers through june of this year than all of last year. that's more than 162.5 million rides so far. the gains come as lyft's large arrival uber we were just talking about dealing with several issues including widespread sexual harassment allegations. uber says it has given more than 5 billion ids since 2010 but hard to compare apples and oranges. there are new clues on what the next generation iphone may offer in its features. they tweeted this showing an iphone 8. a developer discovered it in the code apple pushed out for another upcoming project. this shows the front as all
5:22 am
screen, no home button and no frame way cutout at the top for a speaker and front camera. the leaked code also suggests it will have facial recognition technology to unlock the device. ceo tim cook will likely unveil it in september. the next device will be the tenth anniversary iphone. >> you can recognize my face first thing in the morning and my features are not where i left them the night before, that's what i want know about the facial recognition technology. >> that's funny. get a text message could put an extra spring in your step when it comes to wearing a special pair of shoes. these flashing led shoes nad gentleman opinion. it can be made to lighted up when you receive an e-mail, text or call. most people who wear them are dancers or performers but this trend is catching on with regular people who like to walk around with that. a pair costs 400 u.s. dollars. unless you're tublly in disneyland's paint the night parade that's going to be the big no.
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next the seven things to know to start your day. plus the new tax marin county residents could soon are paying for. you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
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a good clean salad is so much more than green. and with panera catering, more for your event. panera. food as it should be. 5:25. whether you're just joining us or heading outs the door these are the seven things you need to know. the oakland a's are investigating after of this fight broke out between a security guard and a fan at last night's home game against the giants. the a's released a statement saying violence in any form is not acceptable. number 2 the first day of school is in question after a fire at a north bay school. school starts in just three weeks at dixie elementary. parents and staff are wondering if four classrooms will be ready in time. and number three, august beginning with some real serious heat. look at these temperatures compared to average. we're going to be anywhere from 4 to 12 degrees above where we should be plus it's a spare the air day. poor air quality will develop this afternoon. and number 4 of course spare the air goes along with your commute as well so great day to
5:26 am
carpool, ride the bike or walk to work or mass transit a great option to. ace 1 and three out on time and no issues with bta. number five starting this morning commuters will face new parking rules near the ferry terminal. they'll not be allowed to park on nearby residential streets. number six today's the day more than 50 employees at a wisconsin tech company are going to be implantded with a tiny microchip under their skin. that will allow them to enter their building and buy snacks from a vending machine. number seven, the video that will make your day. this is a 2-year-old little one named guy, fist bumping every single person he's gets on a flight from kansas city last month. mom shared this video on fis book and she seds e says he first learned to fist bump when he was 18 months old and has not stopped. i watched that whole video yesterday and it's truly the most charming thing you'll see. because the passengers at first are like what's this? oh, you're an adorable child.
5:27 am
hi. >> love it. if you're a dog person you know it's impossible to walk by another pup without getting super excited. anna murphy says her mom is one of those people. the two ladies were eating at a flaurnt new york when her mom started giggling saying take a look at that adorable. >> i never know how to say this correctly. >> dock son. >> it turns out she was looking at a brown purse. >> i was fooled too. >> yeah, murphy tweeted out these photos of the handbag which confused her mama which you know what it does look like a dog. >> also looks like someone lost their receipts. >> and you know what i've been told, always keep the receipts. >> swish swish. >> you never know. >> swish swish. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including the new tax that officials are considering in the north bay. plus video that's hard to plus video that's hard to beli
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings.
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welcome to august 1st. good morning to you on this tuesday. we're glad that you're here waking up with us. >> just got off today but the rest of the team here for you. august already and we're starting off way bit of heat. >> mother nature looked at the calendar and said it's august, it's supposed to be the hottest time of year, it's going to be at least for the inland neighborhoods. leerz a look at live do lar 7. >> i was looking at the visibility because i know we drove through some fog this morning but it's not hitting our reporting stations but it's out there and you can see it. you can also see our sales force tower punching through carl the fog this morning. the 12-hour day planner let's start with the temperatures through 7:00. 54 at the coast, 63 inland, a little bit warmer than yesterday. low to mid-60s at the k0e69 noon to 4:00. 90 already inland at noon to 99 at 4:00. 7:00 temperatures, 60 at the coast, 75 around the bay and still 90 inland. did you notice that the spare the air moniker was up there? we'll talk about where the poor air quality is going to be today
5:31 am
and tomorrow. here's alexis. and we've got a lot of folks heading out across the bay bridge this morning, those metering lights flipped on at 5:28 this morning so just a few minutes ago. unless you're carpooling you're going to have to twilight get through that toll plazaa at this point. westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze in the green at 17 minutes. about 14 across the bay bridge into the city and southbound 101 to san francisco sfo you're still looking good in the green at 9 minutes. just hearing about a new crash in the castro valley area. we'll check on that next. the oakland a's investigating after fans say a person hired to protect them attacked them. >> and we have the video this morning of the fight. fans say it included a female security officer punch a person in the stands. abc 7 news reporter montana keller is live for us in oakland. matt. >> reporter: there were a lot of hits at last night's game between the giants and a's at the coliseum but it was the punches thrown by a security guard against a fan that's guard against a fan that's grabbing all the headlines this
5:32 am
morning. this video was shot by a fan named shane. he says he saw a female security guard and a woman in the crowd arguing. another secured r security guard stepped in between the two but the female security guard went into the row behind the fan and started pulling her hair and punching her. shane also says another security guard grabbed the fan's friend's hair as well. eventually the crowd started booing the female security guard who gave everyone the finger and threw some type of liquid into the crowd. they say oakland police arrived on the scene to restore order. both witnesses say the security guards were the agressers in this station. the oakland a's released a statement saying we crack with a third-party security company and are investigating the situation. violence in any form is not acceptable. we take this incident seeshlts. no word on oakland police on whether anyone was arrested in last night's game.
5:33 am
thank you. developing news out of san rafael now, fire investigators trying to find the cause of this fire at dixie elementary school. thick clouds of black smoke poured from the school yesterday afternoon. they tell abc 7 news hot tar was on the roof and the tar paper may vig nighted. there are four classrooms in that building and there's concerns this morning whether they're going to be ready to reopen the school. they go back in just about three weeks. happening today, a fremont man charged with taping his roommates having sex then trying to blackmail them. he's expected to make his first court appearance. police say the 33-year-old man has threatened the couple with release of the tapes unless they paid him thousands of dollars. he lived with his wife in an apartment in this complex on pennsylvania avenue which they shared with the couple in their 20s. the young couple moved out after two months and started receiving disturbingee mails from an unknown address. police used the e-mails to track down and arrest him. a neighbor plans or talking to
5:34 am
her daughter who lives with the roommates. i'm going to let her know what happened and what to look out for. yeah. i'm surprised. >> police recovered the video and they're now searching for the recording material they collected. happening today wear trial date expected to be set in the murder trial of the suspect accused of killing kate styly. juan francisco sanchez will be back in court at 9 could clock this morning. ease accused in the high profile shooting on pier 14 that killed styly two years ago. last week his lawyers announced that a federal ranger will be called to testify about the gun used in the shooting. the gun was stolen from the ranger's car. developing news this morning, we are still waiting to find out who will be the next white house communications director. anthony scaramucci out as of yesterday. he lasted just 11 days and they were rocky. on day one there was bad blood between scaramucci and now ex-chief of staff reince priebus. this major staff shake-up comes amidst new reports of that
5:35 am
meeting donald trump jr. had with a russian lawyer. sources say that president trump personally dictated a misleading statement to his son and his son then gave that in response to the meeting, something the trump or rather trump denied last month. >> the president didn't sign off on anything. he was coming back from the. good-20, the president wasn't involved in that. >> don junior's attorney had no comment on this new report but the president's legal team says it's not true and misinformed. a south bay man say cuesed of trying to have sex with a 13-year-old girl. contra costa prosecutors claim jose francisco toledo of morgan hill asked a teenage girl to send him nude pictures of herself. that girl was an undercover office pert a task force arrested him last week. our media partner reports toledo went to a park along the border to meet that girl. happening today, the contra costa board of supervisors will review a dozen applications for a new district attorney.
5:36 am
the position became available in june after he resigned. he illegally spent campaign donations on personal items and then lied about it. they will be invited to take part in a public forum in two weeks. the most qualified candidate will serve the remainder of his term which expires in january of 2019. marin county officials will consider add a flood control parcel tax on a november ballot. board of supervisors want to reduce mooding and restore creek and wildlife habitat in novato. each single family home would have to pay $47 a year if approved and it would raise nearly $20 million over 18 years. now your acc cue east-to-west flow forecast with mike nicco. >> let's open the weather window on walnut creek. we're looking south on 680 right now. this one is of those areas our inland east bay neighborhoods and the assistant clara valley that could have poor air quality. later today, right now all of us good air. so it's a great time to exercise because the air's clean and the
5:37 am
air is also very cool. let's take a look at what's going on. south bay you can see the bridge there, the bay bridge getting lit little active. we'll toss alex sis and find out what's going on. there are a few fog i can spots this morning, flew and far between. that's the only obstacles on the road. mass transit summer spread today of about 40 degrees from the coast to our inland neighborhoods and if you're on the bay it's going to be breezy north of the bay bridge once again. i'll show that you small craft advisory in a second. 49 mill valley and also bodega bay. 52 santa rosa, petaluma novato little warmer about 57. same thing almade' 56, 56 in san ra mow and san jose. up in the hills where the temperatures are still in the 70s and 80s this morning, that's where we're going to keep it until about 9 could clock tomorrow evening. it's still going to be hot in our lower elevations but we're going to cool off into the 50s and 60s at night so we'll get relief even those these niechbts
5:38 am
and 1 hundreds are here in the north bay, east land, and south bay. i'll let you know how long they're going to last and a chance of the thunderstorm. here's alexis. i've got a couple new issues to talk about. two new crashes what really has been a quiet morning we're starting to ramp up now. florj bound 250 tart you're coming in from castro valley just before that 880 merge we have four to five vehicles involved in this crash. the far right slain blocked and that's definitely starting to have an impact. just south of there northbound ate eight before 8th street we have a multicar crash and we have one that has spun out and helped the wrong way and hov lane and lane number three no backup there yetta but we'll chaek in again in ten minutes and see how that's going aught san jose quiet this morning. 101 and 880 filling in but no traffic spots four. how would you like to binge watch netflix and do it guilt free in the new invention that could make that a reality. >> who said i was feeling guilty
5:39 am
that? >> you're fine. also this real-life street derby. we'll show you the video of this road rage that took place in california. >> we're headed to break right >> we're headed to break right now
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this.
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internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. now a live desk update. >> from abc 7 mornings. new video coming into the live desk this morning from vice president mike pence's trip to
5:42 am
the country of georgia. here it is this morning pence met with local religious leaders, he toured a cathedral and also spoke with the georgian prime minister affirming u.s. sport for georgia's effort to join nato. pence is also taking part in joint military exercises. he 'riverside in georgia yesterday after stopping in alstonia over the weekend. happening today, concealed weapons permit holders can start carrying their handguns on community college campuses across texas. this comes one year after texas's campus carry law allowed luns dollars gun holders to be on campuses. they believe it will protect students and others in the event of an active shooting incident. opponents feel a rise in crimes. even with the law, many community college students may be too dwroung get a concealed weapon permit. weapon permit. the age limit there is this is a crazy road rage incident. it happened in socal earlier
5:43 am
this non huntington park but we're getting the first look of the video now. they say for no no reason he began ramming cars in front and behind him before speeding off. he later hit five parked cars before coming to a stop and that's when his car actually caught on fire. one driver suffered minor injuries. suspect was arrest and is now facing multiple charges. happening now, tropical depression emily continues to move out to sea this morning a day after making a rainy and windy landfall in the golf coast of floo. she blew through the not so sunshine state yesterday dropping sheets of rain and stirring up rough seas. look at that, winds even ripped a roof off of a hotel. 7,800 homes and businesses are without power. forecasters say ime emily could restrengthen into a tropical storm once she exits florida's east coast. let's go to mike nicco now. the signs -- the signs are showing that it's like it's not going to be quite as likely that
5:44 am
she'll become a tropical storm, more likely she'll be a depression and keep moving off to the east away from florida over the next several days, be more of a fish storm and a beach storm as it will rip up some gnarly waves along the carolina coast, georgia, and florida. let's look at what's going on back here at home. yeah. carl the fog looking for like swiss cheese this morning. he's got some holes in him and that smeenz early sunshine and more warm willing across the board today. tonight partly cloudy, not as cool as it has been and the heat will decrease everywhere by the weekend. here's a look at that small craft advisory. it's from noon to 9:00 so a few more hours today. southwest winds at 20202133 knots in that area you see shaded in yellow. it's the same place it was yesterday. and down in the south bay the warmest temperatures, 101 in morgan hill and gilroy, 98 los gatos, 92 at san jose, 85 in mill pete toes. san jose sunshine 87.
5:45 am
76 in millbrae. everybody else 88 in red wood city. low to upper 60s along the coast today, 63 to 68 on the peninsula coast. 72 in downtown, 74 in south san francisco. aetd 5 in vallejo, 87 in san rafael, 93 at santa rosa and more than 100 in lakeport and also in cloverdale. secht 6 richmond, nice there because of the breeze blowing through. calmer and warmer in oakland, 79. calmest and warm northwest fremont and also castro valley at 66 and just about everybody 100 in east bay inland neighborhoods. lowsed to mid 50s to mid-70s, another tough night for some folks. the it's going to be hot again tomorrow, but look at that, storm threat thurts. we'll keep an eye on the monsoon moisture coming up from the desert and see if it will crack a sform for us. if it did that means our fire danger is going to get a little bit higher thursday. here's alexis this morning joining me here and let's talk about some hot spots this
5:46 am
morning possibly. >> we've got quite a few to get to at this point. we've got the crash be in castro valley here on 238 on that northbound side just before you goat 880 so 4 to five vehicles involved in this one. it does sound like the vehicles are going to be driveable so not a ton of damage but that back jum uup keeps growing. it has spilled over on to 580 now so you're at about three miles and down to 12 miles per hour for that average. so heavy volumes in that area. and just now starting to see a backup from a crash just south of there, northbound 880 before "a" street. multicrash once again now the three left lanes blocked at that point. ch sporngs the scene not sure if there's injuries but three left lanes down you're s just before mountain house parkway we're getting reports of a new crash, at least one lane blocked, not sure which one so nice and heavy getting out of tracy this morning. the bay bridge toll plazaa those metering lights are on so that's
5:47 am
filling in too. next traffic update just about soim clock. there's big changes in alameda. abc 7 was at the ferry terminal where new parking restrictions are about to range from 4 hours parking to a total ban. >> i feel it's just not fair to take that option away from the commuters and not give them anywhere to >> a woman is an enterprising homeowner who's coming up with at solution to relief the situation she's charging muters $7.99 a day to park in her driveway. it's shg shooez she's hoping to grow with a mobile app. >> no parking rates go into effect. daily parking now costs $6 up from fooim five dollars and the monthly cost is $40. that's double the previous cost. parking is enforced 24/7.
5:48 am
their homes might be sink bug residents of san francisco's millennium tower might feel a little better about a new report that says it's earthquake safe. it has sunk 17 inches since 2006. it's also leaning to the west. the san francisco order the report on the building's safety. homeowners have mixed opinions, even though engineers believe the sbilgd safe and can withstand a magnitude 8 earthquake. i think it's wonderful. i always thought ta that it was. >> the report is only a snapshot of today and it doesn't really predict the future health and safety of the building or the people in it. >> developers blame the sinking on construction taking place nearby at the sales force tower and the transby transit center. san jose is counting on a smartphone app to clean up blight and other problems and they're call it my san jose. it's designed to give residents
5:49 am
a new way to report pot loelz, graffiti and illegal dumping. they say they will reach a real person at city hall. response time will depend on the problem and the staffing at the department. >> we know there are constraints. and those are budgetary constraints primarily at. and apps we continue to grapple with having the most thinly staffed city hall of any major city in the country, we're simply going to need to be more invid innovative and rely on tolz tools along with well trained people. >> the team that handles illegal dumping has hired additional staff. an undercover operation could bring a major change to muni. >> but first california school districts under fire. the reason why your kids's meals are under fire. >> plus a county that's trying to fix public intoxication issue. issue. you can get
5:50 am
issue. you can get you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
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assistant an clara county is offering a new solution to the problem of public intoxication and it's not a drunk tank but a sobering staying the it will have two large rooms with recliners in them offering an intoxicated person a comfortable and safe place to sober up. they say this is a more human nistic approach rather than throwing them behind bars. >> what we're trying doing is broaden our minds and make sure that we're being much more effective in how we're treating people who come in contact with the police. >> the sobering station will start small with four to six recliners, showers and laundry facilities. the station is set to open in
5:53 am
late september. there's a new stanford study shedding light on chronic fatigue syndrome. it affects millions of americans every year. they say it causes severe head to toe symptoms and that includes headaches, brain -- brain fog, sore throat, exhaustion, muscle and joint pain. scientists believe they have uncovered a possible explanation for the illness after decades of research has failed to pinpoint a biological cause. >> this research done out of stanford actually tried to see if there were some kind of advanced sign or marker, if you will, in patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. and they did find these substances called sita kienz in the blood. think of it like a fingerprint that you only see when a black light is shined upon it. a lot of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome they feel frustrated and unheard this gives validation to what they're going through. >> dr. ashley says the key toening maing this illness is by
5:54 am
treating the worst symptoms first. vector control and contra costa is reporting this year's first west nile virus activity there. two dead birds from walnut creek and mosquitoes from discovery bay have tested positive for the virus. vector control is conducting surveillance and mosquito control in the area. they spread the virus when they bite humans. dead birds are often the first sign of the disease. >> school districts are being slammed when they're buying cafeteria food from foreign slierz. they're doing it to save money. the report also found than california's education department is doing a poor job enforce a buy-american requirement for school food. california produce farmers say that there are other factors to think of too. >> we also have to consider the health and safety aspects and we also have to consider the effect on the local economy. >> the association says that they find it ironic many california districts are buying food from around the world when
5:55 am
many of the same fruits and gej e veggies are grown right in their own communities. queen elizabeth is living her best live. according to travel and, she loves her drink. she has not one, not two, not three, but four cocktails every day. her first drink the day gin. during lunch she has wine and a martini and then a glass of champagne before bed. this makes at t queen a binge drinker according to local standards. but we say she's 91 years old and let's let her do her. >> i'm not judging her life. >> binge drink sheg stretches it out so it's in moderation, right. >> that sounds super moderate. >> drink at breakfast, two drinks at lunch and a drink at dinner. all right. let's move on and talk about the weather. hi, everybody. i'm not saying i would do that. east bay camera showing that the cloud cover cover is not as ex-tense sich as it was yesterday and that's why we're
5:56 am
going to be so hot. from 63 in pacifica to brentwood at 10 fou. stainous activity in the morning, frequent breaks, hydrate early and often and wear your favorite team over to the coliseum. just be civil. 71 at 7-05, get your rally towel. alexis. good news for our issues we have around castro valley. northbound 238 we had all lanes blocked due to a multicar crash. they had to temporarily close everything to get that cleared so severing back open now but we've got a little over a three-mile backup that's stild n on to 580 as well. good news for northbound 8 eight just before "a" street, same situation there they had to temporary claez close all lanes but as bf 2 or three minutes ago everything opened back up. on top of this hearing about a new crash in the dublin area we'll check on that at 6:00. thank you. no football in novato. one concerning reason why novato
5:57 am
high won't have a var sis at this time football team. the usual crime cand who helped stop '. we talked about the surge in humpback whales near the golden gate bridge. researchers just released this video taking the whales. we'll show you the data they're finding. here a live look outside the the embarcadero still peaceful
5:58 am
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good morning north bay let's get up and get going. here comes the warm lk, are you ready for it? we are mentally preparing for another round of heat here in the bay area, but right now we can just enjoy this beautiful view from our tower cam. >> right now it looks more like foggist, at least in san francisco. >>? >> there's a little bit of a difference, it's not as thick as yesterday. so carl's kind of slip ago i little bit this morning. >> he has his good days and bad
6:00 am
days. >> yeah. he's going to let us have more sunshine, warmth today but he'll be back before you know it and ring us cooler weather. it and here's a look at a partly cloudy live dopplar 7 and there we go from the exploratorium camera at pier 15 you can see that cloud deck opening already. let's see what it does to our temperatures on our 12-hour day planner 53 to 63, not quite as cool this morning. lower temperatures at the bottom, 62, 63 that's at noon and 4:00 at the coast and then 78 to 82 around the bay. 90 to 99 from noon to 4:00. and then through 7:0060 at the coast, 75 around the bay, but temperatures still 90 inland. we'll eventually drop down into the 50s and 60s. know the, spare the air today also have that next. here's alexis with the morning commute. spare the air, great day to carpool or of course use mass transit. we're not seeing any problems there but we're seeing a few problem spots on the roads here so we do have a


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