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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 1, 2017 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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>> he has his good days and bad days. >> yeah. he's going to let us have more sunshine, warmth today but he'll be back before you know it and ring us cooler weather. it and here's a look at a partly cloudy live dopplar 7 and there we go from the exploratorium camera at pier 15 you can see that cloud deck opening already. let's see what it does to our temperatures on our 12-hour day planner 53 to 63, not quite as cool this morning. lower temperatures at the bottom, 62, 63 that's at noon and 4:00 at the coast and then 78 to 82 around the bay. 90 to 99 from noon to 4:00. and then through 7:0060 at the coast, 75 around the bay, but temperatures still 90 inland. we'll eventually drop down into the 50s and 60s. know the, spare the air today also have that next. here's alexis with the morning commute. spare the air, great day to carpool or of course use mass transit. we're not seeing any problems there but we're seeing a few problem spots on the roads here so we do have a new crash
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westbound 580 near san ramon road just past the 680 interchange hearing the left to lanes are blocked. that's a tough spot to have anything blocking. and then once you get past it we're still in recovery mode through castro valley, about a three-mile backup. we did have a crash just before 880 that cleared about ten minutes ago. parents and type offers at a marin county school are wondering what happens now. >> this fire sparked at dixie elementary school it's three weeks away from the start of the school year. tiffany wilson live for us in san rafael. tiffany. >> reporter: good morning, reggie, natasha. school officials say it's too early to tell whether the four affected classrooms will be ready for the start of school on august 20 fourth. this fence was put up over the summer for construction work that's being done here, some of the workers who just arrived didn't even know about the fire yesterday. but firefighters say that a roof that was getting replaced sparked the fire.
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heavy black smoke greeted those firefighters at 5:45 yesterday evening. the fire chief says the fire started on the roof of building "a." >> basically a hot tar roof they're putting on this building this summer they're doing a you number of buildings here and i think the tar just got real hot, there was some extra rolls of tar paper up there which might have caught on fire. >> reporter: firefighters got the fire under control quickly but the roof sustained significant damage and the four first grade classrooms inside also have water and smoke damage. now there's just about three weeks until the start of the new school year so the school district is z not have much time to make repairs or come up with a different solution for the four incoming clagss of first graders. the district hopes to have a better idea about building "a" once experts the good get a thans to evaluate it and that could happen as early as today. thank you. developing news in santa clair are air group of neighbors hopes you can recognize people they suspect have been breaking into
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cars at their condo complex. so you're going to look at images now captured by surveillance cameras at the condo complex 23450er bow avenue and el camino real. they usually happen between 12:30 and 3:30 in the morning. residents tell us they're concerned because at least three people are usually committing these crimes together. santa clara police are investigating. a landlord's son no longer faces criminal charges of harassing his father's tenants in east palo alto. tenants claims that their cars were being vandalized by him. . they say it was an atoefrpt drive tenants ute to rent their units out for higher prices. his son face dollars charges of trying continue to tim date a victim. those charges, dropped because of lack of evidence. hayward city official say they're troubled and concerned about the detain meant of two young men. they say they were on their way to work thursday morning when ice agents took them into
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custody. the agents were searching for another undocumented immigrant when they encountered venezuela's daughter recounted what happened to her dead. >> they told him to give him something and then he give to them and then he saw -- they saw that he didn't have papers so they took him. >> in a statement to abc 7 the agency says val zwa la had been reported three times to his native mexico. salgado was arrested school officials sielted the low number of trds interested in juniors and seniors plus the coach resigned late last month, they say that concussion concerns played a role. the marin county athletic looel league must approve the petition to drop foolk. they will still field a junior
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varsity football team for underclassmen. deputies crediting two store employees for recovering hundreds of dollars of stolen baby formula in many, i county. >> i this is 76 containers along with several other suspected stolen items. the workers called 91 one after they spotted the man stacking the containers in the milds of a store i'll. they contacted the man and his partner. they both had outstanding bench warts and they discovered the baby formula in their car. uber will begin add justing employees salaries to adjust its gender gap. it was rocked by sex scandals months ago and now aimso realign salaries of its 12,000 workers based on job tietding, location and time at the company. the largest increases will go to engineers. it will also raise the slael nontechnical workers below the median wage. sky 7 flew over boulevard sirk until walnut creek when police checked out the trailer
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carrying the train yesterday morning. the trailer vanished from pleasant hill over the weekend. the trailer carried the train that was supposed to be one of the main attractions at the bay view hunters point summer carnival. the owner's daughter posted a picture on facebook and the tips came pouring in. owner says his trailer was slightly damaged but the train is fine and ready to roll again. happening tonight millions of people willing take part in national night out. it's an event that promotes police community papz. communities throughout the county host block festivals and pap raids. we have a list of all of the national night out events here in the bay area on our website at the changes auditors are asking mun no, i make after undercover investigation. and what new features will your new iphone have. we're getting clues at what you can expect. can expect. 6 minutes after 6:00.
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> as temperatures heat up here at home, several u.s. senators are moving forward with a bill to save children fleft hot cars. if it becomes law, cars will be
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required to have built-in sensors that alert drivers when kids are in the backseat and the car is off. cannot stress this any fot leave kids or pets in your car. even on warm days. we've had 27 kids killed by being left in cars so far this year, about 729 in about the last 20 years. once obviously too many. here's a look at what's going on today. heat and poor air quality go together this time of year. inland east bay and also the santa clara valley and then tomorrow our inland east bay neighborhoods spare the air alert. temperatures right now comfortable. 51 in daly city, 52 in peska. wood side at 52. mid-50s, 54 to oakland, 56 right now in san rafael today out and about, afternoon heat so run your errands early in the morning if you're going to be on the bay it's going fob
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breezy. 100s through the central valley, nooipt win yosemite, 99 palm springs. thunderstorms down there could making it to our neighborhoods. i'll talk about that coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. alexis. i want to head back to the east bay here, this is where we've had just a lot of trouble spots and we're trying to recover. we do have some good nooez news here for westbound 580 just as you getly to that six 80 interchange through san ramon road. the mak motorcycle has been pushed off mostly to the side just pushing that fast lane a bit. >> i did see a backup start to form as you head into dublin but it looks take this that has cleared. still trying to clear. you're down to 18 miles an hour. and northbound 880 still recovering from an earlier crash down to 17 miles per hour. also pretty stacked up through the maze this morning to get through the bay bridge to plaza those metering lights have been on for about an hour. a new report asks muni to no longer accept cash payment for cable car rides.
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according to sf gate, the san francisco comptroller's office is recommending muni to adopt a cashless system to collect fairs. this comes after an undercover investigation over a month-long period found the agency lost more than $1,000 in revenue from conductors who didn't always collect the fares or simply pocketed the cash from customers. sf gate reports muni says it's unlikely a full cashless system will be possible. travis cal neck back at uber, how he's planning to return to the company that he resigned from. >> we heard from the fan in this >> we heard from the fan in this incident involving
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now a live desk update. 6:15 now at the live desk we're tracking developing news out of venezuela. overnight two opposition leaders were dragged from their homes. the marmer caracas mails as deputies took him away and they also seized lopez. you can see him being put into a car outside of his house. his wife tweeted out she does not know where her husband has been this comes as mow dure row challenged more stankss on the nation. kaepernick is tweet a come back. kalanick says he plans do the same thing steve jobs does as
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apple. he's referring to jobs returned to apple after he got fired only to become one of the sill son valley's greatest visionaries. uber is still look for someone to replace him. there are new clues on what the next generation iphone may offer in his features. they tweeted this showing the iphone 8 and to be honest when you look at that it doesn't seem too exciting. this is what it's supposed to be revealing. that the front of the new phone is going to be all screen, so no home button and no frame with a cutout at the top for a speaker and front camera the. leaked code also suggests it will have facial recognition technology to unlock the device. analysts say ceo 6 tim cook will likely unveil the iphone in september, just in time for my birthday, hint, hint, the next device is going to be the tenth anniversary iphone so all the more reason for you to buy it for me. >> dually noted. developing news out of washington, the president could be in a trick-cr-i-i can
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situation on the push to repeal and replace obamacare. president trump has threatened to stop billions of dollars to insurers. . money rei am bersz insuriors for low-income people. it says that they have to provide the financial assistance to customers who are qualify and that the government has tro pray them the by not paying them, law professors say the president would be handing the insurers a sol laid case for a lawsuit. new jersey governor chris krichtty is responding to an incident at a baseball game over the weekend where he confronted a fan who was heg eling him. on sunday, christie took in the cubs brewers came with his son and then that happened. a man apparently told him he kukd and then called him 5i7 hip crit. christie explains can he take one hit but if you keep coming at him he's going to fire back. here's christie on cnn last night. >> most of these folks think they can say anything they want. public officials are public servants but they're not meant to be public punching bags. and i'm at a ball game with my son enjoying the game having no interaction with anybody on public policy issues or anything
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else. >> i don't think it's the right of anybody to stand up and swear ought and curse you out. >> did he curse him out? i mean, if you call someone a hip crit is that cursing them out? >> i don't know. >> in the interview the heckler said as an american he has a right to say what he believes. christie told him you're a big shot. 6:18 now if the if you're a dog person you may nops tem possible to walk by another pup without getting super excite and hanna murphy says her mom one is of those people. so take a look at this photo. the two ladies were eating at eight restaurant in new york, her mom started giggling and said take a look at that adorable dabbing son, he's sleeping. take a closer look now. it turns out wasn't a dog, it was a brown purse. murphy tweeted out these photos of the handbag that confused her mom so much. in all fairness, it does look dog like. >> i don't know why i find this so funny. >> she said she got a huge kick out of had, i definitely see why. >> it seems ridiculous but when
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i first looked atty did think was a dog. >> also the strap looks a little bit like a leash. >> slough blind. >> i just got my glasses adjusted last night maybe that's part of it. >> you know, mtv started today. in nine een 81. >> really. >> first video ever blade, video killed the radio star. >> yeah. i think they were one-hit wonder. >> that's for that triv gentleman. >> let's talk about what's going on outside right now. having some fun this morning, hopefully you are too getting ready for -- is it just tuesday? io, that's it. sorry, sorry about that downer. sfo here's some good news. there's no delay there. this morning earlier sunned to warm poor air likely today and foam and watch a storm threat for thursday had the right now it's just a threat, we'll keep an eye on and it update you as you we get closer. the cloud cover this morning erasing even faster than yesterday,::00, 10:30 back to the coast. you will see filtered sunshine from time to time and feel a little bit warmer just not the
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extreme warmth that the rest us are going to feel especially inland east bay. 99 at san ramon to livermore and antioch about 102. north bay 93. hotter the farther north you go the hotter it gets. 94 in novato, technically uchi 10 six. here's a look at lazy going on down in the south bay. 92 at san jose, more begin hill 901. medical pete tus about 85. on the peninsula today, 82 at san mateo, getting uncomfortable. palo alto 86 and 88. mill burn 76 and coast 608 in half moon bay. oakland 79 degrees today. richmond a breezy 76, a calmer warmer eight snichl cats tro valley and free monday. and 72 in downtown san francisco, 69 in the marina, 70 in the mission, 67 in the richmond. here's a look at tonight's temperatures. mid-50s ear even some mid-70s out on the highwa 4 corridor like antioch.
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almost as hot tomorrow. poor air quality, strorm threat and cooler thursday then temperatures bawl fall back to average over the weekend. alexis. we cannot catch a break on 28 today we're trying to bounce back from an earlier crash just before that 880 interchange now we have a new problem within the backup. the thumbs up the location of the first one and then a new collision blocking the center lane around 14th. so that's not good for that backup that's stretch tong 580. that one is still going to take a thiel recover once we get that second crash clear. richmond san ra medical bridge, westbound side of 580 in richmond we're looking glartd as you approach the to plaza haven't had any issues with that commute so far this morning and then a quick check of drive times that are all the way around in the green here. southbound 101 to pe minutes. to the maze 14 and northbound 101 between 280 and 680 highway 8513 minutes '. getting a text could put an
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extra spring in your step when wearing a special pair of shoes. these flashing led shoes maded in japan. they're called the or if i. they connect to your smartphone and can be programmed to light up whenever you receive an e-mail, text or phone call. the trend is catching on with regular people who like to just wear them or distract others in movie theaters or annoy others on trains. a pair costs about $400. >> really good for haunted houses. >> oh, yeah. the bay bridge series under way between the giants and the a's but everyone was watching what happened in the stands. what happened in the stands. >> r
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join energy upgrade california and do your thing. here's a site that we've seen a lot of in the past few months, humpback whales that are very close to the golden gate bridge. and because of this we're now seeing this. researchers who are tagging these whales to get more information about what they're doing. the cascadeya research collective just released this video federally permitted scientists tagged three hump backs last month. according to marin ij, they show the whales aren't diving deep enough for food, it puts them at risk because it's such a busy boating channel.
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scientists didn't explain why this is happening, but it's putting whales at risk because they're getting comfortable with all the activity around them. it's time tom ask finney this morning. matt from manhattan beach vaz question billion food samples. 7 on your side's michael fin nip has his answer. >> to having food samples at stores actually help sell the food product. >> that's a great question. apparently, yeah, it works. the at lap tick had an article they showed pizza samples increased pizza sales by 600%. and interestingly, if you taftd a sample, there is research that you then feel social pressure to buy the product. now that's something to think about the next time you go shopping. i'm matt. thanks foreign your question. is that why i have 800,000 frozen won tons in my freezer right now from costco. >> i don't feel any pressure i will snatch that bourbon chicken frm your hand and not buy it zblnda ache take an extra.
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>> if you have a question record it on your smartphone or tan tablet and share it on the #ask finney or go to >> is bourbon chicken just suing began or chicken? >> i think it is. not other parking rates going up at another one. >> the severe flooding in the winter could now end up costing taxpayers. taxpayers. >> and video that's hoard to
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live where you live, had is abc 7 news. >> the bay bridge series takes a violent turn in the stands. wits say a security guard started this all. big changes coming to ferry stations today including one that's raising its parking rates. let's take you outside right now. here's a warning, looks can be deceiving. it appears to be cool, and it is, but that's going to change. rapidly today, especially new live in our inland neighborhoods. hi, everybody. here's a look at your 12-hour day planner. 53 to 63, little bit milder this morning. 62 at the coast at noon to 63 at 4:00. 78 to 82 around the bay, nothing obnoxious inland. 90 at noon, 99 at 4:00. it's a spare the air day. more on that and how long it's going to last coupling up. alexis. we are really socked in on golden gate bridge right now if you're coming in from the north
6:31 am
bay you're going to have some visibility issues. drive for conditions this morning. however, that being said, there are no issues on that commute if you are driving in today. it is a spare the air day, as mike mentioned, great day for mass transit. only issue we're seeing here larkspur rider alert at the could have some capacity issues. the mv nap april is out for repairs so we've got a smaller cata ma ran in its place. 7:50 is going to be makd and phi:00 you'll want to get there early. next traffic update at 10:00. what a mess. the bay bridge series getting started on the wrong foot with a fight in the stands. >> a security guard gets involved and witnesses say she was actually the aggressor. >> abc 7 news reporter macmatt keller eer live at the stadium that's new this morning j it was an exciting game between these bay area rivals the san francisco giants and oakland a's at the coliseum last night but the real tension was between the
6:32 am
the real tension was between the security guards and the this video was shot by shane. he says he saw a female security guard and a woman in the crowd arguing. another security guard stepped in between the two but the female security guard went into the row behind the fan and started pulling her hair and punching her had the shab also says another security guard grabbed the fan's friend's mayor as well. eventually the crowd started boo youing the female security guard who gave everyone the finger and threw some type of liquid into the kroupd. they say oakland lis arr the scene and to get everything in order. they released a statement saying we contract with a third-party security company and violence in any morm form is not acceptable, we take this incident seriously. no word from oakland police on if any arrests were made here last night. reporting live in oakland, matt
6:33 am
kel, he are abc 7 news. happening today, a fremont man charged with taping his roommates having sex and then trying to blackmail them is expected to make his first court appearance. police say the 33-year-old threatened the couple with release of the tapes unless they paid him thousands of dollars. he lived with his pief i wifa in april apartment on pennsylvania avenue which they shared way couple in their twenlts the the couple moved out after a couple months and then started receiving disturbing e-mails from an unknown address. a neighbor plans or speaking to her own daughter who lives with some room mafts her own. >> i'm going to let her know ha happened and what to look out for, yeah. i'm surprised. >> police recovered the video and are now searching through recording material that they've collected. the man accuse of stabbing another man to death in half moon bay is not off jail. san ma taye coopportunity toty sheriff's office released mug shot of 67-year-old john peters last night. areasonable doubt cog tour media
6:34 am
partners peterers himself was released hend pending investigation. deputies were called to a fight on main street last week. they found two men on the ground, peters and another man who died at the scene. happening today a trial date is expected to be set in the murder trial of the suspect accused of killing kate styly. juan francis cole sanchez will be back in court in san francisco at 9 clock this morning. he's accused in the high profile shooting on pier 14 that killed styly two years ago. last week his lawyers announced a federal ranger will be called to testify about the gun used in the shooting, the gun was stolen from the ranger's car. developing news now this morning, we are still waiting to find out who will with the white house communications director. anthony scaramucci is out as of yesterday. he lasted just 11 days and they were rocky ones. on day one there was already bad blood between scaramucci and now ex-chief of staff reince priebus. this major staff shake-up comes amid new reports about that preelection meeting donald
6:35 am
junior had with that russian lawyer. president trump personally dictated a message that his son gave to the media claiming that meeting was about russian adoptions and not about getting potential dirt on hillary clinton. it is a claim the president's lawyer is now denying. >> the president didn't sign off on anything, he was coming back from the g-20. the president wasn't involved in that. >> donald junior's attorney had no comment on the new report. the president's legal team says it is not true and misinformed. a south bay man is accuse of trying have sex with a 13-year-old girl. contra costa county prosecutors claim jose francisco toledo of morgan hill asked a teenage girl to send him nude pictures of herself. that turned out to be an undercover officer. a task force arrested him last week. toe lead dote went to a park along the martinez border expecting to meet the girl. the contra costa board of support adviser will review a dozen applications for afr new district attorney.
6:36 am
that position became available in june after mark peterson resigned. a grand jury found he illegally spent campaign donations on personal items and then lied about. . board will choose finalists will be invited to take part in two weeks. the most qualified candidate will serve the remainder of his term which expires in january of 2019. 6:36. marin county officials will consider add a flood parcel tax. they want to reduce flooding and increase wildlife happen gnat novato. they say more than 1.5 million damages this past winter. 50e67 single family home swro to pay $47 a year if the fax is aproufd. it would raise nearly $20 million over 18 years. starting today, ferry passengers are facing big changes in alameda. we've waurnd. abc 7 was at the harbor bay ferry terminal where new parking restrictions are going into operation. commuters won't be able to park on residential streets. restrictions range from a
6:37 am
maximum four hours parking to a total ban. >> i feel it's just not fair to take that option away from the commuters and not give them anywhere to park. >> hanna acctar is an enterprising homeowner sheds she's come one a solution to relief the parking situation. she's charging commuters $7.99 a day, look at that price tag she has there. >> she knows. it's an offer that's part of a neighborhood network she's hoping will grow with a mobile app. >> well, happening today new vallejo ferry parking rates go into effect. daily parking is now $6 up from $5 and the price for monthly permits is $40. that's double the previous cost. they can pay using the park mobile app or at the key asks. happening now a trop cam depression emily fins to move out to sea this morning after making a rainy and windy landfall on the coast of
6:38 am
florida. emily blew through the sunshine state stirring up rains and rough seas. winds so strong they tore the roof of of a motel. 7,800 homes and birz without power. they say she could restrengthen to a tropical storm once she exits the golf coast although mike is sake the chance of that keeps getting a little smaller. >> no, i your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. she lost a lot of her organization as she was wandering through the peninsula there. she'll be over open water but if looks like she'll stay a depression, become more of a fish storm, possible dangerous surf along the coast of the carolinas, georgia, florida the next couple of days. let's open up the weather window back here at home. san jose and the east bay valleys some of those areas could have poor air quality later today. everybody's got good air quality this morning. that's why we're saying do your exercising now before it gets hot and the air gets nost yy. san ma tape cobridge we're looking west stacked and packed there.
6:39 am
on the roads wooert weatherwise there's a few fogsy spots, another hour or two. summer spread if you're taking mass transit from 1 hundreds in the east bay to 60s in san francisco and on the bay we've got those breezes north of the bay bridge once again. down in the south bay mid-50s to around 60 degrees until you get in the hills. look at los gatos, 77 degrees, that's why up in the hills we're under that heat advisory until 9:00 tomorrow evening because you're temperatures aren't cooling off at night. the ref of us around 50 61 in livermore. there you go, there's that heat advise rit area shaded in orange. you've got to be care will. do your stren up with us activity early, free 20 breaks, high doppler radar early and often. here's a look down san jose once again, the south bay 92 today, 93 tomorrow. so like everybody else you'll warm up a little bit more except for near the coast and then things start to taper off as we head towards thursday and that slight chance of a thunderstorm. i'll have that coming up in the accuweather seven hi day
6:40 am
forecast. let's say good morning to alexis smith. things are going all right on the roads this morning although w we've had a couple hot spots. northbound 230 tart your coming in through castro valley we have not been able to bans bounce back. weapon had an earlier crash at 880 and then one at 14. so zoomg out just a bit you can see we're still slow for right around four miles so things are stuff from 580 on to 238. but hopefully now that both of those crashes are under the clearing stages we will start tacoma prove. southbound 880 just past fifeth street we do have reports of a crash off on the shoulder, heavy traffic through the area if you're not in a big rig you can stoik 580 instead. that's looking wide open this that east background direction and then a quick check of drive times too. you're in the yellow from highway 4 to the maze 24 minutes. 80 on the bay bridge slight delays fourant and san francisco to sfo you're in the green just about nine minutes. also want to show you this crazy
6:41 am
road rage incident that happened road rage incident that happened in southern whoa, okay. this happened earl yes this month but this is the first time we're getting a look at that cole phone video. onlookers say the suspect began ramming cars in front and behind him for no no reason before speeding off. officials say he later hit five parked cars before coming to a stop and that's when his car actually caught on fire. one person did have some minor injuries and police arrested the suspect who is now facing multiple charges. >> that might be called karma when your car catches on fire. >> i was thinking that same thing, reggie, yeah. >> glad it seems like people are okay. thank you. let's take a look at the dow right now. stocks could reach an all-time high today what the sprez staying about it it. staying about it it. and is the queen of
6:42 am
staying about it it. and is the queen of you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
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now a live desk update. >> from abc 7 morning. it's 6:44 from the live desk. the stock market could hit an all-time high today and president trump taking credit. stocks are flirting with the 22,000 mark. let's take a live look now from the new york stock exchange and you can see that the dow is up this morning just before the market opened the president tweeted stock market could hit all-time high. 22,000 today, was 18,000 only six months ago on election day. mainstream media seldom mentions
6:45 am
and, yet, here we are mentioning it. even financial pundits cannot explain the markets amazing climb telling investors to sit back and just enjoy the ride. all right. 6:45 now. back to developing story out of the north bay. some parents and staff in san rafael are worried about whether twork repair fire ravaged dixie elementary school will be cleated in time for classes this month. nbc news reporter tiffany wilson is live with more on this race against time. >> reporter: good morning. there is typically a troush get things ready before a new school year starts and that's without dealing with the fire. take a look at some of the fire damage. you can see now that it is daylight behind me. school officials say it is simply too soon to tell if the four affected classrooms will be ready for the first dave class august 24th. firefighters say a roof that was getting replaced over building "a" sparked the fire. heavy black somali greeted crews as they arrived around 5:45 yesterday evening. firefighters got the fire under control quickly.
6:46 am
still the roof sustained major damage. four first grade classrooms also have water and smoke damage. >> this is our community school in the is our kind of world that we live in right here, so this is -- it's sad. >> reporter: the school district hopes to get a better idea about the classrooms and the timeline for repairs after experts get a closer look and that could happen as early as today. live in san rafael, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. developing news in san francisco, some homeowners say they're confident while others doubt a report saying that the ma len numb tower is earthquake safe. the building's safety faces questions because it has sunk 17 inches since 2006. the sky scraper also leans to the west. city officials and the developers commissioned a study engineers say the tour tower can withstand a magnitude 8 quake. a group of condo owners fears experts only looked at the building's past without considering future changes. assistant an clara county is
6:47 am
offering a new solution for the problem of public intoxication and it's not a drunk tank but rather a sobering station. the station will have two large rooms with sober recliners in them offering an intoxicated person a comfortable and safe place to sober up. officials say this is a-mile-per-hour humanistic approach to the problem rather than tags people mind behind bars. they say not owl all drunk people belong in jail especially people who are homeless or grappling with mental edge issues. >> we're trying to broaden our minds and make sure that we're being much more effective in how we're treating people who come in contact with the police. >> the sobering station will start small with four to six recliners, showers, laundry facilities. it's set to open in late september. san jose is counting on any smartphone app to help clean up blight and other problems and they're calling it my san hoe say. the free app designed to give residents a new way to report potholes, gra feet teety and illegal dumping. the mayor says the calls will
6:48 am
reach a real person at city hall. response time depends on the problem and the staffing at that core responding department. the team handling illegal dumping has hired additional staff because they're expecting this app will generate a lot of new complaints. if you're looking for a new place to live in the sage bay get ready to pay up big. san hoe say rents have ticked back up for the sixth straight month. media partner in the bay area news group provides numbers reported by apartment and it found then were up.5% in june rerls where silicon valley rents increased more on a year-over-year basis. mount tan view seeing a 5% increase. santa clara a 4.5% increase in rents over that same period of time. maybe those rises in rents will cause to you drink. and if it does you can join queen elizabeth because she likes one or two or four a day. the english monarch loves the booze. she has apparently four
6:49 am
cocktails each day. her first drink gin. and then during lunch she has wine and a martini and she follows this up with a glass of champagne before bed. what is it liquor -- wait. you start with beer before liquor, never been sicker, thank you, my producer eric had to help me out with that one. >> he was ready with that. >> he was. according to local government standards, all of this officially makes the queen a binge drinker. but we're going to say that she's 91 years old and she can do what she wants. >> and she's 901, she's still, you know, whip smart. >> dwree. >> all there. >> yeah. >> doing her job, so i'm just going to leave her alone. i'm not going to judge. hey, mike. when do we get our first drink this morning. >> we should have knocked two back by now. >> that's true, lun sch in about two hours. >> it's queen:00. >> i love that. al right. guys, let's take a look at suit tro tower, just gorgeous.
6:50 am
wasn't that nice of carl the fog to part right there and let it glisten down on the bay for a gorgeous sunrise this morning. today more sunshine and warm, tonight partly cloddy and warmer the heat is going to decrease by the weekend. more details on small craft advisory noon to 9:00 so a little bit longer than yesterday or little bit longer duration we'll have those 21 to 33 knot winds blowing through the bay and into the delta. 85 in mill pete toes, 92 jose, 901 mill born. sunny 77 this afternoon santa cruise. set of 6 millbrae and low to upper 80s for everybody else on the peninsula. we'll have mid to upper 60s along the coast today, low to mid 70s downtown, south san francisco and sausalito. 85 vallejo to 89 in petaluma to a to 93 in santa rosa. along the east bay shor you see a lot of 80s, low to mid-80s but 70s around oakland, hottest temperature is 99 in san ramon.
6:51 am
that's as cool as it gets, 100 to 104 for the rest of us. going to the game tonight join the a's one more time. 71 at 7:to 5 dropping down 73. temperatures mainly in the mid-50s to mid-60s. antioch mid-70s unfortunately. a sleight slight chance of thunderstorm for thursday and cooler weather heading into the weekend. i want to take to the east bay with one new issue. it's counter commute but we're seeing a backup this is eastbound 80 just beyond the highway 4 interchange we've got a crash with reports of injuries. so obviously if it were on the westbound side we'd be seeing a major delay right now. we're not. they're work og clearing that are but it sounds like someone was partially pinned in the vehicle there they had to get her out. rescue attempt there underway. if you're traveling westbound 80 everything looking okay as you head through the emeryville stretch towards the maze but tose metering lights are on and slight delays as you head into
6:52 am
san francisco. it's a spare the air day today and mass transit as delivered. if you want to use that's highly recommended. no bart delays, 60 trains in service normal service for muni and capital corridor looking good too. thank you. now breaking news from the abc 7 live news desk. we have new details on the orlando nightclub shooting. court documents psi show that the widow will argue that she has a mental condition. she was charged withed aing and abetting omar martin's attempt to support isis. >> she's also charged with mitt leading police who questioned her shtaway as i resteda the her bay area home in january. 49 people died in the shooting last summer and he was shot and killed by police. she is set to stand trial in march of next year. we're back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know before you go out the door but the instagram picture comes out of the north bay. if you haven't followed us yet, go to nbc news bay area, so
6:53 am
go to nbc news bay area, so remember use the
6:54 am
it's six:54. whether you're just joining us or about to go out the door these fortunate seven things you should know. the okay land a's are investigating after a fight brke out between a security guard and a fan at last night's home game against the giants. a's released a statement saying violence in any form not acceptable. and number two here's a look
6:55 am
at your 12-hour day planner. notice 63 at the coast 82 around the bay to nearly 100 inland at 4:00. don't forget air quality's good right now but it could become poor this afternoon. number three we had a tough day on northbound 238 today. two separate crashes both have cleared now and we're finally starting to bounce back. 37 miles per hour and down to 22, a little bit closer to 880 but that's a big improvement from about 30 minutes ago. number four, starting this morning commuters will face new park rules new alameda's harbor bay ferry terminal. commuters will no longer be allowed to park on residential streets without a permit. number five for the first time since 1958 novato high school may not have var sits at this time football. they filed a petition to scrap the team citing lack of student interest. it's up to the marin county athletic league to approve or deny? >> it apple set to release its earnings report today. the second quarter was
6:56 am
relatively quiet for the tech giant but the stock has surged. and number seven, forget about that unicorn frap cheena, starbucks has the nitro jerky twist. >> no. >> it's a cold brew coffee with cracked pepper corn and a piece of beef jerky right on the top. right now it's only testing the drink at its seattle roaster. >> i do not think jerky when i think coffee. a piece of meat on top of your coffee. >> starbucks, can we have a conversation? i love you but -- >> stayy your lane. >> you're doing the -- >> have a good day. good good-bye. y your lane. >> you're doing the -- >> have a good day. good good-bye. iy your lane. >> you're doing the -- >> have a good day. good good-bye. ny your lane. >> you're doing the -- >> have a good day. good good-bye. your lane. >> you're doing the -- >> have a good day. good good-bye.
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