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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 3, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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victims is between the ages of 45 and 50. the second man that he described was unfortunately laying down on the bridge. they couldn't really determine the age of that victim. now, the person, one of the people shot one of the men. one of the then was shot in face. we don't know his condition right now. the second man was shot. apparently according to this police officer was either shot in the butt or on his leg. but we don't know what the condition is at all. the third man, i have no idea what his condition is or where he was shot. now, of course, police are really trying hard to see if or find witnesses to see if anybody saw anything, but, unfortunately they're not there yet.
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they can't find anybody here in the park which is, there's a lot of people here in the park. there are a lot of people and so far we haven't anybody who saw what happened here. right now we're told that the public information officer is on her way and once we talked to her, we'll come back to you with more information. i'm live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> all right. thank you. good afternoon. >> ama and larry are off. a dramatic wrong way chase on the freeway in contra costa and alameda counties. the pursuit lasted for two hours. twice the driver wrodrove the wg way. >> this ended in the shadow of interstate 580. >> reporter: sky 7 picked up the chase in oakla driver
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headed west near fruitvale avenue. making a right tirn the wrong way on mcarthur boulevard near highland hospital. the pursuit picked up speed as the driver headed into piedmont. that's where the driver came to a dead stop confronted by a police cruiser. he didn't give up there. he spun around headed back into oakland. the chase appeared to be coming to an end at a convenience store back near 580 but the driver took off again. the officer clipped the back of bmw causing it to spin out and slam into the side of parked vehicle. guns drawn ordered the man out of vehicle. he complied giving up without anymore problems. >> now the highway patrol tweeted there photo of the end of the chase. so far the suspect's name has not been released. turning now to the very unusual weather we're having
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right here in the bay area. this is a live look. you can see it's gray but don't be fooled, it's warm. it's humid, right. >> there's a slight chance of rain. spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> it does feel muggy out there. here is a look at live doppler 7 and our image is looping to show you the development or movement of these patterns in the atmosphere over the last hour or so. now notice that steady flow of high clouds and moisture coming up from the south western u.s. that's from our southeast. that monsoonal flow is common this time of year. not common in the bay area and look at allow the moisture flow is feeding those thunderstorms breaking out in the sierra and there isn't moving. hold on. let me hit my clicker. here is a close up view of the out break of thunderstorms. here in the bay area we don't have any storms yet but there's so much moisture fauming from those clouds even though we don't have reports yet of rainfall in the bay area because
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much of this is evaporating in the air. we may have some showers going into the evening and overnight hours. this is our forecast animation showing that high clouds will continue streaming throug tomorrow and through the day tomorrow as well. a as long as we have this pattern there's a slight chance of isolated showers. i'll give you a complete look at the forecast in a few minutes. this weather is helping firefighters with the brush fire that started yesterday in the hills above oakland berkeley. >> grizzly peak boulevard is still closed as firefighters work to contain it. >> this fire is 50% contained. there's no smoke. no flame at all. we can say the fire will not grow according to the oakland fire department. it's matter of mopping up and putting out hot spots.
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it's activity we can show you with special permission from cal fire from drone view 7. a birds eye view of the pain staking rork the ining work thae grizzly fire. to eliminate any hot spots. >> we're making headway on the perimeter. making sure we're controlling the perimeter, taking care out of our hot spot and continuing to extinguish hot spots and continue with our mop up operations. >> reporter: at the height of the fire no fewer than six agencies were on scene from oakland, berkeley and surrounding communities along with ground and air support from cal fire. >> oakland and all of the regional firefighters learned lessons from that 1991 fire storm and that is why we have been so vigilant to be on top of that fire today and we will continue to be on top of it until we know that there is no
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more risk. >> reporter: as it is, the fire burned just 20 acres and never seriously threatened any structures or nearby tildon park. much of the clean up today by firefighters is within a grove of trees that have already been trimmed and thinned to reduce fire danger. >> they are incredibly dangerous trees for firefighters. we are mitigating those trees that's causing us problems within this incident. >> reporter: we're showing you the grove that's been the object of much of the activity today. they have been thinned out. fire crews will stay out here in full force until 8:00 tonight. we're told they will likely stay much longer than that until this fire is 100% contained.
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>> is there an update on how the fire started? >> reporter: at this point they're saying everything is on the table including the possibility it was intentionally set. it may have been an arson. there was some discussion there was man in the area who had a gun yesterday and he may have been involved. >> thank you so much. a fire in berkeley's aquatic park was quickly extinguished this afternoon. two trees caught fire about 1:30. eastbound traffic was lev as people slowed down to get a better look at the fire. about five acres have burned since the fire started this
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morning. police in san jose are calling an airplane paz jssenge for stopping a sex crime against two children. on monday the woman who is a teacher was on a southwest flight from seattle to san jose when she noticed the man in front of her texting about sexually molesting young children. the teacher took a picture of the man and told the flight crew who notified police. they arrested michael keller when the plane landed. police in the seattle area arrested the woman he was texting with. they were planning an event involving 5 and 7-year-old children. >> it was in regard to sex acts to be performed on children. >> burnworth appeared in court this afternoon in seattle. police believe she and michael keller had victimized the children before.
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the family of an emoryville man who was painting a mural filed a lawsuit. the gun was stole fn from the c of an i.c.e. agent in san francisco. i.c.e. knew that unsecured firearm left was a rampant problem and never took corrective action. he's accused of using the stolen gun to kill ramos. a motion hearing in that case is scheduled for tomorrow. we'll stay on top of it. a road took a beating from the heavy rain this past winter but oakland leaders are promising a smooth ride. >> tiffany wilson has a closer look at oakland's pothole blitz.
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>> reporter: this is the sound of progress. after seven weeks of working 12 hours a day, the mayor says city crews have filled 5,208 potholes and repaved 1.6 miles of oakland streets. >> that is a record, but boy, did the city need it. >> reporter: she says the city still needs it. >> our city streets have suffered from decades of neglect and under funding. thanks to the generosity of oakland voters who passed measure kk last year by more than 82% of the vote, for the first time we will be knocking down the backlog of street repairs in this city. >> reporter: the mayor says oakland has built up half a billion dollars in unfunded street maintenance. half of the city's 800 miles of street need some level of repair. the city leaders know the potholes cause real problems from damaged rims to flat tires to bike spills and pedestrian
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falls. oakland is looking to hire 20 more street repair workers now. >> oaklanders want to be proud of what they see when they walk out the door. >> reporter: repair crews are working off the five year plan prioritizing streets in the worst shape and get the most traffic. if you haven't seen a fix in your area yet, they ask for patience. >> if you see a significant pothole, city leaders ask you to report it through the see, click, fix app on your phone. tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. cal train fares and parking fees are going up. the board of directors approved a proposal to raise the adult zone fire by october 1st. monthly parking prices will go up more than $27 to 82.50. go pass prices will increase 47.50 starting january 1st and will increase again in 2019. be warned. some big changes coming to a popular bay area brewery.
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>> it was a west coast phenomena. >> the phenomena turned big business for one local brewer now teaming up to become an interflas international name. weird weather on the coast. what is this? we'll have answers. this summer camp comes with lessons that could food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this.
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internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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for more than 120 years anchor brewery has been making and selling beer in san francisco. today the company announced they are selling to japanese bear
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maker sepporo. >> we see what it means for the beloved beer. >> reporter: good old anchor steam has been brewed and bottled right here in anchor's facility since 1979. news of the sell has a lot of people concerned about whether anchor will remain here in san francisco. insan francisco staple s brewing is in another city's hand. tokyo japan where sapporo beer is headquartered. >> we found the right partner who truly believes in continuing the legacy of anchor in san francisco. >> reporter: anchor ceo spent 18 months talking to potential buyers and said the sell will be final at the end of august. why did they need to sell? >> we were treading water? >> reporter: the beer market has become too crowded.
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>> 2010 there were 1600 breweries. it was not a global business. today, i don't know, 7,000 breweries and it is a global business. >> reporter: while beer drinkers in 20 countries enjoy anchor especially here in san francisco. >> good flavors. enjoy drinking them at the ballpark. >> i like their anchor porter. they do a christmas beer every year. >> reporter: the variety of choices drinkers face at the bar has meant less of a slar fhare anchor beer. >> total beer consumption in san francisco dropped 10% last year. this is our biggest market. >> reporter: right now they are brewing at about 60% capacity. they hope to get to 100% in the next four to five years. where and how they expand is going to be up to sapporo after august 31st. he insists they are interested in keeping the brand here in san francisco with the recipe
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unchanged. >> thank you. high honors for oakland's highland hospital today. it's a home to a level one trauma center. abc 7 news was at the trauma center today as congresswoman barbara lee made the rounds ahead of that announcement. highland is the only adult level one trauma center in the east bay. it was a highland patient who got everyone's attention. hugo collapsed at bart, taken to highland and needed a pacemaker but he lost his insurance. >> i'm sure that the affordable care act has some room for improvement. it can be improved, but if it weren't for the affordable care act, i wouldn't be here fop >> they expect to lose $94 million a year if obamacare is repealed. a new camp being offered in southern california is teaching young kids how to become the next big internet stars.
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>> jessica from abc 7 mornings has more on a new generation of summer camps. >> this is certainly not your typical summer camp with swimming and s'mores. young kids are editing videos and learning marketing tips and earning followers. >> reporter: a summer camp straight out of hollywood. parents from around the world are sending their kids to southern california in the hopes their child will become the next social media star. it's not cheap. the ten-day camp costs more than $2,000. some kids like sophia and her 900,000 you tube subscribers are well on their way to internet stardom. >> you want to be -- s >> a singer, like big. >> reporter: other kids are just beginning their journey. >> we have like 16 subscribers. >> how many subscribers would you like to have? >> like a million.
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♪ i am in misery ♪ >> what are you hoping to learn? >> i'm hoping to learn how to market myself >> reporter: instagram and you tubes are favorites. teaching the class are folks like youtube star michael buckley. >> why is my kid spending so much time online? i tell the parent screen time equals learn time. >> reporter: experts caution parents about letting their kids create an identity based on internet pop you lularity. >> parents should be weary about creating an identity popular about identity. i want them to connect online and be creative online. i don't want the goal to be completely about how many followers and how much money can i make. >> reporter: online safety also a big concern with some classes being taught by the l.a. police department on how to create difficult passwords and keeping
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content safe. jessica castro, abc 7 news. >> if the girl has 900,000 subscribers, she can teach the camp. teach us. >> rock star. this fog passes through the bay area almost every day but people in santa trcruz were stunned by what they saw. >> we see this fog rolling past the beach. the giant mass came and went in less than two minutes. high winds tossed debris in the air. it was also strange. >> a photographer said he saw the wind blow a kiddie pool into the street. we've had fairly strong winds blowing up. this is the simple explanation. this is an elongated bank of low clouds being pushed briskly over the water. giving it that horizontal shape.
4:21 pm
here is a look at live doppler 7. we have lots of clouds around the bay area. high clouds blowing around. there's a lot of moisture in those clouds. some of it has fed spinto an outbreak of thunderstorms. you can see the moisture passing through the bay area. most of it evaporating wfr before it hits the ground. there's chance we could see isolated showers around the bay area. right now we're looking at clouds over the bay and the ocean. it's 70 degrees in san francisco right now. fairly mild. 72 across the bay in oakland. 80 in san jose. 81 in gilroy. 66 at half-moon bay. this is view from the east bay l hills camera. this is mt. tam looking down onto ocean beach. 85 in santa rosa. 86 in napa. novato, 88. one more live view at the golden gate. you can see the high clouds
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there. no allow clouds yet. visibility is good. these are our forecast features. we'll see high clouds lingering or continuing to pass through the area through tomorrow. there's a slight chance of showers or maybe an isolated thunderstorm in this pattern. we'll have cooler, less humid weather this weekend. overnight look for lots of high clouds. it will be plield with lmild wi temperatures in the 60s. little cooler near the coast. tomorrow high clouds but bright hazy skies. high temperatures will range from mid-60s at the coast to 70s around the bay. we'll see temperatures dropping a couple more degrees. only low 90s in the warmest inland location. similar patterns and it gets cooler on monday with 80s in our inland areas. we'll see low to mid-70s around the bay and low 60s on the coast. looks like the heat spike we had
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earlier in the week is leaving us. we'll have a more seasonal a comfortable range of temperatures coming our way. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. still pretty warm inland tomorrow with highs in the mid-90s. heat advisory remains in affect until 9:00 tonight. it will be gone by tomorrow. they will have the seasonal pattern of highs. >> that's what we theed. an unusual birthday present for san mateo native tom brady. why fans crying > i work overtime when i can get it. i need my blood sugar to stay in control. weekends are my time. i need an insulin that fits my schedule. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪
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today is tom brady's 40th birthday. people in boston are not
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celebrating this likeness of the san mateo natives. it seems fans are upset about the wax figure of brady on display at boston's wax museum which opened last week. >> i like the play. brady doesn't look like brady. >> it doesn't look like him. >> he looks like he hasn't slept in like, i don't know, 2001. >> if this was in new york, that could be brady but in new england you have to get it like brady's got do look like brady. >> all right. these fans say wax brady's cheeks and chin are not the right shape. others say the smile is not there. museum officials insist it looks like the real thing but they admit they're not all perfect and some are better than others. the wax figures take about six months to make. what do you think? >> okay. now to the real steph curry. he's through the first round of
4:27 pm
lc l.a. classic. this is video of him warming up before today's round. it's amateurs like curry are competing against the pros. he ended the day shooting a 74, which is not bad at all but he's in a tie for 146 place. that lets you know how good those pros are. his presence brought out people who would normally not be part of the gallery. let's call him chef curry. steph will be back tomorrow for round two. pretty good. 74 against the pros is pretty impressive. >> that's why you get the roaring. massachusetts woman who sent text messages telling her boyfriend to kill himself learned her fate today. >> michelle carter exploited by son's weaknesses and used him as pawn in her own well being. a new bombshell today in the investigation into russian collusion in our election.
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ncht back to our breaking news. stay away from delores park. that's the word from police. sky 7 is overhead has police search for the shooter or shooters. still not clear. all three victims went to the
4:31 pm
hospital. police are asking for tips. anyone who saw something can be of help here. abc 7 news reporter will have a live report from the scene coming up at 5:00. meantime here are stories making headlines at 4:30. sky 7 was over dramatic wrong way chase involving a suspected stolen vehicle in the east bay. you see it right there. an officer brought the chase to an end by clipping the back of that vehicle. the driver surrendered peacefully. a driver helped police arrest this man suspected of molesting children. police say a woman saw him texting about the crime. abc 7 news reporter will have more on abc 7 news at 5:00. the grizzly fire burning in the berkeley hills is 50% contained. 20 acres have burned but today's weather is helping firefighters. cal fire is investigating how the fire started. there are roberts that robert mueller has impanelled a grand jury in the russia investigation. a majority of voters believe
4:32 pm
president trump attempted to derail that i we have the latest. >> russia is a ruse. i have nothing to do with russia. >> reporter: despite his insisting, 58% of voters believe president trump attempted to derail or obstruct the investigation into russian meddling. over all just 33% approve of his performance in office. today the presiden announced the expansion of a tele health care program for veterans and promised a big announcement at the campaign style rally he is hosting tonight in west virginia. >> we're going to have a big announcement which will be exciting for the media. >> reporter: lines forming for the rally. the last event before the president starts his august vacation. departing for his new jersey golf club where he'll stay for the next 17 days. a vacation for the president despite his repeated comments
4:33 pm
and tweets denouncing the idea of taking time off and criticizing president obama for doing so. while he's away, renovations at the white house. the nearly three decades heating and cooling system will get an upgrade along with fresh paint, carpeting and a new staircase on the south portico. there's been talk about him calling the white house a dump. twheeted denying he ever said them. the trump administration is telling some sanctuary cities including two in california to play nice or you don't get any money. attorney general jeff sessions says stockton will not receive federal crime fighting unless they cooperate. some officials in san francisco,
4:34 pm
a much larger sanctuary city accused the trump administration of bullying. >> i don't think it's okay for the president and the federal government to be bullying smaller cities that don't have as many resources to fight back like cities and counties like san francisco that have litigated against the trump administration who threaten to pull our federal funding because of our sanctuary city status and we have won. >> both stockton and san bernardino have struggled to fund city sfrss including law enforcement and both have resorted to filing bankruptcy this recent years. a massachusetts woman who sent text messages telling her boyfriend to kill himself learned her fate today. >> michelle carter was convicted in june of involuntary manslaughter. today she was sentenced but is not going to prison just yet. >> a guilty finding having inof conrad boy.
4:35 pm
now sentences you to two and a half years in the house of correction. >> the judge recommending carter serve 15 months behind bars but staying that sentence until after her appeal. june of involuntary manslaughter in the suicide of her boyfriend conrad roy. just before the judge's decision thursday emotional statements from his father and sister. >> he gave me an amaz years. >> michelle carter exploited by son's weakness ps and used him as pawn in her own well being. >> reporter: in 2014 roy locking himself inside his truck dying from carbon monoxide poisoning. during the trial prosecutors showing text messages between she and roy vealing carter encourage him to get back in the truck. carter's defense team arguing her actions did not constitute a
4:36 pm
crime. >> now find you guilty on the indictment charging you with the involuntary manslaughter of the person conrad roy. >> reporter: less than two months after a guilty verdict, on thursday michelle carter walking out on probation. her future once again in the hands of the court. the judge made a point to say he avoided media coverage of the trial and sentencing. he also forbid carder from profiting in any way from this case. death row r row r row r rowr shug knight pleaded not guilty. he denied telling straight out of compton producer he would kill him. the movie describes the rise of the rap group nwa and knight is depicted in the movie. he's charged with murder and attempted murder for driving his pickup truck over two people during the filming of a
4:37 pm
commercial for the movie. the state of new york is taking a stand against the illegal ivory trade. officials brought a rock crusher into central park where they destroyed nearly two tons of trinkets and statues crafted from seized ivory. it included $8.5 million worth of ivory artifacts seizedcts sed dealers. temperatures are dropping slowly. it's still hot in parts of the bay area. >> how your four legged friends are keeping their cool. we're looking,000 from mt. tam. high clouds moving in. the sweltering part of our weather is over. i'll have the accuweather forecast in a moment. (hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow?
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some elephants got a bit of a rinse off to help them keep cool. this heat wave forced many baby animals and birds out of their nest prematurely.prematurel we have more on the heat impact on animals. >> reporter: on a normal day here, 30 animals might come in during the peak summer season. on a hot day they can get as many as 50 animals, even up to 70. this one week old barn owl is
4:41 pm
struggling to survive. experts here say it was stressed out by the heat in its nest. to cool off it bailed out too early. birds leave far too soon to survivor when it's hot making them as a ruvulnerable to preda. heat wave sent hundreds of animals and birds to this hospital. many get in trouble as they look for water in dangerous places like backyard pools. >> i have a couple patients in this room who came this because they had ended up in a pool from trying to get cooler. we'll get bats that come in. we'll get a lot of possums that come in. >> reporter: some get trapped in the pools. other inhale water and get pneumonia. when it comes to elephants it's a matter of leading them to water. >> they have acclimated to more mild temperatures. when it comes to these hot spells that we get, we do provide them with a pool.
4:42 pm
>> reporter: today the oakland zoo experimented for the first time with oakland firefighters shooting out 125 gallons a minute at these elephants with fire hoses. did they like it? they loved it. at the lindsay wildlife museum this squirrel delighted in some frozen watermelon. a block of ice for a possum. shavered ice for this great gray owl. cooling off on a hot summer day. abc 7 news. >> that's how the animals try to keep cool. how do we people do it? >> thankfully the cooling is coming. not too much longer. we won't have to make such an effort to stay cool. right now as we look at live doppler 7, despite the presence of these high clouds it's still quite warm. it's going to be mild overnight once again as it has opinion all week long. high clouds will stay with us. low temperatures overnight will range from mid to upper 60s which is pretty mild. some locations might not see temperatures drop below 70.
4:43 pm
tomorrow it will be another warm but not hot day with clouds passing over bright skies. look for highs from mid-60s at the coast to mid-70s around the bay and the warmest inland location will have highs in the 80s to low 90s. ve that heat advisory in affect until 9:00 tonight. that will expire after the late night hours. that will give way to more normal conditions heading into the weekend. here is the seven-day forecast. after mid-90s inland we'll see highs reaching just barely up to 90 over the weekend. maybe up to around 80 over the bay. low 60s on the coast. the cooler pattern will be with us through next week. >> all right. thank you. how often do you buckle up in the backseat. what about when you're in tax key or maybe an uber? >> the safety risks you need know about. i'm seven on your side michael finney. amazon is changing its return policy. good news for you. we'll talk about what's behind the
4:44 pm
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doing just this one thing is proven to save lives. yet many adults just aren't buckling up. according to a new survey from the insurance institute for highway safety, adults riding in the backseat of vehicles are far less likely to wear seat belts when sitting up front. some saying they forget. the most common explanation, the belief it's not necessary when sitting in the rear seats. >> we've been telling people it's safer in the backseat and put our children back there. people have gotten a misunderstanding about the safety of the rear seat. >> reporter: the dangers are clear. in this crash you see this father and son violently thrown from their seat and in this accident the unrestrained woman on the left sent flying it into window. the woman next to her was wearing a seat belt. >> when passengers in the backseat aren't buckled up, they are putting themselves at risk but also putting other people in the vehicle at risk.
4:48 pm
>> reporter: drivers are twice as likely to be killed in a crass when the passenger sitting behind him or her is not wearing a seat belt. this crash test shows what can happen. the unbelted dumbny in the backseat slams into the driver's seat. the dummy behind the wheel hits the air bag and steering wheel at an impact of 35 miles an hour. the authors of this study remind people the need to buckle up includes any time you're in taxi or uber no matter how short the trip is. wow. >> coming this fall it's going to get easier to run product ru yous buy fryou be from independent seller on amazon. >> people in the bay area will love there. a common complaint is about return items on amazon. the amazon return policy varies depending on whether amazon is
4:49 pm
shipping the item or from a third party seller. starting in october, independent sellers will be required to use the same return policy. that means you won't have to contact the seller before sending something back. you request use amazon's pre-paid shipping labels and the seller must issue a return within two days. here is a look at the top five cars in california. older model cars and pickups were the most popular with thieves. why? because they were built before smart keys and other anti-theft technology were widely available. this list shows the top 2016 models stolen nation wide. you can see the numbers are much lower but the insurance industry says a lot of new cars are stolen because people keep leaving the cars unlocked with
4:50 pm
the key or key fob inside the car. a new study from bankrate shows 44 million americans have side jobs to earn extra money. that's about 13% of us. the survey found younger millennials are the most likely to say they have another source of income. 28% have a side job. those who work an extra job monthly earn a median of $200 extra. experts say task rabbit and uber are making it easy to pick up extra work. google side hustle. that's generally what this is called these days. you can reach me on facebook or what are your guys side hustle? >> i'mworking on it.
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>> i'm just a happy about the amazon part. this year kennedy center honorees will include a television writer, dancer and a hip hop artist. they are rapper ll cool j and gloria estefan and lionlionlioon richie. it's the 40th year of award. the honorees will be celebrated at a gala on december 3rd. it's a terrific evening every year. from dogs of the dating world, if you're looking for something fun to do there weekend, we have you covered. >> reggie has some ideas from our partners at hoodline. >> there's nothing funny about getting dum inting dumped by te there. hoodline shows us where you can
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and we'll link you up with hoodline. >> never. strict parking restrictions are about to take affect at the golden gate bridge. starting this weekend parking will be prohibited in the lots at both ends of the bridge. the restrictions will be in affect on saturday and sunday and during labor day weekend. the restrictions are intended to improve traffic flow. stay with us. two sisters celebrate success. they learned how to bake then opened their own business. >> within four hours they sold out. that's when we knew, we have something going on here. >> now a big name supermarket is stocking up on their ice cream sandwiches. it's great story. we're following two shootings in san francisco. >> we'll have a live update on that. breaking, a small plane crashes into a house in sacramento. we'll have more on that.
4:54 pm
the end of an era. a fleet is cleaned up as the rust
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here is tonight's primetime line up. at 8:00 catch boy band. followed by battle of the network stars and the gong show at 10:00. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. for a lot of people ice cream is the perfect summer treat.
4:57 pm
>> happier. >> how a business started with credit cards has turned into a dream come true. >> reporter: sisters had an idea to start a dessert business making ice cream sandwiches but not ordinary ones. these are made with a fren fren ch specialty. when they started two years ago they didn't know how to bake or run basis. >> a friend had a grand opening for one of their tea shops. they asked us to produce them, 300 units. within four hours they sold out. that's when we knew we had something going. >> reporter: today they have 17 full-time employees operating out of their own production plant. they sale wholesales to shops and added selected safeway stores. each sandwich hand made.
4:58 pm
it's labor intensive to make it. >> how am i doing? >> you'll have to put a little more oomph into it. there you go. toss it like a pizza. >> this one is a little smaller, you tap it harder and it will be the perfect size. >> it takes experience? >> absolutely. my sister, it took her two years to get to where she is. >> reporter: with business gr g growing, they plan to add 13 more employees. the bigst challenge doing a story like there is trying to figure out which of the eight flavors i like the most. i have the coconut here. i think i'm going to be here for a while. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> i'm glad he's enjoying the treats because he did the work. >> he worked hard. the sisters can produce 30,000 hand made ice cream sandwiches per week.
4:59 pm
>> that's going to do it for now. thanks for joining us. 5:00 is coming up. gunfire at the park. a shooting in san francisco. several people are hurt. we're live with this breaking news. only sky 7 was there when the highway patrol crashed into car ending to a wrong way chas . that lasted almost an hour. police say this was the man with the machete. 24 hours ago he was seen this cell phone video. now at 5:00, sky 7 shows a shooting investigation in one of san francisco's most popular
5:00 pm
parks. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> three people were taken to the hospital and right now officers are searching for the shooters. >> this happened just after 3:00 this afternoon at the normally packed delores park between the mission district and castro. >> abc 7 news reporter just spoke with police and has the latest. >> reporter: initially police said that they were three victims but witnesses, i spoke to have told me they only saw two people get into that ambulance who were shot. one was shot in the face. the other one apparently in the back of the leg. as we have said this is very disturbing because it hapened around 3:00 inside park which was very packed. now you're seeing sky 7 hd video. one witness told me between five to six young people, possibly teens were on that pedestrian bridge with their faces covered. one of


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