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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 3, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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entered the park, walked towards the statue of bolivart, which leads to the pedestrian bridge. now, one of them apparently pulled out a gun and this is what happened next. >> everybody was sitting here hanging out, just chilling, enjoying the view, family walking by, kiddos, dogs, and these kids come running up in here, yelling gang reps. then people started running that way. you hear something say, they've strapped while i was in the middle of the bridge and he got off some rounds. >> we investigate everything independently. if there are gang ties, that's something we'll look at in the future. >> reporter: now, police are saying that this was not a random shooting. they were targeting someone. now, two of the victims, one of them police say is in his 40s,
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were treated on that pedestrian bridge and taken to the hospital. a third was treated at 18th street and delores. i'm assuming that person managed to run out of the park. he, too, was treated and taken to the hospital by paramedics. now, one last thing. the alert san francisco notification system was activated, asking people to stay away from this area, stay away from the park. that, i'm told, has now been lifted. live at delores park, abc 7 news. >> leeann, thank you. developing news in san francisco as well, this time in the haight-ashbury neighborhood. another shooting sent a man to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the victim was shot near an entrance to a mcdonald's. no word on what may have caused the shot to cause this to be fired. the investigation continues. a string of near misses on east bay roads this afternoon.
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sky 7 was overhead as a man driving a stolen car led police on this chase, putting other drivers in danger. >> abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is live where the chase ended. cornell? >> reporter: dan and kristen, that wild chase lasted, believe it or not, 1 hour 45 minutes. this parked car was damaged at the end of the chase. the suspect was driving a stolen bmw the wrong way on 680. that's how it started. the chase was terminated, but picked up again in oakland. sky 7 was overhead as the stolen car suspect got off of 580 near fruitvale. he reemerged driving over a median, making a right turn the wrong way up macarthur boulevard near highland hospital. the driver headed into piedmont, that's when the driver came to a stop confronted by a police cruiser near wildwood elementary school. but he didn't give up there. he spun around, heading back
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into oakland, circling the piedmont avenue area. the chase appeared to be coming to an end at a quick stop near harrison street. that's when an officer brought the chase to an end clipping the back of the bmw in what's called a pit maneuver, spinning it around. >> after the successful pit maneuv maneuver, the driver of the vehicle exited the vehicle, and surrendered. >> reporter: chp said 30-year-old james sims from antioch was arrested, charged with auto theft, evading police and driving without a license. chp also says it's amazing that no one else was hurt today. live in oakland, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. developing news outside of los angeles where flash flooding has washed out roads and trapped people in their cars. this man was saved from his pickup truck in acton as the water was nearly over his tires. this was maybe 45 minutes ago. a helicopter lowered a firefighter down to the man.
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he was aattached to a harness and flown to safety. a sudden downpour triggered this flash flood. live pictures, commuter train service in the area has been stopped. acton is near the antelope valley, about 47 miles or so north of downtown l.a. spencer christian is keeping an eye on the weather conditions. >> here's a live image of the pattern that produced that storm. you can see there's been a monsoonal flow, monsoonal moisture from southern california moving northward. that patterned continued through the last several hours producing lots of thunderstorms over the sierra. but earlier, in the late afternoon hours, a powerful thunderstorm cell rumbled just north and east of los angeles, producing rain at the rate of 1 to 2 inches per hour. of course, rain waters surged down the mountainsides and the hills, they produced the flash flooding that resulted in what you saw there on the video.
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as you look at the wider picture now, you can see the area of clouds and moisture continues to flow up into the bay area, could produce a shower or two here. i'll have the forecast in just a few minutes. kristen? >> spencer, thank you. we'll see you then. the grizzly peak fire east of berkeley and oakland is about 50% contained tonight. drone view 7 shows the burn-scarred hills. take a look at this view. firefighters and hand crews worked all day on the steep hillside to eliminate any hot spots. cooler weather today certainly helped with the mopup. at the height of the fire yesterday afternoon, six agencies were on scene, along with ground and air support from cal fire. >> oakland and all of the regional firefighters learned lessons from that 1991 firestorm. that is why we have been so vigilant to be on top of that fire today, and we will continue to be on top of it until we know that there is no more risk. >> meantime, cal fire has sent an investigative team to try to figure out the origin and cause
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of the fire. police tonight have identified the man officers shot and killed in richmond last night. >> they say he's 45-year-old jeffrey barboa of ben esha. cell phone video shows him advancing toward officers as he held a machete. >> melanie woodrow is live at the ridgewood police department with the story tonight. >> reporter: dan and kristen, since this chase ended in the city of richmond, the richmond police department is now investigating this fatal officer involved shooting. the suspect at the center of this had been wanted in connection with a robbery a couple of weeks ago in el ser ito. the victim in that robbery tells me the suspect had threatened him as well. cameron sims said in all the years his family owned all-star doughnuts here, they have never seen anything like this. >> i realize he's got the cash register and i just yell at him, like, hey, what are you doing? >> reporter: two saturdays ago while he was in the back room
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with his dad, he said the man now identified as 45-year-old jeffrey barboa ran out with the cash register, then threatened him. >> he said, do you want to die? i got a knife and i got a gun. >> reporter: sam turned over surveillance video to the police. >> he looked desperate. >> reporter: his dad took down barboa's license plate. this is moments after vallejo police spotted the vehicle wednesday. the high-speed chase ending in richmond. >> oh, my god, he's going to kill him. >> reporter: the man who took the video said barboa lunged at officers, holding a machete, all the while ignoring his commands. >> drop the weapon. get down. my heart goes out to the police officers that had to make that decision. the weight of the community on their shoulders. i really want to advocate for them. i feel awful for the family of the suspect. >> reporter: according to barboa
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profile, he was director at north bay center. police have no knowledge of his previous work history. a spokesperson with vallejo police department said there is body camera video, but no dash cam ro video of the officer involved shooting. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. tonight authorities are thanking a good samaritan for helping arrest two people accused of sexually abusing children. police say a woman saw a man tex tinge about the crimes on a plane bound for san jose. janine is live now at mineta san jose airport. >> reporter: the female passenger on a southwest flight did something heroic, she saw something suspicious on a phone, and she didn't stay quiet. somewhere mid-air on a southwest flight between seattle and san jose, an alert passenger noticed a man in front of her texting.
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she could read what it said, police describe it as -- >> extremely disturbing. sex acts talked about, not only molesting the children, but performing bestiality. >> reporter: the female passenger, a teacher from washington, continued to monitor the texts. she told the flight aten danlt when the plane landed in san jose, the 56-year-old man was questioned by police. he was arrested for attempted child molestation and solicitation. >> if it wasn't for this particular passenger taking action, taking initiative, to alert the staff, and alert police, this catastrophic event would have been just horrific. >> reporter: detectives learned the person keller texted is a child care provider also from tacoma. they arrested her for raping a child and other sex crimes. they located the victims of 5 and 7-year-olds.
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both are in protective custody. the suspects were planning to strike again but that didn't happen, thanks to the female passenger. >> words can't describe how happy i am to have had the opportunity to meet this particular person. and i let her know right off the bat upon seeing her that she is my hero. >> reporter: authorities are investigating whether there are more victims. in san jose, abc 7 news. new numbers out today in oakland's push to fix potholes. the city says crews have repaired more than 5,200 potholes in the last seven weeks. they've been working 12-hour days. heavily trafficked streets that were in the worst shape got priority. mayor libby schath said half of the city's 800 miles of streets need some level of repair. the city is looking to hire 20 more street repair workers. >> as you can tell, it's very busy day. much more ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00. seven years and 57 shifts later, a milestone tonight for the health of sasoon bay. maybe cooling down.
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but these little guys need some relief from the heat. i know, right? the east bay shelter inundated with injured and rescued babies right now. rare video captured in the north bay, and it may be a good sign for the health of a pair of mountain lion kittens who faced long odds to survive. interesting flight pattern by boeing tonight facing a by boeing tonight facing a little backlash. ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can.
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and i am a senior public safety my namspecialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come
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together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. remarkable change. today the last of the old vessels that were rusting at anchor and filled with toxic
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chemicals is getting ready for disposal. >> eric thomas reports. >> reporter: in her service life, the cargo ship carried bullets and bombs to vietnam and to the first gulf war. today crews were preparing to ship for her final mission. >> it was a long time coming to get to this point. >> reporter: as early as tomorrow, crews will begin towing the cape boarda for dismantling, the last of 57 ships to be removed from sasoon's bay moth ball fleet. >> we're talking approximately 57 vessels that were shedding toxic paint, that were laden with metals, like zinc and mercury and lead. all of this was getting directly into sassoon bay. >> reporter: an estimated of 20 tons over the years. in 2002009, environmentalists a the state of california sued the federal government. >> the consent decree said we had to get 57 ships done in
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seven years. that was a heavy, heavy lift. we've finished it up almost two months early. >> reporter: the work went quickly at first because scrap metal prices were high. they were making money scrapping the ships. in fact, it has become a model for the fleet. >> what we learned down here in california we've implemented at the other two fleet sites, in virginia and texas. >> there's a lot less pollution in sassoon bay now. that means less pollution that the fish are eating. >> reporter: you'll still see a handful of ships ready for reactivation in case the nation ever needs them again. but these ships will have a lot less pollution than the old ones. near sassoon bay, eric thomas, abc 7 news. new video of a house fire on east 19th street in oakland. this was just tweeted out by fire officials a while ago. the fire was reported around 5:00. officials say that is a vacant house. there's been no reports of any injuries connected to the fire battle. smoke could be seen from miles
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away. high honors for oakland's highland hospital tonight, already a critical mission. it is now home to a level 1 trauma center. abc 7 news was at the trauma center today as congresswoman barbara lee made the rounds just ahead of that announcement. highland is the only adult level 1 trauma center in the east bay. congresswoman lee surrounded by doctors and nurses and thanking them for their work, but it was a highland patient who got everyone's attention today. hugo campos collapsed at b.a.r.t., taken to highland and needed a pacemaker-like device but lost his insurance. >> i'm sure the affordable care act has room for improvement. but if it weren't for the affordable care act, i wouldn't be here today. >> the alameda health system and highland expects to lose $94 million a year if obamacare is repealed. a bay area nonprofit spotted two mountain lion kittens they've been tracking as part of
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a research project. this is video from audubon canyon ranch. the kittens have survived to four months old now. that's really good news. their mother was collared with a gps transmitter in october, after she was found in the glen allen glenwood area of sonoma county. the average survival rate for young mountain lions is about 50%. well, the heat we're having is tough enough on us, but our furry and feathered friends are having an especially hard time in the hot weather. at the oakland zoo and rehabilitation hospital in walnut creek, they're pulling out all the stops to combat animal heat stress which is a big problem. live now with more exactly on what they're doing. leslie? >> reporter: dan and kristen, here they're rescuing birds and animals that are stressed out by the heat. they've come out of their nests prematurely in many cases. at oakland zoo today they tried out a brand-new experiment
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introducing the oakland fire department to the elements. these african elephants have acclimated to the usually mild temperatures in the bay area. so when it gets hot, the oakland zoo brought out the hoses. >> we had the idea of trying to bring out the oakland fire department and see what happens if we spray, you know, a big fire hose out into the exhibit and do the elephants enjoy that rain in july. >> reporter: like it? they loved it. 125 gallons of water a minute of relief from the heat. a matter of life and death at lindsey wildlife rehabilitation hospital. on a normal day, they've seen 30 days and animals. on a hot day that number can double. this one week old barn owl is struggling to survive. experts here say it was stressed out by the heat in its nest. to cool off it bailed out too early.
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birds especially fled their nests far too soon to survive when it's hot, making them especially vulnerable to predators. the heat wave sent many baby birds into this hospital. they desperately look for water in dangerous places like backyard pools. >> actually, have a couple of patients in the room who came in because they had ended up in a pool from trying to get cooler. we'll get a lot of oh possums come in that way. >> reporter: some get trapped in the pools and drown. many get in the water and get new mean yeah. the squirrel delighted in frozen watermelon. a block of ice for an oh possum. cooling off on a hot summer day. in walnut creek, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. fog passes through the bay area almost every day, right? but people in santa cruz were stunned by what they saw yesterday. >> this is wild. julia elman sent abc 7 news this
6:20 pm
time lapse of fog rolling past the beach. the giant mass came and went in less than two minutes. high winds tossed stuff into the air as well. >> that's not from a movie, right? >> no. >> the winds blew a kiddie pool right into the street. >> some described it as a fognado. >> let's talk about it with spencer christian. >> interesting formation. elongated mass of cloud blown forcefully by a strong flow of winds from the south the last couple of days, blowing that massive cloud over the water. gave it that sort of shape of a funnel cloud tossed over on its side. though it was not a funnel cloud. we have high clouds passing through the bay area. still moving up from the south. there's lots of moisture out there. we might see a shower or two develop during the overnight hours. right now from the rooftop camera at abc 7, we're looking southward at a bright sky, the
6:21 pm
brightest view we've seen all day. it's been cloudy and dreary most of the day. 68 degrees in san francisco right now. oakland 72. gilroy at 79. 66 at half moon bay. check out this view from sutro tower looking northward. we're seeing more blue there than we've seen much of the day. 81 at napa. 79 at novato. 86 in livermore. and one more beautiful view from the east bay hills camera, clouds at various levels of the atmosphere. lots of bright sunshine to be seen there as well. these are the forecast features. we'll see the passing high clouds through tomorrow. even into tomorrow night with a slight chance of showers with all the moisture passing through. maybe even an isolated thunderstorm. and we'll see cooler and less humid weather this weekend. now, in the wider view here, we'll start our forecast animation at 7:00 this evening, the flow continues with those high clouds, 5:00 tomorrow
6:22 pm
morning, it will be high cloudiness. it should not interfere with visibility for morning commuters. we're not expecting any heavy fog. through the day tomorrow, although skies will be bright, we'll see the high clouds passing through and they'll start to thin out late tomorrow night and along with that will be a reduction in the chance of showers. overnight, though, this night, into early tomorrow morning, the high clouds are still with us. it will still be mild in the early morning hours with low temperatures, mainly in the mid to upper 60s. tomorrow is going to be another relatively warm day, though we're not going to see any triple digits tomorrow. highest temperatures from mid-80s to mid-90s today. around the bay, about 75. oakland 76. san francisco a high of 68 tomorrow. and half moon bay about 66. as we look ahead to saturday, and sunday, we'll see temperatures continuing to drop just a few degrees each day, gradual cooling before that cooler pattern settles in for next week. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast.
6:23 pm
high temperatures over the weekend will be around or just above 90 in our inland areas, upper 70s around the bay. low 60s on the coast. they'll drop a little bit more on monday and tuesday to the upper 80s inland. and that pattern will hold through the remainder of next week. >> hold the upper 80s. we like that. that's tolerable. next at 6:00, serenading a president. >> where you can now get a look in the bay area at the most expensive dress ever sold. back in a moment. ♪ ♪
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the world's most expensive dress is now on display in san francisco. >> i thought you were wearing it. the gown marilyn monroe was wearing when she famously sang happy birthday to president john f. kennedy in 1962. this is video from ripley's believe it or not. >> ripley acquired the dress last year for nearly $5 million. the guinness world record said it was the most expensive dress to be purchased at auction. >> only on display at ripley's believe it or not on fisherman's wharf. that would be worth seeing. next, three big developments tonight involving special counsel robert mueller's investigation into potential ties between the trump campaign and russia. also, preparing for a marijuana frenzy in california. but tonight, businesses getting ready to sell all that pot are concerned about their safety. and a massive skyscraper on
6:27 pm
fire tonight. halfway across the world. residents rushing to escape. stay with us. much more
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for more than 120 years, anchor brewing has been making beer here in san francisco. >> the company after all that time said they're selling to sapporo. >> we sat down with the ceo for what it means. >> reporter: a staple since 1896, the future in another city's hands. tokyo, japan, where sapporo beer is headquartered. >> i hope that the change in ownership won't affect the quality of the product, because it's something 50i78 proud to have as a san franciscan. >> reporter: keith gregor spent 18 months talking to potential buyers and said the sale will be final at the end of august. >> we finally found the right partner who truly believes in continuing the legacy of anchor
6:31 pm
in san francisco. >> reporter: but why did this ubiquitous home-grown beer need to sell? >> we were treading water. >> reporter: he said the beer market has become too crowded. >> 2010 there was 1,600 breweries. it was not a global business. today, i don't know, 7,000 breweries, and it is a global business. >> reporter: while beer drinkers in 20 countries enjoy anchor, especially here in san francisco -- >> the flavors. i enjoy drinking them at the park. >> i love their seasonal aels as well. they do a different christmas beer every year. >> reporter: the variety of choices has meant less of a share for anchor beers. >> beer consumption in san francisco dropped 10% last year. this is our biggest market. >> reporter: in order to survive, gregor said they need to expand into new markets, which is where sapporo takes over. in san francisco, kate larson, abc 7 news. recreational marijuana
6:32 pm
becomes legal, as you know, in california next year, but pot shops are still facing a really big hurdle. federal law prevents them from using banks, so they pay their taxes with cash, which many say will make them prime targets for armed robbers. david ono has the story from our sister station in los angeles. >> reporter: that's the sound of cash, thousands of it pouring in every day to businesses like this legal medical medical marijuana dispensary in sherman oaks. for jared, all that money is good for business, but it comes at a price. >> i think that most businesses in los angeles and all across the united states are able to pay their taxes with their bank account. and our industry has been vilified that our funds that we only collect in cash are not able to hold bank accounts. >> reporter: that poses safety concerns at dispensaries. not only does the shop take in $15,000 a day in hard cash, but it has to pay out a big chunk in
6:33 pm
profits in city taxes every month. on this day, kilo is packing up more than $40,000 to head to downtown l.a. to pay the city. >> i'm always looking in my rear view mirror to make sure someone didn't follow me from the dispensary. i did a quick little cursory search of the cars in the neighborhood. >> reporter: he heads directly to the tax and permit division. some lawmakers are concerned about the real threat of robbers going after all that money, and they want to make a change to the law to allow marijuana dispensaries to do business with banks. >> it is not normal for people to walk around with millions of dollars of cash. so we've got to deal with this reality and figure out a way to address that concern. >> reporter: for jared kilo, paying his taxes in cash every month is actually a big relief. >> you can feel the tension relieved when you don't have the responsibility of all that on you and have a receipt for it, it feels really good.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: when recreational marijuana becomes legal in california in january of next year, it's expected to bring in $1 billion a year in taxes. president trump is slamming washington for its focus on the russia investigation. the president rallies his supporters in west virginia this afternoon. he told them the russia story is an attempt by democrats to downplay his election win last year. the president has a 60% approval rating in the mostly republican mountain state. higher than any other state in the country. in part, because of his promise to bring back coal jobs. another big moment at the event, when the state's democratic governor announced he's switching parties. >> i can't help you any more being a democrat governor. so tomorrow i will be changing my registration to republican. >> governor justice ran as a
6:35 pm
conservative democrat and declined to endorse hillary clinton in 2016. despite the president's comments in west virginia tonight, it appears special counselor robert mueller's investigation into the trump campaign's ties to russia is ramping up. "the wall street journal" is reporting mueller has convened a grand jury to investigate russia's interference in the 2016 election. reuters reports mueller has issued subpoenas related to the june 2016 meeting between donald trump jr. and russian lawyers. cnn has also reported mueller is focused on possible financial crimes. today on capitol hill, two senators introduced a bipartisan bill to prevent mr. trump from firing mueller without cause. developing news in dubai, where a fire at one of the tallest residential buildings is under control now. flames shot up the side of the 79-story torch tower in the arab nation's upscale arena district where it's early friday morning. debris rained down on the streets below sparking smaller
6:36 pm
fires. authorities say the tower was evacuated safely and that there were no injuries. that's the great news. there is no word yet on how it started. this same building caught fire in february of 2015. there are more than 682 apartments in that building. what is your take on this one? critics are calling boeing's latest writing in the sky a toxic joyride. company officials insist it was a legitimate engine test. >> here's what happened. yesterday a boeing 7878 took off from seattle and for the next 18 hours, it flew in a pattern, as you see, that looks like a dreamliner jet. >> critics say that ride dumped 300,000 kilograms of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. but boeing said it was an endurance test for new engines, required by regulatory agencies. they had to fly the distance anyway, why not fly in the shape of a boeing. >> at least they make it fun. next on abc 7 news at 6:00,
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if you buy a product, you don't like it, write a bad review. >> michael finney is here with your rights if a company get
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some of us read online reviews to make informed decisions about goods and services that youay write sometimes. >> michael finney and "consumer reports" have tips before you do that. tricky, michael. >> you have to be careful. a lot of consumers depend on online reviews before they travel, book a restaurant, or buy a product or service. many reviews believe they're helping others. but sometimes companies have hit back if the review is negative. "consumer reports" has advice on how to write helpful reviews without getting yourself into truble. if something you ordered isn't up to snuff, or a trip or meal is marred by poor service, complaining online can certainly help influence other consumers. >> you don't want to go to a place that has a lot of negative reviews. >> when i see a negative review, i will likely look at another item. >> reporter: some companies fear serious damage from bad feedback. until recently they were able to include nondisparagement clauses
6:41 pm
in their agreements that allowed them to threaten customers with penalties over negative reviews. >> we know of one utah couple who was billed a $3,500 about a company's failed delivery. >> reporter: now, a new federal law bars companies from inserting nondisparagement clauses that threaten or penalize people for posting negative reviews. even so, "consumer reports" says you should still watch what you say. >> first of all, your review has to be honest and accurate. companies can still successfully sue you for defamation if you make a false statement that can damage their representation. >> reporter: don't generalize, speak about your own particular experience. companies should be eager to address poor reviews. >> how is a business supposed to grow. how is it supposed to learn from its mistakes. it's called constructive criticism. >> another way to protect yourself, if the company reaches
6:42 pm
out with an explanation after you've complained online, consider updating or deleting your comment if it's no longer supported by the facts. then let the company know you did so, but without admitting any wrongdoing. now, i want to hear from you. my hotline is open weekdays from 10:00 to 2:00, 415-954-8151. you can also reach me on my facebook page and through big story earlier this week that texas couple which complained about their wedding photographer, they were sued and lost $1 million. >> that's unreasonable. >> be careful. >> okay. >> thanks, michael. next on abc 7 news at 6:00, business is booming for what used to be a mom and pop, or should which say sister and sister ice cream company in the south bay who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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it was a real leap of faith, two years ago two san jose sisters took a risk. >> today any fears have melted away as their secret recipe has gotten a major grocery chain to sign on to carry their products.
6:46 pm
>> a sweet story all right. david louie has more on the bay area success story. >> reporter: sisters gwen and christine nguyen decided two years ago to make an ice cream sandwich no one else makes in the bay area, made with french style concoction of meringue, sugar, almond powder fruit and other flavors. they relied on youtube cooking videos and lots of testing. >> a friend of ours had a grand opening for one of their tea shops. they asked us to produce them 300 units of the macaroons. within four hours they sold out. that's when we knew we had something going on here. >> reporter: they produce 3,000 sandwiches per week, each handmade. >> we emphasize quality every single day. i want it to be embedded in their heads. quality is utmost important thing to this business. >> reporter: pounding trays of dough is hard work.
6:47 pm
it's not easy to do. >> how am i doing? >> you'll have to put a little more oomph into it. harder! there you go! >> reporter: as sales increased, maven's creamery is looking to add 13 new to the roster. there are eight flowers with more to be developed. the biggest challenge about doing a story like this is to decide which of the eight flavors i like the most. i happen to have the coconut here. mm-mmm. i think i'm going to be here for a while. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. >> i hope he brought back extras. you've heard of rubber duckies in the bathtub, but today the rubber duckies were in the chicago river. >> in fact, a dump truck dumped about 60,000 ducks into rt intor
6:48 pm
>> each duck was adopted by a person for $5. if your duck won, you could win a trip to vegas or maybe a new car. all proceeds go to the special olympics of illinois. at least $350,000 was raised today. boy, that's a lot of rubber duckies. >> looks amazing from the aerial view. one final check of the weather. >> live look from the sutro tower camera. spencer is back to update the forecast. >> we've had high clouds throughout the day. but the sky is getting a little bit brighter as the clouds get thinner. let's look at live doppler 7 and you can see a different view of the high clouds. they'll be with us all night, passing through with low temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. mild overnight period. tomorrow, the high clouds continue to flow through the bay area sky. again, it will be a bright and mild to warm day with highs ranging from mid-60s at the coast to mid-70s around the bay to low to mid-90s around the
6:49 pm
inland locations. notice the gradual cooldown, just a couple of degrees each day into early next week. at the beginning of the week we'll see a cooler, drier, more comfortable range of temperatures. >> that will be welcome. thanks, spencer. we are following steph curry tonight. >> that's right. but not just in basketball. >> well, all pro athletes can play any sport. steph curry has been everywhere this off-season, from china, to south korea, tahoe and espys. he was testing his talents
6:50 pm
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most professional athletes have the skill set to play other sports but have to choose one to play at the top level. steph curry at a golf course playing on a sponsor's exemption. he had a snap hook on the first drive. with the 3 wood. it landed in the cup holder of a cart. he bogeyed three of his first five holes for a 2 over 37 on the front nine. he finally settled down here on the par 5 15.
6:53 pm
steph finished with a 4 over 74, which gives him a slim chance to make the cut on friday. steph told espn afterwards he was cool walking out to the first tee. >> as soon as you hear your name on the first tee, i lost all feel in my limbs, and just didn't know what to do. so just really trying to focus on it, getting the ball in the air. had a good time. this is an unbelievable environment to play alongside these professionals that are just amazing talent. i'm just having fun. >> women's british open in st. andrews, michelle wei atop the leaderboard, three straight birdies, one stroke lead over the field. wei has one major title under her belt winning the u.s. open back in 2014, her last win on tour. the 27-year-old fired a birdie on the back nine. the 49ers new man continues
6:54 pm
to dismantle the regime as they waive bruce ellington today. the fourth round pick in the 2014 draft, but beset with injuries his entire career. he played wide receiver, runnin. he played in 26 games, 19 catches, two touchdowns, one rushing td and over 1,500 yards on punt and kickoff returns. coach shanahan gave his reasons today. >> we have a bunch of guys that are similar, the same type of player. we had to get different skill sets in. to give bruce a chance to go somewhere else. and handled everything great. he's been a great person here in the short time he's been here. gave himself a chance to go for a week. the bay bridge series about to get under way at the at&t park with the a's leading the series two games to one. graveman facing block on the mound. last night it was the a's turn to go deep as ryan healy sends this one packing to give oakland a 4-0 lead.
6:55 pm
they would hold on for a 6-1 victory. it's been tough for fans of the local nines. >> i like both teams for first place. it does change when we play them. certainly the fan base gets behind it. and, you know, during the course of 162, these games are a little bit different. you know, we're going back and forth across the bay. a lot of history between the two teams. two great organizations. it makes it a little bit more fun. >> rain delay in chicago with the cubs and d'backs. they can see each other. check out the improv from the second city. d'backs with the bobsledding team. good old-fashioned fishing. the d'backs take the bullpen prize to knock down the 7-10 split in bowling. there he goes. showing how playful baseball
6:56 pm
players can be. >> i was just going to say. >> preseason football, cardinals and cowboys in the hall of fame game. rain delays, you don't know what's going to happen. >> have a little fun. join us tonight at 9:00 on channel 13. thousands of people are canceling their orders for tesla. flash flooding overwhelms the southern california community. at 11:00, the danger that remains tonight, and new video of the dramatic rescues. here's tonight's primetime lineup on abc 7. boy band, followed by battle of the network stars and the gong show at 10:00. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. that's it for this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news on twitter and for all of us, we appreciate pyour time. see you again later tonight.
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going to the high scorers among non-winners. all of it leading to a big payday next week of $100,000 for the teen champion. today, we welcome a freshman and two juniors -- connor, antonio, and lucia. good luck. here we go into the jeopardy! round. now let's take a look at your categories. first off... followed by... and finally, we want to know... and, lucia, you goes first. flora for $800. antonio. -what is a venus flytrap? -correct. russian history, $200.


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