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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 4, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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this is the second rescue by ferry boat this summer. melanie is live at pier 33 with more on last night's ordeal. >> reporter: it's been a little damp out here today but the captain says the conditions last night were perfect for this rescue. also the alcatrez clipper was in the right place at the right time. >> reporter: cell phone video shows the rescue, the distress call coming this at 8:45 thursday night. >> we got the call on channel 16 on that radio. >> reporter: ten passengers on a 31-foot pleasure boat that was quickly taking on water. >> they struck an object over by alcatrez. >> reporter: the tourist cap pain says luna was on top of little alcatrez.
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>> the boat start eed taking on water. >> everybody on now. >> captain tub by handled it like he had ice water this his veins. >> everything happens real quick. within minutes of rescuing all ten passengers, the vessel was under water. alcatrez tours had more than 400 passengers on board who erupted in cheers. >> i'm just doing my job. that's what we're trained to do. >> another day at the office. >> reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. surveillance video shows the car sundayly turn up inside the hard ware. the impact sent coolers and grills flying. no one, thankfully, was in that area at the time. the driver and another woman were not hurt either. our media partner talked with police who say the woman likely
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mistook the gas pe ddal for the break. a lot of people saw lightning overnight. these pictures are from concord. there was a big spike in the temperature. abc 7 news meteorologist has more on that in the rain happening right now. >> that's right. it's very interesting weather. as you take a look at live doppler 7 i want to show you where it's raining. we'll take you into street level radar. we're seeing moderate pockets of showers. lighter showers around novato. as we head towards the east bay across highway 4 seeing a few returns there. we saw more than a few returns overnight. we did see thunderstorms around vacaville and napa county. when those thunderstorms began to die down we had something that we don't talk about in the
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bay area and that's a heat burst. what happens with the heat burst. cold air plunges. you get warming due to compression and that causes the temperature to spike. it usually follows a nighttime thunderstorm. you can see the temperature spike. at midnight it was 95 degrees all of a sudden and the temperature began to fall. as we look back at oakland hills and you will notice 5:00 a.m. temperature shot up from 4:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. to 85 degrees and really dropped down to 67 degrees. never a dull moment here in the pay area. i'll let you know what's up next and when we will get rid of these muggies. >> it's called job security, right. that humidity caused problem for construction workers trying to lay a new sidewalk this san francisco's marina district. the high humidity causes newly poured concrete to dry slower.
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police now say there may be as many as five suspects in yesterday's shooting three people at san francisco's delores park. those suspects are still on the loose. police increased patrols in the park hoping to restore a sense of security there. the shootings happened on the pedestrian bridge on church street. witnesses say a group wearing bandanas and hoodies started yelling and threatening people. one victim remains in the hospital. another was treated and released. no word on the victim who was a third victim. a woman arrested after a good samaritan on a san jose bound plane alerted police. prosecutors say federal charges were not filed within 72 hours
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against gail burnworth. a source says burnworth is expected to be arrested again by the end of the day. investigators say burnworth received text messages about sex abuse from this man, 56-year-old michael kellar. two young children has opinion identified as victims. a woman saw kellar texting burnworth. lawyers for oakland's ghostship fire defendant says his friends will begin trying to raise money to bail limb out of jiem. a judge lowered his bail by $250,000. his supporters say that's still too much. >> reporter: derek and his lawyers came out of bail hearing angry and frustrated. >> we feel the bail issue became ultimately a pre-conviction punishment. >> he's been made out to be a unfeeling person. a selfish person which couldn't be partser from the truth.
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>> reporter: today a judge lowered almena's bail from 1 million to $750,000. the december blazed ripped through an oakland warehouse converted into an artist collective. 36 people died trapped into the maze like building. >> even though the charges are grave, he will con front them and we are optimistic. >> reporter: almena had been asked to be released but the judge didn't buy it. neither did the attorney representing victims in a civil suit. >> these are people that came for the music, event. they didn't know it was unsafe. didn't know how to get out. >> reporter: supporters at today's hearing thinks the bail is still too high. attorneys gave a glimpse into their strategy today. >> we will be
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the building inspectors from the child protective service >> reporter: under the theory that they knew about safety problems and knew nothing. they'll with back in court to enter a plea september 13th. eric thomas, abc 7 news. cal train continues to investigate a crash involving a train and truck this morning in burlinggame. sky 7 wads over the scene before 7:00 this morning. pieces of the truck littered the scene. no one was injured. all trains were back on schedule by 10:00. a total of 16 vehicles were destroyed or damaged this morning after a fire broke out in carport in campbell. leftover hot coals or ashes from
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this red barbecue sparked the flames lighting the carport on fire spreading from car to car. the owner of the barbecue will not be charged as there appears to be no criminal neglect in the accident. the mother of this young man shot and killed by police after she called them for help has filed a lawsuit against the city now. she spoke with our chris nguyen about her pain and why she's fighting back. >> reporter: for this ho heartbroken mother the past five months have been nothing but hell. >> i feel my life over now. my son was everything for me. >> reporter: on march 9th her world forever changed knowing that her son suffered from depression, amanda called santa clara police for help multiple times that day feeling for his mental well being after he barricaded himself inside a bedroom. >> he never had a gun or nothing i his bedroom. he never had something.
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he had good record. he's a good guy. >> reporter: jesus was shot and killed by police that afternoon after they say he threatened them with a gun. attempts to tase him were unsuccessful. he fled out of a bedroom window but found by police near a retaining wall. attorney is representing the family and filed a lawsuit. >> the police were aware he had a psychiatrist issue. he was unarmed and essentially naked. there's no justification for that. we're trying to get answers. >> reporter: they have worked closely with those impacted by officer involved shootings. >> these are families that have been brought together by tragedy and are really just trying to have some public conversation around police violence and the right of their loved ones to still be alive today. >> reporter: the santa clara police department says while it
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can not comment on pending litigation, the officer who shot him is not back from administrative leave. hate crimes on the rise. one group is seeing a big increase since the presidential election. in arizona one person barely escapes before a flash flood swallows his camping gear. we're live in what could be the loneliest fair in the bay area. steph curry sure look likes a pro. his fans think so. we're live with just how well he's really doing in this tournament, coming up. i'm michael finney. some great i'm michael finney. things are heating up for the wta.mer. time to play. when the us open series hits stanford for the bank of the west classic, join the celebration of summer. where the action off the court, is just as hot as the action on it. now through august 6th.
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it's time to shine brighter than you ever thought possible. the us open series. we're serving up the best of summer. don't miss the wta action while it's in stanford. the santa clara county fair is one of the shortest running
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only four days. the future is uncertain as they are considering new development on the land. there are die hard fans who don't want it to fade away. david is live at the fairgrounds tonight. >> reporter: this is day two of the santa clara fair. they have worked very hard to make this family friendly. they are trying to shed an image of crime problems here from 25 years ago. admission is a reasonable $10. in the heart of silicon valley animals are still a big draw. in its hay day some 40 years ago the fair used to draw quarter million people. last year attendance was around 40,000. those who have come here say the fair has really shrunk. >> i liked it when it was a lot more rides, attractions and stuff. >> does that mean the fair is sort of dying out? >> it seems like it, yes. >> reporter: thanks to visitor surveys and gimmicks the fair is working hard on a comeback. >> there are better places to have rides flp are better
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for entertainment but there's no place like this place where everything comes together that time of year. >> the fair only comes around like once a year while great america is always there. it's always nice to go to something new instead of being at the same old thing all the time. >> reporter: the county is considering redeveloping the 160 acres site. this year fair is expected to lose as much as $200,000 but will make it up from revenue at other events flelheld at the fairgrounds. some city dwellers have never seen animals like these. sdplp how did you talk to them? >> hello, how are you? they all came over to me because i'm the animal whisperer. it was just cool. >> reporter: the fair is also a showcase for 4h clubs and an opportunity to win ribbons.
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>> it promotes the things people do with their animals. you don't want to get rid of that. dozens rallied of the state capitol to raise awareness of a rise in hate crimes. organizers say hate crimes against the dprups have increased steadily in the past three years. a report earlier pointed to a 24% increase in hate crimes against those groups in los angeles county alone. >> often times it's around not looking american enough. it's around the fact that we were born in different countries. >> today's event was part of a multi-day convention in sacramento centered around advancing the social and political well being of asian americans. a new review of wells fargo banking practices could turn up fake accounts than previously known.
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last fall the bank paid $185 million in penalties for opening about two million accounts without customers authorization. an expanded review could reveal even much such accounts. it's expected to face further regulatory sanctions due to its latest scandal signing thousands of customers up for auto insurance they did not need. will steph curry make the cut in his first professional golf tournament? he's out on the course right now. that's where our abc 7 news reporter is live. how is he doing? >> reporter: dan, steph curry teed off late today at 2:15. last word he just finished the 8th hole. he's on the 9th.
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he's not too bad out here. just an nba superstar warming up for his second round ever in a professional golf tournament. >> he lis not too far from here so we have to support the bay area whether he's on the court or the course. >> are you a golfer? >> no. >> why you here? it's a golf tournament? >> to see steph. pretty close. how does he look? >> cool. >> reporter: let's just say this guy is drawing a crowd that doesn't normally attend golf tournament. some here fessed up, for them it's not about sports. >> you here to watch golf or steph curry? >> to watch steph curry. >> there's a whole bunch of good golfers out there. >> but he's cute.
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>> reporter: when it was time the tee off, he did not disappoi disappoint. he hit it straight down the middle. >> i hope he does good today. the numbers are high. see what happens. >> reporter: he is good at this game but probably won't make the cut unless he can pull out a miracle and shoot well into the 60s. we're back live here. doesn't look like the 60s will be in the cards. that's number 18. steph curry is just now on the 9th hole. long way to go for him. 4 over. 8 over for the tournament. the projected cut is 3 under. we're looking for a miracle. we'll be out here. we'll let you know how he's doing at 6:00. laura anthony, abc 7 news. the weather is beginning to quiet down. we have thunderstorms early this morning and quite a bit of rain.
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obviously not all that rain was reaching the ground. you'll note where we're seeing some of the showers still. i want to take you into street level radar. yellows and greens in the north bay indicating rockets of rain. this is based on radar estimates. we take a look at some lighter returns near highway 101. definitely still some slippery spots and you check out what's ahead around discovery bay. highway 4 still some slick roadways. the wider picture giving you an indication of what's going on in the speiatmosphere. we have been dealing with the monsoon flow. this moisture is rotating from the south moving out over the pacific. yes we had lightning strikes offshore. those thunderstorms are staying away from our region right now. as we take a look at our rainfall totals, daily rainfall record for livermore,.07 of an inch for this day.
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many areas were trace it's 66 degrees dew point in place like half-moon bay. you know it's sticky out there. you can blame it on the monsoon flow. as you check out or temperatures right now even though it's cooler this afternoon, numbers ranging from 65 in san francisco, 6 oakland to about 94 in gilroy. that monsoon flow is adding to that humidity still. santa rosa, napa you're in the 70s. same thing with livermore. as we head towards the weekend i'm happy to report that the weather conditions will be improving. here is a live look and it's a glimpse of what's to come. you're seeing brighter skies in santa cruz. we'll get rid of that monsoon moisture so you can enjoy drier air. isolated showers are possible tonight. muggy pattern tomorrow morning and drier air for the rest of the weekend. hour by hour kwkt shforecast sh
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you still that flow coming through. here in the pay area we'll with back to our typical pattern of fog near the coast. sunshine elsewhere for your saturday afternoon. tomorrow morning starting out pretty mild to warm temperatures. yes we'll have a combination of fog. 83 degrees in san jose. still a warm one but still not as warm and uncomfortable as it has within. 80 degrees on the peninsula and redwood city. 65 half-moon bay. 64 in daily city and in the north bay upper 80s around is a ta rosa. east bay, 74. 80 in oakland. 92 in livermore. if you feel like you've been having to take a second shower, it's going to get better. we'll show you a muggy morning but for the afternoon going into sunday, it is going to be not as
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humid as it has been. we're going to get rid of those clouds and you'll be able to enjoy your activities without feeling so uncomfortable. low 60s to 90s for your sunday. we'll repeat that pattern. warming a little bit midweek with mid-90s. down low the accuweather app. live doppler 7 is right there. you can track those radar returns. >> especially with such interesting weather. >> i find it very fascinating especially the thunderstorms. residents are now being allowed back into their homes after flash flooding forced evacuations north of phoenix today. video from this afternoon shows you danger they face as a wall of sludge push through the desert. people were told to stay away but did not listen. one group of guys tried to grab tires. no one has been hurt. the ground has been charred
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because of recent wildfires. whether it's a fun tote bag or having fun outside, 7 on your
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a hayward police officer came through for a boy whose bike has been stolen. the officer has become familiar with the family in his beat. he learned he had his bike stolen and told his colleagues. one of them said he had a bike. after a little soap and water the bike was given to evan who wore a lego police shirt. it's the end of the week. that means it's time for finney's friday free stuff. >> michael is here for two great items. >> food and a good time. l let's start with home room mac and cheese. hve you heard of these guys? >> i haven't. >> i immediately heard from my niece.
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you're savoring that stuff for me. home room mac and cheese makes fabulous meals. you're going to get aside from tote bag is you're going to get a free lunch combo of a mini mac cheese and side salad. it's worth about 8 bucks altogether. it's wonderful. i've not eaten there. i understand it's fabulous. now that you've eaten well. let's get you working out. let me show you some video of what i'm talking about virgin sport sf, a whole bunch of people are going to get sf bay half marathon for free. that's an 89 dollar value. registration will hike to $99 this week. virgin sport san francisco is red hot. wildly fun. there's a whole bunch of stuff
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going on. >> that's fun. >> isn't that a great time? they're trying to take running and really make it funning. i'll stick with funning. >> that will work. >> how do we get this stuff? >> all you do is funning go to at any time. we'll tell you what to do there. >> great stuff. not so great grammar but that's okay. block by block a whole different world comes alive.
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coming up, what's considered bad behavior on bart? what one passenger was seen doing today. some say it's the craziest thing they have ever seen. finding a camp site this late in the summer is next to impossib impossible, right? not so says michael finney.
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for some it's even more than that. all coming up in half an hour at 6:00. finally, it's everything legos this weekend at the santa clara convention center. >> it's called bricks by the bay. the northern california lego convention. >> this is the trophy for best standard humanoid. >> lego artists including those in the bionical category are building some amazing creations. >> they range from space capsules even a magical village. >> goes into the pool. the water comes out for making it that a fishmonger and water way comes out. >> wow. the show continues tomorrow and sunday. legos a danish phrase that means play well. >> hours of creativity. world news is next.
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>> we appreciate your time. see you again at 6:00. tonight, severe storms hitting as we come on the air. three children just hit by lightning. the emergency calls coming in now. in ohio, a mother killed as trees come down. and at this hour, a major system now moving into the northeast, lightning and damaging winds. more than 1,000 flights cancelled. also tonight, after we learned special counsel robert mueller is now turning to a grand jury in washington, president trump lashing out. >> are there any russians here? >> and tonight, the new warning from his attorney general. the verdict late today. the man once accused of hiking lifesaving drugs 5,000%, from $13 to more than $700, in a new case. what the jury has now decided. the new images tonight. the passenger plane just seconds from disaster. the fire in the engine about to take off.


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