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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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now from "abc 7 news," live breaking news. >> murder suspects the run. tonight a nationwide manhunt for two men from chicago is over and it ended right here in the bay area. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. this all unfolded within the last few hours. northwestern university professor wyndham lathem and university of oxford employee andrew warren have been on the run more than a week wanted for the murder of a 26 year old man. >> tonight both lathem and warren are in custody here in the bay area. leslie brinkley is following breaks details in the newsroom. leslie. >> it is not known, dan, why the men were in the bay area. but we know local law enforcement agencies were told to be on the lookout for the suspects over the last two days. u.s. marshals say 42-year-old wyndham lathem surrendered at the federal courthouse in
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oakland before 8:00 tonight. 56-year-old andrew warren surrendered at park station in san francisco around the same time. >> he was taken into custody without incident. he did turn himself in and we did confirm he was wanted out of chicago for a murder. >> reporter: chicago police had been searching for the men since last thursday night. that's when 26 year old trenton cornell duran low was found stabbed to death in lathem's luxu luxury apartment. >> this place is safe most of the time. i've been here 14 times. >> police say lathem and cornell duran low lived together. >> i had him give a talk to some students about his research and he just seemed like a perfectly normal guy. >> police say lathem put together a video apology. he sent to family and friends which they then shared with u.s. marshals. they're not releasing that video because it is part of the
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investigation. chicago police say the suspects will first appear in court in oakland and will then be returned to chicago where they will be interrogated by homicide detectives. live in the newsroom, i'm leslie brinkley, "abc 7 news." all right, leslie, thank you. the "abc 7 news" app sent out a push alert tonight about the arrest moments after it was confirmed by chicago p.d. be first to know when breaking news happens. download the "abc 7 news" app and enable push alerts. the other top story, the monsoon moisture making the bay area feel muggy and causing flooding across the southwest. >> let's get to "abc 7 news" meteorologist sandhya patel and live doppler 7. >> dan and ama, let's check out live doppler 7. you will notice things have quieted down considerably. matter of fact, fog back at the coastline which we're used to seeing, and you can pretty much say farewell to the monsoon moisture. it is moving over the sierra nevada to our east and north so we're pretty much seeing this pushing out of the picture, but it did leave behind some rain. record for today in livermore,
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700ths of an inch, a couple hundreds in places like petaluma trace amounts. as you check out the dew points, we have a little humidity with low 60s in spots, but i will tell you this much, the days of the muggies going to be out numbered very soon. i will be back with a look at the changes for your weekend. dan. >> good, thanks, sandhya. unusual rain and humidity caused problems on the street today. construction crews in san francisco say their newly-paved concrete dries slower in muggy conditions like this. at the salon, a different issue. >> especially in the last few days people are like what is going on, my hair is going crazy. >> right, the storm also brought lightning last night. to be safe, fire lookout towers on mount tan and marin county are staffed. one person is missing after being swept away by a flash flood the las vegas strip. cellphone video shows how deep the water was this afternoon
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behind the link hotel and casino. firefighters rescued seven people. monsoon rain is being blamed for the flood. >> heavy rain from the same system sent a wall of mud and debris streaming through the arizona desert. look at this. it crushed a temporary camp site. a chopper crew from a phoenix tv station alerted the campers to and circling the camp. campers got out in time. no one was hurt. cleanup in under way in los angeles county one day after flash flooding. it damaged homes and businesses. cars were stranded, forcing rescues like you're seeing there. some streets remain flooded tonight, though waters are calmer. stay on top of the weather where you live with the "abc 7 news" accuweather app. search accuweather in your app store in order to download it. new details tonight the detwiler fire that destroyed 63 homes near yosemite. cal fire now says it was spark by gunfire. a $2,000 reward is being offered to find whoever was responsible for firing those shots.
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the fire started on july 16th and has burned more than 81,000 acres. it is 97% contained. new at 11:00, remains of a so nona county marine are back home after a tragic sent. he was killed after he was struck by lightning last month in north carolina. it happened while he was working as an aviation mechanic. the night friends and family gathered to play tribute. "abc 7 news" reporter lonnie rivera live in santa rosa with the story. >> reporter: ama, heartbroken but so proud. those are the best ways to describe how this young marine's family and friends are handling his untimely and shocking death. marine corporal skyler james grew up in petaluma, enlisted in the marines in 2014. he was recently promoted to corporal and his mom says he loved his job. tonight american legion and patriot guard riders waited inside the terminal at the
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marine master sergeant carried the ashes of the 23-year-old petaluma high school graduate. he was skilled last month when he was hit by lightning in north carolina. tonight his family talked about james' humility and leadership skills. >> whenever i would talk to him on the phone he was like, mom, i'm just a mechanic, and they told me that he excel at an exceptional rate and that morning that this happened he was promoted to lead mechanic on the osprey. i don't know all of the technical words, but he never brag about it. for the four days that skyler was there before he was pronounced brain dead there was a vigil of his marine brothers and sisters that were there constantly. the marines mean it when they say they're family and they took such good care of robin. >> reporter: a motorcade led by patriot guard riders and local law enforcement headed to the training center in petaluma. a memorial service is being held tomorrow in petaluma.
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live in sonoma county, lonnie rivera, "abc 7 news." thanks very much. well, some will call him a hero but tonight a ferry captain insists he happened to be at the right place at the right time to rescue ten people from a sunken boat. cellphone video shows the damaged pleasure boat last night. it struck a rock near alcatraz and sent out a distress call. the captain got the call and sped to the rescue. >> as we got there the boat start taking on enough water to the point we wanted to make sure we got everybody off. they were very happy. after we got them on board, everybody was happy and cheer. it was a great feeling. >> job well done. the passengers were taken to pier 33. no one was hurt. a central valley woman is in the hospital after surviving on insects and water from a cow trough more than two weeks. she crashed in merced county back on july 17th. after the crash she was nowhere to be found. that is until this morning.
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a modesto teacher has been found alive weeks after she crashed her car and disappeared. search volunteers found jamie toll near a fence less than a mile away from the july 17th crash site. >> i did not wake up this morning thinking that i would find jamie, and it is a miracle that we did. >> volunteers searching for toll decided to come back to the original site and look around one last time. that's when search crews spotted something unusual in the field. >> i seen something out of the ordinary, which was -- and it looked like a set of knees. i'm like, boy, you know. all of a sudden we got closer. oh, my god, that's her. we got out of the truck. i was wondering if shelves alive. she said, i'm alive. >> merced county sheriff vern warnky says actual was severely sun burned, dehydrated and malnourished but didn't want to be rescued. >> we were treating her, talking about getting her to the hospital and such and she didn't want anything to do with that. she want us to give her food and water and let her go.
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>> she survived by eating insects and drinking from a nearby cow trough. she was air lifted to a fresno hospital. merced county officials say actual had been struggling with emotional issues prior to the crash. once release friday the hospital, tull will be released to relatives. uber's search for new ceo is hitting a road block. coming up, the difficulty the san francisco company is facing getting a new leader. etiquette down the tracks. bizarre behavior from a bart customer getting social media attention. too many kittens. the south bay shelter overwhelm with the fee line friends and the drastic step it is taking. here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live." >> jimmy: look what we can do when we apply ourselves. will you sleep over at someone's house if it seems like an appealing offer? >> i might do that. >> jimmy
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don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. extra police officers are out at san francisco's delores park after a triple shooting there. san francisco police tweeted this picture today saying mission station officers were working to keep the park safe for everyone. police are looking to identify as many as five people in connection with the shooting on the pedestrian bridge off church street yesterday. one victim is still in critical condition. uber is reportedly down to three choices for new ceo. none of them are women. "the washington post" reports the bay area company researched -- or searched rather nationwide for top female executives but none are interested. uber faced several scandals including harassment suits. top investors demanded former ceo step down earlier this summer. uber is expect to name his replacement by labor day.
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bart has playfully respond to a tweet by one rider disturbed by another. chris waters tweeted a picture of a man shaving on the train and was eating a sloppy bowl of oatmeal. >> it is watery. once the train was going you could see it sloshing around. it was some of the craziest stuff i have seen on bart. he one ups it and shaves. >> bart tweeted in response. it says, shaving on bart is disgusting. your social skills beg for adjusting. as food makes a mess and causes distress, the people around you are judging. that's cute. speaking of cute, are you looking for a new fee lienl friend? an animal shelter in south bay has so many cats and kittens they're giving them away. >> they are. "abc 7 news" reporter katie marzullo has the story new at 11:00. >> reporter: richard timson is adopting a kitten from the san
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jose center and he has a special reason why. >> i was adopted and i think adoption is an amazing thing, and i think it is good to pay it forward. you know, if i wasn't adopted i wouldn't have a home so i want to give the cat the same opportunity. >> reporter: it's been a particularly busy kitten season. there are more than 300 cats and kittens at the shelter. >> we love all of our animals here. we want to help them. we are currently totally overwhelm with our cats and kittens so we will take all of the help we can get. >> reporter: help in the form of taking one home to a loving family. >> well, if they're cute little faces don't seal the deal, they're actually on sale. adult cats are free through sunday and kittens just $10. >> reporter: the shelter is also desperate for foster homes. >> these kittens need to get out of the shelter into a place that can give them individual tlc. >> reporter: kristina allender is an animal advocate and points people to the facebook page save a kitten san jose. you can find out when new kittens enter the system and need fostering.
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>> it is a commitment of time and emotion, particularly love. in the end your house shrinks and heart expands. >> reporter: for more information on fostering kittens you can go to for a link to the shelter's program. in san jose, katie marzullo, "abc 7 news." we want to check on our weather and hopefully the muggies as sandhya calls them will go away. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the full forecast for the weekend. >> those muggies are going away, but not immediately. i want to show you live doppler 7. you will notice no radar returns in the bay area but we're watching the fog. i want to take you back in time and i want to show you what happen earlier this afternoon. the reason why earlier this morning and last night those thunderstorms developed and when you have those thunderstorms that develop and then they start to die down, there's something called a heat burst. we had that happen here in the bay area, which is not too often. cold air plunges from the base of the thunderstorm cloud, warming happens due to
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compression. it causes the temperature to spike and usually follows a nighttime thunderstorms. that what happened in vacaville. overnight the temperature spiked. at midnight 95 degrees. yeah, it got hot all of a sudden. oakland went from 73 at 7:00 to 85. it was a big jump in the fraermt before it dropped off again. i want to show you a time lapse from the butte sutro camera. you can pretty much say farewell to the monsoon flow because it is moving out of the picture. guess what is moving into the picture. dryer air. here is a look at the hour-by-hour planner. tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m., yes, a little muggy because we will hang on to the humidity. low 60s to low 70s, pretty mild. at noon time you will see a mix of sun and high clouds. heading to 3:00 in the afternoon not as humid. temperatures will be pretty typical, mid 60s to low 90s for
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saturday plans. it will feel better as well. when you head outside don't worry about it being too sticky. a live look from the "abc 7 news" exploratorium camera, a welcome site. that's the fog obviously back in. our air mass is stabilizing, visibility is low. this is what we're used to here in the bay area. temperatures right now in in 60s and 70s, so it is still pretty warm out across parts of the bay area from our east bay hills camera, a shaky view. you can barely see the skyline because of the fog. lingering hugh mildity tomorrow morning, dryer air for the rest of the weekend and fok expect at the coast, sunshine inland saturday and sunday. here is the hour-by-hour forecast. at 7:00 a.m. still some of the monsoon moisture in form of clouds coming back around. we will keep the hugh mildity in the forecast until about 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. fog at the beaches. heading to 11:00 a.m., that shifts out of here. you don't have to worry about rain, just the humidity lingering in morning. 11:00 a.m., sun is shining except at the coast where the
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fog continues and the pattern continues into the afternoon. tomorrow morning mild and humid, temperatures in the mid 50s to low 70s, so coming down a little bit from where we were this morning when it was so warm. here is a look at your highs for saturday. anywhere from 65 in half moon bay to about 92 degrees in places like livermore. it is going to be a nice looking saturday. a few wispy clouds at time. fog at the coast, and if you are going to the earthquake's match at the stadium on saturday, 80 at 7:15, dropping to 73. weather will be nice, not too sticky. not the kind of muggy weather you don't like to see. accuweather seven day will show you mild and muggy in the morning. after that it improves. we will go with basically low 60s to low 90s, sunday, monday, tuesday, temperatures coming up wednesday and thursday into the mid 90 gs. download the app. thanks, sandhya. coming up, no web shrinking or spiedy
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. police arrested a man dubbed the spielderman of mexico city. cellphone video shows him climbing the city's nestle tower yesterday without protection or gear. >> wearing just tennis shoes, a black tee shirt and a hat. he made it all the way to the top. the climber is from russia and was taken to the national institute for migration where authorities will decide what to do with him. now keep him away from tall plans. >> good plan. >> we have a lot of sports to talk about. >> brandon bell escorted out of tonight's game against the d-backs. we will explain why. steph curry was escorted out of the ell
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f. "abc 7 sports" brought to you by river rock casino. well, we all know steph curry's a phenomenal athlete especially on the basketball court. his other passion is golf. today he discovered he's not ready for the tour, missing the cut at the ellie mae classic in hayward. he started the day 4 over par and bogeyed four of the first nine holes for a 39 on the front nine. he ended the day with another 74. he had two birdies, six bogeys, and missed the cut. he finished 148th of the 156-man field. his driver was all over the course. he got some hiking in. but it is always fun as a pro athlete to challenge yourself against athletes from other sports, but you also find out these guys are good. steph had fun just being part of the tournament and brought twice an amount of fans to the event. >> for the most part when you don't know what to expect going in it is hard to set
11:29 pm
expectations. and after how yesterday went, i'm extremely proud of backing that up with another solid round because it could have gone either way. it could have -- it could have been 80, 90 talks that i heard going into the tournament. but definitely i'm proud, like i said, to have a consistent effort for 36 holes and kind of get my feet wet. >> very impressive. after splitting a four game set with the a's, giants hosting the diamondbacks tonight with bumgarner on the hill. always try to go one game a year with your best friend. mine wheel, paul goldschmidt, three homers last night, top six. bum barely kept him in the park. bottom sixth, scary moment for brandon bell. just clocked above the ear on a pitch from anthony banda. although an off speed pitch you can see bell had nowhere to go. he missed 46 games in 2014 and '15, and in 2015 with concussions. could be a stint on the d.l. arizona will hold on for a 2-1 victory. a's hit the road to face the
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angels in southern cal. cal. ca. matt chapman item excited to play in front of friends and family. he delivers. of course his family going nuts. a's go up 3-0 at that. a two-run single. knocks it at six. still bottom seven, still tied. two out. slow roller, chapman the early hero, can't handle it. the angels would win 8-6. world track and field championships in london and usain bolt is running final race as a professional. greatest spenter, ran a 10.07 on cruise control. only sprinter ever to win three straight golds in the olympics, setting world records in all three events. an 11-time world champion. he will be miss. this is "abc 7 sports" brought to you by river rock casino. i will give steph credit because two 74s with pros is respect
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on "jimmy kimmel live" tonight, channing tatum. >> enjoy. have a good weekend. ♪ "jimmy kimmel live" would like to congratulate new white house communications director anthony scaramucci. we wish you good luck and -- wait. what? >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, channing tatum. from "the handmaid's tale," elisabeth moss. and music from the killers in las vegas. and now, we're back, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching it. thanks for coming to it. [ cheers and applause ]


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