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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 5, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live where you live, this is "abc7 news." >> a nationwide man hunt for two murder suspects out of chicago ends in the bay area. we're learning more about the men's actions after the murder. hello, i'm eric thomas. we begin with new details about those wanted men. they are not your usual suspects. police say research scientists wyndham lake and andrew warning surrendered after being on the run for nearly a week. cornell bernard has the details. >> reporter: we're learning from u.s. marshals, both came to the bay area because they had friends here who could help negotiate their surrender. both accused in the brutal murder of a chicago man. the manhunt for two men wanted
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in the murder of a chicago man is over. 42-year-old wyndham latheam, surrendered peacefully in oakland friday night. 56-year-old andrew warren, an employee at oxford university in england, gave himself up in san francisco around the same time. both men face first degree murder charges in the stabbing death of 26-year-old trenton cornell. chicago police found his body nine days ago in this luxury apartment building after they got a 911 call. the same day, an hour away in wisconsin, the two suspects made a mysterious $1,000 donation to a public library in his name. investigators believe the professor and the victim had a relationship. before his surrender, apollized for the murder.
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latham seen here was a microbiologist at northwestern for ten years. >> i heard him give a talk to students about his research. he just seemed like a normal guy. >> reporter: andrew warren declined our request for a jailhouse interview. both suspects are awaiting extradition back to illinois. cornell bernard, "abc7 news." we sent out a push alert through our "abc7 news" app about the arrest after confirmed by police. you can be the first to know when alerts happen. someone shot and killed a man after an argument at a belmont apartment complex on ralston avenue just after 5:00 a.m. neighbors who heard the commotion say they're troubled by this rare outbreak of gun violence in that city. >> if it was just an argument and the guy would have hit somebody, you can go to the emergency room and get your jaw
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fixed. but now somebody's precious baby is dead due to a gun. >> no arrests have been made. a man faces charges of killing his wife. 72-year-old steven rothschild called 911 and said he and his wife had been in a fight and she was dead. 67-year-old juanita was found on the coach suffering injuries from a beating. the couple lived in boise hot springs. a father of three has been deported according to published reports and activists are ramping up efforts to free another man detained with him. hugo, seen here with his wife, was detained in may as he reported for a new job. nunez has been deported. rallies have been held to free both men. developing news from the
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u.n. security council, which today unanimously approved new sanctions on north korea. they include a ban on coal and other exports totalling more than $1 billion. it is aimed to pressure kim jong-un to return to negotiations on its nuclear and missile programs. president trump is enjoying the first full day of his investigation, b vacation, but the russia investigation is following him. >> reporter: day one of the president's 17-day working vacation at his luxury golf resort in new jersey, with the special counsel investigating russia meddling is apparently not taking a break. "the new york times" reports that the special counsel's investigators have requested documents from the white house related to former national security adviser michael flynn, and questioned whether the turkish government secretly paid
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flynn for lobbying work. flynn is also under investigation for his dealings with russians on behalf of the trump campaign. one of the russian officials flynn met with, the former ambassador serge kislyak, defended flynn saturday, saying his talks were transparent, focused on u.s.-russia relations and that the two never discussed punitive u.s. sangions. while the president is away, construction workers have started a $3.5 million renovation at the west wing. the walls now bear, the desk remove sd so the floor can be refinished. the building's heating and air conditioning system is also being replaced. white house officials said it made sense for the president to decamp. over the years, president trump denigrated barack obama.
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>> he plays more golf than people on the pga tour. >> reporter: he's made 12 trips to his resorts, including 7 to florida and five here in new jersey. three u.s. marines are missing after their aircraft crashed into the sea off of the coast of australia. 23 people on board were rescued. the osprey, similar to this one, went into the water during training with australian forces. military ships and aircraft conducted a search today. no word on the cause. people gathered today to remember a marine who died when he was struck by lightning in north carolina. a private service was held for 23-year-old skyler james. the aviation mechanic died while working on an aircraft. yesterday, his ashes were returned home. he enlisted in the marines in 2014 and his mom says he loved
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his job. new developments today. matt joyce from the a's received a two-game suspension after using an anti-gay slur at last night's game in los angeles. an associated press photographer said he shouted several pr profanities at a fan and challenged him to a fight. the a's say they're in touch with the commissioner's office about the incident, the team says the language will not be tolerated. in a statement, he says -- all right. we'll be back with much more news straight ahead after these messages.
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a rival high school football teams are on the field in support of a teenager. jake broke his neck when he fell in a pool last year the day before graduation and was paraly the coach organized a chari game for the family that started at 5:00 p.m. the teams are made up of players from several districts. some residents in san francisco's pacific heights neighborhood were evacuated from their homes this afternoon because of a gas leak. a third party construction crew ruptured a half inch line at webster and washington streets just after noon. the break led firefighters to evacuate residents nearby. pg&e capped that leak about 90 minutes later. only one customer was affected
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by the break. a new warning today about the future with county officials saying stinson beach will be under water by the end of the century. they say climate change is to blame. officials predict a three-foot increase in sea level between 2050 and 2100, affecting water front homes and some roads. and oyster reefs should protect the shorelines. new parking restrictions went into place this weekend. parking will be prohibited at both ends of the bridge. those restrictions just lifted for today. they are in place from 11:00 to 5:00 p.m. on saturdays and sundays this month and labor day weekend. the move is to prevent backups as drivers wait for parking spaces. hundreds of children will head back to class well equipped to learn this school year. "abc7 news" was at the samaritan house for the organization's
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fifth annual backpack giveaway. about 900 backpacks full of school supplies were distributed to clients. staff members say it's important because the supplies also provide a big confidence boost. >> it's really important for every child to start the school year feeling just as good as every other child. it makes them ready to learn and less susceptible to being bullied. are you ready to try your luck? the grand total of two massive lottery jackpots up for grabs. also coming up -- ♪ the abc morning news gets into the aloha spirit right here in the bay area. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we got rid of that tropical humidity yesterday, tomorrow cooler air moves in.
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♪ ♪ aloha, aloha yep, that's natasha bringing the spirit for the aloha festival. it celebrates the music, food and culturerom hawaii and othe pacific islands. it's a huge draw for bay area residents. >> so friendly and relaxed. i lived in honolulu for a while. so it brings back lots of happy memories. >> the event continues tomorrow. admission is free of charge, but parking is $15. and you have not one but two chances to win that $15 and a lot more in a mega jackpot. this tuesday's drawing will be worth $346 million and tonight's powerball is for an estimated
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$286 million. you add that all together, $632 million up for grabs. the last time somebody hit the powerball was june 10. that ticket was sold in riverside county. good luck. now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. really kind of hit the jackpot weather wise. we got rid of the humidity from last week, no excessive heat today and cooler air moves in. live doppler 7, a nice picture out there for august. i do want to take you just to the east right now along the sierra. live doppler 7 hd tracking several thunder showers clumped together and one thunder shower getting very close to lake tahoe. zoom in aittle tighternd you can see that shower and storms paralleling t le right now. it is weakening, but the showers and storms are producing a lot of lightning. in the past 30 minutes alone,
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there have been 129 lightning strikes, and have prompted a flash flood watch until 11:00 at night. any of these showers do have the potential to drop a lot of rain in a short amount of time. something we're tracking off our coastline. you see this little bit of spin in the atmosphere right now? it's a weak ripple of energy, moving into northern california late tonight, early tomorrow morning. and just on the fringe of this energy, it may produce an isolated thunder shower in the north bay after midnight tonight. the chance is low, but we have seep a couple of thunder showers even just last week pop up because of the same system. so it's something we'll be tracking. but expecting a quiet night for the majority of the region. a live look from our east bay hills camera. looking at the fog here, so a cool, comfortable night overnight tonight. keeping temperatures relatively comfortable in most spots. the warmest spot we have right
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now, 92 in antioch, and that's not too bad. 64 the current number in san francisco. comfortable 79 in san jose and santa rosa at 78 degrees. so here's the call -- overnight tonight, we'll be dropping into the 50s and 60s with a fair amount of cloud cover overhead, and there's that chance, just a slight chance of a thunder shower popping up. and that chance is likely closer to cloverdale. once again, most of the region likely to be quiet the next 12 hours. future weather, 7:00 in the morning, a fair amount of load cloud cover around, and it will be slow to cheer. what that means for us is a comfortable afternoon, 80 in san jose tomorrow. 79 in santa clara. 77 for sunnyvale. 72 in san mateo, 63 for pacifica. downtown san francisco, 66 tomorrow. and to the north bay, 88
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cloverdale, 80 sonoma, in san rafel. 78 in fremont, 72 in richmond and warm in the 80s, not excessively hot. accuweather seven-day forecast. mainly sunny and comfortable tomorrow. monday morning, a little bit of coastal drizzle. afternoon sunshine, calling it a nice day on tuesday. perhaps a steady pattern on wednesday. nice to see the temperatures are pretty steady the next seven days. very typical for august this time of the year. >> i'm with you. if i had those winning lotto numbers -- sport i still wouldn share. [ laughter ] brandon belt on the seven-day concussion dl after he took a hit to the head last night. so guess who
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the panda is officially gia. pablo sandoval making h second tour of duty with his original club. he left for the red sox, and pablo has been having flashbacks here i'm sure warming up. he won three world series rings here. he was brought up after brandon belt took a pitch to the head last night and placed on the
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seven-day concussion dl. bruce bochy had these updates. >> i think the fans will give him a nice hand, because they have some great memories with them. and we need him right now. you see where we're at in our situation, especially with belt going down, we need another bat to help us out. so hopefully he can provide that. but it's great to have him back. matt joyce has been suspended for two games starting today without pay for directing a gay slur towards a fan in anaheim. matt apologized today and the a's will donate $54,000 of his lost salary to outreach programs to the lbgt community. first open practice to the public today, giving hopeful fans a peek at the 2017 season. this is a welcome change of pace from the practice field and gives you that game-day feeling.
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but there are so many holes to be filled on this team, which gives every player hope that they can make this squad. brian hoyer is the starting quarterback. he's looked good in camp. >> i really want to see how they'll handle it. are they going to freak out and start making stuff up. it's good to see they didn't. you try your hardest, but i know the guys were pumped to get out there. >> it gave me a little juice. we enjoy it when our fans come out. they're our energy when we're home. i feel their excitement, just to see what new era of the 49ers we have to present. first semifinal, local hero cc bellis facing cocoa first set, bellis with the backhand winner down the line, but she's down 2-1, the closest
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she would get. vandaway just too much. second set, vandaway serving now for the match. and cc hits it wide. great experience for her. she should start making an impact on tour soon. usain bolt in london. he's never lost a world final. american justin gatlin at age 35 wins it in 9.92. bolt finishes third, edged out by christian coleman. mad respect from bolt and the passing of the torch. we'll see it up at 6:00. he'll start at third base tonight. >> all right, shu. thanks a lot. ahead, we'll take
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on "abc7 news" at 6:00, heat and flames hot the only dangers at two southern california wildfires. why hundreds of firefighters are being treated for the same ailment. and fans say goodbye to "hamilton" as it prepares for its final curtain call. doggy paddling is for amateurs. dogs and their companions took part in the world dog surfing championships. part of the proceeds go to dog
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charities. not every dog got into the water. maybe this little one didn't want to get his hair wet. that's it for "abc7 news" at tonight breaking the search and rescue mission. three marines missing. their aircraft, an osprey, crashing in the water. more than 20 others pulled to safety. new developments as we come on the air. cross country manhunt. the northwestern professor and an oxford university employee, both men on the run wanted for murder. police say they killed another man in a chicago apartment. the video they sent to friends and familynd the unusual stop at a library. also breaking tonight, dangerous turbulence. the american airlines flight. at least ten passengers and crew rushed to the hospital. resort murder. the grizzly scene at the front de


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