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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 7, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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investigators looking into whether this was set intentionally. >> down south in kern the calgary fire is 50% contained. they had forced evacuation of hundreds of residents. hard work by firefighters have saved 300 homes. >> time to check in with mike on what's happening weather wise. you said you'll have your 12-hour day planner. >> yes, we do. hi, everybody. we'll open the weather window on the roof camera. notice the flags on the ferry building unfurled thanks to the breeze off the ocean that brought us the cooler and drier air over the weekend. it's going to continue today. your 12-hour day planner, 58 to 62 degrees. we'll start with the top line, the inland neighborhoods, 76 at noon, 83 at 4:00, and 74 at 7:00. 70, 74, 69, same timeframe at the bay. we'll see sunshine everywhere this afternoon except for the coast where the clouds will hang
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on. take a look at your seven-day forecast and small craft advisory coming up next. >> taking a look at your commute this morning. we have more road work on 880 between 23rd and 29th. still working on demolishing the 23rd overcrossing. lane closures both northbound and southbound 880, but no full closures over night. we don't tend to see a backup when it's just a few lanes closed. they should have it done by 5:00. you can stick to 580 for an alternate as long as you're not in a truck. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no nemetering lights yet. >> slowly starting to ramp up the commute in tracy. we'll check on that next. on to developing news. one of two men wanted for murder in chicago will appear in court in the east bay today. >> this man is an associate professor at northwestern university, suspected of stabbing a 26-year-old man. matt keller live for us at the east county hall of justice. matt. >> reporter: reggie, natasha,
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this is certainly an unusual case. these two men were fugitives for eight days from chicago when they were finally caught here in the bay area last week. they turned thelselves in to authorities. one of those men is going to be in court today here in dublin. 42-year-old wyndham lathem is an associate professor at northwestern university. he's being held without bail. the other is andrew warren. he's a treasury assistant at one of oxford's residential colleges in england. they're accused in the stabbing death of 26-year-old trenton cornell in chicago. police say lathem had a relationship with cornell duran low, a hairdresser who had moved to chicago from michigan after receiving his cosmetologist l e licen license. he had arrived in the u.s. just three days before the homicide. lathem is expected to wave extradition and be send back to illinois by the end of this week. reporting live in dublin, matt keller. >> thank you. happening today, one of two
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suspects accused in a child sex abuse case is expected to enter a plea in the south bay. michael cellar is expected to appear in court at 9:00 a.m. he was arrested a week ago at san jose international airport after getting off a flight. investigators say he sent text messages about sex abuse to the second suspect. a fellow passenger actually saw the disturbing messages and told the flight crew. two young children have been identified as victims. a woman and a child are recovering from injuries they suffered when a huge tree branch snapped and fell right on top of them. they were at a company picnic at menlo college saturday afternoon. dozens of people under a 100-year-old oak tree suddenly heard a loud cracking sound. they got out of the way just before the limb came crashing down. >> i think it was a result of several years of drought and then a winter of heavy rain contributed to the limb breaking. >> that's right. firefighters say the tree was probably unstable from absorbing months of that rain water.
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paramedics treated a woman for a blow to the head and a 1-year-old child suffered scratches. both are expected to recover. >> at the live desk, we have been watching a story developing this morning. economic pressure on north korea is building with u.n. security council voting to impose crippling sanctions on the regime, and president trump is responding. i want to show you his latest tweet saying just completed call with president moon of south korea. very happy and impressed with the 15-0 united nations vote on north korea sanctions. in fact, even china voted against its longtime ally. we have more. >> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson in the philippines doubling down on efforts to isolate an increasingly hostile north korean regime. >> it's quite clear in terms of there being no daylight among the international community as
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to the expectation that north korea wl take steps to ache achieve -- >> in a rare show of unanimity, the u.n. securiy council passing sweeping sanctions. even china, a longtime ally of north korea, tacking on. >> this resolution is the single largest economic sanctions package ever leveled against the north korean regime. this is the most stringent set of sanctions on any country in a generation. >> the heavy-handed ban expected to deal a $1 billion blow. >> the sanctions will cut deep, and in doing so, will give the north korean leadership a taste of the deprivation they have chosen to inflict on the north korean people. >> north korean strongman kim jong-un ramping up rhetoric in recent months. alarming the international community and prompting swift action with the launch of two
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intercontinental ballistic missiles in just a month. north korea has launched 11 missile tests since president trump took office. the regime responding to sanctions overnight, promising righteous action. abc news, washington. governor brown is expressing reservations about california's sanctuary state legislation. appearing on nbc's "meet the press" yesterday, he said he wants more amendments to that bill. the bill would prevent state and local law enforcement from using resources to help federal agents enforce violations against undocumented immigrants. brown said he believes national immigration policy will eventually be decided in the court. >> we're learning what caused a thrill ride to fail at the ohio state fair. the company that makes the fireball found that excessive corrosion inside a support beam led to last month's accident. an 18-year-old man was killed. seven others were hurt when the gondola on the ride broke off. the company said the ride was 18 years old. the fireball ride at the santa
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cruz boardwalk remains closed until cal-osha finishes inspection results. >> cleanup continues in oklahoma, new orleans, and parts of the midwest after destructive tornadoes and cloud bursts. at least 30 people have been injured after a tornado in tulsa early yesterday morning. two people have life threatening injuries. man, is that damage horrible to look at. the tornado left behind extensive damage to buildings causing windows to be blown out and downed power lines. yeah, you may find flight arrival delays or delays getting to some airports like houston right now had some because of the thunderstorms you see over my shoulder there. now, very active in the eastern two thirds of the country. we're getting a little quieter. as we're waking up in san francisco, 58 in sunnyside to 59, 60, just about everywhere. park city at 61 degrees. here's the big difference between the last time we talked and today. remember those dew points in the
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60s? no more. they're back in the mid to upper 50s. that's why it feels so pleasant to even cool outside. here's a look at what's going on today on the roads. clouds to sunshine except for at the coast, cloudy most of the day. cool to warm, mass transit, 60s in san francisco, 80s inland. if you're on the bay, we have breezes north of the bay bridge. here's a look at the east bay valleys. we'll wake up at 8:00, 61. lunch, 76. look at mid 80s through about 4:00. and a delightful 78 at 6:00. 70 at 7:00. in the north bay at noon, we're at 76. 79 at 6:00, and 70 at 8:00. i'll show you if this trend is going to keep up in my accuweather seven-day forecast next. here's alexis. >> pretty quiet start to the monday morning commute. here's a live look outside at golden gate bridge. have not spotted the zipper trucks but they should be out any time. not seeing the visibility issues we had at the end of last week. i don't think we'll have much to slow you down from the north
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bay. quick check of drive times. westbound 580, you're in the yellow at 33 minutes. southbound 680, in the green at 14. and wide open, northbound 85 between 101 and cupertino, great at 16 minutes. we'll see how mass transit is doing in less than ten. >> a bay area sergeant surprises his kids who think he's halfway around the world. the visit to an amusement park that brought tears of joy. that brought tears of joy. >> san francisco
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4:41. hayward police arrested a man accused of stealing a truck and opening fire at the owner. the victim tells abc 7 news he was visited a friend in hayward saturday night when he heard the engine of his dodge ram start up. truck was being stolen. borrowed his friend's truck to flo the suspect and caught up to him. that's when the suspect pulled out a gun. >> pulled up right up to the back, said hey, that's my truck. he said, so-and-so you, and he pulled out a gun and shot. so then he took off and i didn't bother to follow after that. >> hayward police chased the suspect through the city streets where he crashed into several cars. at one point, police say he drove right toward officers. one officer opened fire but missed the suspect who then crashed the stolen truck and got arrested.
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san francisco has put in a bid to buy a mcdonald's that it identified as a magnet for trouble. the restaurant was in the news on thursday when a man was shot and wounded inside. city officials want to replace the fast food giant with affordable housing. according to the chronicle, a mcdonald's spokesperson said the proposal is currently under review. it's not apparent if they even want to sell that franchise location. >> a new place in the bay area to apply for a passport. the city clerk's office begins taking passport applications this morning. mondays and wednesdays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 in the afternoon, and fridays from 10:00 to 2:00. you do have to make an appointment in advance. a bay area family is reunited this morning after a weekend surprise. >> a good way to start your day. they went to six flags discovery kingdom for a day of fun. what they got was a special visit six months in the making. here's alyssa harrington. >> this is the moment technical sergeant jacob thomas surprised his kids, seeing them for the first time in six months. >> i was just like, yeah, tears
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started coming from my eyes. it was crazy. >> the emotional reunion took  place at six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo. sergeant thomas was brought out onstage during the sea lion show show >> well, ladies and gentleme >> his four children burst into tears. >> i'm thankful. i have no words. >> sergeant thomas is an assistant flight chief. he just returned from kuwait earlier than expected. his wife kristen who also actively served, helped plan the surprise. >> it's great. i'm happy they're happy. >> they cried happy tears. they even got to meet the other star of the show, a playful sea lion. they said they were honored to help create this special moment for a military family.
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>> we knew it was a great opportunity to show our appreciation through the family and through sergeant thomas. >> the thomases are now looking forward to spending quality time together back home at the travis air force base. >> and both mom and dad serve. incredible. >> i love seeing stories like that. let's go over now to mike for a look at the monday forecast. >> good morning, guys. i can never get enough of those stories. love family storiestories. let's look at what's going on in san jose. even the cloud cover reaching your neighborhood, starting off cloudy this morning. we'll see slow sunshine, below average temperatures this afternoon. tonight, cloudy. it will be cool to warm. cool to mild, sorry. extended, minor pattern tweaks. no big roller coaster rides or interesting weather like we had last week. at least not too interesting, unfortunately. let's look at the cloud cover. by about noon, still plenty of cloud cover hanging along the
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east bay shore line around san francisco, that will evaporate around 1:00, and clouds will be stubborn around the coast. in the south bay, we have mid to upper 70s for most of it. and then you have low to mid 80s, los gatos, morgan hill. san jose, 69. in the peninsula, low to upper 70s. mid 60s along the coast into downtown. south san francisco and sausalito, upper 60s, near 70. 75 to 80 is your spread through the north bay valley. 70 at berkeley. oakland, 72. union city and fremont at 76. inland, temperatures around 84 to 88 degrees. tonight, cloud cover comes back. mid 50s to low 60s. let's look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. that summer you have been hoping for, the one that has temperatures in the 50s and 60s and then 70s and 80s, there you go. light humidity and morning clouds to afternoon sunshine. looks like another great weekend on the way. i'm going to have the giants forecast coming up in just a minute. you have a sneak preview of
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traffic and maybe special guests at at&t park. >> it's metallica night. we're the two rock fans on the show. way past our bedtime, but expect to get crowds there tonight. i did just check the vip experience with a q&a with lars. i know you're a drummer. you can still get the special t-shirt. we're going to have to plan ahead next year and take the next day off. here's a look at walnut creek. southbound 680, you're still doing okay. not seeing any unusual delays. no roadwork on 24 or 680 this morning. i know the last couple weeks we had a few early morning slowdowns but today it doesn't like like an issue. quick check of mass transit, no issues right now. once again, if you're coming from larkspur, mv napa is still out for service, sko we could have capacity issues. we'll take a look at drive times in less than ten. hey, everyone. look at this.
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we have new video coming in of a massive fire that's burning in idaho this morning. this is near kerry, idaho, in the southern part of the state. it doubled in size over the weekend. it's now burned more than 47,000 acres. at least one home was destroyed. thankfully, this morning, no longer any homes threened, but firefighters still struggling to get containment. those images just coming in. >> thank you. ucla is alerting thousands of students about a possible security breach. the university says a hacker gained access to a server containing personal data for more than 30,000 current and former students. the school doesn't believe the hackers stole any sensitive information. it's offering people free identity protection services for a year. >> a bay area team just a few games away from the little league world series. >> also, thiefs caught on camera breaking into a car in san francisco. the emotional appeal for the return of stolen equipment. >> my favorite story of probably
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the past month. a broadway star puts out the call, and this boy responds. you're not going to believe what he does when he gets on stage with idina menzel. first, this morning's tech bites. in today's tech bites, new details about the upcoming iphone 8. >> a series of leaks from apple suggested the new iphone will replace touch i.d. with a facial recognition system. >> also, a fifth generation apple tv is likely coming soon. capable of streaming 4k video. >> nasa has new online advice for anyone doing the upcoming solar eclipse. it said eyes must be covered at all times during viewing. >> sky gazers should not use glasses damaged in any way. and avoid those not produced in the u.s. it takes place on the 21st. >> a new milestone. the mostiewed video of all time on youtube. >> it's now been watched more than 3 billion times. it was originally released in january, then rereleased in january, then rereleased in april with vocals fro
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at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. a woman is pleading to get her stolen computer equipment back that contained priceless videos of her dad. a surveillance video shows a man rummaging through liz's car in san francisco. it happened just after 6:00 in the afternoon on june 6th. the man leaves in a hurry with several bags. kane was in the process of moving and said she forgot her six laptops and five external
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hard drives were in the car. videos of her dad who has stage-4 cancer were in the car. those videos are everything to her. she said whoever has her items, she just wants them back, no questions asked. >> former 49ers general manager trent baalke has been hired as a consultant for the nfl. he's going to work on game relate matters and player development and officiating review. he was named the league's executive of the year in 2011 and then things went downhill. the 49ers fired him in january after a disastrous 2-win, 14-loss season. >> an east bay team is hoping to keep their magic going. 11-year-old all-stars from san ramon play this afternoon. canyon creek is just three wins away now to move on to williamsport to play in the little league world series. they play rancho santa margarita at 4:30 this afternoon, and you can watch it on espn3 or on the
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watch espn app. exciting time for them. pitching. all about pitching at that age. they have pitch counts. hope they can do well. >> hi, everybody. keeping an eye on the winds. look at what's back because of the switch of the flip of the switch over the weekend. yeah, small craft advisory back, 1:00 to 11:00, north of the bay bridge. let's look at the sonoma county fair. 67 at 11:00 today. 79 is as warm as it gets. 57 at 11:00. yeah, the band is going to be there participating in festivities and you can get a free metallica shirt if you go to tonight's game at at&t park. 69 down to 59. dress warmly. >> yeah, and nice quiet start. we're expecting traffic around the ballpark tonight, but no major issues to talk about so far this morning. 880, just a minor issue in the fremont area just before you get to thornton, two-vehicle collision reported. already fully off on the
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shoulder. and a quick check outside, a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have about 30 minutes until we have the metering lights flipped on. san francisco, you're in the green at just ten minutes. broadway star and frozen singer idina menzel closed out a concert in texas by inviting all of the kids to join her and sing let it go. >> an 11-year-old boy volunteered. that's kind of unusual because most of the time she gets a bunch of girls onstage, and then this magic happens. this magic happens. >> heck to the no. i'm offended. >> so anyway, his name is luke. he was saying he's offended because i guess a lot of boys
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tell her they don't really like "frozen." >> they prefer jt in trolls. heck to the no. >> this boy loves frozen, in fact, he has "let it go" down to every single note. listen to this. ♪ here i stand ♪ here i stand ♪ >> what? >> yes. >> i have chills. >> i love this kid so much. >> oh, wow. >> so he already has a fanbase. >> yeah. >> he's just very composed. >> well deserved. incredible. >> yeah, and idina could not have been sweeter. his heart was kind of racing. she said, i can feel your heart racing. you're nervous. he did great. >> a legal drama begins for taylor swift. coming up next, why she's being sued by a dj. >> also, a letter circulated
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internally at google has the tech world talking. the reason it's sparking a new debate over sexism. >> new controversy at the white house. why vice president mike pence is calling a "new york times" article offensive. and right now, we do have breaking news coming in. just getting word that a missing u.s. plane has been found off the coast of australia. i'll have much more next.
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5:00 a.m. on the dot. good morning. welcome to monday, augt 7th. >> yes, hope you had a great weekend. we're back to the grind now. right? how does our weather look, mike? >> it looks pretty seasonal. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. it will feel just a little cooler than average. i wanted to show you the winds. fairfield, winds blowing about 20 right now. 12 at sfo. you can see the sea breeze came back over the weekend, and this is the result. look at the clouds. just barely above the sales force tower there. here's your 12-hour day planner. temperatures waking up in the upper 50s to low 60s. 58 to 62. notice at noon, our spread is 60 to 76. we'll be in the mid 70s to mid 80s in the bay and inland. low 60s at the coast at 4:00, and all of us back in the 60s


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