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live, this is "abc 7 news." ♪ developing now at 11:00, google fires the employee who penned a controversial anti-diversity memo. tonight that man is vowing to fight back. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. that memo argued that women didn't have the biological makeup to succeed in silicon valley. >> "abc 7 news" reporter lilian kim is following the developing story. >> reporter: dan and ama, the fired employee identified as software engineer james damore told "the new york times" he will likely take legal action against google. the company hasn't publicly commented on the firing, but the ceo told employees that he violated the code of conduct. in his ten-page manifesto he mentioned google's ideological echo chamber where dissenters are shamed into silence. in his case it led to his firing. his memo questioned google's push for diversity, that the
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company's gender gap in technical is due to biological issues. women on average are more prone to anxiety he says and men have a higher drive for status. many in the tech industry found the generalizations contrary. >> it goes contrary to what makes a society innovative. >> he doesn't seem very educated on diversity at tech companies. >> google's ceo says he passed the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in the workplace. the firing has brought up another issue, freedom of expression. conservative km conservative commentator said he fired him. it may end up hurting the company in the long run. >> if you don't change the way people believe, if you just threaten them, then it doesn't change things. >> reporter: send i can't remember pachai told employees he started his family vacation overseas but decided to return
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tomorrow. he said clearly there's a lot more to discuss on this issue. in the newsroom, lilian kim, "abc 7 news" thank you, lilian. we're staying top of new developments tonight in the deadly shooting a film of scout on san francisco's twin peaks. >> late today "abc 7 news" got this mug shot of one of the suspect, la month mims. as "abc 7 news" reporter katie utehs explains, he is accused of a string of crimes. >> reporter: san francisco police say lamonte mims and fantasy dacoer shot and killed a man on twin peaks for his camera. we have learned mims was released from jail six days before the murder. >> he was arrested for a firearms possession charge and he was convicted of that charge and released on his own recognizance. >> reporter: sources with knowledge of the investigation say the release was part of a pretrial diversion program. mims and dacoer killed french.
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he was a 71 year old scout. this is a popular location for photographers and this is where they got the break of the robbery. >> less than two weeks after the murder, a man and woman were robbed of camera. >> i can't disclose how they were connected. >> reporter: they were arrested in the st. marys robbery last thursday. >> this morning both valentine's days were also charged with the whom side of mr. french. >> reporter: architectural photographer bart edson learned of the attacks tonight while photographing the cathedral. >> i was surprised, not aware of it at all. >> reporter: police say there may be other robbery victims and if you rec mize the suspects, call police. in san francisco, katie utehs, "abc 7 news" we have breaking news now in east oakland. a fire is tearing through a home on 57th avenue a the seminary neighborhood. the street is closed off as firefighters try to keep the flames from spreading to nearby
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homes. a power lane has fallen, making it dangerous for the fire crew. firefighters have made the call for extra help. a professor arrested here in the bay area for a deadly stabbing in chicago is headed back to illinois. northwestern professor wind han lathem waved extradition in alameda county court today. he and oxford university employee andrew warren surrendered to bay area law enforcement on friday. both were accused in the murder of 26-year-old trenton cornell-duranleau. his body was found in lathem's chicago apartment after getting an anonymous 911 call. "abc 7 news" spoke with his attorney outside of the courtroom today. >> he has people who adore him, who have known him for decades. they all refero him as intelligent, kind, a gentle soul, and i think thecase, as the case progresses, you will see that side of him. >> chicago police say lathem made a video apologizing for the murder and calling it the biggest mistake of his life. tonight an alert
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firefighters is credited with spotting the man suspect of two unprovoked attacks on bart. 42-year-old mario washington is in custody tonight. he is a transient who has been arrested before. washington is accused of beating a man with bolt cutters on thursday and punching another man in the face on saturday. police released surveillance photos this morning, and two hours later a fire investigator saw washington in oakland and called police a texas family is demanding answers tonight after their beloved dog died on united flight to sfo. they were flying from houston when their flight was delayed. the plane waited on the tar pack for two hours. lulu, a five year old king charles remained in the cargo hold where she died. united offered condolences to the family and promised a thorough review. a transportation report suggests united accounted for a third of animal deaths on u.s. flights in the last five years. >> an exclusive private street in san francisco is no longer owned by the residents who live
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there. tonight the homeowners met to figure out what to do about it. turns out the pre-sid yo terrace homeowners association failed to pay taxes on its private street for 30 years, which is $14 a year. city hall put the street and sidewalks up for auction in 2015. a south bay couple won it for $90,000. residents just found out about the sale in late may. they're worried the new owners could charge them to park outside their own homes. >> i was under the impression this is our street. >> at the moment we are really know, property like this jus ou don't come along very often. >> the residents have sued the new owners to rescind the sale and asked the city to reverse it. a hearing is set for october. >> what a story that is. well, new at 11:00, pokemon go is back, but this time you're going to need a little help from friends or even strangers. >> yeah, "abc 7 news" reporter katie marzullo has the story from san jose.
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>> moeky mon players gathered at the corner of market and san fernando streets in san jose. >> it shrinks to normal size and then you can get it. >> notice he said "we." these players are a team, a team of strangers. >> that means that you could as a group work together with people you don't know. i don't know any of these people, and try to battle. >> reporter: they're fighting newly released legendary characters, characters so powerful it takes a group of players to defeat them. it is a new twist getting rave reviews. >> i have met a number of the local players and i've gotten to know some. it is always nice, you know, when you go to these raids and people have to come together and you actually see people you know. >> reporter: the group dynamic is serious business. you need at least six or seven players but no more than 20. >> usually it is better to have 11 to 17, and 20 is a bit overkill but till nice. >> reporter: the other thing about the legendaries is that they're rare, so catching them is a feather in the cap of die-hard players. >> essentially this bird will
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only be around for a week, so everyone is trying to get it now. otherwise it will be gone. >> reporter: a group of playing is called a raid. a player can join one railed a day for free. anything more than that costs money, about $1 a pop. in san jose, katie marzullo, "abc 7 news" well, bay area couple had the perfect wedding. >> yes, but more than a year later they're still waiting for their wedding video, and 7 on your side michael finney is on the case. >> ama, dan, we went to work tracking down the videographer. we knocked on doors in oakland and palm springs. we even called his parents in oregon. what we found out, and the big question that remains unanswered. >> also here, watch this now. the severe storm tossing cars around and the damage left behind tonight. >> nothing like that here in the bay area, but we do have our own hazard to talk about for tomorrow morning. i will explain ♪ we're all in this together. ♪ when you recognize something isn't right,
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you know, it is one of the happiest days of any couples life, of course their wedding today. >> a san francisco couple wanted to make sure it was well documented to relive every moment. >> but when the video never came, 7 on your side michael finney jumped in to help them
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out. frustrating. >> once in a lifetime. let this story be a warning to every bride to be. waiting until after the wedding, then it might be too late. >> it was perfect. >> yeah. >> for us. >> shanna wagnor and sean lewis tied the knot last june at a north bay winery. they hired a photographer and video rag to capture the mom. they say the photographer came through but not the videographer. >> i would love to see the video of our vows. >> the couple agreed to pay de novo studios to film the wedding. three cinematographers shot wedding for ten continuous hours. though they paid for most of the contct, a year later they tell us they sll hav not received the promised video. >> after the fact he said, you know, it will be ten days after the wedding or something and we didn't hear tr him. i kept going on like that. >> they say the owner of the
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company, mathieu groza was in january. there are complaints about the closed company on yul p. one of the couple that got it blamed him for ruining one of the most important aspects of our wedding day. he responded, if you think we ruined your wedding day you should be glad we preserved the files and sent them to you. deleting them would have ruined your wedding day. >> we tried to track down matthew groza reaching out to him on instagram, on twitter, knocking on doors of plef addresses in oakland and in palm springs. we even left messages with his parents in oregon. >> hey, matthew, michael finney from 7 on your side. we have a lot to talk about. >> and left a message at his last known phone number. >> would you give me a call. >> but we haven't heard anything from him. >> you take hiring your wedding
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videographer as seriously as you do your wedding photographer. >> what should you do if you are looking for a wedding videographer? we went to the wedding experts "the knot" to find out. >> first of all it is important to have wedding insurance just in case anything happens fraud wise or they go out of business. if you have wedding insurance, you can still get your deposit back. >> insurance can cost anywhere between $155 and $550 depending on the amount of coverage you want. the knot also recommends checking reviews online. ask them about any complaints. meeting with the videographer in person before the wedding and trust your instincts. use a credit card to pay. it will provide you with an opportunity to get a refund. sean and shanna didn't do that, but are still holding out hope they will some day hear their vows again. >> just to kind of see everything again, kind of relive the day is really what i think we're trying to do.
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>> do you know matthew groza? we're still looking for him. we hear he is driving for a rideshare company. so if you see him and you feel safe, tell him michael finney is still looking for him. >> as you said, a lot of questions. a lot to talk about. thanks, mike. >> all right. let's take a look at some incredible video. a car tumbling through a parking lot in maryland. an apparent tore tornado hit. fortunately there were just minor injuries. the national weather service will send a crew there tomorrow to determine if it was a tornado. >> summer storms in that part of the country can be so violent. certainly tranquil days around here. >> and meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the weather. >> we'll keep it quiet here as well. obviously you both know tornados are rare in that part of the country, in maryland. here in the bay area, what is so common is our marine layer from our mount tam cam we are watching the marine layer continuing to roll in. it was sitting at the coast all afternoon long, and tonight it
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is near 2,000 feet deep. so we're getting a pretty good push across the bay area. as we check out live doppler 7 right now, low clouds into the bay, not just near the coast. a live people tour from our emeryville camera, we have overcast skies. temperatures 60 from san francisco to oakland, san jose is 63 around santa rosa. nevada has fallen to 59. in livermore 61 degrees. tomorrow morning if you are flying out of sfo you might be want to be aware of the fact that the low ceilings you are looking at right now could cause some problems tomorrow morning as far as flights out of sfo or into sfo. here is a look at your morning commute planner. if you are driving, watch out for slippery spots. there will be some drizzle around. if you are taking the ferry ride, definitely gray skies. walking, watch out for drizzly areas. you will need the wipers if you are driving.
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allow extra time. here is your hour-by-hour forecast. tomorrow morning when you get going notice how much the low clouds and fog pushed across the bay, into the north bay towards the south bay. as we head to the afternoon hours you will see gray clouds lingering at the coast. could be potential for isolated showers or thunderstorms north of clear lake. we saw it happen this afternoon. tomorrow morning expecting some drizzle near the coast, temperature also mid 50s to the low 60s. we had a full moon tonight. it is definitely going to be great sleeping weather overnight tonight with readings like this. tomorrow morning though, might be sweater weather for some of you. so keep that in mind. tomorrow afternoon, 60s coast side, a little breezy, and that breeze is what's keeping the hot weather away. inland areas, mid to upper 80s. should be a nice looking tuesday. temperatures at or just a little bit below normal for this time of year. if you're going to the giants game at at&t park tomorrow night, 61 dropping to 59. definitely breezy enough to where you will need a light jacket for yourself. i want to quickly turn your attention to franklin.
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tropical storm franklin made landfall across the yucatan peninsula a few hours ago, packing winds of 60 miles an hour and moving to the west, there are warnings up and hurricane watches up, expect to strengthen to a category one hurricane wednesday evening and making a second landfall across eastern mexico. if your travel plans take your across this area, you will want to keep close tabs on it. download the accuweather app. you can check it out. check out our temperatures, and our temperatures won't be swaying much. as you notice they're low 60s to upper 80s tomorrow. a slight bump up wednesday, back down thursday. you get the drift below average monday and there will be a system that drops down on monday. keep an eye on it. maybe a shower or to. >> thanks, sandhya.
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check this out. a mountain lion sight at
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sequoia national park was caught on video. a park visitor who goes by brian d. on video posted this video. the national park service said it serves as reminder how to behave when you encounter a mountain lion. they didn't run when they saw the mountain lion. the mountain lion also didn't budge. the park service said to remember not to act as though you are prey. don't run. you should never approach wild animal also regardless of the size. intimidating certainly. >> definitely frightening to see. >> i've seen larry stare at people. >> that's also scary. >> you know what i'm thinking? if we were out there, i don't have to be faster than the lion, i just got to be faster than you. >> that's a good point. >> inside the park, home run, one of the most exciting plays in baseball, speaking of fast, unless you're on the wrong end of it. you want to guess how it went down for the giants against the cubs?
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>> announcer: "abc 7 sports" brought to you by river rock casino. >> good evening, when they lost to the cubs in four close games the giants thought they needed a couple of tweaks to become world series contenders again. that turned out to be absolute fool's gold. the last place giants hosting tonight on metallica night. ♪ the bay area band will play outside lens. later this weekend, top two, deep right center. carlos moncrief misplaced the ball, runs it down eventually. look at the arm on this guy. fires a laser to the plate, but baez safe. just the tenth inside the park homer in park history. cubs up 2-0. rookie rider jones, that's a two-run blast. giants had chances, came up empty and lose to the cubs 5-3. a's had the day off. how about mike trout, starting his day getting doused with water and powder and eggs and flower and an icy and everything
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that his angels' teammates could find, showering him on his 26th birthday. get his 1,000 career base hit and homered in a 6-2 abces lost. san ramon taking on me raw. comes through with a double that scores, so it is two a piece. bottom sixth, bases full for rancho santa margarita. suicide squeeze is on! squeezed me, and it works. 3-2 some cal the final. san ramon takes on chandler, arizona tomorrow. that'son elimination game. steph curry has been all over the world this summer and he is back in the bay area doing coaching, working with the kids in the camp in walnut creek. it is for top basketball players in the country. he had a busy summer, travelled
1:37 am
the world, played golf with the pros last week and enjoyed beach time as well. as for the upcoming nba seasons, the rocketsnd thunder added stars so the west will be a west. >> you look around the western conference, the amount of talent up and down the board will be crazy. just because we have the same team coming back, we have to do some different challenges and answer the bell. >> pretty good summer for steph. "abc 7 sports" brought to you by river rock casino, and the kids that you saw there that he was coaching up will be playing tomorrow at keezar stadium. they have a game that will be nationally televised on espnu. a chance for steph to give back to some of the top players in the country. >> good for him and them. he's been so busy this summer, it is unbelievable. >> very little down time. >> hope he's rested for the season. >> yeah. >> "abc 7 news" continues online, on twitter, facebook and on all o your mobile devices with our


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