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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 10, 2017 1:07am-1:37am PDT

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for special offers now. ...until we found a connection. you have the power to change your child's life. the boys town national hline can help. (tdd# 1-800-448-1433) live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." developing now at 11:00,
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north korea steps up its nuclear threats against the united states as local lawmakers try to calm constituents worried about a possible atalk. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. tonight pyongyang has set a timeline for potential attack on guam. >> we have team coverage. let's begin with emily row in the nation's capital. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> reporter: a direct response now to president trump from the commander of north korea's army, a new statement calling the president's threat a load of nonsense, saying north korea will complete its plan to attack waters near guam by mid-august. >> they will be met with fire, fury and, frankly, power, the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> reporter: hours after the president said those words
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tuesday, north korea responding with its own warning, citing that potential plan to target guam, the u.s. territory home to key military bases and 160,000 americans. secretary of state rex tillerson attempting to strike a softer tone. >> what the president was doing is sending a strong message to north korea in language that kim jong-un would understand because he doesn't seem to understand diplomatic language. >> reporter: this as abc news learns the president's fiery threat caught some in his own inner cycle by surprise, the strong language not vetted by his national security team. in his latest statement from north korea, the army commander calls president trump a guy ber eflt of reason and says only absolute force will work on him. emily rau, abc news, washington the nuclear threat from north korea is sparking fears up and down the west coast. >> a couple hundred people
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packed a meet tonight. here is "abc 7 news" reporter katie utehs. >> reporter: people packed the con kerd high school gym and congressman tried to calm constituents following nuclear threats from north korea. >> it is frightening. we are trying to get by. >> i don't think we're about to go to nuclear war. i would hope even a regime as unstable as the north koreans would realize the folly of that. >> reporter: some say president trump's fire and fury comments inflamed the situation. >> people don't necessarily believe he will do what he says, but you don't know. >> if anybody can control trump, i don't know. hopefully the generals can. >> reporter: east bay congresswoman barbara lee is working to reform presidential war powers granted post 9/11, but so far speaker paul ryan has block those efforts. >> hopefully more people will speak out and get him to act -- >> this election has been quite a civics lesson.
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>> reporter: he and other democrats signed a resolution condemning the president's statement but he admits it is mostly symbolic. the congressman stay after the town hall in order to answer more questions. he will be in district until he returns to congress, and at that point in september democrats will introduce their resolution. in concord, katie utehs, "abc 7 news." and stay on top of the tensions with north korea with the "abc 7 news" app. download the app for free and be sure to enable push alerts. >> new at 11:00 a fiery wreck shut down northbound lanes of 880 in fremont. this is near the fremont boulevard off ramp. a witness shared these three cars caught on fire tonight police are looking for witnesses and clues after a person was killed in an oakland neighborhood. the victim died on rich street around 12:30 this afternoon.
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all homicide detectives will say is the person died while a crime was being committed. they haven't released any details about any people or cars linked to the case a chase sped through several counties before a guy tried to swim away from the highway patrol. you can see on this map here how today's chase covered more than 100 miles from oroville to discovery bay. sky 7 flew above highway 4 moments after the man was captured. there he is without a shirt. chp tells us he spent about an hour in the old river, taunting officers until he was caught a two-year-old boy is safe after being discovered dirty and alone blocks from home in the middle of the night. "abc 7 news" was at the woods apartment complex in san jose where a woman walking at 3:00 in the morning discovered the child covered in dirt and wearing only a diaper. she called security. >> i went down there and i saw a baby, and she was like i just found him over here. he was like mom, dad, mom, dad, in spanish, that's it. >> the child's guardian noticed
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he was missing and contacted police hours after he had been found. he remains in the care of santa clara department of child and family services the bomb squad helped napa police search a home for hazard us material. you're looking at pictures shared by napa police of today's railed on adrian street. detectives found drugs to be methamphetamine they say, along with a loaded handgun. they arrested a man who lives in the home. nearby residents were ordered to stay indoors during the search you can see on this map where thieves stole $11,000 worth of football gear from washington high school in free month. they vanish when the gym was unlock during a construction project so crews could get in and out of the building freely. no arrests have been made tomorrow google's ceo will address the company about diversity. google computer engineer dames damore was fired after writing a
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memo. today he explained his intent to conservative youtuber stef stefan moluneux. >> this isn't important in judging any individual person on how good they are at a job. in fact, i'm not saying any of the female engineers at google are in any way worse than the average male engineer. >> damore says companies could create more female friendly environments by recognizing the differences between women and men. adding to google's issues, a san francisco law firm is planning to sue the tech giant for pay bias. an attorney on the case says nearly 70 female employees have come forward. >> women have experienced sex harassment. there have been comments about their looks. they've been shown cellphone images they didn't want to see. they've been told that women can't perform engineering jobs. >> the labor department reviewed payroll records and says it has found a systemic problem of
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google underpaying women. google says it vehemently disagrees with the department of labor's conclusion and says it has no gender pay gap well, if you have been anywhere near san francisco's chinatown lately, you have no doubt noticed the massive construction work on the central subway project. once finished, muni metro service will reach all the way into the popular neighborhood burks tonight some once bustling stores say this billion dollar project is hurting their bottom line. here is "abc 7 news" leslie brinkley with a story new at 11:00. >> reporter: up to two million visitors a year stroll lu chinatown. locals hit the markets here, too. but lately business is down. >> by 15%. >> reporter: 15% fewer people coming in? >> yes. >> reporter: this travel agency is surviving the central subway delay. the station at washington and stockton street is slated to open in december 2019, a year later than plan. the construction zone is eating
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up valuable parking spots. >> we're trying the add parking because that was a direct request from the community and the merchants there, was they don't have enough parking. >> reporter: 12 new spots were recently carved out. san francisco supervisor aaron peskin's office says they have a plan in case to give a one-time hardship payment to the most impacted merchants. that could happen this fall. still, locals here say some of the long-time mer chanlts are going out of business. >> business is closing down, so that's why they're going to close, yeah. >> reporter: and you felt like it was a good time to take a risk and open here? >> we are planning for the future. >> reporter: this jewelry store staged a soft opening today a block from all of the construction chaos because in 2019 they envision no parking problems and more people. >> no need to drive here, just take the subway. >> reporter: in san francisco's chinatown, i'm leslie brinkley,
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"abc 7 news." a protest against president trump comes to roost right in front of the white house. coming up, the mystery tonight between -- behind this giant, inflatable chicken digging up a bay area driveway, the home improvement project that uncovered a century old piece of san francisco history the love of baseball knows no boundaries. the bay area little league kids coming together with friends half a world away. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. gray and drizzly start tomorrow mrning. find out when we will break out of the pattern by the time your weekend plans begin coming up all of that is ahead. first here is a look at what coming up on "jimmy kimmel live" at "abc 7 news." >> jimmy: thanks, dan and all you. enjoy this sample of tonight's show. it is glute enfry. >> we cannot afford to have an unstable, unpredictable, ego maniac dictator in charge of a
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a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. protesters tried to roughly a few furthers outside the white house. check it out. a giant inflatable rooster appeared in a public park out side the white house today. to people say the 23-foot tall rooster resembles president trump. it is not clear who set up the giant rooster, but back in the spring inflatable roosters
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appeared at rallies across the country, demanding president trump release his tax returns. a home improvement project turned up an unexpected find today in san francisco. electricians discovered a tomb stone while digging beneath a home in laurel heights. that home now sits where laurel hill cemetery was located until 1937. the cemetery moves the bodies when it closed. tomb stones became landfill, families didn't want them moved with their loved ones. >> this is somebody's history, somebody's family. you know, this is -- somebody may not even know about this part of their life. >> the tombstone belongs to charles cooper, his wife catherine ryan and their infant son william henry who died at 13 days old in 1862. that's fascinating. >> yeah. >> kids were speaking universal language talking baseball. >> a team from san mateo kicked
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off a series agains a team from japan. a cultural exchange. >> "abc 7 news" reporter katie marzullo has the story. >> reporter: they came a long way but the baseball diamond feels like home to these young players from japan. they came to the bay area to play a team from san mateo. it is part of a sister city tradition that dates back to 1979. >> i like playing against like other people, not just people in san mateo and in california. i just like playing against people out of the country. >> reporter: the game is played every other year and the city's host every other time. but in tradition is about so much more than baseball. >> i learn the word for good evening. >> reporter: the san mateo players have to take language and cultural classes because they they are not just playing baseball but hosting them in their homes. >> it is fun. but the communicating part is where it kind of falls apart, but there's where google tranls late comes in handy. >> ken tameda played on the team
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when he was a boy and his family hosted a japanese player. now his son plays and he is the host. >> i would not pass it up for the world. >> it is fun to learn japanese while they're learning more english. >> reporter: in 2019 it will be japan's turn to host the game. george has made the trip many times. >> it is so great to see how the barriers are broken immediately just by kids playing together. >> reporter: a victory for everyone involved. in san mateo, katie marzullo, "abc 7 news" fun stuff. good for them. let's turn to the weather. first atlantic hurricane of the season just made landfall along mexico's gulf coast tonight. >> check out the floodwater today. the national hurricane center in miami upgraded franklin to a hurricane late today. forecasters expected the hurricane to continue to strengthen. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking right now. >> yes, this hurricane just made landfall minutes ago. always you check out hurricane
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franklin, it was packing maximum sustained winds of 85 miles an hour, and it is currently moving westward at 13 miles an hour. it made landfall in the mexican state of veracruz. that area along with take bass coexpect to get up to 15 inches in isolated spot. tomorrow it weakens to a tropical storm but continues to push across the region. really the rainfall could pause some potentially light threatening mudslides and flash flooding. here is a closer look at hurricane franklin. you can see just how intense and how wide this hurricane is. now, i do want to show you our local weather. a live look right now, and you look at those temperatures. san francisco, you're sitting at a comfortable 59. 60s mountain view. gilroy at 63. santa rosa 60. notice concord, livermore are about the same as places like half moon bay and san francisco. as you check out this live picture from our gives you a prf your morning commute, including
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overcast skies. there will be some areas that are drizzling. if you wonder why it is so mild around the coast and the bay, the wind is coming off the ocean water. you will notice currently the sea surface temperatures are in the upper 50s to low 60s. yes, it is pretty mild out there. that's playing certainly a role in our conditions here in the bay area. live doppler 7 right now showing you the extent of the low crowds and the fog. pretty much extending all the way in across the bay, and here is a live look from our "abc 7 news" exploratorium camera. this is what the commute will look like. some gray skies around, low visibility. so please be careful out there. low clouds and patchy morning drizzle, cool to warm days through saturday, and looking at well below normal temperatures sunday through tuesday. we have had below normal readings across the bay area, at least for first part of august. here is a look at what is ahead. coastal drizzle, sunshine inland at noon time. keep it cool coast and warm inland for your thursday afternoon with the temperatures coming down once the set sets.
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tomorrow morning you may be needing the wiper as it will be drizzly in spots. temperatures from the mid 50s to low 60s across the bay area tomorrow afternoon. clouds hang tough at the coast like today and the day before. little change in the temperature also, 60s coast side, 90 inland. you will have to go well out of the bay area to get some heat, which will be in the mid 90s. if you are going to the a's game tomorrow evening against the orioles at the coliseum, it will be 63 degrees. clouds will roll in. it becomes mostly cloudy by the end of the game. temperature dropping to about 60 degrees, so comfortable. but because of the breeze you will want to definitely grab a jacket before you go. out side lens taking place starting on friday and it will be on the cool side. a little brighter and milder on sunday with mid 60s. download the accuweather app and keep track of the temperatures
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minute by minute and hour-by-hour. the accuweather forecast, about a 30 degree spread coast to inland. a little cooler going into the early part of next week. you will notice when you are talking summertime, 84 degrees on monday, that's not exactly what we call typical hot summer pattern. so we're going to get a break from the heat for a few days, and it is well-deserved in the bay area. >> certainly. >> thanks, sandhya >> coming up, a frozen fiasco. >> the pizza delivery when i have an asthma attack... i feel like a fish with no water. learn how to prevent your child's next asthma attack. because even one attack is one too many.
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and when we finally got those things open, we'd be overcome with the sense of accomplishment no 3rd grader today will ever know. hi guys. get a job. you believe this guy? new ez open gogurt. kids never had it so easy. you are looking at drone video. check this out, showing the mess left behind after a big rig carrying frozen pizzas scraped a bridge support in arkansas. that pillar, yeah, it ripped open that truck like a giant can opener. tons of pizzas covered westbound interstate 30 in little rock. no one was hurt. took crews four hours to clean it all up. >> it was hot back there, they left them on the road a little longer. >> they would just cook. hot and bubbly. >> you know their slogan, it is not delivery, it is di giorno.
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>> announcer: "abc 7 sports" brought to you by river rock casino. good evening. it is not going to patter much in the standings, but the squients are starting to play better baseball, just two out of three, and the defending cubs with bumgarner leading the way. this would be the definition of having your game face on. yes, kid. mad bum has his game face on. seven strong innings allowed one run, struck out seven. diving and from your knees, if you please. pablo sandoval gets the one time a. nice play. 1-1 in seventh. parker has been on fire since coming off disabled list. wonder if he's maybe the answer in left field. drives in span. 2-1, g men, a little insurance in the eighth. giants have been waiting all year, this from hunter pence. go 5 and 3 on this home stand.
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let's enjoy the view for a minute. a's and mariners in oakland. if you arrived late you missed this. kyle sieger, a three-run cloud off cotton. his 17th, and it is quickly 3-0, m's. matt joyce would answer. here it comes, there it goes. bottom one. his 15, makes it a 3-1 game. cruz hit two bombs today. i think putin picked this ball up on russian radar. 450 feet to make it 5-1 mariners. whoa, nellie. everybody hitting homers. siemian thinks he has one in the fifth and gamel says i don't think so, that's mine. that is tremendous! sweep this two-game mini series, 6-3 the final. the san ramon little leaguers lieu to utah, eliminated from the west regional. football is back. nfl preseason, texans and panthers. carolina expecting big things from christian mccaffrey. his debut for carolina.
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gain of 12 right there. seven carry also, 33 yards total. setting up a spectacular tuesday pass. to kelvin benjamin, go up and get it. panthers win. funniest video of the night. in st. louis. stray cat runs out on the field. kid grabs him and fluffy doesn't like you. this kid,'s in the outfield. >> look at. >> and he has to run all the way in, look out, kid, because fluffy is angry. ow! >> i wish we had audio of it. >> the longest run of this young man's career. you know he has to finally got the cat by the scruff there, so little fluffy can't do anymore damage. >> that is so funny. >> kitty wanted to eat him alive. oh, my, look out! "abc 7 sports" brought to you by river rock casino. >> i need a follow up on that, larry, like tomorrow. i need more details. >>


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