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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 11, 2017 1:37am-2:07am PDT

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second overall pick, trubisky out of north carolina. led three scoring drives. td pass to victor crews, but the bears lieu 24-17. round one of the pga championship on a beautiful day in north carolina. u.s. open champ brooks koepka with a nice chip-in on 3. a 3 under 68 puts him 1 back of the co-leaders, thorbjorn olesen and kevin kissner. great read from kissner on 18 to finish at 4 under. jordan spieth if you are wondering is 5 back. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. colin kaepernick, is he being black balled? my thoughts are up and available on online. >> check it out. >> "abc 7 news" continues online, on twitter, facebook and on all of your mobile devices with our "abc 7 ne
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for special offers now. nit's softer than ever. new charmin ultra soft is softer than ever so it's harder to resist. okay, this is getting a little weird enjoy the go with charmin l. that is our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz, for sandhya patel, larry beil, all of us here at "abc 7 news," thanks for joining us. on "jimmy kimmel live," john. >> enjoy. have a good night. tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute."
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>> he's injured. >> even though an abandoned dog is in dire need of rescue -- -- >> he does not want to go with strangers. >> see a scared pup's journey to a new happy life. a shopper likes a pricey tv. >> she takes it off the shelf. >> the truly amazing way she's going to get it for free. get out of here. a bride dances in a bar but not with the groom. >> oh, that's a game change per. >> what's behind the touching scene of the man who took her hand. and -- >> hello. >> a handsome police officer -- it. >> has ensnared single women around the world. >> the story behind the cop creating a social media meltdown. >> he does not look that much different from our own ollie pettigrew. >> look to aim hen talk to him all day. we can mute this one. somebody called the emergency line at hope for paws in the los angeles area to come rescue this little guy.
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>> let's see if we can lead him into this yard. >> that's rio. rio was abandoned by his owners. sadly, rio was also hit by a car. nobody's been able to catch him, so hope for paws comes in. he does not want to go with strangers. but with one toss of that loop, he's able to catch him, but then rio doesn't want to be caught and almost escapes. >> hurry, hurry. >> sorry. >> lisa comes in with that lucky leash. she's able to get that leash around his neck. >> good boy. >> so after they calm him down, they start to pet him, and he's like, oh, wait a minute, i remember what that feels like. >> poor, little guy. >> but not poor, little guy anymore, because once they take him to the clinic, they realize he does have an injured leg, and head trauma but months later, check him out. he's all cleaned up and he's fully healed. no more limp, after six months of getting lots of love. there you see him in his forever
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home because art and paws animal rescue helped to find him one. >> ooh, that's a nice home and they've got lots of toys for him, too, and a nice little comfy bed. >> and playmates, and a place to run around in the backyard. >> you know when you think about these animals, too, it's neat to see the back story. if you adopt an animal at a shelter you wonder what happened to you, where'd you come from, what is your story in this guy's story is on camera and national television. two really good ideas, two very different outcomes. we start in brazil. this one walks into a store where there's electronic appliances and she's engaininging the clerk. meanwhile her accomplice here, long skirt walking down the aisle, checking things out. she lifts the lid on this appliance here. >> i want to see her slide out with one of those washers between her legs. >> me, too.
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>> it's not the washer, it's the 24 inch flat screen tv. she takes it off the shelf. >> get out of here. >> pops it between her knees. >> how do you walk like that? >> drops her skirt and walks out. >> doesn't look like she slowed down. >> two women walk out of the store, take off, never to be seen again. of course the store owner has the footage but it wasn't until he noticed the television gone that they even knew this happened. >> was this a good idea? >> it worked. i don't condone doing it but it worked. >>them's plan didn't quite work as she thought it would. walking through security, they're like hold, please. she comes over to the counter and they're checking her purse and they asked her to come back through the metal detector. >> she lit up red. >> she walked through and they're like back over this way, please. now you see one of the ladies with the wand. >> they find a tv under her skirt, dude, i'm going to flip out. >> she had on safety shorts, three pairs of them, to be exact, the type of shorts that have compartments. she had thousands of sd cards,
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and then they wanted her hair, they noticed her pony tail holder was excessive. she had put more sd cards inside of that scrunchie and tied it around her hair. >> why? why? what's on these sd cards? >> i was sitting here sd cards alone are not really worth much of anything. >> there wasn't anything on them but authorities questioned her because they think it will lead them to a digital smuggling gang who paid her to take in a tax free good into china and they were able to catch her with 4,700 sd cards. this video is going to show paragliding mixes with cows just like nick mixes with mariachi, not that great. we are prepared to take off with this paraglider on the mountain and you see below him a ton of cows. >> after the intro is anyone else disappointed it's not a cow paragliding. i'm like, oh, here we go. >> that would have been pretty cool but that is -- >> not quite. >> -- not quite what's going to
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happen. what is going to happen though is that this paraglider is not going to be as high up in the air as he wished he was. >> moo! >> right about here. >> oh, no, oh! you idiot. >> that was like, oh, i'm eatin' over here! >> considering weight consideration, it didn't end quickly. >> he could have just taken off but i don't think he had the lift he wished he did. fortunately i think -- everybody was okay. the thing i presume is most broken is that guy's ego. >> um-hum. ran into that cow like a side of beef. now let's mooove on over to the next video which is a compilation shared on youtube where for two weeks roadtripping around denmark looking for different kite surfing locations. >> i'm fascinated by the wind power sports. >> it's cool to see the people they encounter, the adventures, the obstacles.
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to get to all of the locations but the truth is, it really looks like a ton of fun. >> they were seeing parts of the country that normally a regular tourist wouldn't see. >> i can barely fly a kite let alone that. >> that is one of my favorite shots when they go over that bridge and they clear it, and you're right. anyone would have been under it. a local psa from the uk is getting a lot of attention, comes from the leicester police. >> the behavior involving youth driving recklessly and irresponsibly causing alarge in the community. >> kids on their scooters this is breaking news people. >> we need your help to try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, if you have any information in relation to these incidents please call 101. >> forget about the scooters, the cutie pie talking. >> good grief. is that what it's about?
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>> it's exactly. >> are you kidding me? >> no, i am not. because the police community supper rich heath icor oensntared sinffgle women e world. >> hello, i think i've seen a scooter. yeah, it's over here at 9422 south. >> thousands upon thousands of views. the comments themselves are oh so entertaining, as the women are pretty much saying i think i might need to be arrested soon, heart emoji. >> you reverse the scenario, ollie and i sitting here goo, gah, gah. >> you're exaggerating. you do it all the time. this guy is clearly very good at his job. we know and recognize that he's very talented. he's probably very smart, if he's using this medium, and he is in with the times of using social media to help solve crimes. >> i was drowning under all of
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that absolute rubbish. >> i'd also like to point out he it us not look that much different from our own ollie pettigrew and he has that accent. >> oh, we have to look at him and talk to him all day. we can mute this one. >> did he ever find the scooter? >> if there were any tips, they've been completely lost in the thousands and thousands of comments of horny women. >> thank you very much. these tree surgeons -- >> need to cut trees on the other side of this small waterway. >> she what happens once they get on that inflatable raft. >> that guy has zero balance. and it's grown men versus one mouse. >> ahh! >> there it is, run! >> find out who wins this battle. >> these guys even with tools and weapons are losing. he new cm show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool.
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connection to nature is a right that the trust for public land is fighting to preserve.
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from boulevards to ball fields and ponds to playgrounds, together we have saved over 3 million acres of land. a park is a gift that is worth protecting. help support the trust for public land and the gift of parks today. closed captioning provided by -- and a powerful decongestant. break through allergy congestion with allegra-d®. the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry except neither is the best laid plan. connor and scott free surgeons, nothing surgical about anything you so he in the video. what is going on here? these guys need to cut trees on
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the other side of this small waterway. rst step you got to get on that inflatable raft. well done there, mate, not bad. you got yourself your tree trimmer, everybody is standing up, nothing could possibly go wrong. >> it's almost like log rolling. >> wait a minute, this supposed to be on espn in. >> that's what i was thinking the whole time, two people trying to knock each other off a log. it continues and continues. >> that guy has zero balance. >> kneel down, dummy. >> stay down! >> you can't cut trees from your hands and knees but nonetheless he gets back to his feet. right there on the edge, it's just ridiculous. you know what they're doing, they're going to get themselves back to dry land. >> oh! >> so close! >> oh my gosh, i thought they would make it. >> after all that. it's just too much comedy to handle. this one has really caught on.
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this has almost got 5 million views because that's just entertaining. we head to australia, these guys come up with their own plan, a couple of german backpackers having a great time. >> things are going so well right now. >> and then they're not. >> you can see when the camera comes to a rest, there's the vehicle on its side, steaming away. people are saying, these are german backpackers and got themselves in the suv, you can go driving on the beaches in australia and they weren't prepared. they didn't think about the situation when you dig into the water, it's going to create drag or going to aqua plane, and they went tumbling. they didn't have insurance on this vehicle and you can see it's a little bit banged up. the good part is they didn't suffer any injuries. this is posted by cletop powing. >> the struggle is real.
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♪ john william has given a new meaning to the phrase moving furniture. everybody, take your places. there it is. >> ahh! >> that's it! >> oh, he's got a little mouse in the house, don't we? >> oh, yeah, all this over a mouse. >> hey, everybody has their thing, because if it was a spider you'd be doing the same thing. it is pure comedy. dad's got the shovel. >> does not look like they're after catching this mouse. more like termination. poor thing. >> how many holes do you think there are now in the back of that couch? >> ahh! >> there it is, run! >> ahh! >> ahh! >> i want to correct you though, because it's
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causing the raucous. it's the people. >> i feel bad for this poor thing. >> ahh! >> okay, there it is, they see it. now the push broom. >> ahh! >> it's like he's churning butter in whatever that thing is. >> these guys, even with tools and weapons are losing. >> okay, now they stop, all right, we get it. they're so exhausted. >> he's even got a wrench in his pocket. >> just in case. >> and the mouse lives, because they never caught up to it. the poor mom is in the other room because she's afraid of mice. well, the saga continues. i'm sure it's going to pop its head out when they least expect it. >> ahh! >> ahh! >> ahh! ♪ they're on a rooftop. >> and they are there just to chill. >> but before they get to chill too long, something raises the hair on the back of their necks.
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♪ emit' relatable [ bleep ] in the shower and i lose my mind ♪ >> chris reineker has way more for you in this song he calls the most relatable. ♪ if i don't like them -- >> i got a spot on the floor next to my bed that has to be cleaned every few days. >> guilty. ♪ when i write wednesday i think wed-nes-day ♪ >> yes! like phoenix, i have to go foe-e-nix. >> i would phonetically sound every word. ♪ i text at red lights i know it's dangerous ♪ ♪ i know it's dangerous ♪ sometimes i get very socially anxious ♪ >> when you go to a club and someone tries to have a conversation with you, and it looks really interesting, but you can't understand a darned word. ♪
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we've all been there. ♪ i can't hear you, so i say, what ♪ ♪ you said it a again and i still say what ♪ ♪ i just kind of smiled and said oh, huh ♪ ♪ there's nothing inside, i keep doing this, five, six seven times ♪ >> my mama used to say it's not gonna change. ♪ i'm relatable just like you, oh, look at my life ♪ >> i can relate. the sun is going down, the men have gotten up and long ago somebody left with the cops. st. petersburg, russia, you know where we're going here. >> are they going the distance? let's hope so. these guys taking pictures of the beautiful st. petersburg skyline and they are there just to chill but before they get to chill too long, something raises
2:03 am
the hair on the back of their necks. >> oh! security! >> the cops didn't leave. this is private security. they are after these guys, five of them. they take off and three nninguysg, are hemmed up by two security guards. one dude slips past. he gets away. now it's just two left. >> they got so many people. >> one may argue the thing they're doing wrong as well as the breaking and entering part. >> the obvious. logistically with five people you're going to get caught. >> you can see this one security guard risking his neck sliding down the roof a little bit as one of the guys scoots along the bottom edge here. the kids have already said look we will leave but the security guards i believe were looking to grab somebody and haul them in. the kid jumps down to a lower level, makes a run for it. the security guard runs after him, after sliding down the roof that gives our guy with the camera a little bit of a break. here comes this guy, off he
2:04 am
goes, running across the roof as well, before he's able to make an escape. one of the guys somehow still had a drone up in the air. here it is from the aerial perspective of the whole thing. >> just like spider-man. >> and look here he loses his footing right there, just grabs on and is able to make his escape. >> as impressive as their abilities are, it's annoying, because they put themselves in danger, they put the security guards in danger. this bride is about to -- >> toss the bouquet. but she's not going to use her hand. say what? what in the world is she going to use then? >> oh, that's a game cha
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but at this moment, she's fighting a brain tumor. announcer: please take a moment and join st. jude in finding cures and saving children. visit >> that part there you can see the bowl as it's twisting as well. pretty fascinating actually. >> christiane, i know you well enough to know that you caught a number of bouquets over the years, right? >> yes. like a lot. >> this wedding is a little bit unique, the bride standing here, ready to toss the bouquet, but she's not going to use her hands.
2:07 am
>> oh! that's a game changer. >> it really was. 8'1", built by these guys. >> do you have any doubt it would work? >> no, never had any doubt. never doubt. >> if you've got a couple of brothers that are interested in engineering and building stuff, then you ask them, please, build me a bouquet tosser. >> and you can't judge anymore. before you could judge. she was standing, like what was around, but with this thing, you can't tell. >> if you know the blid's got bum arm. >> trying to throw it toward the girl trying to get married. >> she has it down to a science. >> i'm just thinking a few more people next time. here we are of course, the lovely dance with the bride and that's not the groom. it's not a brother. it's not dad. it's not even a family member. it's a total stranger


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