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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 11, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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pictures from sky 7 at this fire or what's left of it. it's burned 100 acres so far. that's up from 75 about an hour ago. the fire is just 10% contained. firefighters say they are battling tough winds out there. let's find out more about the conditions from abc 7 meteorologist. >> let's check outse conditionsho. they are right. the crews are battling the winds. right now it's warm. 89 degrees. relative humidity is 33%. the humidity has actually been coming down in the last few hours and the winds have been increasing out of the west/southwest. 13 sustained gusting to 20 miles an hour. this is a wind prone area. as you check out the forecast for the next 24 hours, it is going to remain gusty for the next hour or two before the winds begin to subside and pick back up again tomorrow night. as you check out live doppler 7 you'll notice that we're seeing changes. there's a little more sun across most parts of the bay area. i'll let you know if this trend
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will carry over into your weekend coming up in a few minutes. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> there's another fire to talk about. this one in morgan hill. you can see the smoke drifting over some homes in the area from the morgan hill web cam. tells e burned. no buildings are threatened. it's just 5% contained. the firefighters say they are making good progress. family says today's arrest is a relief. investigators have been working around the clock to catch the suspect. abc 7 news reporter is live at the store where it happened. >> reporter: it's impressive. the deadly shooting happen on monday night and three days later the suspect was captured. we're here in front of the
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victim's liquor store. as you can see, there's just been an out pouring of support for charlie lee and his family. police say 21-year-old mumiunmee hendrix is son-in-law for the murer. the store's owner washo st killed during an attempted robbery. officers say surveillance video layed a crucial part in identifying the suspect. they circulated a picture of the robber and a detective from the department recognized him as hendrix. a suspect from a recent burglary. they contacted his probation officer and served a home where they found hendrix. >> the 25 plus years that i've been with the san jose police department that this is one of the best examples of team work, dedication, collaboration and investigative sllkitha t ever seen.
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>> reporter: police say hendrix was trying to sell merchandise that he was wearing during the robbery where he shot lee. that aided in tracking him down. he has a violent and extensive criminal record that includes felony evasion, assault, robbery and burglaries. lee's family released a statement saying we're just really happy with the law enforcement agencies in their tireless effort in apprehending the suspect. back out here live, the family is in mourning. lee, who you can see here in this picture leaves behind a wife who was there during that deadly shooting as well as four adult children. some of the family is expected to be here. reporting live from san jose, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. the san jose police department takes another major step towardssoev solving the ofr
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shortage. they graduated 20 cadets today. the chief says he is confident they will reach the goal soon. i always said the department will grow in five ways. that was to bolster academy numbers, keep our people here, bring our people back, not have people retire quickly and bring laterals, other people into san jose. because we're competitive again, all those things are occurring. >> the department's next class of cadets is larger, 54 recruits entered in june. that's the largest class in a decade. a judge has thrown out a colorado radio's dj claims against taylor swift. swift said the dj groped her. the judge ruled late this afternoon that the dj cnot lost his job. he denies inappropriately touching swift during a photo op
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four years ago. she testified against him yesterday. he counter sued accusing her of getting him fired. the effort to recall the judge behind the controversial swimmer brock turner is on hold. recall organizers claims the judge has pattern of bias in ss and violence against women including the turner case. w explain why a judge told them to stop gathering signatures on a petition. >> reporter: after the county approved the recall. a legal challenge, a motion asking the court to block the collection of signatures. >> this is a last ditch, desperate effort to block the democratic process. >> it's not about delay. it's about following the law. >> reporter: at issue is whether the county was the correct entity to certify the pepetitio. the secretary of the state must
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certify the petition. >> one of the things on the petition that's mandated is the fact we have requested a successor election. >> under the california constitution the governor would appoint judge persky's successor. we believe the public needs to know that andyot noueld b have to elect him or her. >> reporter: a judge issued a temporary restraining order preventing the recall campaign from collecting signatures until august 23rd. >> the recall is going forward no matter how much taxpayer money judge persky decides to waste with frivolous litigation. >> he deserves a fai r fair consideration by the people of this county. >> reporter: on august 23rd the judge will decide whether the petiti was properly approved by the county and should be
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circulated to voters. surveillance cameras on highway 4 help police recover a lot of guns. take a look. these are some of the stolen firearms officers found in the car of man arrested after high speed chase overnight. it started when a license plate reader pinged on the plate o a . police tried to pull the driver over but he took off before a police dog tracked him down. surveillance cameras were installed after a increase of shootings on bay area freeways. bart police are looking for two suspects who violently a tack and rob man in the ashby station parking lot in berkeley last ck thenit. victim oth ground and punched and kicked him and took his backpack. the man ended up in the hospital with cuts and bruises but police say he will recover. a federal investigation into a massive fire has come up
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empty. the fire broke out about 4:30 in the morning on july 7th destroying the building slated to have 196 apartments and square feet of3100,0 retail space. beach lovers were hoping it would be the day they access the beach. wayne has been there all day. what's happened? >> reporter: the only time we have seen that gate open is for residents inside. if you want to go to this beach, you can walk. you can go around the gate. it's about a half mile down. as for anybody else, we don't know. we did see a sheriff's deputy on the beach earlier today. he was driving around.
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he came back out. he went out through the gate but the gate remains locked. in a free country that used to be filled with wide open public more infuriating than a locked gate. this angered more than a few people today. >> breaks my heart. ticks me off. >> reporter: happy birthday to joann who hoped to spend time with her sister at martin's beach. billionaire land owner should have opened the gate today. it never happened. >> you know, what i think is wrong about it is that the entire coast of the state, the entire cifora sta is supposed to provide public access. >> reporter: as it's been before this gate began it forced visitors to walk half a mile to this beach that becomes more of a contrast between nalur delight and slow disintegration.
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one does not visit the beach to enjoy the accommodations. it's a ghost town in the making. there's nothing welcoming about this place except for the wildlife. the tenants are as protective of their privacy as the man who owns this. >> you mind talking about the court decision? >> i don't want to talk about it. >> reporter: it's not easy to get answers when they won't wait for questions. would it be easier? >> reporter: he hay be able to get a stay of the order if he appeals to the california supreme court. as to how that played at the locked gate, how do you think? >> i guess he's got the money to waste money but i don't think it's right. the wait is over for hundreds of thousands of people in golden gate park. wave after wave of concert goers streaming in for outside land. the music is land. the traffic is nonstop and we're
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there live. state officials reveal new progress on repairs to the dam. it comes as others are worried about the project. supplements and the risk of seeking
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they are live with how it's going so far. >> reporter: 70,000 people are expected to attend this festival each day with seven different stages. this festival is so big, they even have an app for it. golden gate park provide a backdrop for foodie it's the tenth anniversary for
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this popular three-day event. >> my nephew, oliver tree is playing. we get to see him live. >> i think it's well run. i'm sure it will get crazier as the day goes ono wc>>as reep their talent. san francisco restaurants can show off their culinary skills. from breakfast bites to spirits of all kinds. organizers try to appeal to different generations. >> i'm here for one month and i have chance to be here. it's really great experience. >> reporter: so much delicious food here, it's natural to wonder where it goes in terms of waste. this multi-cultural crowd has first timers but plenty of experienced festival goers who plan ahead. >> i guess i'mring normal clothes butea w i don't wear a
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bandana and a flower crown. >> got the water thing towarm k >> reporter: he's dressed for the occasion. even a camelbak to keep hydrated. >> there's music in nature. it adds a lot to it. >> reporter: it's all about listening to some cool jams while enjoying the great out doors. getting to outside lands on the streets, crossing the bridges could get ugly. alexis smith has some aeicdv ge. >> leave the vehicles at home. you have a lot of mass transit options. subway service will be available. also ramping up their bus service on several lines. providing additional services this ge transit you can take
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to the toll plaza and transfer. a few other options too. a three-day shuttle. 11:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. there will be bicycle parking at helmet hallow and three taxi stands set up. >> if you're headed to outside lands, download the app. you'll find video of how to get around the festival. be sure to enable the push alerts. pg&e has been under pressure to improve safety ever since the deadly pipeline blast in 2010. the company just took major step in that direction. abc 7 news was in dublin as bay area mayors and other leaders toured a new place for gas safety. it will be monitoring thousands of miles of pipeline and collecting data on the system and the employees working on the pipeline.
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>> it will provide me a list of the qualifications. >> it's very helpful to have a visual reputation. we're either going to cut it out or make a repair. >> why is the company's vp of gas operations holding a draft. he says it's an incentive for employees who stick their necks out to report safety issues and other problems. construction crews say they are making progress repairing and upgrading the damage spillways at the oroville dam. they are racing around the clock to have it readyim tne winter. there are concerns about erosion and the concreting with poured. aent cons consultants believe it's weaker than the concrete that will get poured as a permanent fix. that will take place once the rainy season .dsen toxic algae closed down the swimming spot moranthe enev s a.
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blue-green algae releases toxins that can cause severe stomach illness in people and can be deadly to dogs. the east bay used a product similar to hydrogen peroxide destroy all that algae. it's not uncommon to feel tired and forgetful but doing a quick google search can make you thigh you have a thyroid condition and maybe think about supplements. consumer reports explained why that may not be a good idea. >> deep breathe. >> reporter: some medical conditions can have vague symptoms like hypothyroidism. when the thyroid gland at the front produces too little hormone, it can slow essential body processes including heart rate and metabolism. >> it can cause people to feel fatigued. they can gain weight, brain fog but plenty of people with those symptoms may have a perfectly functioning thyroid.
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>> reporter: people who may not have a thyroid problem but desperate to lose weight turn to thyroid supplements which are often marketed a ed ased boosti energy. helping yourself to thyroid supplements is a bad idea and possibly even dangerous. >> when you're looking at these bottles you will see most lly herbal ingredients. in nine out of tenhe tre were thyroid hormones. >> reporter: excess of hormones can cause be thinning andeartbe to a stroke. some supplements may contain significant amounts of iodine which can cause the thyroid to slow down leading to weight gain and fatigue. the exact opposite of what many people hope the supplements will do >> if you suspect you have a thyroid problem consumer reports urges you to see your doctor.
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don't take matters into your own hand. the weather turned out to be fabulous to end the workweek. just a bit warmer as we saw burn off in most areas sooner than we have in days past. here is a look at the highlights. fog at the coast and bay with spotty morning drizzle. we're looking at a wide range of temperatures for the upcoming weekend and much cooler conditions on monday. it will feel like a completely different season on monday. a live look right now and you can see aeautiful view of the sunshine and if you're a fog lover, we have plenty of that. at least lingering around parts of the coastline on live doppler 7. it's free air-conditioning. if you're going to outside lands on saturday in g bolne a cool d. mid-50s to start off. fog and low clouds will hang tough. we'll go to 63 degrees. there will be some mist and drizzle. 57 de you know the the jacd sweater and go there and have a
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great time. you're looking at at the marine layer. it is shallower than it was 24 hours ago. 64 in san francisco. temperatures today wild range from 59 to about 95 degrees. really quite a spread. fog and drizzle for your 12 hour planner saturday. tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. mostly sunny at noontime except for lingering fog and in the afternoon we'll go with warm conditions inland. low 60s coast. temperatures will begin to fall once that sun goes down. hour by hour forecast at 7:00. yes thereil w bl coast. it will slowly pull in right over the bay but just locally inland it's not going far. there will be patchy drigzzle. they will be aboutg theill sam
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afternoon right near the beaches. temperatures mid-50s to the low 60s first thing in the morning. if you have early plans, your kids have games, they've already got a bit of damp lawns and roadways. 79 tomorrow afternoon in san jose. 90 degrees in gilroy. you'll be in the upper 60s to mid-70s. 63 in half-moon bay. fog will hang tough in daily city. 66 and the breezy condi be with us. 85 santa rosa. east bay, 70. 89 in concord. here is a loo akt accuweather seven-day forecast. monday is much cooler with some morning drizzle. low 60s to the low 80s. well below normal for this time of year. mid to latter part of the workwe
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workweek. download the accuweather app. keep track of those temperatures. >> just as some kids go back to school. school. safe solar. ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can.
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it's time to look up. the best look of the perseid meteor showers are tonight into tomorrow morning. they predict 150 meteors shooting across north america. the best place to watch is somewhere dark. >> from meteor to mars. the first super computer is expected to head to space on monday. the hewlett-packard computer will travel to the international space station. the goal is to have a computer operate consistently. roughly the same time it will take to travel to mars. now to the eclipse.
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you no doubt heard a lot about at this point. >> on august 21st the moon's shadow will block the sun. much of the kun wil see a total eclipse while we'll see a partial. >> you'll need special tm in a step give away. >> michael is off today. >> check out the eclipse. bringing harry potter to life. >> the movies wouldn't be the same without the music. we have a sneak peek into how you can experience both, live. that's next. we want to thank kevin for this picture near santa cruz.
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great shot.
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we look back at the roots of the strange relationship. plus, new details. the 49ers come through for an east bay school after thieves nearly derailed the upcoming season. caught on video. the prowler making a splash in a california community. that's all coming up in just a half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. outside lands is not the only big live music event people
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will be talking about this weekend. >> sound familiar. abc 7 news was in for rehaearsals for harry potte in concert. they will perform the entire score of the movie this weekend. >> so cool. they'll perform it live as the movie plays. there are three shows. one on saturday night, matinee on sunday afternoon. a final show on sunday evening. it's popular. fewer than 20 tickets are still available. that looks like great fun. >> world news tonight is coming up next. >> we appreciate your time. hope to see you again in half an hour. >> plan on it. bye.
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tonight, president trump's newest threat to north korea. >> he will regret it fast. >> his warning -- the u.s. is locked and loaded. and the message to kim jong-un, this man will not get away with what he's doing. hospital evacuated. more than a dozen sickened by mysterious fumes. the e.r. and operating rooms cleared. doctors and patients wheeled out on stretchers. our reporter on the scene. the flash flood threat this weekend. hail and heavy rain stretching from texas to new york. an american businessman arrested after this video sparked outrage. the jogger pushes a woman to the ground, into the path of an oncoming bus. tonight, he insists it's not him. the car falling seven stories, crashing onto a driver below. now questions about parking lot safety. and a major headline from the nfl. one of america's star players, benched. the accusation from his


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