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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 12, 2017 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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good morning. it is saturday, august 12th. we're going to start h morning with a look at the weather and frances. good morning. >> morning, everyone. the satellite image those low, gray clouds right now, but this marine layer is g sunshine this afternoon. san francisco, 56. brentwood, 66 degrees. san jose, 62 degrees. here's u how it plays out. we can see fog and drizzle during the morning, especially along the coast. mostly sunny everyone by
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no noon, then it will be warm once again inland in the low 90s. around the pbay comfort i have a big cooldown coming up shortly. >> thanks. a south bay man gunned down inside his own store. friends, family and customers gathered last night to honor the man hours after police they'd announced they made an arrest. charlie ly was shot and killed monday night. katie spoke to loved ones h w kindness and generosity. >> we'll continue to live out his legacy. >> more than 100 people gathered to owner, charlie ly. long time customers called him a friend. >> he's helped me tear apart my entire vehicle in his parking lot and fix it free of charge. he's given me things wnhe
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>> i even when you don't have t right money, he said, bring it later. he trusted the people that fwoez around his store. >> he was also fiercely protective of his family. his wife was workingng wlo ande killed monday nigz. a man was arrested and police also recovered a semiautomatic handgun police believe was involved in the shooting. >> i'm giving you u the tip of the ice berlg of what these detectives did. >> video from the store was vital in identifying hendrix and during the investigation, detectives found he was trying to sell personal items that police say linked him to the crime. >> at least have some closure and relief for the family that justice has been served. >> hendrix was on probation for possession of a loaded firearm. developing news in napa,
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where sky 7 shows a grass at fir e threatening homes and forcing evacuations of people and horses. the canyon fire started around 1:00 yesterday afternoon highway 128. one firefighter has minor injuries. containment up to 25%. thanks to some loigter winds and cooler ermpte hiatll, firefights are watching for hot spots from a 100 acre fire on the north end of the city. the tilten fire started before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. you can see the smoke drifting over homes on the morgan hill web cam. the fire is just 5% contained. now to the nuclear threat from north korea. president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un continue to trade barbs and tensions continue to rise. te president's latest promise, saying the military is locked andloaded.
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>> president trump met with his team at his golf club, bombers were flying practice missions! if he does anything with respect to guam or any place else that's an american territory or allay, he will truly redpret it and rewirhe will regre it fast. >> for the third day in a row,tt ng a clear message. >> if anything happens to guam shlgs there's going to be big, big trouble in north korea. >> u.s. officials insisting they're ready. >> u.s. military has been b planning for north korean aggression for 60 years. >> but the u.s. territory of guam sitting in the cross hairs. >> pretty scary, the thought of it. >> the government distributes pamphlets on how to shelter in place of attack and families trying to go autbo their lives with that threat from north korea fast approaching.
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>> we are staying calm, living oure s,litime, making preparations. >> president trump is staying quiet about specific operations, but those back channels continue. abc news, washington. warner park's department of public safety is warning people that convicted sexual predator wants to move to the sonoma county city. you're looking at 33 yaerl daniel cilley. he poses a high risk of another sex imcre. called himself the dn u l.a. predator. san francisco police hope you'll reczen.niog investigators suspect him of attacking a woman by dumping bleach on her. it hurt the victim's eyes. it happened on eddie street t en nearby at holiday plaza outside the powell street b.a.r.t. station. you're looking at a car fie
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that delayed commuters in oakland. the car burst into flames ny 13 night. emergency vehicles blocked ther fought the fire. the effort to recall judge aaron perski in santa clara are -- has a pattern of bias behaviors including the brock turner case. his lawyers have obtained a new court order temporarily blocking the recall committee from collecting signatures. they say the petition was in the properly certify ied by the sta. nbc 7 news spoeblg with both sides ch. >> recall is going forward. no matter how much taxpayer money the judge decides to waste. >> he deserves his day in cohea consideration by the people of
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this county. >> a judge will rule on the petition on august 23rd. a marine recruier ht family relocateded to the north bay only to have their u-haul stolen. the marine now says he's being charged for the damage to the stolen vehicle. katie has the story from santa rosa. >> sergeant rafael relocated to santa rosa last month with his wife and 4-year-old daughter. >> i came here with a mission to try to help people you know, change their lives for the better. >> but his latest mission has been replacing all of their nglobegsin after someone stole their u-haul. >> we got here late in the night and for the military move to weigh my belongings as part of the process, so it was too late to get a weigh ticket for the trum. >> they locked the cargo area and parkeded it on the street near their apartment. d> the thieves
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van and ditched it here, however, the shopping center's cameras were broken. >> the hardest was her baby pictures, newborn pictures an videos. no not be able to get those back, that's very upsetting. >> the sergeant, his wife and their 4-year-old, they didn't lose a u-haul, they lost everything. >> the non-profit wine cou marines got permission to fund raise for the family. >> the very best is gift cards. that way, you don't get two sets of something. >> the it's a proer hood. >> he says he bought txt ehe bu told it doesn't cover his property and he's being charge ed to the damage to the truck. we reached out to u-haul and we're awaiting word bck on the details of the insurance policy. in santa rosa, abc 7 news. it has been a foggy august. everyo's fogust.
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>> this afternoon, it will be sunnynd even warm inland and because of a shower or marine layer as you can see across the span of the golden gate bridge. >> thanks. also ahead, tense moments at one of the nation's most prestigious universities. the torch wielding proteskirte . plus -- music in the park. abc 7 news goes to tinto a flamecker you'll need a spark. new emergen-c energy+ natural caffeine from green tea to focus your mind. 7 b vitamins plus vitamin c to fortify you. spark the energy within you every day. emergen-c energy+. emerge and see.
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let's think about what goes in hoh., renee. and we think ba-blam's gonna kill the stomach flu? i'm scared to use the facilities. i don't blame you. if you want clean, your cleaner needs bleach in it. clorox means clean. ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. more rallies are expected today in virginia in response to a decision to remove a statue of robert e. lee from a city park. hundreds of all white proteste
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through the university of virginia campus last night. they chanted white lives matter. police moved in and broke up scuffles when counterprotesters moved in and confronted the group. zblnc happening today, an it trto know those runs for district attorney. they've agreed to host a forum. they'll talk about criminal justice reform, immigrant rights and police accountability. it will be at the chuh of north ameri nazarene. bay area school trts are short on teachers. ordinary carela oakland is tryi to recruit spanish teachers from central america. leslie brinkley looks at the hiring strategies. >> how many more teachers do you have yet to hire? >> three. >> that's a good number.
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>> it's a great number. >> mt. diablo unified and other districts are scrambling last minute to fill teacher v vacancies. in oakland, with school ten days away, they're still short 20 teachers. a far cry from when they were short 75 teachers. they're working with the attoecru buy lingualt of ed teachers from mexico and spain. >> our preference is local, diverse talent, but over the year, we've had to go interthashlly. >> special education teacher rs in the highest demand? why are fewer people seeking teaching credentials? pres teenl and pay. the average teacher makes $64,000 a year making it hard to afford schools. >> the pipeline is diminishing. there are fewer and fewer people graduating with a bachelor's degree. >> st. mary's department has
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going in local districts to recrete teachers. >> they neat the catalyst to get the credential. >> and the governor just signed new legislation so that starting in 2018, california is going to open the door to college education programs credentialing teachers in less than five years. a plan to create a separate school district in contra costa county has sufed a setback. a petition was found to form a new district does not mean all of the state's requirements. the so-called northgate succession plan would cause the schools to f new district. happening today, 2,000 more children in san francisco will l ready farhe tor sooch the san francisco public defender's office is distributing backpacks filled with school supplies. the give away like this one,
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part of the city's magic program. families in need can go to the now hunter's point site between 11:00 this morning and 3:00 this afternoon. they'll also receive free school uniforms and haircuts. you could help a local high school football team as it tries to replace stolen gear. soeon0,000 worth of equipment from fremont's washington high school. it included helmets and shauler pads. the locker room was left unlocked last month. >> it appears they grabbed what they could, dragged what they could out to the parking lot. because they actually left a trail of shoulder pads and a couple of helmets. >> the 49 have offered to help. we have a link on our website. if you'd like to donate as well. someonin the bay a half a million dollars richer after matching the five numbers in last night's huge
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megamillions drawing. it was sold at lake vista liquors in sunnyvale, so cong t congratlation to that lucky person and this is a live look at nick's barbecue in illinois. that's where a ticket matching all five numbers and the meganumber was bought. the winner now has a ticket worth an estimated 393 million bucks. 247 billion if they ceoshohe buyout. 23, 33, 53, 56, 58 and 6. tonight's is worth mlion bucks. night one of this year's outside lands is in the books. thousands crowded in last night to hear their favorite music artist cornell bernard spoke with concertgoers taking it all wow
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crowd. day one was all about the music. this was little tra gone. first time r, uma, was taking i all in. >> there's so many stages and opses. a. >> hard to believe this sold out event is ten years old. everett says the people watching here best ever. >> you got us here. you might have the hippies over there. you'll see people intermingling and stuff like that, so it's really cool. >> talk about food. 80 local vendors are serving it up. burgers and barbecue hopes to break last year's record. zpl getting here was not easy. parking, nonexistent. some folks got towed away. vince was trying to sell his driveway space, but no takers. >> not that many cars this year. it's less. >> there's a special loading zone on balboa street for non-stop uber and lift drop offs. big business for drivers. >> busy day?
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>> beat every day. >> back at the park, jack was loving his inflatable sofa. >> yeah, it's comfortable. i got a great view. the it's nice. >> metallica plays saturday. the who on sunday. >> in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> if that's where you're headed, you can download the abc 7 news app and you'll video how to get around the festival sites. just push alerts. good morning. we're starting off to show you all the gray skies, low clouds filling into parts of the bay, but this marine layer is a bit shall shallower. sfo, we'll be keeping track of flight delays for you. currently, temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. san francisco, 56, okayland, 58.
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mountain view in the low 60s. wis time, bae'y bridge for you. and we have more temperatures in the 50s. cooler though in napa and 1/2 toe in the low 50s. fairfield and concord in the low 60s now. and here's what you can expect with this live view over the financial area. so, we have someghe morning hours. we have a typical summer pattern that continues through the weekend. get ready. i just want to give you a heads-up. temperatures will tumble on monday by about 5 to 10 degrees in some areas. so here's cloud animation. this morning, we'll still see the clouds spoot bay. 8:00 in the morning then it starts to rekroet. by lunchtime, only clouds at the coast, so sunshine for almost everyone, except at the beaches, then those pops of green, that continue during the afternoon and evening hours. by 10:00 tonight, it starts to
5:20 am
spill in, but hopefully, we'll get those fires in at the a's game before the clouds return. highs will range from 60s at the coast to low 90s inland. so it's quite a range again. san francisco, 66,, really comfort bab bable in the south bay. in the low 80s for you and some low 90 os in warmest locations like lakeport and antioch. so events today. if you're headed to the fill pi know festival, you'll need a jacket during the morning hours. it kicks off at 11:00. then we'll get sunshine in the afternoon, but temperatures on the cool side in the 60s this afternoon. of course, a lot of folks headed to outside s. grab a it will be breezy as well with winds. anywhere from 10 to 20 mile% hour. even up to 30 and temperatures will be hovering in the low 60s throughout the afternoon. also, parking, take uber or
5:21 am
something else. also the menlo horse show. weather will be perfect. upper 70s to low 80s plenty of su anshinend. so have your sunscreen and hat ready. over the next seven day, we're going to see temperatures near normal this weekend and then dropping monday. and some cooler and windy air comes in and bouncing back up again by the middle of next week. here's the b seven-day forecast. we've got the wide range of temperatures. little change for tomorrow. monday, you'll notice it's going to be a lot cooler. we've got the morning drizzle and it's going to be fogust again during the morning, so temperatures will be coming down with quit a bit especially for inland areas, then we warm back up again for the end of the workweek. >> people at outside lands need to layer up and it's muddy, too,
5:22 am
because it's wet. >> it's wet, kind f cold. it's typical summer in san francisco. >> thank you so much, frances. just ahead, it happened so fast. you have to watch to believe it. the 17 second climb that's proving to be a lesson for bike owners everywhere. and american idol is coming to abc 7 this fall. auditions will be held oakland sunday, august 20th. but you don't have to wait. you can audition online right now. we have a link on ou at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy?
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at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed?
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you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. do you have a rewards credit card? are you getting a michael finney has some advice on getting all the perks you deserve. >> credit card convenient and can be moneymakers for the card holder, too. most of us know that. >> there's a lot of advertising on television. you see that, so that kind of puts it in your mind. >> and in his pocket, too. he carries that capital one card. >> just bought some last year. >> she went online to find her points cards. >> i chose chase and barclays for nd and i use it for
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trips. >> cathey go together like nort beach and credit card, yet there is so much more that you can do with rewards cards an there's never been a better time to do it. >> i saw a site that said they're spending double what they did in 2010 on credit card rewards. >> that's lisa. she says there is so much competition that there's a rewards card for everyone. from those who really want to work the system. getting first class seats for instance. to those who just want some easy money. >> you can potentially get real value if you're willindgly tooo g study up. if you don't want to do that much work, c do well with a cheaper cash back card. >> here are some easy examples. the citi double cash card gives you 2% back. 1% when you buy, another 1% when you pay. the pin fed platinum rewards pays five points per dollar on gas purchases at the pump. three points at the supermarket and point per dollar on
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everything else. >> for our complete listing, check out the finance. i'm michael finney, 7 on your ide. and good advice there. a bicycle shop in ireland is sharing a video to remind people just how quickly thieves operate. watch as bike mechanics sets his carbon rac fing wall against the wall without locking it up. these bikes can be worth more than $10,000 and in less than 17 second, two men line up an one swipes the very expensive bike. it happens so quickly the owner was still nearby and able to run over and tackle the would be thief to the ground. the bike had about $235 in damage. still to the university of california is finally paying thousands of employees after a payment issue. how much the university system owes back. busin>>ess man is arrested after this video
5:28 am
sparked outrage. a jogger pushes a woman to the ground right in the path of an oncoming bus. he insists i
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for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. and welcome back. we're going to start with a look at our weather with frances. hi, frances. summer weather.ning, everyone. low clouds and fog. live doppler 7 at the satellite image shows it's filling in as well. that will start to pull back by noon. right now, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. san francisco, 56, oakland, 58, san jose, 62. here's what youanda cy. ecfog and drizzle especially ne the coast. but by this afternoon, mostly sunny and temperatures will be warm inland. in the low 90s at our warmest locations. around the bay, in the mid-70s and at the coast, still cool and
5:31 am
mostly cloudy for the day. temperatures in the low 60s. i'll have the forecast coming up. >> thanks, frances. the university of california is paying $1.3 million in wages it owes to nearly 14,000 employees. uc b b officials told the u.s. department of labor nonacademic employees were underpaid because of a problem with its new pay system. employees who worked overtime were not properly compensated between 2014 and 2016. wa will pay $750,000 in back damages. repayments begin next month. federal prosecutors ssiay rrorists tried to use ebay and paypal to fund attacks here in the u.s. they arrested a man in december 2015. he's charged with attempting to provide material support to isis. in recently unsealed court
5:32 am
records, police say after pledging his allegiance on social media, he pretended to sell computer printers on ebay. they said it's a cover scheme to cover nearly $9,000 in payments h he got from isis operatives through paypal. he pled not guilty and will go on trial later this year. an ebay spokesperson told is u.s. journal, the company has zero tolerance for criminal activities taking place on our marketplace. while they said they invest significant time and resources in working to prevent terrorist ak thetivity. chp vinvestigators are looke for the drivers of two cars involved in a high speed wreck in southern califo.iarn caron that then crasheded into a big rig where it gotin we spoke with a woman who found herself pinned under that truck. >> it felt like it's going to stop. it needs to stop. >> she remembers the moment she went spinning out of control.
5:33 am
this dramatic video capturing two vehicles as they tried to race past per bmw wednesday afternoon on the 0 freeway. the gray infinity sideswiped her, sending her under a semi. >> i just lost control of the car. it spun and next thing you know, i was approaching the semi and they went into slow mo and i actually saw the windshield slowly coming towards me. >> the infinity takes off, nearly missing the car it appears to have been racing while that possible green nissan pulls over for a split second before also speeding away. but good samaritans did stopncd rear and forward facing cameras recorded it all. mir ak rousely, she walked away. >> he came out, hugged me, that's when it hit me, that's
5:34 am
when i got hysterical, like i can't believe i'm here, i'm walking. >> incredible given the damage to her bmw, which held up despite being pinned and dragged underneath that semi. the gray infinity took a hit, this still frame shows damage to the driver's side along with the deployed air bag. she said hopewhh has gone viral, will lead to both reckless drivers. >> if i can prevent him from doing this again, by all mean, it's what i plan on doing. >> wow. two jet bluesghli fapart ha after crew members got sick in the air. one flight from san diego to boston made an emergency landing after reports of fumes and dizzyness from crew members on board then several hours earlier, another flight heading to barbados was forced to return to ft. lauderdale when three attendants suffered from headaches. >> fire and rescue responded. we evaluated the throw
5:35 am
complaining of symptoms. >> the source could be bleed air, the air used to pressurize the cabin. experts say there's an additive containing a toxin, so if there's a leak, it could fumes get into the bin. now to a mystery in london. video shows a jogger knocking a woman into traffic. a bus swerves just to miss her. an american investment banker was taken into custody, then let go. his lawyer says he has proof it wasn't him. abc news reporter james london. >> it's the viral video shocking the internet. a jog appears to p push a woman in fropt of a london bus. look again at the man in the gray shirt. runs along the sidewalk straight into a womannto a woman the other way. she falled into the road. the bus swerving to miss her.
5:36 am
>> had it been for very good reflexes, the force was such to push her, could have ended in a fatality. >> tips who confirm they made an arrest thursday in that incident. attorneys for an american business man confirms he was arrested, but insisting he was not the swroger, writing in a statement, our client has been wrongly implicated. he categorically denies and has proof he was in the united states at the time of the i incident. >> that was james longman reporting. there are new developments now in the groping trial between taylor swift and a former radio dj saysly assaulted her. >> it was hugs all around for taylor swift and her legal team after the judge through u out the case against the singer saying there's tho way to prove she got him fired.
5:37 am
>> i am grateful i would say to judge martinez, to the people of denver for getting the law right. >> the case against her mother and manager will proceed. earlier in the week, swift testified that the former radio dj groped her during a backstage meet and greet in denver in 2013 and that david mueller reached under her skirt, saying hit wasa very long grab, long enough for me to be sure it was intentional. saying it shows his hand up her dress her rear end. swift telling the jury at first, she thought it was a mistake, so she loaned away from him, but it didn't let go. mueller denies the accusations and filed suit against the superstar. he says to clear his name, h he was seeking damages of $3 million claiming the allegations cost him his job. swift telling mueller's attorney that what happened to him is a product of his decisions. not mine. going on to say i'm not going to let you or your client make me feel like this is my fault.
5:38 am
swift countersued $1. her attorney says they don't want to bankrupt him, they're just trying to send a message that you can say no. abc news, new york. a young camera enthusiast in fulsome found a little history inpuhaamse c ad. it was loaded with vintage film undeveloped for more than 50 years. it shows family foe foes frphot farm. they're in near mint condition and he wants to find the family who they long to. >> it would be amazing to hand them these very, very cool family photos. because back then, you only had film. so what if those pictures of their mother, their father, their grandmother, what if those were really the only ones they had. >> he found the camera at the good will in fulsome, but it's unclear if the family is from the area. still ahead on abc 7
5:39 am
mornings, lost and found is a simple phrase, but the reality is more complicated. just ask the man who spent hours on the side of a freeway picking up these baseball cards. he's now trying to find their rightful owner. and here is a live look from our beautiful roof cama. the bay bridge. frances will have your forecast in just a few minutes.
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♪ ♪ the best way to get together is with a treat you make together. ♪ ♪ the celebration culture is happening here. it kicks off with a parade at 11:00 this morning. francis tells me that it means
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festival. so, the celebration then continues through sunday at the gardens. the festival is free and showcases fill pi know art, dance, musicovnd 80,000 people to attend. so, if outside lands isn't your thing this weekend, maybe this is. ♪ recognize that music? a live sympathy orchestra, the san francisco symphony, is is doing a performance of harry potter and the sor serer's stone. it performs the movie score live as the film plays. ♪ abc 7 news was in san francisco as the orchestra held it final rehearsals. there is one show tonight at 8:00 and two shows tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. there are still plenty of seats available. all right, now to frances who is keeping track of the
5:43 am
foggy august. >> right now, it's cloudy and gray. we have a live shot of sfo. we'll be checking flight arrival delays. they usually come in around 6:00, but more sunshine this afternoon. and kate, you know another word, adovo. >> i like that. sounds like a good idea. thanks. also next, the 49ers played their first preseason game last night and there are a lot of new faces for the red and gold. larry explains who looks good and who
5:44 am
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tonight, the raiders open up in arizona. they face the cardinals at university of phoenix stadium. kickoff is at 7:00 p.m. last night, the 49ers played
5:46 am
their first preseason game under their new head coach. here's sports director, larry beale, with the highlights in this morning's sports. morning. gthe>>oo 49ers kicked off the shanahan last night in kansas city. starters didn't play a lot, so hard to draw any grand conclusions, but a couple of guys showed flashes. shanahan said this would be a pretty vanilla game plan. don't want to show too much. throwing the ball deep, alex smith to tyreke, scorching robinson. a touchdown. brian, first game as a niner, one of four three yards and two series. starters did not look great. fourth quarter. marcus kemp from the university of hawaii. chiefs up 17-9. cj bethard. the deep ball, rookie eastern washington, was 46 yards were tied at 17 then after a chief's turnover, it's bethd
5:47 am
to tyler mccloskey for the touchdown and the niners come back to win. reserves didn't look good. 27-17. the giants and nationals were rained out in k.c. they' d.c. they'll make up the game on sunday. meanwhile, the a's hosting the orioles. top hats they tell me are the rage right now. maybe not. i don't know. top of the second, no score. jones going to change that. homers in back-to-back games. this off of paul blackburn. they've allowed in 16 innings, which is comes the future. matt olsen. two run jack to dead center. 3-2, he's big and strong. going to be a good player. a's down 4-3. lowery, 37th double of year. scores matt joyce. chad brings in the go-ahead run. a's come back to win 5-4. snapping a three-game slide. andre hanging out at the pga championship in north carolina.
5:48 am
meeting fans and playing as he met the golfers. had a lopg rain delay. guys able to shoot low scores. jason day, this for birdie on 14. two back of leader and hideki matsuyama, a bogey-free 7 underr 64. four straight birdies on the back nine. he and kisner tied at minus 8. spieth is 3 over. warriors rookie jordan bell messing around with a kid. look at junior probing, trying to score a ball between the legs. he's got nothing, rejection right there. a life lesson learned to live with rejection. sorry, young man. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a gre gre gre good morning. we've got the low clouds once
5:49 am
again this morning into the bay and into inland areas. life shot of sfo shows the gray skies. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. san francisco at 56. mountain view and san jose at 61. and this time, we're look iing the clouds as well across the golden gate bridgeful they'll start to push in in the next few hours then pull back in the afternoon. some low 50s out there in napa and novato at 50. fairfield at 60 and concord at 61 degrees. look iing towards the downtown financial area, when you see those clouds covering the tops of the buildings, so we're dealing with coastal fog, even spotty drizzle during the morning hours, we've got a typical summer pattern this weekend, so a wide range of temperatures and then get ready for temperatures to tumble monday. here's the forecast animation
5:50 am
for the clouds and the fog. 00so8:me, around the bay into p of the east bay as well then by lunchtime, it pulls back to the coast, so still see clouds around the beaches and then this afternoon and evening, mostly clear for everyone, but then the clouds make their way back into the baby tonight as well. suyoeegreen, that's where we could see drizzle along the coast. temperatures today really comfortable in the south bay. low 80s in san jose. morgan hill, 88, warmer as well. los gattos, 90 degrees. check out the fog. that's going to keep things cool there at the coast in the 60s as well for the outside lands festival, so grab a jacket, it will be b breezy. 10 to 20 miles per hour. us gs, usti in the north bay. petaluma, 81, sonoma, 86.
5:51 am
80 in napa and 70 in berkeley up to 78 in fremont. inland areas hitting the low 90s once again. brentwood at 94 and upper 80s through walnut creek. pleasonton and livermore, of course, lots of stuff going on in san jose, there's a summer fest with all the music out there. bright and sunny both days with temperatures in the low 80s for the afternoon. so, you will need the hat and sunglasses. tonight, once again as the fog creeps in, the temperatures will drop down when you wake up tomorrow morning into the 50s and 60s. here's the seven-day forecast, i think you're going to like today with typical wide range of temperatures and summer spread from 60s at the coast to 90s inland. a similar pattern for tomorrow, then monday is when things drop by 5 to 10 degrees in some areas, so we've got drizzle in
5:52 am
the morning, a definitely much cooler afternoon with temperatures in the 80s only in the inland. 60s at the coast and then warmer by midweek or earlymidweek, thes around the corner when we get more sunshine. >> a we sometimes get warmnd weather in september and october. >> yes. >> thanks so much, now, to a story you'll only see here. an east bay man found thousands of baseball cards littered along the highway and he's trying to get them back to their owner. laura anthony has the story. >> it became like an easter egg hunt. >> randy said he just finished fixing a flat tire when he noticed what looked like litter along the highway. he soon realized they were baseball cards, thousands of they will. so he started picking them up. >> what was going through my mind t o c w ttas you leave sit ng the bushes, the one with all the value or the one that meant the most, so you end
5:53 am
up digging through the bushes to get the cards out. >> these are the pictures he took near the antioch bridge. it took him nearly two pick up some 2 thourk cards featuring players like ron darling and carlton fisk, they're mostly from the early 1990s. some loose, others in plastic sleeves. his wife and son helpeded clean them off. >> if i lost all my stuff that i love d from my childhood, i woud want it. >> randy isn't much into baseball cards himself at this point, he just wants to do the right thing and return all of this to its rightful owner! you realize, it's b probably much more of a personal value than financial. right? so, somebody's going to miss this. it's, they spent a lot of time putting it together. >> it's a lot of gum to go through. >> he posted about the cards on
5:54 am
his facebook page and contacted several local police departments, but so far, the collector has yet to come forward. in pleasant hill, laura anthony, abc 7 news. next, an east bay city is celebrating independeia's ind
5:55 am
5:56 am
someone in the bay area is a half a million dollarster match last night's huge megamillions drawing. it was sold at lake vista liquors in sunnyvale, here are the numbers. 23, 33, 53, 56, 58 with meganumber 6. a winning ticket that matched all five numbers plus the meganumber was sold in illinois. tuesday night's jackpot resets to $50 million. i'd take it. tonight's power ball jackpot is up for grabs.
5:57 am
that's at $356 million. the indian community in the bay area celebrates india's independence day this weekend. the festival of globes features more than 250 vendors. you're watching video from last yore's festival today's highlights, a dance competition, free health screenings and tomorrow, there is a singing competition and parade featuring hollywood and baliwood stars. it begins at 10:00 this morning. india gained independence on august 15, 1947. next, hundreds gather to pay tribute to a south bay man gunned down inside his own store. how detectives track ed down th shooter and he serves his county, but that didn't keep a ma recruitertealing evyt.
5:58 am
♪ strummed guita yo rience theexpe canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ strummed guitar travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. with a glass of wine in one hand, ab r mai. amera in the other, canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now.
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good saturday morning. we're going to start with our weather. we've got frances in for lisa ar gin today. >> morning, everyone. it's going to be a gorgeous saturday, but right now, we're dealing with low clouds and fog with live doppler 7, you can see it's going to spill into the bay over the next few hours. a live shot shows gray skies over sfo right now. current temperatures in the 50s and 60s. san francisco's 56, jose, 61 al start to pull back by this afternoon. the marine layer is shallower, so we'll see sunshine. temperatures also in the 50s in b saab ta rosa and novato, h. similar conditions to yesterday, then a big cooldown coming up with


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