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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 14, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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a few candles are lit at the location. something like this happening makes the people concerned about their safety. >> i have a little 8 -year-old sister. when she heard the gunshots she got really scared and her first instinct was to hide behind the couch. >> reporter: the neighbors heard a car speed away after hearing the shots fired. we reached out to san jose police for more information and they have yet to get back to us. reporting live in san jose, matt keller. let's get over to the meteorologist mike nicco for a quick check of your weather. >> hi, everybody. missed the big drizzle and the temperatures are up to 10 to 15 degrees cooler than average the big story this afternoon. look at the cloud cover and the drizzle and the mist that's hanging in the area. the exploratorium is overcast right now. 58 to 61 this morning. we'll stay in the upper 50s and 60s at the coast.
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69 to 74 inland. we'll take a look at your temperatures coming up. here's alexis. >> we're starting off rough this morning. we have two alerts to talk about, one in san leandro, southbound 880 at lewelling. that's due to the freeway shooting early this this morning and we have amy on the scene. on top of that, more police activity in the south bay. state route 87 at curtner, you're being diverted off. you can take 882. not the monday morning alert we wanted today. we'll be back in less than ten. some of us are talking about the chaos in charlottesville. the man accused of plowing a car into the people protesting the white supremacist rally is expected to appear in
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today. >> fields jr. is charged with urd many. the show shows him with a known white supremacist group hours before he carried out the attack. 32-year-old heather heyer died. she was standing up for what she believed in. >> heather's life was not about hate and this young man who ran my daughter down mistakenly believed that hate would change the world. >> fields attended army basic training in 20 is a. two others were killed in a helicopter crash while responding to the violence. the south bay people came together in a solidarity vigil with the people of charlottesville. they gathered outside san jose city hall in a peaceful rally to unite against racism and white supremacy. >> it's important to stand together to resist white supremacy and resist the violence from the klan, from the
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alt-right. >> organizers are seeking to end racial injustice and encourage people to speak out. more support from charlottesvi fm east bay. more than a hundred people held a vigil and organizers say the aim was to show the power of love and tolerance. a berkeley restaurant says it does not support the action of those in charlottesville. top dog posted this sign after a flurry of social media posts suggested a man at the rally worked at top dog. effective saturday, 12th of august, cole white no longer works at top dog. the actions of those in charlottesville are not supported by top dog. several uc berkeley students stopped by and many were horrified by the violence. >> i feel like it's good that top dog against this stuff. it's crazy, it's 2017, people
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can't wrap their heads around incluesively. >> our coverage continues on the app. you can find video and photos from the rallies. we'll send you push alerts with major updates. know, a live desk update. >> from abc 7 mornings. >> at the live desk i'm watching developments with north korea and new overnight, china taking a tougher stance against the north announcing some sanctions. china says it will stop importing north korea coal and fish, starting next month. part of the commitment to the new u.n. sanctions. this comes as chairman joseph dunford is in asia. he is meeting with south korea to scope out any military options if diplomacy or sanctions fail to deter the north from an attack. all right, thank you. happening today, two people accused of killing a man are expected to be
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20-year-old -- decor pulled the trigger on ed french last month. prosecutors say the motive for the murder was to steal his camera. happening today in san francisco the mother of a teen killed more than a decade ago will remind us all that that murder remains unsolved. 11 years ago today, 17-year-old aubrey was shot and killed at the intersection of grove and baker streets. he was on his way to a youth counseling job. the mayor's office is offering a $250,000 reward for those who are responsible. his mother will be handing out flyers. happening today, the b.a.r.t. will consider new use of force rules. they were required to use the least amount of force necessary. it serves to advise the department and the b.a.r.t.
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police are against the proposal saying that their standard of reasonableness is working just fine. seven people in union city are out of their home this morning after a car went right through their duplex. investigators think a car and a pickup truck were street racing at horner street when both crashed early yesterday morning. one vehicle went careening through the wall of a home. the second vehicle a pickup truck ended up on the lawn of the duplex. no one got hurt. according to one of the displaced neighbors it's the latest traffic accident that they have to deal with. >> the car went straight through the tree and one way to the concrete over is there. the other one went through the fence and to my patio. this is the fourth one and the worst one. >> two people in the car ran away. police detaped the truck's driver. res depd -- residents are back home after the fire forced the evacuations. it started east of the uc river
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side campus. it's now 44% contained and cause is under investigation. no injuries or serious damage has been determined. the south fork fire started in the community of wawona yesterday. the facebook account shared this photo of smoke billowing into the sky. the fire is burning in steep rocky and inaccessible terrain. that's of course making it challenging for firefighters. residents should be prepared for potential evacuations today. napa county firefighters are putting out hot spots still flaring up the canyon fire that burned grass land. it's 95% contained. firefighters are continuing to strengthen control lines and work interior hot spots. the cause of that fire still under investigation. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> the good news for the firefighters it will be cooler everywhere, but unfortunately
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breezy in napa county this afternoon. here's sfo, expecting some flight arrival delays due to the mist and drizzle this morning. that's keeping our temperatures warmer than yesterday morning by up to 7 degrees. but that's kind of an oxymoron kind of a bit. because it's way cooler average this afternoon. we have ocean beach, bay view, 57. we have that temperature at richmond. santa clara 69. and now as far as what's going on on the roads we have some mist and drizzle there this morning. and then we're going to have small craft advisory as you head into the afternoon hours on the water. mass transit -- and look at that, at noon we're at 67. barely in the low 70s from 2:00 to 4:00. at 69 at 6:00. chilly, 64 at 8:00. dress appropriately today.
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a touch of fall in the forecast. >> we'll take it. but unfortunately we have major traffic alert this morning. this is a cig alert, no estimate for when lewelling will reope we had a shooting early this morning. keeping a close eye on that one right now. forced off at lewelling. you can stick to state routes for some alternatives. westbound 85, you're in the yellow at two lanes. and southbound 101 you're great at 16 minutes. i have some good news in the south bay. we'll talk about that coming up. >> thanks. the thieves steal everything from the marine's family as they move to the north bay. thanks to the kindness of strangers they won't be empty handed when they move in. palo alto looking to reduce the conjeption. the one roadblock standing in the way. the way. and lady gaga p
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it's 4:42. lots of donations coming in for a marine recruiter and his family. they were targeted by marines. sergeant raphael amalda and his family with several of t donations they received since
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word of the theft became public on friday. they relocate last month and someone stole the moving van with all their things inside. the bay area is coming through. they have new furniture for their dining room, bedroom and living room plus about $3,000 in cash donations. 4:43. a man who lost his loved ones in a freak accident may lose something else -- his home. in january, claxton watched his wife and son drawn after falling through the ice in a kansas pond. but now his home is at risk. the county planners have gone back and forth on whether that is a legal use of that unit, and officials say they are more than willing to work with him to solve this issue. happening today, the city council is expected to expand a plan, similar to the shuttle plan, it's part of the broader effort to reduce the number of people driving solo around town. thereby easing congestion. one big problem, the city hasn't come up with a way to pay for it. the shuttle expansion will cost
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palo alto more than $2,625,000 a year. riders get on for free. well, clean-up in full force this morning. organizers of this year's music festival say the event went well, despite a few hiccups. it was sold out each weekend long and some hoped to see a band called a tribe call quest, but they had to cancel. organizers say they believe 30 people on jump fences every day to get into festival grounds. >> did you see that? that was quite a feat. lady gaga wowed the vowed the crowd at at&t park but her mom stole the show. abc 7 news was there as she helped the volunteers stuff backpacks for underserved kids. >> it's important every day but it's particularly important today. there's a lot going on in the world that we would like to see changed. we would like to see it better.
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so we're setting an example for this community and many communities beyond. >> and i understand that lady gaga brought her mom up at the concert last night on stage. really cool. >> yes. >> this event one example of the work by lady gaga's born this way foundation which helps empower young people to have a brave >> seems like the whole family is using the platform to do good. >> good morning. mike. >> any time you can see someone helping out, a celebrity like that, that's fantastic. set the mood and the stage. be a trend setter. here's a look at walnut creek, one of the areas seeing drizzle this morning. we have had anywhere from up to a tenth of an inch around the inland east bay valley so this definitely is moist this morning. clouds and sunshine, some areas will never get rid of the claudes today. places like san francisco. coolest this week. drizzle not quite as widespread as this morning an then warming back to average by this weekend.
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let's look at the cloud cover. from 7:00 this morning to noon, the bay never really cleans out the north bay and the south bay and to the lesser extent inbound. the clouds hang at the coast and around the bay. look at your temperatures. start in the south bay. how about 71 in milpitas. and 63 in millbrae. low 60s along the coast. 63 in downtown san francisco. up in the north bay about 75 about 79 degrees. and the our inland bay, 72 at and the our inland bay, 72 at san ramone to barely antioch and san leandro. and a little bit of a chill out there. i was checking out the altima pass. gusting 40 to 50 miles an hour
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right now. i don't know if winded winded a advisories. >> we are off to the rough start in san leandro, a cig letter. no estimate on when we'll get this back open. amy hollyfield at the scene, we had a shooting very early on this morning. 580 looking good. if that's there for long this morning boy we'll have a significant delay. also, still seeing a backup on northbound 87, however we're getting word from chp that sig alert was cancelled and all lanes are back open at curtner. we had another issue with some police activity there too. i'm thinking that should clear out fairly quickly for now we are seeing a little bit of a delay. take a look at the bay ridge commute in less than ten. >> thanks. investigators in red wood city are trying to figure out what caused this fire in a pickup truck. the fire department posted this
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photo from near veterans boulevard and maple street. that truck was engulfed in flames when they arrived on the scene early yesterday morning. firefighters stopped the flames from spreading. the prices at the pump have be on a steady climb and industry analysts say the jump is due to the increase in crude oil prices. the current average price is $2.40 a gallon. 23 cents above a year ago. drivers in san francisco are paying a lot more though of course. an average of $3.02 a gallon. this morning, tom cruise is recovering after a movie stunt within long. he's in london filming mission impossible 6. he hit a wall. the extent of his injuries are unknown, but he was seen limping afterward. the movie is scheduled for release next week. >> famous for doing his stunts. "american idol" is coming back this fall. the "american idol" bus will be in the square to give you a
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chance to be a star. you don't have to wait until sunday. you can audition online right now. maybe not at 4:40 in the morning. give your voice a chance to warm up. by the week, you have to be at least 15 to try out. flint, michigan, is still dealing with the water crisis that sickened many people. >> and the miscalculation that's left b.a.r.t. with thousands of extra prepaid clipper cards and what the warriors to do with that. and why amazon has pulled some eclipse glasses from its site. but first, this morning's tech bytes. >> the spacex rocket is sending gear >> it will test whether a computer can survive in space. and meanwhile, uber is giving away free ice cream until the end of the summer. >> on friday, open the app,
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request the ice cream button and if you're selected you'll get a collectible ice cream cone. that's good for a free ice cream that's good for a free ice cream every friday
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amazon refunding some customers moe bought the soll -- money who bought the solar eclipse glasses. they can't confirm they come from a reputable manufacturer and may not comply with industry
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standards. amazon is no longer selling them. if you did purr which is a them if you did purr which is a them you'll receive an e-mail and a refund. you need a special pair of ultra dark sunglasses. we have an entire page dedicated to it. 4:53. b.a.r.t. officials are sitting on 48,000 prepaid clipper many rode b.a.r.t. on june 5th, the busiest day in history. but b.a.r.t. expected 100,000 more customers and to meet the demand, b.a.r.t. ordered prepaid clipper cards to get customers to and from downtown oakland no matter where they got on in the system. b.a.r.t. old sold 1,000 of them so 500,000 are sitting around unused. no word on what b.a.r.t. plans to do with them. a massachusetts sky diver is back on the ground after getting stuck in a tree.
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he had trouble deploying the parachute. the backup got tangled and he had no control over his landing. >> i don't see how this happened but i landed perfectly in the tree sitting on a branch. that was pure dumb luck. i had absolutely no control over the danpy and i just happened to win the lottery that day. >> that's why i don't mess with skydiving. i told you. police and firefighters rescued him from the tree four hours later. he said he's been skydiving for five years. you get one lottery ticket. that's what you get. >> mike, would you ever do it? >> skydiving? i go back and forth. i really do. i'm overcoming my fear of heights but that's one of the things that i'm not quite sure to jump out of perfectly capable plane. let's talk about what's going on. hi, everybody. we have breezy conditions at the coast right now. then breezy conditions developing north of the bay bridge through the delta from
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2:00 to 9:00 this afternoon. let's talk about the high and low temperatures tonight. 55 to 59 degrees. won't be quite as cloudy this morning, i don't think there's quite as much moisture in the air. the drizzle is a lot less. the royals in town to take on the a's. 63 degrees at 7:05 to 61 at 10:00 this evening. so remember, be careful if you're going to be out on the water. how about out on the roads, here's alexis. >> well, we have a lot going on this morning, take you back to the sig alert. full closure at lewelling and we got an update from chp. no estimate on when the lanes will reopen. this is all due to the police activity but the big rigs are permitted to use 580 during this closure. typically, big trucks cannot use 580 but they can to get around this. state route 27 if you're traveling in the saers point area expect some delays. some expected to wrap up at 7:00 this morning.
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and bay bridge plaza looking typical here. we have to flip the wipers on a time or two. we have mist and drizzle but no metering lights yet. >> thank you. thousands of people in flint, michigan, are getting a helping hand from bruno mars as they continue to deal with the impact of the water crisis there. he's donating $1 million to help the city and the music star made the announcement during a concert saturday night in detroit. concert promoter live nation is chipping in part of money. three people died and thousands were exposed to water contaminated with lead when the city switched water sources in 2014. epa officials still encourage the residents to drink or bottled water. new york city may install high-tech l.e.d. lights on the bridges. they're questioning if it's the best use of public money. the mayor wants it to fix the troubled subway and governor cuomo said the lights will be a tourist draw. critics say the estimates that the lights will cost more than
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$200 million are likely exaggerated. a baby panda in japan is healthy at 2 months old. this is when it goes from the naked stage to the cute stage. the zoo says it's about 16 inches tall and weighs just over 6 1/2 pounds. as of last week the panda was still learning to stand on its own and the public will get a chance to name the cub next month. >> eventually they become solitary creatures. >> they don't like people that much. >> or each other. this is a big day for thousands of students at uc berkeley. next how they'll start to make themselves a home on campus. and tracking breaking news in the east bay. a shooting that's threatening to turn the morning commute into a big and a woman who was live streaming during a crash says
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it's not her fault at all. it's not her fault at all. and
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okay. we have breaking news this morning in san leandro where the early morning commute is off to a rough start with a full closure of 880. >> this comes after a shooting this morning. amy hollyfield is live for us in san leandro. amy? >> reporter: natasha, the backup is bad. it's early in the morning but already it's at a crawl. i can only imagine what this is going to look like as the morning progresses.


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