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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 15, 2017 1:37am-2:07am PDT

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k.c. in the 2001 season the warriors were on national tv once, and that's only because the nba has a lul that says every team has to be on once. in 2017 the dubs will be on tv 31 times. after winning the title, the nba can't get enough of steph and k.d. tv. the contest will be seen on another abc, espn or our. jan 20th at houston. following saturday at homag e nsai san antonio, february 24th against okc.
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that's our report. we appreciate your time. for sandhya patel, larry weil, i'm dan ashley. right now on jimmy kimmel, ray romano. have a gd night. see you tomorrow. video show "right this minute." all aboard for the commute.
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>> the bus takes off, the doors are still open. >> the scary moment a woman decides to get off now. >> are you out of your mind? tourists on safayarbeita i close to the fence. >> what's lurking in the bushes that has them on the run? workers are drilling down under. >> #nailed it. >> but wait until you see where that thing comes out. >> no! and the proud holder of -- >> a guinness world record title. >> the eye-popping talent that could really come in handy. >> this would be so fun at restaurants. they bring your meal out, wow! >> like the first time you wake up with a man. >> you are hot! this situation didn't have to happen, but it just boils down to paying attention. here we are in china. you'll notice the first woman gets off the bus. no problem. in normal situations, the door closes after that person leaves
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because the driver hits it. the bus takes off, hear comes this 74-year-old woman. she comes and falls on her back. >> she didn't notice the bus moving? she didn't notice the world speeding by? >> reports say she didn't know the bus was moving already. who knows what her situational awareness is at this point. >> apparently zero. she saw an open door and wind for it. >> it could be a bus malfunction. i'm not going to blame the bus driver for this. >> and you can't blame other people for not stopping her. everything about your senses tells you she can't possibly step off. >> unfortunately she did suffer a brain injury. moving over, these dudes were paying attention. they've got their camera rolling because they noticed funny business in the car ahead of them. >> i got it. >> back and forth, they're weaving in and out of the lines.
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not saying in the lane. >> don't get too close. >> yeah. stay behind and call police. >> they want to see exactly what's going upon. that's what they do. >> i got this. no, no, no. >> they get closer. >> yeah. >> they're driving? >> yes. and they're just going to town. both of them. and now the other car is right up on them. and they don't even see them. >> with the interior light on in their face. i mean, there's so much irresponsibility going on there. wow. sometimes movies come in handy because they teach us things. how to react to danger. like this family on safari. now? jurassic park you'd think maybe a t-rex. maybe i shouldn't stand so close to the fence.
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>> that elephant was just like boo! >> oh, my gosh. >> they saw something eating. and then it's like, you want to stare? i could stare. >> i just can't help but think the elephant is laughing his tail off back there watching them run away. >> the family is laughing about it. and the family is now just waiting for the adrenaline to just lower their blood stream. another elephant has something to say. >> is it by chance -- >> wait, how's that go? huh. >> man is whispering it can be dangerous. >> so the elephant slowly doing a stroll like, you want to stare? there's only going to be one winner in this stare-off. we always know who it is. >> he's giving the evil eye. >> uh-huh.
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>> hang tight there, johnny. >> again, same trick. >> just move the vehicle. >> this elephant could hear everything and is like, we're still in charge. how many times have we heard don't ever let your guard down? you've got to constantly be watching. this guy parks his bike, walks inside for a few seconds. that's all it takes for his beautiful very expensive carbon bicycle to catch the eye of a couple of thugs. >> no way. >> thank you very much. i'll take that bike and off guy. oh, no you don't! >> oh! >> oh. >> dude! yeah, you want to take my bike? how about a knuckle sandwich, you punk? >> he's got a mean right and left. >> the guy's accomplice comes back. looks like a bit of a scuffle
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there. he holds these guys off. even manages to hold off traffic because that's where his bike landed. about $230 worth of damage to his bike, sadly. but managed to hang onto his bike. all of this caught in this jukin video. solid stuff. you kind of wish you had that guy around for this next video. a woman standing on the sidewalk outside of a hindu temple caught the eye of these robbers. three of them. one guy attacking her going after her necklace. while the accomplice waits there with a scooter and another guy. see him down the street also running defense. >> moped-based robberies are becoming a real thing around london. >> what bothers me is this is in front of a holy place. >> they wrestle this poor woman down to the ground, take the necklace, and take off. police in london looking for this guy. but oh i so wanted that dude from the previous video to just run in this frame and put on a tackle.
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these two videos are broughtous by the #nailed it. let's start with the directional drill. it's the kind of thing to do to put piping and wiring. i was fascinated by this video because i wondered how they did this. you use this cool machine. >> is it called a ditch witch? >> yeah. >> i had this as a summer job one year. >> you're kidding. >> i swear. >> this is good. you might be able to help out. i was like how do you know where it's going? >> right. how do you know it hasn't taken a turn. >> you ever seen this one? >> no! >> i will not shut up. you can see it's drilling the front of this suv. you can see it comes out this piece of grass here and pans across, then it disappears under this road. apparently it's under a thousand feet away. they've got no idea they're drilling into their suv. everyone is standing around
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going, what? it keeps drilling into this. deeper into the engine block. >> if it wasn't for that truck, where would that thing have stopped? >> so many questions and so few answers. the nailed it continues in this second video. this is a burst pipe. that's a good 30 feet of what they described as boiling water spraying out and just trashing six apartments on the third and fourth story of this building. you can see some of the windows are being smashed or getting pushed away. there's nothing really anyone can do. this video is about 12 minutes long. apparently it ran like this for 30 before eventually someone somewhere is obviously shut the water off. he's gone vegan for one day. >> i should eat this tree in my yard. it tastes delicious. please. i don't know what to eat
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athletes at the peak of performance will tell you they are laser focused. nothing else around really matters. and they proved that in this red bull video. watch what happens then he lowers her goggles. >> that's cool. >> isn't that awesome? a huge tourist ndeatst he's rid. focused in. just bombing down some of the most popular parts of this city. he's been a pro for the past four years. and finn is barely 18 years old. >> what? he went pro as a teenager? >> multiple championships under this belt already. the kid is a wizard on the
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mountain bike. it's fascinating watching him put this line together and see it through his eyes. >> right. but let's also give credit for the wizardry going on with the camera effects. this is really advanced. >> it's awesome as of course red bull puts together to really highght their athletes and what they can do. and wait for it here. >> no. >> dude. come on. >> oh, that's so cool. the documentary what the health has sparked outrage. and everybody's going vegan including cam. he committed to a 30-day challenge. this is the first day. he posted it a few weeks ago. >> today is my first day of being complete vegan. i cannot tell the difference between food and what's not. everything is the same.
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>> there's green all around us. >> the grass. >> he is so dramatic. he falls out in the grass. >> just leave me here. >> it's only been a day. >> do you know how to figure out if someone is vegan? wait five minutes. they'll tell you. >> he found something to eat. >> i'm climbing this tree to get away from you. i'm vegan. >> day one. >> he didn't make it. >> he quit eight hours into the first day. this next fella has got folks on the internet cracking up. >> the foul demon of a vegan. you can't have my family. we in my house.e in my house, w will have are iribs! yes! >> to think we're going vegan
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before this family reunion. >> this video pokes fun at veganism and old school church. >> get out of here! you can't have us! come on out! >> it's the phone? >> well, you'll be happy to know it didn't break. >> he exorcised the vegan out of that phone. >> oh, yeah! >> jack from jacks films, he's also giving it a go for an hour. >> way to rally, jack. >> to prep for his hour, he makes sure he has a burger and a shake. >> i want to test the limits of my body. and i really want to test the limits of my psyche. >> he's gotten the people on youtube to rally. he's going vegan for an hour. he gets an apple. >> this is amazing. it's like people going to everest. >> but can he make it? >> this is a warning for you guys it's just not good. for the human body.
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>> because you ate a hamburger and all that milk. >> no. because he's been a vegan for one hour. >> imagine all the vegans out there watching the show going you're doing it wrong! >> we did it! time for real or fake. getting it started with an illusion. >> makes it look like the head is turning. then a pair of haunted flip-flops. and a proposal gone wrong. >> oh, there's so much to consider here. >> watch and decide. ebaum's world is next. having moderate to severe plaque psoriasis is not always easy. it's a long-distance run. and you have the determination to keep going. humira has a proven track record of being prescribed for nearly 10 years. humira works inside the body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear and many saw 75% and even 90% clearance in just four months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal, infections and cancers,
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salsa champions. but just how good are they? they're in brazil at a dance class. in the background you can hear a song. and one of the coolest moves in salsa are all the spins. >> she's giving me the spins just by watching. >> she starts spinning and spinning and spinning. >> wow! >> and keeps going and going and going. you're thinking, well, she must be getting dizzy soon. no. she continues changing her poses. >> she is a champ. she's clearly done this long enough to be a boss. all about style and flair and girl has got it. >> he's got the easiest job in the world. what do you do?
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well, i do this. >> and smoke coming out of her foot there. >> it's funny because everybody else is doing core workouts. she's like i just spin. >> when they say they're going to spin class, they mean something different in brazil. >> yeah. completely different. make mes want to sign up for salsa class. except i would be the one that falls. monday, monday, monday. so it's time for me to say. monday, monday, monday with my dreidel we will play. >> oh! we're on. >> welcome to the party, mac. >> time for that real or fake fun. where you can keep it real or -- >> get the fake out. >> roll the clip. >> video number one. >> those are cool. those are real. >> they are real. >> it's the illusion when you have it recessed. >> it trips you out when it starts to get dark.
2:02 am
>> i've never seen it outside of disney's haunted mansion, but there you go. >> your brain makes it 3d by pushing it out. the way you're walking, it makes it look like the head is turning. >> i'm going with real where the eyes do it. >> i'm going real too? >> yeah. >> we've got five reals. i'm with you. >> video number two. >> oh, my god. look at this. >> oh, no. those flip-flops are haunted. >> i'm just wondering if it's sitting on top of a cockroach. >> there is a bug under there. >> yeah, there was a bug under there. >> that would have been bugging us all day. >> i say real. >> real. real. >> i say fake. >> i'm going to go real with the majority decision. >> video number three.
2:03 am
>> oh, there's so much to consider here. >> that woman is a piece of work. she's like i don't care. you messed up, bye. >> my suspicions are going off because the camera is already running. >> look at this point. the 150-second mark, this guy comes out and is shooting from another angle. i'm calling big-time fake. >> i agree. fake. set up. >> i'm going to say real just because if maybe gayle or christian would happen to be walking on the other side -- >> guilty as charged. >> mac, it's to you. >> there's an official story on this. it went down in china and they weren't even datingen he decide her.
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and her response was that he doesn't even have a toilet or a bathroom in his apartment. you know, and she's ready to marry him. she had to think twice. she's getting the heck out of there. that's the official story. >> see, the thing is y'all just don't know how you look beging. you're like, hey. it's an eye-popping video. >> hi, i'm the eye popper. >> gosh. >> wait until you hear how she discovered this bulging talent. >> let
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can we please get smokey bear back? this lovely lady is kim goodman and she's got quite the talent. >> hi. i'm the eye popper. >> oh, gosh. >> oh. i've seen her. >> i think that's wild. her eyes have been haunting people for quite a few years. >> quite the eye-popping video. >> the only thing missing from her talent is the sound effect.
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that's it. when a big beautiful dunner gets placed in front of her. >> so much fun. >> it would be awesome. >> believe it or not she has a guinness world record title that was set back the eyeball pop measures 12 millimeters which is just under half an inch out. >> like, the first time you wake up with >> you are hot! >> all day long i would do this forever. >> her talent has gotten her a lot of attention. but in this case, the wizard of oz decided to follow her around and give us an update of where she is and how people are still reacting to her. >> what causes it? >> apparently this doesn't cause any pain and it happened when she was a young girl and she was hit on the head with a hockey mask. by accident she says


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