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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 15, 2017 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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>> we'll see what happens. at least today i will up more day to spend with my children, and that is good. >> an oakland cancer nurse and mother of four wins a one-day reprieve. she and her husband were set to be deported to mexico today, but that's now on hold as senator dianne feinstein fights to keep their family together. thanks for joining us. i'm kristein sze. this morning maria mendoza sanchez and her husband have filed another request for a stay on their deportation. they now have until noon tomorrow. abc 7 news reporter vic lee is live at the family's home in oakland with the latest. >> reporter: well, kristen, it
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was quite a surprise, quite a shock to everyone. maria mendoza sanchez, her husband, her young son got exactly what they were hoping for, what they were wishing for which was a little more time. abc 7 news happened to be at their home here when all of that happened. well, the three were all packed, their suitcases were full, ready to be loaded on to the car to san francisco international for the 12:55 flight to mexico city. they have three daughters, by the way, who are staying behind. one of them is just a year away from graduating from uc santa cruz. she should have been on campus registering for classes today, other two sisters to say farewell to her parents, and then suddenly, again, while abc 7 news was here at the house, her mom maria walked in and announced that senator dianne feinstein, who had by the way visited them at the house thursday, had through her office
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told her to cancel their flight today and reapply for another stay tomorrow. >> i'm really happy. i'm very thankful, and -- and i'm very happy, so i don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, but today it's all that matters to me. one day at a time. >> i do. i have so much hope that they will stay even longer. >> reporter: maria said it. one day at a time. one precious day at a time and her husband and 12-year-old son jesus have booked another flight to mexico city tomorrow evening. the last flight available because their current stay expires at midnight tomorrow. so in the meantime because of this, because there's a one-day stay, feinstein has asked them to reapply another stay tomorw at immigration which is exactly
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what they will do. that's why they have booked the last flight that they could to mexico city, and presumably senator feinstein in washington will be helping her get through the process, hopefully a successful process, so everything is still fluid other at the home, but at least, as i said, their one wish was granted. they still have a little more time, very precious time to make their wishes come true. that's the very latest in oakland. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> one day at a time. vic, thank you. developing news. national park police are gearing up for a right wing rally planned for next weekend here in san francisco. people who walk or play at chrissy field are reacting to the news. abc news reporter amy hollyfield is live with more details. >> reporter: just this morning supervisor mark farrell released a statement about the planned rally, saying his office is working with the national park service to come up with the safety deal. he have's also calling on san
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franciscans to unite and condemn hate speech and actions. residents we spoke to this morning say they are ready. peaceful crissy field will be the site of a right wing rally next saturday. those who love this spot said this morning they hope it stays just that, peaceful. >> i think they have every right for free speech, even though i completely disagree with them, and i would hope that the police would enforce, you know, no violence. >> reporter: after the violence that erupted in charlottesville during a white nationalist demotratn,ome said t hey wished officials could keep this viewpoint from coming here. >> i am surprised that the federal government permitted it, gave them a permit here, but i think it's obviously >> reporomter: a spokesperson f the national park service says by law they have to grant first amendment permits. the loweredthf o patriot prayer explains why he chose san francisco. >> like port land, for example, is an area where they for some they try to stay they are one of the most tolerant cities in the
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country but it's actually the opposite. they are extremely intolerant when it comes to different ideas and beliefs. you know, they are extremely intolerant towards christians. >> reporter: some san franciscans say they, too, will be at the rally, especially after what happened in charlottesville. >> yeah, i think it's one more reason to come. >> it's america so we do have the right to preach what we want or speak what we want, so, i mean, they have a full right to be here, so we'll see. plus, we have the full right to say anything against them, too. >> what's your name? >> cory. >> reporter: the rally is set for a week from this saturday. that's august 26th. another far right group, no marxism in america will hold a demonstration, the next day, sunday the 27th and that will be in berkeley. counterprotests for both rallies are in the works. in the newsroom, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. more fallout this morning from the violence in charlottesville. president trump is taking to twitter, blasting three prominent ceos who quit his manufacturing council over his
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response to the deadly weekend. the president tweeted this morning for every ceo that drops out of the manufacturing council, i have many to take their place. one of those executives is from santa clara-based intel. abc's maggie ruehly has more. >> reporter: a very unwelcome first homecoming in new york city for president trump. as protests and outrage over his initial response to this weekend's hate-fueled violence in charlottesville follow him to trump tower. 48 hours after a woman lost her life protesting against a white nationalist rally, president trump denounced the hatvolved. >> racism is evil, and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and the kkk, neo-nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups. >> i think it's too little too late, and i don't think it's genuine. >> reporter: well known white
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nationalist richardncpe s dismi comments. >> does anyone really believe that? he was saying vague statements that don't have a lot of meaning to be honest. >> reporter: spencer and other white nationalists have credited trump's anti-immigration america first policies with their rise into the mainstream. >> were aet derne our country back. we're going to fulfill the promises of donald trump. >> reporter: after what some called the president's slow response to charlottesville, three prominent ceos all quit the president's manufacturing council in a single day, including kenneth frazier of merck. the president owes response time to his resignation mere minutes, blasting him on twitter almost immediately. and the protests are set to continue with thousands of people expected outside trump tower here in new york city later today. maggie ruehly, abc news, new york. >> new developments out of north carolina this morning where officials say they will seek charges against protesters who
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pulled down a confederate statue. the statue was of a confederate soldier holding a rifle. it was erected in the 1920s. the protest was in response to violence at thatte nationalist rally ihin virginia over the weekend. authorities in the city of durham say they chose not to stop theeo of the incident, however, to identify who should be charged. new this morning, immigration advocates across the country are gathering to mark five years since the dhaka program went no effec abc 7 news was in downtown san jose this morning as d.r.e.a.m.ers urged the president to keep the program. dhaka has provided immigration re tefo 800,000 undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children n.had a news conference this morning, several d.r.e.a.m.ers talked about what the program has meant to them. >> allowed me to cross state
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loins without worry and it's saved me from financial troubles in allowing me to graduate from uc santa cruz during the campait trump imm agroed toedteialy cancel it but he later said d.r.e.a.m.ers should rest easy. a man who overdosed and nearly died inside a drug store is alive thanks to campbell police officers becoming the first in the county to use an opioid antidote. matt keller is live at lieart w tam cpbl el story. matt? >> reporter: kristen, campbell police now have a new tool, an it comes in this box. av hey beand they have been taking it patrol since april, and it's now saved a man's life. campbell police officers are often the first on the scene of medical calls in the city. on thursday, august 3rd, around 9:00 p.m., they got a call from an employee at the wall grease on west campbell avenue. wgranound in the bathroom
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bothing was shallow, and .heull obviously with the syringes and seeing the condition he was in, it was pretty apparent he was suffering from an overdose. >> reporter: thankfully for the 22-year-old man suffering from a heroin overdose campbell police officers now carry narcan nasal spray, and it's an emergency substance that can prevent a death from an opioid overdose. they administered it to the m t became alert. he was taken to valley medical center, and after a few hours in the hospital was leed. weere tol from the medical staff that had they not given that dose of narcan, that there was a great chance that the man wouldn't have survived. >> reporter: all 44 campbell police officers received training from the santa clara county behavioral health department on how to use the narcan nasal spray. they are just the second department in the south bay to iyrrs and while police say it's rare in campbell, prescription opioids
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and heroin overdoses are on the people nationwide in 2015, but in campbell one man a statistic. he was pulled back to life with a simple spray of narcan from an officer. >> this is just another example and another way for them to help better serve the community and . >> reporter: the big concern is what hpens after you save a life. campbell police says the county then steps in to offer addiction services. reporting live in campbell, mat >> matt, thank you. new details this morning about why a tribe called quest had to cancel its outside land show twice over the weekend. in a statement to the "l.a. times," the band says it was still getting over the sudden death of one of its members five dog last year. in show biz there's a notion that the show must go on no matter what, but when you've lost someone closed you're riddled with the notion that
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there is no going on. the band played thursday night outside denver and after that the show was heartbroken. five dog was from the bay area, and the band wabs worris worriei couldn't get through an entire performance breaking down. the band is in what's slated to be their farewell tour. north korea updates its plan for a possible nuclear attack. what we've just learned about about the alert for guam. and amazon goes to new heights for customer service again. the update it's rolling out that may change your next trip to the convenience store. o f g mod oo fall yesterday. we had near record cold high temperatures, but we're rebounding today, and it's all due to that sunshine. you can see it washing over the bay. temperatures today will be anywhere from two to nine degrees warmer than yesterday and more he sneaks his bike into a theme park. >> the guards are onto him.
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>> run! >> see it next "right this minute." my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere e i love thalst pee.ople in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building abett.
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we're tracking developing news out of new york city. a mother and three children seriously hurt after a large tree falls on them in central park on the upper west side this morning. witnesses say she tried to shield the kids and got pinned. the emergency crews found the 29-year-old mom trapped under the tree. good samaritans helped rescue her. show was taken to the hospital in critical condition. mom had two kids in a stroller and a baby bjorn, a baby carrier you wear on you. the kid are expected to survive.
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north korea is planned to fire missiles near a u.s. territory. are the country's leader says his military will delay targeting guam, at least for now. north korea issued a statement sa kim jong-un will wait to see what the u.s. does net specifically saying the supreme leader will watch such stupid american behavior a bit longer. that's a quote, but the threat is not over. in fact, there could be fuel added to the fair when the u.s. and south korea militaries conduct training are exercises near the demilitarized zone next week i. happening today here in the bay area, anti-war protesters are planninging a rally in san francisco saying america is not ready for war in north korea. they will be demonstrating at powell and market streets starting at 5:00 p.m. amazon ups the ante to be first in just about everything. now, they are going instant, literally. how the online retailer plans to deliver your order a lte you've before. and a live look outside from
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our golden gate bridge camera. lots of fog this morning, all gray out there. meteorologist mike nicco is tracking a warmup though so find out what's in store this week where you live. and abc news is planning special live coverage for total solar eclipse. you can watch the historic moment right here on abc 7 next monday. tune in at 7:00 a.m. for the great american eclipse anchored
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good morning to you. let's take a look at open up the weather window in san rafael and you can see sunshine out there. we've got hints from some of our
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medium range models that it may look like during the eclipse. the peak at 10 sack monday. we're hoping the bay and inland will be cleaned out of the clouds. not the coast. as we get closer to the event the high resolution models will give us a more accurate time frame and look at the clouds. for today not as cool. more sunshine. take the sunglasses today. mostly gray tonight, a little bit of drizzle possible and warer in the seven-day forecast. we'll get back to 90 in the neighborhoods. inland and south bay, a few clouds up in the napa valley and that streams across the richmond san rafael bridge into san francisco. temperatures in valero 61 and san ancio 56. let's see what our destination is. we eel start down in the south bay, 74 to 77 for most of us. morgan hill and gilroy and los
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gatos 78 to 82.santa cruz 69 to. that's the cool spot, 71 to 74 elsewhere. are 62o t a little bit of sunshine this afternoon along the peninsula coast. not as great downtown sausalito and mid-60s up along the north bay and the best area around the coast. 76 through 79 through most of the valleys. upper 60s for berkeley and also oakland, 7 to 74 you're going to the game. royals and a's, a 7:05 first pitch. clouds creeping in at 61 by the end of the game and temperatures inland, 75 to about 82. tonight, let's take a look at the day planner, going to be warmer and calmer and by the time you get to 8:00 and
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in the 50s. in fact, we'll be 55 to 60 tomorrow morning for a low h.can you see where rebound tomorrow about 62 degrees warmer than the coast from today and there's 80s, thursday, friday and saturday and 80s around the bay and low to mid-60s at the coast. >> see. that's good planning. the warmer days are on the weekend when folks can get out and enjoy them. >> i hope they do. >> amazon is get your hands on whatever food you're craving. the online retail giant announced this morning it's ins. customers can earn a limited list of basic supplies and pick them up at a locker close to home and get this. amazon promises whatever you ask for will be available in two minutes. instant pickup is focusing first on several college towns and berkeley is on the list of startup cities along with columbus, ohio and college park, maryland. >> kids or dad. who do you think would be more excited to see a rainbow? hear what happens when one
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family stumbles upon both ends of of this beautiful rainbow. and "american idol" is coming to abc 7 this fall. oakland on sunday. the "american idol" bus will be in jack london square giving you a chance to be a star but you don't have to wait until sunday. you can audition online now. we have a link to the application
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come up at 4:00, we told you about the bay area teacher shortage. now as students head back to school there's another job waiting to be filled across the nation. are you the right fit, and uber privacy and security tonight at 5:00. the deal reached after the ftc says uber failed consumers. spotting a rainbow is always something special, but one dad gets more excited than his kids. >> oh, my gosh. this is amazing! the rainbow is on the water on both sides. this is a full rainbow but not a double rainbow but nobody has ever seen -- this is the coolest thing ever. >> dad tried to remain calm, but that didn't last. you can tell he's super excited. family says they were out fishing in had a lake in canada when it started raining and after the rain cleared they saw
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the most amazing rainbow. >> nice. kids never appreciate us until later in life. >> real el. you're excited because you're excited and you're sharing that with them. >> you want them to be excited. >> appreciate us now, kids. from all of us here at abc 7 news, thanks for joining us. >> bye-bye.
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