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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 17, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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outbacks. ends august 31. that's what's making news i good morning, america. breaking news for our viewers in the west. president trump lashing out, as more top ceos now revolt. his elite advisory council shutting down after he blamed both sides for the violence in charlottesville. [ chanting ] >> overnight hundreds turning out for an emotional vigil. also new this morning the president's chief strategist steve bannon, surprising new comments overnight about the violence and white supremacists and whether the u.s. has any leverage over north korea. fast-moving wildfires threatening the west. closing in on homes forcing evacuations. as multiple tornadoes tear through the heartland. noerce winds tossing semis.. millions in its path this morning. miraculous survival.
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the 25-year-old woman lost nearly a month in the wilderness now speaking out. >> it was all about finding a road or finding a person. >> how she managed to stay alive for weeks in the wild. and the incredible fast water rescue caught on camera. >> he's pinned. help! >> a kayaker stranded in some of the most dangerous rapids in the world, struggling to hold on when this man jumps in risking his life to save a stranger. good morning, america. great to have david with us here this week. what about that amazing rescue. >> that was an amazing rescue and the man who jumped in to save the stranger was actually celebrating his birthday and this is a birthday he will never forget. >> he said not on my watch. not on my birthday. that's it. we have so much news to get to.
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first, that powerful vigil bringing so many people together in charlottesville overnight. many are talking about what heather heyer's mother said. such an important message. we want to share it with you. >> so powerful. also, robin, this morning, president trump unleashing new tweets amid the backlash from ceos calling out his leadership. two of his elite advisory councils collapsing after his comments on charlottesville. so many top executives leaving the groups. they were both disbanded and he's also facing pushback over a rally he's holding in phoenix next week. his campaign rejecting the mayor's calls to postpone it in the wake of the attack in charlottesville. let's go to mary bruce. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the president this morning is lashing out as he faces major pushback to his response to the violence in virginia. the president is up, tweeting and hitting back. taking on his republican critics by name. he said any numbers that he drew a moral equivalency between
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those white supremacists and counterprotesters is a disgusting lie. as the president faces the growing backlash over his response to charlottesville, this morning his chief strategist, steve bannon, is giving his take. the president says both sides are to blame but bannon tells "the american prospect" the so-called alt-right is a fringe element and the media plays it up too much. these guys are a collection of clowns but bannon says the intense debate over racism ignited over the president's comments gives trump a political edge. if the left is focused on race and identity and we go with economic nationalism we can crush the democrats. speculation has been mounting that bannon's days at the white house are numbered. >> we'll see what happens with mr. bannon. but he is a good person an i think the press treats him unfairly. >> reporter: now bannon is contradicting the president's position on north korea's strategy saying, there is no military solution. forget it. this morning, the president is
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growing more isolated by his own words. the fallout over his response to charlottesville intensifying. >> i think there's blame on both sides. >> reporter: his reluctance to condemn the hate is causing some of the nation's top ceos to turn their backs on the businessman president. the ceo of walmart said you missed a critical opportunity to help bring the country together. did you? >> there was no way of making a correct statement that early. i had to see the facts unlike a lot of reporters -- i didn't know david duke was there. i wanted to see the facts. and the facts as they started coming out were very well stated. >> reporter: on wednesday, a mass defection, leading ceos on the president's elite advisory council decided to disband. powerhouses like pepsi, ge, ibm and walmart putting their foot down. in a letter to employees, jpmorgan's ceo jamie dimon writing, i strongly disagree with president trump's reaction to the events that took place in charlottesville over the past several days.
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racism, intolerance and violence are always wrong. and on another economic advisory council, an avalanche of ceos leaving the group. seemingly eager to frame the departures in his own terms, the president abruptly cut off both groups tweeting, rather than putting pressure on the business people of the manufacturing council and strategy and policy forum, i am ending both. thank you all! now, while the president is hitting back on twitter. he has no public events here in new jersey. he is planning to get back out on the campaign trail next week with a rally in phoenix, but, robin, he's facing pushback there. overnight the mayor asked the white house to delay this rally saying the nation is still healing, but sources tell us the president has no plans to put this off, robin. >> we'll see what happens. this morning it's not just members of president trump's councils who are breaking with him, business leaders from facebook, apple and more are now speaking out. our business correspondent rebecca jarvis is here and, rebecca, you have more on what happened behind the scenes of
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this fallout. >> reporter: that's right, robin. this is the group that president trump called the biggest and the best minds in the country earlier this year. but now for many months many of these members have felt heavy internal and external pressure to step down. there is a trending quit the council hashtag, charlottesville was the tipping point tuesday afternoon after the president's press conference. the strategic and policy forum set an emergency call for wednesday. it lasted about 45 minutes and the group decided in that conversation to disband and i'm told by sources familiar with the conversation they called the white house to convey that message. moments later, president trump tweeted that he had disbanded the groups, robin. >> rebecca, what does this mean for president trump's relationship with the business world more broadly? >> reporter: well, it appears to be quite damaging. this is bigger than the councils themselves. silicon valley, tech leaders have been speaking out some directly challenging the president like apple's ceo tim cook writing overnight, i
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disagree with the president and others who believe that there is a moral equivalence between white supremacists and nazis and apple is also pledging $2 million in donations to two organizations fighting hate groups. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg says, when someone tries to silence others or attack them based on who they are or what they believe that hurts us all and is unacceptable. yet, robin, after all this, stocks still managed to end slightly higher if only by a few points. the bottom line for investors, they're following what corporate america has to say and so far, corporate america has delivered a pretty decent report card. robin. >> thank you, rebecca. and overnight, those stunning images that we saw coming out of charlottesville. hundreds carrying candles marching peacefully. remembering the three who lost their lives and the many who were injured on saturday. this is a powerful scene just days after all that violence. abc's eva pilgrim is still there in charlottesville for us and has much more. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, robin, this is where it all started.
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those chilling images of white nationalists marching here on campus but now a picture of unity, the community coming together in charlottesville. ♪ we shall overcome >> reporter: a powerful show of force, this was the scene at the rotunda on the university of virginia's campus overnight. ♪ this little light of mine >> reporter: with candles instead of torches, hundreds tracing the same path that white nationalists walked last friday. but this crowd standing with the statue of thomas jefferson who founded this university and who wrote in the declaration of independence that all men are created equal claiming victory. the candle lit parade hours after memorial services for 32-year-old heather heyer who was killed in that horrific car attack saturday. >> no father should have to do
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this, but i love my daughter. >> reporter: her father mark pleading for peace. >> she wanted to put down hate and for my part, we just need to stop all this stuff and just forgive each other. >> reporter: heather's mother susan defiant. >> they tried to kill my child to shut her up. well, guess what, you just magnified her. her mother insisting her daughter's death will have meaning and that her legacy is only beginning. >> look at it and say to yourself, what can i do to make a difference and that's how you're going to make my child's death worthwhile. i'd rather have my child but by golly, if i have to give her up, we're going to make it count. >> reporter: and there is renewed pressure this morning surrounding those confederate monuments. the governor of virginia encouraging cities to take them down and move them. david. >> all right, eva, thanks so much.
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for much more let's bring in matthew dowd and professor michael eric dyson, from georgetown university. professor, glad to have you in the studio. american business leaders bailing on the president pointing to his moral leadership and america has seen those. the president waiting 48 hours to condemn racism and to name the hate groups, then coming out saying the counterprotesters should share the blame with the white supremacists. these are now ceos the president tried to cultivate and said i'll help you, lower taxes, cut regulations. when they turn on the president, is this a turning point? >> well, it's interesting, david. we have ceos who pay attention to profits with an "f" and we're still waiting on people to pay attention to profits with a p-h. to wage in on this as a moral thing. i think we're at a tipping point and this is reminds me of katrina and what happened with george w. bush when he had a whole bad summer, the war was going bad and his handling of katrina. he never recovered from that and my expectation, david, is that
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donald trump is going to have a very difficult time to recover from his handling of this event, if he can recover at all in the course of his presidency. >> professor dyson, democrats have been vocal, but republicans have not minced words. we have gone down the list. marco rubio, lindsey graham, the president is taking a step backwards, you're dividing american, not healing them. my question is when is it a tweet or a tersely worded statement no longer enough politically? >> it's not enough at all right now. what we see is the kind of snowballing effect of the outrage of american citizens against a president who has amplified the worst instincts of bigotry and racism and white supremacy in this nation. the neo-nazis out there marching are not to be falsely equivalent to those who are protesting them. the republicans have shown cowardness in the face of such opposition because they have kind of led from behind. they got mad at president obama when they said he did such and now they are waiting for the moral temperature to be taken with a finger cast in the wind,
7:12 am
so to speak, to mix metaphors, before they weigh in and don't usually name him by name. the thing is this must be named by its extraordinary name, the heinous character of the offense that president trump gave voice to and to say to him not only what he said is wrong, but the instinct in this country to embrace bigotry as opposed to repudiate it is the very thing that this democracy is premised on. if we are to truly embrace american democracy we have to repudiate these forces, and yet, the highest office in the land, at the top echelon of power, has articulated ideas that most americans find deeply and profoundly reprehensible. >> matt, one more question to you. steve bannon, chief strategist to the president, seeming to contradict president trump's threat of fire and fury saying there is no military solution, forget it, talking about the millions who would die saying no solution, they got us. did he undercut the president here on the world stage? what happens when north korea sees that.
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>> well, at first the president undercuts himself more than anybody else undercuts him but steve bannon reminds me of the guy who turns over his computer and empties his desk and throws stuff around the room before he's about to get fired. that's what steve bannon reminds me of. and one thing about steve bannon is, it's interestingly he accidentally told the truth. that's what happens when you sort of retract these things in the aftermath. he accidentally told the truth. >> all right, matt dowd, professor dyson, thanks both for being here. michael. >> thank you, david. we're going to turn now to that severe weather across the country. wildfires forcing evacuations in washington and multiple twisters tearing through the midwest. ginger is trac good morning, ginger. >> good morning to you, michael. we've got striking images coming from southern minnesota. this was just last night. you see the power flashes there. thankfully no one was injured. one farm was damaged, but this morning a much more dire situation happening. fire officials in central washington state saying, all of these folks, nearly 80 homes
7:14 am
need to get out right now. this morning, a fast-moving wildfire near quincy, washington, has burned at least one home and forced level 3 e c evacuations for more than 80 homes. >> stay clear of the area. >> reporter: the wording from officials get out now. it's called the monument hill fire and earlier it knocked out power for hundreds in grant county. burning at least 500 acres. in minnesota, eight reported tornadoes. >> tornado down. tornado down. >> reporter: this one in lafayette just southwest of minneapolis sending debris flying and power lines flashing. from indiana to texas, tennis-ball size hail and winds to nearly 80 miles per hour. >> and this is getting worse. >> reporter: the winds shredding power lines blowing this store roof straight across an intersection. that same low pressure system that caused those tornadoes in minnesota now moves to the east and i think there's a heart of action here that happens saginaw, bay city, midland, michigan, along the warm front.
7:15 am
and south into lancing, detroit, toledo down into northeastern indiana so today, if you live in that region later this afternoon and evening, that's the area we're watching for the potential for tornadoes but also damaging wind and hail. a whole lot more coming on what's happening with hurricane gert, michael, in just a couple of moments. >> thank you, ginger. we're happy to have you back, amy. >> ah, thank you. very well rested. >> you should be and we can't wait to hear what you have to say. >> well, good morning to everyone. we begin with south korea expressing confidence there will not be another war on the korean peninsula. president moon said president trump promised to get his country's approval before taking any action against north korea. well, take a look at this fiery crash. it's causing headaches for morning commuters near kansas city. a portion of the highway is closed after that big rig slammed into the median. good samaritans helped the driver and his dog escape that wreckage. the nation has a serious case of powerball fever this morning. no one hit the jackpot last night and it's now swelled to more than half a billion dollars. 510 million to be exact. the next drawing is saturday.
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but becoming a millionaire won't be easy. the odds, 1 in nearly 300 million. and finally, five years after nearly being killed by the taliban for her efforts to educate girls, malala yousafzai is taking a big step in her own education, she has been accepted to oxford studying philosophy, politics and economics and congratulated all the other students who got in saying she's so excited with three exclamation points. i'm always reminded despite all she's done that she's still a young woman, and she is so full of life and so happy for her. >> congratulations to her. that's awesome. and now we're going to go to search for a group of bandits who pulled off a jewelry heist in london in broad daylight. abc's james longman has the story. >> reporter: it looked like a scene right out of a hollywood action movie. a gang wielding hammers making their getaway after smashing and robbing an exclusive jewelry store, speeding off on three mopeds as stunned pedestrians
7:17 am
look on, all in broad daylight. watch again. you can see one of the masked men holding a sledgehammer used to break their way in. witnesses say the gang carried off the heist in less than a minute making off with jewelry and expensive watches. the store told abc news no one was hurt. it would not reveal the exact worth of the stolen merchandise. now investigators are searching for clues. one of the gang's hammers can be seen left behind on the floor. in recent years, smash and grab thieves have pulled off several high-profile heists. like this one in houston where masked men made off with millions in jewels. and surveillance footage captured two men in florida riding up on a motorcycle then smashing their way through a jared's jewelry store. and in one of the most daring cases, these robbers tore into a north london shopping mall on motorcycles eventually speeding off with 3 million in loot. now police are racing to catch these robbers before they hit their next target.
7:18 am
and all this happened right in the middle of the day. we are in the middle of the most expensive shopping district in the uk. just around the corner from the world-famous harrods and police have yet to make any arrests. guys. >> james, thanks. >> wielding a sledgehammer when they came out of that store. >> had the video right there in the middle of the day. let's get back to ginger with the latest on hurricane gert. >> yes, there were dozens of rescues along the jersey shore. one died on a nantucket beach all from high surf from hurricane gert and still leaving high surf on the coast of maine. wanted to leave you with that and a very active tropics ahead but first the hot cities.
7:19 am
drew tuma with your accuweather forecast. fog pullingback to the coast this afternoon. really seasonable, comfortable. 68, san francisco. 81, san jose. 80 in napa and antioch up to 90 degrees. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. plan the next seven days. a warming trend friday into saturday. a minor dip as we round out the weekend on sunday. that solar eclipse hanning monday morning. we'll have coastal cloud cover to contend with. coming up, that young woman who says she survived nearly a month lost in the wilderness is going to speak out. and inside that amazing rescue. we hear from the hero who saved that husband in the water. who saved that husband in the water. welcome back to "gma." n the water. ♪ ♪
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with the refreshing taste of lipton iced tea. hi, there. i'm natasha zouves from "abc7 mornings." we are tracking some developing news in the east bay. police in livermore investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting. last night, officers responded to reports of a man acting strangely at the sun valley mobile estate. they say the man had a rifle and refused to obey commands. the suspect went inside his mobile home and set it on fire. he fired several shots while making suicidal statements. police say officers shot him when he pointed the shotgun at officers. let's get over to alexis smith now with a check of traffic. hi, alexis. >> hey! i'm going to take you back to oakla oakland, new york 880, bouncing back from an earlier crash near 23rd. a collision blocking the far left lane before fifth avenue. so, now stop-and-go traffic between 3 1/2 to 4 miles. quick check of the bay bridge
7:24 am
toll plaza, still have metering lights on and everyone's pretty heavy, unless you're in the carpool lane. natasha? >> alexis, thank
7:25 am
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good morning. your hour-by-hour forecast today showing you 9:00 this morning. look at the fog pulling back to the coast. really comfortable in the 60s and 70s. and later on this afternoon, a lot of sunshine and really just august beauty out there, not too hot, not too cold. in the 70s around the bay and warmer spots at that hour going to around the 80-degree mark or just a little bit higher. accuweather seven-day forecast showing you minor warming into the weekend and a little bit of a dip on sunday. >> all right, drew, thank you so much. a woman survives alone in the woods for a month and she is telling us how she survived, next on "gma." we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our free abc7 news app. remember, you can join mike, reggie, alexis and me for "abc7
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reggie, alexis and me for "abc7 mornings" weekdays 4:30 to ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can.
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♪ welcome back to "gma." as you can see the countdown is on to "game of thrones" finale just two episodes left this season. >> ah, this was such a good scene. i just caught up last night. i'm so excited and this morning more reason to be excited. one of the show's biggest stars is here live, jaime lannister as i like to call him, but i guess her real name is nikolaj coster-waldau. >> it's your welcome back gift. >> just for that. >> also right now, president trump is lashing out at his critics this morning on twitter after that firestorm over his comments on charlottesville that led multiple business leaders to resign from his council's -- two of those boards now shutting down. and millions in the midwest on alert for more severe weather after those tornadoes tore through the heartland last
7:31 am
night. that same system is now moving east, spreading from michigan to ohio. and robin, we'll begin this half hour with that young woman who says she survived nearly a month lost in the wilderness, now opening up in her first interview revealing how she kept herself alive. steve osunsami sat down with her. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, david. this is hard to believe and there's so much to this that is not being said this morning but the young woman who was sharing her story tells us that she made it through the woods for that long of a time with no real food and no clean water. 25-year-old lisa theris says she's lucky she's alive. she has scars like these all over from the thorns and the bug bites in the woods and she says the poison ivy still stings. >> it was all about finding a road or finding a person. >> reporter: theris and her father showed us the walking stick she found to help her make
7:32 am
it out of the forest last saturday. >> it helped me. >> reporter: she had been missing for 25 days when a woman driving down a country road saw what she thought was a dead animal then called the police. >> i just passed the road and there's a lady, she came out of the woods, she's naked and she's been sick and has been in the woods for three weeks. >> reporter: she was naked and afraid. >> i couldn't even hear any cars the whole time i was out there until the end. >> reporter: theris lived at home and her family feared she was dead. she was last seen july 18th and based on this photo taken shortly before she disappeared, police think she may have lost 40 pounds. she tells us she survived eating berries, mushrooms and drinking puddles of water. >> if it rained i'd squeeze the water out of my hair and drink it. >> reporter: but how she ended up lost in the first place is curious, and neither she nor police are explaining this morning. police do say she was with two men she had recently met when one of the men allegedly
7:33 am
burglarized a cabin. how she got from their company to the woods she would not say and much of it she says she doesn't remember. do you think that you were drugged? >> it would make sense but i'm not sure. >> you don't know. >> i don't know for sure. >> what do you think? >> i think i heard that maybe so. >> reporter: she admits that around the time she went missing she was supposed to appear in court on a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge. that case was dropped last week thursday when they presumed she had died. she walked out of the woods two days later. police tell us plainly they believe she survived in the woods but say there's a lot more to the story that's both sad and heartwarming. one other thing we should share that she has very poor vision. she told us that she is legally blind. also, she had no cell phone and even if she did, the cell signals are poor. david. >> just extraordinary. all right, steve, thanks so much.
7:34 am
more to come on that story. >> yeah, but we're just glad she's okay. now to another incredible survival story. a man's first whitewater kayaking trip turning into a life-or-death struggle in alaska. thankfully a good samaritan was close by and he along with many others pulled off a daring rescue. abc's gio benitez, you got all those details for us, gio. >> reporter: good morning. we all know kayaking is extremely popular in the summer. but for this man his life was at risk. his kayak had already flooded in the cold water. he felt weak. the only way to survive -- getting help from strangers. you're watching four minutes of panic. >> he's pinned. he's caught. >> reporter: 64-year-old daniel hartung trapped over the weekend by an underwater log as he was kayaking in the six mile creek in hope, alaska. one of the most dangerous creeks in the world. people have died here before. so strangers jump into action moving in with a rope. watch as hartung struggles to hold on. the water pounding over his head. at times he's completely enveloped by water.
7:35 am
only his hands visible. then, after minutes of struggling, it appears he can't hold on anymore so he goes under. that's when obadiah jenkins decides the only way to save hartung is by jumping into the raging waters. [ cheers ] watch again as he plunges into the dangerous rapids. >> i immediately snapped into rescue mode, years of training and experience just started rushing through my head sort of faster than i could really decipher what to do next. >> reporter: after some cpr, hartung is now telling his story. >> the water was so forceful that i could not get myself out of it. the more i tried to extract myself, the lower my head went until i was not able to breathe anymore. >> reporter: it turns out hartung was in a recreational kayak meant for calm waters, clearly not this. on his head a bicycle helmet. not suited for these dangerous rapids. this morning, he's grateful to his rescuers. >> these are complete strangers.
7:36 am
i mean, there is a gentleman, obadiah, that jumped in the water irregardless of his own safety. [ cheers ] >> reporter: just incredible. this morning, hartung also says those 10 to 20 people helping him from land were also heroes. surprisingly enough, even after that ordeal, he says he's going to go kayaking again. >> hopefully gets a better kayak and a proper helmet. >> his wife said i don't think that kayak trip was a good idea. >> and he said he's going to now start listening to her. obadiah, what a great name. >> it is. >> i love that. >> great person. >> great job, gio. thank you very much. when we come back, we'll tell you how to plan a last-minute trip to see the total solar eclipse without breaking the bank and the new warning about possible scams.
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the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. this august visit your local volvo dealer to receive sommar savings of up to $4,500. back now with that eclipse fever sweeping the country. the big event just four days away and in nashville the largest city in the direct path of the total eclipse estimate 50,000 to 75,000 visitors are going to stay overnight, spending an expected $15 million to $20 million. a lot of money and abc's clayton sandell is in denver which is another hot spot with options to plan a last-minute trip. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: good morning, michael. you know, we're not going to get
7:41 am
total eclipse here in denver but we're not a far drive from places that are like wyoming and nebraska. 1.3 million passengers will come through the airport before tuesday and you can bet at least some are coming for the eclipse. it's turning into one of the biggest travel days of the year as millions of americans flock to see the great american eclipse. states in the prime viewing zone, the so-called line of totality, expecting to see a galaxy full of tourists. >> there are still deals to be found even in the path of totality. you just have to be a little clever how you look for them. >> reporter: hilton says 176 hotels are nearly full, same with marriott and rooms that are left are pricey but money-saving many options. has 1,000 plus campsites. airbnb, this map shows more than 29,000 rentals still available. a good option given hotels in places like columbia, south carolina, are 100% booked. and then there's getting there. many flights to cities in the path are already sold out.
7:42 am
so instead of flying to, say, casper, wyoming, go to denver. >> it's not in the path of totality but it's close enough you can drive from there. >> reporter: but, before you watch the eclipse, watch out for last-minute deals that could be scams. >> perhaps some unscrupulous hotels will cancel early reservations and turn around and charge more for those rooms and, of course, there are risks no matter what but you want to minimize those risks. >> reporter: the hotel industry says we encourage guests to book directly with the hotel to help ensure they get what they want and need from their reservation while offering the better value. and i've got two more reasons to come to denver. here at the airport monday, they tell me they'll hand out the eclipse glasses and, yes, moon pies. michael. >> i love it. that's great. >> nice. >> that's worth the trip to deserve, clayton. thank you very much. even if you can't get to a spot in the totality zone, you can still see the eclipse. uc berkeley set up a tool to show what it will look like
7:43 am
where you live. all you have to do is enter your zip code. here's what we will see during the peak in new york city. >> about 71% in the city. >> then you see what you see in orlando, florida. >> wow. >> i'm just doing the math by looking at it. >> and our friends in l.a. will get that view -- >> 55.5%. >> make sure you use your eclipse glasses for safety regardless of what you're watching. and you can see our full coverage on the great american eclipse monday. david, 55%, 71%, you should know because you're anchoring our live special at 1:00 p.m. eastern. >> 100% for you. >> i'll know by monday. >> where are you going to be for it. >> in charleston which is on the last path. heads right through the country but the great thing that you just pointed out, michael, so much of the country is going to feel it. send in your pictures and video. we'll make this a very huge american event.
7:44 am
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ditch verizon. keep your phone. we'll even pay it off when you switch to america's best unlimited network. this one has got us talking. back now on our big board, big shake-up for movie theaters. the start-up moviepass is now offering people the chance to see, are you ready for this, a chance to see one movie a day for just $9.95 a month?
7:48 am
>> that sounds like a good deal. but the world's largest movie chain amc theatres is crying foul saying it will hurt the industry long term and abc's diane macedo is here with the details. good morning. >> good morning. so many cities, the cost of a movie ticket, just one is more than $10 so as you can imagine customers are pretty happy about this but amc not so happy about it but they say it's actually the customers that they're looking out for. imagine being able to watch all the new summer blockbusters you want for just $10 a month. >> i have not had this much fun in so long. >> reporter: well, that's what mitch lowe, c esheo of moviepass, is planning to do. purchase this pass and $9.95 per month will allow to you see one movie a day. lowe has changed the way we watch tv co-founding netflix which brought new meaning to the term binge.
7:49 am
>> i'm trying to win over people's hearts. >> reporter: but there's one thing in his way, amc, the nation's largest movie chain. >> to the war. >> technically the war is that way. but we got to go this way first. >> reporter: this morning they're threatening a lawsuit against moviepass saying that small monthly fee is not in the best interest of the moviegoer, movie theaters or movie studios. their goal, to block its customers from being able to use the moviepass. >> when a new company comes along and says they'll do something a completely different way for a much lower price you'll be threatened. >> reporter: moviepass says it will work in any theater that accepts mastercard and in an era where the average movie ticket is almost $9, the idea is certainly gaining a lot of fans. >> there's no hiding from this. we have a job to do. >> diane, $9.95 a month for all these movies. sounds too good to be true, but wouldn't they lose a lot of money. >> in the initial, yes, but the goal is if they can amass a large customer base they can collect viewer patterns and data on the way people watch movies and that can then help sell
7:50 am
advertising. kind of similar to what facebook does. >> but moviepass is covering the full cost of the ticket so why is amc so concerned. >> amc says if they -- this is not sustainable they'll eventually have to raise prices so customers will be disappointed. the other thing to consider, though, leverage. if this works, and moviepass amasses all these customers, the theory is they could go to the theaters and say give us a discount or we'll take these customers elsewhere. no business wants to give that much power to someone else. >> how has the consumer responded? >> it's pretty early. it only came out tuesday but -- >> the first day they announced they crashed the website. there was so much interest so it seems popular. >> that says things are good. >> if you just go once, not -- once a month, not even once a week. >> in most cities you've already made your money. >> thanks, diane. coming up, "deals & steals," tory johnson, great items for life on the go. 20 bucks or less. come on back.
7:51 am
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get zero percent for sixty months plus an additional thousand on top of your trade-in. that's the built ford tough f-150 with zero percent for sixty months plus an additional thousand on top of your trade-in offer ends soon during the ford summer sales event. back here on "good morning america," an update on the lolo peak fire in montana. more than 11,000 acres burned and mandatory evacuations for 300 to 400 homes overnight. this fire near yosemite burping and closed some campgrounds and finally red flag warnings for
7:55 am
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hey, good morning to you. i'm natasha zouves from "abc7 mornings." meteorologist drew tuma's here with a check of the weather. hey, drew. >> hi, good morning, natasha. good morning, everyone. right now current numbers, take a peak,ek, a lot of 60s and any cloud cover will pull right back into the coast into the afternoon. a really nice afternoon. look at this, a lot of 70s and 80s, comfortable for this time of year. accuweather seven-day forecast shows you as you head into the weekend, just a little bit of a minor warm-up into saturday. all right, taking a look at the roads, we finally are looking a little better on northbound 880. both of the earlier crashes have cleared, but on the peninsula, southbound 101 past willow road, a crash is blocking the center lane, so we have heavy traffic approaching. walnut creek, southbound 680 looking okay here. if you're heading towards danville, we have a new problem blocking one lane, so expect delays on that route. natasha? >> alexis, thank you. coming up, super savings in
7:57 am
"deals and steals," all $20 and under, next on "gma." we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our free abc7 news app. you can join the whole
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and new fallout for president trump after his explosive comments on violence in charlottesville. more top ceos now taking him on at his leadership. two of his elite business advisory councils shutting down. and the president now facing pushback over a rally he's holding next week as hundreds of people head to the streets overnight for an emotional candlelight vigil. multiple tornadoes tear into the midwest. dangerous and deadly winds tossing semitrucks into the air. that system is now on the move with millions in its path right now. lyme disease. right in the middle of a major season for ticks, the test that could more than double your chances for an accurate diagnosis. dr. ashton is here live. big "deals & steals" this morning. the bargains that will have you
8:01 am
clicking from bling to bags to a special deal for your pet. all $20 or less. ♪ good to be alive and it's good to be alive when you're on "game of thrones." jaime lannister himself live in times square and he's here to say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ i was dead in the water nobody wanted me ♪ it is good to be alive. >> good morning, america. happy thursday, great to have everybody with us and we cannot wait to speak to two incredible young women known as the solar sisters. i. >> they're cool. two young scientists whose work caught the attention of the white house, and now they're working with nasa for the solar eclipse. look at that. and you know who else is getting on the solar eclipse bandwagon, bonnie tyler. you've been singing her all week long. >> not just me. >> you've really been digging into it. wait till hear what she says.
8:02 am
she has something planned. >> she does? >> wait till you hear about it. >> remember that time amy -- >> oh, i remember that time. >> when they were on the big board, we started it. >> doing this all week. it's an earworm thing. >> i know. >> all that coming up. first let's turn to the top story and our morning rundown. president trump unleashing new tweets this morning amid that backlash from ceos who were calling out his leadership. abc's mary bruce has the latest. joins us from jersey. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, the president is lashing out this morning as he is facing major pushback over his response to the violence in virginia. the president is up and tweeting and hitting back saying claims he drew a moral equivalency between the white supremacists and their counterprotesters is such a disgusting lie, and he's calling out his republican critics by name, including senator lindsey graham, who says the president took a major step backward telling him your words are dividing americans, not healing them. the fallout from the president's
8:03 am
response is now growing. wednesday, two of trump's elite advisory councils collapsed after an avalanche of ceos left in protest over his handling of charlottesville. the blowback has now followed the president here to his new jersey golf club where he's finishing out his working vacation. the president has no public events here today but he is planning to get back out on the campaign trail next week in phoenix, but, robin, he is facing pushback there too. overnight, the mayor asking the white house to delay this event but sources tell us there is no chance that that is going to happen. >> we'll see what happens there, mary, thank you. we're also tracking that severe weather in our morning rundown across the country including twisters through the midwest and, of course, ginger is tracking it all. >> hey there, david. you start in southern minnesota, where we had at least nine reported tornadoes from illinois through minnesota, and you can see the violent energy. all those power flashes. so fortunate no one injured there. not as fortunate that that same low pressure system has the
8:04 am
power to do it again today places like ann arbor, michigan into the toledo and lima area in ohio is the area they have to watch. also, brand-new information on the lolo peak fire in montana. this thing has been burning for weeks but now 300 to 400 homes evacuated early this morning. that is a mandatory evacuation. more than 11,000 acres burned now and in grant county, washington, near quincy, one home confirmed burned and a lot of folks that had to get out of their home overnight there too. we'll have many more updates but we head back to david. >> thinking about all of them. incredible. those pictures. amy with the other headlines. good morning, everyone. days after all that mayhem in charlottesville, hundreds gathered overnight in a show of peace. the emotional candlelight vigil took place at the university of virginia. it was at the very spot where white nationalists marched just days ago. the vigil came hours after heather heyer's parents spoke at her memorial. she was, of course, run over by that car as she protested the white supremacist rally. her mother urging mourners to fight injustice. well, facebook ceo
8:05 am
mark zuckerberg is pledging to do a better job policing hate speech. zuckerberg says in a post that there is no place for hate in our community. he pledged to remove violent threats and posts celebrating hate crimes. and an american soldier has been killed in eastern afghanistan. a number of u.s. and afghan troops were also wounded during that same battle against isis fighters in a militant stronghold. scientists say they are a step closer to perfecting a blood test that could detect cancer early and save more lives. these tests scan blood for dna released by malignant tumors and it can pick up signs of breast cancer, lung cancer and other forms of the disease even before symptoms appear, and the test also effectively screens cancer-free people but it is not expected to be available any time soon. and finally, take a look at this find. a woman in western canada is wearing her long lost diamond engagement ring. it literally went underground 13 years ago when she dropped it while gardening. it resurfaced wrapped around a
8:06 am
carrot in her daughter-in-law's garden. the woman says the ring still fits after all these years. that is what you call a one-carrot ring. >> i was waiting for it. so true. >> we knew it was coming. >> we knew it was coming. >> i saw your anticipation. >> great to have you back, amy. coming up, prince william opening up for the first time about those tough moments during his mother princess diana's funeral. and tory johnson is here with great "deals & steals" for your picnics and more. they're all $20 or less and, lara, what do you have for us upstairs. >> well, michael, it's almost fall, i hate to say it, and we have great fashion tips for you. how to find the best jeans and a fantastic audience. we'll see you soon. are. take guinea pigs. they're not pigs at all, nor are they from guinea. or take this haircut. i may look all business, but look out... . but there's a party going on back here. kinda misleading, isn't it? well, at carmax, you don't have to worry about being misled. the price online is the same price in the store,
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whoa. welcome back to "gma." i don't know what's in the coffee this morning but i like it because our audience, you guys are excited. thursday audience. we're excited because, lara, you've got "pop news." >> ooh. let's get to it. let me move the coffee because i'm very excited today. all right, we begin with this -- update from "mission: impossible 6." production on the film has been halted after its start, tom cruise, had a very close call doing a stunt on the set over the weekend. cruise will be given a few months to recover after breaking his ankle and possibly hurting his hip on the set. he was jumping from a platform onto a roof when he got hurt. thankfully that safety harness was in place. it could have been so much worse. in a statement from paramount, the actor thanked everyone for their concern and support and
8:12 am
he said he can't wait to share the film when it opens on its scheduled release date, july 27th, 2018. get well soon. up next, you got to give miss aretha franklin some r-e-s-p-e-c-t, baby. ♪ so she's putting her money where her mouth is. the queen of soul has announced -- >> ongoing. >> yes, she is moving full time to her beloved city of detroit. and that's not all. the star says she plans to open a nightclub in her hometown where she would occasionally sing and also bring in other acts to perform. the 75-year-young incredible entertainer announced her retirement earlier this year but after 57 years of doing what she loves, i guess it's easier said than done.
8:13 am
franklin says her retirement includes finishing up a brand-new cd with clive davis and finally moving ahead with this dream she has of a club she's wanted to open for years. the name of it will simply be aretha's. >> i like it. >> that's awesome. and she still sounds amazing. don't you think? yeah. >> road trip. >> yes. >> let's go. >> girls trip. >> sorry, boys. and then finally, when the total eclipse of the sun happens on monday, august 21st, get ready for a total eclipse of the heart. if you were lucky enough to book a trip on the royal caribbean total eclipse cruise you'll be treated to the 1993 hit by bonnie tyler. all you can eat, all you can drink and bonnie tyler. >> did you see david? david was like, why didn't i know? maybe it's not too late.
8:14 am
>> you could have done the broadcast from -- >> it seems like a "world news tonight" opportunity. >> it's true, yes. i think you need some help. tyler says she's thrilled for the opportunity. she's working on a shorter version of the not so short ballad so she will be totally in sync where the moon sails across the sun. they will be in a perfect spot to catch the total eclipse as it heads from orlando to the caribbean. a couple fun facts about the hit we all know the words to. you know it was written for bonnie by the man who wrote all of meat loaf's anthems. it sounds like a meatloaf song. jim steinman and lost a grammy for best song of the year to irene cara's "oh, what a feeling." a little trivia for you. >> learned a little something there. >> every day you learn a little something. >> whether you want to or not. >> thank, lara. >> i hope i didn't bring something to the table every day. we do. we do. we'll turn to our "gma" cover story this hour.
8:15 am
prince william opening up in a new interview about the emotional moments at his mother princess diana's funeral. that long walk that we all remember on the 20th anniversary when we look back. abc's mara schiavocampo is here with more of what william is sharing. >> reporter: good morning. princess diana's funeral was one of the most viewed events in history. millions watching princes william and harry grieve publicly. william was just 15 at the time and now he's sharing what it was like to mourn so publicly and how he's remembering his mother today. this morning, for the first time prince william opening up about that long walk behind his mother's coffin. >> it was one of the hardest things i've ever done. that walk. >> reporter: speaking for a new promo for the bbc documentary, dia diana, seven days -- >> felt like she was walking beside us. >> reporter: prince harry has spoken about that long walk too saying, i had to walk a long way behind her coffin surrounded by thousands of people watching me while millions more did on television. i don't think any child should be asked to do that under any circumstances. i don't think it would happen today.
8:16 am
in the new clip talking about the grieving people they encountered during that procession. >> i remember people's hands were wet because of the tears that they just wiped away. >> reporter: it's been 20 years since princess diana was killed and her young princes now grown have been remembering her by sharing stories of her as a mother. >> we felt, you know, incredibly loved by her and i'm very grateful that love still feels there. >> it was that love that even if she was on the other side of a room that as a son you could feel it. >> reporter: an enduring love that her sons and fans still feel. >> when it came to the wedding i did really feel that she was there and, you know, there's times when you look to someone or something for strength and i very much felt she was there for me. >> and who can forget those powerful moments. well, that bbc documentary airs at the end of the month and they also interviewed her siblings and other members of the royal
8:17 am
household. >> thanks so much. now to our "gma" health alert. new hope for detecting lyme disease. a recent study may have found a more accurate method to detect and diagnose it and dr. jen ashton is here with this. so what's the findings here? >> little insect potentially big research. this came out of colorado state university and they basically took blood samples of patients with lyme disease, patients with another tick-borne illness that looks a lot like lyme and then some normals and found some molecular feature, a kind of metabolic signature in the patients with lyme disease that tended to be a more accurate test so this is not ready for primetime yet. but exciting because it sheds more light on a disease and a condition that we really don't know enough about yet. >> so encouraging. time of the year people are out. what symptoms do they look out for? >> head to toe. people with lyme disease in particular can be pretty sick. they can have fatigue. they can have a flulike illness and that red expanding rash, the so-called bull's-eye rash,
8:18 am
although not everyone gets it, stiff neck, facial palsy. they could be pretty sick but the good news is in the early stages it's treated with antibiotics. >> it's not just here. >> there's seven species of ticks and they pass along different diseases. if you look at the map the purple is lyme. the red is rocky mountain spotted fever and in general they are geographically clustered but this area is becoming blurry. ticks don't look at the road map so they don't stop at the state border and so your region is important. the type of tick is also important and i brought something here that's really important to show you, robin. the deer tick, which is the tick that passes lyme, is the size of a poppyseed. it is much smaller than people think. a sesame seed more often a dog tick does not transmit lyme. >> this little -- >> that's how small it is so, exactly, that's why it's so easily missed especially when it's in hairy areas.
8:19 am
or on the back. >> what are the myths? >> the first is if you've had lyme once you always have it. not true. the second one, you can only get lyme disease one time. that's not true. you can get bitten again and get sick again, and the third myth, any tick bite can transmit lime. there's so much fear and anxiety when people pull ticks off them they will get lyme disease. that's not true. only that little poppyseed deer tick can pass along lyme. okay, be careful. >> are you wearing the same shoes? >> yeah, we got the memo. [ applause ] let's get to ginger. >> thank you so much. now i need you to bust the myth for my husband that we can go outside sometimes even though there are ticks, please. i love the shoes, ladies. let's do your "gma" moment, shall we. let's start out with dusty the golden retriever loves to get in the car and the truck and his owner said, you love it so much, you can learn how to do it
8:20 am
yourself so dusty did. i thought he was closing the door. that's the owner's hand. send your gma moment. on my facebook page. drew tuma with your accuweather forecast. fog pullingback to the coast this afternoon. really seasonable, comfortable. 68, san francisco. 81, san jose. 80 in napa and antioch up to 90 degrees. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. plan the next seven days. a warming trend friday into saturday. a minor dip as we round out the weekend on sunday. that solar eclipse hanning monday morning. we'll have coastal cloud cover to contend with. it's thursday, everybody. which means it's "deals & steals" day. tory johnson is here with savings on bling.
8:21 am
you got blankets, you got more than that, tory, and the great thing is they all start at $20 or less. >> can't beat that, right? >> we can't beat it. only thing we can do is get started. >> let's go. so first up, i love this company. so this is called my eco bag. so you get this tote bag and then inside this convenient bag are all of these, four different bags, groceries not included. but you get four different bags, one of which is insulated like this, so anything that's frozen or needs to be chilled will go into there. so for people who don't want to use paper or plastic at the grocery store, or if you go to a green market often to pick up fruits and vegetables this, is an amazing company. it's very sturdy bags and it conveniently stores in this tiny little thing which you can't beat. >> because of the environment you carry it around and reusing things. what's the price of this? >> normally $25 slashed in half, $12.50. >> 12.50. groceries not included. you know that stadiums have
8:22 am
mandatory clear bag policies so you can't go into the stadium with a closed backpack or a big bag so you have to stuff things in your pocket. stadium bag is kind of a genius solution. clear, stadium compliant. pocket on the outside. pocket right here. all of your stuff can be convenient and security can see exactly what you have there so you're not going to cause any problems. everyone else can too. that's okay. normally four different colors. that's okay. it's all good when going to a stadium, it should be like that. normally $30. slashed in half, 15 bucks for a stadium bag. >> okay. so monkey mats. i'll have you open this one up for me real big. monkey mat, this was on "gma." sorry, we can't -- no one can see but you got it. so this was on "shark tank." lori greiner and mark cuban invested in this company. do you feel the corner weighted edges? so instead of a bulky blanket you can take this anywhere.
8:23 am
indoor or outdoor. these girls are giving little rabbit ears behind you here. we got mckenna and macy and what's great is that these fold into a tiny little pouch just like this so if you want to have a little picnic in times square. there you go, girls. a variety of styles and sizes. normally 20 to $35, these are all slashed in half 10 to 17.50, for the monkey mat. we've got two helpers here, bruce and erica from florida and memphis, tennessee. and this is sprigs so you've got bruce here with the arm band. >> showing off that bicep. >> showing off that bicep. >> he wondered if we had one that would fit him, we do. it fits his big phone as well. you can see it has a little hole in it so you can string your ear buds or headphones, holds everything if you're going for a run, errands or just out here in
8:24 am
times square, then there's the wrist wallet which i love here has two convenient things. a little pocket here you can put credit cards and cash and a zippered compartment here, her keys are in here. and so you don't have to have a purse. look it. you're just smiling perfectly. she's the best. so, a variety of styles and sizes to choose from. if you're somebody on the go, whether on the go on the treadmill or out and about in times square, sprigs is for you. normally $20 to $24. everything is slashed in half so $10 to $12 for this. thank you, guys. thank you. okay, so, i've got a test for you. so you're going -- in one swipe you'll take this brush this direction right here, swipe it up. look at that. >> wow. >> you got all of your pet hair right in there. that's what lilly brush. this is specially designed the way it's constructed. these nylon bristles helps to
8:25 am
collect pet hair whether it's on carpet, comforter, clothing. the little one to be able to use in your car. this is the full size, these are the minis. this is -- if you have a pet you want one of these brushes. >> come here. >> it works on people's clothing only. >> poor eddie. >> yeah -- >> it works. >> it's not to be used on the pet but where the pet leaves its hair. depending on the size you choose $13 to $20 slashed in half, $6.50 to 10 bucks. okay, and then we can't end without some bling. magnetic closure bracelets. super easy on and off. a variety of earrings. all cz in a variety of colors. what i love about this, if you travel or anything, you want this kind of jewelry because you get big sparkle. low price, slashed by 64%. $15 to 20 bucks. you got it. >> she does it again. and, you know, we partnered with all of these companies on these great deals.
8:26 am
get the details on our website. tory, you're awesome. and coming up, "game of thrones" jaime lannister is here live, nikolaj coster-waldau.
8:27 am
hi. good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." we are following developing news of a deadly officer-involved shooting in the east bay. last night, police in livermore responded to reports of a man acting strangely at the sun valley mobile estates. they say the man had a rifle and refused to obey commands. the suspect went inside his mobile home and set it on fire. he fired several shots while making suicidal statements. police say officers shot him when he pointed the gun at them. now let's get a check of traffic. hi, alexis. hey, good morning. we've got a new issue on 880, the southbound side approaching the fremont area just past thornton avenue. we have the far left lane blocked, so heavier traffic as you approach the dumbarton bridge, almost back up to 92. then a quick look outside at golden gate bridge. no major delays coming from the
8:28 am
north bay but we have a little bit of fog that's settled in. jessica? >>
8:29 am
take you outside, live look east bay hills camera, fog around the bay are sunshine above. the fog will pull back to the coast. highs today really comfortable, 60s and 70s around the bay, warmest spots in the 80s. and the accuweather seven-day forecast showing you a warming trend into saturday. >> looks nice. drew, thank you. we'll have another update in 30 minutes and always on our news
8:30 am
app and the morning news continues now . welcome back to "gma." we have to say a big thank you to everybody at home who is watching and a welcome to our audience who is here with us this morning. welcome, you guys. >> they're excited and a lot of people are excited because the solar eclipse is on monday and it has scientists across the country excited and two of the most excited may be these two sisters, 10-year-old kimberly and 12-year-old rebecca. they're going to send up their homemade launcher during the eclipse and share the data they collect with nasa and the two girl, two sisters are joining us right now live from jackson hole, wyoming. oh, my gosh. k kimberly, rebecca, thanks for getting up so early. tell us, how did you come up
8:31 am
with this idea? >> well, we were looking for a family project to do and we just saw this and we decided to do a project like it. >> rebecca, you're working with nasa? >> well, not quite. there's two parts to that. [ laughter ] we're working directly and launching this, the montana space grant which is sponsored by nasa. but the second part is that we're going to be attaching some microbes to our payload and nasa is going to analyze that because the stratosphere is very similar to the atmosphere in ours. >> wow. >> president obama invited you to the white house. what was that like when your dad got the call? could your family believe it and what did you tell the president when you got there? both of you could go for it. >> when dad got the call it was the day before april fools' day. [ laughter ] and the call was something like, hi, it's the white house
8:32 am
speaking and dad said something like, april fools' day is tomorrow. >> and what do you two want to do when you grow up? >> i want to be a robotic engineer. >> yay! [ applause ] >> what about you, rebecca? >> i'm not sure yet honestly. >> you have time. >> you got time. >> you do. and, you know, we're all very excited and lara and i especially because we love to see girls getting involved in the sciences and math and things like that so what do you say to encourage other little girls to do what you're doing and pursuing possibly a field in that, both of you? >> i would say don't give up because even if some people tell you can't do this or it's going to be too hard, just keep on going and persevere and even if something goes wrong which will
8:33 am
happen, keep on trying. >> so smart. >> great advice. [ applause ] >> great advice. [ applause ] >> kimberly, you concur, i see. >> sorry? >> she agrees. good advice, big sis. >> her shirt says eight all. it says strong. >> you're a fine example of sisterly love and just giving us a great example of just as you say don't give up. go for it. you have a great day there. wow! [ applause ] isn't that beautiful? out there? all right. for our next segment, i'm taking one for the team. i don't know a bigger "game of thrones" fan here than our own amy robach so i'm going to pass the baton. you got it.
8:34 am
>> this looks like -- thank you for that. thank you. >> take it away. >> all right. >> this is a great way to welcome you back from your vacation. >> it is a huge present. thank you. >> only reason she came back. >> you know, our next guest, you know him as the king slayer, jaime lannister from "game of thrones." please welcome nikolaj coster-waldau. [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome. >> thanks. >> hey, man, your biggest fan. [ applause ] >> all right. >> those kids, how do you follow that. >> super cute, right? it's okay.
8:35 am
>> you got some other fans here. >> robotics engineer. that was very cool. >> yeah. >> no, i just wanted to play football, well, soccer. >> did you have any idea seven seasons ago when you walked into "game of thrones" that it would be the phenomenon that it is today. >> no, no, i told friends that i was doing this show and they were like, excited, what's it about? well, it's cool. it's about this dragon lady and it's a fantasy i and they were like, yeah, that's not going to work. >> clearly not working. nearly 10 million people watched this latest episode. >> there were concern people wouldn't watch. if you're a true fan you don't want to know and i'm a little behind. i won't even go on social media because i don't want any of the episodes to be ruined for me. you want to watch every -- every episode is like a movie almost. >> it is and it takes now at this point in the show it takes longer than to shoot a movie when we do these episodes.
8:36 am
>> really. >> well, the one aired two weeks ago was this big battle and it took a long time. >> i was so afraid you were going to get burnt to a crisp. >> on sunday we have another sequence and that took even longer and that's -- yeah, that's the ice version of that. >> on top of doing all this you are shooting movies. we want to talk to you about this new movie called "shock collar." >> you guys have something in common. >> i play jaime lannister. he lost his hand. so if you can just cover that. >> a golden pinkie instead of a golden arm. i like it. i like it. >> please. >> fantastic. >> awesome. >> thanks, everyone. that was so great. >> you were saying -- >> "shock caller." about an ordinary man who makes a mistake. he goes to prison.
8:37 am
complete transformation. talk to us about this role. >> well, it came to me, the writer and director wrote this script and a story i could identify with and i think everyone could. it's about a guy, he's married. he's got a son and goes out with some friends one night. he has a glass of wine, he has another glass of wine. not drunk. runs a red light and crashes his car and the friend in the backseat dies. he goes away for 18 months. just got to get through this. now, the prison system is a little messed up. he goes in. he is a nonviolent offender put in with very violent people and he has to survive, so basically it's a story about he shakes hands with the devil and the devil won't let go. >> go the jaime lannister training help the guy in this movie? >> i tried to introduce swords but it didn't work out. it was fun.
8:38 am
it takes place over ten years and as you said there's -- they work out a lot and this guy, he changes dramatically. >> in every way, not just physically though. >> but physical, that's one thing. you just have to go a lot to the gym. >> how do you squeeze in a movie when you're shooting "game of thrones"? >> well, i mean i have like six months, so there's plenty of time. >> a lot of work in between. speaking of "game of thrones" in october you start shooting the final season, season eight which means your character is alive. [ cheers and applause ] breaking news. [ applause ] >> i cannot confirm anything, no. i only know that the production goes back. i can't confirm -- >> i tell you what, if you need help, the man with the golan pinkie is always there for you. >> do you want to take anything from the set? this is the final season. >> well, there was one thing i wanted to take it would be the golden hand. i think it's the coolest prop
8:39 am
ever and, you know, i could use it like a -- >> coffee table. >> yeah, have fruit, dried nuts. >> is your wife finally watching. in the beginning she wasn't watching. >> no, she hasn't watched it yet. >> what? >> it's absolutely fine. i get -- >> no, it's not. >> you guys are married. >> yes. >> matchiimagine watching your one making out with another woman -- >> your sister. >> it would be okay if it was your sister then? >> no. >> sit down when it's all over. >> they will. she has a plan with my -- with my mother's husband, he hasn't watched it and they have this big thing. they're going to sit down and spend the summer -- it's never going to happen. i get it. also weird. >> what age will you let your daughters watch. >> anything, they saw a movie called "the other woman" and they felt sick because i was making out with three girls.
8:40 am
i was like -- >> jaime. >> if they see it or not we all love watching it. and you're phenomenal in it. also "shock caller." it opens this friday. make sure you check it out and "game of thrones" airs sunday on hbo. thank you, nikolaj. >> thank you. thank you. how to pick the best jeans for your body type. we'll bring that to you when you come back.
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8:42 am
8:43 am
hey, welcome back to "good morning america." my new friends from wisconsin and venice, florida, we were just discussing the severe weather threat and i have to say, i earlier said a different pronunciation but guess what, this lima, ohio, and toledo, detroit, saginaw, all in that threat area. there could be tornadoes just like there were last night in parts of illinois and minnesota but then there is an area back in texas and oklahoma that has to watch out for damaging wind, hail and i i'm abc7 news meteorologist drew timothy. your accuweather forecast, 72 this afternoon, 81 in san jose, 68 in san francisco. accuweather seven-day forecast, some warming as we head into the weekend and then a minor dip on >> this weather brought to you by sprint. robin, we should head up to you. >> you got it,
8:44 am
it is almost fall. fashion tips to get ready. "cosmo" magazine fashion editor tiffany reid. >> thanks for having me. >> always great to have you. jean, everybody loves a great pair of jeans and finding the right ones for your body is really important. we have four body types right here right now and every jean we'll show you guys is under $100 so that helps too because really one great pair of jeans can go a long, long way. >> 100%. >> i got what you did right there. so our first model is savi and has a straight figure. >> come on out, savi. what kind of denim should she be wearing? >> so, when you have a straight physique, you want to wear something that is a straight silhouette but it's going to cinch your waist so your gut has a little lift. i love these in particular because they're called the wedgie jean and give you a
8:45 am
wedgie and lift your booty. >> savi would look good in a sack but she seems to be very comfortable. >> there's room and i think a lot of people go for a stretch tight skinny when they have long legs and i always say for a little looser sow you don't look like you have chicken legs. exactly. >> they look fabulous on you. [ cheers and applause ] now we have gabby and gabby has a bit of a curve. so what kind of jeans should gabby be wearing. >> gabby, let's see you work this. [ applause ] so what i say is when you do have a curve, it's important that you have jeans which stretch in them. you want to make sure the jean is stretchy enough redefining your silhouette. cinching your waist and nothing to hide. when you have a little stomach you don't want to go tooand go . >> the straight body you kind of want a higher waist. >> so it makes more of a silhouette. >> so you have breathing room. then the dark wash or black jean
8:46 am
makes your legs look longer and the way it hits the ankle you want to make sure there's no bunching at the bottom. it would make it short and stumpy. clean lines. i also love the print on top and long lean leg. >> looking good, gab. >> the bell sleeve is happening for fall. >> a free tip. bell sleeves, everybody. our next look -- thank you, gabby. our next body style is petite. so come on out. this is alicia and what do we wear when we're petite. >> when we're petite, when you're petite you want to make your legs look longer so what i do, crop jeans or ankle jeans -- >> do they make your legs look longer? i always think it makes them shorter. >> the more skin that's showing the longer your legs look. even with the strappy sandal showing long legs make it look like they're going on and on. >> higher waist jeans. i thought that was -- feels like
8:47 am
it's coming back in. >> you don't want to go too high where it's right under here but a midrise is good and also if you have a small waist accentuate. that wider band is great. >> 3 for 3. all under $100 and serena has a little hourglass figure. and serena, show us what you're wearing. tiff, tell us what an hourglass -- >> so when you have an hourglass figure, the proportions of the jean is very important. flair and boot cup help balance out your hourglass shape. a midrise jean and stretching to contour her body and accentuate the booty. >> it's nice and high. >> the smallest part of your body when you have an hourglass is your tiny waist so you want to show it off. this shirt has a corset and makes it even better >> that's great so if you're one of these types or you feel like you're something altogether you,
8:48 am
what's just some great overall advice as we go out and splurge on one pair of jeans this fall. >> goes without saying but a lot of people don't actually like to try things on in the fitting room. please try on your jeans in the fitting room. make sure you take pictures of yourself front and back angle. >> take them in the fitting room. get all angles. >> you can throw it on the mirror. some of this action. >> it does look different in a photograph. >> great advice. >> and the bell sleeve is in. this just in. >> and get your jeans tailored. >> tiffany, thank you very much. ladies, you all look great. thank you so much. we appreciate it. coming up, the star-studded new "wet hot american summer" with chris meloni. we'll be right back.
8:49 am
8:50 am
oh, right back at you.
8:51 am
we're back now with the "wet hot american summer" reboot. now in its second season on netflix. rob recently sat down with star christopher meloni to talk about getting the cast back together again at campfirewood. >> it's firewood camp. the camp is in danger. >> again? >> yeah, again. they need me. that means i need you. you know the ins and outs of that camp like you know the ins and outs of the back of your hand. >> reporter: the cult classic with a star-studded cast is back. the "wet hot american summer" gang reunited ten years later on netflix. what's it like doing this reunion? >> fantastic. there's been such enthusiasm and how it tartstarted. it came out as a film and kind of got lost in the shuffle but then became this cult thing and so now it has a second and third life. >> did you go to a camp like campfirewood as a kid. >> i did but mine was more of you're not quite smart enough to get into our school so in lieu
8:52 am
of summer school you're going to go to our summer camp. >> you weren't even smart enough for summer school? is that what you're telling me? >> pretty close. >> i'm so into camp. >> everybody in that cast, who would be the one you'd choose to bunk with at summer camp? >> well, i think bradley cooper. >> what? >> why is that? >> no, no, i'm going to take that back. he'd get all the girls. he'd get all the girls. maybe amy poehler because she would have an in to the whole theater scene. >> let's rage. >> we're an abc family and had to dig deep to get you into an abc show. "dinosaurs." >> just do what you do natural. >> this character rocked the bandanna. >> how did the ladies like it? >> you know, i guess it attracted the ladies who were into the whole bandanna look. guys with mullets get dates too. >> what got you into acting. >> i realized i was really ill-equipped for any other kind of career or to do anything in
8:53 am
civilized society. and so i thought, you know, let me act out in a -- in a place that maybe they'll pay me for it. i've never been happier or more fulfilled doing what i'm doing right now. >> for "good morning america," rob marciano, abc news, new york. >> wow! how much do we love christopher? you can see "wet hot american summer" now on netflix. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by state farm. here to help life go right. ♪ i'm dangerous you werewas raining. you should ask her if it's going to be raining tomorrow. we know what's going to be happening regardless, demi lovato performing live here on "gma." is it?
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>> announcer: this is an abc news special report. good afternoon i'm tom llamas and following breaking news out of barcelona in spain what may be a possible terror attack happening moments ago in what's being reported as a possible truck attack. a truck ramming over pedestrians in the middle of one of barcelona's busiest plazas. our chief correspondent terry moran has been monitoring the news. terry, what can you tell us? >> reporter: what we have got right now is reports from
8:58 am
barcelona that a large white van crashed into a crowd along las. ramblas in the heart of barcelona and slammed into pedestrians on that famous boulevard. there are many injured according to police and there are reports that at least one of the people associated with this van has escaped on foot. there were also reports that two armed men have entered a restaurant nearby unconfirmed as of right now. this is a fluid situation. what is clearly now a signature kind of attack. it looks like this was a deliberate act in the heart of barcelona. in one of the most crowded tourist districts. also a lot of government workers around. restaurants. artists. if anybody has been there they had walked down that boulevard. as you can see, it is a mess right now. emergency workers are on the scene. reports coming out that many of
8:59 am
those stores and restaurants and hotels are on lockdown. people fled inside. the doors have been locked. police telling residents and others around barcelona not to go to that neighborhood. once again, a white van plowing into a crowd of pedestrians in the las romblas district near catalona square. this will go on for a little bit. >> 5:59 p.m. in barcelona. plenty of people in the plaza at the time. the emergency services have shut down the subways and shelter in place and telling anyone in the area, tourists or people who live there to call their family members to let them know they are okay. we'll be monitoring this situation throughout the afternoon and have a full report later on "world news tonight" with david muir. we now return to our scheduled programming. >> announcer: this has been a special report from abc news. usn
9:00 am
in self-defense you won't want to miss. all next on "live." [cheers and applause] [upbeat music] ♪ [pop music] and now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. [cheers and applause] [pop music] ♪ >> kelly: hi! hi! hi, hi, hi. [cheers and applause] >> ryan: oh! >> kelly: hello. you got in. that's good. >> ryan: yeah.


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