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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 17, 2017 11:00am-11:29am PDT

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and that breaking news out of spain. it has happened again. a terror attack in a major european city where a vehicle is used as the weapon. this time we're talking about barcelona. officials say a van plowed into a big crowd of people. at least one person is dead, and there are multiple injuries. thanks for joining us today. i'm reggie aqui. kristen will be in later today. a massive crash this morning and a standoff now under way in barcelona. it's happening right in the heart of the city. heroes a live look. if you've ever been to barcelona, then surely you have been to las ramblas, a wide boulevard, a major tourist
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attraction. abc news can now confirm from spanish police sources there are two hostage-takers. two armed men have entered a restaurant. police are negotiating right now with them. this all started when a white van plowed into crowds crushing at least 100 people. the driver then took off running. authorities have not said if the driver is one of the hostage-takers. they say they know the name of the man who rented that van. right now they are trying to find him to see if he has any connection to the shooters. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says america is ready to assist law enforcement and security authorities in spain. >> our consulates in barcelona and our entire mission spain team are currently assisting americans in spain who are affected by these events. we ask u.s. citizens in the area to let your loved ones know you are safe. terrorists around the world should know the united states and our allies are resolved to find you and bring you to
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justice. >> hundreds of police officers are on the streets. they are telling residents to get off the streets. stay inside. hunker down wherever they are. they are asking people not to spread pictures of the wounded, the dead or of them on social media as they make their way and try to secure the neighborhood. spanish tv reporting one suspect is under arrest. we're going to bring you more information as soon as we get it in, and the state department has already issued a travel warning for spain. they tweeted this message just before 9:30 telling american tourists to avoid the area and contact family members. first lady melania trump reacting this morning tweeting hash and prayers to #barcelona. president trump has not tweeted about the statement or made a statement. he's been briefed by his chief of staff and also is monitoring what is happening. we alerted you to this breaking news moments after it happened this morning through our abc 7 news app. if you don't have it, you can
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download it for free and enable push alerts. we'll continue to send you breaking developments on this tins dent and any other breaking news all day long. going to turn now to developing news here at home. a man shot and killed by police in the east bay late last night. we now have new video of the standoff that led to this shooting. abc 7 news reporter matt keller live for us in livermore. matt? >> reggie, in the past hour or so police are taking down some of the crime scene tape so we're able to get a closer look of the home where all this happened. last night you can see that the home is severely damaged by fire. it all started last night and then it all ended with officers opening fire, killing a man armed with a shotgun. residents at sun valley mobile estates in livermore say this place is normally quiet. however, last night was not normal. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: livermore police officers opened fire just before 11:00. a man described by neighbors as a longtime resident and postal employee was dead.
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before the shots, a standoff. police were called here about two hours earlier. >> apparently that subject was challenging people to fight. the first officer who arrived on the scene found the subject and he was armed with a rifle. >> all i heard was put the gun down, sir, put the gun down, and my neighbor said don't worry. i'm not going to hurt you. i'm not going to hurt you, and then he kind of went back in the house and then the lights went out inside of the house. >> a crisis negotiator was called in and started speaking with the man who was making suicidal statements. several shots were also fired from inside the home. then officers noticed smoke and eventually fire. next door neighbors were then evacuate. others were then told to set in place >> reporter: they just said you have to go somewhere else. you can't stay in the house. >> your safety? >> well, sure they were. i was in bed. >> reporter: police say the man finally came out holding a shotgun. officers say he pointed it at them so they fired.
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>> [ gunfire ] >> reporter: the fire was put out. no officers, firefighters or neighbors injured, but a quiet community will be talking begun this night for a long time. >> it's very sad. it's very sad. any time anybody has to perish like this, it's sad. there's so many help groups out for any reason whatsoever, and it's just sad. >> reporter: livermore police are not releasing the names of the man who was killed nor of the police officers who were involved in this shooting. the al moda county district attorney's office is also investigating. reporting live in livermore, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. happening now no oakland, city crews clearing out a homeless encampment at north gate avenue and 27th street. sky 7 just flew above that scene where tents and furniture and other items were being loaded into dump trucks. oakland police have closed off the area near interstate 980 while the cleanup operation continues. abc 7 just spoke to oakland public works officials. they tell us they are not
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forcing people from the area and they are claiming they are just removing unneeded garbage. developing news out of san jose where authorities are looking for the driver of a car that t-boned a police cruiser around 1:00 this morning at south white road. the officer was treated at a hospital and released. the female driver took off, and police say that the car that she was driving was stolen. new details now in a deadly stabbing in the south bay. police have released this video of the man they believe to be the killer. officers say the video was taken moments before the stabbing which happened june 10th along everglade avenue. the victim, an unidentified man, died a week later. police are still investigating the motive and ask anyone who recognizes this man to police give them a call. new developments in the case of two men who posted video of themselves climbing on the golden gate bridge. surely you remember this april stunt that went viral on social media. the marin county district attorney has just filed trespassing charges against these men. both men or their attorneys have to appear in court in san rafael
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september 12. if they fail to answer the charges, arrest warrants will be issued for them. the faa is making significant changes at sfo after that near miss at the airport last month. an air canada jet nearly landed on planes that were sitting on a taxiway. as a result, the faa tells abc 7 news it no longer allows visual approaches at sfo at night when an adjacent parallel runway is closed. instead, controllers will issue satellite-based approaches. federal officials say that will make it easier for the pilots to find the right runway. the anthony everett fay is requiring two controllers to remain in position during busy late night hours. happening today, it's back to school for one north bay district with one big change. the start time. abc 1 news reporter amy
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>> reporter: the vice principal here at this high this will happen as hig hig students begin later. >> what time did you set the alarm clock for? >> probably like 7:00. >> what to imdid did you set it for in the past? >> 6:30. >> reporter: the later time gave students extra energy but it's hard to tell. >> since there was the summer, i really can't -- i can't feel a difference. >> feel more refresh. i feel ready as opposed to last year when we had a start time tuesday at 7:10 which is kind of ridiculous. >> reporter: and that's the goal of the new 8:00 school bell, for teenagers to get that late morning sleep that research shows they need. the change is hard, especially for working parents.
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>> it's not going to help because i need to get to work. >> reporter: kids with after-school activities point out this just gets them to bed later. >> everything is later, so we don't get home until like 9:30, 10:00ish. >> the vice principal at san marin expects this will take some getting used to but says classes are full today, and he has seen a lot of bright smiles. >> you know, there's questions about car pools. you have, you know, parents with kids kind of all over town, and they are trying to work out those kinks, like everyone, but overall it's been a very positive experience. >> reporter: he says a lot of work, planning and thought went into this decision which was made back in april. now, it's just a matter of getting the kids and their parents used to it. live in novato, amy hollyfield, abc 1 news. >> aim, thank you. happening now, pg&e going to walk us through how it plans to handle the power hut it will take during the eclipse on monday. the bay area will see a
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reduction of the sun's power by about 75% while the eclipse is happening. to make up for that brief but significant absence of full solar energy, pg&e has a few backup plans in place, including increasing hydroelectric power sources. abc 7 news has a crew at the concord distribution plant where pg&e is giving us a tour explaining the whole process. for more on the actual eclipse and what we'll see or not see in the bay area, let's check in with meteorologist >> let's talk about the solar eclipse. wednesday morning at 9:01 a.m. the eclipse begins, the max eclipse will happen at 10 sack a.m. let's walk you through the sky cover. what you see here are three colors, green meaning clear skies and yellow a mixture of clouds and sunshine and red just meaning total overcast so as the eclipse starts at 9:00 a.m., a
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mixture of clouds and sun in the area, but by 10:15 a lot of spots will be dealing with clear skies. i would encourage you to download the accuweather app on your cell phone to get up to the minute forecasts as the event gets closer. >> looking at the map, i'm realizing i'm not going to see anything. thank you, drew. abc news will have extensive coverage of the great american solar eclipse. even if it's cloudy and it's no good here, you'll be able to see it around the coverage right before abc's special coverage beginning at 10:00 a.m. david muir will anchor abc's report. next this midday, president trump reacting moments ago to that breaking news in europe, that deadly attack in barcelona. his message and what we're learning about a possible second new york city water balloon fight. >> everybody just seems to have a blast. >> next "right this minute." who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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want to bring you new details on that breaking news out of barcelona. just moments ago president trump tweeting the united states condemns the terror attack in barcelona, spain and will do whatever it ses to help. be you have to and strong. we love you. aches news has just learned from spanish police a car has hit a police checkpoint in barcelona. this could be a possible third location linked to the terror attack. that would be in addition to the crash site and a restaurant where a standoff is still underway. officials say the car plowed through a roadblock injuring at least one police officer. again, police are investigating if this is connected to the las
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ramblas attack. happening now in northern texas. heavy rains have triggered flooding in parts of the dallas-fort worth area. look at this. some streets flooded for a short time during this morning's rush hour. our sister station in dallas tell us there have been no reports of injuries, flooded homes or evacuations. more rain could come this afternoon. and new details from heyward police where someone stole and then returned love. we're happy to report this toy poodle with the name of love has been located. we're waiting to hear exactly where she was found. officers say someone stole the 10-year-old pooch in a safeway parking lot on foothill boulevard and love is the same dog whose return we chronicled after she was stolen three years ago. here's that reunion from 2014. arthur, who was paralyzed from being shot in a robbery, could not thank people enough during this reunion. he's happy to have his dog back once again. next on abc 7 news, the weekend getting closer. meteorologist drew tuma tracking
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that forecast and a live look at our east
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and at accuweather today, we've got the fog pulling back to the coast, sunshine is preparing us for a noise afternoon. the cloud cover is banked up right along the coast, but it is evaporating around much of the bay. the picture, look, i thought much of this shot, pier 15 got a nice ferry on the calm bay waters. lots of blue sky up here on that sunshine, and it's warming us up, especially us inland where
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we've had it from the get-go. concord at 66 and the current number at 13. you're starting to warm up after some morning fog. current temperature of 62 degrees in san francisco. lots of sunshine and patchy cloud cover. 80 in nap, a and 68 the high in san francisco and 81 will feel really nice in san jose. a comfortable 74 in oakland and 87, the afternoon high in concord. future tracker temperatures and fog showing you later on this evening at 7:00, a little bit fog right along the coast and many of us still dealing with clear skies, but that fog will expand a bit, and by 9:00 we're starting to see patchy fog begin to move in around the bay and temperatures in the 60s and 70s for the most part by 9:00. headed to at&t phils in town taking on the giants. clouds and sun and breezy. nothing we haven't seen before at at&t park. 61 degrees as the game wraps up by the ninth inning. overnight tonight, pretty typical forecast. fog along coast and patchy fog
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along the bay. temperatures holding in the upper 50s to lower 60s as we get you into friday. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. plan the next seven days for you. today, it's nice. it's a beauty out there. tomorrow the temperatures will start to warm a bit and by saturday very limited fog and lots of afternoon sunshine. a minor dip on sunday temperature-wise and monday the all-important solar eclipse. right now it looks like there's clouds around the coast so best bet is get as far away from the coast as possible. watch it on tv right here. >> okay. hold on for this story. >> okay. >> get ready for it. >> okay. >> hard to imagine apple employees not being excited about the new spaceship headquarters in cupertino and apparently that's the case and some are even threatening to quit over this. that's because they don't like the floor plan. apple employees are used to having their own office space. the new plan throws privacy pretty much out the window. it follows a trend that's been
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going for a while which was to keep people out of offices and put them on long tables to share. according to "the chronicle" some employees have threatened to quit over this and here's one of the reasons. because some apple workers say their fellow employees are noising eaters. when you think of a one carat diamond ring this is not what you had in mind. a
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be a powerful force. nature valley we're back with more on the breaking news situation in barcelona. police have just updated us in barcelona, and they are now saying that there is not a hostage situation going on inside of a bar and no suspects were inside. that was the information we were scene. at least one person is dead in this terrorist attack. more than 30 seriously injured. we should warn you those numbers are likely to change as the day goes on. a white van plowed into a crowd of people this morning. police say one person is under arrest in the attack. they are treating him as a terrorist. the search continues right now for possible other suspects. of course we'll have a lot more on barcelona attack come up at 4:00. plus, hollywood in the deep breeze. high-tech way to protect
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hollywood history for decades to come. and have a habit of losing your charger or forgetting to bring one with you? tricks to keep your phone and your sanity at 100%. that's tonight on "abc 7 news at 5:00. crazy story. a canadian woman is wearing her long lost diamond engagement ring after it went underground 13 years ago. >> and this happened in september of 2004, and it grew in here somehow. >> i know you're saying what am i looking at. that's mary graham who says she dropped the ring while she was weeding her garden and it resurfaced around a carrot. her daughter-in-law found it harvesting the carrots and was going to give it to the dog when she noticed something shiny. she never told her late husband that she lost the ring. instead, she secretly bought a small replacement. >> sneaky, sneaky gram. >> it's nice to know that her real ring still fits after all
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these years. all right. live your best life. have a great day.
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>> welcome to "millionaire." it's a brand-new season for us, and a brand-new home; bally's las vegas. this city is all about winning big, and i can't wait
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