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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 17, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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they must have trampled the old people. he was traveling at high speeds. authorities say a driver rammed a van into the crowd running people over before fleeing into a nearby restaurant. with police swarming the area and warning tourists and locals to shelter in lace place or away. >> i'd like to start by acknowledging the incident in barcelon barcelona. >> reporter: u.s. officials monitoring in place trump we tweeted the u.s. will be never to do whatever is necessary to help.
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investigators in spain are not saying if that's the same man under arrest. elizabeth hurr, abc news, new york. >> isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. a senior u.s. official says the attack is connected to a house explosion about 120 miles south. one person died there. spanish officials have declared three days of mourning. officials say there's no known threats to the city. the eiffel tower went dark. the paris monument has turned off its lights in solidarity after terror attacks around the world. the last time was in may after 22 people were killed at an ariana grande concert in manchest manchester, england. >> today's attack marks the nineth vehicle assault in a little more than a year claiming 129 live fls five different
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countries. the worst killed 86 people in nice, france when a tunisian man drove a truck into a crowd. five months later an attacker killed 11 pedestrian at a christmas market in berlin. that was december of 2016. in april a 39-year-old man drove a hijacked truck into crowds on a popular shopping street killing five. in june three attackeers drove into pedestrians on the london bridge. eight people died and 48 were injured. we alerted you to this broking news moments after it happened. we'll continue to send breaking news developments and any other breaking news all day long. you can help honor those by sharing this badge. you can find it on our facebook
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page. the no to marxism event is set to be held later this month. they are urging re ining reside avoid conflict and stay away. >> we're here seeing and hearing some of the groups that were here will be back. >> people that live in the city are being constantly provoked by all of these groups of people. >> berkeley police couldn't say what they might do to preventru similar rally earlier this year. there's rally against hate at uc berkeley the same day, sunday, 27th. apple is donating 2 million dollar to help lead the fight against violence fueled by hate.
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police are trying to figure out why an e aarmed man engaged a two hour stand you have by setting his home on fire. eric thomas has the details. >> reporter: first residents of the sun valley mobile estate saw this frightening sight. a neighbor's home going up in flames. >> these laces tin tinderbox. we were worried about that. >> reporter: that's the sound of livermore police shooting and killing the man who set his home on fire and then stepped out and levelled a shotgun at officers. >> the subject refused to comply and do what the officers were asking him to. the subject was shot. >> reporter: police were called
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to the home just before 9:00 last night where a man had been acting strangely and challenging people to a fight. when police got there the man was holding a gun and treated back into the house firing shots. negotiators pleaded with limb to come out. >> asked him to come out with his hands up. we know you've armed and dangerous. we want to help you. >> reporter: neighbor tom browning lives four doors down and watched the whole thing unfold from the street. he said no officers were hurt. >> they told him to drop the weapon. he wouldn't do it. he put it underneath his chin. pointed it at him and they unloaded. >> everybody is pretty shocked. we're not the perfect mobile home park around but we don't have incidents like this. >> reporter: the dead man's name has not been leased. the officers involved in the shooting are undergoing routine interviews by police and the ala mer meda county da's office. >> neighbors say the man lived in the home with his wife and dog. they were not hurt.
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the family hopes his death sends a message to the trucking industry to follow the law. investigators say the truck shouldn't have been on the road due to defective brakes. the truck driver was placed on probation for mcguire's death. 70 in oakland. 75 in mountain view. 86 in gilroy and of 65 at
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half-moon bay. napa, 83. novato, 82. here is the forecast animation. notice that for most of the night we'll see all of fog on the coastline. some new video of the fire today. this comes from sierra fire watch. so far the fire has burned three and a half square miles. it's 5% contained. city workers spent the morning cleaning up a homeless encampment. >> abc 7 news reporter live outside city hall. melanie was anybody moved today?
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>> reporter: nobody was moved and city officials say this was a routine cleaning opinion also the people that stay at this encampment were given a heads up by a few days. still people say the efforts to clean up don't go far enough. when alexis johnson found herself on the street she discovered she wasn't alone. her mother was saying at the same homeless encampment. >> it broke my heart. >> when i first saw her i was like there's my baby. >> reporter: johnson said she makes sure her seven tents are tidy. she and her mother are glad city workers stopped by to pick up debris. >> other people come and just throw their garbage out here. >> reporter: the city gave people staying here a three-day heads up requesting they separate out anything they wanted to keep from the garbage. no one was moved. neighbors who live near the
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encampment say the debris pick up is not enough. >> it smells like death. >> my kids can't play in the backyard no more because all we see is needles. >> it's a deplorable situation in the city. >> we're in a regional housing affordability crisis. >> reporter: the solution to homelessness is housing. the city is experimenting with sanctioned camps. today's pick up was routine. >> the homeless encampments are generating a will the of accumulated debris. that creates a sanitation issue for the people who are living in the encampment. >> reporter: there's been fires at encampments creating a safety concern as well. >> we want to do something find us some decent housing. >> reporter: the city's communications director tells me it's a myth that people that stay at the encampments are coming from other cities. she says that they have data that shows the people that are at these encampments have lived in oakland most of their lives. abc 7 news.
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>> thank you. two men now face criminal charges after sharing video of their daring climb atop the golden gate bridge. you're looking at that video. it went viral back in april. marin county prosecutors have charged both men with trespassing. if they miss the court date, warrants will be issued for arrest. one of those changes requires that two controllers must be on duty during late night hours when so many flights arrive at sfo. our media partners two controllers were working in sfo's control tower but one of them was monitoring the incoming flights. president trump battling with his own party. >> he has much weaker support in the congress than he thinks he does. i think a lot of it is
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self-inflicted. >> the growing fall out from the president's comments after the charlottesville, virginia racial violence. the doomsday prophesies that go along with monday's solarlecc companies are giving you warning. the high-tech way to protect hollywood history for decades to come. it's 4:11. let's take a live look at the afternoon kplucommute. oncoming traffic going to the lower deck of the bay bridge and on to the east bay. that's the usual gridlock. right side looking a lot better for folks heading out of city. back with more o
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just days away from the solar eclipse. pg&e is preparing for a power shortage. >> reporter: larry, the peak of the eclipse only lasts for a couple of minutes but this is something that pg&e has been preparing for for an entire year. the issue is how that brief lack of sunlight will impact solar power for the entire state. >> what happens is when the moon comes over and obscures the sun, these people are still using energy. >> reporter: the countdown is onto monday morning's eeclipse. it presents a unique set of challenges. >> you'll beable to see what happens. >> reporter: the real possibility that energy with rapidly drop on the state's power grid. >> we're feel like we're prepared as we can be. they expect a 2600 watt drop off
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of solar energy. when the moon crosses the sun it will reduce solar pow pow pow pw >> with the grid we're able to use hydro power, natural gas and other sources to make sure that the energy there there for customers. >> reporter: customers should not see any impact to service. just in case it will be all hands on deck. with crews ready to respond to any unexpected issues. pg&e is working closely with the state's independent operator opr meteorologists are tracking weather pattern. >> we're not expecting much impact from the weather. >> reporter: the 300,000 customers with rooftop solar panels won't see as much production. because the peak is so short it should not impact a person's power bill. >> it should be fairly typical
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august 21st day. we're expecting temperatures near normal which is good so the weather is favorable. >> reporter: the eclipse starts after 9:00 a.m. to put this into perspective, about a third of pg&e's power generated on a typical summer day comes from solar power. a couple minutes without it makes a huge difference. many of you may be asking what will we see in the bay area during monday's eclipse. >> what is going to happen in our sky? >> you'll see a big chunk of the sun as if it's like a cookie. the cookie monster has taken a big bite of that cookie. you'll see part of the sun remaining around it. that biggest chunk or the totality will only last for about two and a half minutes.
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>> reporter: took part in two space shuttle missions. he teaches engineering at columbia university in new york city. we'll be streaming the eclipse live on the website and on the abc 7 news app. you can get all the great information you need through our sources here and we got information and great stories online such as how to view the eclipse safely. we got details on the glasses that you might get. just going to give it a nudge there. all right, larry. >> i like that. a little elbow smash on the monitor there. you can't hurt it. more than half a billion dollars, billion with a b, will be up for grabs in saturday's powerball jackpot. this after nobody matched the numbers in the 430 million dollar draw. it's the 19th straight drawing without a grand prize winner. saturday's drawing worth $510 million. this is the one we've been waiting to win. we didn't want to win earlier,
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200, 300 million. that's chump change. you want to talk about lucky. a canadian woman is wearing her long lost diamond engagement ring after it kind of went under ground 13 years ago. mary dropped the ring while weeding her garden. it resurfaced wrapped around a carrot on her family's farm. her daughter-in-law found it while harvesting the carrots. she never told her late husband she lost the ring. she secretly bought a small replacement. it's nice to know her real ring still fits after off these years. >> what caused the carrot to grow with the indentation. >> it was a one carrot ring. somebody had to say it. >> he's here every night. >> well done. i don't know how much longer after that. >> you have eclipse update? >> earlier the week it seemed
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monday was going to be a partly cloudy day. now things are looking clearer and clearer. here is live doppler 7. we have lots of sunshine along the coastal areas today. even up north with the clouds seem to be approaching the coastline. there's sunny breaks. this is the view from east bay hills camera looking at sunny skies. these are our forecast features. we'll see the fog returning to the coast and bay overnight and into the early morning hours. for much of this evening it's going to be pretty clear. we'll see slightly warmer weather across the board, inland for the next two days. cooling trend develops on sunday into monday. we may not have many clouds coming in on monday. overnight, this night, look for fog coming back to the coastline. in the wee hours of morning and reaching just locally a couple of patches out over the bay. low temperatures will be in the upper 50s to low 60s. it will be a mild overnight period. the highs will range from low 60s at the coast to mid-70s
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around the bay. we'll see a few 90s inland as this gradual warming trend continues. the beach forecast indicates some breaks of sunshine but still a mostly cloudy day for mu much of the coastline. it will be mild with highs in the low to mid-60s for most beaches. it will be breezy also with winds at about 10 to 20 namilesn hour. let's look a little farther. saturday we'll see a high range of highs. pretty much the same range on sunday. maybe a degree or two cooler in some spots. we start to get some real cooling on monday as inland temperatures will drop into the low to mid-80s. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. the peak of our warming trend will be the nenxt three days.
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at this moment we're calling it a mostly sunny day. the pattern on monday will continue into the middle of the week with the temperatures dropping a bit. at the moment looks like some clouds will come in. it will be cooler than average. the skies may be plainly clear. that's when it's critical to get the good view of the eclipse. we have some sad news to pass along. we're mourning the loss of one of our own. photographer clyde powell passed away suddenly at age 63. he worked at abc 7 for 37 years. >> he was hard worker and really the consummate pro. he thrived on the freedom to be creative. it was a gentle soul who loved jazz, soft tacos and beer. >> abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman is remembering clyde this way saying the man was ageless. rough on the outside, soft
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inside and a total pro. >> indeed. david called him inventive, creative. couldn't agree more. we'll miss him deeply. we'll have more at 5:00.
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the deep freeze is coming to hollywood. studios are turning down the heat to save movies. >> reporter: the story may stand the test of time but it takes a lot of work to prevent some of hollywood's oldest movies from dispy disappearing. film decays if they are not septembkept properly. now there's way to put them in the deep freeze.
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a company called pro-tek has built the first frozen vault. the temperature inside a frigid 29 degrees. >> that's ideal to store film because the natural degradation of filling that takes place over its life gets stopped by freezing it. >> reporter: the company says it took about a year to build the vault. m managing the temperature inside is no easy task. many of the thousands of films were made in the 1950s. freezing enables producers to keep the film precisely as it was originally made. >> there's nothing yet that replaces going back to that original film element for quality and highest resolution for that content. >> reporter: these vaults are designed to hold 500,000 of the
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studio's most treasured films and television shows. pro-tek hopes other studios will realize the value of freezing their archives. it's been a big year for actress emma stone. the 28-year-old is the highest paid actress of the year bringing in $26 million. that's pre-tax dollars. she won a best actress oscar for the film lala land. guess who is number two. jennifer aniston is second with 25.5 million. jennifer lawrence sits in third place. american idol is coming to abc 7 this fall. audition will be held in oakland on sunday. the american idol bus will be in jack square giving you the chance to be a star. you don't have to wait until sunday. you can audition online right now. we have a link to the
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application at potential candidates need to be 15 years old. ready for anything. >> we train every day. we're always our readiness. >> the north korea threat may have eased but troops and politicians are not backing down. from magazines to monuments fp growing
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. isis claimed responsibility for the terror attack in barcelona spain that killed 13 people. neither was the driver of the van that drove up onto a crowded sidewalk today. president trump and other elected officials are condemning the attack. the president said the u.s. will do whatever is necessary to help. house minority leader nancy pelosi wrote terrorists will not break our spirit. she said the u.s. stands with barcelona. paul ryan tweeted pure evil this barcelona. we send our prayers to the victims of this horrible attack. president trump tweeted criticism of two republican senators and others are casting a grim view of his support in
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congress. >> reporter: you know this week we have seen democrats, republicans and business leaders calling out president trump. today he fired back taking aim at his own party further isolating himself within the republican party. president trump quick to condemn the terror attack in barcelona. a car barrelling into a crowded area. still facing backlash over refusing to do the same when a car rammed into a crowd in charlottesville, virginia. >> i think there's blame on both sides. >> reporter: the president equating the white nationalists and neo-nazis in charlottesville with those protesting their racist views. today trump going after members of his own party who called him out. tweeting calling arizona senator jeff flake flake jeff flake who is weak on crime. lindsey graham falsely stated that
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equivalency between the kkk, kn neo-nazis neo-nazis and people like miss heyer. the people of south carolina will remember. lindsey graham responding because of the manner in which you have handled the charlottesville tragedy, you are receiving praise from some of the racist and hate filled groups in our country. for the sake of our nation, as our president, please fix there. >> there needs to be some radical changes. i think our president needs to take stock of the role he plays in our nation and move beyond himself. >> reporter: in the wake of the car attack in charlottesville, the president said he waited to respond to get all the facts. in the case of barcelona it was a couple hours before president trump spoke out denouncing the terrorism there. >> president trump dropped two advisory counsecils this week.
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now we're hearing word about a problem with a third council. what can you tell snus. >> the president announced plans to abandon his lans for an infrastructure advisory council. it's the third such industry council to be impacted this week. all of this coming with the backlash over the president's response in handling of the charlottesville violence this past weekend. the white house saying that council was still being formed and will not move forward. back to you. >> you can see the political fall out on the covers of magazines. this is the latest issue of the economists showing president trump using a kkk hoods as a megaphone. art work for the next new yorker can called blow hard showing the president blowing into a sign with the out line of a kkk mask. time magazine released this an bhags the words hate in america. the imagery shows an american flag shieldsing someone in a
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flag pole ornament that looks like it's giving a nazi salute. 20/20 will air a special report on extremist groups that are being fueled by the political climate. it's called fractured america. con ffederate monuments are being removed. it highlighted san diego as the western perm of the plan jefferson davis highway. a hollywood forever cemetery removed a six-foot confederate monument erected wac in 1925. p. suspects accused of vandalizing a confederate
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monument appeared in court. she's one of seven people facing charges for bringing down the statue of the a confederate soldier on monday. a few dozen people rallied outside the courthouse in support of those arrested. north korea nuclear threats are topping the agenda. secretary of state, rex tillerson and jim matto the best of my recollection -- mattis are hosting their japanese counter parts. this comes as north korea put its plan to fire missiles to the u.s. territory of guam on hold. american forces in guam say they are prepared for whatever happens. >> we train every day. we're always our readiness and that makes us ready to fight. we have this power projection right behind us.
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is the eclipse a sign of things to come? the doomsday prophesies plus. i have to squeeze the water out of my hair and drink it. >> an amazing story of survival. a woman lost in the woods fr weeks finally home. we're looking at mostly sunny skies now. i'll give you a look at viewing conditio
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workers insea world they say are heartbroken over the death of a second or ca in a month. she had been battling lung disease for many years. she's second from the right in this photo. one of the last orcas to come to sea world from the wild back in 1978. her death follows that of 3-month-old orca last month. for the first time the woman who survivored nearly a month in the wilderness is sharing her story with ab >> reporter: she may be in pain but she is counting her blessings. lost in the alabama wood r for
4:40 pm
nearly a month police think she could have lost 40 pounds eating berries and drinking puddles of water to survive. >> if it rained, i had to squeeze the water out of my hair and drink it. >> reporter: it was last saturday a passer by spotting what she thought was a dead animal. called 911. >> what's your emergency? >> i just passed a road and there's lady came up out of woods. she's naked and she's been sick. >> it was unbelievable. when i saw the road, i couldn't believe it. it was so happy. >> reporter: the student disappeared on july 18th. police say she was with two men she recently bho lly met who ar burglary charge who is are breaking into a cabin but police are not saying how she got from their company to the woods and she says she doesn't remember mump of it. >> there's people that are really responsible for what happened to my daughter. it's not going to go unanswered.
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>> there's so much trauma. it blocks it out now i'm home again with my family and just relaxing and resting up. it's coming back little by lit. >> reporter: she was doing in court for a disdemeaner charge but the case was dropped last week was a she was presumed dead. police are still investigating calling her story sad a heartwarming. nearly everyone is talking about monday's much anticipated solar eclipse. we'll talk about it right now. i'll step back. it begins at 9:01. it will reach totality at 10:15 a.m. it will end at 11:37 a.m. this will be quite a morning of sky watching. let's take a look at area where is you'll see the best of the eclipse. you'll see 100% coverage or 100%
4:42 pm
eclipse of the sun. here in the bay area we'll see about 75% of the sun eclipse. that's still going to be something amazing to see. let me give you a look at what we expect the sky conditions to be like. our forecast animation shows monday morning will have a few thin high clouds around. not much to abskur the view of the sky. this is how the forecast models are showing it now. as the eclipse begins after 9:00 a.m., just patch of thin, high clouds giving way to clearer skies. if this pattern holds up, we should have a wonderful view. we'll have sunny skies. warm through the weekend. cooling down a bit early next week. can't wait for monday morning. lots of people excited about monday morning's eclipse. could there be more to it. >> i totally believe this is warming from god to the united states. >> the doomsday prophesy
4:43 pm
surrounding the solar eclipse. the national park service is giving
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not everybody is gearing up to watch. some believe the eclipse means the end of the world is near. i wonder what would make them think of that given the events the past couple of weeks? abc news reporter has details. >> reporter: four astronomers and many eclipse watchers. >> seeing one is truly a life changing experience. >> reporter: the total eclipse on august 21st means thog more than an extremely rare occurrence of the moon casting a shadow on the earth. for decades people have believed a total eclipse means doom. >> wasn't just a threat on the sun or the moon. it was a threat on the whole universe. this was a reversal of what ords life was supposed to be. >> i think the solar eclipse is huge. >> reporter: pastor mark bilks believes this total eclipse, the first in 99 years to cross the united states is a spiritual message. >> i totally believe this is warning from god to the united states that we need to repent as
4:47 pm
a nation or judgment will be coming. >> reporter: he's not the only one who believes it. david mead says the eclipse signals the end of the world. what if the end of the world didn't have literal meaning. traffic in the eclipse zone could be a disaster four times worse than a normal day. rooms are going for a thousands dollars a flight. fake eclipse glasses were sold and with the sky doing gark fda solar energy out puts can take a hit. we all know that will signal a real doomsday for hundreds of thousands.
4:48 pm
nasa says if planet x was real and headed for an encounter with terts, astronomers would have been tracking it for the past decade. >> so don't worry. >> i'm not worried. if you want to worry, worry. >> abc 7 news will have extensive coverage including live, local reports right before abc special coverage that begins plon monday at 10:00 a.m. the national park service is reversing ban on the sale of disposal water bottles in our part. >> it was meant to prevent piles of plastic bottles left behind in the parks. michael finney is here with more on that story. >> this has ticked off environmentalists. i think we'll be really hearing from them. some say it's a good idea to sell waters. others say it's encouraging litter. the policy was adopted back in 2011. this allowed park to stop the sale of disposable water bottle. it was hent to prevent a glut of
4:49 pm
plastic bottles visitors were leaving behind. the bottles are counted for nearly one third of all garbage found in the grand canyon. the agency says water is a healthier option for staying hydrated. parks will still provide free water bottle refills and promote free recycling. federal shorts will shut down a fraudulent work at home scheme. the federal trade commission sued companies like work at home university or work at home program. they posted online ads claiming customers could earn thousands of dollars with very little effort. it says the company took payments in exchange for information and leads for home businesses. however, the ftc says none of the advice led to high earnings as promised. a judge temporarily halted the operation today. the ftc is asking for a
4:50 pm
permanent shut down. the agency warns against paying for jobs that promise riches in return. the trump administration today eased up on for profit colleges that failed to meet minimum standards for job placement for its students. betsy devos made it easier for colleges to have violated the standards to win their appeals. they also now have 14 months to appeal instead of six months. in 2015, you may remember was shut down under the weight of state and federal investigations. authorities accused them of targeting low income students for programs to failed to educate them. consumer groups are accusing the wlous of g white house of cutting rules meant to protect those students. i want to hear from you. my hot line is open monday through friday from 10:00 to
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2:00. you can reach me through my facebook page and on thank you. >> if you're looking for something fun to do this weekend, we've got you covered. >> jessica castro from abc 7 mornings with ideas from our partners at hoodline. >> mamamia. there's so much to do this weekend especially if you love italian food as much as i do. head to north beach this saturday. the free event is a traditional street festival for the whole family. it's saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. it's on stockton street. the street will be closed off for festivities.% >> you're going to feel like dancing. you will smell grilled sausage just like in italy. you'll hear people speaking italian. >> the live music kicks off with a tribute to frank sinatra you won't want to miss. watch an expert pizza toss by a 12 time champion. grab a slice. did you know you can slice ice
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cream and roll it up? roll up creamery and cafe is on 16th street. they will celebrate the grand opening this weekend. if you're not necessarily the event type but want to do some exploring, find the wishing tree. it's sure to feed the soul and make you grateful for your blessings and maybe even compel you to set some personal goals. the wishing free is adorned with hundreds of colorful papers. each one with a wish. they range from i wish for world peace to things like i hope to be a rock star. find the hoodline s wishing you a happy weekend. you heard of pop up restaurants but one this new york is really making waves.
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the cheetso restauraauranaurant already sold out. the waiting list is more than 1,000 people. there are, what do you think, cheetos meat balls. >> that could be okay. i know other who is are crazy for cheetos. >> crusted fried pickles. >> that sounds horrible to me. >> the restaurant opened yesterday and will close for good tomorrow. it sounds fun. >> if you're a cheetos person this is appealing. change coming to the aids memorial grove. >> it's a story that must be told. >> the story that will now be told in golden gate park.
4:54 pm
dan is here with what we have coming up at 5:00. >> thanks very much. lawmakers says she heard enough. her crackdon on sexual harassment at silicon valley. the smart train gets a start date. we'll have the latest. stress on the first day of school. why there's more of it than
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the aids memorial grove will add another circle of name. this will include those with hemophilia who died of aids after receiving tainted blood. families say this is long overdue. >> reporter: located within the national aids memorial grove, a new circle is being built. >> the space will have a seated bench. it will be all minnesota limestone that matches the rest of the memorial. >> reporter: it will be called the hemophilia memorial. the name of those with the blood disorder who died of aids will be in the stone. >> the community and the tragedy that befell them as a result of the tainted blood supply is a
4:58 pm
story that must be told and in many ways it is forgotten. >> reporter: she lost her son to aids more than 20 years ago avenue receiving years of treatment for hemophilia. >> there was always such a stigma years ago. we were left abandoned. when our children died there was no organization. >> reporter: the community came together to pay for this memorial. >> there's so many families like mine that can now have place to put their child's name or their family member's name and remember and tell their story proudly. >> reporter: on september 16th, that memorial will be dedicated. it will start out by having 100 names and more will be added as time goes by. that community no longer wants to live in the shadow of this tragedy called aids.
4:59 pm
>> thanks for joining us at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. the van started speeding out of nowhere. >> that van plowed into a packed summer crowd in spain more than a dozen are dead. man hunt for the killer tonight still under way. beefing up the police presence on bart. the $10,000 incentive to make trains safer for passengers. >> taking care of an embarrassment in oakland. all aboard in the north bay. the smart train gets a start date. there's a smoecommotion and every one was running. >> they shut everything down. people running.
5:00 pm
the sirens echoed for what seems like hours. memories of the carnage will last much longer than that. the victims flew into the air and there was a tidal wave of people running for their lives. >> here is the latest of what we know following today's van attack in barcelona. at least 13 people have been killed. more than a hundred others were hurt. two suspects are in custody. the suspected driver remains on the loose. >> this map shows barcelona and a city to its south where one person died in an explosion. police believe the two incidents are connected. >> it's tragedy that's stunned onlookers and triggered response from leaders around the world. >> reporter: terror in barcelona as a van plows into people on a crowded street. the cell phone video shows the immediate aftermath of the take. you can see several people on the ground. the area where this attack occurred is a popular


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