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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 17, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the sirens echoed for what seems like hours. memories of the carnage will last much longer than that. the victims flew into the air and there was a tidal wave of people running for their lives. >> here is the latest of what we know following today's van attack in barcelona. at least 13 people have been killed. more than a hundred others were hurt. two suspects are in custody. the suspected driver remains on the loose. >> this map shows barcelona and a city to its south where one person died in an explosion. police believe the two incidents are connected. >> it's tragedy that's stunned onlookers and triggered response from leaders around the world. >> reporter: terror in barcelona as a van plows into people on a crowded street. the cell phone video shows the immediate aftermath of the take. you can see several people on the ground. the area where this attack occurred is a popular tourist area.
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witnesses remember the terrifying moments. >> must have been doing 80 to 100 kilometers per hour. traveling at high speed. there were people flying through the air. >> reporter: earlier report of a hostage situation proved to be untrue. they believe this was a terror attack. president trump joined other world leaders in condemning the event saying the united states condemns the terror attack in barcelona, spain and will do whatever is necessary to help. be tough and strong. we love you. several students from the bay area are in barcelona and safe. >> two to go to school and play basketball. they were in their hotel and saw what happened right outside their window. the coach just posted this video. >> people mad scramble. car, van driving through. literally looking out our window. we won't show you pictures but
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horrific sights. several fatalities within eyesight of our hotel room. we're all in good shape. all our party and players are accounted for. >> grand canyon university basketball team is in barcelona. two players are from the bay area. both graduated in monroe catholic high school. >> the team was on its way to play a game outside of the city when they heard news of the attack. >> back here in the bay area, san francisco police say they have increased their presence around landmarks. they also know of no threats. >> a local restaurant owner spoke to her aunt in barcelona. her son acted as an interpretor as we talked about the tragedy. >> it's one of the most famous
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streets in barcelona and the world. there's so many tourists there every year. it's very disappointing to see so many people die, innocent people. >> the restaurant contains many mementos. >> we alerted you to the attack moments after it happened this morning through the abc 7 news app. we'll continue to send breaking developments on this and any other breaking news. > you can help honor nose who died by sharing this badge we created. you can find it on our facebook page. the effort to make bart safer. a new police chief promised to reduce crime on a system that seen an up tick in violent attacks in recent months. before that happens, he first has to hire more officers. laura anthony is live in berkeley with bart's aggressive new recruit. strategy. >> reporter: this is not just a bart problem. police agencies here and across
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the country, some have experienced a drop in applications by as much as 90%. bart is trying to solve its problem by putting incentives including money on the table. bart police are on a mission to fight a growing crime problem and it starts with recruiting more officers. more than three dozen to be exact. >> we currently have roughly 39 vacancies. >> reporter: that's why bart police chief brought his focus and his recruiting team to this event in san francisco. a job fair specifically designed for those who have recently served in the military. >> we're very interested in those that have served this the military. we do believe that there's a self-discipline regardless of what they did in the military that really is conducive to becoming a bart officer. >> reporter: violent crimes on bart have surged 41% in the first five months of this year compared with the same period last year. at the same time, the system has seen a steady decline in the number of people applying for
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its police department. there were just 750 applicants last year. compared with nearly 3,000 in 201. >> i love their program. i love everything they're about. >> reporter: after four years in the navy, john told us he is interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement. specifically, with bart. >> i've been motivated with the crime that's going on with bart. i'm the type of person that likes to help people. >> reporter: starting pay at bart is about $5600 per month plus benefits. there's also a $10,000 bonus for academy grads of officers with prior experience. laura anthony, abc 7 news. it happened as he pushed his infant son in a stroller. today the alameda county
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sheriff's officer announced they arrested 25-year-old pablo mendoza, brandon follings and 26-year-old valerie boden. all have been charged with murder. a right wing rally coming to berkeley has city officials out. city hall is urging residents to avoid conflict and suggesting people stay away. crews this oakland cleaned up huge homeless encampment today. sky 7 flew above the scene where tense furniture and other items were being loaded onto dump trucks. this happened near the 24 and 580 interchange and 27th street. the camp runs along both.
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no one was forced to leave and city hall says it was a periodic clean up. those living there, some for years now, tell abc 7 news this doesn't happen very often. in fact, they say they have come plaped abo -- complained about illegal dumping and feel ignored. >> i don't like dirty places. i can't live like that. i'm already homeless. i can't live dirty too. it's just not in my blood. i see people dumping garbage around here all day every day. >> about 2,000 people sleep on oakland streets every single night. in the north bay tonight residents finally have a date when smart will begin full paid rail service. abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman has been asking about the launch date for months. he joins live now from the transit center. >> reporter: this is going to be good. this is the first time we'll have commuter service in marin
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county in 60 years. they announced the date service will begin. it will be a week from tomorrow and then that will be free. then until labor day. fares will be half priced. you'll pay full fares from $5.75 to $11.50. one way for the full trip. some would say it's been on a long trip already. >> august 25th at 12:56 p.m. it's railroad. we're perfect. >> reporter: when we shared that information with some residents this morning, they didn't quite believe it. >> i won't hold my breath. >> there complexity of this when it comes to public safety is enormous. it's not a quickie. this is not about quickie. >> reporter: it was 2002 when
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voters approved sales tax funded railroad stretching from cloverdale to larksburg. construction began in 2012 and testing more than a year ago on this transit system built from scratch for roughly half a billion tlars. it's had growing pains. >> we ran over 2,000 positive train controlled tests. over2,000. when we gave them the report it was over 5,000 page report. >> reporter: the federal railroad administration went over it line by line. >> i'll challenge anybody that can show me. >> reporter: abc 7
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kevin durant said he won't visit president trump at the white house if the warriors are invited. he made the announcement in his hometown today. the star forward told our sister network espn that he won't go to the white house because quote, i don't respect who is in office right now. durant hinted that other warriors could follow his lead saying quote, i know hi guys well enough. they all gragree with me. the warriors fvisit the capitol february 28th. the so lar event has pg&e ready for anything. >> it may identify areas where we have highly loaded circuits. an evening into the day. what happens when a local high school delays the bell? we're still in warming trend but get ready for some changes but get ready for some changes
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the total solar eclipse is still four days away but people are pouring into oregon to see it. abc news tweeted this video of a seemingly endless line of traffic ledding to the community northeast of bend. local officials say a million people are projected to visit state of oregon to see the eclipse. the eclipse has pg&e preparing for a potential power shortage. abc 7 news reporter explains to us what this means for customers. >> what happens is when the moon comes over and obscures the sun, these people are still using energy. >> reporter: the countdown is onto monday morning's eclipse. a natural phenomenon that presents a unique set of challenges for pg&e. >> we'll see what's happening. >> reporter: the reality possible that energy will
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rapidly drop on the state's power grid. >> we feel like we're prepared as we can be. >> reporter: spokesman expect a 2600 megawatt drop off of solar energy. when the moon crosses the sun it will reduce solar power by 75% in the bay area. pg&e does have a back up plan using state of the art grid technology to replace what's lost. >> with the grids we're able to use hydro power, natural gas and other sources to make sure the energy is there for customers. >> reporter: customers should not see any impact to service. just in case, it will be all hands on deck in the operations room. tracking service areas in circuits with crews ready to respond to any unexpected issues. pg&e is working closely with the state's independent system oerter or iso to find replacement sources. meteorologists are tracking weather pattern. the 300,000 customers with roof top solar panels won't see as
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much production. >> it should be fairly typical august 21st day. we're expecting temperatures near normal which is good so the weather is favorable. >> the eclipse starts at 9:00 a.m. >> abc 7 news will have extensive coverage of the great american solar eclipse including live local reports right before abc special coverage which begins monday at 10:00 a.m. a scathing report tonight about state prisons. the california state auditor is blaming high suicide rates among inmates on failed leadership at the state department of corrections and rehabilitation. california's prisons had an average suicide rate of 22 per 100,000 inmates from 2005 to 2013. correction officials say they take the responsibility to
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revent inmate deaths seriously and they say the number of suicides have dropped with 17 this year. sta state lawmaker wants to introduce legislation to forbid sexual harassment between investors and female entrepreneurs. such behavior is already barred under the blanket in the civil rights act. jackson wants to amend the act to specifically name investors and start up founders too. abc 7 news reporter explains there's some confusion as novato joins a nation wide trend to start school a little later in the morning. >> reporter: a new school year, a new alarm clock wake up time for high school students. >> what time did you set the alarm clock for?
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>> probably 7:00. >> whoo tiat time in the past? >> 6:30. >> i could probably feel the difference if they were exactly like right after each other but since there was the summer, i really can't tell the difference. i can't feel the difference. >> i feel more refreshed. i feel ready. last year we had a start time at 7:10. >> reporter: that's the goal of the the new 8:00 school bell for teenagers to get the late morning sleep that research shows they theeds. change is hard especially for working parents. >> it's not going to help. i need to get to work. >> kids with afterschool activities point out this gets them to bed later. >> everything is later. we don't get home until like 9:30. >> reporter: the vice principal expects this will take some getting used to. says classes are full today and he has seen a lot of bright
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spli smiles. >> there's questions about car pools. you have parents with kids all over town and trying to work out those kinks like everyone. i think overall it's been a positive experience. >> reporter: there was some confusion on this first day of the later start. some kids forgot about it. they had to go to the office and be redirected. overall administrators say they think the transition went rather smoothly. hi there, everyone. check out the marine layer right now. it's compressed. it was deeper the last couple of days. now it's only about 1,000 feet. it's going to be limited in coverage for your morning commute tomorrow. it's deaf thfinitely going the the foggy side. pretty mild around mountain view. san jose in the 70s. from santa rosa to napa we're looking at 70s, 80s.
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the highs so far today in the mid-60s to the low 90s, as you check out live doppler 7, there's a little bit of fog along the coast and a live picture right now from our santa cruz camera. it's a beautiful day in santa cruz. you can see some people are out there still enjoying the beach. here is your forecast. fog at the coast and bay overnight. we are looking at cooler conditions on solar eclipse monday. make sure you download the abc 7 news app and actually keep track of this partial solar eclipse your can stream us live in case you're not able to watch it. you can always watch it online. partial solar eclipse begins at 9:01 monday morning. the moon will pass in front of sun. it takes place at 10:15. we'll see about 75% of the sun eclipse. the best viewing is going to be places like salem, oregon where it will be totality come monday. really for the bay area we're going to get a pretty good view
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as long as you find the right spot. 75% coverage here locally. we'll have to take you into the cloud sky cover forecast. you'll note shades of red and yellow indicating clouds and sun or overcast skies. overcast primarily near the coastline. i understand l places like the south bay but right around the bay it's going to be a touch and go situation with partly cloudy skies and still remaining overcast across parts of the coastline. 10:15, weather conditions begin to improve during that maximum eclipse time period. i think most you have might have a pretty good view here to check it out. make sure you plan accordingly. we'll keep track of it and get that to you. hour by hour forecast 7:00 tonight some fog near the cost as we head towards the morning commute. the fog will expand near the beaches and push in locally inland for the commute time.
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fog will sit around near the coast but the rest you have will be seeing sunshine. tomorrow morning when you get going, visibility will be poor in spots. we'll go 82 in san jose. 81 degrees on the peninsula opinion upp. a little breezy at times like today. in the north bay we'll go with low to mid-80s from is a ta rsa to napa. head inland and you'll be up into the low 90s a lot like today. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. mild to warm for your friday. temperatures mid-60s to low 90s. we'll do it for saturday, sunday. it is cooler on monday. low 60s to upper 80s. temperatures will come down a little bit more midweek before we start to see some changes.
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getting serious and getting desperate. we visit one store where people are stocking up for the solar eclipse and finding out what to do if they can't get what they need. that story
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rjts uber is allowed to keep its riders from filing lawsuits against them. today's ruling could have larger impact on at base companies and agreements where consumers weighed their ability to sue in exchange for access to the app. it's not always to easy to keep track. >> michael finney is here with more on some tips.
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>> tie them to my arm. >> how many time vs you been on vacation, did you bring your charg charger? >> the worst. at the airport trying to buy them. >> for like $40. the complications can generate a lot of frustrations. here are dos and don'ts to keep it to a minimum. in this mobile age, power is key. >> i have a charger for my wireless headphones, ipad. >> i have a teenager and my husband that have a thousands gadge gadgets. the wires are never ending. >> reporter: experts suggest taking charge of your chargers. start by skipping inexpensive chargers. >> at the very least they can forge your warranty and they break. they can short out your device and start a fire. >> pay a little more for charger approved by the manufacturer. the ul symbol means it's met certain safety requirements.
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you're less likely to lose the charger if you bring the device to them, rather than the other way around. if you take cords with you, things like the handy wings encourage you to wrap the cord the same way every time. that repetitive bending can weeken the fragile wire inside and damage it over time. the best way to keep your cord healthy is actually to ball it up randomly and stuff it in your bag. tell people michael finney in consumer reports made you do it. when you're home or where you can make sure you use a power strip with a built in surge protector. that can really cause you -- keep you from having a lot of grief. when we come back, remembering a man who helped us bring the news and l
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coming up tonight, we'll have the latest on the terror attack in barcelona. plus an eyewitness describes a bizarre stand off in livermore. >> michael finney helps out a couple with car trouble. their vehicle was stolen and it got worse from there. >> find out how a local tech company will get customers to save energy automatically during monday's total solar finally we're sad to report that a dear friend and colleague died unexpectedly in his sleep
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two nights ago. >> he worked on the other side of the screen but tonight we want him to be where you can see him. >> reporter: for 37 years, clyde powell brought you much of the video you saw each night. it was a terrific photojournalist and beloved member of our family. he was a total pro covering stories around the world and here. he was also a total crack up. we teased each over mercilessly over the years. he had relationships with everyone who worked here. born and raised in corning, california. he graduated high school in 1971. here is his yearbook picture. after college, clyde worked in radio before getting into television where he spent four decadesing a adventures and telling stories through the lens of his camera. our dear friend was 63 years old survived by two brother, a sister and a niece and nephew.
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tonight, breaking news. as we comet on the air in the west. the deadly terror attack. new reporting at this hour. more than a dozen dead, and now more than 100 injured. a van jumping the curb, tearing through a crowded tourist spot in barcelona at speeds of 50 miles per hour. families running for cover. tonight, one suspect is dead and now the urgent manhunt for possible accomplices. our correspondent on the scene. president trump under fire. tweeting today against the removal of confederate statues, calling them, quote, beautiful. the severe weather threat at this hour. more than a half dozen twisters already. the system moving east. and the three tropical systems just in tonight. one now a named storm. the possible track that would affect the u.s. the surveillance out tonight of an inmate escaping.


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