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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 18, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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consulate. an american was wounded in the attack. so far, they have not id'd that vm. you can help honor those who died by sharing this badge only our abc7 news facebook page. >> it's 4:30 on a friday. we want to get right over to sue for alexis smith because there's a major issue unfolding on 680. >> we start your friday morning with a traffic alert. and it is a sig alert. it's southbound 680 at marsh view. what happened, at about 10:00 last night, a big rig caught fire near marshview, and this is the result of that. a hard closure in place. they're diverting traffic off as a detour. let's take a look at video of the fire last night and crews. it started trees on fire. all lanes had debris for a while. this is southbound 680 in benicia at marshview. sig alert in effect. they don't expect this to be open until 6:00 this morning. here's drew with a look at your weather. >> good morning. outside we go. we've got that typical overcast and the exploratorium camera
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showing you the skyline of san francisco right now. gray overcast overhead and it's going to quickly burn back to the coast. here's the 12-hour day planner. if you liked yesterday, you'll like today as well. by noon, sunshine for most away from the coast. by 4:00 in the afternoon, mild to warm. very similar in terms of temperatures. maybe a degree or two warmer today than yesterday, but all in all, a pretty seasonable day out there. >> thank you so much, drew. back to our barcelona coverage. as people mourn the victims, there are also people here in the bay area nervously watching the events overseas. >> we're hearing from a group of california men who recently flew to barcelona. we have that story. >> at spain's consulate, a bouquet of red roses is placed by the window. the universal symbol of love on a day marked by terror and death. in san francisco, there is mourning as well. >> it was kind of hard at the beginning because i spent a lot of time living in barcelona. two years ago, and it's
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something that it's difficult believe that something like that happened in your city. >> mark works at b-44 bistro. managers posted this message on facebook, saying we cannot believe what happened today. our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families, and the people of barcelona. meantime, four young men from the bay area traveling in barcelona right now reached out via skype. they're with a group, and they admit, they're worried about their safety. >> we were actually on that same path where the van plowed through, literally two hours before. we have pictures of us there. very fortunate that things played out for us the way it did. and that nobody was hurt. >> the catalon regional government has confirmed citizens from 24 countries were among those killed or injured during the attack.
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abc 7 news. >> at&t says it will waive or credit any charges for calls and texts made by its customers from the u.s. to barcelona in the next couple days. >> cities across the world use their landmarks to pay respect the victims. one world trade center in new york lit in red and yellow, the colors of the spanish flag. >> in toronto, the city lights sign also red and yellow this morning. government leaders say there are no reports of canadians among the victims. canadian prime minister justin trudeau says his nation stands ready to help spain. >> paris, the lights are often turned off after terror attacks, including the one in iran in june and the concert bombing in may. we'll have a lot more on the attacks throughout the morning, and you can get updates any time with the abc7 news app. police arrested three people in connection to the shooting of a hayward man killed while pushing his child in a stroller. 29-year-old daniel del toro was
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shot and killed on july 19th. he was pushing his infant son in a stroller in unincorporated neighborhood. there are two suspects. investigators think this shooting was gang related. well, at the live desk, we're keeping a close eye on the situation in charlottesville this morning. the city's mayor planning a major announcement about the robert e. lee statue. it was the removal that sparked the white supremacist rally last night. the mayor plans to talk about the legacy of heather heyer today. she was run over and killed whd a driver plowed his car into a group of people marching to protest the rally. the mayor will also address public safety. >> happening today, the berkeley city council holding an emergency meeting to stop a planned right-wing rally promoted for next weekend at civic center park.
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the mayor says no one has tried to obtain a permit for it yet. the police department will have extra officers on duty. city leaders are concerned about confrontations between the rally supporters and counterprotesters. >> obviously, we have concerns based on other events that have happened here. what we're telling people is the safest thing to do is stay away. >> the emergency ordinance would let the city manager issue rules to control or stop unpermitted events. the council will meet at 3:00 p.m. >> a man who resigned his position at a popular berkeley hotdog spot after being spotted at the rally insists he's not a white supremacist. in a blog post, cole white said he attended the event because it was billed as the biggest right leaning event of the year. white rights, portrayal over the social and the mainstream media has been inaccurate, biased, and completely unjustified. tonight, 20/20 will air a
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special on extremist groups called fractured america, extremist in the streets. it aired at 10:00 p.m. tonight. >> alameda police investigating after a synagogue was vandalized. pictures taken. you can see the broken windows that have been boarded up. a congregant who posted these pictures says the vandals knew they targeted a jewish institution because jewish symbols are displayed on the property. it's not yet called a hate crime. >> the north bay smart train has finally received the green light. full passenger service will begin a week from today. the federal railroad administration just gave final approval to the system's positive train control. that is designed to automatically stop train physical it senses a potential crash or problem. smart will run 34 weekday trips and ten weekend trips between santa rosa and san rafael. >> that smart train news is great news for communitiers from santa rosa to san raff yet, but we start off your friday with a
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sig alert near marshshoe. this happened last night around 10:00. a big rig caught fire, and first it didn't think it was that serious, but then it continued on to burn some trees along the side of the road, and chp closed everything down at about 10:15, 10:20 last night. this has been in effect all night long. so traffic is now stacked up. that's a hard closure. we have a detour in place, but you see delays here, and the only real good alternates for you to take, 80 and back around towards 780 to get into downtown benicia. they're estimated this to be open at 6:00 this morning. meanwhile, here's drew in for mike. >> hey, there. we're tracking that morning cloud cover for some. live doppler 7 along with satellite, that patchy cloud cover around the bay, thicker along the coast at this hour. live doppler 7 giving you the active speep. right now, no moisture on the map. outside we go. 50s and 60s. good morning, we're at 59 in san
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francisco. 62 in san jose. the same in concord. 58, san ramon. napa, 57. future weather, let's get the hour-by-hour forecast on this friday. later on this morning, cloudy along the coast. fog breaking up along the bay. inland, warming to the 70s from fairfield, antioch, san jose, 71 degrees. later on this afternoon, a few degrees warmer today than we were yesterday, with spots inland getting close to 90 degrees. highs today, on your friday, 67, san francisco. about 82 the high in san jose. 89 in concord. oakland from clouds to afternoon sunshine. 74. 82, napa. ukiah warm with a high of 93. guys. >> thanks so much. everyone will be looking to the sky during next monday's solar eclipse, but pg&e engineers will be watching computer screens instead. they plan to keep your electricity flowing when the sun goes dark. >> a fire in yosemite threatening homes. and we're heading to break at 4:38. there's a live look outside at
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there's a live look outside at the bay bridge
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we're back with you at 4:41. a family finally knows what happened to a vacciville man who vanished almost 26 years ago. he was last seen in oakley before he dispeered in september of 1991.
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investigators working a cold case were able to use new fingerprint technology to identify a previously unidentified body found in the sacramento delta. it's still not known how he died, but investigators say he was not murd. >> the skipper of uss fitzgerald and two top skippers will be relieved of duty because of a mistake that led to a collision in june. seven lost their lives when it destroyed with a container ship in the middle of the night off the coast of japan. a dozen of the crew could face administrative action. the report details the heroism that saved the lives oall but the seven sailors. >> crews are trying to take advantage of higher humidity and cooler weather to slow the threat of fire burning in yosemite national park. the big battle is keeping the flames from closing in on the town. firefighters are working to guide the flames deeper into the wilderness and away from the community near the park's south entrance, and now you're looking at new video from the fire from
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sierra fire watch. so far, the south fork fire has burned about 3 1/2 square miles. it's just 7% contained. >> happening today, meteorology students will be testing out their equipment ahead of monday's solar eclipse. they're taking part in the solar eclipse radio sound project, joining students from 13 universities around the country. the students will study how the atmosphere responds during the total solar eclipse. yesterday, students were teaming up with students from the oregon coast community college and newport. monday's solar eclipse has pg&e preparing for a potential power shortage. >> alyssa harrington explains what it means for all of us. >> when the moon comes over and obscured the sun, these people are still using energy. >> the countdown is on to monday morning's eclipse. a natural phenomenon that presents a unique set of challenges for pg&e. >> we're going to be able to see exactly what's happening. >> the real possibility that energy will rapidly drop on t
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state's power grid. >> we feel like we're prepared as we could be. >> they expect a 2600 mega watt drop off of solar energy. it will reduce the solar power by 75% in the bay area. pg&e does have a back-up plan using state of the art grid technology to replace what's lost. >> with the grid, we're able to use hydropower, natural gas and other sources to make sure the energy is there for customers. >> customers should not see impact to the service. just in case, all hands on deck in the operations room. tracking service areas and circuits with crews ready to respond to any unexpected issues. pg&e is also working closely with the state's independent system operator or iso to find replacement sources. meteorologists are tracking weather patterns. >> we're not expecting much impact. >> scott says the 300,000 customers with rooftop solar panels won't see as much production, but because the
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peak, which starts add 10:15 a.m. is so short, it should not impact a person's power bill. >> there should be a fairly typical august 21st day. we're expecting temperatures near normal, which is good. the weather is favorable. >> the eclipse starts just after 9:00 a.m. alyssa harrington, abc7 news. >> abc7 news will have extensive coverage of the great american solar eclipse, including live local reports right before abc's special coverage that begins monday at 10:00 a.m. david muir will anchor the special report. right now, we have sue hall who has been looking at some traffic problems this morning. >> unfortunately, yes. good morning to you. we hig alert in effect for this friday morning. it actually began last night at 10:00 with a big rig fire. this is southbound 680 near marshview. traffic is backed up now to gold hill road. we are seeing significant delays. there is a detour in place. let me suggest another way to get around this. from 80, you can take the columbus parkway to lake herman
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road to get past this. and that may be a good alternate for you at this time. traffic along that route does not look too bad. estimated time of opening for southbound 680 is not until 6:00 this morning. they're waiting for a front loader to get debris out of all lanes. once again, sig alert in effect, and southbound 680 is entirely shut down at marshview. here's drew with a look at your weather. >> good morning. let's get you to monday morning. the forecast for that partial solar eclipse we'll see here in the bay area. the cloud cover right now will get you into the 9:00 hour. that's when the eclipse will begin. first contact as the moon crosses the sun's plane. we have a cloudy coast of clouds, and right now, as the max eclipse happens at 10:15, this model suggesting we'll have cloud cover around the coast. your best bet, get as far away from the coast as you can and you should have some good viewing conditions to see the event. out there right now, 59, the current number in san francisco.
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60, good morning in fremont. 62 in concord. 57 in napa, and 57 at gilroy. highs today, 67, san francisco. 74 in oakland. nice this time of year. 82 in san jose. 84, santa rosa. 91 in antioch. the call overnight tonight, less in the way of fog. cloudy along the coast, but just patchy fog around the bay. accuweather seven-day forecast. let's plan the next seven days. really a steady pattern through the weekend. by monday, temperatures will dip, and the solar eclipse will have coastal cloud cover. we stay cool for august through the extended forecast, guys. >> all right, thank you so much, drew. more than 70 schools in the oakland unified school district will serve students free breakfast and lunch this school year thanks to federal programs that focus on providing students in high poverty areas free meals. in the last four years, the number of oakland schools qualifying for the program has gone from 5 to 73. the first day of school is on monday. the 17-year-old high school student from uruguay is $10,000 richer thanks to his computer
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programming sparts and google. ezequiel discovered a security bug in google's app engine server and sent his findings to google. they responded with great catch and rewarded him with a cash and rewarded him with a cash prize. >> you can audition online or right now. we have a link to the application on you have to be at least 15. >> they were in portland yesterday. the same tour, and it was an enormous crowd. >> i bet. >> i'll be curious to see what oakland has. speaking of oakland, time to play there. how you can unleash your inner child at one of the city's most popular playgrounds. >> and a man who saved up pocket change thought he was out $3,000. years later, he has some of it. the thief with a conscious and a
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heart. >> plus, can the secret to controlling your appetite come in a shell? first, this morning's tech bites. >> in today's tech bites, a new safety feature for iphone users. >> a setting will make it easier to contact emergency services. if you tap the home button five times, an option to call 911 will pop up. >> your streaming service bill soon may be going up. >> more states and cities are looking into taxing s fees to amazon, netflix, and hulu. those taxes could add up to more than $50 a year. >> and mcdonald's sent the tech world into a frenzy. the fast food chain sent out digital coupons with what appeared to show the iphone 8, which has not been unveiled wret. >> turns out the image was a rendering from a tech reporter rendering from a tech reporter that mcdonald's ended up
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lgbt advocated are calling for more representation in california school books. they held a public hearing yesterday to get input on what changes should be made. the lgbt community showed up in force to express their desire for more significant and positive presence especially in history books. >> we have a promise in the united states that we are all created equal. that means equal representation. that means equal treatment, so that means equal treatment, so we have to keep true to that.
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>> researchers find that walnuts activate an area of the brain that controls hunger and cravings. the harvard medical school study used an mri to study the brain when people in the study ate walnuts, they found one part of the brain lit up. participants said they felt less hungry. it's the 1st time a study has shown the impact that walnuts have on our brains. >> what about walnuts and chocolate. or sprinkled on my ice cream. >> happening today, adults can unlease their inner child at fairyland. from 7:00 to 10:00 tonight, the park will host a dance party, puppet shows and other attractions. two drinks are include in the $30 price. you must be at least 21 with a valid i.d. puppet shows.
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all right. >> i can get through any puppet show with two drinks. hi, sue. >> good morning. true that, right? we're headed back. problems in benicia. this began last night at 10:00 with a big rig fire. all lanes still remain closed. the chp has issued a sig alert. and there's really no time at this point. they thought 6:00. now it looks like the garbage truck and cleanup, it may take longer. we'll follow that for you. meanwhile, 80 to it looks like i believe columbus parkway would be a good bet for you. clu columbus parkway to 680 southbound because at this time, all lanes are blocked in the southbound direction. heads-up there, delays expected. traffic back to gold hill road at this hour and the commute hasn't really gotten under way. that's the big problem this morning, otherwise, traffic is fairly light. let's check weather with drew. >> let's talk temperatures on this friday morning.
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starting out with patchy fog in spots. clouds on the coast. let's take you to the south bay. san jose, 62 right now. same thing in santa theresa. 63, that current number in mountain view. the wider picture showing you a mixed bag. 50s and 60s. bodega bay, 54. at 60, alameda. 62 in curt 58, the current number in danville. let's walk you through the next three days. today, mild to warm. we'll have high clouds streaming in from time to time. we'll call it mostly sunny. saturday and sunday into the weekend, the pattern holding stidy. limited mornay fog. 70s around the bay, and 90 in the warmest spots inland. enjoy the weekend, guys. >> thank you, drew. a southern california man had a water jug containing thousands of dollars in coins stolen two years ago. >> then, in a twist to the story, he received an apology letter in the mail a few days ago, along with $1300 in cash. bill had been filling that bottle for 25 years. and estimates that it had $3,000
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to $4,000. the family kept the water jug of loose change in the garage. one theory is nat a delivery man spotted the change when the garage was open and snatched it. >> gives me the chills now that someone could be so convicted that they would feel the need to pay a restitution like that. and i kind of feel for the person. i don't on one end that they stole from us, but fact they were so convicted, it must have laid heavy on someone's heart. >> a handwritten note yorb you don't see that often. he said he's not interested in finding out the identity of the thief and has forgiven the person. you never know. >> you never know. that's true. we're tracking two major stories this morning. at 5:00 a.m., the search for the terrorists behind the attack in barcelona. there are new developments. >> and gunfire rocks a quiet san jose neighborhood. we're live with what we're learning about the victims. >> a live look outside. a look at the embarcadero. we'll keep your traffic conditions and weather on the screen throughout the break.
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it is coming up on 5:00 a.m. breaking news in san jose. one man is dead, another hurt after a shooting in the city's japantown. >> matt keller live near where the shooting happened on east
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taylor street. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. the mobile crime scene unit has left the scene in the past half hour since i last saw you. but the investigation continues here on taylor street. police say a man walked up to a group of men in front of the taylor street market over here and fired two shots, hitting two men. both were taken to the hospital. one died at the hospital. police say the other person is stable. one person has been detained. investigators are trying to see if that person was involved in the shooting. here's video from overnight of the search taking place around the scene. they're looking in the neighborhood east and south of the area just to make sure there are no suspects hiding in this area. police say it doesn't appear like there's a relationship between the shooter and the vctims. a festival with food trucks and music was being held from 5:00 to 9:00 last night. the shooting happened at 9:30. no word on if the victims were at this event. >> we canvas for video and we


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