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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 18, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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a chaotic scene last night in neighborhood near japan town. >> i heard gunshot and i wasn't sure if it was fireworks but after that i heard another one like shortly after and i heard somebody scream. >> reporter: two men were shot outside the taylor street market. both were off duty oakland firefighters who had just joined the department in april. they were out with three fellow firefighters attending a gathering inside the gordon beers brewery. this shows them performing cpr on their fallen friends. >> one of the victims was ultimately pronounced deceased at the hospital a short time later. the second victim sustained non-life threatening injuries. he's expected to survive. >> reporter: the firefighter has been identified as 30-year-old jake walter. police canvassed the neighborhood on foot and by air. they interviewed witnesses and did yard to yard search. that led to the capture of the 27-year-old oliver juinio of san
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jose. >> the suspect at some point fled the scene. witnesses there gave a good description, direction of travel where he went. we were able to locate him in the neighborhood nearby to the rear of a residence. >> reporter: homicide detectives collected surveillance video from nearby businesses. they are hoping it leads them to a motive. police aren't sure why the firefighters in plain clothes were attacked. >> i've never heard of anything so violent happening here. it's just scary. >> reporter: juinio has been booked for murder and attempted murder. he's at the santa clara county jail. >> thank you. abc 7 news was in oakland as jake walters fellow firefighters as long with police and city officials came together to grieve and support one another. they say it's really hard to lose one of your own especially when it's not to a fire but because of an off the job danger that you can never expect.
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>> we don't really think about the hazards or the chance encounters that you might have off duty that could lead to a similar outcome. you're right. this took us completely off guard. >> both walter and the other firefighter who was shot graduated from the same firefighter class this past spring. i want to take you back live now. sky 7 in san jose where a procession for the fallen firefighter is just getting under way. we're going to zoom in right now and try to get a closer look here. you can see the start of the procession at the top of your screen, at the very top. friends organized the they are asking anyone who wants to show their support to join them there around 6:00 tonight. a bay area man has been confirmed as one of the 13 people killed in yesterday's deadly truck attack this barcelona spain.
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>> the family of 42-year-old jared tucker says he was one of the victims. abc 7 news reporter live in walnut creek where he grew up. >> reporter: as you can understand it's every family's worst fear that a loved one's traveling and they find out there's a terrorist attack and they are caught up in one. that's what happened with jared tucker's family. his dad, who lives in walnut creek told me that his son was traveling with his wife to celebrate their first anniversary. a trip that took them to paris, venice and ultimately barcelona. they had just finished enjoying drinks with a close friend and started to take a stroll. she stopped at a souvenir souver as her husband left to find a restroom. no more than a minute after he left there was screaming and yelling and sirens and crying and everybody was running.
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>> reporter: she ducked into kiosk as police chief forced her out further away as she tried to find jared. she ended up at an emergency center where his name never showed up on a list of survivors. >> heidi got neat otified to co in. the fbi is involved. >> reporter: jared tucker's father says the family is in shock. he says jared grew up in walnut creek and went to ygnacio valley high school and manages the family's business. he settled down and has three teenage daughters and a stepson. >> he had a magnetic personality that drew people to him. we've been getting calls from his friends from all over the place expressing their con do lens to us. >> reporter: the father told me his one consolation is those
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photos you saw that his son sent soon before that terrorist attack that his son was happy in those. reporting live in walnut creek. leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> if you would like to remember the victims you go to the spanish consulate. officials say they will open at 9:00 monday morning for the public to come by and sign a condolence book. you can also honor those by sharing this animation. the san francisco mayor's office continues to push back against a planned right wing rally at crissy field that's scheduled for next saturday. they fear it will attract violent elements to the city. kate larsen spoke to the mayor and police chief about guns at the rally. >> reporter: crissy field is federal property and a federal
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law allows people to carry loaded guns in national parks. that has a lot of people concerned that demonstrators will show up here to this very family friendly park armed with guns much like what we saw in charlottesville. i asked the mayor and the police chief how they are handling this sensitive situation. >> people are coming in here to threaten violence. >> reporter: mayor ed lee said he is concerned about weapons. >> the latest group that's indicated online and in other places that they are going to come is this oath group that is known to carry arms in a very public way. >> if it's not safe event, we can shut it down. >> reporter: that doesn't heen there won't be guns. you can't have a concealed carry permit in california. they say they have been working
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with the parks service this week asking them to re-evaluate the rally permit and create conditions meant to keep the public safe. >> there are conditions that can with placed in a permit to prohibit weapons within the permitted space. >> reporter: the golden gate national recreation area did approve the permit but they haven't issued it to the rally. they say they will make their final decision by the end of next week. coming up at 6:00, we'll hear from a professor who is an expert on hate and extremism about the increasingly violent rallies we're seeing all over california. many of which do involve white nationalists. >> thank you. we'll see you at 6:00. a vigil will be held at 7:00 tonight at temple israel of alameda. officials say somebody threw a rock at windows as well as the front door. there's surveillance video and police are investigating that. the board president said it will
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not let hate win. >> for the person who did this, i send prayers to you because you need more information. you need to be educated in who we are instead of throwing rocks at us. we need to have a conversation. >> police have said it's not being classified as a hate crime, at least not right now. temple leaders say they just met the night before the vandalism but talk about their security plan in the wake of other national events. another white house shake up. steve bannon has resigned as chief strategist. the resignation was effective august 14th, exactly one year after he joined the trump campaign. the former executive chairman of breitbart news clashed with most of the other top officials in the white house. we'll have much more on bannon's resignation coming up at 4:304:0
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we have a few clouds at the coastline. weather is quite active. we have an outbreak of thunderstorms there up and down the central sierra. this is how it looks from our rooftop camera. 66 degrees here at san francisco. 69 across the bay. we have 73 at mountain view. 79 at san jose. 82,gilroy. 645 at half-moon bay. 80 in santa rosa. 82 in nvato. 88 at fairfield, concord and livermore. here is what we can expect tomorrow morning. forecast animation shows a bit of low cloudiness and fog developing around midnight an continuing to hold onto the early morning hours about 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. or so. by midday we'll see the fog pulling back to the coastline giving us a hit of sunny skies and a warm weekend. i'll have a full forecast coming up. federal sergeaagents raided
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of an apartment building as part of a drug case. hazardous material teams dealt with items seized from the building. drug enforcement and i.c.e. agents were looking for a powerful painkiller. they closed several blocks while experts dealt with potentially hazardous chemicals. a fire drove ten people from their home in pacific heights. the fire department tells us one person suffered nonlife threatening injuries. investigators are looking into what sparked the fire after 11:00 this morning. a shark has washed up on a northern california beach. there's new questions about what happened because of what's missing. i've not had a total solar eclipse cross the continue innocent in over 100 years. >> you know the eclipse is coming. the unusual move by some communities to keep people safe. friday afternoon traffic. as you might expect. this is the sky way in downtown
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san francisco. it is jammed up bumper to bumper, 2 to 5 miles an hour in both di
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back live now. sky 7 live in san jose where a procession for fallen firefighter jake walter is just getting under way. if you missed the story at the top of the news s, he's the oakland firefighter shot and killed after an altercation broke out. two people were shot. the other firefighter is hospitalized and his name and condition at this point are unknown.
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>> you can see a wider view of the procession there now. they are heading to chapel chapl mortuary. they are ask anyone who wants to show their support to join them around 6:00 this evening. just under two hours. moving onto other news. we're only days away from the great american eclipse. we want to make sure you and your family are ready to do so safely. >> final american city to see the eclipse. magg maggie. >> reporter: 38 years ago was the last time americans got to see a total solar eclipse. on monday, we're all going to want to look up at the sky. if you do, remember to do so safely. on monday, you're going to want to look up at the sky because nearly every one in the u.s. will get quite the show. >> we have not had a total solar eclipse cross the continue innoce -- continent in over 100 years.
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>> reporter: full totality is something special. >> there's nothing like it. it's tenfolds better than a partial. >> reporter: path of totality will sweep across the u.s. starting in oregon and ending here in south carolina. no matter where you are, if you plan to look up at the sky, you have to be careful. >> at about 30 seconds to a minute on and off. >> reporter: fred was 15 years old whep he watched the last eclipse without safety glasses. in that short amount of time fred suffered permanent eye damage. >> both eyes eclipse burns. basically what is that? it's like a flash photography. you see that little swirly thing after the flash. i see it all the time. >> reporter: cindy hall works the department of science and math at the college of charleston. she aid said the first step make sure glasses are made by an approved manufacturer. put them on and enjoy the show. you see the partial eclipse happening. put them on.
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>> put them on. >> enjoy, enjoy and then when totality happens. >> you can take them off and view the corona without your glasses. only time you can ever look at the sun without glasses. >> reporter: if you plan on making the trek to totality whether it's here in charleston or anywhere across the country. pack your car with water, nonperishable food items and a flashlight with extra batteries. larry and ama. >> we understand some cities are declaring a state of disaster. what does that mean and what will allow these cities to do? >> reporter: it sounds sort of scary, a state of disaster but it's a preventative measure. cities are able to bring in extra security and extra help. for some of these small towns and cities that are expecting a million visitors to oregon, doubling the size of the city here in charleston, that can gon
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a long way. >> thank you so much. wow. windy there where she is. eclipse watchers are crowding portland international airport. the airport expects 17,000 cars to get rented in just three days. that's the same number that usually get rented during an entire week in portland. folks may encounter long gas lines across the northeast because of eclipse watchers flooding the area. the eclipse is only three days away. the abc 7 news team has been busy putting together the information you need to no to enjoy this rare event. >> reporter: the abc 7 news app and website both have a landing page for all things solar eclipse. we're constantly putting up new
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stories. a georgia engineer has warning for all of us. his eye suffered permanent damage after he looked into a sun unprotected during a 1972 partial eclipse. >> stared at it about 30 seconds to a minute on and off. both eyes kind of looking like this and like this. >> you don't want to be doing that. in another abc 7 web and app exclusive, we asked abc 7 meteorologist why this eclipse is so special and here is sandy's answer. >> it's so cool to see the moon actually casting a shadow, taking a bite out of the sun. that's the thing that's so fascinating to me. i will be watching as many of you will be as well. >> reporter: we'll all be watching. abc 7 news also has a link to some common eclipse misconceptions that nasa wants to clear i. some say if you're pregnant you should not watch an eclipse. ama, are youlistening? it can harm your baby. that's not true.
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any food preprayared during the eclipse is poisoned by radiation. that's also not true. the abc 7 news facebook page is also a great resource. we have this badge. you're welcome to share. that's a great visual for the time line of monday's eclipse. you can see 10:15 is the maximum eclipse for us here in the bay area. all great information. again, totally safe for you to watch. as long as you have the glasses. protect your eyes. >> thanks. then that leads us to the question, what's the weather going to be like? >> i have a little forecast animation i'm going to show you. we have good visibility now but it's early. our current temperature range goes from 63 degrees at half-moon bay to some 70s around
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the bay. 74 at hay ward. up in the north bay, 81 at novato. on we go. this is the view at santa cruz beach where skies are clear. folks are enjoying the beach weather. these are our forecast features. we'll see fog near the coast and bay overnight. it will be mild to warm the next two days and partly cloudy cooler for solar eclipse monday. overnight conditions will look like this. we'll see low clouds at the coast. low temperatures will be in the upper 50s. tomorrow's highs will range from mid-60s at the coast to upper 80s and low 90s in the warmest inland locations. our beach forecast for tomorrow shows morning clouds with some sun in the afternoon. a bit of a sea breeze about 10 to 20 miles an hour. temperatures mid 60 but 71 down at santa cruz tomorrow. let's take a look at the days ahead. sunday afternoon we'll have the
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same range of highs as we can expect tomorrow. the seasonal range up to 90, 91 in the warmest inland locations. eclipse cooler. temperatures will drop about three, four five degrees from the levels we'll see inland on sunday. then on tuesday, it will start to warm up again. let's take a look at our forecast animation for eclipse monday. in the early morning hours, monday before most of us are up, we'll see low clouds expanding and a few high clouds will drift over parts of the coastal communities. right out over the golden gate. as the eclipse begins about 9:01, we expect to see the clouds thinning out, moving away giving us pretty good viewing conditions. pretty clear view of the sky during the late to or mid to late morning hours. at this point, thing s can change. at this point we're optimistic about viewing conditions for the eclipse monday morning. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. a few clouds and cooler on the
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eclipse monday. mostly sunny on tuesday. warming up to the summer spread by midweek next week. we're continuing to watch all the forecast models just to see what changes may develop. right now we're still optimistic about good viewing conditions on monday morning. >> good. >> thank you. a warning from san francisco mayor ed lee as students head back to school this month. what you need to look out for. mark zuckerberg is taking time off at facebook. where is he going? what's he doing? we'll explain. auditions will be held this oakland on sunday. the american idol bus will be back giving you the chance to be a star. you don't have to wait until sunday, you can audition online now.
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we're getting a look at facebook's plan for augmented reality. take a look at the company's pa tent application for ar glasses.
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a wave guide display would project light onto the wearers eyes. the glasses could display images and video and work with connected speakers or headphones. ceo mark zuckerberg is preparing to go out on paternity leave again. they are expecting their second child at the end of the year. he posted this picture of his first daughter on facebook today. how cute is that. look at that dog. the dog is adorable. along with the announcement about his i coupcoming leave. he said i'm looking forward to bonding with our new little one and taking max on adventures. he's planning to take two months off. adding facebook offers four months of paternity and maternity leave for its employees. drivers are being warned to slow down with school starting up. mayor ed lee and police chief bill scott talked about safety
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initiatives. officers will conduct a child pedestrian and bicycle safety operation. the speed limit is 15 miles an hour. >> make sure you watch out for small children entering oir crosswalks. often times they forget to look both ways. it's up to us to add that extra safety blanket. take that extra moment to make sure we look out for our little ones. >> chief scott said there's been a 50% drop in traffic fatalities. officers have given out 68% more speeding citations. the fourth in the past month. >> i think the toleration of advice steve bannon is inexcusable. >> steve bannon is out now. what that means for the white house. a bay area man is among the dmed th dead in that terror
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here are stories making headlines. a procession is under way for a firefighter who was killed in a double shooting last night. jake walter died despite life saving efforts from the other firefighters he was with.
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police have a suspect in custody. we have a live look at the procession. they are heading to the chapel in oakland. they are asking anyone that wants the show support to join them there around 6:00 p.m. tonight. a union representing oakland firefighters say with a heavy heart we can confirm two of our firefighters were shot in an unprovoked incident. an east bay man says his son jared tucker was one of the people killed in a barcelona terror attack. the man hunt continues for the driverer. more witnesses are talking about the chaotic moments. abc news reporter is there live with more. molly. >> reporter: good evening. that's right, more than 24 hours after the attack police have put out a wanted poster including four pictures of the suspects. all are moroccan born. the hunt is on for remaining
4:31 pm
members for what sources call a terror cell. >> woni want to acknowledge we e received and confirmed the death of one american citizen. >> reporter: one american now confirmed dead. jared tucker from northern california traveling with his wife heidi. >> it was screaming and yelling and i just ended up further and further away without my husband. >> reporter: more than a dozen others also died and over 100 people wounded in the last 24 hours in at least two attacks here. authorities saying the victims are from more than 30 different countries. this is the bloody aftermath of the first attack yesterday striking in the heart of a european city. shortly after 4:00 p.m. in barcelona's neighborhood the street was filled with tourists. >> we heard screaming like an amusement park. there was a wall of hundreds of people running at us. >> reporter: they say it was absolute chaos. a white fan hopped the curve and swerved into the pedestrian
4:32 pm
boulevard. >> i saw bodies flying in the air and i immediately said calm down. you have to get out of here. you're going to get killed. it was hundreds and hundreds of people. >> reporter: escaping not easy. the van speeding down this path in red at 50 miles an hour traveling 1,000 feet before coming to a halt. the front of vehicle smashed. >> terror is all you can see this people's faces. that's the part i won't forget is the look on people's faces. >> reporter: the look on people's faces very different tonight. there are memorials set up on that pedestrian tonight spain joins its neighbors. >> what's the sense on the ground there. is there still a sense of fear or people coming together? what's the emotions? probably a lot of different emotions actually. >> reporter: a lot of different emotions. i was say shaken but defiant. we did see a moment of silence
4:33 pm
this morning. after that everyone processed down the pedestrian pathway where the attack happened here in barcelona right in the city center. people did visit those tonight. we see so frequently that strangers want to mourn together. the city is definitely on edge. people are nervous but it is healing. larry. >> molly hunter, thank you. security is being stepped up in finland after two people were stabbed to death. authorities say it's too early to describe the incident has terrorism but the possibility hasn't been ruled out. six others were hurt in the attack. the man ran to a nearby square and stabbed more people. he was shot by police and being
4:34 pm
treated for his injuries. steve bannon's departure marks the fourth major resignation from the trump administration in the past month. we have the layest reaction from washington. >> reporter: it's the fourth hay j -- major shake up in the trump administration in many weeks. all the president's original men are out. in the last month press secretary sean spicer resigned and reince priebus. anthony scaramucci resigned and steve bannon. the announcement days after president trump wouldn't admit to saying whether he has confidence in bannon. >> he's a good man. he's not racist. i can tell you that. he's a good person. he gets a very unfair press in that regard. we'll see what happens with mr. bannon. he's a good person. i think the press treats him very unfairly. >> reporter: many close to trump had been privately urging him in recent weeks to fire bannon who fought with several people
4:35 pm
inside the white house including trump's son-in-law jared kushner. news of his departure comes amid ongoing backlash against trump's reluctance to denounce white supremacy and neo-nazis by name in the wake of the violence in charlottesville. before joining forces with trump bannon was best known for running breitbart news. an inflammatory alt-right cite with producing racially charged headlines. >> i never said down with steve bannon and said are you a white nationalist but i think the toleration of it by steve bannon is inexcusable. >> reporter: the dnc released a statement on steve bannon's departure saying there's one less white supremacists in the understand chan-- doesn't change man sitting behind the resolute desk. >> it's not just bannon leaving. another advisory committee seems to be making up. 16 of 17 members have announced their resignation.
4:36 pm
members cited the quote false equivalence of president trump's comments about last weekend's unite the right gather in charlottesville, virginia. the president has left many sides. we want to show you just released pictures showing james fiel fields. he is facing murder charges in the death of heather heyer. he deliberately ran his car into a crowd of people. at least 19 others were hurt. heyer's mother told good morning america she has no interest in hearing from president trump. she said she is angry because she believes the president equated people like her daughter with white supremacists groups like the kkk. tonight abc 20/20 will take a growing look at the rift between americans and the extreme right and the extreme left.
4:37 pm
abc 7 anchor add tom what he's uncovered. >> what are we going to reveal tonight by looking at this program? what am i going to find out what these groups are doing and where they came from? >> you learn what both groups want but you realize most of america is not like these groups. most of americans who protest donald trump or love donald trump are not part of these groups. these groups are growing. they're on both coasts p they are in small towns and recruiting on college campuses. >> you can watch the special 20/20 fractured america extremism in the streets at 10:00 tonight. surprising twist. why smog might actually have an unusual benefit. if you don't have your eclipse glasses, it may already be too late. what you can do to protect your eyes. i'm still taking your questions on twitter and
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facebook. post them with the hashtag ask finney. i'll answer in a few minutes. i'm spencer christian. we see a few fingers of fog moving out over the bay. we'll have sunny weekend. what about eclipse weather for monday? i'll have your forec
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an era ended for nasa when the space agency launched its tracking and communications
4:41 pm
satellite. >> we have liftoff. >> an unmanned atlas 5 rocket blasted off in florida. it carried the 13th satellite and critical network for nasa. they linked controllers on the ground to the international space station and hubble space telescope. sunday will mark the 40th anniversary for nasa's twin voyager spacecraft. it's traveled 11 billion miles from earth. each spacecraft plays a gold plated copper. scientists say they could last between 1 and 3 billion years possibly out living civilization as we know it.
4:42 pm
>> spencer will still be here. he's in great shape. by monday morning many of us will be looking skyward. those glasses required for safe eclipse watching are getting harder and harder to find. the gift shop is sold out as our shops at the dr. armando is taking his goggles north to oregon. glass you plan to use are rated number 14. >> it looks brilliant. it's brilliant. you can see the circle of the sun and you can see a little bit of the aura or atmosphere of the sun and the corona and without any damage to the eye. >> the doctor and the weldser that we spoke with wanted us to warn you not to take any -- that's -- he's safe. don't take any chances.
4:43 pm
you could easily damage your eyes. one way to take that out of equation is check out abc 7 news. we'll have extensive coverage of the great american solar eclipse. live local reports before abc special coverage that begins monday at 10:00 a.m. david will anchor abc special report. we're all talking about the eclipse so let's continue. it begins at 9:01 a.m. that's on monday. as you follow the moon moving between the earth and the sun casting its shadow and blocking out the sunlight we'll see the sun. 75% eclipsed here in the bay area. a little bit to our north viewing might be more spectacular. up around issalem, oregon, it wl be 100% of the sun eclipse totality. here in the bay area about 75%. it's still going be a spectacular site to experience. if you're going to see it, you need to have the proper equipment.
4:44 pm
how will the viewing conditions be on monday? here is a look at our forecast animation. notice during the early morning hours leading up to the beginning of the eclipse we'll see low clouds forming along the coast and a few high clouds. during the mid to late morning hours we expect the clouds to thin out. they may hover at the coast but we expect it to be mostly clear. we should get really good view of the eclipse and once again a safe view, i hope. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll have a mild remainder of the week. >> thank you. an unusual benefit to pollution. the new study that says in a strange way it could help keep you cooler. i'm michael finney, bit coin confusi confusion. are
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i know this might be lard to believe but smog, could it be good for you? there are some benefits. >> reporter: tour is coming to
4:48 pm
l.a. take in the sights of the downtown skyline and what the area is known for. hollywood and its iconic sign but that's not all. >> traffic and smog. >> there's crazy traffic. it's very smoggy. >> reporter: the air quality today compared to decades ago is a big improvement. sg you couldn't see anything but black clouds with gray clouds or dark clouds. >> reporter: all that air pollution may have kept ptemperatures lower according t scientists in pasadena. >> it reflects sunlight back to space or they absorb sunlight in the atmosphere but both of those prevent the sunlight from getting to the surface of the earth. dr. meeka tuska studied weather. she says temperatures have risen this the last 15 years as the amount of air pollution has been reduced.
4:49 pm
>> it hid some of the warming. >> reporter: it sped up global warming in the south faster than other parts of the u.s. and the world. >> i have asthma. i'm okay. time now for >> first comes from ray who asked what should i do if i don't get my license plates in the mail? >> you got to be a little patient with this. the dmv can take some time. they are getting them done at about three to four weeks now. you should call the dmv to verify they issued the plates. if you haven't received them your application. there's no charge for
4:50 pm
replacement plates when the original ones are mailed and not received. >> okay. >> make sure they understand that. >> eric from richmond asking should millennials be investing this bitcoins. >> they are really popular. the worth is really going up but it's still too soon to tell the long term benefits, if there are benefits. it's probably better to stick to stocks and bonds unless you're a expert. >> there's this thing called crypto currency now.
4:51 pm
i can't come close to understanding how that works. >> i do not understand how it works. there's more than just those two. there's others out there as well. you better know what it is you're doing. >> cheryl from oakland asks i had a gift card for $50. when i tried to use it the balance was zero. the front of the card has an expiration date of 2022. i never looked at the back. i was charged $5 a month for nonuse. is this legal? >> you have to be very, very careful which cards you buy, which ones you gift. most gift cards sold by retailers cannot contain an expiration date or service fee including a fee for non-use. there are exceptions. if the remaining value is less than five bucks and the card hasn't been used for a couple of years then they can charge you a use fee of a dollar or less per month. gift cards issued by national banks and that's roebl what they are talking here are allowed to
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expire as long as the expiration date is printed on front or back of the card. that's how people get caught. report your question, 10 to 15 seconds long. use the hashtag ask >> i'm going to give you a card and charge for non-use. five bucks a month. you may have watched one of the many tv recent shows examining the o.j. simpson case. now there's a pop up museum that's fascinated americans for decades. the former e skate in l.a. and spent years collecting o.j. >> squeeze the juice where you play o.j.'s defense team and try
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to drain him of money. there's o.j.opoly. >> i don't know. you can find a trivial pursuit game. the pop up museum closes on tuesday. it will music, food and drinks. tickets are $30 and proceeds benefit ferry land to help keep admission fees low and support outreach programs. a shark has washed up on a beach. what has authorities concerned about what's missing from this shark. coming up next, getting ahead of any potential trouble. the steps berkeley city leaders want to take to prevent another all out melee like this. also the growing concussion
4:54 pm
problem in girl sports especially soccer and cheerleadering and the demand some parents are now making. finney's friday free stuff. michael has something to sip and something to snack on. those stories and
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in santa cruz county a
4:57 pm
juvenile white shark ashore lanight, somebody hacked off one of its fins. >> beach goers were dwuisturbedy the discovery. >> reporter: for the second time this year a white shark was found stranded this monterey bay. >> there's been a lot of shark sightings along santa cruz coast. i was curious to why it washed out. >> reporter: the animal was thrashing last night. by this morning the shark's first dorsal fin had been cut off with most of its teeth removed. beach goers expressed their shock. >> the fact it's illegal and someone would do that and they could be selling it somewhere around here. >> reporter: according to a local expert the female shark which had severe cuts to its head may have been hit by a boat propeller. it's unclear if the animal was already suffering from a disease prior to dying. scientists will look into that
4:58 pm
in the coming weeks. fish and wildlife officials have now taken the shark back to their lab. those who came to see it on the beach say they are disappointed that somebody would do more harm to an animal that was already suffering. >> the long run it's a dead animal. just leave it alone. if anything give it to science. >> reporter: shark fins can fetch up to thousands of dollars on the black market. chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> officials are looking for surveillance video to see who may be responsible for tampering with the shark's remains. a baby flamingo is finding its way. they posted this video of swish. he was baabandoned as an egg. those booties are so he won't hurt his feet on the hard ground add he takes daily walks to develop his leg strength. >> he's cute.
4:59 pm
>> absolutely. >> little booties. thank you for joining us. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. next, the terror in spain hits home. a bay area man killed in barcelona. new information on how jared tucker found himself in the path of that attack. also. >> took us completely off guard. >> mourning in oakland. a firefighter shot and killed. sky 7 captured a moving show of respect. the steps city leaders want to take to prevent another all out melee like this. i'm not angry so much as i don't understand it. my wife's in shock. >> an east bay dad tries to come to terms with the loss of his son believed to have been killed in yesterday's terror attack in barcelo barcelona.
5:00 pm
>> thanks for joining us. the number of people killed in tw twin terror attacks in spain is 14. >> one of those killed, 42-year-old jared tucker. he was on a delayed honeymoon with his wife one year after they were married. leslie brinkley is live where tucker grew up. >> reporter: dan, i've been talking with jared tucker's family. his dad here in walnut creek told me his son was celebrating his first year anniversary on this amazing trip he was taking to europe for the first time. they started in paris, went to venice and barcelona where he was a victim of a terrorist attack. >> jared has the most magnetic personality of anybody you'll meet. >> reporter: they just finished enjoying drinks and started to take a stroll.


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