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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 18, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> it has been approved, but not issued. >> the mayor's office is worry the event will attract violence and similar concerns across the bay in berkeley. >> live team coverage from both cities. let's begin with kate larsen in san francisco with a look at the possibility of guns at the rally. kate? >> yeah, dan. it is a big concern because chrissy field is federal property and back in 2010 congress enacted a law that allows people to carry, open carry guns in national parks. but that law does not apply in california. the demonstrators are going to show up here armed, much like what we saw in charlottesville, virginia. today i spoke to the mayor and the police chief about how they're handling this issue. >> people are coming in here to threaten violence. >> reporter: mayor ed lee says he is concerned about guns and other weapons at the right wing rally planned for august 26th. open carry is not allowed in california and supersedes
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federal law in this instance. >> the latest group that has indicated online and in other places that they're going to come is this oath group that is known to carry arms in a very public way. >> in california alone, since the december 2015, we've had two dozen violent public political demonstrations. >> reporter: professor brian leaven with the study of hate and extremism at cal state says many rallies have involved white nationalists. he recommends police keep opposing sides separate and help create laws against tools of violence. >> no masks, no sticks. anti-masking ordinances and laws are very important so we can identify people who feel emboldened by their anonymity. >> if it's an unsafe event, we can shut it down. >> reporter: san francisco police chief bill scott has been working with the park service to create conditions, meant to keep the public safe. >> there are conditions that can
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be placed in a permit to prohibit weapons within the permitted space. >> reporter: but that doesn't necessarily mean there won't be guns. you can have a concealed carry permit in california. reporting in san francisco, kate larsen, abc 7 news. berkeley council members are considering adopting an emergency ordinance to try to keep people safe during two protests scheduled for august 27th. not everyone is onboard. abc 7 news reporter continues our live team coverage from civic center park in downtown berkeley. leeann. >> within this park police can enforce pretty much anything they want, including confiscating weapons. but that authority does not apply to sidewalks, for example. or the streets during a protest. berkeley wants to change that now. the emergency ordinance would give berkeley's city manager the authority to allow police to enforce regulations, including
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confiscating weapons on the streets of downtown berkeley on august 27th. two protests are scheduled on that day led by a right-wing group no to marxism in america and a counterprotest will take place just a few blocks away. >> this is a tool. another tool that we believe we should give our law enforcement to be able to able to effectively keep our community safe. >> reporter: police took away homemade weapons found inside the park. if the ordinance passes, now police will be able to confiscate them on the streets, as well. not everyone in liberal berkeley agrees with that plan. >> this is a manufacturer crisis and our city manager is using it and using the shock doc to try to push through additional powers that she should not have. >> reporter: but this uc berkeley professor who just moved here from charlottesville, virginia, supports the ordinance. >> the people who showed up in my former hometown of charlottesville are violent fascists. they don't care about laws.
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they don't care about whether you're able to bring weapons to a place or not. the police need to be there to enforce the safety to the public. posted this on her facebook. we do not start the violence. period. if attacked, we attack back. but never first. the mayor of berkeley is concerned that other, more violent groups may join both protests. in berkeley, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. the growing riff between people on the right and left of political spectrum. tom llamas arranged a meeting between the alt-right. >> i'm lacy. i would prefer not to shake your hand. i don't think anyone has sympathy for people who are actually actively advocating for policies of genocide. you would like a white homeland and, to me, that says genocide. >> you can watch the special 20/20 fractured america,
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extreempism in the streets at 10:00 tonight followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. developing news out of spain and the two deadly van attacks that injured more than 130 yesterday. surveillance video from inside a barcelona museum captured video of the van that mowed down. outside you can see people scattering as it barrels down the walkway. >> saw bodies flying in the air and i immediately said, calm down. you have to get out of here. you're going to get killed. it was hundreds and hundreds of people. it was packed. >> authorities say the assayants drove a second vehicle ramming into a car and killed one person. four people have been arrested. they believe the driver of the van attack in barcelona is still at large tonight. and spanish authorities say citizens from 34 different countries were among the dead and injured, including one american from the east bay. abc 7 news reporter leslie
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brinkley is live from walnut creek with that family's story. leslie. >> well, that's right, dan. it's every family's worst fear that a family member who is traveling might be caught up in a terrorist attack and it happened to a walnut creek family. the dad talked to me today about his son who lives in lafayette. he and his wife of only one year were taking their very first trip to europe. they went to paris and venice and they ended up in barcelona. jared tucker's wife heidi nunnes tucker told abc 7 news they had just finished enjoying drinks with a close friend and started to take a stroll. she says she stopped at a souvenir kiosk as her husband left to find a restroom. >> no more after a minute after he left there was screaming and yelling and sirens and crying and everybody was running. >> reporter: she ducked into the kiosk as police, she says,
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forced her out farther away from the site of the attack as she tried to find jared. she ended up at an emergency center where his name had never showed up on a list of survivors. >> heidi got notified by the consulate to come in. the fbi is involved. >> reporter: jared tucker's father says their family is in shock. he says jared grew up in walnut creek and went to settled down in lafayette and has three teenage daughters and a stepson. >> i'm not so much angry as i don't understand it. my wife's in shock. a lot harder on her. >> it is a tragedy and i'm -- in this climate of things, the uncertainty, it's not easy to live with. it's disconcerting. >> he just had a magnetic personality that drew people to him. and, so, we've been getting calls from his friends from all
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over the place. and expressing their condolences. >> reporter: family members and friends are flying to barcelona tonight to support heidi nunnes tucker at this time of intense grief. abc 7 news. well, the family has established a go-fund me page to gather donations. they will help pay for the education of tucker's teenage daughters and cover his funeral expen expenses. we linked it to our website. now, if you would like to remember the victims of the spanish terror attack, go to the spanish consulate in san francisco. it will open at 9:00 on monday morning. go to public to come in and sign a condolence book located at sutter and franklin streets. san jose police are asking for any information as they try to figure out what led to the deadly shooting of an off-duty oakland firefighter. police say 30-year-old jake walter was out with fellow firefighters in japan town last night when he was shot after an incident with another group of
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men. police arrested a suspect oli ss junio during the shooting. none of the firefighters were and witnesses say it's rare to hear about violence in the area. >> heard a gunshot and i wasn't sure if it was firework, but then after that, i heard another one like shortly after. and i heard somebody scream. >> another firefighter was wounded in the shooting and is expected to survive. sky 7 shows us jake walters' casket arriving in oakland less than 30 minutes ago. friends and fellow firefighters organized a procession that started in san jose around 4:00 this afternoon and arrived in oakland just after 5:30. along the way, fire trucks were parked on bridges with colleagues giving walter one final salute. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas is live at the chapel of the chimes with the gathering just getting under way to
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remember jake walters. eric? >> we saw folks going in a little while ago and they are coming out now after paying their respects. the family of jake walter. you see some of those folks. it's a very emotional scene there, hugging over there. as you mentioned, the procession arrived a short time ago and let's show you what that looked like. very impressive scene. motorcycle, police officers, several fire trucks, highway patrol officers and oakland police officers all here to pay tribute to the young man who had only been on the fire department for four months. late this afternoon, workers began putting out american flags as they waited for the body of the slain firefighter to arrive. >> we grieve for our lost colleague and wish for a speedy recovery of the individual that's injured right now. >> reporter: 30-year-old probationary was killed in an apparently random attack after an event in san jose last night. another rookie was wounded. both were grad watz of 216,
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which coincidentally had just been chronicled in the "east bay express" newspaper. >> a loss of any one of us is felt by all of us. >> reporter: late this afternoon, oakland fire officials arrived at the home of walter's family to drive relatives and friends to san jose to retrieve his body and bring it in a procession back to oakland. >> i had the opportunity to speak with both of his parents this morning. they're deeply affected by what's happened. no parents should be in a situation where they see their child pass on before they do. >> reporter: chief white says the department gives a great deal of thought and provides training on the deadly dangers associated with the job. but may have to give more thought to what happens in the off hours. >> we don't really think about the hazards or the chance encounters that you might have off duty that could also lead to a similar outcome. >> reporter: phras the as for t0 firefighters that graduated with walter and his colleague --
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>> their pieers from class 216 are trying to find a way to cope with this. >> reporter: so are two families and the entire oakland fire department. in oakland, eric thomas, abc 7 news. another major change at the white house today. chief strategist steve bannon is out. at 6:30, we'll look at how many of the president's original men are in the white house. >> i'm spencer christian. fog is back at the coast. what about tomorrow and tomorrow and eclipse monday. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. and next the investigation into the death of a great white shark that washed up on the california coast and then lost something. stay with us.
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along the edge of monterrey bay a great white shark came ashore and lost something. the dorsal fin was chris nguyen has the story. >> reporter: a shocking discovery that can't be undone. >> the fact that is illegal and that someone would do that and they could be selling it somewhere around here. >> reporter: at a beach in live oak, a ten-foot white shark was found today with its first dorsal fin hacked off and most of its teeth removed. actions which are against the law in california. shark fins can fetch up to thousands of dollars on the black market. >> i know they're worth money, but in the long run, it's a dead animal. just leave it alone. if anything, give it to science. >> reporter: a local expert says the shark washed ashore last night thrashing in the shallows
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with severe cuts to its head. injuries which may have been caused by a boat propeller. by this morning, the shark was dead. through surveillance video, authorities are now trying to find the fin and the person responsible for taking it in hopes of identifying the animal. >> you know, the pathology and the anomlies, pollutant loads. all this stuff is super valuable. >> they're big. they're pretty animals and they're scary, too. they're always out here. there is nothing you can do with it. >> reporter: taken the shark to a nearby lab. unclear if the shark was sick prior to passing. in santa cruz county, chris nguyen. new at 6:00, we're hearing from the oakland nurse whose family was split by a deportation order. her and her husband and 12-year-old son were met by extended family yesterday in mexico city. this is from oakland city councilman. he was in mexico on vacation and
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wanted to show the family his support. the family was happy to see long, lost relatives but say the reunion is bitter sweet. >> i keep thinking and thinking and it goes around and around in my head like what in the world happened. what has happened. what went wrong? what did i do? >> the couple had spent the last 15 years trying to obtain green cards but the requests were repeatedly denied. their three daughters were staying here in the bay area. a women's rally at the state capital today marked the 97th anniversary which gave women the right to vote. the amendment came after a 72-year fight which began in 1848. today various women's groups celebrated how far they've come but still said a great need for more equality. >> there's an old saying, we ain't where we want to be, we ain't where we ought to be and thank god we ain't where we was. we used to make 54 cents on the dollar and now up to 80 cents.
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that's still not equality. >> last year fewer women in the state legislature than there had been for decades. only 22% is female. members of the women's caucus say they're attempting an outreach campaign to get more california women involved in politics. let's move on to the weather. we've got the weekend, we've got the eclipse. >> so much to deal with. spencer. >> i want to skip over the weekend and get right to the eclipse, but i better not. a live view from our emory view camera and current temperatures are 64 degrees here in san francisco. 65 across the bay in oakland. we have low to mid-70s in mountain view and 63 at half moon bay. other readings right now mid to upper 70s at santa rosa, napa and mid-80s in concord and livermore and this is a look at live doppler 7. as you can see, sunny skies across inland areas and across most locations around the bay. that coastal fog is beginning to make its push out over the bay
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and locally inland. here's a look at the fog rolling in from our east bay hills camera westward and the fog is getting pretty thick there in some spots. we'll see increasing fog near the coast and overnight mild to warm this weekend. but, monday, partly cloudy and little bit cooler for solar eclipse monday. i'll give you a closer look at that in just a minute. fog at the coast and locally out over the bay. low temperatures a bit on the mild side. mainly upper 50s to low 60s. tomorrow is going to be a sunny day for all locations, even some coastal spots. we'll see high temperatures ranging from mid-60s at the coast and low and mid-70s around the bay. 72 in san mateo. and 75 over at richmond and inland east bay concord 88 and 90 at livermore and the beach forecast for tomorrow calls for some sunny breaks in the afternoon hours. the day will begin on the coast as a cloudy day, but it will sunny up by afternoon with highs mainly in the mid-60s and high of 71 expected at santa cruz and
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breezy with winds at 10 to 20 miles per hour. sunday the same range of highs and little bit cooler as i mentioned on monday and tuesday it will start to warm up, again. so, let's take a look at our forecast animation for eclipse monday. in the early morning hours, we'll see coastal fog reaching down along the coast and spreading locally out over the bay and even high clouds will mix in in the early morning hours. by 9:00 as the eclipse is beginning. high clouds thinning out a bit. it appears if this outlook hold up, appears pretty good viewing conditions for the eclipse on monday. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. mild to warm conditions tomorrow and sunday afternoon. little cooler on monday. starting the day with a few clouds, which look like they're going to disappear by mid-morning and then mostly sunny and milder for the remainder of the week. so, at the moment, again, the computer models indicating that viewing conditions will be rather clear and rather bright for this amazing event coming up. >> that's awesome. all right. we look forward to that, as long
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as you're looking safely with your glasses. >> please look closely. do not look at the eclipse with the naked eye. not a good thing to do. the one place to get all your eclipse questions answer ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. this august visit your local volvo dealer to receive sommar savings of up to $4,500. with the total solar eclipse
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three days away pulling together all the information to pull together the celestial event. >> a look at some of the highlights on our website and news app. >> have a page for all things solar eclipse. constantly putting up new stories. check out the latest one a georgia engineer has a warning for us. his eyes suffered permanent damage after he looked directly into the sun during a 1972 partial eclipse. >> about 30 seconds to a minute on and off both eyes looking like this and like this. >> you don't want to do that. in another abc 7 web and app exclusive we asked the mete meteoriologist why it is so special. >> so cool to see the moon casting a shadow and taking a bite out of the sun. that's so fascinating to me and i'll be watching and i'd love to see your photos or your video.
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feel fair to share on twitter and facebook. >> abc7 news has a link to misconceptions that nasa wants to clear up. if you're pregnant, you should not watch an eclipse because it can harm your baby. not true. food prepared during eclipse is poisoned with radiation, not true. kristen sze. the uptick in travelers for the eclipse. travelers from 26 countries have booked places to stay in the 14 states. expects 50,000 guests because of the eclipse. >> abc 7 news will have coverage of the great american eclipse including local, live reports right before abc's special coverage beginning at 10:00 a.m. anchored by david muir. next, meet a san francisco world chasing eclipses.ound the
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they've brought back more than just memories. plus -- >> scientists warn counterfeit glasses are flooding the market and may not protect your eyes. how to test for safety. >> i like him. he's a good man. he's not a racist. i can tell you that. >> that was just days ago. president trump talking about the man who is now his former
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president trump's chief strategist is out. steve bannon's departure is the fourth major resignation from the trump administration in the last month. bannon says he plans to go back to running breitbart the conservative news outlet. >> in an interview with "weekly standard" today "the trump presidency that we fought for and won is over." abc news reporter junay norman has the story. >> reporter: it's the fourth major shakeup of the trump administration in as many weeks. now, with the exception of mike pence, all of the president's
6:30 pm
original men are out. in the last month, first press secretary sean spicer resigned and then chief of staff reince priebus. anthony scaramucci resigned after ten days and now steve bannon. the announcement just days after president trump wouldn't commit to saying whether he has confidence in bannon. >> he is a good man. he is not a racist. i can tell you that. he's a good person. he actually gets a very unfair press in that regard. we'll see what happens with mr. bannon. but he's a good person and i think the press treats him very >> reporter: fire bannon who also fought with several people inside the white house, including trump's son-in-law jared kushner. news of his departure comes after trump's announcement in the wake of the violence in charlottesville. before joining forces with trump last august, bannon was best known for running breitbart news
6:31 pm
an alt-right site with the record of producing a number of racially charged headlines. >> i never sat down with steve bannon and said are you a white nationalist or white supremacist. but the toleration of it by steve bannon is inexcusable. >> reporter: the dnc released a statement on steve bannon's departure saying "one less supremacist in the white house and that doesn't change the man sitting behind the resolute desk. abc news, washington. another california lawmaker is bringing out the 25th amendment, which allows for the removal of a president who is unable or unfit to do the job. today representative zo asked that the president be examined by medical and psychiatric professionals. representative jackie spear tweeted it was time to invoke the 25th amendment. in the history of america, it has never been use. developing news to virginia. the mayor wants the state
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legislator to hold an emergency session so the city can take down confederate monuments. mayor mike singer voted against the removal of a robert e. lee stat statue. he changed his mind after last week's violence. one of those troopers was laid to rest today. virginia's governor spoke at the funeral. >> for all of you who put on that uniform every single day to keep our communities safe, we cannot say thank you enough to you. >> the governor signed an executive order to prohibit demonstrations at the robert e. lee statute until new emergency regulations have been approved. hazardous material experts join the search for illegal drugs in redwood city. sky 7 flew over shortly after i.c.e. arrived this morning. abc 7 news said they were looking for a popular opioid called fentanyl.
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santa clara police have arrested marcelino huizar for nuclear narcotics related offenses. they discovered a large quantity of meth-making equipment in his vehicle during a traffic stop at el camino real and main street. a patrol officer initially pulled him over for a cracked windshield. let's go back to the eclipse for a few minutes. for most people who actually see the total eclipse in person, it's going to be very exciting. total eclipses actually happen about 18 months or so, but they occur all over the world. so, people who want to see more than one are in for serious travel. they're known as eclipse chasers and they include a san francisco couple following the sun for more than two decades. >> you know, most people on a first date say you want to go down to the corner and have a beer or something. he said, let's go to chile and see a total eclipse of the sun and i said, okay. i called his bluff. >> reporter: but it was no bluff. clint warner and donald abrams
6:34 pm
went to chile and they got the t-shirt to prove it. >> from november 3rd, 1994. >> reporter: clint had already seen one total eclipse, but it was a first for donald, who is a renowned cancer specialist. back then he was working with hiv patient. >> i had been an aids doctor for 25 years. it was tough. but seeing that, we call that nature's greatest spectacle. for me, recharges me. and lifts my spirits so that i can continue to do what i do. >> reporter: donald and clint eventually got married and now been to an incredible 15 total eclipses together. all over the world. with so many souvenirs, they could start a museum. >> some places there is a whole lot and some places you really have to look. >> there's one of my favorite things we got, it's so bizarre. >> reporter: they found this poster in japan. >> we have michael jackson as the sort of radiant image of the eclipse. >> reporter: they have plenty of photos before and after eclipses, but when the spectacle is actually happening, they
6:35 pm
don't take pictures. >> we laugh, we cry, we kiss, we scream and this is big awe. this is like lay you back, mouth gaping open, stammering awe. >> reporter: clint is the planner. >> what you first do is look at the weather statistcs. that's most important. you want to be in the area where you're most likely to see it. >> i'm always a little edgy because i'm not sure it's really going to happen until i see it start. >> reporter: they've even see eclipses from airplanes. one wasn't a art cuand one was the north pole and one were up in the north atlantic. >> reporter: monday's total eclipse is the first one they have been able to drive to. they are in oregon now in a rented rv and when the big moment comes, their dotson will be with them. they had to bring him. named after the eclipse with all the astronomical detail a champion's name requires. >> doc star. total solar eclipse 145.
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>> they call him leo for short. we wish clint and donald and all the eclipse chasers clear skies. right now we see blue skies in this live look over santa cruz. spencer will have the weekend forecast and eclipse forecast in just ten minutes. next, why today's launch of this rocket marked the end of an era for nasa. "american idol" is coming to abc 7 this fall. auditions held in oakland on sunday. giving you the chance to be a star. >> yes, but you don't have to wait until sunday. you can audition now. a link to the energy conscious whopeople among usle?
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wwe world wrestling entertainment rang closing bell today on another can down day for the market. after the worst day in three months, prices dropped again led by disappointing results from health care and retail companies. the dow lost 76 points closing at 21,674. nasdaq went down only by five. the s&p lost about the same. former students at curithian
6:40 pm
colleges will receive $51 million to pay off loans in a deal announced by california's attorney general today. curithian ran heald colleges until closing them in 2015. state officials accused them of false advertising like exaggerating job placement rates to attract low-income students. someone could get rich quick tomorrow. more than half a billion dollars in the next jackpot. no one matched all six numbers making it the 19th straight drawing without a grand winner. estimated at $535 million, the jackpot would be the eighth largest lottery jackpot in winning history. the numbers will be pulled tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. today marked the end of an era for nasa after it launched the final satellite with a critical link with space. >> we have liftoff. >> an unmanned rocket blasted off from florida. it carried the 13th satellite of a critical network for nasa. those satellites connect
6:41 pm
controllers on earth with the international space station. nasa launched the first one like it, 34 years ago. coming up next, 7 on your side michael finney ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless.
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we have breaking news that could affect traffic. a deadly motorcycle crash on 280 in san francisco. this is near folsom street near the interchange of 280 and 101. chp is on scene. the off and onramps may be closed. so far traffic on the freeway does seem to be moving well. you can always keep it tuned to our twitter feed for the latest at abc7news bay area. the total eclipse is just days away, as you know, but now an alert about unsafe viewing glasses. >> warning that counterfeit dmrasz glasses have flooded the market. that's the last thing you want thinking you're safe looking up and you're not. >> isn't that amazing? one recall. millions of us are buying viewing glasses and predators are taking advantage. seeing fake solar filters with fake certifications and they may
6:45 pm
not protect your eyes when you look at the eclipse. the rush is on to plan how to view the eclipse and view it safely. >> what you really need are a pair of these. these are eclipse viewing glasses because, of course, you never want to actually look up at the sky unprotected. the sun will burn your eyeballs. >> reporter: thousands of these solar viewing glasses have been given away or sold for a few dollars. you can look through them safely, but not if they're counterfeit. >> some concern about whether or not glasses are safe. nasa has been testing glasses from all over the world to make sure everybody's eyeballs are safe for this. >> reporter: she says you should test your glasses before the eclipse. >> one good way you can test at home. if you put these glasses on if you can see anything, they're not safe. >> reporter: the american astronomical society says you shouldn't be able to see anything through them except for the sun itself or something comparably bright. for example, with safe glasses you may be able to dimly see
6:46 pm
unfrosted light lubulbs or a bright l.e.d. light such as your cell phone flashlight. the iso certification number should appear on all legitimate glasses, but the american ast astronomical society reports some vendors have stamped the code. amazon recalled a batch of glasses last week because they could not confirm they were legitimate. they'll have safe viewing at the exploratorium. >> we'll be able to see telescopic close ups of the eclipse and experience the crowd of people. it's a very social experience. >> information from nasa and astronomers on how to be sure your glasses are safe. you'll find all that information at now, of course, i want to hear from you. my hotline is open week days 10:00 to 2:00. and my telephone number is and you can also reach me through my
6:47 pm
facebook page and on abc7 >> great stuff, thanks, michael. it is time to turn back to our weather. >> that eclipse we keep talking about. spencer is here with the forecast. >> hoping for some good viewing conditions. a movement of systems. so, the eclipse begins at 9:01 monday. maximum eclipse will occur at 10:15 and the eclipse will end at 11:37. talk about the path and how much of if you're up around salem, oregon, you'll see 100% of the sun covered. here in the bay area, see about 75% coverage, which is still a very special sight to behold. take a look at what we project to be the sky conditions early monday morning we see low clouds at the coast and maybe a few patches of clouds over the bay and high clouds will pass through, as well. but by 9:00 a.m., based on our computer model projections, the high clouds thinning out and giving us clear conditions and
6:48 pm
good viewing conditions for the eclipse. in fact, we expect conditions to improve as we get closer to totality. we're optimistic. but we've been optimistic before. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. nice, sunny, mild and warm weather to the weekend. and cooler on monday but maybe clear in the late morning hours and the remainder of the week will continue to warm up to seasonal averages. >> we'll stay optimistic. all right, larry beil is here now. >> sounds so ominous as we get closer to to tally. what happens. i'm not sure i like it that close. an old friend returned to left field for the giants this afternoon. perhaps you'll remember him. come on, don't tease us, barry. is there any doubt he would
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. this august visit your local volvo dealer to receive sommar savings of up to $4,500. now abc 7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. big expectations for the raiders and one area of concern their secondary. kind of shaky last year. we'll see how the defense fairs against the rams. throwing to l.a. new accusation sammy wattcon in preseason game number two.
6:52 pm
carr get some playing time and mar shawn lynch get a few carries. training camp halfway done. and daniel penn they have not participated at all. conally is injured and head coach jack del rio says he's not worried about the guys missing time. >> one's not here. his choice. we have a couple others who haven't been able to join us at practice yet and they're working and doing everything and they'll come back when they can. until then. looking forward to playing at home this week in front of our crowd and kind of excited about that opportunity to kick that off. >> after sharing the practice field this week in santa clara, the niners and denver broncos clash at game speed tomorrow night. while they were happy, the broncos top ranked defenders will be able to hit and tackle without restrictions. this will be kind of, i mean, for preseason a measuring stick
6:53 pm
for the new niners. >> when you go against another team you want to measure yourself up and guys have put their head down and worked since we've been here. you don't really know what -- how much you improved until you go against other people. the success they had and the talent they had and to get out and compete with those guys. gives you some confidence and i think our guys expected it. little league world series from santa margarita taking on walala washington. grand slam joey. california leading 4-0. his twin brother, bobby, was on the hill and he was dealing. struck out seven on the day. no-hitter through 5 1/3. because of the maximum pitch count in little league, that is a base hit. the kids from california, so cal win their opener -0.
6:54 pm
a's and astros. nice stash. how long does that take to get ready every morning. he couldn't do the maintenance right here. third inning alex bregman 1-0 'stro and next batter jose altuve. using the glove stops jed lowery here and tosses it out. and then flashing leather, again, on chris davis. and, naturally, it's a deuce on the board. 2-0 in the sixth. the astros leading the a's. giants, as you know, struggle to find a good left fielder since this guy was on the team. shagging flies. he tweeted, i think i still got it. what do you guys think? like willie mays. come on, stop teasing us. before yesterday's game brandon crawford had an errant throw that hit the philly beat in a
6:55 pm
bad place. and he's staggering around a little bit. crawford made up for it by giving him a signed jockstrap. a touching gesture. suitable for framing. i don't know what you do with that. >> thank you, larry. all right, well, join us tonight at 9:00 on cable tv channel 13. the warning going out to people visiting the park this weekend. that's at 9:00. on abc 7 news at 11:00, an alt-right hero faces years in prison after his arrest at a pro-trump rally. coming up at 8:00, it's "shark tank" followed by "what would you do." fractured america, for six months a 20/20 team followed extremists groups. see what happens when leaders sit down together and talk. of course, don't miss abc 7 news at 11:00. and 11:35 it's jimmy kimmel
6:56 pm
live. tonight's guest t.j. miller and dana white. we've been joking around the office this week about forming our own hate group and i think we should do it. on the rise all around the country and it seems ashamed to get left out. none of the more than 900 hate groups out there taps into what many of us are feeling. of course, we'll need a catchy name and a logo and silly costume of some kind. those always make hate groups seem so much more intimidating and important. before we come up with the names and the trapping of a better hate group. better figure out who to hate first. that's really key. this hate group will direct our animosity and prejudice to hate. as franklin roosevelt said if he was alive today. the only thing we have to hate is hate itself. i bet we can sign up a lot of people. look, it's fun to mock these groups, but as we've seen in virginia, we have to take them very seriously and so do our
6:57 pm
leaders. these groups won't overthrow our government. but what really matters is that a small group of people can still do enormous damage. i always love to hear from you. follow me on twitter and facebook. that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news on twitter. >> we appreciate your time. >> see you a little bit later tonight 9:00
6:58 pm
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here are today's contestants -- a freshman at the united states naval academy from ellicott city, maryland... a senior at georgetown university from brookfield, wisconsin... and a senior from the university of kentucky from lexington, kentucky... [ cheers and applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to decision day. at the end of this half-hour, we will know the names of the 9 players who return to our program next week as semi-finalists in this year's college championship. it could be zach, julia, and gary.
7:00 pm
could be all three of you. we'll find out. good luck in this half-hour. here are the categories for you... followed by... next... yes. and you're gonna love this one... -zach, start us, please. -villains for $200, please. -gary. -who is loki? -yes. -villain, $400. zach. -who is draco malfoy? -that's right. villains for $600. julia. -who is adam driver? -yes. villain for $800.


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