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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 18, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> that breaking news, it's been a deadly night for law enforcement. one officer is dead and another gravely wounded in kissimmee, florida outside orlando. they were doing a check on a common drug area when they were attacked. three suspects are in custody and search on four. >> 130 miles away in jacksonville, florida two have been shot. one is in critical, the other is stable. both florida shootings coming after two troopers were shot in pennsylvania. the suspect there is dead. investigators have not said if the shootings are connect. we will have the latest for tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. a strong show of support in the east bay for a teacher who lost her husband. >> jerrod tucker was killed in the attack in barcelona while the couple was on an anniversary
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vacation. "abc 7 news" reporter cornell barnard is live with more. >> reporter: ama, dan, love, prayers and support coming from this school tonight for a popular teacher now dealing with the tragic loss of her husband. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: sox and prayers at the christian school for sixth grade teacher heidi tucker. >> the events of today are not tout come we prayed for. >> this school family got the terrible news heidi's husband jared was killed during the barcelona terror attack. >> we love heidi. we care tremendously for her, for her family. >> this is hitting our whole family here. >> reporter: the couple had been married just one year. parent bridget collins said heidi was very happy. >> i got to hear the story, you know, kind of meeting the love of her life and, you know, so it is shocking for all of us. >> reporter: the tuckers were in barcelona, the final stop of a dream european vacation. heidi told us by phone an
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afternoon stroll turned upside down. >> there was screaming and yelling and sirens and crying. >> i'm not angry so much as i just don't understand it, and my wife's in shock. it is a lot harder on her. >> reporter: dan tucker says his son grew up in walnut creek and went to ygnacio high school. he managed the family's swimming pool resurfacing business. he has three teenage daughters and a stepson. >> she would say how good her boyfriend was, how they were getting married, and pictures of them at the beach they were going to. it is sad. >> reporter: former students are praying for their teacher and sending this message. >> ms. nones, we love you and miss you. >> reporter: as the school community mourns, friends and family are traveling to barcelona to comfort her. >> new surveillance video shows
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tourists scattering as the van mowed down pedestrians in barcelona yesterday. it was one of three attacks that killed a total of 14 people. more than 100 were injured from more than 30 countries. four suspects have been arrest. five terror suspects who could have also been linked to the attacks died in a shootout with police. today protesters packed the streets of los ramblos, videos showing one man punked in the face. tensions between the far right activists and the anti-fascist marchers were so high police in riot gear had to separate the groups as violence escalated and here at home tonight religious leaders in san francisco denounce the charlottesville, virginia tragedy in a special vigil. they're gathering comes just one week before a right wing rally is planned at krissy field. "abc 7 news" reporter lonnie rivera is in the newsroom on how the community came together tonight. >> reporter: that's right. faith leaders such as challenges
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in the area, but tonight they took a stance against white supremacy groups. >> we're not going to give up. >> reporter: they came from all walks of life to denounce racism and bigotry. >> this is one of the great blessings of san francisco, it is the beautiful diversity of people. >> reporter: this group also came to pray, sing and celebrate the multicultural mission neighborhood, but their message was one of inclusiveness and peace with no tolerance for ignorance. >> and all victims of discrimination and violence, we pray. >> hear us, god of life. >> reporter: the tragedy in charlottesville motivated their gathering and concerns about an upcoming right wing rally called "patriot prayer" set for next weekend at krissy field. >> i don't know that we can sort of sit by and watch what is going on the national level and feel like we're safe in this small place, in this time. we all need to be involved in some way. >> it is good to still be around
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folks in the bay area who, like, are upset and fired up and want to do something because i know people in other cities are having very different experiences. >> reporter: ashley and ronald clark felt compelled to stand and walk with other fellow san francisco natives. >> our city dealt with a lot of things over its life, and so we can deal with this. >> reporter: community members and clergy vouwed to stand together against violence and hatred. >> anybody can come into our city, but this is our home. >> reporter: in san francisco, lonnie rivera, "abc 7 news." new tonight, berkley's city manager will have the authority to ban weapons from the streets for one day only. "abc 7 news" was at city council as they passed the emergency ordinance for a week from this sunday. that's when a right wing group and a counterprotest are planned. city leaders feel a repeat of the violent protest last spring. the mayor's office is working to organize alternative events
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where police officers can show that optician. >> new at 11:00, a man considered a hero by the alt-right faces years in prison for his arrest at a berkley protest. tonight he is speaking out against prosecutors. the d.a. said if convicted he would see seven to eight years in prison because of previous convictions. chapman was known as based stickman after investigators said he attacked counterprotesters with a stick during a berkley rally. he says the attempts are an attempt to stop him from speaking at a rally. he posted on facebook, to the alameda county d.a., i'm ready to go to jail for this movement. emt metive, your trumped up bogus charges. i'm speaking in boston. catch me if you can, punk. the d.a. has not issued a response. >> tonight steve bannon is gone from the white house and back in charge of "brightbart news."
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banion left his job as white house chief strategist this morning. the white house says it was a mutual decision. bannon says he can be more effective fitting for president trump's agenda from the outside. if you want more in-depth coverage of the rise of hate groups in america and the ousting of steve bannon, stick around for ""nightline" at 12:35 tonight new at 11:00, police busted an unlicensed senior care center in san francisco. "abc 7 news" was on stannion street where officers found 12 patients staying inside one home. seven were in bad shape had and to go to the hospital. police took in one person in for questioning for possible elder abuse san jose police arrested the man they say shot two off duty firefighters killing one of them. oliver juinio is in custody tonight. the motive behind the attack is still a mystery. "abc 7 news" reporter katie utehs live in san jose with the latest we have. katey. >> reporter: dan, within the last 15 minutes people stopped by here where the shooting took
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place, placing flowers, lighting candles, and that top bundle of flowers there's a patch from san jose police department, the department investigating this homicide. they are looking at video and talking to the suspect trying to find a motive for what appears to be a random attack. a somber scene as firefighters lined interstate 880 to pay tribute to one of their own, killed not while battling a fire. instead, shot to death while out with friends. jake water's body was escorted by chp and his family to oakland's chapel of the chimes late this afternoon. fellow oakland firefighters performed cpr on the 30-year-old around 9:30 last night after he had been shot. the group in plain clothes attended an event at the gordon biersch brewery in san jose before the shooting. >> it was chaos. people were running after the second shot, just running around. >> reporter: a second firefighter was hit and survived. he is being treated at valley
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medical center. >> no one should get away with it. >> reporter: the police have a shooter they found around 1:00 in the morning near the scene. >> we were able to locate him in the neighborhood nearby. >> reporter: 27-year-old oliver juinio is facing murder and attempted murder charges. >> right now we don't have a motive. >> i never heard of anything so violent happening here. it is just scary. >> reporter: the apparent randomness of the off duty attack is all the more unsettling for the 30 other rookie firefighters who graduated with water. >> we don't really think about the hazards or the chance encounters you might have off duty that could also lead to a similar outcome. >> reporter: police say there are no other outstanding suspects. extra resources are being brought in for firefighters in distress. in san jose, katie utehs, "abc 7 news" coming up on "abc 7 news at 11:00," a shark attacked in santa cruz. what authorities found missing from this great white after it
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had already washed ashore. >> plus, fire interrupts an east bay wedding, but can't put out the flames of love. and -- >> i'm his number one fan in life. >> a woman no needs a life-saving donation is thankful when a prominent bay area native you join us the call for help. >> i'm spencer christian, this is what bay area skies will look like early monday morning. will we get a good view of the ecli
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in san ramon a delivery truck slammed into a hydrant sending a tower of water shooting into the air. new at 11:00, a raging fire at a winery and popular wedding
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destination interrupted one come's wedding celebration. you are looking at viewer video taking at elliston vineyards. you can see the smoke billowing from the main building. alameda county posted videos of the bride and groom who had to race out of the wedding reception. the groom saved the cake. no one was went on and the party went on at a nearby center. >> tom brady may have scored a life saving tuesday. he shared the story of one los angeles fan trying to find her perfect match on his facebook page. veronica miracle from our sister station has the story. >> reporter: every day chrissy tackles the biggest fight of her life. the 35-year-old spends her days cheering for the patriots and battling a bone marrow failure disorder. >> i get tired easily, you know, stairs are a very big challenge sometimes. >> reporter: it is the same disease good morning america's robin roberts fought back in
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2012, and like roberts she must undergo chemo and a bone marrow transplant. as a half japanese american, to find a perfect genetic match she's had to wait ten years. >> there's not that many mixed race people on the registry. >> reporter: recently her search became urgent when doctors said her blood count was too low. through a family friend and a plea on social media, her message reached an unlikely hero, patriots quarterback tom brady shared her story on facebook. >> the fact he took it out -- you know, time out of his day to do a little post was so meaningful, and it was really incredible. >> reporter: she says just one day after his post the national bone marrow registry told her roughly 100 people of mixed ethnicities signed up. >> i was his number one west coast football fan. now i'm his number one fan in life. >> reporter: thanks to medical advancements over the last ten years, her older brother randy now qualifies as a donor, but tom brady's post could help other people of mixed races find a match, too.
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veronica miracle, "abc 7 news" authorities in santa cruz county are reviewing surveillance video hoping to find the person who cut off a great week shark's first dorsal fin. the 10-foot shark washed ashore at a beach in live oak last night with severe cuts to its head, possibly from a boat propeller. before officials could take it to a lab for identification, someone cut off the fin and removed most of the animal's tooth, too. >> i know they're worth money, ut in the long run it is a dead animal. just leave it alone. if anything, give it to science. >> shark fins can fetch up to thousands of dollars on the black market. a necropsy is scheduled for sometime next week. it is a shame it is. we are finally into the weekend. we have the big eclipse on monday. >> there's an eclipse? >> i heard something about it, not much. >> all right. i think christian is in for sandhya tonight with the forecast. >> as the weekend approaches, as the eclipse approaches we also
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have clouds approaching on monday. get to that in a moment. here is a look at live doppler 7. low clouds at the coast right now, and mainly clear over the bay and inland, but over the night hours we expect more low clouds to form and move at least a little over the bay. this is the view from our roof top camera at "abc 7 news." we have mostly clear over san francisco where it is 60 degrees. 62 in oakland, mid 60s in mountain view and san jose. this is the view in emeryville where it is mainly clear but you can see a few clouds in the distance there. it is currently 58 degrees in napa -- 57 in napa rather, 58 in santa rosa, upper 50s at november auto, mid 60s in fairly, concord and livermore. this is the view at golden gate where we're waiting for the fog. we'll see fog near the coast and bay overnight. mild to warm days ahead this weekend. partly cloudy and cooler on solar eclipse monday. during the overnight and early morning hours a little fog reaching over the bay.
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it will be mild with low temperatures mainly in the upper 50s to low 60s. highs in the south bay will be 80 at santa clara, 88 on los gatos. on the peninsula highs mainly in the 70s. on the coast mid to upper 60s under breezy conditions and with a few lingering clouds. downtown san francisco top out at 68. 83 at santa rosa, 80 appease in sonoma and napa. in the east bay, highs of 75 in hayward, union city 77, and the inland east bay will warm to upp upper 80s in most locations. on the beach forecast, mainly mid 60s under partly sunny skies along the beache but 71 in santa cruz which will be warmest of the beaches. always we look ahead to all-important monday morning getting ready for the eclipse, clouds developing, low clouds near the coast, and a few clouds
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moving overhead by 9:00 just before the eclipse begins. they will be thin, high clouds and widely scattered. as we get into the mid morning hours and what we will see of totality of the eclipse, expect the clouds to be clearer. viewing conditions here in the bay area should be pretty good. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. a few more clouds on monday, a little cooler, but probably mainly clear morning skies, which is encouraging. then for the remainder of the week we'll seattle warm up back to more seasonable, summer-like levels of temperature also through the end of the week. >> thanks, spencer, very much. >> all right. well, this is not who a southern california family expect the see when they
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a possible burglary in progress turned into a hoot for
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some los angeles county sheriff's deputies. look at the suspect. yeah, a woman frantically called 911 saying she locked herself in an upstairs bedroom because she heard noises downstairs. deputies arrived to find this adorable owl. they captured it and the suspect was released outside. >> they have such intense stares. >> they do, that face. >> breaking and entering, yes. in sports, giants haven't had a winning month since last june. playing better lately. 10-7 in august. they've been waiting to get more
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good evening. the giants have to use the final six weeks of this season to prepare for 2018. part of that is figuring out what to do with matt moore. 3 and 12 coming in tonight, era over five, winless in six starts since all star breaks. how about this guy, fan for 60 years and finally at his first home game. never too lalt. bottom of the first parkser, opposite way. doubled on the line. span, hunter pence both score and it is 2-0. in the second, pence, here it comes, there it goes. a solo blast off of zack eflin. pence starting to swing the battle. 3-0. brandon craw forward, likewise swinging the bat better in second half. tenth of the year. made it 6-0 giants. moore went 7 and a third. nice curve ball. the bullpen couldn't preserve the shutout, but moore gets the win and giants roll 10-2. a's and astros, this is the ultimate handle bar mustache. it has to take an hour to style
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to go out every morning. sean, trouble in the third. bregman, taco, 14th of the year. next batter, what a year he is having. 19th of the year, back-to-back jacks. it is a 2-0 houston. dallas kiekel, gets chris davis on the come-backer. raising his record 11 and 2. matt joyce homer in this game and mad this catch. he takes out the scoreboard numbers. puny 5 and 4 in my way. mania, sean mania gave up three runs. former favorite, josh reddick, and the as troets win 3-1. how about the kids. little league world series, north carolina and south dakota. anderson starting on the mound. struck out four. mathieu came in and struck out five. giving way to carson hardy, completing the seventh perfect game in little league world series, first combined perfecto
11:30 pm
though. oh, i thought that was a little inside, but they call it a strike in north carolina. wins it, makes history 6-0. two nfl preseason games tomorrow in the bay area. 49ers hosting the broncos. raiders host the rams. that game, by the way, is the bay area return of former cal star jared goff. as for raiders, didn't play in the preseason opener last week and will get snaps in this game. same for mother sean lynch. conley has been hurt. right now jack del rio's philosophy, the old football adage, next man up. >> if one's not here, his choice, we got a couple others that haven't joined as practice yet and they're working and doing everything we're asking. they'll come back when they can. until then, we just move on. oh, looking forward to playing at home this week in front of our crowd. you know, kind of excited about that opportunity to kick that off. >> yeah! football is back.
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"abc 7 sports" brought to you by river rock casino. only a few weeks away. >> hard to believe but great fun. >> summer is almost over, that's drarks b drag, but happy about football. >> "abc 7 news" continues online, on twitter, facebook and
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m quick look at viewing conditions monday morning for the eclipse. a few high clouds around at 9:00 as it begins but we expect them to move out quickly. we should have good viewing conditions for this amazing event. >> the clouds will not eclipse the eclipse. >> wish i had said that. >> all right. we are out


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