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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 19, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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today is saturday, august 19th. good morning and thanks so much for joining us. let's start with a first look at the forecast. hi, lisa. >> good morning to you. hi, everyone. we have lots of fog out there. the it has grown taller since overnight and pushed over into our east bay valleys. you can see a little patch there by livermore. just about into concord, but not quite and visibility is about five miles. from the golden gate bridge, the deck is taller, but we have mist and drizzle out there, so you may need your wipers. 57 in gilroy and look at that shot. you know how the fog transported into our inland valleys with the southwest wind by the delta at 30 miles an hour. 60 in concord and livermore, so you have to go way out towards the delta. get to the 90s today. 60s this morning. 70s around the bay towards moon
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full-tinoontime, your coastal temperatures stay typical and around the bay, upper 70s by about 4:00 and about 90 perhaps around livermore, so we'll talk more in detail about the weekend, the solar eclipse and we'll look ahead in a few minutes. >> thank you. after a violent night against law enforcement, six police officers were shot in three different cities. two were in florida. a third in pennsylvania. one officer is dead and another is gravely wounded. just outside of orlando. the police chief says they were attacked while check on a common drug area. three suspects are in custody and the search is on for a fourth. 140 miles away in jacksonville, florida, two more officers were shot. one in critical condition. the other stable. police shot and killed the suspect. in fairchance, pennsylvania, two state troopers are expected to be okay. police say the tupt is dead. they have not said if the shootings are connected.
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a school is showing their support for a teacher who lost her husband in barcelona. jared tucker died in the attack while the couple was on vacation to celebrate their anniversary. cornell bernard attended a prayer service last night. ♪ >> songs and prayers at the christian school for sixth grade teacher, heidi nunez tucker. this school family got the terrible news heidi's husband, jared was killed during the attack. >> we love heidi. we care tremendously for her, her family. >> this is hitting our whole family here. >> they had within married just one year. parent bridgette collins said heidi was very happy. >> i got to hear the story, meeting the love of her life,
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it's just shocking. >> the tuckers were in barcelona, the final stop of dream european vacation. heidi told by phone, an afternoon stroll turned upside down. >> there was screaming and yelling and sirens and crying. >> i'm not angry so much as i just don't understand it. my wife's in shock. a lot of hurt. >> dan tucker says h his son grew up in walnut creek. he managed the family swimming school resurfacing business and settled in lafayette and has three teenage daughters and a stepson. >> she would always say how good her boyfriend was and how they were getting married an the beach they were going to and stuff. the it was sad. >> former students are praying for their teacher and sending this message. >> we love you, we miss you, can't wait to see you. >> as the school mourns, friends and family are traveling to barcelona to comfort heidi nunez tucker. >> video shows tourists
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scattering as the van charged at pedestrians in barcelona thursday. it was one of three attacks that killed a total of 14 people. more than is 00 were injured p for more than 30 countries. four suspects have been arrested. five other suspects who could be linked to those attacks died in a shootout with police. protesters packed the streets yesterday. video shows one man getting punched in the face, his nose dripping with blood. tensions between the far right activists that police are riot gear had to separate the groups as the violence escalated. here at home, religious leaders in san francisco are denouncing the charlottesville tragedy. they gathered for a special victory just one week before the planned riot. we have more on their stance against white supremacy groups.
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>> they came from all walks of life to denounce racism and bigotry. >> this is one of the great blessings of san francisco. it is a beautiful diversity of people. >> this group also came to precising and celebrate the multicultural mission neighborhood, but their message was one of inclusiveness and peace with no tolerance for ignorance. >> and all victims of discrimination and violence, we pray, hear us. >> the tragedy many charlottesville motivated their gathering and concerns about a right wing rally set for next weekend at chrissy field. >> i don't know that we can sort of sit by and watch what's going on on a national level and feel like we're safe in this small place in this time. we all need to be involved in some way. >> good to see folks in the bay area who like are upset. and fired up and want to do something because i know people in other cities are having different experiences.
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>> ashley and ronald clark felt compelled to stand and walk with other san franciscoans. our city has dealt with a lot of dimpt things, so we can deal with this. >> community members and clergy vow to stand together against violence and hatred. >> anybody can come to our city. we're here, this is our home. >> in san francisco, abc 7 news. berkeley's city manager will have the authority to ban weapons from the streets for one day only. abc 7 news was at city council as they passed the ordnance for a week from this sunday. that's when another rally for the riot and a counterprotest are planned. city leerds fear a repeat of the violent protests last spring. the mayor's office is working to organize alternative events.
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a man considered a hero by the so-called alt-right faces years in prison for his at a berkeley protest. now, he's speaking out against prosecutors. kyle chapman faces a felony weapons charge. on wednesday, the da said if convicted, he would see seven to eight years in prison because of previous felony robbery and grand theft convictions. he became known as base stick man after investigators said he attacked with a stick during a march 4th rally. chapman said the charges are an attempt stop them from speaking at a rally in boston. he posted on social media to the mee da county da, i'm ready to go to jail for this movement. i'm ready to do a lot more than that. expletive, your trumped up charges. i'm speaking in boston, catch me if you can, punk. the da has not issued a response. police have busted an unlicensed senior care center in san francisco. abc 7 was on stanion street
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where officers found seven patients staying inside a single home. seven were in bad shape and had to go to the hospital. police took one in for questioning for possible elderly abuse. police arrested the man they say shot two off duty firefighters, killing one of them. oliver juino is in custody this morning. police are hoping interviews with the suspect and video will help them determine a motive. katie utehs spoke with the oakland firefighters union, which says the shooting was unprovoked. >> a somber scene as firefighters lined interstate 880 to pay tribute to one of their open. killed not while battling a fire. instead, shot to death while out with friends. jake walters' body was escorted by chp and his family to oakland el of the chimes. they performed cpr on the 30-year-old after he had been shot. the group attending an event in san jose before the shooting. >> it was chaos.
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people were running after the second shot, just running around. >> a second firefighter was hit and is survived. he's being treated at valley medical center. >> nobody should get away with that. >> police say they have a shooter. they found him around 1:00 in the morning not far from the taylor street scene. >> we were able to locate him in the neighborhood nearby to the rear of a residence. >> 27-year-old oliver juino is facing murder and attempted murder charges. >> right now, we don't really have a motive. >> i've never heard of anything so violent happening here. it's just scary. >> apparent randomness of the attack all the more unsettling for the 30 other firefighters who graduated with walter. >> we don't really think about the hazards or the chance encounters you might have off duty that could also lead to a similar outcome. >> police say there are no other outstanding suspects, extra resources are being brought in for firefighters in distress. in san jose, katie utehs, abc 7
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news. a group trying to recall a judge is is taking action after a visiting judge blocked its petition. according to our media partner, yesterday, the recall campaign moved to disqualify a retired orange county judge from deciding on the issue. the judge granted the request to block the group from gathering signatures. the campaign needs more than 58,000 signatures by january to put his recall on the ballot next june. those against the recall say it threatens judicial independence. he first made headlines when he gave a stanford athlete what many considered to be a light sentence for sexual assault. lisa, the fog has been the big weather story this morning. >> the whole month and summer. good morning, everyone. we are looking at a beautiful picture from mt. tam, where not only is there fog in the north bay, but mist and drizzle will greet you as well. when it clears, you'll still have it at the shoreline, so you probably have an idea of what
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that means. i'll be back with the details in just a few minutes. thank you. also ahead, a shark attackeded in santa cruz. what authorities found missing from this great white after it had washed ashore.
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crazy square: eyyyyy crazy square: uh oh from our crazy delicious family to yours. crave those crazy squares ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. this august visit your local volvo dealer to receive sommar savings of up to $4,500. a raging fire at a popular winery interrupted one couple's
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wedding celebration. you can see the smoke billowing from the main building. they had to race out of the wedding reception. the groom was able to save the cake, no one was hurt and the party went on at the nearby event center. congratulations. tom brady may have scored a life changing touchdown. he shared the story of one los angeles fan trying to find her perfect match on his facebook page. veronica miracle from our sister station has the story. >> every day, chrissy would tackle the biggest fight of her life the 35-year-old spends her days cheering for the patriots and battling a bone marrow failure disorderer. >> i get tired easily. stairs with a big challenge. it's the same disease confronts robin roberts in 20 st and like roberts, she must under go chemo
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and a bone marrow transplant, but as a half japanese american, to find a match, she's had to wait ten years. >> there's just not that many mixed race people on the reg str >> recently x her search became urgent. through a family friend and a plea on social media, her message reached an unlikely hero. tom brady shared h her story on facebook. >> the fact he just took it out of, time out of his day to do a little post was so meaningful and it was really incredible. >> she says just one day after his post, the national bone marrow registry told her roughly 100 people of mixed ethnicities signed up. >> i was his number one west coast football fan, now, i'm his number one fan in life. >> thanks to medical advancement, her older brother now qualifies, but brady's post could help others of mixed races
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find a match, too. authorities in santa cruz county are reviewing video in hopes of finding a person who cut off a white shark's dorsal fin. the shark washed ashore in live oak thursday night with severe cuts to its head, possibly from a boat propeller. before before they could take it for identification, someone cut off the fin and removed most of the teeth. >> it's a dead animal, leave it alone. if anything, leave it to science. >> fins can fetch up to thousands on the black market. for most people who see the total solar eclipse on monday, it will be a rare experience. they happen about every 18 months and occur all ore the world, so people want to see more than one are in for some serious trouble. they're known as eclipse chasers
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and they include a san francisco couple following the sun for more than two decades. dan ashley has their story. >> most people on a first date say you want to go to the corner and have a beer, but he said let's go to chile and see a total eclipse of the sun. okay, i called his bluff. >> but it was no bluff. clint and donald went to chile and got the t-shirt to prove it. >> november 3rd, 1994. clint had seen one, but it was a first for donald, who is a renowned cancer specialist. plablg back then, he was working with hiv patients. >> i had been an aids doctor for 12 years. it was tough, but seeing that we call that nature's greatest spectacle. for me, recharges me and lifts my spirits so that i can continue to do what i do. >> they got married and have now been to 15 total eclipses
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together all over the world. with so many souvenirs they could start a museum. >> some places, there's a lot. some place, you have to really look. >> this is one of my favorite things we got because it's so bizarre. >> found this poster in japan. >> we have michael jackson as the radiant image of the eclipse. >> they've got plenty of photos, but when the spectacle is happening, they don't take pictures. >> we laugh, we cry, we kiss, we scream, we cry. this is like lay you back, mouth gaping open stammering awe. >> clint is the planner. >> you first look at weather statistics. you want to be in the area where you're most likely to see it. >> i'm also a little edgey because i'm not sure it's really going to happen until i see it start. >> they've even seen them from airplanes. >> one was antarctica and one was the north pole and one was over the ferrell islands way up
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in the north atlantic. >> today's total solar eclipse is the first one they've been able to drive to. they went to oregon and brought their dog. he's named after the eclipse, but all the astronomical detail a champion's name requires. >> dock star, total solar eclipse 145. >> that's leo for short. dan ashley, abc 7 news. abc 7 news will have extensive coverage of the great american eclipse including live local reports before special coverage beginning monday at 10:00 a.m. good saturday morning. we have a lot of fog. in the north bay, just covered up through santa rosa into the east bay, oakland, emoryville, livermore. not quite san jose, but over towards the coast. from santa cruz, it's gray, sunny later on. 71 degrees, so this is one of those spots that typically clears by the afternoon.
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and we may see a little sunshine half moon bay today. 59 sh san francisco. 63 mountain view, 60 in san jose. it's that time of year where you can't count on it and most of the clouds will linger at the shoreline. mt. tam this morning with the low cloud deck, mist and drizzle for some of you, upper 50s, novato by the dell a strong flow up to 30 miles an hour and that's bringing the fog to our east bay valleys and the temperatures barely at 90 degrees today, so slightly cooler than what we've been in the couple of days. 56 in santa rosa. napa, 55 and finally for our east bay hills camera, this is a beautiful shot, but by mid-morning, you're wondering how warm is it going to be. it hasn't been a hot month and the trend numbers near or slightly below average looks like it's going to continue for the week ahead, so coastal dense fog and mist and driz. mild to warm days this weekend away from the shoreline. partly cloudy and cooler for monday's eclipse monday.
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so as we look at your saturday hour by hour u forecast, right on through noontime, the fog continues to pull back to the coast. looks like we're going to get clearing, but through the rest of the afternoon, it fills in and we'll have temperatures typically cool here with numbers ranging from the low 60s ocean beach, half moon bay, you may have peeks of sun, but down towards santa cruz, better option there for a sunny afternoon. so the partial solar eclipse, we just days away. 9:01, the eclipse begins. maximum as 10:15 and ends at 11:37. you've heard all about it. the totality from oregon down through south kor south carolina but for the bay area, the percent of the sun covered pretty good. if you're away from the coast, it should be a great viewing experience. 7:00, you'll notice the clouds
6:22 am
from marin county just around the golden gate then through the morning hours, they want to pull back, but if you want to be soo sure to see it. you should head away from the coastline. so we'll look for temperatures today. locally around the bay to be just a bit cooler. perhaps 90 in livermore. 73, san matteo. 77 in palo alto with numbers near average in san jose. 78 in san rafael. you download our app and the trend will be for the numbers to just hover around 90 degrees over the weekend inland, but you notice temperatures dropping off more so for solar eclipse monday and tuesday, not much of a recovery, then when we see numbers top back out in the upper 70s, they dom back down by the end of the week. >> thank you. this isn't who a southern california family expected to see when they called police about a break in. but first as we head to a commercial break, a reminder, american idol is coming to abc 7 this fall. auditions will be held in
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oakland tomorrow. the bus will be back in jack london square giving you the chance to be a star, but you don't have to wait until tomorrow. you can audition online right now. we have a link on abc
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dan harris joins us from new york to tell us what's coming up on good morning america. >> coming up, steve bannon says he's ready to go to war. the president's chief strategist has be has been ousted, but who's he going to war with now and will it g go back on the president himself? plus, new information on the deadly terror attacks in spain. initi officials revealing it could have been much worse. the suspects part of a large undetected terror cell had a much more ambitious plot in mind, so what stopped them and what we're hearing now from the family of an american killed in one of those attacks and foonlly, just days away from eclipse and there's a nationwide frenzy to score a good view. the town flooded with traffic and visitors and safety tips and myths you need to hear. it's coming upful we'll see you soon. a possible burglary in progress turned into a hoot for some las los angeles sheriff's deputies. a woman frantically called 911 saying she had locked herself in an upstairs bedroom because she
6:27 am
heard noises downstairs. deputies arrived to find this adorable oil owl. they captured it in a blanket. the suspect was released outside. still to come, a father and daughter were kicked off plane for talking. how the airline is now responding. also, get your tickets for today's power ball drawing. how much is up for grabs in tonight's huge jackpot.
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good saturday morning to you. we're starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. it's cool, great, foggy. here's lisa tracking the conditions where you live. hi, lisa. >> that's why we call it we have a good dose this morning and you're looking at santa cruz. low 70s for a high. 59 in the city. 57 gilroy, san jose checking in at 60 degrees, so for mt. tam, we're looking at the typical over the golden gate. 55 in napa with 60 towards concord. fog in livermore as well, so by noontime, we're sunny in the upper 70s in concord, 66 in oakland. nice and bragt there and the fog wants to pull back, but look what happens. it hangs out from stenson to monoterra and pacifica today.
6:31 am
72 in fremont and we'll look at numbers climbing through the 80s today, so more particulars on your weekend forecast and a look at the week ahead. it's the end of august, we'll talk about it coming up. chris. >> thank you. now to the turmoil rocking the trump administration. one of the closest members of the president's inner circle is out. steve bannon has gone from the white house and back in charge of breitbart news. bannon left his job as white house chief strategist yesterday morning, one year after joining the trump campaign. the white house says it was a mutual decision. bannon says he can be more effective fighting for president trump's agenda from the outside. abc's senior white house correspondent has more. >> president trump under fire for stoking racial tensions in the wake of charlottesville, forced out his most controversial adviser, steve bannon, a man who proudly
6:32 am
promoted right wing nationalism inside the white house and beyond. bannon, a key member of the president's inner circle, a con fi don't, right there with the trump ta family on election night. he left his job at breitbart news hoping to save a campaign in free fall. posing if for pictures in front of a white board that spelled out his priorities. >> if you think i'm giving your country back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken. every day, it is going to be a fight. >> he seemed to have so much power, time magazine calleded him the great manipulator. >> send in steve bannon and of course, snl portraying him as the real master mind in the oval office. >> that's enough for tonight. can i have my desk back?
6:33 am
>> yes, of course, mr. president. i'll go sit at my desk. it did not sit well with the president. who told "the wall street journal" in april, bannon was just quote a guy who works for me and just this week, the president making it clear he won the election on his own. >> mr. bannon came on really late. i went through 17 senator, governors and i won all the primaries. mr. bannon came on very much later than that. >> in his rock can ki tenure, bannon made enemies throughout the west wing. some of those fights caught on camera. bannon battling with jared kushner and national security add virz, hr mcmaster. his allies in the right wing media quick to back him up. at the press con tuesday, the president signalled he was hanging by a thread. >> he's good man. he is not a racist. i can tell you that. we'll see what happens with mr. bannon. >> but the final straw seems to be b an interview bannon gave
6:34 am
the next day publicly undercutting the president's military threats of fire and fury against north korea, bannon saying quote, there's no military solution here, they got us. bannon's departure is just the latest shake up for a west wing in crisis. this picture of the president in the oval office with his top advisers was taken days after the inauguration. now, national security adviser michael flynn gone. press secretary sean spicer, gone. chief of staff, reince priebus, gone and finally, steve bannon. nancy pelosi said bannon's resignation is quote welcome news. she said his quitting quote doesn't disguise what president trump stands with white supremacists. her statement also followed the president's remarks about last weekend's violence in virginia. now, another california lawmaker is bringing up the 25th amendment, which allows for the removal of a president who is unable or unfit to do the job. representative luf gren
6:35 am
introduced a resolution asking that the president be examined be by medical and psychiatric professionals. jackie spear on tuesday tweeted it was time to envolk the 25th amendment. now, in the history of america, it has never been used. 6:35 is our time. across the country, police are gearing up for the possibility of violence this weekend. you can see crews putting up barricades in boston. 20,000 counterprotesters may show up on boston common a free rally will take place. in tennessee, two major demonstrations are planned in memphis. the mayor of charlottesville, virginia, wants the state legislature to hold a session so the city can take down confederate monuments. mayor mike singer voted against the remufl of a robert e. lee stat chu chew, buzz has changed his mind after weekend's violence that killed a 32-year-old woman and two state troopers. one was laid to rest yesterday. the governor of virginia spoke at the funeral.
6:36 am
>> for all who put on that uniform every single day to keep our community safe, we cannot say thank you enough to you. the president of duke has announced the it has removed the robert e. lee statue there. it will be preserved for the yumpt university to study the complex passed. a father and daughter were kicked off a passenger plane for what they say was a private conversation in which they criticized the airline for a several hour delay. now, the airline is responding. abc news reporter, david kerrly has the story. >> a nearly seven-hour frontier delay in orlando, then this. a father and daughter headed to
6:37 am
visit a sick relative. >> there is loathsome. absolutely loathsome. ordered to get off the aircraft all from a private conversation with his daughter calling it her worst flying experience. >> the stuard esz heard that i was saying these employees look like they're terrified. >> was it an overbearing flight attendant? frontier says no. the passengers were loud and rude adding in a statement, quote, the behaviors and comments exhibited by these passengers were inappropriate. frontier says their account is backed up by other passengers and that the applause was for the removal of the pair from the craft. the pair was refunded the cost of their tickets. abc new, reagan national airport.
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someone could get very rich tonight. no one match in wednesday's drawing making it the 19th straight drawing without a grand prize winner. the jackpot would be the eighth largest lottery jackpot in u.s. history and the fifth largest this power ball history. the winning numbers will be b pulled tonight at 8:00 p.m. still ahead, the rush to see the solar eclipse has caused a rush on camping gear and some stores have sold out. we'll have more on that coming up, but first, here's a live look outside from our east bay hills camera. you can see the clouds out there. many asking when will the sun come out. lisa will have
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the yul burrlinggame festival kicks off today. artists will be selling paintings, jewelry and books. it's free and runs today and tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. it's held in the historic area. also happening today, the bay area's top eating champions will compete at taco eating contest. joey chestnut and matt stoney face off once again at the silicon valley taco festival. chestnut won this year's contest. stoney holds the world record, 103 tacos in eight minutes.
6:42 am
the fest at st. james park begins at 11:00 this morning. the eating contest begins at 2:00 this afternoon. makes me queasy. >> we are look at a pretty nice day today if you like a typical san francisco summertime pattern. sfo, 55 minute delays at 59 degrees and you're going to have to wait a good portion of the day to get any sun there. maybe 70s. o we'll talk about that fog how it influences our highs today, tomorrow, the look ahead, which is not looking too hot. temperaturewise. i'll explain next. >> thank you. also ahead, the giants haven't had a winning month since last june. but they've within playing better and they finally got more from matt moore last
6:43 am
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together, we're building a better california.
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ready for some football? it's only week two, but the 49ers and raiders are home tonight. broncos take on the niners, kickoff at 7:00 and rams face the raiders of the oakland coliseum. kickoff also at 7:00 and happening tonight, the giants will try to win their third straight over the phillies at at&t park. first pitch at :05. last night, they scored early and often. here's larry with the highlights.
6:46 am
>> they've got to use the final weeks to prepare fan for 60 years at a home fwam. about time. bottom of the first. jarrod parker. opposite way. double on the line. hunter pence, he scores, 2-0, giants. second inning. pence. solo blast off of zack ef there is lon. 3-0. brandon crawford, his tenth of the year. starting to hit. two-run blast made it 6-0. matt moore, seven an a third innings. beautiful. bull pen couldn't preserve the shutout. moore gets the win and giants roll to victory by a score of 10-2. a's and astros. that is the ultimate handlebar mustache. got to take an hour to style that. trouble in the third. alex bregman. his 14th of the year.
6:47 am
and it's 1-0. next batter. here it comes. there it goes again. altuve, 19th of the year. dallas, 2015 cy young winner, seven scoreless. comebacker. he's now 11-2. matt joyce homered in this game. made a nice catch there. robin in the fourth and we show you this because of that. takes out the scoreboard. puny numbers in my way. 5-4. he went six. gave up four. former a josh reddick. fan favorite. rbi single and the astros post a 3-1 win. little league world series. north carolina and south dakota. chase anderson struck out four, then matthew struck out five. carson hardy comes on complete ing the seventh perfect game in little league world series history. first combined perfecta. north carolina wins it and makes history. 6-0. two nfl preseason games tonight
6:48 am
in the bay area. 49ers hosting the broncos, raiders and rams. the return of jared goff. the raider, just watched. he's going to get some snaps in this game. we expect the same for lynch. donald pen still holding out. kylie hurt, so is the second rounder. jack's philosophy, next man up. >> one's not here, his choice, got a couple others who haven't been able to join us yet and they're working and they're doing everything we're asking. they'll come back when they can. until then, we just move on. looking forward to playing at home this week. in front of our crowd. kind of excited about that opportunity to kick that off. >> yep. football is is back. enjoy, everybody. have a great weekend. good morning, everyone. check it out.
6:49 am
this is from our east bay hills camera. beautiful shot f the low clouds being transported across the bay. how far? just sitting on the border concord this morning and it's gray and liver mor so that means the temperatures aren't going to be too, too hot today. here's a look at current temperatures. 59 in san francisco with 61 over in oakland. san jose at 60. not very gray there. but you have a few clouds around. 58 half moon bay and other number, cooler in the mid-50s and we have mist and drizzle in the north bay. in san francisco, because we will be looking tat clouds to linger at the shoreline. in fact, we're talking about visibility. because the deck is across the bay, but in some spot, it is dense along the coast, so keep that many mind. so speak ofg that from the golden gate bridge, you can see,
6:50 am
we have been looking at temperaturs pretty nice, but the rest of you have been wanting the sun in some warm. i know and have heard about it. cool and gray. i shouldn't say unusual summer because that's what we get around here, so dense fog, mist and drizzle for the morning hours. then gray for the most part of the coast. mild to warm over the weekend and partly cloudy with cooler conditions for the eclipse torms. sunday, notice numbers are not in the 90s. they're near 90. 86 in concord with temperatures in the 60s and 70s arn the bay. what happens monday, numbers coming coundown a little bit. it may impact some of you throughout the coast for the viewing then by tuesday, we want to come up with a few degrees. today, mere average for you in the south bay about 82 in san jose.
6:51 am
santa cruz, 80, san matteo, 73, and the sun later on in the day, 60s from daily city, the sunset district and 80 in petaluma. we did get clearing at the coast today, not so much, stinson though. warmer area at 65. hayward, 75. head inland and it should be a nice, pleasant afternoon in the san ramon valley. 87 for you. 88 in concord. overnight lows, 50s north bay. low 60s in time-out south bay and looking at kind of breezy conditions at at&t park tonight with mid-60s and about 60 degrees 9:00. download our app and you can check the temperatures in your neighborhood hour by hour. we're looking at the rest of the week featuring some typical numbers with 60s a t the coast, upper 70s inland. really little change for your sunday and inland, temperatures
6:52 am
coming down a few more degrees all because of a system to our north dictating the onshore push, which is all about us, right? >> yeah and for those heading to the giants game, bring a jacket. thank you. the bay area will see a partial solar eclipse on monday, but a ten-hour drive north of here parts of oregon will experience the total eclipse. a number of stores that sale and rent camping gear can barely keep up with demand. >> the name of the store says it all. last minute gear, rents camping supplies on short notice. normally closed on wednesdays, but not this week. >> we are overwhelmed with eclipsegoers. >> a festival has splung up around it. droves o people are headed there and they need gear. >> tents sleeping bag and pad. >> and up the street at sports basement, those are the items
6:53 am
they can barely keep in stock. >> when you're out of two person tents, we have larger tents. >> reservations are pouring in. >> these are the ones that have yet to be filled. >> where you headed? >> up to oregon. check out the eclipse. >> they're headeded to the same place. coming from all over, include ing in one case, the other side of the world. >> joshua and anna maria liked it so much, they want to see it again. >> it's about kind of like unty. like the sun and moon are coming together. sxwl and so are their friends, a whole contingent coming from down under. >> two person tent. >> fiberglass pulls and it comes up at $80. >> oh, cool. >> they come from far and wide for good reason. >> this only happens once in a lifetime or i guess in this case, maybe twice in a lifetime.
6:54 am
>> and though many told us they're new to camping. >> it's an unusual activity for sure. this will be my seblg time. >> those who love the great outdoors say the eclipse is the perfect event to make a catcher out of anyone. >> they're just really into it. >> it may seem the whole world is heading to oregon. >> what will you be doing monday morning? >> i will be b working here. >> and we want to see how your eck experiencing the eclipse. share your photos and videos with us. time right now is 6:45. next, thousands are are expected to turn out for an oakland summertime tra ♪ ♪ award winning interface.
6:55 am
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art and soul oakland is celebrating creativity through music, food and art. this festival draw us thousands of people to downtown oakland near 12th street and b.a.r.t. station. local artists will sell jewelry, paintings and much more at the artisan market mace. you can also help create a large mural. it runs today and tomorrow from noon to 6:00 p.m. weather check now with lisa. >> it's awfully gray out there. even wet in some spots, but by the afternoon, plenty of sunshine. we have low 60s on the coast to near 90 inland. no real surprises when you wake up to the gray sky, you kind of have an idea of the seven-day forecast, the temperatures will be temperate in the lower 90s inland. we will get a bit cooler inlantd for solar eclipse monday and that forecat looks to be b very, very sut u l with the changes throughout the rest of the week, so, hope you can en
6:58 am
it and if you want the sun, got to get away from the coast. >> and you'll be watching the forecast all weekend long. thank you and thank to you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. the news continues now on twitter, facebook and instagram. good morning america is next and we're back at 8:00. we'll see you then.
6:59 am
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good morning, america. new overnight, steve bannon banished. the president's chief strategist parts ways with the white house but he's not going quietly revealing his plans this morning back at breitbart with fighting words. almost all of the president's original men now gone. and we do have breaking news. deadly police shooting. two officers shot responding to a call in kissimmee, florida. the question this morning, was it an ambush? >> there may have been a scuffle that ensued ultimately ending in the shooting. the latest on the terror attack investigation. the new video capturing the horror as a truck plows through a crowd in barcelona. how it could have been even


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