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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  August 19, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. new overnight, steve bannon banished. the president's chief strategist parts ways with the white house but he's not going quietly revealing his plans this morning back at breitbart with fighting words. almost all of the president's original men now gone. and we do have breaking news. deadly police shooting. two officers shot responding to a call in kissimmee, florida. the question this morning, was it an ambush? >> there may have been a scuffle that ensued ultimately ending in the shooting. the latest on the terror attack investigation. the new video capturing the horror as a truck plows through a crowd in barcelona. how it could have been even
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worse. the bombs that went bust and the hunt now for more suspects as we hear from the family of an american killed in the attack. >> i just don't understand it. >> his wife recounting the moments they were separated. and eclipse excitement. caravans of cars rolling into cities and towns for prime viewing spots. >> this is all heading in to prineville. >> straining small town resources. the record crowds hitting the roads for the celestial show. hey, good morning. let's get straight to our top story. another major shake-up at the white house. >> steve bannon, president trump's powerful chief strategist, is out. he's already back on the job this morning at breitbart, the influential right wing news site. >> overnight bannon spoke to "the new york times" saying, quote, i think i can be more effective fighting from the outside for the agenda president
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trump ran on, and anyone who stands in our way we will go to war with. the key words right there, the agenda the president ran on. does this mean bannon could take on the president himself if he veers away from his campaign promises? overnight the white house releasing new pictures of the president meeting with his national security team at camp david. here's a group shot and a shot of the president conferring one-on-one with vice president mike pence. this morning the president is back at his golf club in bedminster, new jersey, up and tweeting this morning saying, quote, i want to thank steve bannon for his service. he came to the campaign during my run against crooked hillary clinton. it was great, end quote. abc's david wright has more from bedminster. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. this morning the white house is regrouping without steve bannon. he is, of course, the conservative firebrand who is credited with injecting a strong note of populism in donald trump's message helping him win the white house. well, today, bannon is on the warpath back at breitbart news and vowing to become bannon the barbarian.
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after his abrupt ouster as the president's chief strategist, steve bannon wasted no time getting back to being a populist firebrand. i feel jacked up, he told "the weekly standard." now i'm free. i've got my hands back on my weapons. someone said it's bannon the barbarian. i'm definitely going to crush the opposition. back at breitbart, bannon chaired the evening editorial meeting threatening to take on a role that during a rare public appearance he once urged on conservative activists. >> hold us accountable. hold us accountable to what we promised. hold us accountable for delivering on what we promised. >> reporter: bannon is making it clear that for now he'll take aim at what he calls white house democrats and republican moderates in congress, forces that have sought to slow down trump's agenda. >> rusted out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation.
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>> reporter: looking back at the president's dark inaugural address which he helped to write. >> this american carnage stops right here and stops right now. >> reporter: bannon said the trump presidency that we fought for and won is over. we still have a huge movement and we will make something of this trump presidency, but that presidency is over. certainly many of the president's men are gone. this photo shows the original team gathered around the resolute desk in january just days after the inauguration during trump's first phone call with vladimir putin. only one of them still works for the white house, vice president mike pence. amazing. one more notable quote from steve bannon's interviews overnight. he predicts that we'll be seeing a lot less of the trump who responded so controversially to charlottesville predicting
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you'll see a lot of constraints and it'll be more conventional. well, that will be welcome news to bannon's critics but, of course, he will be there on the outside agitating hard the other way, dan and paula. >> yeah, and he's got a big megaphone in breitbart. no question about it. david, what do we know about exactly why bannon was forced out? i know there was a lot of reporting that trump had been harboring resentment ever since february when "time" magazine put bannon on the cover with the cover "the great manipulator." there it is. >> reporter: that's right. his departure has long been thought to be imminent, put it that way. the president was said to be none too happy about that "time" magazine cover. also none too happy about the "saturday night live" skits and other things that suggested that he was the manipulator pulling the strings but officially this was a mutual decision. bannon said that he only planned to stay for a year, and it was august 14th of last year that he signed on to head the trump campaign. dan and paula.
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>> as we showed "snl" portrayed bannon as the grim reaper in charge of the white house. david wright, thank you very much. >> thanks, david. and for more about what's happening in washington, we want to bring in abc news contributor and conservative commentator, tara setmayer and in washington abc news political analyst kristen soltis anderson. kristen, i want to begin with you. we're talking about the agenda of the white house and you have a prominent former campaign strategist for trump saying that you now have a republican white house filled with generals and democrats. so what is bannon's ouster mean for the white house agenda now, kristen? >> i'm not convinced that this means a ton of changes for the white house agenda in part because donald trump was donald trump long before steve bannon came on the scene. donald trump has always been a bit of an immigration hawk, always had these positions on trade that were at odds with the free trade part of the party. so certainly not having steve bannon there to walk into the west wing, to walk into the oval office to whisper in trump's ear may mean that other voices have more pull. but i'm not convinced that all of a sudden we see donald trump
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walk away from things like immigration and trade that he's talked about since long before steve bannon came on the scene. >> and, tara, for you, back on the agenda, but i mean steve bannon was really behind withdrawing from the paris climate accord, the travel ban. how does this affect the agenda? >> i think those aspects of the agenda as kristen said won't change because that -- trump is invested in those things. those were major campaign promises, particularly on immigration, building the wall, but it is true, the people he's now surrounded with, the hard-core conservative policy hawks in the white house aren't really there now in the inner circle. the only one really left is kellyanne conway and stephen miller, perhaps, but there are other fights that are coming up that are really important in september. you have the debt ceiling coming up, the funding of the government. you can't get even to tax reform or anything else until those things -- or even health care until those things are taken care of, so with steve bannon on
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the outside, he is a hard-core ideologue on some of these issues, and he has a huge megaphone, huge platform, well funded and he can wreak a lot of havoc on trump from the outside by ginning up the base if donald trump does not adhere to the same policy agenda that he pushed while he was in the white house. >> i suspect he'll be using that megaphone to push for funding for the border wall this fall. >> absolutely. >> we mentioned earlier this quote in "the new york times" this morning where bannon says he's going to go to war with anybody who stands in his way. a war against whom, and are there ways in which this could blow back on the president? >> sure, the idea that steve bannon seems to get off on the idea of political guerrilla warfare should be concerning to anyone. that was part of the concerns for him even being in the white house in a senior position in the first place because he is very, very pugnacious in the way he approaches things, so going to war, he may say now that he's not going to war against the president, but don't think twice
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that he won't go to war against trump if he shies away from that nationalist economic populism that bannon seems to think got him into the white house. so he needs to -- donald trump needs to be careful now that bannon is on the outside. >> kristen, should trump be worried about bannon on the outside? >> somewhat. i think for the most part early on you're going to see these fights be picked against the media, against congress, which the media and congress are not popular with the american people, not very popular with trump space, but donald trump is very popular with trump space and so the idea of breitbart going to war with donald trump himself, i'm not convinced that even with the large megaphone of breitbart that you could turn trump's own voters against him. he's just got enough of this sort of strong personality pull with his voters that i think that would be a much tougher fight for breitbart to win. >> kristen soltis anderson, tara setmayer, thank you both. we really appreciate your analysis on a saturday morning. we are going to turn now
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though to some breaking news overnight, and it is unhappy news. two officers shot in kissimmee, florida. >> yeah, they were responding to a call, and according to authorities it looked like they were surprised and now authorities are looking into whether they were the intended targets, and abc's janai norman joins us. >> reporter: overnight gunfire and bloodshed. >> regional two trauma alert. >> reporter: police arriving at the scene to find two of their own wounded on the ground. officer matthew baxter, a three-year veteran, was shot dead and another officer sam howard gravely injured and police saying he is not expected to survive. >> there may have been a scuffle that ensued. ultimately ending in the shooting taking officer baxter's life. >> reporter: the two kissimmee officers were on the scene investigating a call for suspicious persons at 9:27 p.m. last night. just five minutes later the first call to 911 was made. [ sirens ]
7:11 am
three suspects are in custody now. police charging the alleged shooter with premeditated first degree murder. >> he will be transported to the oseola county jail shortly, and he will be wearing officer matthew baxter's handcuffs. >> reporter: it was a violent night for police across the country. in jacksonville, florida, one officer shot in the hands and another in the stomach. now in critical condition after responding to a shooting. and in western pennsylvania, two state troopers are expected to survive after being shot late friday. >> we are here to protect and serve, and, you know, this is getting tough. >> reporter: the slain kissimmee officer leaves behind a family. that tragedy receiving an outpouring of condolences including president trump sending a late night tweet saying, my thoughts and prayers are with the kissimmee police and their loved ones. we are with you.
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we want to move now to spain and the new information coming out in the terror attacks that killed 14 people including 1 american. >> look at this new surveillance video that shows the van ramming into tourists in barcelona on la ramblas. if you look closely you can see a woman pushing a stroller out of the way. meanwhile, we're learning these attacks actually could have been much worse, and abc's james longman is on the ground in barcelona. james. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. you may be able to hear chanting here now. people remaining defiant in the face of those two terror attacks, but authorities here are concerned because that attack could have been much bigger and the country's level of alert now at 4. this morning, officials revealing chilling new details from their investigation into the deadly terrorist attacks in barcelona and cambrils as multiple suspects remain at large. investigators reporting the attacks were masterminded by a terror cell composed of roughly a dozen young men plotting a far deadlier attack in this villa outside barcelona but a premature explosion from a bomb
7:13 am
leading those plans in ruins and one of the members killed. the surviving suspects hastily escaping leaving behind at least 21 gas canisters that can be seen in the rubble. these canisters, officials believe, were intended for powerful truck bombs. >> we're not dealing with the lone wolf offender. we are seeing a group of people who came together for a common cause, and that's to commit mass murder. >> reporter: five members of the terrorist cell killed by police after ramming a car into a crowd in cambrils leaving one dead. you can see one of those terrorists lunging towards police wielding a knife before being taken down. earlier that day in barcelona, a van seen here on surveillance camera plowing down the famous and bustling street of la ramblas. watch as a mother with a stroller barely makes it out of the way. bodies and debris left strewn across the pavement.
7:14 am
at least 13 people were killed including one american. police tell abc news that this man, younes abouyaaqoub, is the suspected driver. he's on the run. and this morning, fin negotiation authorities announcing a deadly knife attack in the city of turku that left two people dead is being investigated as possible terrorism. well, that attack in finland just adds to the growing number of european cities that have had to deal with these sorts of terrorist attacks. here in barcelona, the hunt is on for the remaining members of that terrorist cell as authorities race to catch them before they have a chance to strike again. dan, paula. >> this story is not over, james, thank you very much for your reporting. also this morning, we're learning more about the american who was killed in the attack in barcelona. >> jared tucker was celebrating his one-year anniversary with his new bride. the family is heartbroken and planning a funeral this morning. they're sharing their grief and abc's victor oquendo joins us with that part of the story. victor, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. this couple had just finished having sangria. they were looking at souvenirs,
7:15 am
a typical day in the heart of barcelona, but in an instant their dream trip turned into a nightmare. jared tucker and his wife heidi left for spain to celebrate their one-year anniversary but a trip that was supposed to mark a year of marriage turning into tragedy. the couple separated while shopping in la ramblas as this van tore through the busy street. >> no more than a minute after he left to go to the bathroom mayhem broke out. you know, screaming, people running. >> reporter: heidi frantically looking for jared by police were pushing survivors farther and farther back. >> i got pushed into the kiosk and crawled over their merchandise and ended up having a nice little cubby spot where i was safe. >> reporter: she did not expect her husband to be hurt until a friend sent her a photo from twitter. >> i ended up seeing the picture
7:16 am
and it was definitely him. it appeared that somebody was tending to him so that made me a little bit hopeful that he was alive. >> reporter: for this family, the wounds still fresh. >> it's been bitter, but i don't know -- i don't know what my feelings are. i'm not angry so much as i just don't understand it. >> reporter: and back at home the close-knit community honoring jared's life. >> we can't change the outcome of the attack, but we did want to bring our school community together tonight in prayer and as a way to offer our love and support and just pray for her. >> reporter: and friends and family are doing just that and ask others to join them in sending prayers to all those affected by the attacks in barcelona. dan and paula, it was his first time overseas. >> a disaster for that family, victor, thank you very much. >> thanks, victor. in the weather department a lot going on. we got some severe stuff. what's happening, rob? >> yeah, it was a rough day yesterday across the northeast. some pictures out of washington, d.c. where they had storms in the afternoon and in the morning where three, four, in some cases five inches of rain
7:17 am
fell, so flooding there also in long island just outside of queens. the long island railroad station flooded. look at that. just a waterfall down some of those steps and also some flooding in parts of new jersey. hackensack, new jersey. all right. we'll see less of that across the northeast today thankfully. this is an update on tropical storm harvey now about 300 miles east of curacao through the caribbean. forecast to strengthen a little more and the track brings it toward central america. potentially a little farther north. we'll watch that closely. another couple of waves we're watching. not ideal conditions for development but we are certainly in prime time for hurricane season. that's a q good saturday morning. check out the golden gate bridge. mist and drizzle. lots of overcast into our east bay valleys. we'll look for clearing at the coast, but just a bit. otherwise, mild to warm this weekend. with our micro climates in full swing and cooler inland the next few days right on through the solar eclipse. so looking at your fog footpr t
7:18 am
footprint. you'll notice temperatures will reflect the low clouds and fog at the coast with 60sck >> and, of course, we have eclipse fever. if you don't have it, you should. you need clear skies to see it. we'll talk about the forecast later in this hour. >> we should have it if we don't? >> we should. >> dan has it. >> yes, i've been taking my temperature repeatedly over the last couple of days. >> you got a fever? >> uh-huh. >> i have the fever for some news. how are you doing, ron? >> hey, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> paula and dan. d-mac is back. good morning to you, roberto. we'll begin in illinois where two employees of elite universities have been extradited to chicago to face murder charges. wyndham lathem, a professor at northwestern university in chicago, and andrew warren who worked as a financial analyst for oxford university in england, they are accused of killing a 26-year-old hairstylist who had been living in lathem's condo in chicago. the two were arrested, two suspects in california earlier this month after an eight-day manhunt.
7:19 am
the suspects could appear in court as soon as later today. and new this morning, an arrest has been made in connection with the deaths of three children in suburban clinton, maryland. police say the three girls all under the age of 10 were found dead by a family member. inside their home 24-year-old antonio williams was arrested late friday. late friday police say williams lived down the street from where the girls lived and were found. and also this morning, new this morning, senator john mccain has completed his first round of radiation and chemotherapy for treatment of an aggressive form of brain cancer. his daughter meghan made the announcement via twitter. mccain following with a tweet of his own posting a picture of himself with the staff of the mayo clinic in phoenix thanking them for their work. a los angeles judge denied a plea to end a four-decade-old sexual assault case against oscar winning director roman polanski. the judge said that polanski would have to return to california to resolve charges of having unlawful sexual relations with a then 13-year-old girl. anat was back in 1977.ei to fr
7:20 am
ce. his victim has since asked for the case against him to be dropped. and if you're feeling lucky and if you could use a few hundred million bucks, now is the time to go for it. the powerball jackpot, it now stands at a whopping $535 million. the drawing, of course, tonight. the estimated cash value, nearly $340 million. your chances of winning, paula, what are they? >> it says on the prompter there 1 in 292 million. >> correct. >> but all you have to say is so you're saying there is a chance. >> somebody is going to win eventually. and finally from the chance to become a multimillionaire to one man's chance to win free college tuition. jake suder, a kicker for the bowling green university in ohio was given the chance to win a two-year football scholarship if he could make this 53-yard field goal. as you see there, he nails it. >> whoa. >> nice. >> wow. >> pressure on, huh? and he walks away now with zero college debt. >> you know, the nfl is looking
7:21 am
for a few good men. >> good to know. >> look at that. >> did it go far left? >> look at this. >> right down the middle. >> oh. >> good to know he performed well under pressure too. that comes in handy for a kicker. >> all those standing around hill too. >> future employers should know he is a clutch player. >> he is clutch. no college debt. >> i think a lot of people would be jealous of that. thanks, ron. coming up on "gma," boston, my hometown bracing for what's being called a free speech rally today after the violence in charlottesville. my talk with the event organizer about what he hopes to accomplish and the fierce critics organizing their own rallies. and bracing for the eclipse how small towns with the best views are dealing with the rush of people and the best ways to stay safe when viewing the spectacle in the sky. and taylor swift's blank space. her social media accounts shut down. what's going on here? "good morning america" is brought to you by walmart, save money, live better. ♪
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good morning, everyone. a group trying to recall judge aaron persky is taking action. the recall campaign moved to disqualify a visiting judge from deciding on the issue. the judge previously granted his request to block the group from gatt eing signatures for a
7:28 am
recall petition on a temporary basis. he made headlines when he gave a stanford athlete what many considered to be a light sentence for sexual assault. and now, the forecast. >> hey, chris,good morning to you. we have widespread fog this morning into walnut creek and livermore from our east bay hills camera. it looks pretty and it will be a nice afternoon inland today and around the bay. 60 in san jose. you can see the flag. a good onshore flow keeping it cool at our beaches and gray low 60s there to near 90
7:29 am
7:30 am
welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now, bannon out. the president's chief strategist parting ways at the white house and this morning the white house is announcing the president and the first lady will not be attending the kennedy center honors this year citing their hope to remove any political distraction. also happening right now, western wildfire. hundreds are being forced to evacuate near sisters, oregon, as the wildfire there grows to 7,000 acres. so far none of it has been contained and dry conditions this weekend could make this an even harder battle for firefighters. also we're eyeing the eclipse. more distributors are recalling faulty glasses with just days to go until the major event. just to make sure you have the right pair of glasses, you want to check with the american astronomical society's solar eclipse task force which has put out a list of approved manufacturers.
7:31 am
nasa also has a list. but amazon was preemptively offering recalls to some who purchased some of those counterfeits out there. >> you have to be careful. >> we'll talk more about that, whether your sunglasses, your ray-bans will work. they won't. also coming up, the path of the eclipse getting crowded clogging the roads for the show in the sky. we'll start here in boston where they're bracing for what's being called a free speech rally today. some people fear it could degenerate into a repeat of the violent clashes we saw in charlottesville, virginia, last weekend. >> now, the group was granted a permit this week and the mayor is saying his city is taking steps to keep the crowds peaceful there. abc's stephanie ramos joins us from boston with more about all of the plans. good morning to you, stephanie. >> reporter: paula and dan, good morning. all week the mayor has told people to stay away from the boston common today where thousands of people are expected to show up with thousands more marching in opposition. security is expected to be tight across boston today as the city
7:32 am
preps for a free speech rally. >> keep the groups separated and that will be done using both human beings as well as fences and other devices. >> reporter: city officials approved a permit earlier this week for the rally organized by the boston free speech coalition. but the city says rules are in place. no weapons, flagpoles or sticks will be allowed and roads are blocked. >> we think it's going to be a large group, and it will probably increase. we have numbers upwards of, you know, in the thousands. >> reporter: john medlar, the event organizer, tells our dan harris this rally is not to address white nationalist ideas but rather the first amendment and admits, however, there may be troublemakers in the crowd. >> what we want to try to do is get people talking to each other again instead of just fighting in the streets like what we saw in charlottesville. what happened there was absolutely terrible. >> reporter: this rally comes exactly one week after clashes between white supremacists
7:33 am
counterprotesters in charlottesville, virginia. 32-year-old heather heyer was killed when a car rammed into a crowd of demonstrators. >> no tolerance out there. any suspicion or act of violence we're shutting it down. >> move, move. >> reporter: at a separate rally friday morning in durham, north carolina, demonstrators showing up after hearing rumors of white supremacists holding their own march. [ chanting ] >> reporter: organizers of the free speech rally say they don't want their event to be hijacked by white supremacists, but this morning boston police are continuing to get ready for groups with very different messages. dan, paula. >> thank you. and it sounds like the boston police and the mayor taking this really seriously promising they will shut it down if anything gets out of hands and they're closing down a lot of streets around the boston commons so they don't have a repeat of the murder we saw in charlottesville. >> shutting it down before things get out of hand too preemptively. let's move on to the weather and rob marciano. i see you're talking about the great american eclipse. >> we are. it is great. it's american.
7:34 am
it is coast to coast. we haven't seen this in nearly 100 years and, of course, you need clear skies or mostly clear skies to see it. it only takes one cloud two minutes to kill a total eclipse. so good luck to everybody. i think in the rockies and west things will be pretty dry and clear. green is how we're highlighting that. there's your path. casper, lincoln, getting into jeff city, more atmospheric moisture here so maybe cloud cover and a little closer to southeast. charleston where david muir will be maybe a little more moisture and cloud cover there and hoping to clear things up. but that is how it looks right now. you'll be able to see it everywhere. again, if you're out of the path of totality, certainly wear those glasses. more on that in a second. all right. we've got heat out across the pacific northwest. fires burning, that one in sisters close to madres and most of the winds will keep smoke away from that area but serious situation in central oregon. heat advisories out for the central and southern u.s. these are heat index numbers, what it feels like with humidity, 108 in shreveport and 108 in jackson and 104 and kind of steamy in charleston. we've got a couple of little
7:35 am
disturbances trying to roll across the northeast. maybe pop-up thunderstorms but nothing like wha good saturday morning. you see the fog here from mt. a tam, but we have it pretty much every wroo wr today and we'll be looking at numbers climbinging into the 80s. upper >> this weather report is brought to you by sherwin-williams. paula just peppering me with eclipse questions. >> what happens if it's cloudy in your region and you can't see the sun? >> it will get a little bit dark but it's not going to be as great. >> and a lunar eclipse as opposed to a total eclipse and a partial especially? >> partial is just partial and lunar when is the earth blocks the sun from hitting the moon. >> i love how everybody at home is getting a glimpse of how paula treats rob. >> i'm so excited. >> one more thing. one more thing. call her paula 50 questions. >> 20 questions, by the way.
7:36 am
>> 20 questions, sorry. >> thank you. it's my innate curiosity. >> i know. that's what makes you so great. coming up on "gma" what to do if you're looking for a prime viewing spot for monday's big solar eclipse. and taylor swift's social media accounts all but disappeared. the speculation behind the move. diane macedo will have that straight ahead in "pop news." is she gone, diane? >> you'll have to find out. >> also we call her d-mac now. >> d-mac. >> d-mac. d-mac now. >> d-mac. >> d-mac.
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♪ so we're smack dab in the middle of the countdown to the solar eclipse and the states in the direct path of it are bracing for a lot of company. >> roads are already logjamed with people wanting to get a view of totality, and there is a concern that drivers are going to be looking up rather than keeping their eyes on the road and marci gonzalez is in lincoln city, oregon, with more on all things eclipse. good morning, marci. >> reporter: hey, paula and dan. good morning. this is the first place in the country anyone will be able to see the eclipse and from here to the east coast this huge event is turning small communities into booming tourist attractions. this morning droves of people rolling into cities and towns across the country vying for the best spots to view the total solar eclipse. >> we have our cool little
7:41 am
glasses, and i think we're all excited to see this. >> reporter: with more than 7 million people expected to travel for this celestial shows hotels filling up. >> they are just basically saying that, you know, we're booked up. we're booked up. >> reporter: and solar eclipse glasses flying off shelves. >> this is the line for solar eclipse viewing glasses. >> in total we will have sold 26,000 glasses. >> reporter: while heading to take in the incredible view, some less appealing sights, lines of traffic leading to some prime locationed. in oregon where a million visitors are expected this backup stretching 15 miles. >> this is all heading into prineville. >> reporter: from here to south carolina across the entire path of totality, emergency preparations are in place. >> it's all hands on deck enforcement strategies and, you know, patrol or deployment strategies so, you know, we're kind of throwing everything at it. >> reporter: hospitals equipped with extra medication and supplies and stores stocked up. >> i think beer is going to be a big thing first part of the week
7:42 am
and then water and gas after it's over. >> reporter: ready for the record crowds. and to give you an idea of just how busy things are getting, 8,500 people live here in lincoln city, oregon, but they are expecting 100,000 people here leading up to monday. and they are already starting to arrive. dan and paula. >> sounds like money. a lot of profits to be made. >> i hear that cash register. >> absolutely. >> a little cha-ching. you have a front row seat, marci. i hope you get to enjoy it too, all 2 1/2 minutes. >> thank you. coming up on "gma," myth busting the eclipse and how to keep your eyes safe. dr. jen ashton joins us for our "weekend download" just ahead. "weekend download" just ahead. risk of stroke due to afib, r a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter what path i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis.
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♪ ♪ we are busting the myths about the eclipse from a health perspective in our "weekend download." dr. jen ashton, our chief women a health correspondent, is here. good morning. >> good morning. >> got our sunglasses handy. it's worth saying one more time, your regular sunglasses are not going to cut it. >> correct. they don't block that uv light, neither do cell phone cameras, telescopes, binoculars. this is not a joke. if you look at this solar eclipse without the proper eclipse glasses, which we have right here, you will do damage to your eyes, and i just want to let people to know to tell there are's -- that you're not using counterfeits when you put them on inside everything will look black that's how you know you're looking through real eclipse safe glasses. if you look at an unfrosted light bulb you will see the wire filament with these glasses on. >> only the wire filament. >> correct. >> let's bust some myths. what about the myth that if
7:47 am
eyes don't hurt, they must not be getting damaged? >> absolutely incorrect. the retina, which is part of the eye at risk, if you look without the proper glasses, there are no nerve endings. there will not be any pain. the only signs or symptoms that you will have is several hours later you'll have a central blurriness almost like there's vaseline in the center of your visual field. there will not be pain either when you're looking at it or afterwards. to be clear, you can damage your vision in as little as a few seconds. >> oh, wow, okay. do babies and pets need protection because there is the myth that they do. >> i know. and it would be adorable, but they don't know about the eclipse. certainly our pets don't know and little babies don't know, so it's unlikely that they're going to be staring at this eclipse. so, no, they don't need protection. if you're concerned just leave them inside. >> it would make for some great visuals. there have been myths if you watch a lunar eclipse, and, of course, this is a total eclipse and not a lunar eclipse but if you watch a lunar eclipse when you're pregnant, your baby will be born with a cleft lip. >> there are so many incredibly interesting solar/lunar eclipse kind of stories that involve
7:48 am
obstetrics and pregnancy. we know that cleft palate, cleft lip is not related to anything that's going on in the sun or lunar system, so, no, that is completely false. it has to do with some genetic and environmental factors but this one, no. >> the sun is always out when you're in studio with us. >> put these on, my dear. >> dr. jen, thank you so much. everybody. >> you're welcome. >> i'm trying to read off the prompter. i can't with these on. you can see our full coverage of "the great american eclipse" monday with our live special starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. and don't forget to share your photos with us, even the ones of our babies and your pets. and straight ahead, a "lion king" bombshell. why you may have gotten the story line all wrong. diane's going to have that. d-mac in "pop news." d-mac in "pop news." d-mac in "pop news." ♪ towel please! ♪
7:49 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by bush's beans. whatever your mood, we've got a bean for you. all right. time for "pop news."
7:53 am
diane macedo, aka d-mac. >> loving the new nickname. well, we have homework in "pop news" because we're all on this mystery now. taylor swift has somehow done away with all of her social media accounts. all the content on them has just disappeared. nothing on her instagram, twitter, facebook, tumblr, even the personal website is just a blank space, pun fully intended, i will admit, so the question is what's going on? there's some speculation that she could be ready to drop a new album because she is due. she hasn't released one since 2014, and in the past she's released new singles in august so fans are holding out hope that something is coming down the pipeline soon. the vmas are also next weekend. katy perry is hosting. some are hoping we could see a reconciliation. for now, though, we'll have to ask our investigative unit to dig deep on this one. >> you want brian ross to look into it? >> i do. i'm going to call brian right away. meanwhile, miley cyrus is embracing her younger side with a new music video for the song "younger now" off her upcoming
7:54 am
album also called "younger now." check it out. ♪ >> the video might make you a little no taggic. she dances with puppets. she pays homage to elvis in a beautiful bedazzled jumpsuit and slicked back elvis-type hair and takes a ride at a carnival on the gravitron, you know that ride that lets you go upside down and stick to the walls and then as you saw she crashes a sock hop all decked out in '50s clothing and said she's changed a lot since her last album and this video definitely shows it. the new album debuts september 29th so looks like we'll see a different miley. no more twerking. exactly. >> she's evolved what seven times in 23 years. >> kind of covering up a little more. felt like she owned it then and now a different person. >> this is how celebrities do it. >> reinventing. >> i need to interrupt this debate because we have a "pop
7:55 am
news" bombshell, people. >> oh, we do. >> oh. >> everything you thought you knew about "the lion king," forget it. >> what? >> because we are now just learning mufasa and scar are not actually brothers. >> for real? >> wrap your head around that. the director and producer now say the use of the term brother in the movie just means they're from the same pride, not the same parents. some twitter users are having a hard time with this calling the revelation a bigger betrayal than when scar killed mufasa. by the way, we won't spoil any more because the live action remake hits theaters july 2019 so we can overanalyze that as well. >> can't even wrap my mind around that. >> i feel better. >> you feel better about that. >> yeah. >> well, finally krispy kreme is preparing for monday's solar eclipse as well with a dark version of their doughnuts and they've glazed them with chocolate for the first time ever, so we have them here in studio. you guys can enjoy but you at home can also enjoy. krispy kreme is having these hot light hours over the weekend where the doughnuts are available and you can even go in and watch the whole thing
7:56 am
happen. you watch the doughnut eclipse so to speak. >> you have to eat them with your eclipse glasses. >> yes, you should. but they have a chocolate waterfall that covers the whole thing. >> dr. jen said that during the eclipse if you eat these, it's actually healthy. >> really? >> no, she didn't. >> she said that. >> just when you thought krispy kreme doughnuts couldn't get any better. >> d-mac, excellent job. we'll see you back here tomorrow. thank you for watching, everybody. >> happy eclipse. r watching, everybody. >> happy eclipse. happy eclipse. good morning, everyone. a number of bay area animal shelters are waiving adoption fees today. the as prpca says about 6.5 miln animals are dropped off in shelters each year. the san francisco spca east bay and the marin humane society are
7:57 am
just some of the shelters waiving fees. today, you can celebrate creativity at the art and soul oakland festival. this two-day event draws thousands of people the downtown oakland near 12th street and the city center b.a.r.t. station. today, there's a turf dance battle. local artists will be setting jewelry, paintings and much more at the marketplace. you can also help create a large mural at the festival. it returns today and tomorrow from noon until 6:00 p.m. are you ready for some football? both the 49ers and raiders are home tonight. the broncos take on the niners at levi stadium. kickoff at 7:00 and the rams face the raiders at the oakland coliseum. kickoff is also at 7:00 p.m. turning to weather and the forecast. how are you, lisa? >> i'm doing good, good morning, everyone. we are looking at a generous fog foot this from mt. tam. a little clearing, but cool in the city.
7:58 am
64 in mountain view and this is east bay hills, where you can see the fog here, it's clear and sunny, or clearing i should say in walnut creek. highs today comfortable, but at our beach, we're in the low 60s, so we'll talk about how warm we get inland coming up. >> thank you. up next, new details on the police shooting in central florida that left one officer dead and a sergeant in grave condition. also, how an east bay school is showing their support for a
7:59 am
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today is saturday, august 19th. good morning an thanks for joining us. leets start with a first look at the forecast. here's lisa tracking the conditions where you live. hi, lisa. >> good morning to you. this is live doppler 7. it shows the fog not only in the east bay, but in north bay where visibility is about three miles. santa rosa, petaluma, livermore, you have the fog, but we have sunshine in san jose. sfo, 55-delays. later today, 70, partial clearing. we're in the 60s where we have the sun in san jose. 58 on the coast and check out emoryville. gray out there with 56, santa rosa, low 60s 24 concordy you have sunshinan


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