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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 21, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this monday morning -- breaking news. the first video of the "u.s.s. john s. mccain" just coming in, badly damaged after a collision. the second navy destroyer involved in an accident at sea this summer. the search for the missing sailors right now. the investigation getting under way. overnight, the president lands in washington after 17 days away. the announcement about strategy in afghanistan expected today in a primetime address to the country. plus, the new polls that show low arooufl states. and we're hours away from the cosmic event. the total solar eclipse. this morning, we're live in one of the prime viewing spots. the excitement already building.
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we can say good morning. hopefully, you have your glasses ready for the eclipse. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm lynda lopez. in for diane macedo. but we're going to begin with breaking news. the search for ten american sailors after the second collision in two months between a navy destroyer and a commercial ship. you can see the damage. the sleeping quarters, we're told, among the places that were flooded with seawater. >> it happened overnight in the waters east of singapore. as the "u.s.s. john s. mccain" was headed to port. several sailors were air-lifted to the hospital. >> arlette saenz joins us from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and lynda. ten u.s. sailors are missing and five injured after the "u.s.s. john s. mccain" collided with a vessel off the coast of singapore. the second incident in the summer where a u.s. destroyer has collided with a merchant
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ship in the past few months. >> to focus on the search and rescue effort. >> reporter: the search and rescue operation is under way for ten u.s. sailors missing after the "u.s.s. john mccain" collided with an oil tanker. off the coast of singapore. the navy says the collision occurred as the guided missile destroyer was headed towards singapore for a routine port visit. after the collision, a gaping hole seen in the "mccain's" left rear side. five sailors sustained injuries. four were medically evacuated to a singapore hospital for non-lifethreatening injuries. this is the second navy destroyer to collide with a merchant vessel in the pacific in two months. >> it's hard to understand how we could have another -- another collision between two very sophisticated navy ships in this part of the world. >> reporter: back in june, seven sailors lost their lives when the "u.s.s. fitzgerald" collided with a much larger cargo ship. off the coast of japan. last week, the navy relieved the
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"fits jerl's" commanding officers and two others relating to that crash. >> we now have two u.s. navy ships, very sophisticated, capable navy ships that are no longer in service in an area, in a time when the north korea threat is at its highest. >> reporter: back at the white house last night, president trump was asked about the "mccain's" collision. >> that's too bad. that's too bad. >> reporter: he shared his concerns in a tweet. thoughts and prayers are with our u.s. navy sailers aboard the "u.s.s. yon john mccain." senator john mccain, whose father and grand father the ship is named for, weighing in on twitter. he and his wife are keeping the sailors on board the "u.s.s. john mccain" in our prayers. >> the malaysian officials are joining them as well. president trump is poised to reveal a new strategy for afghanistan in a primetime speech tonight. >> he's going to speak from ft.
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meyer in virginia. he'll lay out a plan. this is is 16 years after 9/11. secretary of defense jim mattis favors a plan that would send nearly4,000 more u.s. troops to afghanistan. adding to the 8400 already there. >> very comfortable that -- that the strategic process was -- sufficiently rigorous. and -- did not go in with a preset condition in terms of what questions could be asked or what decisions would be made. >> secretary of defense there. it looks like the president will likely agree to add more u.s. troops. a top u.s. commander in afghanistan told afghan forces, quote, we're with you and we will stay with you. president trump returned to the white house from vacation facing declining poll numbers in three key states.
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according to an nbc/marist poll, in michigan, only 36% of registered voters say they approve of his performance. in pennsylvania, just 35%. that number fell to 34% in wisconsin. u.s. and south korean troops have begun annual drills as north korea warns of rising tensions. the 11-day training session follows north korea's recent ballistic missile test. and a sharp exchange of words between president trump and kim jong-un. the north calls the drills a reckless invasion rehearsal. well, back here at home, we are counting down to the first north american eclipse in nearly 40 years. >> we're now just hours away. thousands are camped out. in oregon for the best view. >> and officials are bracing for what could be the worst traffic jam in u.s. history as millions converge on the path of totality, that 70-mile-wide band that will experience darkness in the middle of the day. a band that stretches from oregon to south carolina. marci gonzalez joining us from
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lincoln city, oregon. where the mayor of that town says he has procured every outhouse he could get his hands on for the big event. good morning, marci. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and lynda. this is the first place that anyone in the country will be able to see this. the total eclipse will be visible here. just after 10:15 this morning. and then for the next hour and a half, the moon's shadow will move east, wowing millions of people along the way. the wait is finally over. >> whoo! >> reporter: for the great american eclipse. >> this is a life-changing experience. >> reporter: from oregon. >> this is going to be one of the prime locations. >> reporter: to south carolina. >> i'm going to put a pitch for charleston. because we're the last place. we're also the best place. >> reporter: all eyes protected by those essential eclipse glasses turning upward today. for this long anticipated celestial show. >> not until august 21, 2017,
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will another eclipse be visible from north america. that's 38 years from now. >> reporter: the last one in 1979. >> oh, look. there it is is. >> reporter: it's been nearly 100 years since a total eclipse crossed from coast to coast. >> a once-in-a-lifetime event here, you know. >> reporter: people from the every state and around the world celebrating. camping out. crowding small towns. causing major traffic jams. all to be in the path of totality. where the moon's 70-mile-wide shadow will cross parts of 14 states, turning day instantly into night for just a few unforgettable moments. >> when we're older, we'll be able to tell our kids. >> reporter: and people are still talking about that 1979 eclipse when not far from here, clouds blocked the view for a whole lot of people. and so far this morning, it is looking a little bit cloudy. we're hearing that the forecast is pretty good here for the last
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chance to see an eclipse in the u.s. until 2024. kendis and li lynda? >> marci gonzalez, thank you. >> i think marci will be thankful when the sun comes out and it warms up there. 50 degrees in lincoln city. now for a look at your eclipse day weather. summer storms could affect your chances of seeing the total eclipse. the oregon coast may have low clouds at the start. as marci mentioned. there may be haze and smoke from western wildfires. conditions close to ideal in missouri and tennessee. but there could be thunderstorms in the southeast by the time the eclipse reaches that area. hurricane kenneth will stay out to sea, as a category 3. it doesn't pose a threat to land. it's expected to weaken tomorrow.
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and still ahead, why businesses can expect to lose nearly $700 million in productivity today. >> wow. and new this morning. a car loses control during a show, slamming into a crowd. a dramatic moment caught on camera. and a man on a moped driving right into a sinkhole. how distracted driving is being blamed.
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this could probably be part of a public service announcement commercial. watch the sinkhole opening up in china. and then the guy apparently looking at his phone, drives the the scooter straight into the hole. amazingly, the the driver didn't
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suffer serious injuries. the guy there walking across the street wasn't too much help or in a rush to help out at all. spanish authorities just confirmed moments ago there is one barcelona attacker still on the run. he's believed to be the driver of the van that hit dozens of people, killing 13. his i.d. was found in the white van. a school in australia is mourning the youngest victim. just 7 years old. a california family remembers jared tucker. he was on his honeymoon. his wife saying she loved her more than she deserved. breaks overnight, more statues being removed. statues of robert e. lee and three others taken down on the campus of the university of texas at austin. a school spokesman saying the statues were brought down under cover of darkness and without warning because of public safety concerns. they're being moved to a school
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museum. southern california police want help finding out who took place in this car show. people attac mustang after it drove into the crowd. the l.a. county sheriffs say they didn't receive one call about the incident. it's unclear if anyone was injured. today's eclipse figuring to cost america $700 million. >> that's the productivity decline when employees leave their offices to check out the historic event. when we come back, why a woman credits facebook with saving her life after she got stuck in a pool. and, what a grab, the little leaguer who might have the best catch in all of baseball this year. i need to shave my a1c i'm always on call. an insulin that fits my schedule is key. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪
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the pilot said he had no choice but to make an emergency landing right on a florida highway bridge in flagler beach. neither the pilot nor his passenger were injured. other road conditions. drivers along the gulf coast and upper plains may find wet roads. localized flooding in the desert southwest. if you're flying, airport delays in kansas city and chicago. hollywood is being rocked by a lawsuit against one of it most well known producers. >> talking about joel silver. who produced "lethal weapon" and "the may trick." he's accused of kauszing the wrongful death of his assistant. the lawsuit blames silver for providing alcohol and creating work conditions that led to her fatigue that led to a drowning in a swim. three-time olympic gymnast
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aly raisman is calling for change. more than 100 women and girls are accusing former olympic team dr. larry naszer of sexual abuse. usa gymnastics says it's takinging the issue head on. comic actor and philanthropist jerry lewis has died at the age of 91. his career included radio, tv, clubs, broadway. it was the movies that lewis became a legend. and made him one. first as a team with dean martin. then by himself. he also raised billions of dollars in the fight against muck cue lar dystrophy, hosting an annual labor day telethon for years. his comedy inspired many. jim carey tweeted that fool was no dummy.
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jerry lieu was was undeniable genius. i am, because he was. the words of jim carrey there. a 61-year-old woman in missouri had to get resourceful. >> she was swimming. the ladder broke. she couldn't get out of the water. she was stuck in the pool for thee lours. >> i got the trusty pool pole. there you go. grabbed the leg of the chair. dragged it over. got the ipad hooked up to wi-fi and asked my community for help. >> do you understand that? she logged on to the town facebook page in hopes of getting someone's attention. she says within a few minutes, someone from a few streets away showed up to help. >> the magic of facebook. >> she was out of the pool a few times later. she is a cancer survivor and says people helping other people is the way the community is
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supposed to work. >> go social media. let's get some baseball highlights sflp good morning, america. i'm nicolnicole. he's john. the other john isn't here. you have business to do? >> good morning, utica. now, let's watch a guy hit a home run. giancarlo stanton. it had been three games. three games. jacob degrom gives him the big fat gopher ball. miami went on to win it, 6-4. number 45 on the year for stanton. who has just been wrecking baseballs since the all-star game. another one for him. manny is happy. >> she, he just -- he's paid a few quarters to play the game. this kid is not. jack regenny does that in the junior league world series. chinese taipei thinks they have a home run. oh, no. feet over the playing surface.
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they initially called ate home run because they were not sure. sit as good as austin jackson's catch? i mean, both are really good. austin jackson gets paid to play the game and jack does not. so if you don't get paid you win in my book. >> just like that. high, low 80s. a nice day to see the eclipse in utica. up"the pulse." the eclipse and man's best friend. now make sure your dogs are ready for today's event. and this dog is is being honored by a sheriff's department after what he dug up in the yard.
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eclipse for your dog. >> apparently, quite a few people have been wondering what they should do for their four-legged friends during today's huge solar eclipse. nasa says your pets are not any more likely to stare at the sun today than any other day. >> oh, okay. a quick search on the googles shows plenty of creative options for doggie eclipse glasses are out there. if you and your pet are so inclined. >> because safety first, always. always. >> that's what would happen with the glasses on the dogs. they're going to chew them up. next up, a dog whose owners surely must be proud of him. kenyon is an 18-month-old golden retriever in organize porpg. >> he's been given an award. he was digging around in the backyard. >> he found what turned out to be $85,000 worth of heroin. kenyon's owner called the police. >> he has no training
4:24 am
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s so yeah, it is monday, august 21st. but more importantly, what is today, friends? really? really? i'm through, mike nicco. >> it's your big day. >> my big day? because it's foggy outside right now? everybody is like, what are you doing to my viewing? >> we're counting on you. >> wow. disappointment. for a lot of folks. yeah, unfortunately, especially at the coast and around the bay. hi, everybody. let's look at your day planner. then we'll give you in about three minutes your forecast for the eclipse. cloudy everywhere, as i overlaid the cloud layer. you can see from the exploratorium, clouds there too. cloudy at 7:00. temperatures in the low to mid 60s. mostly sunny, but that's by noon, after the eclipse is over. 61 to 73. you can see at 4:00, sunshine everywhere but the coast. mid to upper 70s. coast will be 62.
4:28 am
it will be in the mid 60s to low 70s with the clouds returning at 7:00 i'll see you in two minutes with the eclipse forecast. >> we're starting off with an issue in the fremont area. a vehicle fire taking up two lanes. northbound 880 around auto mall parkway, sounds like everyone is out of the vehicle okay. we haven't heard word of injuries or other vehicles involved. i'll keep a close eye on that. we'll take a look at heavy traffic already out of the tracy area coming up in less than ten. that breaking news now, at least one person is dead after a car plowed into two bus stops in the french port city of marseil marseille. it was stolen and rammed into the first bus stop, hitting and hurting a man, then it rammed into a second bus stop, killing a woman. they arrested the driver. french media reports the driver as having psychological
4:29 am
problems. a motive for the attacks still not known. >> developing news in the spain terror attack. authorities say the death toll now stands at 15. we're learning authorities have identified the man who drove a van into a crowd of people as eunice, a 22-year-old moroccan. a spanish nooup has published pictures of what is said to be him walking away from the scene. he may now be in france. he's the last member of the 12-man terror cell of the attack still on the loose. thursday's attack and a subsequent attack killed 14 people and injured more than 120 others. >> coming up on 4:30. let's get an update of weather and traffic. >> let's talk about the eclipse. we'll start with how it's going to unfold. it starts at about 9:01 here. by 10:15, that's when we get our full coverage of 75%. and then by 11:37, we're back to just a normal day. all right, let's take a look. this is what everybody wants to
4:30 am
know. it's not good news. look at the cloud cover at 10:15. it's pretty much barely out of the east bay valleys and the south bay and the napa valley. everybody else is going to be pretty cloudy. there may be a few breaks in the cloud cover, but it's definitely going to be mostly cloudy. same at the coast. as we head to 11:35 when it's over, yeah, that's when a lot of clouds start to clear out of the bay and then the cost is still going to remain cloudy. my advice, you have to head deep inland, deep south, or up above at least 2400 feet. >> thanks, mike. taking a look at the roads this morning, a live look outside at golden gate bridge. we have one vehicle heading southbound on 101. really light traffic volumes. i haven't seen lane closures. you're doing all right so far this morning. slight delays building out of tracy. you're in the yellow, up to


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