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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 21, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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production. california is heavily dependent on solar. the eclipse which blocked 75% of the sun in the bay area, posed a major test for the state. so how did it go? >> solar power dropped by about 2,000 megawatts in our system, at the peak around 10:15 today. >> reporter: one megawatt can power 1,000 homes. the spokesman said customers were not impacted because the company was able to replace what was lost with a combination of other sources. like natural gas, wind and hydropower. the grid worked just as they had hoped. >> it's a great test that the grid can balance the renewables with other sources of power. i think that's what came through today. >> reporter: this picture was taken at the california iso which operates most of the state's grid. it shows that sudden dip, which started just after 9:00 a.m. >> the solar output sponge. >> reporter: as soon as the eclipse was over, generation
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spiked. steven greenlee said there were no problems thanks in part to the weather. >> we were worried there would be a big heat wave for a hot day today. that didn't occur. so we got lucky on the weather. >> reporter: about the iso and pg&e, prepared for the eclipse for an entire year. reporting live in san francisco, elissa harrington, abc 7 news. >> elissa, thank you. school is back in session across much of the bay area, and the solar eclipse was naturally part of today's lessons. laura anthony was in richmond where catching a glimpse was a hit-or-miss. >> reporter: it was an extra added bonus for the first day of classes, a field trip of sorts out to the playground for the first total solar eclipse in nearly 40 years. >> this is my first time seeing an eclipse. and i'm really excited. >> you don't get many moments like this. to have this many kids together, this many students coming out,
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excited to be back to school on the first day and to see science in action, a celestial event that comes along, what, once in a lifetime, to experience a moment like this. >> this is the path right here. >> reporter: each student had a chance to cycle through various stations, learning everything from the relative size of the sun and the moon to the cities and states that were in the path of totality. despite a heavy overcast, the clouds did manage to part at just the right time. >> at least i got to see it. >> come on, i counted down after the sun, after it popped through right at the apex. that was pretty amazing. >> reporter: it was the ultimate teachable moment. in richmond, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> some people waited until the last minute to get glasses to watch the eclipse. this line at the main library in berkeley went down the block. >> wow. >> for the last week and a half,
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we've had nonstop phone calls. every public phone in the library. the same thing over and over again. we sort of expected this. >> i thought it was great that people showed up to check out the eclipse. a once in a lifetime deal to see something like this, such a powerful event. here people are moved to tears when it happened. >> tears, but also smiles. quite a day for everyone. abc 7 news was in walnut creek when cheers broke out as they celebrated getting a glimpse of today's eclipse. the crowd got a real thrill. they had telescopes set up, others used safe viewing devices and some went with the eclipse shades to stay safe today. >> while everybody was looking up, drone view 7 was looking down.
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>> our drone was over the embarcadero where people gathered to try to catch a glimpse. let's get over to christian. foggy for a lot of people. >> i was in emoryville, it was foggy all day. my day was eclipsed by clouds. we still have fog and low clouds near the coastline. stormy in the sierra. an outbreak of afternoon thunderstorms, not unusual in the summertime in that region. here's how it looks from the rooftop camera right now looking out over the bay under mostly cloudy skies. 66 degrees here in san francisco. 71 in oakland. 81 at gilroy. this is a view from emoryville looking at the clouds at the coast. low and high clouds. 66 right now in santa rosa. upper 70s at fairfield and concord. 80 degrees right now at livermore. at at&t park tonight, we're going to have partly to mostly cloudy skies for the giants versus the brewers.
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game time, 7:15. about 65 degrees. relatively mild for baseball weather in san francisco. it will get cooler before the game ends. i'll have a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast in a moment. >> thank you, spencer. much more coverage of the great american eclipse is coming up, including a live report from one of the cities in the path of totality. and a look at the pictures that abc 7 news viewers are posting on social media. demolition work on what remains of the old bay bridge will continue this fall. the implosion work will involve enclosures to bikers and pedestrians and even drivers on the bridge. leslie brinkley is live in oakland on what to expect. hi, leslie. >> reporter: hi. what you can expect coming up, a little bit of inconvenience for drivers, rolling traffic stops will start labor day weekend, roll right on into november. as cal trans carefully packs
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explosives into 13 marine foundations out here that extend about five stories under the surface of the bay. those foundations are mid-span across the eastern half of the bridge. cal trans said there are implosions to take down the old bridge went so well in 2015 and 2016, that now they're accelerating this final stage. chp will again impose rolling 20-minute traffic blocks on the bridge starting september 2nd when there's an optimum slack tide, that time to be determined. marine biologists will be on hand to stop the work if harbor seals are in the area. the implosions are scheduled every other saturday. >> we're able to save a year and nearly $10 million off of the implosion work planned for these large marine foundations. >> now's the time to not only work smarter, but now is the time to also work faster. again, this whole effort is all about cleaning up the bay.
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it's about removing things in the bay that we don't need, taking out those piers. >> reporter: the implosions will affect pedestrians and bicyclists the most. the path across the eastern span will close the whole week before each set of blasts starting sunday august 27th, so one week open, one week closed throughout the fall. so inconveniences for everybody. but cal trans says some of these stonehenge looking piers behind me here, right here along the eastern shoreline, they're going to be converted into a boardwalk for public access. so pay attention as you travel over the bridge on the coming weeks starting labor day weekend. reporting live in oakland, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> leslie, thank you. grief counselors spent the day at a school while the students mourn a firefighter who was killed there last week. he served as assistant baseball
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coach there before leaving for the fire academy. 27-year-old oliver used to shoot walter and another firefighter following a confrontation in san jose. the wounded firefighter remains in the hospital. the suspect is due in court tomorrow. san francisco police are reviewing surveillance video in hopes of identifying whoever stole four rifles and ammunition from a parked car sunday morning. the car was parked in a lot at leland avenue and delta street. the owner served in the military and was driving from southern california north when he stopped to sleep at a friend's house in the city. >> he possessed the firearms legally. they were registered in his name. he didn't do anything wrong. w don't recommend anyone leaving anything, especially firearms, in their vehicle. >> the car was locked, but it's unclear if the guns were placed in a lockbox inside the vehicle. a gun and thousands of dollars worth of drugs are off the street after a two-month
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long investigation. they say local residents gave tips about suspicious activities at a home after an investigation, a search warrant was served. police say they found a loaded gun, $7,000 in cash, and quarter pound of cocaine that has about a $10,000 street value. a 31-year-old richmond man was arrested. officials call it a great example of community policing. a wildfire burning in yosemite national park has grown to nearly five square miles. evacuation orders remain in place for residents of the tiny community. residents were ordered to clear out on saturday when flames came within 1 1/2 miles of the community. the wildfire has been burning % for a week now, and 10% contained at this point. we're tracking new developments in spain. coming up, the deadly end to the manhunt for the suspected driver in the barcelona terror attack. the u.s. navy ordering an investigation after a destroyer collided with an oil tanker near singapore. the ongoing search for ten
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missing sailors. about 1 million people traveled to oregon to see the eclipse. now they're leaving. the post-eclipse traffic jams across the state. "7 on your side's" michael finney answering your questions. he'll answer your questions live a little bit later. checking our traffic, as we take a little peek above the san mateo bridge. it looks pretty bad on the left-hand side. the oncoming traffic. that is your eastbound traffic heading over to 880. it's a little bit better on the right-hand side heading to the peninsula. stay with us. back in a couple of minutes.
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check out this video of the eclipse. see that dot there? that's the international space station circling the sun. video was captured by a nasa camera in banner, wyoming. what goes in, must come out. this is the traffic leaving portland after today's solar eclipse. no matter which roadway people used, there were stalled cars and just slow traffic. portland to salem normally takes less than an hour. today, three hours. an estimated 1 million people traveled to the area to see the eclipse. >> hopefully they had a good time. this was the first total solar eclipse that transversed the u.s. from coast to coast in 99 years. millions gathered in the path of totality. >> abc news reporter maggie is live in charleston, south carolina. the last state to see the celestial phenomenon. hi, maggie.
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>> reporter: hi, larry and ama. it was a celestial phenomena. we've been here since thursday waiting for this eclipse. now that it's finally happened, i can tell you all of the prep was 100% worth it. after 38 years, the wait is finally over. >> there it is! total eclipse of the sun! >> amazing! i love it! >> reporter: the moon's shadow raced across the u.s. leaving millions of americans in the dark for a few brief moments of totality. >> second most beautiful thing i've seen in my life. >> absolutely amazing. it's so dark out here. it looks like a sunset over there. it's amazing. >> reporter: casting a shadow over the millions who flocked to oregon, including our mercy gonzalez. >> you can hear the excitement here in lincoln city, oregon. the first place in the country to witness this total eclipse. >> reporter: treating
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dead center for a blackout. finally the last stop in the u.s., charleston, south carolina. right now, you can see the sun just peeking around the moon. we are in a total solar eclipse. some taking advantage of this once in a lifetime moment to say i do. >> fantastic. >> it goes by so quick. even with the rain, i couldn't be happier right now. >> reporter: soaking in the darkness from the skies. nearly everyone who battled the traffic and crowds to make it to the path of totality says it's all been worth it. >> it's a once in a lifetime experience. and i'll never forget it. >> reporter: when we hit totality here in charleston, the crowd erupted into cheers. the nighttime energy was absolutely electric. but if you missed it this time, don't worry, you get to see a chance to see another one in just seven years. abc 7 news. >> maggie, tell us more about the mood, the excitement.
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i heard you describe it as apocalyptic. but more exciting, not scary? >> reporter: exactly. the excitement was there. but to see what's supposed to be the afternoon sunshine, it was 2:46 p.m. here, all of a sudden turned into utter darkness. it's hard to put words to what that feels like. the energy here picked that up. the park was filled with people. and when you snapped your fingers, it turned pitch dark. everybody began to cheer. but a little end of time at one point, because we actually had a thunderstorm to our left here. so there were lightning strikes behind us as we had a total eclipse. to the other side of me. so certainly a once in a lifetime experience. >> wow. you had a little bit of everything. thanks, maggie. appreciate your time. abc 7 news viewers shared some great images of the eclipse with us. >> meteorologist drew tuma here with a look at couple of the pictures. drew? >> yeah, guys, we're getting a lot of pictures of the eclipse.
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look at this one from matthew. he traveled away from the fog and captured this eclipse with his camera. beautiful sight there. hugo traveled to oregon. watch the time lapse video, as the moon was crossing in front of the sun. you can see the skies darken. the total eclipse to our north. another picture, we weren't able to score the eclipse glasses, you can easily look at the shadows from the tree. this one coming in from the crescent shadows coming from the eclipse. an easy diy was to take a cereal box and make a viewer of your own. we saw people doing this across the united states. this picture coming in from sharon. her daughter said thank you for the video. she made her own eclipse viewer. this coming in from stacy. she made two of these for her students so they could safely do the eclipse. we'll do it again in seven years in 2024. >> thank you, drew. drew is like macgyver.
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i was thinking about getting the cereal boxes out and all that, but it was cloudy anyway. >> at least you can eat the cereal. >> thank you. salvaging the day. >> we've got sunnier days ahead. too bad we don't have another eclipse tomorrow. lots of low clouds and fog around right now. this is about the brightest part of the day. if we're going to see the clouds extending out over the bay. locally inland tonight. meanwhile, this is the view from atop mount tam. the steady stream of clouds moving in right now. fog pushes inland. sunny tomorrow afternoon and gradual warming for the remai d remainder of the week. as we get into the temperature range, we see 64 half moon bay. low to mid-07s around the bay. not very warm right now. 81 at brentwood. during the evening hours, we'll see the fog continuing to move through early tomorrow morning.
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we'll see high clouds passing by, as well as low clouds reaching out over the bay. early morning lows in the upper 50s to low 60s. mild overnight period. that's how it looks. early in the morning, about 5:00 a.m., 58 at half moon bay, 58 san francisco. low 60s over most of our inland areas, except up in the north bay. highs tomorrow, well, if you look at the 12-hour planner, is that my phone? it is. i apologize. >> that's going to be a $10 fine. >> lots of clouds in the morning. partly cloudy midday. milder tomorrow. highs in the upper 80s in the warmest inland spots. just in case you could hear it, i thought i would acknowledge it was my phone. 81 at san jose. peninsula, upper 70s. 78 in palo alto. downtown san francisco will top out at 68 degrees tomorrow. 70 down in south san francisco. up to the north bay we go, highs
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81 at novato. 73 oakland. san leandro 75. the inland east bay will be the warmest region as it often is, still below the seasonal average, mid-80s, upper 80s out toward antioch. warming later in the week. inland east bay, upper 90s. we've got quite a warm, more typical summer-like day -- two coming our way this weekend. but right now as we look at the seven-day forecast, we have a few below-average days to deal with. but not going to be bad. sunny days through friday. high temperatures just above 90 in the inland areas, going through the latter part of the week. upper 70s around the bay. mid-60s on the coast. the weekend will feel warm.
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>> this is mr. spencer's personal assistant. he's on the air right now. silence, the reason people won't be hearing big ben's regularly scheduled bongs for several years. the ceo of tesla is among the tech leaders calling for a ban on killer robots. why elon musk and others want the united nations to stop one of these guys. let's take another look at traffic through san rafael. this is 101 southbound on the righ
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con feg rat figures are no longer standing at the university of texas in austin. the president ordered their immediate removal. the statues of robert e. lee, albert sidney johnston, john ra gan will be moved to a museum. the statue of james steven hog will be relocated at another
4:24 pm
campus. they received the decision after the rally in south carolina erupted into violence. >> the conversation is happening as to their importance and miseducation across the country about these individuals who have been raised to a pedestal. >> in a statement, the university president said the monuments have become symbols of modern white supremacy and neo-naziism. michael jackson's former lawyer will represent cosby now, with the retrail on sexual assault charges in pennsylvania. tom mess ero won an acquitable in jackson's 2004 child molestation trial. he's also represented boxer mike tyson, actor robert blake and rap mogul knight. his former defense team quit on charges that he drugged and molested a woman in 2004 ended in a hung jury back in june. big ben is quiet after it tolled for the last time for quite a while.
4:25 pm
the bongs you hear, the great bell stopped today to protect workers during a four-year, $38 million restoration project. it includes repair of the queen elizabeth tower, which houses big ben and its clock. big ben has been stopped several times since it first was founded in 1859, but this project will mark the longest period of silence for the bells. it will still sound on big occasions like new year's eve. in an open letter officially just released, tech leaders are calling on the united nations to ban killer robots. advancements in robotics grow every day. elon musk and more than 100 other ai leaders want the u.n. to step in. they say the robots can be turned into weapons of terror used against ordinary people, and hacked to act in ways no one wants. ama will tell you, i've been talking about this for years. elon is late to my party. the group warns once this
4:26 pm
pandora's box gets opened, it will be very hard to close if not impossible. facebook's safety check feature will have a dedicated section on the website and app. it will show a new feed with interactions you or your friends have had with safety check there's a section showing where the features have been activated around the world. facebook debuted in 2014. they said it makes the safety check more visible and help the users to get better information about ongoing incidents. next, the continued search for ten missing sailors. the investigation under way after a navy destroyer collided with an oil tanker. we could get the final word as soon as tomorrow about that plan right-wing rally at chrissy field. what the mayor of san francisco had to say today about that. superior accuracy in the palm of your hand. the new accuweather app from abc 7 news. minute-by-minute forecast plus
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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. from oregon to south carolina, thousands of americans took a moment out of their day to watch the first total eclipse of the sun across the entire united states in 99 years.
4:30 pm
the center of totality was in kentucky, where viewers were treated to a full two minutes of darkness. next total eclipse in the u.s. will be in seven years. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman tweeted, must say, the eclipse is spectacular. the people watching, more so. also at 5:00, melanie woodrow in richmond where bay area rapper heat to sneak is in stable condition after he was targeted and shot at a gas station early this morning. you're looking at a hospital in singapore where four u.s. sailors are being treated after their ship crashed into an oil tanker in the pacific ocean yesterday. a total of five sailors aboard the "uss john mccain" are still missing. live in los angeles with the latest on the search. >> larry, this collision marks the second time a u.s. naval destroyer crashed with another vessel in the pacific in the past two months.
4:31 pm
now the navy's top admiral is calling for a comprehensive review. the search continues for ten missing sailors aboard the uss mccain after the guided missile destroyer collided with a 600-foot oil tanker just east of singapore. i've other sailors injured with four being air lifted to the hospital. >> my thoughts and prayers are with the sailors and families of the "uss john mccain." >> reporter: the destroyer has significant damage to its hull. the crew's sleeping quarters among the compartments flooded. reports of damage from the two ships seem to indicate they were crossing paths or attempting to move in different directions at the time of the collision. >> it was nighttime. it was one of the busiest parts of the shipping lanes in the world. one-third of all maritime shipping goes through here. >> reporter: this marks the second collision involving the navy's seventh fleet in the parvg in just two months. back in june, seven sailors aboard the "uss fitzgerald" died
4:32 pm
after it collided with a much larger cargo ship. the navy is ordering a broad investigation. >> we'll look at all related accidents, incidents at sea, that sort of thing. >> the navy's top admiral also announcing all operations will be halted for the next several days for the entire fleet. the uss mccain bears the name of senator john mccain's father and grandfather. larry? >> tonya, when might we know the identities of the missing sailors? >> larry, right now, there's no word on when we could know the identities of the missing. we do know ships from multiple countries are now helping in the search for those missing sailors. this search remains an urgent issue for the navy. >> reporting live in l.a. the man investigators say was responsible for driving that white van into a crowd of unsuspecting tourists in
4:33 pm
barcelona last week was killed today by spanish police. here's the latest. >> reporter: the international manhunt for younes abouyaaquob, the key suspect in the vehicle attack in barcelona ended monday in a quiet spanish town. he was fatally shot by police. the fugitive was wearing what appeared to be an explosive belt. they sent in a robot. i live very close, said one local resident, and suddenly i heard sirens and a helicopter. for days the 22-year-old managed to elude investigators, who they say younes abouyaaquob slammed a car into pedestrians. his i.d. was found in the white van and his credit card paid for all three vehicles part of the plot. the moroccan-born younes abouyaaquob carjacked a man and stabbed him to death as he made his getaway.
4:34 pm
police confronted him monday in a rural area 28 miles west of barcelona. >> so far, it's been on my mind. so it's great they caught him. >> reporter: he was part of a 12-member extremist cell also responsible for killing one person and wounding several others in the coastal town of cambrils, hours after the barcelona attack. today barcelona's muslim community staged a peace rally, chanting not in my name. mourners continue to visit that growing memorial to the victims. abc news, new york. police in france are ruling out terrorism as a motive for the van that rammed into two bus stops in a port city killing a woman injuring another person. the incident took place about three miles and one hour apart. police arrested the alleged driver a short time later. investigators say the 35-year-old driver is now being treated for psychological
4:35 pm
problems. san francisco is expected to hear the final word perhaps as early as tomorrow about that planned rally of self-described trump supporters at chrissy field. the national park service approved a permit but hasn't issued it yet. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler joining us live in the newsroom. carolyn, you talked to them today about this situation. >> yeah, i did. the mayor met earlier today with civil rights leaders, with clergy, with labor and business leaders. they're all trying to devise a plan to -- some sort of straty to counter saturday's planned demonstration. >> this is to instigate violence. >> reporter: there's nothing ed lee can do to stop saturday's planned rally. chrissy field is under federal jurisdiction, not local control. a right-wing group called patriot prayer received a permit from the national park service to protest there. in the shadow of the golden gate bridge. now, in daily meetings, the city and public safety agencies are
4:36 pm
demanding restrictions they hope will keep san francisco from becoming another charlottesville. >> primary concern is guns. i think guns and weapons of any kind, be it concealed weapons, sticks, poles. >> reporter: other restrictions could include a limit on the number of participants, and how much of chrissy field they can occupy. and the group's request for live music could be denied. the feds are expecting san francisco police to help with security which the mayor calls unfair. and even if the event is canceled at the last minute, officers could still face chaos. >> in the possibility that that event does not go through, we will be prepared for protests, demonstrations, first amendment activity, that type of thing, throughout san francisco. >> mayor lee is planning to counter a rally on the steps of city hall at noon on friday, and on saturday when the patriot prayer group is at chrissy
4:37 pm
field, there will be a gathering at civic center plaza. in the naus room, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. the nation's largest bank is donating $1 million to fight height groups. jpmorgan chase said the money will be split by the anti-defamation league and anti-poverty law center. the ceo was one of the business leaders who condemned president trump's response to the deadly violence in charlottesville this month. president trump will address the nation in about an hour and a half, unveiling his new strategy for the war in afghanistan. many expect the president to increase the number of american troops in the country. abc news reporter lona zack has the story. >> reporter: the pentagon has been advocating for increased u.s. involvement in afghanistan, and tonight the president may grant their request. >> the pentagon's been pushing for a while for several thousand more troops to take some of the lessons learned out of syria and iraq to use more air power, more special forces. >> reporter: there are currently approximately about 8,400 troops
4:38 pm
in afghanistan, part of 13,000 coalition forces. the pentagon's proposal unveiled in may would add about 3,000 troops and increase the amount of foreign aid. the price tag estimated at $23 billion a year. the president will unveil his decision in a televised address tonight and in advance, some democrats like senator tim cain signaled u.s. involvement. >> what we need to do is make sure afghanistan is not a breeding ground for things to come back and hurt us. >> reporter: mr. trump opposed increased forces on the campaign trail, but the plan has strong support from his generals and national security adviser h.r. mcmaster. >> it's a very big decision for me. i took over a mess. we're going to make it a lot less messy. but that has been a place, 17 years, our longest war. >> you have full confidence in your national security adviser? >> yes, i do. general mcmaster? yes, i do.
4:39 pm
>> his biggest opponent in the white house had been steve bannon who favored privatization. with him gone, many are speculating that tonight president trump will announce more troops. abc news, washington. president trump is addressing the nation tonight as we just discussed, with the details on his work plan in afghanistan. join us for abc's coverage of the president's speech live at 6:00 p.m. a man opens fire on a judge outside a courthouse. a chaotic scene in ohio. and the judge shoots back. the secret service on the financial ropes. the reason they say they have nearly run out of money for the year. i'm michael finney. ask finney is just ahead. post with the #ask finney and then i'll ask them right here in just a few minutes. here comes the fog again. for many of us it's never left. it will be pushing inlaud tonight. i'll have the forecast coming up. a live look at the traffic
4:40 pm
as we come up on 4:40 in the afternoon on a monday. pretty light coming into the city today. everybody was home watching the eclipse, or maybe they all went to oregon. i don't know where everybody is, but it's great if you're commuting trying to get into the city right now. back with more after the break. ♪ it's twith the new sleep number 360 smart bed.
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a wild scene outside a
4:43 pm
courthouse in ohio. a man ran up on a local judge and opened fire. the judge who was injured pulled out a gun and fired back, killing the man. authorities identified the suspect as the father of a high school football player convicted in a high-profile rape case in 2012. the judge, 65-year-old joseph brezezi had no involvement in that case. the judge underwent surgery and is expected to survive. annual military exercises between the u.s. and south korean troops are now under way. so-called freedom guardian drills are largely computer simulated war games, coming at a time with heightened tensions with north korea over recent missile tests. south korea's president said the drills are defensive in nature but pyongyang called them a reckless invasion rehearsal that could trigger a, quote, uncontrollable phase of a nuclear war. a new report said president trump's frequent travel is depleting secret service funds.
4:44 pm
according to "usa today," the agency can no longer afford to pay hundreds of agents it needs to pay president trump as well as his family. the secret service director said more than 1,000 agents have already hit the federally mandated caps for salary and overtime allocated for the year. partly because the president travels almost every weekend to his properties and his children have gone on several trips. the agency has spent $60,000 on golf car rentals alone. lots of low clouds near the coast. beginning to push back over the bay again. overnight we'll see partly to mostly cloudy skies, even in the inland areas. it will be mild with overnight lows mainly in the low 60s in many of the inland locations and right around the bay. we'll see upper 50s on the coast and upper 50s in the north bay. two of the usually cooler locations. south bay, sunny skies ranging from 80 in cupertino, 81 at san
4:45 pm
jose. peninsula, 73 the high at san mateo. upper 07s for the remainder of the peninsula. mid to upper 60s on the coast among breezy conditions. about 70 at south san francisco. 80 at santa rosa, 78 at sonoma. napa to the east bay, look for highs of 77. 75 at newark. mid-08s, which is mild to warm, but well below the average for this time of the year in that region. if you travel all the over the brentwood, you'll find a high of 90 degrees there. the seven-day forecast. more much of this week, we'll have mainly sunny skies and a little lingering fog at the coast. mild to warm. but certainly below the average high temperature level for this time of the year. more of a seasonal warm-up over the weekend when inland highs reach into the mid-90s. upper 60s on the coast. >> thanks, spencer.
4:46 pm
a 34-year-old song is trending once again, all thanks to the eclipse. it's a good song. up next, hear from the '80s icon tyler. it might seem like free money, but it's
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a new study says large numbers of american moms are not putting their babies to sleep safely. the study published today in the journal of pediatrics found 77% of mothers surveyed usually but not always put their babies to sleep on their backs. however, only 43% of the moms surveyed say they both intend to use this method and actually do so all the time. doctors say putting babies to sleep on their back reduces the incident of sudden infant death syndrome. michael finney is here answering questions sent to him from people via facebook, twitter and e-mail. i received an unsolicited secret shopper check in the mail and noticed the routing numbers were missing. they confirmed it was
4:50 pm
fraudulent. >> this is a huge problem. these things are all over the place. they are everywhere. a lot of people fall for it. you can see why. it all looks pretty legit when you get it in the mail. if you want to report the fraud, file a complaint with the federal trade commission, and our state attorney general. i'll post a link for you on it is actually worth your time. we know there are millions of these out there. but yours could be enough difference that they haven't seen it yet. it helps to do that. >> from seattle. what's the reason all the big box retailers are going out of business? is it because of ecommerce? >> there are a couple of ropes. the most important one is you pointed out online shopping. the move away from malls and back to downtowns. there are plenty of successful malls out there but many aren't going under. the third is changing consumers' wants and needs.
4:51 pm
millennials want less stuff than baby boomers. that's hurting all retailers. nothing stays the same. they recently ran a report in "the new york times" talking about when baby boomers are downsizing, their kids don't want their stuff. >> interesting. >> this is a first ever. >> all right. >> jill asked which company is more successful, gatorade or powerade? >> gatorade by far. the very first sports drink introduced in 1965. powerade came 25 years later in 1990. gatorade has about a 77% of the market, where powerade has about 20%. let me give you some background. the idea came from florida gators football head coach ray graves. he wanted a drink that would replenish his players after football practice. the actual formula came from the university's college of medicine. >> a famous story. >> yeah, it is. >> replenishing the
4:52 pm
electrolytes. questions from seattle and the bay area, and parts unknown. >> across the nation. if you have a question for me, you can record a 10 to 15-second-long video. >> thank you, michael. >> thank you. bonnie tyler's 1983 hit "total eclipse of the heart" is getting millennial love thanks to today's eclipse. >> this morning, after singing her classic song along royal caribbean total eclipse cruise. >> this is a wonderful experience. being a split screen with bonnie tyler is something i never thought i would witness. "total eclipse of the heart" is the most downloaded song on itunes. >> most downloaded song on itunes, digital download sales increased by more than 500% in the last week. >> i could hear it on the radio on the way in today. there's a lot more to come on abc 7 news at 4:00.
4:53 pm
we'll actually see some detail along the edges. next, the astronomy buffs who made this eclipse viewing party extra special in a bay area park. right now, what's ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> countertactic gaining momentum. coming up at 5:00, how a group in san francisco has turned the scheduled rally into a fund-raiser for a civil rights group. also -- >> everyone was dead quiet on the plane. >> crossing a tense time on a flight out of los angeles. we'll have that story. an unbeatable offer in the east bay is helping students look good for the first day of school. ama and i will see you for abc 7 news at 5:00.
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the awe and the wonder of the solar eclipse captivated so many people. those who headed to san jose were treated to a special show because astronomers were right there by their side. abc 7 news reporter janine de la vega was there. >> the sun will go through this hole and you'll see the image. >> reporter: the preparations started early. >> i can't seem to get that thing lined up. >> reporter: people lined up to watch the show in the sigh. the astrological association set up a live feed from nasa in case the clouds got in the way. >> i've been thinking about it for about a month and i really want to see the solar eclipse. >> reporter: some watched through rigged boxes and some used binoculars to project the eclipse on paper. >> i made my own viewing contraption out of a cereal box. these special glasses give a much crisper view of the eclipse
4:58 pm
happening. those who didn't have either of these, others were willing to share with them. people lined up to take turns looking through the lens. >> it's much larger. about 10 to 20 times larger. and you'll actually see some detail along the edges. >> reporter: the moment of seeing the eclipse brought oohs and awes. >> look at that. >> we can see it. it's clear. wow. >> reporter: the clouds cooperated. the skies dimmed slightly and shortly after 10:00 a.m., the eclipse reached a percent of totality. >> that's very good. i can see the flares. >> reporter: some call it a once in a lifetime event. enough for this mom to pull her daughter out of school to watch it. >> they didn't have enough glasses at school. i thought, i have to bring her out and show her. >> reporter: a science lesson outdoors, what students of all ages and everyone wants the front seat to watch. abc 7 news.
4:59 pm
the san jose astronomical association holds stargazing parties at least once a month at hoagie park. and they bring telescopes. get the latest news anytime with the abc 7 news app and push alerts to be the first to know about breaking news where you live. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beal. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. hate is not welcome in our community. >> making a statement. the unconventional opposition to a planned right-wing rally in san francisco. up and coming bay area rapper becomes the victim of a shooting. gender discrimination becomes a focus at the state capital. how to empower women in the workpla workplace. awe-inspiring sight today. highlights of the eclipse and some angles you haven't seen yet. >> you don't get many moments like this.
5:00 pm
>> some children get to catch science in action on their first day of school. what they thought about the great american eclipse. a local san francisco law group has started a go fund me page called adopt a nazi. and it's not what you think. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz in for kristen sze. thank you for joining us. the campaign is raising money through crowd funding to benefit a civil rights group that tracks extreme hate groups. >> as leeann melendez explains it's a peaceful protest against an upcoming right-wing rally in san francisco. >> reporter: as you know, many oppose that rally here in san francisco. one group, the jewish bar association of san francisco, took the idea of a town in germany, of all places, and came up with this. the jewish bar


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