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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 21, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> some children get to catch science in action on their first day of school. what they thought about the great american eclipse. a local san francisco law group has started a go fund me page called adopt a nazi. and it's not what you think. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz in for kristen sze. thank you for joining us. the campaign is raising money through crowd funding to benefit a civil rights group that tracks extreme hate groups. >> as leeann melendez explains it's a peaceful protest against an upcoming right-wing rally in san francisco. >> reporter: as you know, many oppose that rally here in san francisco. one group, the jewish bar association of san francisco, took the idea of a town in germany, of all places, and came up with this. the jewish bar association of
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san francisco thought its campaign called adopt-a-nazi would raise only $10,000. >> we hit it within 24 hours. we bumped it up to $25,000. then $30,000. then $50,000. then 60,000. >> reporter: it is likely they'll pass the $100,000 goal. >> they have the right to be here, first amendment. we have the right to respond. >> reporter: the group he's referring to is patriot prayer scheduled to rally at chrissy field. the organizer said they don't want violence either. >> if you participate in starting this war, okay? you're not going to win. both sides will lose. >> reporter: the strategy behind the go fund me campaign is similar to one adopted in 2014 by the residents of a small german town who wanted to get rid of neo-nazi marchers. >> one year they came up with the idea that to sponsor each marcher by donating tenure ohs to an extremist group. that's how the idea started.
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>> reporter: all the money raised in the adopt-a-nazi campaign will go to the southern poverty law center in alabama fighting bigotry and hate. the organizers say they have five more days before the rally, enough time they say to raise even more money. in san francisco, leeann melendez, abc 7 news. san francisco city officials could find out as early as tomorrow whether a permit will be allowed for the patriot prayer group to hold a rally at chrissy field on saturday. the area is under federal, not local control. the national park service and golden gate national recreation area have approved the permit, but it has not yet been issued. the city is demanding restrictions on weapons that can be brought to the rally, as well as the number of demonstrators allowed hoping to prevent what happened in shart lotsville, of course. richmond police say a popular bay area rapper was shot multiple times at a richmond gas station this morning.
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melanie woodrow is live outside richmond police department. melanie? >> reporter: ama, the artist is in stable condition right now. richmond police say they do not have a suspect or a getaway vehicle description. but what they do have is surveillance video and they're going through this. this artist is well known for his contribution to e-40's tell me when to go. richmond police say the shooting happened at 5:30 this morning at a gas station on carlson boulevard and imperial avenue. a police spokesperson said somebody shot williams multiple times in his upper torso. police are still investigating the motive. and say there were few witnesses. >> what we know is he was most likely targeted. and it wasn't a random shooting. and it kind of underscores the fact that he's probably the person who did this. was intending to probably take his life.
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because you don't just shoot multiple times at a person time not intending for the person to die. >> reporter: a bay area music blog is sending prayers and positive energy to the artist and his family. richmond police say he had a show in oakland on sunday night. as part of their investigation, they're now looking into what, if any, ties he had here in richmond. live in richmond, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> melanie, thanks so much. the san francisco police department and other city agencies operating in delores park encouraged the community to attend a public safety meeting tonight at 6:00 p.m. at delores park church. police officers, park and rec, muni and other public officials want to discuss other possible solutions to stop crime, homelessness and gangs plaguing the neighborhood. three people were shot near the 19th street bridge earlier this
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month. san francisco police gave us new information on the search for several rifles stolen from a parked car. >> we don't recommend anyone leaving anything, especially firearms, in their vehicle. >> it happened between midnight and 9:30 in the morning sunday at leland avenue and delta street. they say someone broke in and took four rifles, not six, as previously thought. along with ammunition, and work uniforms. police say a man who was in the military was passing through san francisco that night and left his car locked up in the area. they're asking anyone who may have surveillance video to share it with them as they try to find the suspects. the sonoma county sheriff's office released this photo of a gun deputies say they recovered at a traffic stop this morning. deputies found the loaded pistol on a convicted felon who is now back in jail. they pulled the man over for being stopped at a green light. all right. now, to what everybody's talking about, today's solar eclipse.
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it started in oregon, and that's where millions of people gathered with their glasses on. that's to protect them. they watched day turn night. that was the period of totality as you've heard, when the moon moved in between the sun and the earth, only a bright ring around the moon was visible. people lucky enough to see it called it the totality of all. and it was surely that. so many people took part in today's eclipse. one analyst estimates businesses across the country lost nearly $700 million in productivity during that time. abc 7 news was in emoryville and captured this look at the eclipse. pretty dramatic here. we ne many people in san francisco and along the coast say overcast skies just obstructed their view. it was a little disappointing for some. still a pretty impressive sight. 75% of the sun was hidden by the moon in the bay area. wayne freedman is live at civic
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center plaza in san francisco where people gathered, wayne, to watch. >> reporter: lots of them, dab. how many of millions people watched this across the country, i don't know. there were roughly 600 here. for every single person watching the eclipse, it was a somewhat different experience, and yet it was also a shared experience. let's take a look. after a 38-year wait since the last one, san francisco's eclipse experience had all the makings of a bust this morning. but if you believe a sunny outlook can burn away a sky full of clouds -- >> i'm thinking it will be clear. >> reporter: -- yes, here at civic center plaza, it was clear enough. >> can you believe it started right on time? >> not at all. >> reporter: it did, of course. in a world grown ever more connected and yet more fragmented, here is something to marvel at the human beings -- >> i'm going to start crying. >> reporter: in a troubled time, what could better contextualize our place in the universe than a solar eclipse.
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did you ever wonder what cosmic accident make the diameter from the moon roughly the same as our sun? is it a gift? >> it's really cool thinking it's only happening in the states right now. i think that makes it, i think, extra special. >> reporter: for her, for you, for tens of millions of us who donned glasses and stared at the sun in the same moment across this land. for a couple of blessed hours, all of our problems, our worries, our divisions burned away in a shared experience. >> we're going through a whole lot of phooey for now. this right here, don't you notice the atmosphere is so calm? everybody's here. it's nice and calm and friendly right now. >> reporter: was there a takeaway? >> well, we're just a small thought in a moment in time in the universe. >> reporter: think of it as a reminder from above. in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> it's likely you've seen lots of pictures of the eclipse by now, but none like this. the international space station
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tweeted a few pictures of a rare view of this eclipse. >> cool. >> so see that black spot on the earth? >> that is so cool. >> check it out. that's called an umbra, the moon's shadow during the eclipse. space station astronauts were the only six people in the world to actually see that live. here's another look at the eclipse's impact from a view you just won't get from earth. the national weather service in sacramento tweeted this video. it's a satellite image of the eclipse's shadow as it moves across the west coast. >> those are both great images. among those watching today's eclipse were school children dlo throughout the bay area. it was hit or miss because of the clouds. laura anthony has the story now from richmond. >> bingo! we have a winner! you won! solar eclipse viewing! >> reporter: it was an extra added bonus for the first day of classes at mira vista school, a
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field trip of sorts out to the playground for the first total solar eclipse in nearly 40 years. >> this is my first time seeing an eclipse. and i'm really excited. >> you don't get eclipses that often. on the first day of school, getting them together and celebrating that is fantastic. >> this is the path right here. >> reporter: each student had a chance to cycle through various stations, learning everything from the relative size of the sun and the moon to the cities and states that were in the path of totality. >> you can't really see it up there, but you're still learning a lot? >> we're learning a lot. we're learning the states. there's the partial eclipse. the sun. the earth. and then the moon. >> reporter: despite a heavy overcast, the clouds did manage to part. at just the right time. >> at least i got to see it. >> come on, i counted down as for the sun, and then it actually popped through right at
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the apex. that was pretty amazing. >> reporter: it was the ultimate teachable moment. in richmond, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> the eclipse also brought out some unsafe behavior in a few people. hundreds of people on the bay area pulled over on the side of the local freeways to look at the eclipse. the chp in contra costa county said, eclipse? yes. really, people, how not to view the solar eclipse. >> if you missed the eclipse or just want to check out the awe-inspiring show again, head to abc 7 we have so much on there for you. we have a time lapse video showing the moment the moon completely blocked the sun, the moment of totality, as well as incredible eclipse images from all across the country. if you were awe-inspired, by what you saw today, go to our website. soon we'll be saying good-bye to some of the final remnants of the old bay bridge.
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>> cal trans plans to demolish the concrete pillars that once held up that old span. everyone was dead quiet on the plane. you could cut the tension with a knife. >> a problem passenger caused a tense time on a flight out of los angeles. michael finney joins us with a tip on how to help you save on everything you buy online. i'm meteorologist keeping up. it takes hard work, tight budgets and a little support. and pg&e is ready to do our part. our care program can save you 20% or more on your monthly bill. it just takes a few minutes to apply and you'll see the savings on your next bill.
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when having a little extra can mean a lot ...turn to care. go to and enroll today. lawmakers at the capital are hoping to stop sexual harassment with new legislation introduced this week. too many female entrepreneurs face sexual harassment when attempting to secure funding from venture capitalists. it would amend a civil rights law that prohibits sexual harassment, to clarify protections for entrepreneurs.
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the legislation lawmakers say follows a number of reports by female business women who say they've been harassed when seeking investments. >> the extent of sexual harassment where women who simply want to pitch an idea, a technological opportunity to these investors are finding themselves rather than being successful in that effort, are being propositioned, or essentially told quid pro quo. if you want money, then you're going to have to extend sexual favors. >> the bill is expected to be heard in committee in january. allen pow just finished writing a tell-all book. in 2015 she sued her former employer for discrimination failing to promote her because she's a woman and for firing her in retaliation for the lawsuit. she lost in the trial. in the new memoir reset, my fight for inclusion and lasting
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change, she said she had everything taken from her. but she doesn't regret the fight. she also describes how the trial wore her down and believes stress from the case at least partially caused her to have a miscarriage. the book goes on sale on september 19th. authorities are saying very little tonight about a man who tried to open an ex it door during a flight from los angeles over the weekend. please escorted the guy from the plane shortly after it landed saturday in minneapolis. witnesses say the incident happened moments after the pilot said the plane was making a final descent. >> there was a lot of screaming. he had a plan to open the door as we were getting close to the ground. >> the fbi is investigating that incident but hasn't released the man's name, age or where he's from. passengers are praising the crew for the way it handled this situation. demolition work on what remains on the old bay bridge
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will continue this fall and it will involve closing the bridge. rolling stops begin labor day weekend. >> now's the time to not only work smarter, but now's the time to also work faster. and again, this whole effort is all about cleaning up the bay. it's about removing things in the bay that we don't need, taking out those piers. >> the implosions will affect pedestrians and bicyclists the most. they will close the entire week starting sunday august 27th. one week open, one week closed this fall. >> a lot of fun today, wasn't it, watching the moon and the sun today. the eclipse made today kind of feel like a holiday at some retailers acting accordingly. >> a new scam circulating. another?
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>> your address. it's nonstop. the bad guys are targeting your tax preparer. the irs forms have all the information they need to set up a wonderful scam. so they're going after the guys who do your paperwork. the irs has sending out fake e-mails that look as if they come from the preparer's tax software provider, attempting to steal account numbers and passwords. pass this warning along to your preparer. the eclipse is over. but some eclipse deals remain. no free stuff. apparently natural phenomenon doesn't reach that level. but there are specials and discounts at dairy queen, denny's and krispy kreme. sazle is offering discounts from the eclipse merchandise and lefing is offering half price. amazon is offering a 2% discount on everything you buy, but you have to sign up in advance and do things just right. the program is called amazon
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prime reload. consumers set up a gift card account using a debit card and bank account numbers. when the card is loaded, an extra 2% is added. that makes $100 worth $102, better than most credit card programs. the catch? this is only for prime members, and you must sign up in advance facebook page, so check it out. it's already blowing up. it's really pretty easy once you get set up. >> good. thanks, mike. we were all excited about watching the eclipse. the weather team was beyond thrilled. >> this is a big science experiment for them. meteorologist sandhya patel was up early watching the sky with her children. she posted this tweet. >> the sky was a bit cloudy and hazy there. your children were super impressed? >> they couldn't stop saying, ooh, aw, oh, my gosh! it was an incredible sight. my 11-year-old daughter was so
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into it, she was helping me take those pictures. i just had my obviously eyes glued on this with my partial sal ar eclipse glasses and so did my children. just an awesome event. you know, how often do you get this opportunity? it was a really good educational tool as well. i want to show you other pictures i received from viewers. this one is just increible. this person sent it via twitter. took it through the telescope in menlo park. is that amazing or what? this was sent via giter as well, the solar eclipse. this was taken at totality this morning. so just an amazing sight. i encourage you to send your pictures in. love to show them on air. what's happening right now on live doppler 7, in the bay area we're tracking moisture in the clouds, and some low clouds along the coast. but nothing in terms of rainfall here in the bay area. torrential rain being reported right around the sisco area.
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numerous thunderstorms, including some hail as well. and if you are traveling to the sierra, this is the place where you'll have to watch out. a live look from our mount tam cam. we're seeing the low clouds, low and high clouds will be around overnight tonight. below average temperatures again tomorrow. it's going to be heating up later on this week. so i hope you have enjoyed the weather today. and that you enjoy the weather the next couple of days, because this is not going to last very long. the marine layer is deep. it will become shallower as the week goes on and the temperatures will change. it's half and half from the emoryville sky, blue sky and low clouds here. 65 in san francisco. 70s from oakland to half moon bay. from the kgo roof camera, we're watching a few clouds there. certainly seeing filtered sunshine. 69 in santa rosa. our warmest spots today, only in the low 80s. we're going to bump up the temperatures just a little bit tomorrow. here's your 12-hour planner for
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tuesday. cloudy morning at 7:00. noontime, partly cloudy. mild to warm in the afternoon. once the sun goes down, the temperatures will fall. 7:00 tonight, high clouds blowing off from the sierra nevada. 5:00 a.m., watch out, visibility will be poor across parts of the bay area. 8:00 a.m., still will be some low clouds and fog around near the coast and the bay. and then for the afternoon, most of you should see the sun. should be a nice looking tuesday. no weather extremes expected tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow morning, upper 50s to the low 60s. a combination of low and high clouds, as i mentioned, tomorrow afternoon. mild to warm. 60s 80s for most of you. there will be sunshine for your tuesday afternoon. a look at the seven-day forecast, below average for parts of the bay area. mid-60s to upper 80s. it starts to really warm up as we head toward the end of the work week. by this weekend, nearing 100 degrees inland. yeah, it's going to be cooking
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inland. 60s at the coast, nice and comfortable. download the accuweather app and keep track of our temperatures hour by hour and minute by minute. >> very good. what a great day. >> absolutely. >> thanks, sandhya. you know yoga can help get you into shape. now some women have another reason to take up the practice. at 5:30 on "world news" with david muir. tonight at 6:00, we'll have coverage from arlington, virginia, as "world news" tonight where president trump will make just his third primetime address to the nation. the topic, the path for the united states in afghanistan. that's coming up at 6:00. we're going to carry the
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there's a special yoga class tailored for women having a hard
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time getting pregnant called fer little yoga. fertility yoga. i'm going to get it right. the class takes students through a series of key poses to support and strengthen the body's endocrine system. they said extreme exercise can be harmful to a woman's pelvis, but yoga helps with balance. >> it starts to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. >> it helps me relieve stress. >> fertility yoga also helps increase circulation to your reproductive system. it supports a healthy immune system. here's something opposite of relaxing, the hot dog eating champion of the world, 92 tacos in eight minutes. winning the championship in
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fresno this weekend. this picture is from the san jose americay news. the website said chestnut is the greatest eater in history. he holds 43 records, for more than 40 different types of food. key obviously is cross-training. >> exactly. you've got to vary it. go to tacos every now and then. kids in the east bay got a little help today to get the new school year off to a good start. >> just ahead, the unbeatable offer from a local barber school. stay with us. we want to thank abc 7 news viewer juan for this picture of the eclipse. that he captured today in san francisco's north beach neighborhood. >> share your pictures, just use the #abc now. you can see them on t
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it's back to school time, of course. and time for a hair cut. >> you've got to look fresh and clean. abc 7 news was in concord today
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where all the buzz was about free haircuts for students. this is the third year the urban barber college has held a free cut for kids event. >> isn't that great? they say getting back to school can get expensive and they help good about helping parents and kids in their community. >> making a difference, seeing happy faces, on the kids' faces before they go back to school. the first day of school, that's a big thing, too, looking nice. >> the free cuts continue until 7:00 tonight. their goal was to do 200 back-to-school haircuts. you want to feel confident, too. >> absolutely. that is great. look at those good looking kids. >> good first impression. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. we'll see you at 6:00.
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live look outside. no eclipse anymore. >> no, gone, but not forgotten. tonight tonight, millions of americans in the path of the eclipse. 99 years since the last total solar eclipse to cross the entire country. from the west coast to the east. [ cheers ] from oregon to idaho, wyoming to nebraska. missouri to illinois. kentucky to tennessee. to south carolina. our team's in all of the states, in small towns, on farms, in national parks. americans looking to the sky. >> there it is. >> and tonight, the massive traffic jams across multiple states. we are in the middle of it. also tonight, the other major news. the disaster at sea. another violent collision involving a u.s. navy ship. ten sailors missing tonight. how did this happen again? breaking news. president trump set to address


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