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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 22, 2017 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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making news in america this morning, overnight president trump revealing his strategy for the war in afghanistan. ruling out a withdrawal. his harsh words for the neighboring country pakistan. we're live in washington with details. tensions flair overnight at a city council meeting in charlottesville. watch as protesters storm the room with signs and hear what they're demanding. breaking right now, dozens injured near philadelphia as a train crashes into a parked train. the details coming in. and one last look at the solar eclipse. see the highlights as it made its way across the country and we'll also show you the view from space and the traffic jams back on earth and the first family taking part.
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great news, a lot got to see it. bad news they're still stuck in traffic on the way back home as we say good morning on a tuesday. we start with the president ready to rev up supporters after laying out his war plan for afghanistan. >> he's holding a make america great again rally in phoenix ignoring a request from the mayor to delay it and jim mattis skipped the president's speech today or yesterday, rather, heading to iraq, but it appears the president is taking his advice on afghanistan. >> yeah, mr. trump announced that he's not pulling out of america's longest war any time soon but he's staying away from time lines and specific numbers on u.s. troops. abc's arlette saenz has the latest. >> reporter: in a prime time address to the nation, president trump placed his own stamp on the 16-year war in afghanistan. >> we are not nation building again.
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we are killing terrorists. >> reporter: with u.s. troops sitting before him the commander in chief made it clear he's listening to his generals who say the way to beat the taliban and isis is with more boots on the ground. the announcement marks the stark reversal from mr. trump's position as a private citizen. >> what are we doing? let's get with it. get out of afghanistan. >> reporter: after consulting his national security team including a recent meeting at camp david seen in this white house montage, the president admits he's changed his mind. ts divisions.l instinct was to >> they wound inflicted upon a single member of our community is a wound inflicted upon us all. when one part of america hurts, we all hurt. and when one citizen suffers an injustice, we all suffer together. >> the president added there is
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no room for prejudice, bigotry or hate. but his remarks on charlottesville from last week are taking a toll. our new poll shows 56% of americans disapprove of the president's response to the events in charlottesville. meanwhile, anger boiled over in charlottesville again overnight at the first city council meeting since those protests. outraged residents shouted down the mayor and other city officials calling on them to resign. they slammed the decision to grant a permit to hate groups and blasted the police response to the violence. several people were charged with disorderly conduct. house speaker paul ryan delivered his sharpest criticism yet to the president's comments about charlottesville. ryan was asked if he would condemn trump's statement. the speaker said he thought trump's comments last monday were pitch perfect. it was what trump said the following day that ryan didn't quite care for. >> he made comments that were much more morally ambiguous. much more confusing and i do
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think he could have done better. i think he needed to do better. >> ryan also denounced trump's statement about there being fine people on both sides in charlottesville and he said he would not support a house resolution to censure the president for his comments. police in spain say they ended the threat from the terror cell responsible for last week's terror attacks after killing a suspect. the 22-year-old man was killed after being found in a vineyard near barcelona. he's believed to be the driver of the van that barreled down a crowded promenade last thursday killing 13. he was carrying a bag full of knives when police found him. and rescuers are working through the night after an earthquake hit an island off the italian coast. among those rescued so far, a 7-month-old baby. now they're still trying to free that baby's two brothers. two women, however, died and more than two dozen people were injured by that magnitude 4.0 quake. as many as ten people still missing. back at home a look at your
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weather. the latest radar images show a storm system concentrated over southern minnesota, iowa and northern missouri moving into illinois. it's the same system that hit kansas city hard last into the dumping up to six inches flooding low-lying areas and triggering flash flood warnings into this morning. just north of the city rivers and dams were inundated and caused widespread power outages. more heavy rain expected for that region today. and the weatheras wea perfect across a wide swath of the country for eclipse viewing. >> millions of people converged on the 70-mile-wide path of totality. across 14 states from oregon to south carolina to take in the coast-to-coast total solar eclipse. >> but now the traffic jam. traffic snarls along highways
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never intended for such an influx stretched for miles in some areas. >> want to see something cool. look at this from high above satellites capturing this amazing image of the moon's shadow as it crosses from coast to coast. >> looks eerie. >> president trump and the first lady also caught a glimpse of the eclipse with their son barron. the president even dared -- he apparently glanced right up at the sun directly without the glasses on before all three then decided to play it safe and put the protective eyewear on. still ahead, a chemist just discovered something about avocados and it turns out we've been throwing out the best part. >> broking overnight investigators on the scene of a train collision in philadelphia. what we're learning about the details. plus the record lawsuit settlement. hear why johnson & johnson is forced to pay a woman nearly half a billion dollars.
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breaking overnight dozens of people are hurt after a train crash outside of philadelphia. it happened just after midnight at the terminal in upper darby. investigators say a septa high-speed train hit an empty parked train. 42 people are injured. luckily, none of those injuries are considered life-threatening. a crash at the same terminal in february injured four people. new overnight navy divers are starting to search flooded parts of the "uss john s. mccain." they are searching for ten missing crew members who haven't been seen since it collided. the navy is going to conduct a broad investigation of the "mccain's" collision along with the deadly accident involving the "uss fitzgerald" in june.
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a pause in all navy operations has been ordered as that investigation gets under way. a coast guard search operation now called off for the crew of a black hawk helicopter that went down off hawaii. five army crew members on board taking part in a nighttime training mission when their chopper was lost. more than 96,000 square miles have been searched last week. more than a thousand secret service agents may not be paid for required overtime unless congress steps in. the shortfall is partly attributed to protecting president trump and his large extended family of 18 around the clock as they travel frequently. but the head of the secret service says caps on agents' salaries and overtime have been an issue long before this administration. the white house says it will work with lawmakers to fix the problem. johnson & johnson is planning to appeal a massive jury award in a case that linked baby powder to cancer. the health products giant has been ordered to pay a california woman $417 million. she claims the company failed to
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warn her of the cancer risk of the talc in its baby powder. now she now has terminal ovarian cancer. it's the latest and largest in a series of verdicts against johnson & johnson over that powder. new guidelines mean more teens and children will be diagnosed with hypertension or high blood pressure. the american academy of pediatrics is calling for those changes. under the old guidelines of about 2% of young people were considered hypertensive. that figure is expected to double. just when you thought you knew everything about avocados a texas researcher claims we've been throwing out the best part about avocados. he says the seed husk is packed with all sorts of useful nutrients that can treat diseases, everything from cold sores to cholesterol. avocado consumption is soaring by the way. americans are heating close to 2 billion pounds of them a year now and discarding all those husks. >> a little hard. >> it is. it's kind of -- >> to bite into.
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so-called slender man stabbing case. >> anissa weier admitted helping another girl try to kill a classmate in 2014. the 15-year-old said the attack was to impress the fictitious horror character slender man. a trial will determine whether the wisconsin teen goes to prison or a mental facility. a judge in ohio is in stable condition after a brazen ambush right outside his courthouse. they say nate richmond attacked judge joseph bruzzese firing five shots at a close range. but the judge pulled out his own weapon and returned fire. a nearby probation officer shot and killed the gunman. richmond is the father of a former ohio high school football player convicted in 2013 of raping a 16-year-old girl, but it's not clear if there was a connection to that case. now, for the first time we're hearing from a woman who survived a coyote attack in upstate new york. she says she was walking along a bike path taking pictures of birds when that coyote attacked. rita sweenor says she hit the animal with her camera and tried to throw it into some nearby
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water several times but the coyote just wouldn't leave her alone. >> he just kept coming. he attacked me 10 or 15 times. i just had to stand and fight. >> after she threw the animal into the water, she made it to the closest home and got help. she's now recovering from wounds to her face, arms, legs and scalp. the bike path where the attack took place has been closed. moving on to sports now and the associated press preseason college football poll is now out. alabama, ohio state, florida in the top three and usc and clemson rounding out the top five. >> no boston college. >> no oswego state. >> let's get some preseason pro football highlights now from espn. >> good morning, america. nicole, i'm max and monday night football is back although right out of the jump some concerns for the giants. >> the giants probably didn't like what they saw here taking on the browns. odell beckham makes the catch on the right sideline.
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calhoun goes low. right for his knee with the helmet. now, you could call this dirty. it was legal, though. beckham falls to his side and does hit his head. tries to walk off. as he goes to the tunnel, he just -- that's it, collapses. he was carted off for an x-ray. good news, just an ankle sprain. the dodgers, they are exceptional taking on the pirates, trailing the pirates bases loaded for curtis "he's s. >> terrible. >> it's terrible but i love it because it's mine. that's a grand slam to make it 5-3, but the pirates would come back to tie things up, 5-5, and there is yasiel puig. solo shot. pirates would not score in the bottom half, and that would be that. you know how many games above .500 the dodgers are, nicole? >> a lot. >> 53 to be exact, which can also be classified as a lot. >> a lot.
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see, they couldn't possibly lose two in a row. >> doesn't happen. >> how many will they win in a row now. >> better than the cubs from last year. >> that is true except the cubs did win the world series a season ago. fact. >> they're still debating. >> she got the last word in. up next in "the pulse," an epic photobomb. what was seen streaking across the sun in the middle of the eclipse. and don't throw those eclipse glasses away just yet. hear why one organization is collecting them for a good cause. and on our facebook page, the entire abc news special showing the eclipse from start to finish. interesting tv. that's on that's on
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♪ it is time for your tuesday "pulse." and we're going to start the photobomb perhaps to end all photobombs. >> so during yesterday's eclipse a nasa photographer in wyoming caught that, can you see it, the teeny, tiny international space station passing right in front of the sun. how cool is that? >> are we sure it's not aliens? >> no. >> no, okay. meantime, nasa's live stream was the top live video on facebook yesterday. 28 million views, 67% of those talking about the eclipse on facebook were women, and the eclipse racked up more than 8 million tweets worldwide. >> not bad. and this morning after the eclipse, watchers are left with some memories and those eclipse watching glasses, of course. >> yeah, so a group called astronomers without borders is asking that you don't throw those glasses away. it is putting together a program so you can donate them to be used by others. >> those donated glasses will be given to children in south america and asia for eclipses in
4:22 am
2019. details about the donation program are still being worked out, so stay tuned. >> did you throw yours out? >> i never had them. i forgot to get them. >> i gave them away to some new yorker yesterday. >> there you go. you donated yours. >> exactly. now to some eclipse shade. you might say. the moon decided to troll the sun on twitter. >> so in the middle of the eclipse nasa's official twitter page posted i blocked the sun. make way for the moon. the page then posted a picture showing it blocks nasa's official twitter page for the sun. get it? >> oh, i see. >> blocked. >> after the eclipse the moon tweeted, let the sun shine. i unblocked you in the sky and on twitter. boom. >> some nasa engineers thought they'd be studying space, and instead -- >> a couple of guys in an office are like, i have a great idea. >> thanks to that eclipse, by the way, hit song from 1983 is now topping the music streaming charts. can you guess?
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>> good morning on this tuesday, august 22nd you're up with us at 4:27. thanks for being there. >> i need you to give me a fantastic meteorological event to make up for the eclipse yesterday. >> i thought you were about to sing. i thought you were about to break out in a little song. >> what can we do today to top yesterday? nothing. not a thing. don't burden me with that, natasha, that's not fair. we'll talk about what is going to happen. the cloud cover is not as extensive this morning but notice there's some thunderstorms or what's left of them off to our left and that's going to bring smus low clouds and high clouds during the morning hours and temperatures running from about 58 right now in santa rosa to about 64 in san jose. all right spot when we come back in three minutes we'll take a look at your 12-hour day planner. how about the commute this morning. we were starting off in emeryville but we're looking good right now close to the berkeley area eastbound 80 just past ashby we had a multicar
4:27 am
collision, only one lane was getting by. you can barely see the east side there's so few vehicles upon. but this video is from 15, 20 minutes ago we had a lot of flashing lights, significant backup and emergency crews the scene as well. thought we were going to start off with a big problem but yet that has cleared in this early hour things recovered very nice shroy no longer a concern for this morning's commute. couplether things in the east bay we'll look at in a couple minutes. breaking news coming into our live desk the u.s. navy says divers have found the remains of some of the sailors missing aboard the uss mccain. commander of the pacific fleet says they were found in a flood compartment. ten sailors went missing after the ship collided with an oil tanker yesterday morning. in addition for the search right now divers are conducting damage assessments of the hull.
4:28 am
it is docked at singapore navy base. they say it's unclear why the crew could not use the ship's backup steering systems to maintain control of that ship. the navy has order an investigation into the collision. that's ongoing. reggie. >> thank you. happening today the state attorney general's office is expected to join the legal battle over a recall drive against santa clara county judge persky. persky is suing claiming the state and not the county should oversee the petition drive. the ag's office plans to file court papers today disagreeing with him. if persky wins the recall campaign could be forced to start over. they say he has a pattern of bias in cases involving sex crimes including the case against former stanford student brock turner. police say 14-year-old herald ra var where was last seen at 1 clock yesterday afternoon. they say he has the intellectual
4:29 am
ability of a fourth grader and is at risk. is at risk. he was last backpack. showing 49ers owe much less money to the city than reported. the team owes over $300,000 less than first thought. the money was for time santa clara police and firefighters spent at stadium event. 49ers mayor tried tomorrow bear race the team by leaking the first draft of the audit. the 9 efrz are also disputing a $700,000 payment to santa clara for using a golf course to park cars. if you're just joining us


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