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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 22, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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yesterday? we're not but we're going to bring you more sunshine and warmer weather and eventually heat wave in my seven-day forecast. look at this, we've got thunderstorms that are developing over the high country. moving our way and falling apart, so this is what it looks like, absolutely gorgeous low clouds nestled into the east bay valleys, high clouds above it and a colorful sunshine. 58 to 64 our temperatures this morning. we'll be in the mid-60s at the coast this afternoon, low to mid-aefts e 70s around the bay, upper 70s inland and 60s and 70s by 7:00 this morning. alexis. we have gotten busy on the roads over the last half an hour or so. we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza right now from our emery ville camera you can see some flashing lights on that far left-hand side. we've got one of the hov lanes, lane number one of about 22, i believe, and that is blocked due to a collision. so some delays there into the maze this morning. southbound 680 hey way 4 to
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walnut creek up to seven minutes. another nine westbound 4 walnut creek to highway 13 and heavy out of tracy this morning were still have that crash on the shoulder westbound 580 near grantline road. one hour ten minutes tracy into dublin. thank you. new developments now santa clara's mayor speaking this morning about the city's ongoing battle with the 49ers. the team is claiming victory after revised audit numbers show it owes the city much less money than originally expected. matt keller is live in santa clara. matt. >> reporter: natasha, the audit was delivered yesterday. now both sides taye saying they were proven right. we spoke with the mayor about an hour ago. >> the 49ers owe nearly $2 million and we have to fix the way we're doling business and managing the stadium in santa clara. >> >> reporter: the auditor estimates about $104,000 in
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aelt hundred $904,000 in construction funds, and more than $1,700,000 in park fees. they say they want to collect the money due in the audit and demand they provide the documents withheld from the stadium authority. >> and if they do not produce those documents, we will resume legal action against them to produce those documents. >> reporter: the 49ers disputed the parking fees number to our media partner saying they actually overpaid by a million dollars. 49ers president said the auditor's report was riddled with errors and in the end they wasted over 200,000 in public funds to discover that the city of assistant an clara failed to bill $115,000 in expenses, something which was their responsibility. if you like to look at the audit, you can go to our website regarding live in santa clara, matt kel, he. san francisco police are investigating ongoing complaints at de lor risse res park which
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is getting new attention after three people were shot. we organized a community meeting where residents voiced their concerns last night. police are trying to come one ways to make the pedestrian bridge where last month's shooting happened less appealing to criminals. they included bringing in vendors and performers or just removing it altogether. many who live in the area say they've had enough with the litter and the gang activity. >> i have to recently take my dog to the dog hospital because she ingested drugs that she 80 just picking up from the park. >> i just don't think we've had a coordinated response. we tended to look at this as being an episode here or an episode there, and that to look at that time more systematically. >> well, since the august 3rd shooting they've been two uniformed police officers assigned to the park every day. a hateful flyer intended to intimidate an east bay city has instead brought neighbors together in defiance. >> that's right. residents rallied together at the islamic center in alameda last night after learning the flyer. it shows a swastika and a woman
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wearing a hijab. it was first spotted on sherman street on sunday morning. this follow last weeks's vandalism of tifrm israel in alameda. council member says he plans to address all of this at next city council meeting. san francisco city koevlz could find out whether a permit will be allowed for the pay the yol prayer group hold a rally at crissy field on saturday. the national park service and golden gate remembering kreebational area have approved the permit it's not been issued. the city is restricting weapons that can be brought to the ralingly apds well as the number of deputy e demonstrators to be allowed. happening today, six east bay political leaders including barbara lee will gather at berkeley city hall to denounce racism and bigotry. the gathering comes as what city officials say is what is zriebtd as the planned white nationalist rally planned for this sunday at
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berkeley's civic center park. overnight the taliban prond to president trump's new strategy in afghanistan. >> a terrorist group said the u.s. should have chosen not to prolong the war and that that pride is what's keeping gts president from withdrawing troops. they add that, quote, the taliban would keep fighting to free advance of american invadetors as a religious and patriotic responsibility. >> richmond police are search firing gunman who shot an east bay rapper several times. it happened at a quick serve on carlson boulevard and imperial avenue around 5:30 yesterday day morning. the victim charles williams known as keak da sneak was shot several times. he is? stable condition. says known to his contributions to e-40s tell me when to go. they posted to instagram writing pairs prayers up and ful pull thrown #godder. that's breaking business news coming in former uber executive jeffrey jones now
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being named the top man at h&r block. the tax services company just named him ceo this morning. he'll take the post on october 9th. jones was at san francisco's uber. he served there as a president of the ride hailing company until he resigned back in march. before that, he was a vp at target corporation, h&r block based in kansas city, it's the largest tax services company in the united states. reggie. jessica, thank you. power's been restored at a senior living center in oakland. pg&e worked through the night to fix an equipment problem on east 29th street. power went out at noon yesterday. family members were asked to pick up their loved ones for the night. developing news out of hillsboro. police are asking for wrur help to identify two people caught rummaging through someone else's cars. it happened yesterday morning about 3:40 a.m. it shows two nin action with one
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sitting inside the car when this video begins. the cars were not locked. police want residents to check their own surveillance cameras to see if they have the suspect's car on tape. change or be sued, that is the demand from one law firm wlar they want addressed in menlo park. >> apple's headquarters boosting property values in cupertino so why are some neighbors saying enough is enough. live look at the toll plaza live look at the toll plaza at 6:07 after the eclipse. get 40% off on coit residential cleaning services including carpet and hardwood, tile, stone, even air ducts and window treatments. and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back. that's 40% off everything coit cleans. call or click today. ♪ that's 40% off everything coit cleans. hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn?
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> there may be a few sprinkles out in solano county and east contra costa but you can see over the next few hours they are going fall apart and over the next. nd it's going make for a colorful sunrise and sunset. about 57 to 61 in san francisco, we're about 56 in daly city to 64 in sara towinga across most of our neighborhoods. you can see that colorful sunset right there. on the bay breezy north once again. more sunshine today and a warmer afternoon if you think about
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doing some kpeer size. here's alexis with the morning commute. taking you back to the bay bridge toll plaza we do still have a crash it's off on the shoulder now just on the other side of those toll booths so here's westbound 80. looks like folks in those hov lanes are moving better than a few minutes ago and you're congested up the milled for everyone else this morning. we have a cra 880, that one's been there four about 45 minutes, that are backup continues to grow rescuer at about 2.5, 3 miles. and glen wood drive rollover crash is blocking one lane and you're backed up through the santa cruz mountains. as apple puts the finishing touches on its campus, neighbors are complaining that four years of construction is enough to. sunny val's birdland neighborhood is right next tonight 2.8 million square foot campus dubbed the space ship. the mercury news is reporting that residents say the constant news, dufs, increased traffic and higher housing costs is
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overwhelming and that apple is ignoring them. apple officials did he ny that they insist all e-mails are being answer and they've distributed car wash dew coupons to help neighbors deal with all that construction dust. if you donate to crowd funding sites like go fund me, is that tax deductible? seven on your side's michael fin nip has the answer. and there's still time to get away before s sara, could you come in here. yep, coming. oh wow, what kind of underwear are those? they're breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. [gasp] what are those? guys... they're brthable underwear from fruit of the loom. yes, they have these tiny holes to let the air through, can u help me? wa wa weewoo look at those. can you feel this? [blowg] turn around for me. seriously? yeah. slow...slow...slower...slower is that okay. i don't think you should get that dress. it doesn't fit. st cool with breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. we believe in food that's anatuy beautiful,et, fresh and nutritious. so there are no artificial colors,
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now breaking news from the abc 7 live desk. >> welcome back. in that breaking news in kansas city, missouri, where there is intense flooding right now and there are some water rescues under way. take a look at how high that water is. if you look closely above this house you see people sitting there on the roof. that is the concern that i mentioned earlier here at the live desk as we've been watching the situation in kansas city all morning long. they had pounding rain overnight with two to three feet of water reported in some areas and those flood waters have just continued to rise throughout the morning. look at those folks just waiting on the roof, even looks like a dog, some sort of animal there with them right now. and i actually counted seven people there that are waiting for rescuers to come. obviously there's a news helicopter up overhead, but these flood waters are very high, doesn't appear to be any boats nearby. that's what we're going to keep our eyes on here at the live
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desk throughout the morning. hopefully those folks will be fine and emergency crews are on their way. but this has been the situation throughout the night and this morning as though flood waters are very high. they have been pounded in the midwest and kansas city, missouri, taking the brunt of it. that's the latest at the life desk. thank you, jessica. on to developing news, the stiff menlo park facing an october deadline to change the way it conducts city council elects or be sued. a malibu based law firm says the elections discriminate against minorities. it has to do with the city's member of electing members at large instead of by district. law firm says that violates california's voting rights act discriminating against the city's minority population. the mercury news reports that population primarily resides in the bell haven neighborhood. marine county stinson beach may soon be home to the new species of crab. they plan to introduce rock cabs to control the invasive green crab population pay the year's long plan to eraid
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indicate the crustaceans by systematic trapping failed. they tend to catch adults but can't contain juveniles as well. green crabs have no natural predators and have consumed the lagoon's fish and birds. plan a last-minute getaway well start parking in our. fairs for u.s. domestic flights are expected to be 11% to 20% cheaper than peak summer prices. fall season begins today for the travel industry and as demand takes a dive so will the ticket prices. they will be able to enjoy these low fairs at least until the holiday season rolls around. eclipse footage and photos still blowing up your feeds this morning. >> some of you may be sick of them by now but we have koemgz through and shown you the best photos. the international space station tweeting out a rare view of yesterday's eclipse. you see that black spot on the earth? that's auld the unbra. it's the man's shadow during the eclipse. they were the only six people in
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the world and perhaps the universe to be able to see the unbra has it moved live. . >> sympathize unique perspective. could you say that we had a unique perspective too. i'm not sure it's one that people would have asked for but they got itny way. >> so foggy, mike. >> up in the mortgage bay it was to foggy at least in san francisco could you at least see through it time to time. not that our buddy carl the fog played ville lan once again ruin a lot of people's chances to see it in the bay area. this is what he tweetded. you say block my eclipse and i hear preented have you from a lifetime of eye damage. well played. >> that's so true. carl, thank you. i know carl watches in the morning so we appreciate that. >> we do appreciate that. you know what he's doing this morning? he's clausing flight arrival delays into sfo. >> has per usual. yes. 59 minutes this morning, i mean, you just have to expect it this time of the year, right. all right. all kidding aside, call ahead
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there. warmer and brighter today, tonight mostly cloudy patchy fog once again and the extended excessive heat heat is going to trurn to our inland neighborhoods. not hot yet with temperatures ranging from 85 in san ramon and walnut creek to antioch about 89 degrees. north bay santa recognizing passing high clouds an 82. the breezes will keep vallejo at 75, sausalito at 70, novato 78. mild to warm in the north bay, little warm in san jose, 83, gilroy, upper 80s there, milpitas only 76 today. sunnyville 70 eight. 72 millbrae, san mateo 75. half moon day 66, pacifica 64. east bay shore it's going to be breezy north so berkeley 72 but castro valley and fremont not as breezy, 707 there. hayward union city 76 and 70 in south san francisco. the sunset today 605, marine
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april 66 and ball bowa park 68. a seven-day forecast, warmer tomorrow we'll take a step back as the breezes kick in thursday but the warmth even hot conditions around the bay and inland for saturday and sunday. even a whole lot of sunshine at the coast and near 70 by sunday. alexis, what are you watching. we're going to take back to the bay bridge toll plaza. right now there's no more flashing lights so looked like we're not blocking the sholder any longer westbound 80 on the other side of the toll booths there we did i have crash vofrl a motorcycle early it morning and that was slowing down the carpool commute which is usually the only one you can count on if you're doing the bay bridge drive. so that is starting to improve. westbound 580 before grande grantline road we have a crash reported on the shoulder that's been there an hour and a half but slow speeds out of tracy, nine miles per hour, 11 miles an hour as you head towards altamont pass. and drive times four. ual mutt treek could dublin, 14, santa roes to to san francisco
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56 you're in the green. full hour now highway 1 in los gatos. rollover crash near glenwood drive and that's blocking one lane. . good morning america coming up at 7 clock right here on abc 7. >> and amy row bag is live with new york with a look at what's ahead. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning to you that tash and reggie. coming up next president trump unveiling his new strategy for afghanistan reversion his stance now committing more american troops to the area. u.n. ambassador nikki haley will join us this morning as concerns grow about protesters in phoenix ahead of trump's campaign rally this evening. and then that break news from overnight, over 40 people injured after a high speed train crashed into a parked train. it happened just outside of philadelphia. we'll tell what you we're learning as authorities investigate. we're live from the scene. and the never before seen footage of music legend whitney houston revealed in a new documentary. what led to her history of drug use and new details on her troubled relationship with her
6:22 am
daughter. that's all on tuesday right here. back to you. >> i miss whitney. what's her favorite? i dink dance with somebody that's not officially what it's called maybe but. >> i want to dance with somebody had the amy your favorite song please. >> reporter: "saving all my love four ". >> yes. often forgotten because have you go in the way back machine but like it. mine is probably the one we were just playing 'there a few seconds ago. thanks amy. apparently a million dollars does not last long if you retire in california but there's one state where it's even worse. state where it's even worse. if you've
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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um b finney and that morning ray from alameda has a question about tax deductions. >> this is a good one. he asked michael finney has his answer. >> i'm interested in starting a gofundme page purchase automated external did he fib bra latetors for people that have heart conditions and heart problems and place them in the schools. is this taxable nick that i would receive from go fund me and can people that donate to it, can they have a tax deduction for donating? >> hi, randy. donations to go fund me or any
6:26 am
crowd funding site are generally considered personal gifts. so they're not tax they have to go to a nonprofit organization listed a 501(c)(3) with the irs. we're talking about organizations like the red cross and salvation army. so if you want to set up a nonprofit, you need to talk woman attorney or tax professional. randy, thanks for your question. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it on your smartphone, share it with us on social immediate yand use the hrk ask finney or go to our website and you may see your question answered here on abc 7 mornings. all right. san francisco state taking action after a lawsuit accuses the school of allowing antisexism. >> if you're trying to quit smoking apparently the state of california is helping out big time. the local leader that's teaming up with president trump on a bill focussed on justice for those wrongly accused. plus, breaking news coming
6:27 am
plus, breaking news coming in from ohio,
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ends saturday! good morning bay area. >> let's get up and get going. >> had is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning on this tuesday, august 22nd, it looks like we might have some warm sunny weather coming our way. >> potentially a heat wave on the way, right, mike. >> definite this weekend and
6:30 am
noon next week. august has been pretty quiet so far but as far as the heat goes that's about to change. let's talk about what's going on outside. we've been watching some interesting weather. thunderstorms we talked about in the sierra yesterday retrograde and moved back toward the west/northwest we've had sprinkles in contra costa county, few of those make it up towards lakeport during the morning hours but isn't that gorgeous this morning from the east bay hills? let's talk kbrur 12-hour day planner 58 to 64 degrees. we'll be in the mid-60s at the coast from noon to 4:00. 72 to 76 around the bay, 70 tooit 86 for our inland neighborhoods and 60s and 70s at 7:00. more on that heat coming up next. here's alexis. good morning take a look at san mateo bridge we're okay once you make it to point. we have a crash on the shoulder around the toll plazaer a little heavy from 880 but over to the foster city area is looking good. still have a slow down in
6:31 am
oakland. we've had this crash for about an hour now north bound 880 before 98 it shoeds sounds like the tow truck is at the scene but we have the far left lane blocked due to a crash. if you're not in a big rig i recommend 580 for an alternate. rollover crash on highway 17 and new collision in san jose we'll check on those next. on to developing news in the east bay where police are investigating flyers found with swastikas and anti-muslim message. >> neighborhoods held a diversity rally last night to say that kind of hate is not welcome in alameda. amy holly foold lye for us at the center. amy. >> reporter: hi, reggie. one of flyers was found near this islamic center here on alameda on santa clara avenue. here's a look at the flyer. take a look at what is creating so much outrage in alameda. about four of these were found. residents showed how they felt about the hateful flyer and held a rally here at the islamic center last night saying this
6:32 am
hate has no place here. a woman whose husband found two of the flyers, she's the one who called police. >> so it was very unnerving to have that brought into our home. we knew immediately we had toe stand up, report it. the majority of hate crimes and hate incidents go unreported, so we knew that it it was important to stand up and be counted. >> reporter: this isn't first sign of hate in alameda. swastikas appeared at the temple israel last week. this issue will now be addressed at the next city council meeting. one idea being discussed is offer training so people can quickly identify and report hate messages. reporting live in alameda, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. new developments in the search for mission sailors aboard u.s.s. mccain. navy officials have confirmed divers have found some remains today. they say that they were discovered in a flood compartment of the warship. ten sailors went missing after the ship collided with an oil
6:33 am
tanker early yesterday morning. there's not been an immediate explanation for the collision, divers will continue search and rescue operations for sailors still unaccounted for. now breaking news from the abc 7 live desk. >> quickly want to slayer breaking news i'm seeing in columbus, ohio. a confederate statue knocked down this morning. an investigation is now under way. our abc colleagues in columbus twilighting out this photo only moments ago and you can see what appears to be a type of soldier, concrete soldier there laying on the grass. the monument was inside the camp chase cemetery, it's a military cemetery. that stone monument actually dates back to the year 1897 which makes it 120 years old. reggie. >> thanks, jess. happening today the man charged with a murder of an offduty yoke oakland firefighter is going to make his first court appearance. he is accused of shooting jake water and another firefighter last thursday night. the second man survived and is still in the hospital. the firefighters were confronted by at least two men outside an
6:34 am
event in a japan town neighborhood. they were shot without warning after a brief exchange of words. investigators still haven't found the weapon. walters and his colleague had just graduated from the fire maemd in april. we have an update to a mission teenager in antioch. we're happy to report that herald ra var has been found safe. we sent a push alert to the app on your phone about this. he was considered at risk due to his mental age but certainly a relief for his family. developing news, firefighters have rescued a third brerj from an italian family after an earthquake hit an island off the coast of italy. they rescued a 7-month-old baby of the same family earlier. the quake fild killed at least two people last night during the height of the tourist season. 3 dozen people were injured an 2,600 people are now homeless. they're asking a federal judge to dismiss a suit by current former and jewish students accusing the school of
6:35 am
fostering anti-semitism. the university denies the incidents like the deface meant of stars of david even happened. it also argues that even if religious freedoms were violated, they were violated by students and groups exercising their first amendment rights. the school says it has no power to sensor campus speech. happening today the state attorney general's office is expected to join the legal battle over a recall drive against santa clara judge persky. percent squi is suing claiming the state and not the county should oversee the petition drive. the ag's office plans to file court papers today disagreeing with him. a hearing on the suit is set for tomorrow. if percent squi win,s, the recall campaign would be forced to start all over. recall organizers say persky has a pattern of bias in cases involving sex crimes including the case against former stanford student brock turner. the state legislature is hoping to combat sexual harassment in the venture capital industry with new legislation being introduced this week.
6:36 am
too many female entrepreneurs face sexual harassment when trying to get funding. a new senate bill would amend a law that prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace to also add protection fosh entrepreneurs. the bill's being expected to be heard in the committee in january. the city of richmond has three weeks to appeal a decision dismission its lault against the trump administration over its sanctuary city policy. richmond argues the trump administration's threat to withhold funds from sanctuary cities is unconstitutional. san francisco and san jose have filed similar suits. a federal court judge says richmond doesn't have standing to chal lengt president's order. the ruling says richmond has not established a history of refusing to cooperate with immigration officials. president trump has signed a bill to speed up dna testing and its cosponsored by east bay congressman eric swawell. it is it aimed at helping local law enforcement get rhee tile deny testing. it allows the suspect's dna to be taken at the time of book and be processed within 90 minutes
6:37 am
instead of what could nooimz sometimes take years. he says this will help agencies use the more powerful tool to clear the innocent and get justice for victims. happening today were we're going to get an update on construction of one of twofr bart stations opening next year in the stouj sba. $2.3 billion silicon valley expansion includes milpitas stations. it will include a park garage and doekt vt lighter is ris. it kpelkts about 23,000 riders to pass through the stations every day. bough both the milpitas and berry yes, sir es stations are expected to open next june. more big business news coming in this hour. ford motor company just anouned a new venture in china. the they'll be teaming up with the chinese bland brand to make fully lec contribute cars. ford says the cars will be sold under a new brand but they have not said what it will be called. the move comes at the same time the chinese government has been pushing for more electric cars to reduce pollution. the chinese market accounts for
6:38 am
about 40% of electric cars sold worldwide. it's the largest auto market in the world. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> who wants go back to school today? we've got a few people out there, students, faculty were parents, everybody. mount diablo unified school district, 7:00 this morning mostly sunny and 61. 86 and sunshine. in fact, it will be partly sunny, there will be a little more cloud cover an sunshine this morning. as crow valley unified school district partly sunny 62 where are a subny 80 so make surety kids have that hood dies after that cool start. and starting off mostly cloudy and 58 this morning a sunny 77 by the afternoon hours. have a great first day everybody. los gatos 59 up in the hills, everybody else around 60 to 65 degrees. in the south bay and we're pretty mild about everywhere with upper 50s to mid-assessments from fist 9 be
6:39 am
in nap and novato and livermore, 58 in danville, alameda and san carlos. 61 the morning sunrise just keeps getting more beautiful from or i east bay hills camera. on the bay small craft advisory north of the bay bridge, cool to warmer for mass transit and on the roads it is dry. speaking of the roads, i joked yesterday i was going to watch the eclipse through my sun roof. i did not. >> okay, good. >> but i hear other people did some not so smart things. >> yeah. you were telling everyone not to stare at the sun yesterday without their protective gear on. i was telling everyone make sure you're not driving and looking or, you know, pulling over in an unsafe spot like this. >> is that an interstate? >> yes, it is. this picture is from cmp contra costa, they posted this on social media yesterday saying they hoped you watch waxed the eclipse safely and not like these people who are behaving badly. that's considered and unsafe stop along the rhee way for a nonemergency reason. now they didn't stay these guys got tickets. boy, they would have to get busy
6:40 am
issuing all of those. that's a lot of people. and i did hear about some delays r too. especially on 680 heading up towards walnut creek a lot of folks were doing that. they were contributory negligence too get to the clear side just on the other side of the tunnel there. so it wasn't great. we didn't hear about any collisionors injuries or nick like that, so that's a little bit of good news but obviously next time around don't do that. you could end up with a ticket. northbound 880 oakland road in san jose we have a crash that's blocking the center lane right now so that's starting to merge with our typical delays coming from the 280/680 merge. northbound lanes toward glenwood road we have a rollover collision. the tow truck driver stuck in traffic we have that right lane blocked and drive time not pretty height wye 1 in las gat toe one hour five minutes and you know the drill no great alternates through that stretch. could you jump over to surface streets but that's a long
6:41 am
detour. finally good news oakland we'll be back in less than ten. a jury hands-on son and johnson a major legal blow, the dangers they say the pauder dangers they say the pauder powder to pose to your
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:43, welcome back. >> we're hearing about a 3.2
6:44 am
earthquake in ma therein morning, we're just garth r gathering information about and that as soon as we have more we'll pass it along. >> download the nbc app and we'll send you push alerts as soon as we get more information. now the battle between the stiff santa clara and the 49 zblerz this morning the city's defiant mayor says the team owes 2 million bucks no matter what a revised autd dit says. matt is live for us in santa clara. matt. >> reporter: the mayor told us this morning the audit shows that the 49ers owe the city about $2 million and a lot of documents. the mayor says she plans on gifgt 49ers 30 days to provide those at her next meeting. >> and if they do not produce those documents, we will resume legal action against them to produce those documents. >> reporter: the auditor estimates about $114,000 in net unreimbursed city staff costs, $894,000 in construction funds use ford public safety and
6:45 am
operations costs, and more than $718,000 in unpaid parking fees. 49ers team president said the auditor's report was riddled with errors and in the end they wasted over 200,000 in public funds to discover that the city of assistant an clara failed to bill whun $15,000 in expenses, something which was their responsibility. now, this will all be made public at this thursday's stadium authority meeting and that will of course be open to the public and comments will be septd. reporting live in santa clara, matt keller. developing news out of pennsylvania, investigators trying to figure out how a train crashed into an empty stopped train earlier this morning. it happened just after midnight local time in upper darby, about 30 minutes from philadelphia. officials say 42 people are hurt including the train's operator. none of their injuries are serious. a passenger on that train says several people were knocked to the floor and windows shattered on impact. some trains are operating as normal. president trump is playing out his strategy for fighting
6:46 am
the 60 teen-year long war in afghanistan. in his prime trial address mr. trump made it clear he's listening to his generals who say the way to beat the taliban and isis is with more boots on the ground. the president has given defense secretary james mattis the authority to decide how many more troops will be sent. mattis supports putting up to 4,000 additional soldiers in afghanistan. the president's announcement marks a reversal from his position as a private citizen when he said he wanted to get out of afghanistan. >> my original instinct was to pull out. but all my life i've heard that decisions are much different when you sit behind the desk in the oval office. >> the press says he will not talk about specific numbers of troops or plans for further military activities. and now tie major ruling against johnson and johnson, an l.a. jury ordering them to pay 400 fen sfeen million dollars to
6:47 am
a woman. she said she started using the company's famous baby powder when she was 11 years old. she was diagnosed with cancer ten years ago. they claim johnson and johnson failed to adequately warn about the potential cancer risks. dr. jennifer ashton is talking about it on good morning america. >> any tips for the american consumer when using talcum powder? >> you know, i think we have to remember frequency and dose. it can be safe when used on other parts of the body. it's not meant to go in the body via any orifice so it should be kept away from that area. >> johnson and johnson says it sympathizes with ovariance cancer patients but insists that science supports the safety his baby powder. the company plans to appeal. if the price of cigarettes go up or you more likely to quit smoke something researchers say yes. a new study found that i dollar increase in cigarettes makes smoke twernt% more likely to quit. researchers also found that there is a slight reduction in smoking risk when there is a
6:48 am
price increase. here in california, a tobacco tax went into effect earlier this year with tax on cigarette packs up to $2. developing news on the peninsula today where caltrain wants to know how you'd liking to store your bike onner that now trains. one appropriate posal is to stack them against the train wall and another includes parking bikes on racks at an angle. caltrain says the goal is more storage. out reach events willing at various peninsula locations throughout thursday. well for you soon to be retirees, this next story could either be informative or down right stressful. >> it's about 5i new study that calculated hour far a million dollars will take new retirement in certain states. here are the states where you won't get the best bang for your become. a million dollars will only last you 12 years if you live in hawaii. here in california, it lasts you only 16.5 years. alaska, new york, around years.
6:49 am
p massachusetts is fifth, and personal finance company. >> want to know how florida stacks up on that list. >> florida is relatively cheap. >> yeah. >> at least we're not number one. >> right. >> did you stay up for? apparently a lot of people made sure to preorder the super nintendo classic last night. >> best buy made a surprise announcement that he it's opening up preorders here on the west coast. it sold out in minutes. hopefully it doesn't end like walmart's preorder incident in july when the company took back the reservation saying that it opened up the preorders by mistake. nintendo did hint that retailers would start sales this week so look out for more stores to follow suit. >> we've been getting tweets from people saying they had an earthquake it sounds like it was a 3.2 in marin and mike is going to talk more about that. >> i've got it centered on live dopplar center it's off the coast. it was nearly three miles deep and it was, as you menged a 3.2 magnitude right tlont san
6:50 am
andreas fault and so you may have felt some shaking in san francisco also all the way down to dallay city, poskly pacifica and up to point rays. we'll check out the shake map when it comes out. if it doesn't come out before 7:00 we'll make sure we fut on social media at mike nicco abc 7. but there you go, that's why we were a little noisy this morning. other noises in form of drops falling around lode did i, stockton, rio vista, tried to move back up towards fairfield but they kind of fell apart. walnut grove possibly getting a sprinkle that developed over the sierra and back towards us. that's why we're seeing high clouds along with the usual low clouds from suit tro tower this morning. low clouds developing tonight and i land heat wave begins this weekend. a look at the cloud deck you can see by noon easily mostly sunny around the bay, the afternoon sunny even sunshine will develop at the coast today. temperatures down in the south bay quite a range from 70 snichl
6:51 am
milpitas as gilroy 88 degrees. 72 to speft 9 is on the peninsula. 64 to 66 peninsula coast. 80 to 84 degrees through the north bay valleys, 70 to 706 along the east bay shore, and about 85 to 91 in our inland east bay neighborhoods. my cook cue east-to-west flow seven-day forecast warmer toim, thursday back to where we are today and then the heat building from friday through the weekend inland with 90s there. 80s around the bay, even a lot of smooin sunshine at the coast this weekend and 70. here's alexis. we're not good in a few areas although we have improved at the bay bridge toll plaza tese hov lanes cruising along just fine. about an hour ago we had a crash vochl a motorcycle but that's long gone at this pointed. les some good news here in the oakland area, northbound 880 is finally cleared and that backup unwinding pretty quickly it's not looking too bad if you want to take this that instead of 580
6:52 am
this morning. northbound 101 at oakland road still have a crash in the milled lane so you're jammed south. 280/680 merge. no change here t to get to the seen scene of this rollover crash. they're stuck in traffic and you're yapped all the way to the scotts valley area. amazon offer a 2% discount on everything you buy, 7 on your side's michael fin nip says you have to sign up in advance and you've got do it right. so this pro kbram is called amazon prime reload. consumers set up a gift card account using a debit card and bank number and when the card is loaded amazon will add an extra 2%. if you put in $100 the card will be worth $102. michael says it's better than most credit card reward programs and there's a catch, only for prime members and you have to sign newspaper advance. mike sal posting for info on his facebook page if you want to take a look. >> that's so many steps. might be worth it, it's $2. what you are going to do with those two dollars. those two dollars. >> i'm not sure.
6:53 am
6:54 am
it's 6:50 four had the number one is a breaking news update a magnitude 3.2 earthquake hit just off the coast this morning, happened about 6:36 near the mouth of san francisco bye bay. there is no tsunami warning and no reports of damage, although some people report they did feel the shaking. number two divers have found some remains of missing sailors in a flooded compartment aboard
6:55 am
the uss mccain. ten sailors went missing after the ship collided with an oil tanker yesterday. number three alameda police investigating flyers with swastikas and anti-muslim rhetoric. residents say they found them posted around their neighborhood on sunday. the incident fol last week's vantlism at temp israel in alameda '. president trump says he plans to send more troops to afghanistan to defeat the taliban and isis. he's not saying how many. number five let's take a look at your 12-hour day planner mostly cloudy, clouds make a late arrival. 58 to 64 as you step out the door this morning. 64 at the coast, 76 around the bay, 86 inland for warmer afternoon. biggest issue on the roads northbound highway 17 due to a rollover crash around glenwood drive. highway 1 to las gatos 58 minutes. number seven do not throw away those glasses used to watch
6:56 am
the eclipse. astronomers without borders is collect being them to redistribute in asia and south america because that's where there will be a solar eclipse in 2019 and those class glasses only guaranteed for safety for three years so won't be use willful for us next time around. >> i was going to say my tine for the next one but miets as well donate them. >> i wonder why they go bad. isn't that odd. >> they just want us to buy another one. >> a scam. >> there's a whole industry surrounding this, i guess. have a great day, gma is coming up next.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, president trump unveils his new strategy for afghanistan. >> we are not nation building again. we are killing terrorists. >> he admits to an about-face keeping american troops in the fight but vowing this isn't a blank check. the reaction this morning as he heads to arizona for a campaign-style rally bracing for thousands of protesters. breaking overnight, high-speed train crash, a commuter nightmare. dozens injured outside philadelphia. >> we got people down all over. >> all riders on board injured. the investigation right now. breaking news for our viewers in the west. life-threatening flash floods hit the heartland sparking water rescues overnight. people pulled from the hoods of


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