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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 23, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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saying he was cold. >> a hearing scheduled today in a recall effort against aaron hersky may be postponed. a judge was just assigned to the case yesterday, and that judge needs time to get up to speed. persky argued the recall should be handled by the state and not the county. if the court sides with him, recall organizered would have to start all over again. those organizers say persky has a pattern of bias in cases involving sex crimes, including the case against former stanford swimmer brock turner. >> it's officially 4:30 in the morning. if you're just joining us, let's get a quick look at weather and traffic starting with mike nicco. >> good morning. let's open up the weather window on the exploratorium. the marine layer getting compressed. we could see some fog in some areas. kaptd see the top of the buildings from the camera at pier 15, as we look back towards downtown san francisco. 12-hour day planner, temperatures close to where we were at this time yesterday. 60 to 61, the bottom numbers and
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the coolest at the coast, the middle numbers, 72 at noon and 75 at 4:00 for the bay, and 78 to 85 for our inland neighborhoods. we'll be back to the 60s and 70s by 7:00. we'll look at your commute planner as far as weather goes. as far as traffic goes, here's alexis. >> i want to take you to westbound 80 in the el cerrito area. we have a roll-over crash and a secondary collision in the same area at the same location. westbound 80 at central avenue. we did have three lanes down. we're hearing the two right lanes opened up. we have a bit of a backup if you're coming from the 123 split, or the 580 merge, if you're coming from richmond. a bit of a backup in that area. we have not gotten word on injuries. quick check outside. the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 nice and light. that's how the majority of the area looks so far this morning.
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we'll check on drive times coming up next. >> thanks. >> this weekend, a couple right-wing demonstrations will be met with a huge show of force. police agencies in berkeley and san francisco are preparing their officers. >> for san francisco police, that means every officer on duty. amy hollyfield is live at crissy field. good morning. >> reporter: that is according to our media partners the san jose mercury news. they're reporting all days off have been cancelled for san francisco police. they will all be working here at crissy field. not all of the plans are set for the rally. the permit for crissy field's rally hasn't even been approved. the organizer says, though, he has no doubt that his permit will be issued. san francisco's mayor ed low, is hoping there will be a condition put on the permit that no weapons are allowed. >> number one is everybody's safety and preventing violence. in that, we have insisted, demanded there be no weapons
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allowed. guns concealed or otherwise, weapons that can be made out of signs and bats and sticks. >> the mayor's office is pushing a counterdemonstration in some social media posts, the mayor is asking people to come to civic center plaza on friday, telling people not to go to crissy field. if this permit is approved, the patriot prayer rally will be here at crissy field on saturday, starting at 2:00 and lasting until 5:00. >> all right, amy, thank you. in berkeley, city leaders are pleading with people to stay away from an anti-marxist rally. they cite the violence that broke out in two previous protests. the organizer says she supports president trump and opposes raci racism, hate, and violence. they're planning a protest against violence. >> here at the live desk this
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morning, i want to show you this new video we're just getting of the chaos during president trump's rally in phoenix, arizona. four people now face charges in connection to the violence outside the rally last night. police used tear gas to break up protesters who they say threw rocks and water bottles. police arrested a fifth person for an unrelated warrant. inside, president trump spoke to thousands of his supporters. and abc reporter janay norman has that part of the story. >> it was a speech some have called divisive and angry. president trump lashing out, attacking the media and members of his own party, and that tension spilling out onto the streets of phoenix. tensions were high in phoenix as supporters and protesters squared off outside. inside, a sea of red hats welcomed president trump. in front of a crowd of thousands, trump rehashed his response to the charlottesville violence, attacking the media for its coverage. >> then i said, racism is evil.
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did they report that i said that racism is evil? >> the president saying his words were perfect. omitting he said both sides were to blame. the comment that drew so much criticism and led the phoenix mayor to plead for the president to postpone the rally saying trump doused racial tensions with gasoline. ignoring that request, trump took aim at senate majority leader mitch mcconnell for failing to repeal and replace obamacare and threatened to shut down the government over his border wall. >> believe me, we have to close down our government, we're building that wall. >> the former director of national intelligence james clapper called the president's phoenix rally downright scary and disturbing and he questioned the president's motivation and trump's fitness to hold office. janay mormon. >> it's 4:35. happening today, help for victims of a deadly fire in san jose. a real estate company will announce it's donating a new
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mobile home to that displaced family. fire destroyed the home at the golden wheel mobile home park last week. three people died. a man and two children. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. advantage home says it will pay for the cleanup and installation of a new mobile home. >> hayward police want your help finding more potential victims of a man accused of sexual assault and kidnapping. he was arrested in june, but police are now just releasing details about the case. investigators say he pistol whipped and assaulted a woman who accepted a ride from him in early june. he's also a suspect in a similar case in hayward in 2015. he currently faced four counts of sexual assault and one count of kidnapping. >> wells fargo is warning the bogus account scandal could grow. the accounts open without the permission of customers is almost finished. tim sloan says the number of false accounts will probably go beyond the 2.1 million already uncovered. wells fargo has refunded about
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$5 million to affected customers. the bank fired 5300 employees connected to the scandal. >> happening today, a bill to allow bars to serve your drinks until 4:00 a.m. goes before the ass assembly appropriations committee. it's sponsored by scott wiener. he wants local communities to have more control over night life. liquor stores are not included in the longer hours proposal. the appropriations committee is the last step before the bill goes before a full assembly for vote. >> if you can't call, you can text 911 to report an emergency in antioch. they announced their new feature is up and warning. here's the warning, though, don't text the number 911. you have to text 274637, schi know you'll never remember, but it's on the front page of antioch police's website if you want to program that in your phone. it's the first agency in contra costa county to offer that
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service. let's stay in the inland neighborhoods of the east bay and talk about temperatures real quick. in the upper 50s in the san ramon valley. everybody else in the low to mid 60s. livermore also at 59. here's the way it looks from the roof camera. you can see the clouds just above the bay bridge and the flags on the ferry building pointing to the east. we have a small craft advisory that starts sooner. i'll show you that in about ten minutes. it's a breezy one north of the bay bridge. on the roads, spotty morning fog. some caution there. mass transit will be cool to hot if you're traveling from san francisco to our inland neighborhoods. a look at the south bay hourly planner. your lunchtime temperature, 87. we'll hang out in the 80s. 6:00, 75, and 8:00, a comfortable 68. in the north bay, average high is about 79. 8:00, we'll hit 60. we'll hang out in the upper 70s in the afternoon hours to 75 at
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6:00. if you're heading out this evening, you may need a blanket if you're watching the kids play sports. 67 by 8:00. here's a quick look at today's temperatures. a spread at 66 at half moon bay to 92 in antioch. still have that excessive heat coming in the seven-day forecast. details up next. what's going on, alexis? >> fwhaut too much right now. spati especially if you're doing the bay bridge commute. and 5:25 is about when the metering lights flip on and things start to back up from the east bay into san francisco. right now, that's looking great. drive times great too. a little surprise we're still in the green. tracy to dublin, 31 minutes for you. westbound 4, in the green at 13. and southbound 101, also in the green at 15 minutes. we do have an issue in the east bay. westbound 80 around the el cerrito area. we'll head back there coming up next. >> thanks. the wife of the east bay man killed in the barcelona terror attack is on a mission. the person she wants to find and
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say thank you. the show will not go on. the violence in virginia forced a north bay theater to yank a controversial production. and do you know your license plate number? plate number? do you have it
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this morning, the wife of an east bay man killed in barcelona is searching for the last person
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who saw her husband alive. heidi nunez tucker says she saw a picture of a man trying to help her husband on social media. she lost track of the post but remembered the man was dressed like a waiter. she thinks that the man works at a restaurant along las ramblas. she wants to thank him. >> an amber alert in southern california ended in a dudley officer-involved shooting. officers shot a man accused of killing his wife and kidnapping his son. agents found the 49-year-old and his 9-year-old son daniel at an apartment in l.a. they rescued the child unharmed. authorities didn't say much about the shooting or how they saved the boy. they did find a handgun at the scene. >> this morning, the commander of the u.s. navy's seventh fleet has been relieved of duty. officials say they lost confidence in his leadership. under his watch, uss mccain
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collided with a tanker on sunday. this is the fourth crash involving a navy ship this year and the second deadly one. seven sailors died in june. scenes of violence and hate unfolding across the country have forced a north bay theater company to cancel their upcoming play. it would have featured actors portraying members of the kkk. here's cornell bernard. >> it hurt deeply to do it. >> reporter: a few props are all that's left for this play, the foreigner, a 1980s comedy faers which involves some controversial characters. >> the foreigner involved the appearance of the ku klux klan. >> sherry lee miller, the artistic director, says the play was cast and set to open next month. but after seeing clashes between white nationalist protesters and counter demonstrators in charlottesville, she's canceling the show.
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>> everything, you know, broke loose in our country. and so i -- i became very concerned about doing this play. >> response to miller's decision has been mostly positive on the theater comp's facebook page. >> i wasn't pressured at all by the city. >> we found others who agree, bring down the curtain. >> with everything going on, it might not be the right play right now. >> it is a tense time. and things, people should be doing the most to promote unity. >> but this man says the foreigner couldn't be more timely. his theater company in cloverdale just produced the play two weeks ago. here's a few pictures. some performances sold out. >> sure, it's going to upset some people, but at the same time, it is showing you what racism is. you know, you can't get away from it. >> ticket sales for the canceled production will be refunded.
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>> it's 4:45. you may soon be forced to memorize your license plate to. starting this week, the pier street garage in the marina district requires you to enter your plate to get a spot. you also have to pay for an hour minimum. the goal is to make more long-term parking available in city-owned garages and move short-term parkers onto the street. no surprise, some people are finding all of this pretty frustrating. >> i have to leave in progress, but that's not progress. >> what is it? >> a nightmare. >> well, she's passionate about that subject, yes, ma'am, she is. transportation officials will monitor the new program. if it works, it could come to new garages soon. i have a feeling we'll see her at some city council meetings. >> i do like her passion. >> all right, meteorologist mike nicco, passionate about the weather. >> try to be. definitely. hi, everybody. yeah, if you're passionate about
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getting into sfo on time this morning, may not be something you want to spend a lot of energy on because it's cloudy and about 59 degrees. i think we'll have some flight arrival delays. follow me. i'll let you know. sunny this afternoon. seasonal highs. that's your first accuweather highlight. mostly cloudy a little more fog tonight, and a building heat wave for our inland neighborhoods. a touch of heat today, as concord hits 90 along with pittsburgh, pleasanton, walnut creek. san ramon at 89. that's close enough. santa rosa, 85. san rafael, 80. vallejo, 77. napa, 82. in the south bay, we'll have just an average day. sunshine, 82 at san jose. milpitas, 77. sunnyvale, 78. on the peninsula, san mateo, 76. mild there, but cool on the ocean side. half moon bay. pacifica, 64. palo alto and redwood city, 78 and 79. and oakland, 73 today.
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preez breezy and cooler north. fremont at 78. union city and castro valley, 77. downtown san francisco, 68. south san francisco, about 70. the sunset, 64. you can see balboa park and daly city, about 64. the sunset was 65. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. steady tomorrow. a little warmer friday. you'll start to notice the heat when you spend time over the weekend and into next week. upper 70s to low 80s around the bay, and even some near 70 degree temperatures sunday at the coast. this morning, watching z fog. >> we have a dense fog advisory for golden gate bridge as well. that's probably our foggiest spot right now. all the usual areas you could deal with visibility issues. and right now, only one issue on the roads. i got some good news in for westbound 80. we had a roll over collision at central avenue and then a secondary crash right in the same location. at one point, we had three lanes down. then we were down to two, and we
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just got the all clear from chp. so it doesn't sound like we had any serious injuries with that. they were able to get all of the vehicles cleared just a couple moments ago. pretty tough backup at the moment. crawling at just about 3 miles per hour. however, i think next time we check this in about ten minutes, the speeds will really pick up and that should clear out very, very quickly we'll take a look at mass transit in a few minutes. >> thank you. some powerful california democrats are urging justin bieber's manager to run for governor. the democratic fund-raisers have approached scooter brawn about the possibility. the report says braun has immersed himself in the democratic political system over the last year. he held a fund-raiser for hillary clinton, for example. there's no indication if he's considering a run. >> the state department has a warning for anyone heading to mexico. the two regions it says tourists should think twice about visiting. >> a fire department in the bay area is battling a major fire in
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yosemite. now this morning's tech bites. in today's tech bites, the first look at the sum sng galaxy note 8. >> the flagship phone will be unveiled today, bigger than this, the s8, with improvements to its voice assistance, camera, and stylus. >> predecessor was recalled due to batteries that caught fire. >> verizon is rolling out unlimited plans. one starts at $75. it limits video quality and can slow your connection. >> the beyond unlimited plan is $85, offering high-def video, but it can slow your streaming once you hit 22 gig as a limit. and walmart is expanding its grocery delivery service with uber. it's now available in dallas and orlando. customers can shop online and pay an extra $9.95 for an uber delivery. delivery. >> getting
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for the first time, firefighters in yosemite are using drones to get a better view of the fire. the drone team began launching a drone this weekend at the site of the south fork fire. the drones are equipped with thermal imagery that allows them to contain it status of containment lines and locations of spot fires or other potential threats. the south fork fire has been burning for three days. it's now 22% contained.
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caltranicize in the process of rebuilding the viper canyon bridge that was badly damaged in winter storms. this newly released time lapse video shows the installation of steel girders. the girders were built in vallejo. the old concrete bridge was fractured by a landslide in february and had to be demolished. caltrans has been working on the replacement bridge for the last several months. the goal is to open next month. >> it will probably never happen. however, a former cia operative has started a go fund me page to buy a controlling interest in twitter. the purpose here, to delete president trump's account. valerie plame wilson is best known as being exposed as an agent in the bush administration. she tweeted, if twitter won't shut down what she called the president's violence and hate, it's up to others to do so. her goal is to raise $1 billion. so far, she's raised $4500. twitter, by the way, is worth about $12 billion. >> a new warning out for american tourists planning to travel to certain parts of
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mexico. they're tilling travelers to avoid two states to avoid drug violence. state officials say turf wars between gangs have led to a surge in violence in those tourist zones with innocent people injured or killed. >> amazon is opening up a new distribution facility in stockton. timeline on when the facility will open. amazon has centered in tracy, patterson, and sacramento. going to be breezy for some of us today. the breezies are going to start earlier. let's take a look at what's going on as far as the yellow areas, the small craft advisory. 10:00 this morning to 10:00 p.m. this evening. that's over the bay and delta. over the coast, it starts at 9:00 tonight and goes through 9:00 tomorrow night with a northwest wind at 21 to 33 knots. day game today. brewers and giants. 12:45 first pitch. sunshine, breezy, 63. we'll warm to about 67 degrees.
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tonight, you can see it's going to be mostly cloudy except for in the south bay and inland east bay. temperatures range from 54 in santa rosa to san jose and palo alto and antioch in the 60s. >> speaking of the day game, if you're riding the golden gate ferry from larkspur, there's your heads up. the 11:10 and 11:40 trips will be packed. make sure you get there early. same for the 5:and 5:30 return trips after the game, and parking will be extremely limited as you probably already know. really, our biggest issue on the roads was westbound 80 at central avenue. a rollover crash has cleared. as predicted, this is starting to unwind. last time, we were down to 3 miles per hour. now we're up to 18. give it about ten more minutes. we'll check on drive times at 5:00. >> thank you. happening today, walmart and google will announce a new partnership for voice activated shopping. starting late sment, walmart customers can order thousands of items through google assistant. google is trying to expand the
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use of their home speaker. teaming up with walmart allows both companies to compete with amazon and its echo device. >> next, the new audit that has the uc school system in the hot speet. >> plus, details on b.a.r.t.'s possible permanent closure at one san francisco station. >> we're just getting word that the president's son-in-law getting snubbed in egypt. i'm gathering the story at the live desk and i'll have that for you in a few minutes. >> apple and self-driving cars. the new
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good morning on this wednesday, august 23rd. thanks for being here. >> we appreciate it.
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whole team here and ready to go. we kick it off with mike nicco. >> hi, everybody. the marine layer is a lot thinner. at least not as tall as it was yesterday. that means the clouds are closer to the ground. you can see they're having a hard time getting over the east bay hills. mostly cloudy everywhere except for there. and up in the nappy valley, you can see the clouds hovering over downtown san francisco from our camera at pier 15. temperatures about the same this morning, 57 to 62. our top line is the inland neighborhoods, 78 at noon to 85 at 4:00, to about 75, comfortable at 7:00. 72 to 75, that's noon to 4:00 around the bay. and at the coast, we'll be around 60 to 61 degrees. let's get a check of the morning commute. here's alexis. >> we're doing okay, especially if you're traveling through the bay bridge toll plaza. no major issues yet. starting to fill in in the cash lanes on the right-hand side. we have a little ways to go here before we have those metering lights flipped on. drive


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