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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 24, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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fences. san francisco police made the rounds in preparation for the patriot prayer gathering. small business owners don't want to risk being here on saturday. he's closing his store in the marina. >> this permit shouldn't have been given. nobody even considered us. we're small business. i'm the owner. i'm the worker. >> reporter: the permit was granted yesterday despite the city's request to have it denied. the association is conducting an emergency meeting tomorrow night at the palace of fine arts theater. san francisco's chief of police will address residents and business owners. >> we thought it was very important to get together community officials in one spot so the community could really get know the true facts. >> reporter: the golden gate bridge highway and transportation district will
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close the gift shop in order to support primary safety. this boot camp instructor decided to stay away from the area once his clients started cancelling his class. >> i can see why people are doing it. >> reporter: muni will not service stops in the presidio or marina neighborhood. all the routes affected are on our website, abc 7 news. >> thank you. employees of the san francisco public defender's office say that will be at saturday's protest as legal observers. they will be there to document and record any incidents.
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berkeley is also getting ready for sunday's anti-marxist free speech rally. the postal service plans to remove mailboxes from the front of berkeley's main post office and several other downtowney ha protesters to stay away. leading civil rights group offered some tips via skype peacefully. >> if you're at the same location you should stay with a long strong voice that you stand against white supremacy but don't engage them directly. there's no point in it. >> berkeley police and city leaders want to avoid scenes like this when protests turn violent earlier this year. download the abc 7 news app to get breaking details on the protests this week. who knows what will happen out there. enable push alerts to get the latest news as it happens. now to breaking news. sky 7 was over the bay fair
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station where a bart train hit someone who was on the tracks. there are major delays as trains are being turned around or single tracking through the area and not stopping at bay fair. there's bus service for those bart passengers. outrage prompted administrators to prevent a professor accused of sexual harassment from teaching courses. >> they were upset that he was able to teach again. it appears their voices were heard. his attorney told us he is being stripped. he believes this is in retailuation for an investigation that he participated in. it's the second day of school here at san jose state university and already controversy over a professor who was scheduled to teach two
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courses this fall. >> i've had experience with sexual harassment before and it's bad situation to be in. i didn't want to put myself in situation where a professor who had those accusations brought against him was found guilty p ad muj straiters were going to allow him to return to teach but late wednesday night a decision was made to not allow that. >> our students were very clear that it is important for them to have the very best learning environment they can have here at san jose state. that's what we would like to plo vied. we needed to think through next steps. >> reporter: while students are leaved he won't be teaching, it leaves them in a difficult situation. a replacement professor was found for one of his courses but the other won't be offered until next spring. >> some of them this may jeopardize their graduation because they needed the course.
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the review will look at range of items including course offering and student faculty dynamics. >> as a professor and as a parent i'm disturbed by the way all of this has happened and what's happening now. it's just one cover up and deflection after another from the university. >> reporter: students are left in a lurch and on monday students are planning to do a sit in protest that afternoon. they want the university to know they are not happy with how things were handled. strans state university is suing the school. they accused the university president of retaliation. the college has struggled with ongoing budget deficits. last year students protested because they thought sfsu was
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holding back funds. the suit wrongly blamed for the protest and overspend and threatened to fire him. the dean claim he lost out on job tuptopportunities because o. local election officials reje rejected the vote by mail ballots because of doubt about the signatures. the aclu claim election official s have no expertise when it comes to analyzing handwriting. an early morning fire left a home in pleasantville heavily damaged. the fire had taken half of the home when they arrived. nobody was inside. no firefighters were hurt. neighbors say the home had been vacant for more than a year and a remodelling project may have been under way. fire investigators say there's
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no evidence at this point that would suggest the fire may be suspicio suspicious. an austrian tourist is recovering after being struck. this is video of the area. the man sustained major burns throughout his body and just look. this is a picture of his shoe. let's start with live doppler 7 showing mostly sunny skies except little patches of low fog near the coastline. it's pretty breezy now. we have gusts to fairfield. breezy in most other locations as well. lots of blue sky over the bay. it is 62 degrees here at san francisco. 64 across the bay. mid to low 70s. 87 right now this gilroy. 62 at half-moon bay.
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nice view from mt. tam looking at mostly blue skies. here is your evening forecast. a few lingering low clouds. it will be clear. after sunset temperatures in the low 70s inland. temperatures will remain in the upper 60s till about 10:00 p.m. or so with a bit of an increase in the coastal clouds. they will go away tomorrow as we have a big warm upcoming our way starting this weekend. i'll show you more of that later. the world surf league is taking over mavericks. the wsl announced today it's waiting final approval by a judge to approve. mavericks was last held in february of 2016. run by cartel management.
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it was cancelled for 2016 when cartel declared bankruptcy. a new report shows fatalities rose 12% in 2015. researchers say 81818181 deaths were reported that year. road improvement can help save lives. city and states need to refine crash reports to improve the accuracy of the data collected. an 18-year-old man was arrested at the u.s.-mexico border after protection officers say he tried to smuggle tiger cub into california. officials say this cub was found on the floor of the front passenger side of the car wednesday morning. the cub was given to u.s. fish
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and wildlife services. the driver is from riverside county. he faces up to 20 years in federal prison if convicted. coming up, the recovery that's still under way and the lessons learned from it. executions in california could soon pick up speed. today's court ruling and what it means for people on death row. the teen who crashed her car while live streaming on social media is defending herself. tell you what she's saying today. i just couldn't believe it. >> what these new parents say they see in this ultrasound. right now we see traffic and lots of it. this is a live look at the sky way in downtown san francisco. oncoming traffic trying to get
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to the lower deck of the bay bridge. basically you've got gridlock in both directions. back with more on abc 7 news
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california has 750 inmates on death row. more than any other state in fact, the last execution was all
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the way back in 2006. prop 66 was supposed to change that. >> reporter: voters passed prop 66 with 51% of the vote in november. at the heart of it was reducing the appeals process from decades long waits to just five years. >> the proponents of the proposition conceded to everybody surprise, certainly my surprise. that the five year limitation was wildly impractical and probably unenforceable. they recharacterized that five-year limit not as a mandatory deadline but as an aspiration. >> reporter: that's what helped prop 66 pass mustard with the california supreme court by a vote of 5 to 2. it doesn't around a log jam in finding qualified attorneys to represent death penalty cases. the average wait for an attorney is 16 years. increasing speed could
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compromise quality and fairness. some expect prop 66 to make the system more cumbersome except for a few. >> there are 18 or 19 people on death row whose appeals are over and those cases are ripe for execution. we might be seeing in a year, might be setting execution dates. this does make a difference. >> reporter: the legal experts i spoke to at both stanford and uc hastings say they don't think prop 66 in its current form with speed up the processing of execution cases on death row this california. they think it would end up sending more cases to federal courts. in san francisco, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. the central valley teen who crashed her car while live streaming on instagram is def d defending herself. >> we have the jailhouse
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interview. a lot of people want to hear this. >> reporter: that's right. 18-year-old abdulla sanchez remains in jail after she instagram live a deadly crash. he was driving with her sister and a friend in the backseat. the passengers were not wearing seat belts. we want to warn you the video is extremely disturbing. >> hey, everybody. if i go to jail for life. you already know why. >> i didn't know i look like a monster. i look like a freaking, horrible monster. that was not my intention at all. >> reporter: in this first ever jailhouse interview sanchez defends herself against criticism that she continued to live stream after the crash. she insists she tended to her sister who had been thrown from
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the car and her instagram use did not cause the accident. >> i knew she was dead. i took her pulse and he has no pulse. everybody does it. everybody does it. why not? people take videos of them in the car all the time. >> it's dangerous. >> i'm only 18. >> reporter: her sister was 14. the chp says sanchez was drunk at the time but her defense team says the crash was caused by a tire blow out, not the instagraming or the alcohol. >> thank you. happening tonight, there will be a community led town hall meeting to discuss google's plan megacampus. it's a coalition of south bay labor and housing organizations. they want the city to use local workers and companies to build the complex and hire local people to work in it when it's complete. >> google's six to eight million square feet of campus will be
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built near the station. speaking of google, they are taemg teaming up with a mental illness group. starting now, anybody whob searches clinical depression on a mobile device will be offered a clinically validated questionnaire. the test asks about such items as energy, appetite, concentration levels. the national alliance of mental illness says one in five americans deal with clinical depression at least once in their lives. the north base smart train is back on track as abc 7 news first reported. full passenger service will begin tomorrow. it all kicks off with a grand opening celebration at 9:00 tomorrow morning at the santa rosa downtown smart station. service will be free all day friday. smart will run 34 weekday trips. i want you to look closely at the video we're going to
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show. a pennsylvania couple say they noticed something other than their unborn daughter in a sonogram. look on the left. they say that looks like jesus looking at their daughter. the couple says the image put them at ease especially after alecia experienced complications with her first two children. >> i blinked a lot to make sure i was seeing it. >> i kind of brought tears to my eyes. i couldn't believe it. >> baby briallea was born yesterday happy and healthy. i'm not sure i see jesus there. i see spencer christian here though. that i know. i'm about to give you a weekend i think everyone will celebrate. it's going to be really hot after this weekend. here is a look at live doppler 7. we have just a bit of low cloudiness near the coastline. mainly sunny skies across the bay area. it's a beautiful late afternoon in virtually all locations except perhaps here at the
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golden gate where we have some low clouds dissending. these are our forecast features. it will be sunny and warmer in most locations. major warm up begins on sunday and continues through tuesday. we'll see high temperatures near 70 degrees on the coast and triple digits in the warmest inland locations. overnight we'll see patches of low clouds and fog over the bay. they won't be widespread. low temperatures will be mid to upper 50s. a pretty narrow range of temperatures. here is a range. we might see a patch or two of spotty drizzle. notice how the low clouds and fog will go away. during the overnight hours it's a time period when they expand the clouds and fog. by noon tomorrow we'll see sunny skies from coast to inland as this warming sort of begins tomorrow in low gear and cranks up the high gear over the weekend. in the south bay look for highs around 80 at santa clara. 88 down in morgan hill. we'll see mainly upper 70s.
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78 at redwood city and mountain view on the coast. we'll see highs to the mid-60s. a high of 68 tomorrow. 65 in the sunset district. up in the north bay we'll see 81. 82 at sonoma. east bay high tomorrow mainly low to mid-70s. about 72 at berkeley. 75 newark and union city. in the east bay will be our warmest region with highs near 90 degrees this most spots. i told you we're going to have a big warm up. about 91 tomorrow. the average high is 87. it will be above average. well above on saturday and sunday. down do mere mid-90s on monday
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and tuesday. back up to 98. almost 100 again next thursday. that's pretty much the pattern that most of our inland locations will see. all locations won't be at 100 but the hottest ones will. here is the seven-day forecast. look for temperatures in the warmest inland spots right around or above 100 degrees on saturday, sunday and monday. maybe even tuesday. we're looking at upper 90s on tuesday. mid to upper 80s around the bay. temperatures will gradually moderate around the middle of next week. you could call this a heat wave. a mini heat wave. >> you guys bumped it up. wasn't it 92, 94. it all suggested highs in the low to mid-90s. it looked like high pressure is building in. the air will be compressed. >> thanks. it's the battle of the scouts. what the girl scouts are accusing the boy scouts of doing. what is old is new again.
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selling books in a store. >> what? >> we're going to take you to amazon's grand opening today. >> go to a store. i don't know if they're going to a store or going home, but they're not going anywhere fast. this is 101 in san jose. southbound is backed up. northbound is moving nicely. 880 over the top is moving smoothly as well. the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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a nationwide search lasted more than a year. karen has been hired as glide's new president. glide said this is a new position created as part of its plan to create the co-founders who are moving the part-time roles. she served in the obama add mvr administration and has 20 years of experience advancing human rights. the idea of girls joining the boy scouts isn't sitting
4:26 pm
well with one organization, the girl scouts of america. writing it's unsettling that bsa would seek to up end a paradigm that's served both boys and girls so well through theyears. >> girls just sometimes want to be like only girls instead of together. >> i think it's fine. you should probably change the name. >> boy scout officials say they are been exploring the benefits of opening their organization to girls. the president wants them to back off writing it should focus on serving the 90% of boys not currently participating in boy scouts. next friday will be a big day for star wars fans. disney announced that september 1st will be force friday two. it will be the first chance for fans around the world to take
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home new products inspired by star wars, the last jedi. you can use the app. i didn't know they had an app. i guess everybody does now. star wars the last jedi hits theaters december 15th. hurricane harvey is closing in on making landfall. >> want to make sure we have stuff in the cupboards and fridge. >> stockpiling is under way as people repair for the worse. the monuments now off the chopping block but there could still be
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here are the stories making headlines. reparations are under way for saturday's patriot prayer. fences are being put out and some local businesses say they will be closed. other nearby events are cancelled. in berkeley the city denied a permit for an anti-marxist rally. it's expected that hundreds of people will be there any way. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony will have the latest at 5:00. bexar county, texasexasexasx an evacuation because of harvey.
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we'll have more later this hour. the clock is tick on a government shutdown as president trump says his border wall is non-negotiableable a and he's attacking leaders. >> reporter: republican lawmakers are struggling to keep up after president trump threatened to shut down the government and pull the u.s. out of nafta. >> i think we'll end up probably terminating nafta at some point. believe me, we have to close down our government. we're building that wall. >> he campaigned on the wall. he won on talking about building wall. >> reporter: all of this comes as a new poll shows that twice as many americans believe president trump is a divider, not a uniter. >> that depose straight to donald trump's vulnerability which was he was a businessman. he's going to make government work. he's going to bring people together. he's going to do all the things and make it like a business. if we go in a situation and the government is shut down because of threats from the president, it even makes it harder to move
4:32 pm
forward. >> reporter: paul ryan expressed concern about shutting down the government and one employee asked the republican congressman if he could influence the president. >> it's day by day deal. i'm kind of joking. >> reporter: the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who is facing his own public problems with the president tried to done down mr. trump's nafta rhetoric. >> we have a trade surplus. they are buying more of our stuff than we are ours. the assumption that every free trade agreement is a loser for america is largely untrue. >> reporter: the president has tried to blame democrats for this possible government shutdown but nancy pelosi says that with republicans controlling the white house and both chambers of congress, the only reason there would be a government shutdown is if republicans can't agree on plan.
4:33 pm
interior secretary says he's recommendsing that none of the 27 national monuments under review by the trump administration be eliminated. he's not saying which ones. the five monuments in california on the list include various know mountains. protect, defend our public land. >> here in the bay area a crowd of protesters converged in the department of the interio's office in san francisco. a demonstration was organized by the sierra club. leaders say they are concerned reversing protections for national monuments could be the beginning leading to mining and development on public lands and oil drilling off the california coast. the u.s. navy has shifted
4:34 pm
its focus in the search for nine sailors who are still missing from the damaged u.s. destroyer. the seventh fleet has now switched to a recovery operation as an acknowledge it doesn't expect to find any of the sailors alive. they were below deck when the uss john mccain collided with an oil tanker on monday near singapore. one body has been recovered. the sailor from new jersey. five sailors were injured. one person was killed in a hostage situation at a restaurant in charleston, south carolina. the suspect was shot by police and is critical condition. the owner of the restaurant said the gunman was a dishwasher who had been fired. he shot and killed a chef. the gunman locked the door of the restaurant and said i'm the new king of charleston. several nearby shops and businesses were evacuated or put on lock down.
4:35 pm
a judge denied bond cantwell. he's accused of four felonies. he claims self-defense. he received national attention for his brash and defiant comments during a vice news respect on the charlottesville march. now to bizarre video out of louisiana. check out this woman accused of stealing 18 bottles of liquor from a store all at once. she was caught on camera stashing the battles where ever she could. she paid for one bottle. >> that is -- >> bizarre. >> i don't know how else to put it. a big storm is moving toward the gulf coast. mandatory evacuations are already under way.
4:36 pm
this isn't true. this can't be. now it's like, i am the winner. >> we all wanted to be here. >> yes. >> meet the woman who defied the odds and is now $758 million richer today. i'm spencer christian. the bay area is about to get richer in warmth. i'll have the forecast in just a moment. taking a live look at traffic. the maze is quite a mess as you see th your 80 eastbound trafb fic is the left hapds sind side. that's your traffic kind of peeling around towards san francisco. it's not looking good either way. stay w
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♪ "right this minute" is tv's number one daily viral video show. "right this minute."
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this is hurricane harvey and head ed straight to texas. already mandatory evacuations are under way. >> reporter: that ominous view from space is hurricane harvey churns in the gulf of mexico. gaining strength as it moves towards the coast expected to make landfall near corpus christi early saturday as a dangerous category 3 with winds up to 115 miles an hour. from texas to louisiana and mississippi people loading up and laying out sand bags.
4:40 pm
>> i think i'm going to have to get everything off the floor. >> reporter: preparing for more than 30 inches of rain in some places and a storm surge up to 12 feet. >> we need people to be aware. >> reporter: the awareness leading to long lines at gas stations. >> absolute insanity over this hurricane. >> reporter: and empty store shelves. those in the lone star state planning to stay put stocking up on the essentials. >> water and food and batteries. >> we're going to encourage the residents in the low lying areas as they say, get out of dodge. >> reporter: the governor of texas has preemptively issued a disaster declaration in 30 counties. louisiana's governor has done the same for the entire state. here is a radar image of hurricane harvey. a category 1 hurricane at the
4:41 pm
moment but expected to intensify to a category 3 before it makes landfall early saturday. on the texas gulf coast somewhere west and south of houston. at that point it will be packing 100 miles an hour winds or higher. it's not just the wind that's a big concern. it's the rain that's accompanying the storm. it's expected to dump 12 to 20 inches of rain over a wide expanse along the gulf coast. maybe up to 30 inches of rain. it could produce massive and widespread flooding. back to calm conditions in the bay area. we have sunny skies across the region. overnight we'll see some little patches of coastal fog and low clouds but not very widespread. maybe a couple of patches out over the bay. tomorrow's high will range from mid-60s at the coast to low 90s in the warmest inland area. we have warm upstarting on saturday. look for high temperatures inland, saturday, sunday and monday to be right around or just above 100 degrees. we'll see upper 80s along the
4:42 pm
coast. on tuesday there will be very little change. we won't have significant cooling until the middle of next week. the heat will crank up maybe even cramp up. >> thanks. she called it a pipe dream and now she's a multi-millionaire. hear from the lucky winner of that massive powerball jackpot. hurricane harvey gain strength,
4:43 pm
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a ma hah wom----------- woman is $758 million richer. >> she's already quit her job. she's ready to relax. >> i have that. i have that. he goes let me see that ticket. he goes, you just won. i go you're joking. come on, please. he said sign that ticket now. >> reporter: the one ticket holding the key to that
4:46 pm
powerball jumbo jackpot sold in massachusetts. that much confirmed overnight but just where that winning ticket was purchased had lottery officials scrambling this morning. first announcing it was here at the store in watertown near boston. then later admitting they made a mistake and the single ticket matching all the winning numbers was sold in chickapee. >> it was a simple area. ve the largest jackpot prize in the history of the commonwealth. >> reporter: the watertown store sold a ticket worth a million dollars and the $758 million was sold here. >> we're vised as everybody else. >> reporter: the store owners will not get paid $50,000 for selling the jackpot.jackpot.jac. >> we just all happened to be the lucky people involved. that's all.
4:47 pm
we're grad to be able to pass it on. >> reporter: and if you didn't win the jackpot there's still a chance you could be a new millionaire. 60s tickets won $2 million. 34 others won a million. be sure to check your ticket. i did and, yes, i will be back at work tomorrow. abc news, new york. >> join the club. lucky customer at this bay area lucky store cashed in on the lottery. officials say the powerball ticket purchased was one twof t to match five out of six numbers. the value of tickets more than $800,000 each and word spread quickly. >> everybody wants to know if they got the ticket. we got a group here that we all pitch in and try to win too. >> according tlot ri officials the other winning ticket was purchased at a chevron gas station. a watchdog group filed a complaint against false
4:48 pm
advertising against gwneth paltrow site. >> accusations are coming from truth and advertising or t the group cited 50 claims that products can prevent, alleviate everything from infertility to depression to cancer. it pledged to continue to evaluate its products and contents to make improvements that are reasonable and necessary. whether you're decades away from retirement or years away. this may give you pause. the discount brokerage firm fidelity estimates the average couple will need $275,000 in retirement just to cover health care costs. that's up 6% from last year. fidelity suggests investing in
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health care savings where your investments can grow tax free as long as they are used for health care expenses. health care will be your biggest expense in retirement. with hurricane harvey bearing down on the texas coast, airlines are stepping up to assist travelers. most airlines are allowing rebooking and changes without fees or additional costs. there's a lot of fine print here. check with your airline before making a move. the storm is expected or i should say the hurricane is expected to make landfall tomorrow night or saturday morning. because of that most airlines are restricting the date changes from now. some of them tomorrow through sunday. passengers should check with their specific airlines for details as the policies vary from airline to airline. i want to hear from you. my 7 on your side hotline is open monday to friday.
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all right. a weekend just forfood and art lovers. >> reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings has ideas for your weekend. >> so many restaurants, so little time, so hard to get a reservation. our partners are showing us the perfect solution. it's the food and drink. all the things under one roof. it's your foodie fantasy. 30 restaurants at each tasting. you are let loose to graze on all of it. this is the 9th year. it happens friday, saturday and sunday. this is one that you'll want to get your tickets for in advance because it does sell out. this next event has food in title but it's more of an art show. it's called pancakes and booze.
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it's in soma, friday night. it's going to be a beautiful weekend. don't forget to go outside, maybe to treasure island. they do a big flea market with food trucks and bars. they're doing a whole dog theme this weekend. bring your pooch. this is the last weekend in august. make it count. how about a little sushi with your la latte. the company describes it as a classic california chicken burrito with a twist. it's filled with slow cooked shredded sh eded chicken, salsad cabbage with onion, avocado and crispy onion. the magic will soon be available year round at six flags magic mountain.
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the theme park in northern los angeles county will operate 365 days a year. the change will allow the park to better target tourists visiting from outside the region as well as outside the country. the park operates 250 days a year in the summer months during school holiday breaks and on select weekends. amazon goes old school in san jose. >> it's really neat having real physical books back. >> the new bookstore that opened today and another one is on the way. dan is here with what's ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> new at 5:00, standing up to hate. how one community is turning pink and purple into colors of defiance. the collapse of a fish farm. one expert says the domesticated salmon are like dairy cows lost in the desert.
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here is tonight's primetime lineup. at 8:00, it's boy band followed by battle of the network stars and the gong show and stay with us for abc news at 11:00. amazon opened its first brick and mortar bookstore in the bay area and just the second in california. >> a lot of people are excited. some wonder what the impact will be on local, independent book sellers. chris nguyen has story. >> reporter: at one of the bay areas most popular shopping destinations, some are calling it a throwback to better days. >> i still like to open up paper and leaf through it. i like the smell of it, the feel of it. >> reporter: amazon books set up shop at santano row. the giant retailer trying to integrate it into a brick and mortar locations. the selection of books based on ratings and reviews. it's not just about the books.
4:57 pm
customers can learn about the devices that amazon offers. >> we have a lot of information about what customers read and we wanted to bring that into a physical environment. >> reporter: san jose state business professor says amazon has a logistic system that nobody else in the world can match. >> they can leverage that by delivering exactly what's right in a store if they handle it right. it's early. we don't know if they will succeed or not. >> reporter: a number of local book sellers say they aren't too worried about the added competition. >> my customer is going into a bookstore to be challenged, to encounter something that's new. amazon customer mostly is going to be looking for what they know they're going to want, what their book club is going to read. >> reporter: the customers here agree. >> my mhusband comes to this bookstore with our daughter to pick out books. this is our bookstore. >> reporter: some say it's nice to have another choice. >> i like it. it's great.
4:58 pm
it's really neat having real, physical books back. >> reporter: amazon books will open its next bay area location at broadway plaza in walnut creek by the end of the year. i'm chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> purchases made online at cannot be returned at the amazon bookstore in san jose. amazon says it will start slashing price. yesterday the u.s. government said it will not try to stop amazon's nearly $14 billion merger with whole foods. amazon said it would start lowering prices starting monday. amazon prime member will see bigger savings in store and online. >> you can get the latest news any time with abc 7 news app. enable the push alerts to know about breaking news where you live.
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you have to fight. fight from where you stand. >> a call to fight ahead of this weekend's protest this berkeley. the city just made a decision about the permit as one community leader calls the mayor a coward. signs of support roll out. five words that are uniting berkeley and other cities across the bay bp. >> a san jose state professor is sanctioned for sexually harassing your student. student uproar leads to change. i didn't want to put myself in that room. good evening. >> we're following developing news out of berkeley. late today the city denied a permit for sunday's controversial anti-marxist rally.
5:00 pm
>> that's not expected to stop hundreds of people from coming to that city. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live in berkeley to explain why. >> reporter: the mayor said this group did not apply for a permit for sunday's rally. we learned this afternoon the group did apply last friday. we obtained a letter from the city denying that permit for several reasons including lack of proper security precautions. >> we don't have an option to not fight back. >> reporter: they are a coalition of groups rejecting the plea from the mayor of berkeley to stay away from sunday's anti-marxist rally. >> fight from where you stand. you choose to method. >> we're not here to cause violence. >> reporter: amber cummings claims it's not about racism or white supremacy but these community activists aren't


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