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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 24, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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murder of his pregnant wife lacy. >> the last time california executed an inmate was in 2006. some in the legal community doubt today's ruling the affect death row. >> leslie brinkley is live now to explain exactly why. leslie? >> reporter: the california supreme court today, dan, overruled a constitutional challenge to prop 66, the death penalty initiative passed by voters last november that was supposed to speed up the death penalty process. california's 750 inmates on death row wait an average of 16 years for a qualified attorney to take their appeals case. it can then take decades for the case to pass through the appeals process. prop 66 was pitched to voters as a fix for that. at the heart of it? a mandatory five-year limit for the supreme court to complete appeals. >> the proponents of the
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proposition, the defenders of the proposition conceded to everybody's surprise, certainly to my surprise, that the five-year limitation was wildly impractical and probably unenforceable. they recharacterized that five-year limit not as a mandatory deadline, but as an aspiration. >> reporter: speeding up the process was no longer mandatory, the constitutionality of prop 66 was upheld by the california supreme court by a vote of 5-2. but it doesn't address the logjam in finding qualified attorneys to represent death penalty cases. essentially what we're getting is a process more vulnerable to mistakes, because attorneys that are not experts on doing this kind of litigation that is very specialized are going to have to start doing it. >> reporter: this criminal justice expert said more cases could end up in federal court and the approximately 18 inmates now on death row who have exhausted all of their appeals could face execution in another year to year and a half.
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as for the rest? >> prop 66 on its major provision at least was an expression of sentiment and has almost no legal effect whatsoever. >> reporter: in san francisco, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. the sole plaintiff in that lawsuit once fought to have the death penalty reinstated in the 1970s, ron briggs is now a death penalty abolitionist and strongly opposed to seeing put people to death. >> this certainly leads the way, it opens the door, in my opinion, it opens the door to the path of executing an innocent person. >> briggs plans to continue his fight putting initiatives on the ballot until the death penalty is overturned. california voters defeated a proposition to end the death penalty. 52% to 48%. b.a.r.t. is recovering from delays after a person was hit and killed on the tracks in san leandro. it happened about 2:45 this afternoon. the station was closed for more
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than an hour but has since reopened. police are investigating exactly how that person got onto the tracks. now, to the latest developments in preparation for the weekend. several events are planned in san francisco and berkeley that will likely draw extremists on both sides of the political spectrum. >> fences were delivered, rallies are planned to happen here saturday and the preparations are well under way. >> let's begin the live team coverage and all the tension this rally is creating. leeann? >> reporter: yeah, tension, and, of course, a lot of aggravation. so much so, that a board member from the board of supervisors from this district has asked to meet with both residents and business owners from the marina to answer any questions that they may have. it gets worse. muni has now announced it will change some of its routes. muni said for the safety and security of their customers, it will not service stops in the presidio or marina neighborhoods beginning at noon on saturday,
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and during the patriot prayer rally at crissy field. service will return to normal once the streets are safe and clear. business owners don't want to risk being here on saturday. adam is closing his store in the marina. >> i hope they don't break shops and windows and everything. and so i am going to save myself by closing and not being here. >> reporter: the permit was granted yesterday by the golden gate national recreation area despite the city's request to have it denied. the marina community association is conducting an emergency meeting tomorrow night at the palace of fine arts theater. san francisco's chief of police will address residents and business owners. >> our number one concern now is safety, and keeping the community, the residents, the stores and the property safe as well. >> reporter: rally attendees will be surrounded by a wall of transportable fences. today crews brought them in. san francisco police quietly made the rounds in preparation for saturday's patriot prayer
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gathering. the golden gate bridge highway and transportation district will close the parking lot and gift shop, in their words, in order to support the primary goal of public safety. the presidio trust has canceled all public programs and volunteer activities at crissy field. in san francisco, leeann melendez, abc 7 news. events are scheduled to start at noon at san francisco civic center and harvey mill plaza. at crissy field, demonstrations are set to begin at 1:00 p.m. the patriot prayer rally is planned for 2:00 to 5:00. we've posted the details on our abc news app and a rally is scheduled to begin at kals crescent lawn. the event is scheduled from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. the city has denied the permitted for that event, saying it was submitted late and lacked enough information. city officials say they still expect hundreds of people to
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show up for the rally. today the organizers of some of the counterprotests are calling the mayor of berkeley cowardly. laura anthony continues our live team coverage and explains the strong language. laura? >> reporter: well, hi, ama. first, the permit. it was denied for several reasons. you mentioned a couple. it was also denied for lack of a security plan around this event. the mayor here, though, says this lack of a permit doesn't really change things in terms of their planning. if you recall, prior events like this in berkeley did not have permits either. still, hundreds of people showed up anyway. >> charlottesville is coming to the bay. >> reporter: they are a coalition of groups rejecting the plea from the mayor of berkeley to stay away from sunday's anti-marxism rally. >> we're not advocating violence, but we are saying, you have to fight. so fight for what you stand. you choose the method. >> we're not here to cause
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violence, for white supremacy. >> reporter: the organizer of sunday's event said it's not about racism or white supremacy, but these community activists aren't buying it. >> here in berkeley, we have a mayor who wrings his hands and says, i cannot stop free speech. >> reporter: in an effort to avoid a repeat of events like this, the berkeley city council passed an ordinance that gives police the latitude to enforce bans and set perimeters beyond the rally at the park. >> they're codifying giving the police unprecedented power and mostly it's to stop us. >> they believe that they should have the right to use violence as a way to confront the alt-right. >> reporter: the mayor is defending his and the city's handling of the upcoming event against criticism from both sides. >> if you want to come, you want to peacefully assemble and discuss and debate, we will allow that to happen. but when you're intent on committing violence, that's where we're going to draw the
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line. >> reporter: as it has in the past, the city is working on a specific list of banned items, but has yet to release it, saying it will be made public at least 24 hours before sunday's rally. in berkeley, laura anthony, abc 7 news. you can prepare for the weekend now by downloading the abc 7 news app, push alerts, that way you'll find out what's happening as it's happening. the central valley teenager who crashed her car while live streaming on instagram is defending herself tonight speaking out for the first time since the crash that killed her younger sister. kristen sze is here with a jail house interview. >> yeah, dan, 18-year-old abdulia sanchez remains in jail after she instagramed live a deadly crash on july 21st. she was driving with her 14-year-old sister, jacqueline, and a friend in the back seat, headed to stockton for jacqueline's confirmation. we want to warn you, the crash video is extremely disturbing.
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>> hey, everybody [ bleep leep >> i was like a horrible monster. that was not my intention at all. >> this first-ever jail house interview, sanchez defends herself against criticism she continued to live stream after discovering her sister who was not wearing a seat belt had been thrown from the car. >> everybdy does it. everybody does it. they do the snapchats, why not. everybody does it. like all the time. >> the chp said sanchez was also drunk at the time. but her defense team claims the crash was actually caused by a tire blowout, not the instagraming or alcohol. >> kristen, thank you. new at 6:00, about 100
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cats are going up for rescue. the county sent us this picture. someone was feeding a small colony of stray cats and the number quickly multiplied. the cats will be spayed and neutered and will be given to owners who can provide them a barn or a farm. they don't really adept well to living indoors. a to z comes to san jose. amazon opened its first physical bookstore in the neighborhood. our familiar pattern of fog at the coast is going to go away. heat is coming our way. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. we'll look at the preparations for hurricane harvey expected to hit texas hard within the next few days. plus -- >> two men appear at a woman's door claiming to be from her alarm company. she said she was tricked into
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signing a new contract.
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more now on the developing news in berkeley as the city prepares for an anti-marksist protest on sunday. community groups and businesses are trying to make unity and love the most visible themes in the city. elissa harrington shows us the change you'll see in some store fronts. >> reporter: berkeley city college, waiting all morning for this delivery. boxes full of signs that say, berkeley stands united against hate. the mayor's office printed them and distributed 20,000 to shops, libraries and community centers. as a way to show support for the city ahead of this weekend's no
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to marxism rally. >> it's a very strong position and strong statement coming from our mayor's office. >> we're above all that hatred. we're all about love and peace. that's what berkeley is all about. >> reporter: star grocery is one of dozens businesses distributing the free signs. shoppers scooped them up planning to post them in their yards and windows. >> obviously we can't stop people from speaking, but we can denounce what they're speaking about. >> reporter: other groups gathered at uc berkeley sprawl plaza, decorating their own protest signs to bring to sunday's event. >> the message that it sends is, you know, by far there's a majority of people in berkeley in the bay area stand against racism and against bigotry. >> reporter: anti-hate posters are also being printed for towns including oakland, and san jose. they plan to hang this enormous 20-foot banner at the site of the rally. in berkeley, elissa harrington,
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abc 7 news. there's an online pledge against hate. one example given on the donation form, along with so-called bonus money if certain leaders show up like richard spencer or nathan dimyco. it will benefit berkeley's cal bow marion mosque. abc 7 news was there when it opened in april as just the second mosque in the united amazon's first bay area brick and mortar bookstore has now opened in san jose. some wonder what impact this may have on local independent book sellers. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen has the story from santana row. >> reporter: a major bookstore has returned to santana row. >> when you're in the store, you get to read some of the chapters before you can buy it. it's exciting. >> reporter: amazon is behind it all, smack dab in the center of the action. there are more than 3,500 titles
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inside the store. one thing you'll notice, all the books are forward facing. a space for the company to place a review card right underneath. the selection of merchandise, mostly based on online ratings. customers can also check out amazon's latest devices. >> what we've heard since the kindle was launched is that people wanted an opportunity to come in, test drive our devices, and also be able to ask questions and learn about it from an expert. >> reporter: local experts say it's all a calculated risk as amazon seeks to become the biggest retailer in the world. >> there's a huge amount of retail amazon can't touch if they don't get into brick and mortar. people like to touch things. >> reporter: a number of local book sellers say they aren't too worried about the add eed competition. recycle has been open for 50 years. they feel part of a family. cat included. they can also choose from more than 150,000 titles compared to
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amazon's 3,500. >> they come in to explore worlds they haven't encountered before. when they go into an amazon retail space, it's already well trodden and familiar. >> reporter: some say today's amazon opening is somewhat of a throwback to simpler days. >> i'm more prone to participate from a physical bookstore. pick it up, flip through it, think about it a little bit, and make a decision. >> reporter: in san jose, i'm chris nguyen, abc 7 news. the world surf league is taking over mavericks. a judge still has to give final approval for the wsl to assume the permit. mavericks was last held february of 2016. it was canceled this year when cartel management declared bankruptcy. the wsl says it looks forward to working with the san mateo harbor district and local community. happening now, people in south and central texas, louisiana, and mississippi are preparing for up to three feet
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of rain, dangerous flooding and power outages from hurricane harvey. mandatory evacuations have been ordered from the category 3 storm. choppers have stripped supermarket shelves bare. others are packing up and leaving town to get out of harvey's path. >> we're going to in the strongest possible terms encourage the residents in the low-lying areas, as they say, get out of dodge. >> it's better to go now than wait until the last minute when everybody decides, it's time to go. >> harvey is expect to make landfall near corpus christi, texas, early saturday morning. that part of the country is reaching the peak of the hurricane season in the next few weeks. spencer's tracking it closely. >> spencer? >> i'm going to give you a closer look at harvey in just a moment. it can produce widespread flooding. we'll start with the conditions right here in the bay area where we are expecting a significant heatup, warm-up coming our way. the projected high temperature in livermore over the next seven
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days, as you can see tomorrow's high 91 degrees. just a few degrees above the average high of 87 for this time of the year. over the weekend, highs will jump up to around 100 degrees, not only in livermore, but many inland locations, tapering off into the middle of next week before bouncing back up to almost 100 degrees again toward the end of the week. a lot of warm weather coming our way especially in the inland areas. you can see we have sunny skies just about everywhere. only a little patch of coastal low clouds and fog right now. that's not going to expand very much overnight. this is a view of a beautiful sky over the bay from the rooftop camera. it is currently 60 degrees here in san francisco. 70 at mountain view. 73 in san jose. 61 at half moon bay. here's the view from our emoryville camera looking at clouds stacking up in the western sky. up north, santa rosa, 74 degrees right now. napa 70. 73 in novato. 80 at concord. 75 at livermore. and one more view from mount tam looking down onto the tranquil
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bay. we'll see fog near the coast and bay, patchy fog in the morning hours tomorrow. but it will be mild to warm in the afternoon. we have triple-digit heat coming our way this weekend. it will last into the middle of next week. overnight, a few patches of fog. low temperatures ranging from mid to upper 50s. here's the forecast starting at 7:00 this evening. we may see a patch or two of spotty drizzle near the coast but it will go away quickly going into the morning hours. bright skies just about everywhere tomorrow morning. sunnier as the day goes on. it will warm up a lot more over the weekend. tomorrow's highs from mid to upper 60s at the coast. low 90s inland. now we go over to the western gulf of mexico where hurricane harvey now a category 1 hurricane continues to intensify as it approaches the gulf coast of texas. and it's expected to make landfall as a category 3 sometime on saturday. so it's going to gain quite a bit of strength. it's not just the winds that are a concern right now, but the
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amount of rainfall this storm is likely to produce. areas affected by this storm all along the gulf coast could receive anywhere from 15 to 25 inches of rain generally. up to two feet of rainfall, producing very damaging flooding. some isolated areas could see up to three feet of rain, or 35, 36 inches, which is incredible. we'll continue to monitor conditions there. this is our seven-day forecast for the bay area. the heat kicks in high gear over the weekend. we'll see inland highs at or above 100 degrees saturday, sunday and monday. maybe two-degree drop in temperatures on tuesday. drop more next wednesday before bouncing back up to 100 degrees inland next thursday. looks like we're in for a spell of hot weather. >> thanks, spencer. next, the new step for elon musk
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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sox meandered their way through the training day. the dow lost 28 points, nasdaq dipped by seven, the s&p shed five. the winner of last night's powerball jackpot said she's not going back to her job of 32 years. mavis is now $758 million richer. >> last night was kind of like i was -- i didn't realize i won.
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today as i'm driving here, i'm still like, oh, this isn't true. this can't be. and then now it's like, ah -- i am a winner. i'm scared. but i'll be okay. >> i'm pretty sure i'm related to her. i'm going to reach out. mavis chose to receive a lump sum payment, so she'll take home $336 million. >> i'm related to her as well. there's got to be a way. apple's latest announcement leads the business watch. $1.3 billion data center in iowa. >> data center is like the new facility, critical to apple's operations. they make up the backbone of america's innovation infrastructure. >> ceo tim cook made the announcement in des moines. the data center will create 50 permanent jobs and will help run apple's app store. ride sharing giant uber is donating more than $1 million to the group girls who code, a national nonprofit that works to close the gender gap in
6:26 pm
technology. it will expand after-school programs. uber staff will also volunteer at workshops. the southern california city of hawthorne approved plans to dig a two mile long tunnel that will allow for testing of high-speed trains. musk's company believes trains could travel up to 700 miles per hour. >> that's way in the future. but the newest commute option in the north bay is about to open for business. >> there's a financial incentive to give it a try early. >> keys, wallet, phone, or maybe just your phone. i'm jonathan bloom with the new door lock that lets you ditch your key ring ahead on abc 7 news. also here, today is three years since an earthquake shook
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it's been three years since the magnitude 6 earthquake shook napa county. homes were destroyed and buildings were damaged and people were jolted awake at 3:20 in the morning. there were no ceremonies today
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marking the third anniversary. >> but wayne freedman talked with a couple of people about how that day changed their lives. >> reporter: as the sign says, napa, what it did not add are the days happy anniversary. >> i like to remember it. it's kind of a humbling space. >> a little bit like a divorce. you sort of move on. >> reporter: those would be the emotional yaftershocks. freeze frames of the community, trauma, three years to the day. >> the emergency work is one-tenth of the work you're going to do. a city and how you evaluate how you come through a disaster, one is how you get through the first days, and the next months and years. >> reporter: ask the mayor and she'll talk about the strength of the community pulling itself together. earthquake scars still abound in napa, like fences, healing wounds. parts of downtown still look like a construction zone, renovating the old courthouse alone could cost $12 million. the quake left no home or
6:31 pm
business untouched, and changed attitudes. >> practice gratitude every day and stuff is stuff. >> reporter: as an example of napa's spirit, we checked in with patricia trimble who sold iconic postcards to finance a new plate glass window after the quake broke it. >> now we give them away. >> reporter: we found another success story with a doctor at the first presbyterian church. >> it was pretty bad. >> reporter: these were on the first anniversary. crack the plaster, a ruined bell tower, yet even on the day of the quake, first presbyterian never stopped feeding the homeless. look at the place today. in all, the church spent some $2 million repairing this place. and yet, after all that, there's one little nick they never touched. it's here in the pulpit. you see that? it's where a speaker fell. reminder. >> the message is, this this, too, shall pass. >> reporter: eventually.
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abc 7 news. new at 6:00, san leandro police gave a driver some, quote, social education after he was spotted with a noose hanging over the back of his truck. michael locher posted this photo on facebook and it went viral, sparking several complaints to police. police say the driver doesn't live or work in san leandro and was not the victim of a crime. the driver apologized saying he meant no harm or offense to anyone. police say, quote, this reprehensible behavior cannot occur in our community. smart train service officially starts in the north bay tomorrow. the first train with passengers leaves the sonoma county airport station at 12:49 p.m. tomorrow. service will be free all day tomorrow and half price through labor day. trains run both weekdays and weekends and connect with other transit options like buses and ferries. passengers can buy both food and
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drinks including alcohol while on the train. a total of ten stations are open between san rafael and the sonoma county airport. six more stations are expected to open in the next few years. happening now, a discussion about google in san jose. google plans to build a 6 million to 8 million square foot station. a coalition of south bay labor and housing organizations want san jose to use local workers and companies to build the complex, and hire local people to work in it when it's finished. locks and keys can be traced all the way back to ancient egypt. a startup launching today told abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom it's time we unlocked our homes with our smartphones. >> reporter: it looks like the office of any other startup except for all the doors in the middle. they lead to another world where keys no longer exist. >> basically an entirely digital access system for your home.
6:34 pm
much like your car. >> reporter: it's called auto. he looked for a better way to lock up his home. >> there's over 20,000 videos on youtube about how to pick a lock. >> reporter: otto has no keyhole at all. open up this $700 digital lock by walking up to it with your phone in your pocket. >> turned out for the keys in their wallet, it was 24 hours before they would often realize that had gone missing. for their phone it was 15 minutes. >> reporter: beyond making losing your keys a thing of the past, it also opens the door to new ways to let people into your home. >> i just type in their e-mail address. >> reporter: instead of mailing a physical key, otto lets you send a virtual key by e-mail. >> limited access. date range, until the end of the month, for example. by day of the week, monday through friday. all right? and by time of day. 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. >> reporter: set one up for airbnb guests or anyone else.
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>> to dog walkers, people delivering packages. >> reporter: those without a key can forget about it. >> what i have is the most aggressive shop test that we have. >> reporter: the otto team said it can take a beating. >> right here. >> reporter: they call this accelerated live testing, simulating ten years of use and abuse by slamming it over and over again. >> seems aggressive. but you'd be surprised how your teenagers act. >> reporter: teens might appreciate this. after a long day of instagram and snapchat, they can dial their way in, like the old combination locks mom and dad used to use. jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. a security system is designed to keep you and your house safe. michael finney helps out a woman who faced a $3,000 bill for canceling a contract she never signed. the bay area protests to protec
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bay area protesters hit the streets to protect national monuments from changes considered by the trump administration. the crowd converged outside the interior department offices in san francisco. they were reacting to a report turned over to the white house today by interior secretary ryan cinke. while zin ke is not calling for it outright, he's recommending the president possibly shrink the borders on a number of them.
6:39 pm
protesters say that would open up public lands for mining, development or other industrial uses. >> our public lands are -- should not be sold to big oil. they should not be sold off to timber companies. our public lands are there for all of us. we're fighting for an improved plan. >> conservative lawmakers have urged the president to roll back the protected status of several areas that were declared national monuments during the obama administration. we'll soon loon more about the military ban. "the wall street journal" reports the white house will send guidance to the pentagon in the coming days. president trump announced on twitter last month that he would reinstate a ban on transgender troops. that reversed a policy under final review at the pentagon that would allow transgender people to openly serve. the white house has not commented on the report. b.a.r.t. plans to add lgbt contractors to the preferred program. among small businesses, preferences are currently given to ones that are local, disadvantaged or run by women.
6:40 pm
the directors will vote on the change next month. here's a live look from walnut creek. >> spencer will show u
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the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians
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it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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a warning tonight from "7 on your side." if someone comes to your door claiming to be from your alarm company, it may not be true. >> an elderly woman said it happened to her. >> i've reported on this over and over again. and it's always good to bring this up again. because these are the kind of viewer complaints i receive about home alarm systems. now, this woman says she was tricked into signing a contract with a new alarm company. she would have to pay thousands of dollars just to get out of the contract. >> oh, boy. i'll never forget it. >> reporter: paul recalls how two strangers walked into her house, uninvited one day. >> they said, oh, we're going to fix your alarm box. i thought they were from the alarm company, that i had been using. >> reporter: paula said the men began taking apart her security box. she found out they were not from bay alarm at all. >> they send me a letter. my alarm system is going to be run by another company. >> reporter: she started getting
6:44 pm
bills from both which is now called moni smart security. she called moni to say she didn't want its service. >> first they said, we have a signed contract. and i said, i don't have it. >> reporter: paula said she never received the contract and that moni did cancel her service for a price. >> it will be $3,000. >> reporter: it was actually a bill for $2,899, to cover the remainder of her five-year contract. paula still doesn't remember signing it. >> i watch channel 7 a lot. so i see mr. finney. >> reporter: she contacted "7 on your side." we contacted moni. and the company provided a copy of her contract. it indicates paula signed it electronically last november. however, moni agreed to cancel the contract at no cost to paula. it also refunded $461 she's paid for services so far. telling us, moni's smart security is dedicated to client
6:45 pm
satisfaction and providing the best quality service. we do not mislead our customers. as soon as we were made aware, moni did a thorough investigation into this claim and resolved the situation on behalf of ms. wolford. so instances like these do not occur in the future. >> "7 on your side" just -- you guys were just so good. >> it's an important warning. if anyone comes to your door saying they're from the alarm company, it could be a ploy. you should demand to see their i.d. and call your alarm company to find out if they really have sent a technician. chances are, they will not do sout without an appointment. now, i want to hear from you. my "7 on your side" hotline is on monday through friday, 10:00 to 2:00. you can also reach me at my facebook page and through >> such good advice. >> thank you, michael. as you well know, and appreciate, the bay area is such a beautiful place.
6:46 pm
our viewers prove it every day. >> look at this. miles captured this view from a drone above the lake. he posted it on instagram, which helped us find it, and feature it right here on tv. >> look at the light. stunning. spencer is back with an update on the forecast. >> after a week of below average temperatures, we're about to have a week of uncomfortable heat. little patches of fog, maybe a few out over the bay. tomorrow, little bit of a warm-up begins. very little fog at the coast. highs from mid-60s at the coast to mid and upper 70s around the bay. a few low 90s inland. saturday, sunday and monday, inland highs at or above 100 degrees right around the bay, mid to upper 80s. coast, near 70. the full seven-day forecast. it's mostly hot after tomorrow. we'll have hot weather saturday through monday. just a drop of a couple of degrees tuesday and wednesday. back up to 100 degrees inland next thursday. here comes the heat we've been
6:47 pm
waiting for. >> yeah. >> thanks, spencer. knockdown dragout in baseball. >> we've got the heat for you right here. let's get ready to rumble. tigers and yankees. they fight. and they fight. and then they were fighting some more. they could not get this thing stopped. next in sports.
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good evening. the yankees and tigers locked up in a series of brawls today that figures to be a lot better than anything we're going to get out of mayweather versus mcgregor on saturday night. it starts in the sixth inning. behind miguel cabrera who takes exception. canley is ejected immediately. so is manager joe girardi. cabrera and austin, oh, let's go. cabrera in fist city. the body shot. both benches cleared. this gets nuts in a hurry. with bodies jumping in. things would eventually settle down. until bottom seven. dylan with a 98-mile-an-hour pitch to the head. he said he threw a breaking
6:51 pm
pitch. more arguing. this is tigers versus tigers. justin verlander unhappy with martinez standing and laughing with a yankee player and they had to be separated. wilson hits todd. that brings the benches out for a third time. eight players get ejected. suspensions certainly will be coming as well as fines. the tigers won the actual game. oh, come on, get some! 10-6. >> i think he pushed me and threw a punch. it's one thing when everybody's pushing and there's a lot of talking going on. but when you throw a punch at someone, that speaks for itself of what he wanted. >> cabrera went after him. you're going to throw my catcher out for protecting himself? somebody's got to pay attention to what's going on in this game. brad ausmus is going to say f you to one of my players? come on, brad. what is that? >> umpires kind of lost control. after ending a 26-day contract holdout, raiders all
6:52 pm
pro left tackle donald penn completed his second day of pratice. he still doesn't have a new deal, though. he was eased back into action. he'll get limited snap in saturday's preseason game against dallas. mckinzie said he would only negotiate with penn when he came back in. after practice, penn declined to speak with the media. as for his head coach, well, he didn't have much to say about this either. >> to me, it is what it is. i don't get too emotionally wrapped up in that kind of stuff. i just coach the guys right here. he's back. glad to have him back and going to work. we'll ease him in. give him a little bit this weekend. gave him through the week of practice. and we'll be ready to roll. suspended cowboys running back ezekiel elliott is expected to make his preseason debut on saturday when the cowboys host the raiders. elliott is appealing his suspension with a ruling scheduled next week for tuesday. elliott ran for over 1,600 yards and 15 touchdowns in his rookie
6:53 pm
season. darren mcfadden will hold that starting spot until zeke returns. the 49 reers on saturday, everybody's intrigued to see ruben foster, the rookie, line up alongside navarro boman. asked about the possibility of maybe platooning bowman in third down passing situations. >> going to put on the best 11 players to give us the chance to make sure we're in position to be successful on game day. if that means putting in two extra dbs or taking out a "d" lineman, whatever it is we have to do to be successful, based on the matchups we're facing, we'll take care of it. >> the real thing is almost here. i mentioned, mayweather versus mcgregor. somebody today put $1 million down on floyd mayweather. and overseas somebody bet $1.2 million on floyd. so a lot of late money is coming
6:54 pm
in on floyd to win this. but it doesn't pay that much. >> right. >> you win like 160 grand on a $1 million bet. lot to risk and very little return. that's why most of the money is on conner. >> join us at 9:00 tonight cable channel 13. more marijuana edibles are showing up at school. on abc 7 news at 11:00, policing with pride. the new effort tonight to recruit more lgbt officers in the bay area's largest city. here's tonight's primetime lineup on abc 7. at 8:00, catch boy band, followed by battle of the network stars, and the gong show at 10:00. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. 11:00. jim "jimmy kimmel live!" that is this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news on twitter and i'm ama daetz. for the entire abc 7 news team, please have a
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♪ this is the "jeopardy!" college championship. here are our three finalists. a junior at stanford university, from austin, texas... a freshman at the united states naval academy, from ellicott city, maryland... and a senior at m.i.t., from decatur, georgia... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. and thank you, ladies and gentlemen. and welcome to the first half of our two-day final in the college championship for this year. i wanted to start off by showing you the hardware that the players are competing for. this championship trophy now contains 28 names of previous winners
7:00 pm
and the schools they represented. of those 28, stanford is the only one that has won before of these three schools represented today. will navy make it this time or m.i.t.? we'll start finding out right now. it's a two-day total-point affair. good luck, players. here are the categories for the first round. first off... gosh! followed by... each correct response will begin with "b-a" and end with the letter "e." alex: and, lilly, you have the honor of selecting first. i'll take "ba-e" for $600. it's a massive bombardment of missiles, as seen here, or of criticism. viraj. -what is barrage? -pardon?


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