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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 25, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the group will hold a news conference at alamo square park. >> reporter: this is a scheduled meeting that neighbors from the marina district asked for. he and others planning to attend did not feel safe. he called it a set up criticizing congresswoman nancy pelosi and mayor ed lee opposed to the rally. he will have a press conference tomorrow. >> we don't feel like we're
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walking into trap. it's wide open. it's an open field. it's in the city. it's a better situation. we're extremely excited to go down to berkeley. >> reporter: at the insistence of san francisco, the park service reprayered for the rally by enclosing the group. no weapons were allowed inside the area. concrete barriers were installed between trees. >> we do not want that to happen in san francisco. >> reporter: the park service prpared for this rally by enclosing the group. fences were put up and no weapons were allowed inside the area. now today concrete barriers were installed between trees to avoid having cars sneak in. cars will not be allowed inside
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the park at crissy field as of 9:00 tonight. we don't know if that has changed. now police have to deal with the group having that press conference at alamo square. we understand we already heard from mark who is inside this building addressing neighbors from the marina district. said police have always known that a gathering outside of crissy field was possible. the mayor of san francisco sangyi p for anything. i'm live in the marina district of san francisco. abc 7 news.
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he said they did this after the park service placed security conditions on the premise including not carrying anything that could be used as a weapon. i'm deeply concerned it will lead to violence given how close it is to the counter protest at civic center. the organizers of a protest planned for berkeley is now making her own demands. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live in berkeley with that story. >> reporter: things just got more complicated here too. this is amber. she's a local organizer.
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asking people not to attend her event on sunday due to unspecified threats. i stress, do not attend this rally. this rally will take place, but it will be me alone attending. no one else, please. earlier we talked with another organizer. he's in utah who still seems intent oncoming. >> things change on a dime. we'll see what happens. he told us hate groups will not be welcome including any that come over from the cancelled san francisco event. >> we're asking from the bottom of our hearts, from the constitution to you guys, this is a freedom rally and we don't want to have certain ideologies there there are hateful and bigoted. >> reporter: based on past experience, the fear is that
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some extreme groups may still show up in berkeley, including nazis. >> i know what nazis stands >> reporter: a holocaust survivor who had his arm tatt tattooed and most of his family killed plans to march to fulfill a promise he made 70 years ago. >> i'm speaking out for the people who stood at the door got he picked them out and set t remember. that's what i'm doing right now. i'm doing it on their behalf. >> reporter: berkeley police chief told us the approach of his department and the mutual aid forces coming in will be to keep things nonviolent if not completely calm. >> our mission is to create a safe space for the non-violent expression of first amendment
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rights. that's our goal. >> reporter: berkeley police have asked mutual aid from several surroundsing agencies. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> this is very volatile now. we will stay on top of what happens. you can count on abc 7 news to track every change to this weekend's event. no matter what happens tomorrow hundreds gather in san francisco today to make sure the message of compassion, unity and inclusiveness is heard. >> they continue to spread the message of love and diversity. >> those who seek to undermine our spirit, who wave the banners of racism and
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thinks the first amendment protects their violence, you are not welcome in san francisco. >> the church choir and mc hammer entertained the crowd with songs of love acceptance. ten people were arrested after clashes erupted. seven people were injured. in april 20 people were arrested during a free speech rally. police will be ready for sunday's rally in berkeley. chapman was scheduled to speak at the patriot rally. he was sent to jail today for his role in violent protests earlier this year in berkeley.
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>> reporter: a judge ordered kyle chapman, a far right activist to stay away from sunday's rally in berkeley. chapman seen here in his mugshot was arraigned on felony weapons charges friday morning. this stems from a bloody protest this berkeley back in march. the district attorney office charged him for illegal possession of a stick which he used to beat people. >> reporter: the judge set bail at $135,000. he is expected to bail out. chapman supporters have been raising money on a crowd funding site. >> he was remanded to the custody of the sheriff. we took custody of him.
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he's believed to be going through the bail process and at some point will likely bail out. >> reporter: he will not enter a plea. his attorney said he will plead not guilty on a later date. >> we have no discovery or anything yet. >> reporter: chapman refused to talk to reporters outside the courtroom but did have this to say on his facebook page last night that he will intend this weekend's rallierallies. he writes never surrender. if found guilty he could face up to eight years in prison. it's going to be a hot weekend with some bay area cities seeing near triple digit temperatures. taking a live look at our emeriville camera. here is meteorologist. >> inland areas will be cooking this weekend. take a look at live doppler 7 now. the fog is still near the that's why it hasn't gotten too hot today.
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92 to 102 not out of question. it's going to get uncomfortably hot. definitely some days of hot summer weather and it's not going to end over the weekend. i'll be back with a look at those temperatures for your plans and i'll let you know what's ahead as we look at the seven-day forecast. thanks. new at 5:00, santa clara city leaders have denied a request from levi stadium to lift a weeknight curfew. it's costing them millions and taxpayers are also losing out. >> reporter: the 49ers say that levi stadium is the only arena that has a weekday curfew of
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10:00 p.m. management is trying to change that. >> reporter: dharls gibson leave leave - deals with the noise. >> i call the stadium. nobody cares. i call the tos, nobody cares. i call the city, nobody cares. >> reporter: 49ers president says the earlier curfew is impacting them. >> you won't have these shows. they won't decide to come here. if they don't come, it really does negatively impact the city.
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city leaders still denied it. >> i think that could be a beginning point. i don't know if that's what really is neighbors there would want. >> reporter: the 49 erts say the two weeknight concerts held at levi, beyonce and u2 brought in $1.6 million revenue for the city. some say they would be willing to budge. >> there's 3, 400 homes that are affected. write me a check for $300. i'll spend the whole evening somewhere else. >> reporter: city leaders say the next step is to partner and see if a compromise can be made. a monthly service is helping pack movie theaters again but one of america's biggest theater
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people are happy to park their cars in this parking lot and hop on the very first smart train that made it official inaugural ride this afternoon. the moment couldn't come soon
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enough for north bay drivers fed up with traffic. >> you just can't continue to always build lane and add more cars and build lane and add more cars. >> reporter: instead they built a railroad or rebuilt one. >> you've rebuilt 43 miles of track. we built or replaced more than 30 bridges. >> reporter: finally. at 12:49 p.m. the first smart train pulled out of station. >> next station, santa rosa north. >> i'm hoping this will prove that it works. >> reporter: riders on this first train raised a glass t what they call a small victory over the big mess. >> get off the freeway and relax and feel like you're on vacation. >> there's no law against drinking and riding the train. >> yeah, this is nice.
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>> reporter: of all the amenities some say the favorite is their view. >> i love the country side. we're fortunate to live in this area. >> reporter: the scores of people riding this train know the pat l is not over. many dream of extending smart north to cloverdale. smart still doesn't go all the way to the ferry terminal that will one day link it to san francisco. >> the closer it gets to the golden gate bridge the better. it's really nice. >> reporter: smart is expected to carry some 3,000 commuters on the 14 trains it will run each weekday. jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. the founder of bay area based netflix seem to have the midas touch. membership for movie pass is way up after a big cut in price. it got 150,000 new subscribers in just two days. members may now see one movie day and more than 90% of theaters across the u.s. for
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9.95 a month. it was $50 a month. the country's largest cinema chain is trying to block subscribers from using movie pass saying the price level is not sustainable. there's another indication tesla wants its own music streams service to compete with pandora, spotify. it's not usable right now but the coding is there already to be implemented at any future date. electric doesn't believe it will be launched any time soon. the fiej task will be to gather and send information about saturn's upper atmosphere before burning up like a meteor. scientists are killing off the
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spacecaft because when it stops working they are concerned it will crash into and contaminate saturn for its moons. it's a large hurricane. the high of the storm is just 35 miles away from corpus christi, texas. this is category 4 storm. live doppler 7 showing you bands of heavy rain moving on shore now. tornado warnings are up. they will see tornadoes, drenching rain and dangerous storm surge will be the biggest threats along with strong winds. it's moving northwest at 8 miles an hour. expected to make landfall and weakening to a category 3. notice the storm just stalls out over the lone star state for days. this is why the biggest problem
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will be the heavy rainfall across the area and the flooding poer potential. when you take a look t the rainfall up to 40 inches expected. 15 to 30 inches for many parts of the state. this is a hurricane that will fo down in the record books. definitely going to be an intense situation. if you have family and friends there, obviously we'll keep them in our thoughts. this is not going to be on take lightly. i want to show you what we'll be dealing with. concord will be in the triple digits for a couple of days and dropping down to the 90s. you'll have to wait until the middle of next week to get any relief. definitely going to be leheatin up. showing you some fog sitting near the coast keeping it company. not in headquarturry to leave b tomorrow morning it will burn off. it's going to get cooking inland. 62 in san francisco. it's in the 60s in oakland.
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san jose you're at 80 degrees. watching this shallow marine layer it has compressed to about a thousands feet now. it's going to be right down on the deck tomorrow morning. 80s from santa rosa. in the 90s from concord and livermore. temperatures will soar inland this upcoming weekend. we're looking at a spare the air alert tomorrow. the heat continues next week. tomorrow morning fog is limited to the beaches and bay. temperatures low 50s to low 60s. the hour by hour forecast we'll show you what will happen. the fog creeps in across parts of the bay tomorrow morning and pulls away. burns off so everyone will continue to see the warming and it's going to really get hot inland. this is why temperatures inland in the triple digits and the excessive heat warnings are up for the hill tops as we head into tomorrow. temperatures right near the coast. quite comfortable. download the accuweather app. keep track of the temperatures. we'll show you 102 inland for
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your saturday. goes up to 106 on sunday. we're talking about some extreme heat there. well above average. could see some records. the numbers will drop ooas we hd into next wuz. we will see a return of the heat thursday and friday with the triple digits inland. the best way to beat the heat is find shome shade. the other option is to find a pool or beach to stay cool. >> i'm going tomorrow and not coming back until tuesday. >> forget the kids. i'm just going. if you need pet food or just want to laugh, be sure to stick around. michael fin neney has great ide. at 5:30 on world news.
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hurricane harvey set to make landfall, gaining strength. authorities warning of a major disaster. mass evacuations. fuel at gas stations running out. a special edition of world news tonight is next. new at 6:00 we'll take you to a
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coming up, we'll be live with the latest changes to this weekend's political event. plus hear from a couple who got out of texas and arrived at sfo just before hurricane harvey hit. how uc davis will use a multi-million dollar grant to improve the future of strawberries across your country. all that's coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> thanks. see you then. oakland a's legend and baseball hall of famer dennis
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ecersley was honored. gate d is now dennis eckersleyey gate. the six time all star closed out the 1989 world series for the a's. >> we are the power hitting a's and the fast brothers and all that but we could pitch. >> the club is hosting dennis day against the texas rangers. the first 15,000 fans will get a bobble head. he will throw out the first pitch. do you think he can get all the way to the plate. >> he can pitch. he still looks the same. world news is coming up next. >> we appreciate your time. see you again in half an hour. >> see you then. bye.
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. hurricane harvey about to make landfall. tonight, a category 4 hurricane. winds surpassing 125 miles per hour and gaining strength. at this speed, the strongest hurricane to hit the u.s. in more than a decade. authorities now warning of a major disaster. record flooding. up to 35 inches of rain. and tonight, multiple tornado warnings as we come on. mass evacuations. fuel at gas stations running out. empty shelves. our team across the storm zone, and ginger zee is right here with the new track just in. also tonight, president trump facing his first natural disaster test. this evening, sending a message -- good luck to everybody. be safe. already saying he plans to travel to texas next week. and the other breaking news.


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