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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 28, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> you guys saved our lives. >> rescuing people from rooftops, working to the point of exhaustion and saving more than human lives. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. here's the latest on tropical storm harvey. at least four people have been killed since the storm hit. in houston alone, crews have rescued 2,000 people. that number could grow as the area sees much more rain through the week. >> an estimated 30,000 people will be placed in temporary shelters. and hundreds of thousands are expected to seek federal aid. they need help. >> sky 7 was over moffit field as aircraft from california national guard deployed to houston this afternoon. >> the 129th air rescue wing will focus on search and rescue operations. >> flying the area, assisting with any hoist operations, swift water rescue, and then the other contingencies we may face out there.
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>> these guys are considered the best at what they do. bay area residents are also pulling together to help. >> a time of crisis and people really are jumping in. melanie has that story tonight. >> dan and kristen, we spoke with several people today that have family and friends in houston, and even those who don't say they want to help any way they can. this thursday, chronicle books on second street will be transformed into a bake shop from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. >> since 2010, we've been throwing bake sales to raise money for natural disasters. >> reporter: employees expect to raise up to $2,000, which chronicle books will then match dollar for dollar. >> it's part of our culture here at chronicle books to try and reach out and help those in need. >> reporter: especially when so many people here in the bay area have friends and family in houston. >> it's harder being out here knowing what they're going through. >> reporter: monica has been texting and talking to her family nonstop. they're all okay, but she can't
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escape the images of others suffering. she wants to transform the helplessness. >> it's hard. it's definitely hard. >> reporter: hunt is president of the university of texas at austin, texas axis, san francisco chapter. >> we're in the process of figuring out where to focus our attention. it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: especially for chef hugo ortega. >> we want to help each other. >> reporter: ortega owns four restaurants in houston and recently partnered with a test kitchen while his houston family and restaurants are all okay. he's eager to get back as quickly as possible. >> it's a situation that you have to go through, you know. and endure. and be part of it. >> reporter: houston has no shortage of support from those here in the bay area. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. a lot of pets are being rescued in the flood zone.
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the marin humane society is on standby to help. they're in contact with various shelters discussing how to fly animals to california. the marin humane society did the same thing during hurricane katrina several years ago. there's a lot of concern that gas prices may rise in the wake of hurricane harvey. but as abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler tells us, the increase may not be as severe in california. >> reporter: is there a connection between the misery in texas and prices at your local gas station? sams, who lives in contra costa county, said he saw a huge spike overnight. >> i know there's a disaster. but the refineries are in california. i don't know why gas went up that high in less than 24 hours. >> reporter: a jump at the pump could be likely anywhere from a nickel to 25 cents a gallon or more nationwide. but not here in california. according to uc berkeley's school of business, he points out california has a unique
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state mandated cleaner burning gasoline that is not tied to texas, or the rest of the country. >> usually that's bad news, because we have higher prices and get in trouble when california refineries go offline. but in this case it's good news because we're less likely to be affected by the outages in the texas refineries. >> reporter: obviously any pain at the pump is nothing compared to the suffering in texas. the western state's petroleum association is helping colleagues in the lone star state. >> hopefully we're able to bring these facilities back online and supplies will begin flowing. but that being said, again, we're a very diverse industry and we'll be looking to other locations to make sure we can source those needs. >> reporter: right now, about 19% of oil produced in the gulf has been shut down. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news.
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astronauts aboard the international space station tweeted this picture of harvey. you can see how strong the storm still is. abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking it. >> you will notice that the bands of heavy rain continue to feed into texas, and louisiana as well. this moisture is coming out of the warm waters of the gulf of mexico. associated with this tropical storm. it is in no hurry to leave the area, which is part of the problem. tornado warnings are up for parts of texas and louisiana. i do want to show you how much more additional rain they're expecting. so far, parts of texas have been drenched with close to 40 inches of rain for the wettest spots. additional 10 to 20 inches of rain expected for texas and louisiana, with storm totals of 50 inches possible in texas. this storm is a slow mover. 45-mile-an-hour maximum sustained winds. it is going to meander along the coast, make a third landfall. it made two lafls in texas, two
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landfalls in louisiana, and then just stall there before moving northward. that's why they're going to continue to see life-threatening flooding in that area. kristen? >> thanks, so much, sandhya. the flooding impact in houston, look at that. a shot of downtown area before the storm hit. and now look at the yar afterwards. the area is just completely submerged. such a shame. you can text the word harvey to 90999, that will add a $10 donation to the red cross on your cell phone bill. you can also call the red cross at 1-800-help now. let's move on to other matters. a look back at yesterday's big protest in berkeley. what went right and what went wrong. and what berkeley says they will do again at the next protest that is likely in just a few weeks. 13 people arrested sunday. today these 11 were charged. abc 7 news reporter leslie
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brinkley has more where a news conference just ended. >> reporter: it just wrapped up u activists refuse fascism called yesterday's march and protest a beautiful show of diversity for the city. and they're calling for more protests. >> yesterday was beautiful. we saw streams of people in thousands in different walks of life, from parents to students, every political ideology was represented from democrats to communists. the youth were out. the antifa, together with clergy. >> reporter: the mayor says the instigators of the violence were out-of-towners. he condemned them saying we don't fight hate with hate. the sunday protest in berkeley was deemed to be overall a success by both the city and many of the protesters. thousands marched. there were six injured, two hospitalized, but it never evolved into another charlottesville as some feared
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it could. there were 13 arrests, 11 of them were booked as seen here in these photos. only three are from berkeley. the rest were from out of town or out of state. >> the people who were the aggressors were not the police, they were the antifa who went after right-wing protesters and the police. i know a lot of people in the community are upset by their presence at the protests, and the fact that they committed violence. because it really cheapens the message. >> our experience on the streets was that we were defended by people who came as anti-fascists. >> reporter: some community groups who marched in the protest said today they are upset with the media for showing video of the skirmishes, including an alt-right organizer being chased and pepper sprayed. >> our position is, that the bay area, california stood up yesterday against nazis, white
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supremacists. >> reporter: and some of these organizers are upset at berkeley police for what they say were tactics that supported white supremacists. >> that their intent was to criminalize those who were here to defend communities in berkeley. >> reporter: police enforced new city rules and arrested people for wearing masks. they put up barriers and searched people for weapons before they could enter the park. tactics the mayor says worked well, and they will use again. they are now looking for video of the clashes, and say there could be more arrests. in berkeley, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. stay with us. the price war at the grocery store. >> we call it whole tech. >> a big push toward lower prices could translate into more customers at whole foods. raising taxes in your city. today's bombshell ruling from the state supreme court. a new warning as kids head back to school. the state attorney general has a message for parents. and mark zuckerberg adds to
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his family. the baby girl with a you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap to friends at more banks than ever before. you got next? chase. make more of what's yours.
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amazon now owns whole foods. some prices are slashed significantly. abc 7 news report shows us what it means to the consumers and other retailers. janine? >> reporter: kristen, competition is heating up between supermarkets. take, for example, at whole foods. this organic avocado. yesterday it was $2.79 a pound. today, it's $1.99 a pound. strolling down the aisle in whole foods today, the changes were subtle. orange sale signs with the amazon logo on it announcing price cuts. one shopper didn't notice until the cashier mentioned it to her. >> she said some prices will
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come down. oh, nothing i bought i guess. she said, no, your avocados. yea! >> reporter: bananas used to be 79 cents a pound. now 49 cents. fuji apples, now $1.99 a pound. santa clara university director of retail management said amazon is able to slash prices because it's investing in the long-term and not focusing on short-term profit. >> what amazon is betting is that the future of food is the kind of food that whole foods sells. but if you can make that affordable, to a large population, then that is the right way to go. >> reporter: he said whole foods will now attract what he calls fringe shoppers, those who shop at stores like trader joe's and safeway, but only occasionally buy at whole foods. >> now they can take all of those products and start selling them on amazon prime, amazon fresh, and all of these other
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places that whole foods was never able to sell. >> reporter: the professor we spoke to said he believes amazon will keep its lower prices to keep shoppers happy. in san jose, janine de la vega, abc 7 news. the group trying to recall judge aaron percentki can resume collecting signatures in santa clara county. he argued that the california secretary of state not the county registrar should have decided whether the recall effort should proceed. they want him removed after he sentenced brock turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. more than 58,000 signatures are needed to put the measure on the june ballot. the california supreme court issued a ruling today that could make it dramatically easier to raise taxes. today the justices upheld a lower court ruling that these tax initiatives put on the ballot by citizens require only a simple majority to pass. not two-thirds as the law states now.
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analysts say the case could open the floodgates for interest groups to pursue tax increases for their specific projects. the two-thirds threshold will still apply to local and state government. a lot of us worry about identity theft. but california's attorney general wants to make sure we parents protect our children from identity theft. a new state law allows parents to freeze their children's credit if they're under the age of 16. the attorney general says identity thieves may target children because the crime can go undetected for years. >> how many kids check their credit scores on an annual basis to make sure that their identity is still secure? or that their credit rating is still high? how many parents think about doing that for their kids? >> we should, i guess. the credit freeze will remain in place until it's removed by the parent when the child is 16 or older. relief efforts have really ramped up. >> so have the efforts of scam
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artists trying to take advantage of people's generosity. >> unfortunately always in these situations. michael finney is here with more on this warning. >> you're right about this. after every disaster. after every disaster, the bad guys come out in droves. those at the disaster site get offers of fake government help and shoddy construction services. the rest of us, we get bogus e-mails. because of that, you should be careful when handling any e-mails with subject lines, or attachments related to the storm. even if it appears to be from a trusted source. fraudulent e-mails often have links or attachments that are linked to phishing or malware affected websites. many will be complete scams. in storm hit areas still without power, cash is king today. it takes cold hard cash to buy food, medical supplies, and other necessities, becaus credit cards can't be accepted. no electricity, no acceptance of credit cards.
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many banks will set up mobile branches so flood victims can use their atm card. their hours might be unpredictable. you can learn from this, having even a small amount of cash hidden in your home for emergencies can really help. if you don't have money, just lying around, move quickly once it is safe after a disaster. disaster areas, cash is always a good thing. a new scam targeting those with iphones and those who actually remember their apple i.d.s. scamsters are sending a text message telling consumers there's a problem with their home i.d. and asking them to logon to their apple account. you may have already spotted the ruse. there's no such thing as an iphone i.d. don't fall for it. never respond to a text or e-mail asking for personal information. >> that's right. >> good advice. so many scammers come out. there's always more good people than bad. >> you're right. >> thanks, michael.
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hi, everyone. there's been a definite divide between the coast where it's nice and comfortable and inland areas where it's scorning. the highs so far, 108 degrees right now. if we can go to the graphics, you can see the temperatures. fairfield 108. 107 in livermore. pretty hot. san rafael 91. 96 santa rosa. around san francisco, half moon bay, in the 60s. san jose, 91. oakland, 79 degrees. we do have excessive heat warnings there still in effect in the areas shaded in pink. advisories, heat advisories for the areas shaded in orange. inland areas and hilltops under the excessive heat warning and bay shoreline for heat advisory until 9:00 p.m. tonight. you definitely will have to take it easy out there. and remember, stay hydrated. look at the hour-by-hour temperature trend for livermore. 96 degrees. 98 degrees, excuse me, at 6:00 tonight. the temperature will slowly
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fall. at least by morning it will be nice and comfortable. that's because the marine layer is beginning to ramp up. it's about 1,400 feet deep now. it is socked in, right along the coastline where we're keeping you in the comfort zone. if you're not comfortable, inland areas you'll get a break tomorrow. a live look, you're looking at that layer of fog that will be rushing onshore. 64 in san francisco. oakland currently 70 degrees. san jose 87. 66 in half moon bay. you're looking at 80 from the emoryville camera. 92 in santa rosa. triple-digit heat fairfield. a live look from the east bay hills camera, how many of you would like to see this come towards you. it's not going to make it into the inland valleys, but the sea breeze will bring some relief tomorrow. temperatures will soar again on thursday and friday. it is going to be hot inland through labor day weekend. here's a look at your temperatures first thing in the morning. mid-50s to the upper 60s.
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natural ac near the coast where the fog will be sitting. afternoon, temperatures in the south bay, warm side, morgan hill 92 degrees. 86 in san jose. peninsula, temperatures in the low 80s from menlo park to palo alto. 62 in pacifica. the fog is going to hang around well into the afternoon. same thing for daly city. as you look at the north bay, temperatures upper 80s. napa, santa rosa. i got off the phone with the national weather service. so far, no records to report for today. that may be changing. 73 in oakland. head inland and you're out of the triple digits. it will be closer to average instead of being in the extreme heat. 93 degrees in livermore. and in concord. here's a look at your temperature trend as we head towards wednesday. the brief break from the heat will continue. 60s to 90s. thursday, a rapid warm-up. look at these numbers. 104, 105 degrees. we go into friday, even hotter
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inland with 108 in antioch, 107 in fairfield. the seven-day forecast, temps moderate the next couple of days. low 60s coast. only to start baking again. thursday, on. we'll see the hottest day on friday, with 108 inland. even some 70s at the coastline. and then we head into saturday and temperatures will begin to moderate. we continue the heat wave into sunday. and labor day. we'll definitely have the triple digits around. the coast is where you want to go if you do not like this hot weather between thursday and monday. and kristen and dan, download the accuweather app and you can keep track of the temperatures. side note, vac eville today, 110 degrees. you just feel disgusting, sticky. >> i'm going to the coast -- of alaska. >> i don't blame you. a dog lost in tropical storm harvey finds his way home, with a big thanks to twitter. at 6:00, the only place in
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california that hillary clinton has listed on her book tour is within driving distance of the bay area. we'll have that story and a lot more at 6:00. kristen and i will continue after this.
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the chp is looking for the driver in a hit-and-run accident that killed uc berkeley's top attorney. christopher patty was killed yesterday while riding his bike near guerneville in sonoma county. the chp said the driver of a bmw lost control on a curve, slid across the road and hit patty stopped on the shoulder looking at his cell phone. the driver took off, but chp officers found a license plate at the scene. patty is survived by his wife and two sons. scores of people will probably think twice now before preordering an item from any
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crowd funding company. scores of customers of san francisco based startup kanoa are out $150 or more for high-tech wireless ear phones they preordered and never received. they ran out of funds and shut down last week after two years. customers got word in an e-mail which linked them to this letter posted on kanoa's website. the startup ceo wrote this wasn't the end that they had anticipated telling customers we genuinely tried. san jose's plan to construct tiny houses for the homeless is being downsized again. the report by the san jose americay news said they pared down the sites to just two. san jose released a list of 99 potential sites. the tiny home villages would house 25 people. however, community outrage forced the city to trim that number to four in july. now leaders are recommending just two sites as part of a one-year pilot program.
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twitter played a critical role in reuniting a dog that got lost in tropical storm harvey with his owners. storm chaser aaron jay jack found the dog, it jumped into his suv at a gas station. aaron had no idea where his new friend came from. he nicknamed the pup harvey, and posted a video asking the twitter-vers for assistance. >> if you can share, tweet, whatever you've got to do to help. >> it wasn't lock before the post went viral and the owners were tracked down. aaron dropped off the dog at his home. his real name is cash. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and his wife have welcomed their second daughter to the world. zuckerberg shared this photo, showing baby august and big sister max. august is a form of augustus which signifies reverence or holding someone in high regard. he plans to take two months of
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paternity leave. >> congratulations to them. young people in the spotlight from books to cooks. >> area teena ♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours.
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coming up at 6:00, why san francisco is congratulating itself for how it handled rallies over the weekend. piedmont needs a new mayor after a facebook post forced theirs to resign. a ski resort tapping skiers from thousands of miles away. finally tonight, a big honor for some teenagers with big ideas. >> the best part is, there's a big reward attached. the foundation honored the 15 teens at a ceremony in san francisco. >> they were all singled out for projects that advance social good. the award comes with a $36,0000 prize money. >> three of the winners were from northern california.
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they told us about their projects. >> we train high school students to intern with the local homeless shelter. we're simultaneously empowering young kids in our community to be leaders. >> it's an educational platform that teaches teens about the importance of understanding the kind of foods that they're eating, the kinds of ingredients that they'r eating and promoting health and fitness. >> it's a division of a nationwide program that enables special needs kids to play baseball. >> the winners are allowed to do whatever they choose with the prize money. organizers say most of them either use it to further their charity work or use it to pay for college. all good uses. >> yes. i can't wait to see how far they go with those ideas. "world news tonight" is next. >> for all of us, we appreciate your time and hope to see you again in half an hour. >> bye-bye. see you then.
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tonight, breaking news. disaster in texas. the relentless rain. the flooding catastrophe here in houston. the death toll climbing. the around the clock rescue effort by boat and by air. >> please help us. i'm scared. >> families on rooftops, pleading for help. emergency crews and volunteers carrying thousands of victims to safety. and the pregnant mother going into labor -- the baby that just wouldn't wait. president trump flying into the storm zone tomorrow. the new race against time. dams pushed to the limit, water released to prevent them from overflowing, putting even more homes at risk. shelters filling up by the thousands -- families with nowhere else to go. and also breaking tonight -- the new report as we come on the air. north korea firing a missile over japan


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