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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 28, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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into the triple digits inland. it was hot. highs today, 108 in fairfield. 103 in gilroy. 106 in choef loverdale. the only place it wasn't hot, the coastline in the 60s. changes are coming. the fog, going to be more expansive tomorrow morning to help cool us off. by midday tomorrow, only in the 70s and 80s. but our next heat wave is not far behind. that's coming up in the forecast. ama? >> thank you, drew. lonny rivera continues our live team coverage from walnut creek. >> reporter: ama, you can really feel the heat out here and you can see it when you look at all the dry brush here. it's one of the reasons officials say during this time of day, avoid any strenuous activity. >> here you go. >> reporter: a steady flow of cars and trucks cruised through this car wash.
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>> today is monday. i didn't prepare at all. a>>reporter: alana lopez admits se didn't wear sun screen. >> it's nice to be inside for the air conditioner. >> reporter: they work in rotations, but the guys that clean the cars are the real troopers around here. >> i give them props. yo i don't know how they do it. i don't personally do well with the heat. >> they work so hard. and i want to give them the bigger tip. >> reporter: some say the heat is more bearable under a shady tree. >> the breeze out here is so nice, it makes it kind of liveable. it's not just like baking heat. so i find it to be quite nice. >> reporter: the heat and low humidity have raised the wildfire danger in several east bay communities. >> we encourage people to be very careful with smoking materials. if you're going to do weed
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abatement, make sure you're doing it before 10:00 a.m. >> reporter: working before the hottest time of the day is always smart, as well as drinking a lot of water. and we are just a couple yards away from the walnut creek library, where i saw a lot of people inside there enjoying the air conditioner. today, fires say we are in the heart of the wildfire checking our breaking news now. the pentagon has confirmed north korea launched a missile that flew over japan. it crossed over a northern island. japan leaders called ate grave threat and promised to take all the measures to protect people's lives. u.s. officials said they're assessing the launch. saturday, north korea fired three short-range ballistic missiles. last week, the u.s. and south korean forces began military exercises, which the north said threw fuel on the fire. multiple people are dead after a gunman opened fire in
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new mexico. it happened late this afternoon about ten miles from the texas border. a man entered and started shooting into the air. developing news now on harvey. you see it here stalled over houston where around the clock flood rescues are under way. meteorologists say, are you ready for this? this storm has dumped 15 trillion gallons of water, and southeast texas can expect double that amount by the time the storm passes. at least six deaths are blamed on harvey. 2,000 people living in a suburb east of houston were evacuated. 5500 people were already in shelters. many of them among the thousands rescued from rising water. >> we need helicopters, a boat. it was ridiculous. my first time seeing that. i was nervous and i was saying at that time, all i can do is
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pray. >> president trump says federal aid will be approved quickly. he's going arrive in texas tomorrow. help is on the way from the bay area. "abc7 news" was at moffett field. national guard members took off headed east towards texas. the 129th rescue wing has helped out after previous hurricanes, including rita, ike and gus taf. people across the bay area are pulling together to help those affected by the flooding catastrophe in texas. melanie woodrow is here with a look at how people with texas roots are reaching out. >> reporter: absolutely, dan. we spoke with several people today with family and friends in houston. renowned chef hugo ortega says his heart is in houston. >> we're going to help each other. >> reporter: he owns four houston restaurants and partnered with a san francisco test kitchen.
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all his houston family and restaurants are okay, but he says he's eager to get back as quickly as possible. >> this is a situation that you have to go through, and endure and be part of it in every way. >> reporter: monica burke, who lives in the bay area, has been texting and talking with her family non-stop. >> it's just harder being out there knowing what they were going through. >> reporter: she says she can't escape the images of others suffering. >> you feel a little helpless. >> reporter: chris wants to transform that sense of helplessness he feels. >> right now, we're in the process of figuring out where to focus our attention. it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: houston has no shortage of support from the bay area. >> since 2010, we've been thoughing bake sales to raise
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money for natural disasters. >> reporter: based on past sales, they expect to raise up to $2,000, which chronicle books will match dollar for dollar. >> it's part of our culture here at chronicle books to try and reach those in need. >> especially when so many in the bay area have friends and family in houston. melanie woodrow, "abc7 news." >> reporter: to a live look in new york city. the empire state building going dark tonight in honor of the victims of harvey. some of the most heart wrenching and heartwarming stories have been shared on social media. kristen sze has more. >> reporter: i want to start with newly posted videos of the latest ves cuerescues. you can see this helicopter crew today rescued survives, trapped on roof tops. and a houston track camera captured a good samaritan in a boat, spotting a car that was
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nearly submerged. he pulls the driver into his t boat and out of danger. ad this picture of a man crying with his dog after haven harvey destroyed his home. and laura anthony just tweeted this video. take a look at it. lots of rain coming down, cars in flooded ditches. laura had to turn around. she's in houston on loan to our sister station, reporting the news for them so their reporters can tend to their homes and families during this difficult time. >> kristen, thank you very much. laura will be very helpful there. much of the nation is bracing for higher gas prices, but unless this persists for days, california may not feel tim pact. so why are some already complaining? caroline tyler has that story.
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>> reporter: gas prices off climb around labor day weekend because there's a surge in demand as people hit the roads. maybe part of it is back because the experts we sauked with say harvey should not be playing a role. since hurricane harvey swept through texas on friday, some bay area residents think they have noticed a residual impact, a spike in gas prices. >> so many of the retyperies and oil production is in texas, like the area impacted by the hurricane. so it's going to affect the supp supply. >> reporter: a jump could be likely from a nickel to 25 cents a gallon or more nationwide. but not here in california. they point out that california has a unique state mandated cleaner burning gas le ining gas not tied to texas. >> usually that's bad news because we have higher prices
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and get in trouble when california refineries go offline. but in this case it's bad news, because we're less likely to be affected by the out ans in the texas refineries. >> reporter: but demitris thinks something else may be in play. >> sometimes i think the gas companies use disasters as a way of making profit. >> reporter: obviously, any pain we might feel at the pump is nothing compared to the suffering in texas. the western state's petroleum association is helping colleagues in the lonestar state where refineries are closed. >> hopefully to bring facilities back online and supplies will begin flowing. we will be looking to other locations to make sure we can source those needs. >> reporter: right now, about 19% of oil produced in the gulf has been shut down. carolyn tyler, "abc7 news."
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>> thank you, carolyn. the victims of hurricane harvey need your help and the red cross tells us cash doe faces are tfac -- donations are the best way to do that by texting harvey to 90999. you can also call the red cross to donate. that number is 1-800-help-now. >> and they need it so badly. thousands marched, rallied, and yelled over the weekend. >> and after all that, place made just over a dozen arrests. tonight, we're live in berkeley with both criticism and congratulations. plus, we do the math. how much can you save shopping at whole foods now that it's been bought by amazon? consumers paid and waited as long as a year and a half for a high tech ear bud. so what happened? i'm michael finney. 7 on your side is coming up.
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berkeley settles down today after thousands descended on the city of yesterday's anti-hate d demonstrations. police made sp arrests. >> a more peaceful scene in francisco. a pro trump group canceled its rally in crissy field, but hundreds still showed up across the city. >> we have reports from both cities. we begin with leslie brinkley in berkeley. leslie? >> reporter: activists who marched here in berkeley on
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saturday called press conferences on monday to criticize the monday for showing videos of skirmishes, and secondly to criticize the berkeley police department. >> when the berkeley police department mobilizes more resources to prevent people from engaining in anti-fascist community self-defense than to defer groups in the name of racial pride, that is white supremacy. >> which is absurd. i mean, you don't fight bullies by being a bully. what we saw yesterday was the antifa being violent. >> reporter: these are the booking photos of 11 of the 13 people arrested sunday. only three are from berkeley. the rest from out of town or out of state. there may be more arrests to come, as police study video. police imposed new rules this
6:15 pm
time, including searching people for weapons, having physical separation between both sides and arresting people who covered their faces. >> it is unconstitutional. we have never arrested people for wearing a mask and not committing other crimes. >> reporter: but the mayor credits the new tactics helping police keep things safe. there were six injured, two hospitalized. it did not turn into another charlottesville, as feared by some. >> we're here to claim a victory against forces of white supremacy, alt-right, neo-nazis. >> reporter: the maj mayor sayse winner was the city. >> the winners were clergy members, students, seniors, it really reflected the diversity of our city. >> reporter: another wave of protests is expected in september. leslie brinkley, "abc7 news."
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>> unlike berkeley, san francisco saw no violence for destruction of property for a conservative rally that never happened on saturday. leeann melendez is live with more on what worked and the cost of keeping san francisco safe. >> reporter: ama, police told me that it will take between two and three weeks to find out how much all of this will cost us. in the meantime, the mayor's press office issued a statement saying city departments accommodate many unforeseen events, not condition the budgebudge -- within the budget. >> i am prepared to send a bill to the national park service. [ applause ] >> reporter: that promise made by mayor ed lee is getting the support from many san francisco residents. from day one of the announced patriot prayer rally on federal land, the mayor was upset that san francisco would be stuck footing the bill to keep the
6:17 pm
city safe. the total bill for police overtime, putting up fences and other moves has yet to be calculated. mark farrell told us within the police budget, there is money set aside for these kinds of events. >> it's a small amount each year. >> reporter: the mayor suggested perhaps the city would apply for a public safety grant from the feds. we reached out to the national park service and congresswoman nancy pelosi but got no response. >> we're going to pursue it. there's no reason san francisco residents should be out of taxpayer dollars because of this event at crissy field. no way. >> reporter: the police department and the mayor's office began preparing two weeks prior to the rally. >> in law enforcement, you never know where those contingency also pop up, so we have to be prepared for them. >> reporter: but perhaps the most crucial move made by the mayor was his outreach to community organizations and activists, getting their commitment to not respond to the
6:18 pm
event. >> to suggest maybe we ought to consider not dignifying this event by not going to chrissy field. >> many peaceful demonstrations were held on friday and saturday with the mayor saying much was accomplished. in san francisco, leeann melendez, "abc7 news." happening tonight, part of contro costa county will be treated with chemicals to kill mosquitos. the target area is brentwood where mosquitos have tested positive for west nile. trucks will spray a small amount of insecoticide that kills mosquitos but poses little risk to people. it will start at dusk tonight and last till midnight. we are heating up around here. dealing with a lot in texas here. not too bad. >> it's a brutal heat, but drew tuma is watching both conditions in texas and the heat here. >> it's all about the rapidly
6:19 pm
changing temperatures here at home. the accuweather highlights show you the current heat wave will break tomorrow as cooler air arrives on today. the coolest day is on wednesday. because on thursday, we are tracking our next heat wave beginning, and this could last self-days longer. outside right now, current temperatures, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 100s. 59 right now in half moon bay. 104 in san ramone. 82 in san jose. cooler in san francisco at 63. vallejo, mild at 87. we continue to have that heat advisory along with that excessive heat warning. both will be expiring tonight at 9:00. live doppler 7 hd with satellite, here we go with the cooler changes. that marine layer is thickening at this hour, helping to alleviate the heat overnight. mid 50s to mid 60s will be the
6:20 pm
overnight temperatures. and your starting temperatures out the door on tuesday morning. tuesday afternoon, we can slash about 10 degrees off of our high. so cooler air felt inland. we're out of the triple digits, 93 in concord. 95 in antioch. san jose, today we were in the 90s, tomorrow the 80s with a high of 86. 73 in oakland. and santa rosa, up to 88 degrees. as we get you into wednesday,we, we're sitting pretty in most spots. the warmest spots in the 90s. everything is going to change on thursday. a rapid warmup will get under way. back into the triple digits inhand. watch what happens on friday. the heat welcomes widespread, even along the coast. we'll be approaching 80 degrees. we're well into the triple
6:21 pm
digits away from the coast. to houston we go. we have heavy rain once again approaching houston. the loop of the past hour, you can see that on shore they are still in the thick of this. this is day three. the forecast track shows harvey just me aandering around housto until wednesday night, bringing several more inches of rainfall through thursday. houston will see five to six additional inches. then the bull's-eye of the rain will push east as harvey moves to the north. the accuweather seven-day forecast. wednesday, we're still in that heat relief. and then everything changes once again. the heat wave begins on thursday. really on friday. everyone is going to feel it. and it's going to continue for the holiday weekend and labor
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day monday. >> getting away is getting easier. the south bay's biggest airport the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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more ways to get away leads tonight's bay area business watch. southwest airlines is expanding service at san jose international airport. >> we will be the first airline to serve the state of florida.
6:25 pm
so you can go to orlando and visit mickey mouse. >> "abc7 news" was at terminal b. southwest will launch its first-ever international service from san jose to mexico. monday marked quite a day for the marketing. the dow slipped by just five points, closed at 21,808. the nasdaq added 17. the s&p gained 1. squaw valley alpine valleys is drawing in more visiting skiers and snow borders. the company sells shoes, tents, sleeping bags and backpacks.
6:26 pm
they will promote squaw valley as a skiing destination. the number of skiers in china went to 12 million after 15 years. hillary clinton is coming to california, and a nearby school is her only stop in the golden state to promote her new memoir. >> mayor of piedmont steps down in the criticism of his facebook posts. i'm jonathan bloom. where his detractors say the fight is not over yet. ahead on "abc7 news." >> you might be hearing that noise more often, because
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live, where you live, this is "abc7 news." >> there's a growing population of tests taking up residence throughout the bay area. maybe even in your home. the problem has created a flood of calls to pest control services to get rid of rats. >> it's really bad. david louie looks why rats are thriving and what we can do about it.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: they're taking up residence where fur trees and vegetation provide ample food. >> the majority of rodents are roof rats. they prefer vegetation, and they're awesome climbers. >> reporter: jim says they're settling into attics and crawl spaces. once a homeowner decides to engage a rodent service, sometimes the next issue is asking the service not to park their vehicles in front of the house. they don't want their neighbors to know they have a rodent problem. he and his technician set out a dozen traps at a typical house. this bag is filled with 13 dead ra rats trapped at two homes. >> i tell the customers, trim the trees back at least three to five feet from the roof line. that prevents them from having the ability to get on the roof.
6:31 pm
and i tell them to trim the vegetation back along the foundation of their home. >> reporter: holes under the eves of the roof have to be prepared. it only takes a hole the size of a quarter to gain entry. they can spread disease and gnaw on wiring. can you guarantee to get rid of them? >> there isn't a rat out there smarter than me. >> reporter: david louie, "abc7 news." hillary clinton is coming to northern california in less than two months. the former presidential candidate will promote her new book titled, what happened? it defines her perspective on on haste year's election. the mayor of piedmont resigned amid mounting pressure over his controversial facebook posts. jonathan bloom explains what he said and why his opponents aren't satisfied.
6:32 pm
>> welcome to the august 21 city council meeting. >> reporter: the mayor began that meeting with talk of the violence in charlottesville. >> in piedmont, our values reject hatred and intolerance. >> reporter: but -- >> i feel these facebook posts reflect the opposite. >> reporter: he made parts of the post out loud. >> transgenders are mentally ill. the left is intellectually bankrupt. democrats are the plantation slave masters of today. >> his comments don't reflect this town. his comments are a poor reflection on our city council. >> reporter: the crush of complaints brought city business to a halt. the meeting was canceled when he announced he was stepping down. >> they don't have authority under these circumstances to remove someone from their elected position. that's really in the hands of the voters.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: in addition to his formal letter of resignation, he said in part that he recognizes he made some inappropriate posts on facebook and some of his comments were insulting or inflammatory. it continues, i regret the sad fact that i dragged city staff into this mess. >> this is divisive and destructive to the fabric of our community. >> reporter: council members say the tension remains. >> he needs to resign. he doesn't have the confidence of the voters and he doesn't have the confidence of his colleagues on city council. >> mccarthy plans to see this through. >> reporter: and i've had people who worked with him email me and tell me that my dad would be proud that i'm speaking up. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, "abc7 news." the aclu filed a lawsuit challenging president trump's ban on transgender people in the military on behalf of five
6:34 pm
current members of the armed forces who are transgender. the lawsuit says the policy violates the equal protection rights of transgender service members and puts their careers in jeopardy. president trump directed the pentagon on friday to implement the ban. the white house has not responded to news of the lawsuit being filed. tomorrow, the president and first lady are scheduled to trave to txz exas to tour areas damaged by hurricane harvey. it's the first natural disaster of president trump's presidency. >> i think you're going to see rapid action from congress and certainly from the president. and we're going to get you funding. it's a terrible tragedy. >> he says protecting american lives is his top priority. it was another spare the air day in the bay area. and a unique campaign to do that is starting to catch on.
6:35 pm
today, the school district has made sparing the air part of its day. kids are being encouraged to turn their cars off as they wait for their children. >> saving our own planet and helping the climate. and keeping our scholars healthy. saving fuel, too. so it helps the parnls a parent students. >> now the martinez school district has also taken the stop idling pledge. >> the week is off to a hot start. this is walnut creek. drew will be back with an update on the forecast. and today, amazon lowered prices at whole
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here's what traveling 200 miles an hour through a tube looks like. this is the hyper loop design competition. students from munich, germany made up the team that defeated two others. the competition is the
6:39 pm
brainchild of spacex founder elon musk, who has proposed building a hyper loop system for under $6 billion that can travel between san francisco and los angeles in just 36 minutes. today marks the first day amazon officially took over whole foods. some item also now cost less. >> but one san jose shopper didn't realize that until she was clued in. >> she said some price also be less. >> more discounts are expected in the future. jessica casper has more on the savings you can find. >> reporter: spent its first day as owner of whole foods dropping prices by as much as 43%, which is a change you'll see in your wallet. when you walked in today, you'll see a sign that says whole foods and amazon.
6:40 pm
amazon is promising more savings to come. some of the savings include bananas, down 38%, to only 49 cents a found this week. organic avocados. those are down 29%, from $2 to $1.99 this week. and this might be one of the best savings we saw. organic fuji apples down from $3.49 a pound to just $1.99 a found, which is 43%. i should know that the changes, those are not just one way. there are changes to also. customers will be able to buy items through amazon's web page. the tech giant's $13.7 billion purchase of whole foods could be a game changer for the supermarket industry. amazon will now compete with walmart and costco.
6:41 pm
coming up next, michael finney digs into a san francisco st
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consumers are frustrated and angry. >> some have been waiting 18 months for wireless ear buds that they preordered and paid to get. >> michael finney has their story. >> this came without any warning. the company had announced it was finally shipping their product. john simpson enjoys his workouts. joanne leads an active lifestyle. both saw an ad on facebook early last year for new wireless ear buds designed for the athlete. >> i wanted the headphones to play tunes when i'm working out. >> it looked to be cutting edge material for next generation. >> reporter: the product is seen here on this website. joanne preordered three of them for a total of $448. john bought one. estimated delivery date was april of 2016. but instead, spring marked the
6:45 pm
beginning of a number of delays. >> it was going to be delayed until july. >> there's another stall. it's going to be most likely november. >> june or july came along, another posting said it would be the middle of august. >> reporter: when august came, they received notice the shipments had begun. >> we were excited. >> reporter: two days later, the bubble burst. the announcement had hit a roadblock. some investors pulled out. unfortunately, without that investment, we do not have enough capital to stay operational while we find a solution. >> i should have had enough sense to have backed out of it, and they should honor their commitments. >> reporter: customer support and social media have been shut down. >> there's no way to get ahold of these people. you don't have a wait to get your $458 back. >> reporter: we went to the office in san francisco to get answers. it was locked up, and the drapes were closed.
6:46 pm
mail sat waiting to be picked up. we then went to the home of the ceo, who lives on the top floor of this san francisco high rise. seen here, he told us via a security guard he was not interested in talking with us. >> i really don't know what to believe. >> what do i do? to me, that's a lot of money, and i want my money back. >> reporter: so now what? if you were one of those who preordered the ear buds, you can file a complaint with the san office. they have a consumer mediation unit. that's who you should talk to. i want to hear from you. the hotline is open weekdays, 415-954-8151. and you can reach three through facebook on >> so frustrating. thanks, michael. some teenagers with big ideas were honored with dig awards that come with a big reward. "abc7 news" was in san francisco
6:47 pm
today as the helen diller foundation honored 15 teens for projects that advanced social good. >> we train high school students to intern with the local homeless shelter. so we're simultaneously empowering young kids to be leaders. >> it's an educational platform that educates teens about the importance of understanding the kind of foods that they're eating, and just fro motpromoti health and fifthness. >> it's a division of a nationwide program that enables special needs kids to play baseball. >> it comes with $36,000 in prize money. organizers say almost all of the money is used to further charity work or pay for college. >> fantastic. the bay area is a beautiful place to live.
6:48 pm
>> maureen shared this shot from this morning. >> boy, that water looking cool. drew is back with the forecast. >> we're going to get a little relief from the heat tomorrow. cooler inland, compared to what we just went through today. live doppler 7 hd with satellite, coastal cloud cover, making a resurintelligence that will wipe away this heat. clouds socked in along the coast. tuesday, you notice we wipe away the triple digits. the warmest spots in the 90s tomorrow. so not as hot of an afternoon. 86 in san jose. 73 in oakland. about 66 in san francisco. 87 that high in napa. sort of fast fording, it will be a lot hey bolabor day. our next heat wave is arriving at this one. the seven-day forecast, comfortable for a lot of us
6:49 pm
tuesday, wednesday. the next heat wave begins thursday. it will last through at least monday of next week. a lot going on in sports. >> hey, shu. >> the last time i was here was wimbledon. the u.s. open, highlights to come. and we have a human highlight reel from ruben foster. the kid's going to
6:50 pm
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the u.s. open under way today in new york, with rafael nadal the top seed. roger federer looking for his third major of the year. meanwhile, 37-year-old venus williams celebrating her 20th year here at the open, where she won in 2000 and 2001. facing the 19-year-old qualifier, venus one of eight women here with the chance to become number one in the world. after the event, she was taken to three sets, but her experience too much for the teenager, as venus moves on with a three-set victory. for the men, john
6:53 pm
serve was his weapon. 22 aces. he was broken only once and converted noo eed five of his nk points. he'll move on to round two. believe it or not, nba training camp is around the corner as the warriors get ready to defend their title. still trying to finalize a blockbuster trade of the off-season. kyrie irving was sent to boston. jake crowder and a number one pick. but now cleveland, after re-examining thomas friday are concerned that he may not be ready for the regular season and want another pick from boston. stay tuned. well, the e e e e e e e e
6:54 pm
guy we know that is going to stick is ruben foster. he's for real. seen here on the first may of the game. he can run through blockers, and he has the range to stay if the game for pass coverage. coach shanahan has him pencilled in as a starter. >> i want to say he had about eight tackles. the first play was real neat. that was the first series, first play of the game. i like how he set the tone. i know he had the tackles for it. the eye test looked good. >> the houston practicing at the dance cowboys facility due to the flooding from hurricane harvey. they rerouted to dallas, and though they practice to distract them, they say it's difficult to see what's happening back home.
6:55 pm
>> very difficult to watch your family, your friends, your city go through a time like this and not be there to go through it with them and not be able to experience it with them. so our thoughts are most deaf th -- definitely with them. >> according to the nfl quarterback conley reportedly on track to be on the field in september at tennessee. the former buckeye should be practicing soon, but will not be ready to start for the opener. maybe beast mode on the field, but marshawn lynch is still momma's boy on the sidelines. this is lynch and his mother embracing in a hug before saturday's preseason game. i remember interviewing venus as a 14-year-old playing here in oakland at the virginia slims. she was delightful as a teenager.
6:56 pm
now she's like a den mother to all these young kids out there. and could be number one if she wins this tournament. >> you just don't do that in tennis. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13. hurricane harvey has shut down both of houston's airports. what the storm could mean for travelers, even if you're not flying to texas. >> and helping after harvey. the bay area charities stepping up to help those affected. coming up tonight at 8:00, "bachelor in paradise," followed by "to tell the truth" at 10:00 and then "abc7 news" at 11:00. >> look for breaking news on twitter. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. for all of us, we appreciate your time. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here are today's contestants -- a middle school english teacher from portola valley, california... a high school humanities teacher from colchester, vermont... and a kindergarten teacher from santa fe, new mexico... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. and welcome, everyone, to "jeopardy!'s" and farmers insurance's annual tribute to those very important americans who quite often get to spend as much influential time with our children as we, the parents, do -- america's teachers. this is a 2-week-long tournament,
7:00 pm
and the winner will receive $100,000 in cash. on the subject of money -- more about that later, but right now, graham, george, and gail, welcome aboard and good luck. here we go. this is the first quarter-final game, and here are the categories... just like me. [ laughter ] and finally... and you know what the quotation marks mean. gail, you get to start us. okay, how about newspapers for $200? george. what is the "usa today"? yes. let's go 20th century america for $200, please. gail. who is martin luther king jr.? right. 20th century, $400.


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