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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 29, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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and rescue efforts. 14 members of task force 3 are set to arrive in san antonio in about an-mile-per-hour and a half. they come from different fire departments in california. members of task force 4 based in oakland are set to deplooi employ in katie, texas, at 5:00 this morning. they have enough supplies to stay there for a few weeks. abc 7 news was at fof fet field where they packed up supplies and flew out yesterday afternoon. the whun 29th rescue wing has helped out after previous hurricanes including rita, ike, and gus taf. >> the eastiest way to help is to donate money to the red cross. >> text har stroy 999 $10. you can call 1-800-helpful-now. and i should mention we're going to host a dave giving to benefit
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people impacted by the hurricane zblnda the day will kick off right here on abc 7 mornings and continue with good morning america. donations will go to the red cross. they raised $18 million for hurricane sandy. >> it would be amazing if we could reach that or exceed it. it is now 4:30 if you're just joining us let's get an update on weerts and traffic. mike. let's open up the weather window on the exploratorium and you can see the fog that's out there, the lowing clouds ant fog. and the reason why? we're not going to be quite as hot today. we'll start 7:00 this morning, 56 to 63, not quite as stuffy as yesterday morning, but close. notice the coast, 58 at noon to 61 at 4 to clock to 59 at 7:00, never warm there. 73 around the bay, 77 at fou:00 and 70 at 7:00. 83 at noon with cleaner air inland, not as hot at 4:00, 90 and a comfortable evening 79 degrees. those hundreds, they are coming
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back and we'll talk more about that in a second. sioux. we do have as i mentioned a bit ago very thick fog across the waldo grade. it's very limited visibility so slow there as well. we've got right now three in three lanes both directions on the golden gate bridge they'll be changing that for four in the southbound and two in the northbound. typical slowing out of tracy westbound 580 into the altamont and livermore area and road work on 880, various locations between oakland and fremont this morning. not seeing any delays at this hour. that's due to be picked up at 5:00. we'll be back in a bit with other road work areas in a few. san jose police investigating how a car sended up driving into an apartment complex. >> this was the end of a chase that began reports of a man the shoog out of his car. matt. >> reporter: reggie, we're at the border of san jose and campbell. it's all quiet right here at the colonial house apartments but
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what a crazy night. had you shots fired lur a police chase, you had a crash into an apartment complex, what a mess was left behind. but at least san jose got their man. check out this video. you can see the man attached to a gurney. they made sure that he was handcuffed and also shackled his feet. he seemed okay but was taken to the hospital just to get him checked out. this is the car he was driving. police say they got a kaufl a man brandishing a firearm he's drove by the apartment complex. once officer's riverside there on the scene, they found out he fired that gun but no one was hit. during their investigation officers say the suspect vehicle drove by again and that's when they started a pursuit. >> the subject in his attempt to flee from officers crashed into the apartment building. and that's where he was taken into custody. >> reporter: and the suspect also apparently hit some parked cars during the chase. amazingly no one was hit by the bullets and no one was hurt from
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that crash. officers were also uninjured. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. happening today, the san jose city council considers a plan to how's the homeless in so-called tiny homes. the san jose americakiry news says they're considering two sites, it's way down from the 99 potential sites when they propose the idea last year. community outrage forced the stoi trim the tloift four in july. the tiny home villages would without 25 people. they have an estimated 4,000 homeless people. contra costa will hold a hearing to create a separate school district. that starts at 4:00 this afternoon. board will decide whether to recommend the state break up the mont diablo unified skul district and form a new district which would be called north gate. five schools would be part of that district. the mount diablo districting is too big and opponents say if you
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split it up it would just help students in the wealthier neighborhoods. percent i can is taking their battle again a recall effort to the state court of appeals. a judge lifted a restraining order yesterday that had stopped recall organizers from collecting signatures. any new sirkts collected be invalid if the appeals court overturns the decision. the recall campaign started after he gave a six-month sentence to brock turner who was akusd of sexually assaulting an uncons sious person. >> the chp is looking for the driver in a hit-and-run crash that killed uc berkeley's top attorney. christopher patty died sunday while right rooiding his bike near gernville in sonoma county. the driver a bmw lost control on a curve, slid across the road and struck him. the driver took off. officers found a license plate at the seen. he has a wife and two sons. well, this morning japan is
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calling for an urgent meeting of the u.n. after north korea hurdled a missile over their country. those are the sirens warning people as soon as the missile was detected late yesterday. tv and radio programs were interrupted with warnings. bullet train lines were stopped for a while as well. it cross the island of hokkaido. and they are deplay missile batteries to several installations in japan. pps it's part of a training exercise that coincides with the north korea launch. the trump administration's travel ban is being challenge and how it can be enforced. they asked in what universe in-laws of u.s. citizens company enter but grandparents cannot. the current ban went into effect in june and bars those that don't have i relationship to someone in the u.s. they're going to argue whether
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that is constitutional in october. back to the catastrophic flooding in texas, rescuers worked overnight saving residents surrounded by rising flood waters. this morning thousands of people are under new evacuation orders. president trump has promised billions of dollars in disaster relief. maggie rulely is live in houston in the flood zone. good morning, maggie. >> reporter: jessica, good morning. this weather disaster already impacting thousands of square fooilz miles and millions of people and unfortunate lit rain just keeps coming. overnight the national guard life streams their dangerous night yopz mission zriet keep up with the thousands in need of rescuing from rising flood waters here in houston. life and death moments caught on camera. families fighting to stay above water. float ning on air mattresses, piling into canoes and rescue
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baskets, children wading through the waist-deep waters. all 12,000 members of the texas national guard are activated but it's not enough so neighbors like captain sam are stepping in saving this family with his own boat. >> this is very unfortunate because we don't have anything. you know, we lost nefeverything our apartment. it's just unfortunate. >> photos show just how close the local leif vis are to overflowing and more rain is on the way. >> and president trump will be truching down here in the disaster zone later today. in houston, texas, abc 7 news. jessica. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> there's good news on the horizon for houston today's probably the last really bad day as the chances of rain will taper starting tomorrow all the way through friday and that's because the storm system harvey is starting to move off to the east and louisiana as we've been taug about the last couple days is now in the bull's eye.
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they're talking about there's at least 12 pumps in new orleans than aren't working. why? africa treena, why is that happening? why are there pumps not working in new orleans this that's just unfathomable after the billions of dollars they spent rebuilding that place. here's a look what's going on. right up towards alex and dra louisiana, right across monroe and right up towards memphis by friday night. here's a look at the rainfall forecast and notice another eight inches possible in houston but about another 6 to 8 inches possible in eldore radio, arkansas, and memphis. and there could be some flooding in alabama also. back at home temperatures up to about 5 degrees cooler on the peninsula that's about 55 in daly stoi 60 in redwood city. commute planner fog to sunshine if you're on the bay, a little more cloudy innocence you're going to be on the roads this
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smorng and mild to hot if you're taking mass transit. sioux. we're seeing eastbound bay bridge stopped again for -- they've been filming a movie or television commercial overnight hours and those absolutely clear on that lower deck headed eastbound so they've been revolving and stopping and starting. so just be prepared for delays if you're head eastbound on the bay bridge that the early hour. otherwise westbound we're looking pretty good. we'll check back with them in a little bit. road work on the san rafael bridge this is the toll plazaer in the westbound direction it's looking good but road work will be out there in the eastbound direction for about another 20 minutes or so. due to be picked up around 5:00. we'll take a look at the bay bridge commute in just a bit. thank you, sioux. five of the piers that held you now demolished eastern span the bay bridge may have a new life. and san francisco has an answer to the city's overload 911 system. who will be taking your info when you report some crimes. when you report some crimes. the oakland a's a
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abc 7 zblorngz all news. >> all morning. >> take a look at this expression of sympathy and support for the victims of hurricane harvey. the empire state building in new york going dark last night. novg city is sending 120 emergency workers to texas. >> harvey has dropped an
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estimated 15 trillion gallons of water on the houston area. that's more than two times the amount that fell during hurricane katrina. scientists say stronger storms are becoming normal because climate change is heating the oceans and making it easier for storms to collect. fire ants, but harvey is making it a lot worse. this is what -- i know it's hard to tell what this have but it's basically a huge mass of fire ants floating on top of a floot water. the ants can survive in water. the colonies all link together and they basically use each other as a raft. that is horrible to see. stay on top of hurricane harvey with the abc 7 news app. you can download that app for free and enable push alerts to get breaking news alerts as they happen. since dispatchers began transferring some nonemergency calls to 311 this month, response times have significantly improved. the sf examiner reports the 911
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call center answered 80% of calls within 10 seconds as of august seven teeth. department of emergency management says that's up from 66% in april. thundershowers of nonemergency calls about car break-ins flood the phone lines every month. the mayor says redirecting those calls to 311 is proving hem e helpful. an oversight committee will decide what to do with five peers of the bay bridge. it plans to give the public access from those five piers so you would be able to get a sweeping view of the eastern span and also a pan rammic view of oakland and the san francisco skyline. plan would also include bridges so people can get from one pier to the next. hillary clinton returning to northern california. the former presidential candidate will visit uc davis on october 9th to proet moat her new book. it's titled what happened. the book provides her perspective on last year's election. so far the davis visit is the only california stop on clinton's four-month long tour. so mike said that we're going to see a little bit of a dip in the temperatures at least
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today but i'm not sure that the rest of the week is going to be the same. hi, mike. >> better enjoy today and tomorrow because when that next heat wave hits it's going to last longer than the one we just lived through. don't get mad at me, i'm just the messenger, i'm sorry. here's a look at what's going on in san jose. clouds are incross kreegs right now, temperatures hovering right around 60 degrees. slowing sunshine, milder sea breeze. more clouds, little drizzle, you'll sleep better tonight because of the cooler weather and that longer heat wave coming. the cloud cover, covering the entire south bay and most north bay except for the napa valley by 7:00. noon, you can see thatting infer fog rolling across the golden gate and heading over towards richmond. and in the afternoon hours, mostly cloudy at the coast while the rest of us are sunny. no more 100s down south, mid-80s, 80 snim san jose. on the peninsula, mid-70s to low 80s, we'll have 82 in palo alto,
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low to mid-60s along the coast into downtown san francisco. up across the north bay we'll have mid to upper 80s from 85 in san rafael to 88 in santa rosa. 97 at cloverdale. 72 in berkeley, 79 in hercules, 80s around union city and fremont and also newark and low to mid-90s in the inland east bay neighborhoods. you can see mid-50s to a few mid-60s out there the for this evening. here the seven-day forecast. more of the same tomorrow but then look at those 100s thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday, and even more coming later on next week. and i'll show that you coming up in the next forecast. want to bring sioux in here because i got caught in something unique trying to get to work today. >> what happened to you? >> we were stopped right. >> bay bridge. >> right past the lights but before the incline and we sat there for, i don't know, like ten minutes. >> actually a tv commercial. >> really? >> they're filming a tv commercial on the bay bridge. they were supposed to wrap up at
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4:30. it's still happening, eastbound lanes they're stop and go, stop panned go. chp is out there. >> i was an extra? >> yeah. >> should i get paid for that. >> residuals for that had the right now as you can moving nicely. those taillights on the lower deck are moving out there and the headlights on the upper deck also looking good as well. no problems. but we'll be monitoring that because, again, chp's been intermittently stopping troosk film this tv commercial. got to get our sources out there the to find what commercial it's all about. here we go with the san rafael shot look going once you get to mill valley and up the waldo grade very thick fog and limited visibility to slow there. we've got slow traffic out trace says as well. fairly typical for this time morning. and somebody road work still out and there we'll check on that in a few minutes. thank you, sioux. oakland a's fans, listen up the how would you like a chance to win a pair of season tickets for next year? >> may not be easy but you got a show the. retweet this tweet from their
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account or comment on the a's facebook post then you'll be entered into a drawing to take batting practice on the field next month. 100 fans will get to take one swing and any fan who hits a home run will win a pair of season tickets. that's kind of hard. >> kind of hard. >> if you're already a season ticket holder and you hit a home run you're going to get your current plan for free. you have until september 10th to enter that drawing so get at it, let us know now it goes. >> all high school baseball teams should enter this. so after every disaster, sadly, the bad guys tend to come out. what you need to be on the alert for if you open your heart and pocketbook. >> and santa cla air supervisors are ramping up efforts to control legal marijuana sales. what they're considering chance you have to weigh in. >> from books to groups, a group of teens making the divs. but first this morning's tech bites. >> setting the date for apple's next big announcement. >> "the wall street journal" reports apple will announce new
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pro dekt duct on september 12th. the report says it will include three iphones and a new watch. >> you can now find alexingtona when you're in whole foods. amazon has placed its voice act valted home assistant on the grocery store shelves. >> social media users are a bit confused because the dwiegss are being displayed in the farm fresh section. amazon completed its purchase of whole foods just yesterday. and finally, taylor twist's new single "look what you made me do" is break records on spotify. >> it was streamed more than 10 million times in its first day of release on friday for the biggest streaming day ever for a single track on spotify. >> look at that, she was a late coming to streaming services. coming to streaming services. >> look
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...until we found a connection. you have the power to change your child's life. the boys town national hline can help. (tdd# 1-800-448-1433)
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it's 4:53. happening today assistant an clara county wants your imput on a propods moratorium on recreational marijuana sales and cultivation. there's a ban on medical marijuana dispensaries in unincorporated parts of the county. that expands that to recreational sales when that becomes legal next year. the county wants to hear from you and the meeting starts at 6:00 tonight. there is a warning from 7 on your side this morning in the wake of hurricane harvey. they're saying that scammers love to target people who want to help and their weapon of choice, bogus e-mails. michael says you need to be careful when handling any e-mails relagt to the storm, even if it appears to be from a trusted source. fraudulent e-mails have links or
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attachments that direct users to fiching or mall way web-size sites. be careful for charities who are asking for your help. many of them will be complete scams. a lake tahoe ski resort has set its sites on china. they need a partnership to draw in more visitors and snow borders. it is one of the biggest outdoor retailers in china. they sell shoes, tents, sleeping bags and back packs among other items. now it's going to start promoting squaw valley as a ski destination. they say the number of skiers in china went from 200,000 to more than 12 million in just 15 years. >> impressive. hi, everybody. maybe you'll find them pressive. we showed you the seven-day forecast which goes through is labor day monday, rtd stag 100s thursday, look at this. this is the temperature outlook from monday next week all the way through sunday. and we've got about an 80% chance of being warmer than
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average. in fact, we have the best chance of anybody in the country of being warmer than average. when our next heat wave begins thursday, air will start getting poor, it's possible that by friday more spare the air alerts are on the way. it's going to be a long ride. i hope you're ready for it 'sioux. we're checking back in with the bay bridge where they've been filming a television commercial overnight topping traffic 1/2 off and on for ten minutes or so as an occasion. that was in the eastbound just a little bit ago. everything's wide open right now we're going to keep checking back they were supposed to wrap up about 430 but ten minutes ago they had another stoppage. but random stopping on the bay bridge due to tv commercial. san mateo bay 15 to fen teen minute drive from hayward to foster city. we'll check back in on mass transit in a few minutes. here's what traveling 200 miles per hour through a tube looks like. this is video of the winner in the second annual space kpks
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hyperloop pod competition. the competition is a brainchild of space "a" founder elon musk. what a relief, right. he wants to fwild a $6 billion hyperloop system that will let you travel between l.a. and san francisco in just 6 minutes. >> 15 teams from across the country are being honored for coming up with big ideas for social good. >> yeah, abc 7 news was in san francisco as the helen dill letter foundation honored them yesterday. through three of the winners were from northern california. >> we train high school students to intern with the local homeless shelter so we're siem mule tain lousily empowering young people in our community to be leaders. it educates teens about the importance of understanding the kinds of foods that they're eating, the kinds ever ingredients that they're eating and just promoting health and fitness. >> santa cruz challenge sbalk a division of a nationwide program that enables special needs kids
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to play baseball. >> most of the teams will use the $36,000 prize money to further their charity work or to pay for college. that's quite a prize. >> well done. >> yes. the potential fallout of repealing the dream mat that's at 5:00 a.m., the staggering numbers we could learn more about today. >> and right now we are continuing to follow breaking news in houston, the desperate search for a family swept away in flood waters. and we just heard from family members i'm getting that interview for you and i'll have it in minutes. it in minutes. and plus break through ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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good morning bay area.
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let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> coming up at 5:00 a.m., good morning to you it's tuesday, august 29th. thanks for make time with us. sue hall joining us today and we're so glad you're here as well. we're kicking it off with mike nicco a lot of people wondering if we're getting a break from the heat today. >> yes, for today and tomorrow. but then, wow, it's going to get hot and stay hot for almost two weeks. here's a look at what's going on with live dopplar 7. i over laid the fog layer because sue and i have been watching the fog it's a little more widespread it's missing some of our reporting stations. you can see it getting thicker on the golden gate bridge right now it will continue to do that through the morning. a look at your 12-hour day plan air little more comfort this morning, 56 to 63 degrees with cloudy conditions. 58 around the coast at noon, around the bay 73 and temperatures at 4:00, 61 at the coast, 77, that's it around the


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